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Full text of "Directory of the inhabitants, institutions, manufacturing establishments, business, societies, etc., etc., in the towns of Waltham and Watertown"

frCCr -^<olS 



3 4867 00436 1590 




Special Department of Classified Advertisements Alphabetically 
Arranged According to Their Respective Lines of Business 


Attorneys al Law ■'• i 

Automobiles, Accessories & Garages I 5 

Awnings, Tents, &c B 

Banks *i-7 

Caterers 7 

Canoe Mfrs 

Cannes & Boats 8 

Civil Engineers ... . . 

Cleansers ^B^ 


Coal 9-10 

Contractors 10 

Cnn) ractors & Builders Id 

Die & Model Making 10 

Druggists 11 

Electric Fixtures & Appliances 11 

Florists 11-12 

Furniture 12-13-14 

(! ain Dealers 14 

Grocers 14 




Hon • Purn l 



Iron Works 


Machine Shop 

Machinerj Mfra 

Milk Dealers 


Music t Musical It 

Newspapi 3 


Painters & Decorators 



Plumbing & Heating. . . 





Watch Mfrs 

Watch Mfrs. Supplies . . . . 



. J4 



Attorney at Law 


OLD SOUTH BLDG., Room 934, Tel. Main 7129, Boston 

RESIDFNru' ' c " "~-~ LTHAM 

For Reference 

RC Not to be taken »ft 


Attorn r.krarv law 

from this library 


Central Block, 

in, xncr Main St., Waltham 

Telephone, Waltham 0261-M 




Res. Tel. 2705 Res. Tel. 1742-M 


Notaries and Justices of the Peace 

11 (3) MOODY STREET, Rooms 10 and 11 WALTHAM 

Telephone Waltham 0518 




Telephone 1716 BATTERIES 


903 Main St., West End Waltham, Mass. 

Telephone 1716 — 


Dealers in 


Auto Repairing —-All Makes of Cars 


l. e. Mcpherson 



Telephone 0320 





Plush, Cloth and Wool Motor Robes Goat Brand Mohair Plushes 

Velmo Upholstery Fabrics Drednaut Motor Topping 

Rubber Motor and Carriage Cloths Wexford Motor Cloths 

Leatherwove Furwove Cloaking and Trimmings 

Furwove Coats Plush Lining and Velours Steamer Rugs 

Mackinaw and Coat Linings Horse Clothing 

L. C. CHASE & CO., Boston 


Horse Clothing and Furwove Coat Factory at Watertown 

Mollica Motor Sales 

Dealers in 

Overland and Willys-Knight Cars 


Phone. Walt ham 1643 Phone. Waltham 

Directory Advertising Pays 

Use the Green O Directory 


603 Massachusetts Ave. Boston 18, Mass. 


Telephone Waltham 1009-M 


Awnings, Tents and All Kinds of Canvas Work 

Waterproof Canvas Covers 

All Kinds of Rope Spliced 



Waltham Savings Bank 

Incorporated March 18, 1853 . 


Resources Nov. 23, 1923, $7,554,835.41 
Guaranty Fund and Undivided Profits $657,537.85 

Dividends Payable April 10 and October 10 

Deposits Draw Interest from 10th Day of Each Month 


8.30 A. M. to 2.30 P. M. Saturdays, 8.30 A. M. to 12 M. 

Wednesday Evenings, 7 to 8, for Deposits Only. 

GEORGE R. BEAL, President 




George R. Beal, President 

Charles O. Morrill Thomas H. Armstrong Joseph R. Worcester 

Charles F. Allen Charles W. Potter 

Term Expires 1924 
Thomas H. Armstrong 
Charles 0. Morrill 
Gleason Wood 
Charles F. Stone 
William B. Comstock 


Term Expires 1925 

George R. Beal 
Kilby P. Smith 
George B. Willard 
Henry P. Buncher 
Hollis E. Dennen 
Joseph- P. Morrissey 

Term Expires 1926 

Joseph R. Worcester 
Arthur H. Paul 
Charles F. Allen 
Clarence F. French 
Charles W. Potter 
Joseph M. Quinn 





Savings with this bank now earning interest on the basis 

of 5%% per annum 

Accounts Earn Interest from Date 
of Deposit 





TEL. WALTHAM 1755 235 (101) MOODY ST. 



Builders of 


CANOES TO LET by Hour, Day and Season Canoe Storage 

299 CRESCENT STREET Electric Cars Pass the Door 

Telephone 1772-W 




JAMES G. BURGIN, Proprietor 

Telephone Connection 


BY the Hour, Day or Season 




1R 8 














Trade Mark 

Americas Greatest 

Established 1829 



Waltham Shop 365 (193) Moody St. 

Telephone 1519 

Motor Delivery System 






Geo. I. Kelly, Inc. 

Outfitters to Men and Boys 
305 (149) MOODY ST.— 684 MAIN ST. WALTHAM, MASS. 

A Good Place to Buy Good Clothes 






Office and Yards, Auburndale and West Newton 





Main Office and Yard, NEWTON STREET, OPP. THE DEPOT 

Uptown Office, 688 A MAIN STREET 

Tel. 0490 Newton North Tel. 0177-W Brighton 


Brackett Coal Company 

Dealers in 



564 Washington St., Newton SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 

Brighton Yard — 

Brighton Abattoir Grounds We Solicit Your Patronage 

Main Office, 405 Centre St., Newton, Mass. 


10 COAL 









124 Pond Street and 279 Dale Street 

Telephone Connections 




Telephone 2278-M 





Dental and Watch Tools a Specialty 

Telephone 2330 



326 (164) Moody Street 




Main and Rich Streets 

Telephone: Newton North .'3955 



Vacuum Cleaners, Washers and Appliances 

24 Main Street, Watertown, Mass. 



Tel. 1484 


47 Worcester Lane 
When Buying Flowers, BUY OURS! 


Tel. Waltham 0800 




Wedding Decorations, Floral Designs, Etc., a Specialty 






Tel. Waltham 1103 


This is the Secret of Our Success for the Past 25 Years 





Warehouses: 43 ELMWOOD STREET 

Call Newton North 2730—1926 R— 1926 W and 
Auto will call, take you to our store and home again 








Dealer in 





Tel. 1431-W 

40 Miles North of Boston 
on the Daniel Webster Highway 





Wirthmore Feeds 

New Feeds Come and Go but Wirthmore Goes On Forever 

Telephone Waltham 0045 WALTHAM, MASS. 

__ GROCERS ~ ~ 


Finest Family Groceries — Choice Meats and Vegetables — 

Teas, Coffees and Spices — Pure Table Delicacies 

Preserves, Marmalades, Jams, Pickles 

Relishes and Flavoring Extracts, Etc. 



1 ■ — — — = ' ' ' ... — _ — __ ... .,. . ^^^_^^^________ 


Waltham' s Leading Hardware Store 

Fine Mechanical Tools 
Doors, Windows, Blinds, Paints, Varnishes, Etc. 

698 Main Street, Waltham 




603 Massachusetts Ave. Boston 18, Mass. 






Telephone 2:'.!). r >-R 




Window Shades, Draperies, Fixtures 

and Floor Coverings 


Tel. Waltham 0818-W 

Telephone Connection 


Carpets and Rugs Carpet Work — All Branches 

Lace Curtains— Scrims IMTEDIfiB L'TTDNKUIKirC High Grade Upholstering 

Linoleums and Mattings III 1 EiiYlUil 1 UlYLllkJlllllUU Mattress and Cushion Work 

Upholstery Fabrics Fine Cabinet Work 

and Supplies -- ^_i ia ¥7| lV/l CTDTUT Refinishing 

Custom Shade Work lO ana ItJ H.L1V1 J 1 KLt 1 Antiques Restored 



(JOHN L. TOTTEN, Proprietor) 


Ice Supplied at all Seasons of the Year at Lowest Market Rates 

Office, 74 Bacon St., Waltham 

Connected by Telephone 






Tel. Waltham 0114 






Property Cared For 

Notary Public 

Rents Collected 

Justice of the Peace 

419 (221 A) MOODY STREET 

Telephone Waltham 1965-M — Residence West Newton 0873-M 



Manufacturers of 









Spruce Frames and all kinds of 

Hardwoods, Clapboards, Inside 

and Outside Finish. 


Service Phone 2108 







Beach 6400 




Spruce Frames and all kinds of Hardwoods, Shingles 

and Clapboards 

Inside and Outside Finish, Mill Work to Order 

Hard Pine Dimension Wall Board, All Kinds 







Thread Milling Machines — Gear Cutting Machines — Sub Press Dies 

Factory — Corner Newton, High and Cutter Sts. 

Telephone Waltham 0508 WALTHAM, MASS 





Telephone 0095 WALTHAM 





North Side of BEAVER ST., East of LINDEN ST. 
WALTHAM Telephone 0157 MASS. 



Wholesale and Retail 





Watertown Branch 






Sales and Service 
C* H. TRUE 623 (315) MOODY STREET 


$rot Jfrebertcfe &. JSobtle 

Conservatory of Music 




333 (169) MOODY ST., ROOMS 4 and 5 

Phone 0959 
WALTHAM, MASS. Residence, 127 Chestnut St. 

Selling Agent for the 


Agent of the Sonora Phonograph and Okeh, Odeon and 

Italian Phonotipia Records 

Violin Strings and Accessories for All Instruments 

Band and Orchestra Furnished for All Occasions 



TEL. 0190 


Daily Free Press-Tribune 

JOHN A. McCARTHY, Editor and Publisher 


The People of Waltham and Neighboring Places Read the 

Free Press-Tribune 

Every Day 

Advertisements and All 

Advertisers get results almost before the ink is 
dry on the paper. That's a reason why they 
patronize its columns so liberally and why the 
advertising pages of the 



I of the 


Wants, To Lets, For Sales, Business Announcements, 

Lost and Found in the 


Classified Columns Produce Immediate Results 



The Waltham Evening News 

18 Pine St. 

— 5r=i — ~^n — Ft?" — ^ — r 

The Evening News 


Waltham Newspapers 

In the TIMELINESS of its news stories. 
In the NUMBER of EXCLUSIVE stories. 
In the SIZE and EXTENT of its circulation. 
In the INFLUENCE of its editorial columns. 
In the QUALITY of its special features. 







Room 6 and 7 Mercantile Building Waltham 

Elevator Up 1 Flight Phone 1128-M 



interior HOUSE PAINTER exterior 


e Work a Specialty 

123 HIGH STREET Telephone Connection 






Work Shop and Residence, 79 Brown St., Waltham 

Telephone Connection Estimates Free 




Reliable Photographs 

Made at Your Home ■- - - $15.00 doz. up 
Made at Studio ----- 5. 00 doz. up 

Post Cards, Copying, Enlarging, Kodak Finishing 

Photos Hand Colored — Oil or Water 

Tel. Conn. 221 (93) MOODY STREET 



of Quality 

211 C85) Moody Street 



^^ ^O Established 1823<£V C/-^ 


Telephone Beach 6484 

Haine^os |3t| Qy|/\ri The Marvelous 

Marshall & Wendell ij I I l.\ . lfnTr(A 

Brewster -*- iC*J.I.VrCJ AMPICO 

Holmes & Sons 

U sed Piano Department, 800 Washington St., Boston 



Gas Water Heaters Sheet Metal Work 

Stove and Furnace Repairs 


Telephone Waltham 2699 




American & Chinese Restaurant 

334 (168) MOODY STREET 

This is the best eating place in town 

Phones 0392— 2343-M 


The W. P. Leavitt Sons Co. 



Copper and Galvanized Iron Gutters and Conductors 


Connected by Telephone 151-153 PEARL, OPPOSITE BACON STREET 





F. O. JOHNSON, Proprietor 


Agents for the "NEPONSET PRODUCTS" 

Stock Room 62 Hammond 184 HAMMOND 



Party Favors Books for Children 

Dennison Goods 
Office Supplies Loose Leaf Goods 

Sporting Goods 






My Suits quiet and dignified in cut. An abundance of patterns to 
select from of Unusual Quality and Attractive Designs., 


Call and Delivery Service 
Tel. Connection 





Foreign and Domestic Goods Always on Hand 

Lady or Gentleman: Did you ever see our work? If not, one trial will spare 

all your time to find your Tailor. Of course, we alter Ladies' 

Garments and press and clean them, as well as cut and make. 

661 Main St., Rooms 8-9 (Opp. Common), Waltham, Mass. 

—■■■■■HIM— Hill— IIIIIM ■ I I 1 1 INI I ■ ■■■ ■■*■■!■■■■— ———^■^^■^—ri^—— »—^l» IBIMIMMIII^MBI^^M ■■» ■— B^— — I— —^ — ■ 


Waltham Watch & Clock Company 

Manufacturers of high-grade 
Watches and Clocks 

Chronometers and Speedometers 





THOS. J. BOYNAN, Mgr. and Treas. FELIX EKLUND, Supt. 

Builders of High Grade Motor Bodies 

We Also Make a Specialty of 
All Kinds of 


Cars taken in the autumn for painting will 
be stored and properly cared for until spring 

Cate St., near Bartlett St., 




W. A. Greenough Co, 

Directory and 
Map Publishers 

Directory Service Specialists 

We Publish Directories of the Following Cities 

and Towns: 

Biddeford-Saco, Me. Hyde Park Kittery, Me. 

Boston Building Trade Medford Quincy 

Directory Nashua, N. H. Somerville ; 

Bridge waters New Bedf ord-Fairhaven Waltham 

Brockton Portsmouth, N. H. Watertown 

Brookline Greenland Winchester 

Cambridge Newcastle Woburn 

Haverhill-Groveland Rye 



CHARLES A. PRATT, Asst. Treasurer. 

603 Massachusetts Av. - Boston, Mass. 

Telephone Back Bay 10706 


1 923 - 24 

-^4 j> _of the- fry 

Inhabitants, Business Firms, Institutions 
Manufacturing Establishments, 

City Government, Societies, 
House Guide, Streets, Map, Etc. 

',<> -aU'in 

» > 

» ■ » 




No. 603 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Mass. 

Duplicate Copies on sale by the Publishers 

Copyright, 1923, W. A. Oreenough Co., Boston, Ma». 




SECTION 28 — That any person who wilfully and for profit shall in- 
fringe any copyright secured by this Act, or who shall knowingly and wilfully 
aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and 
upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding 
one year, or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than one 
thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the Court. 


All information in this directory is obtained by actual door to door can- 
vass, and is accurately compiled /by rt-hp most efficient nelp available. The 
Publishers holding themselevs in* no way responsible; i'or errors -that may 
occur will be pleased to correct all errors, brought to their attention, in sue- 

ceeding editions. 


Boston, Mass., Publishers. 






Abbreviations 94 

A F & A M 300 

A of H of Mass 300 

A U W 300 

American Legion 300 

American Legion Aux 300 

Army & Navy Union 300 

Associations 297 

B & P O of Elks 300 

Blocks, Bldgs, &c 298 

Boy Scouts of America . . . .300 

Bridges 298 

Business Directory 259 

Catholic Daughters of Am. 300 

Cemeteries 298 

Churches 298 

City Government 293 

Clubs 299 

County Officers 299 

Courts 299 

Coves, Islands, &c 300 

Daughters of the Am Rev. .300 
Fire Alarm Telegraph .... 294 

Fire Department 294 

Foresters of America 300 

Fraternal Aid Union 300 

Fraternal Order of Eagles. 300 
Fraternal Organizations . . 300 

GAR 301 

General Directory 95 

Grange The P of H 301 

Homes 302 

Hospitals 302 

House and Street Directory 37 

I O D of St George 301 

Imp Ord of Red Men 301 

Incorporated Companies . . 302 
Index to Advertisements . . 33 

International O of G T 301 

Irish National Foresters . . 

Justices of the Peace 305 

K of C 301 

K of P 301 

Knights of Malta 301 

Ladies Catholic Benevolent 

Assn 301 

Loyal Orange Institute 301 

Water- Wal- Water- 

town tham town 

524 LOO M 301 

634 L'Union St Jean Baptiste 

634 D'Amerique 301 

634 Manchester Unity (IOO F)301 

Masonic 300 634 

Mass Catholic Order of 

Foresters 301 634 

633 Mass Catholic Women's 

Guild 301 

633 Mass Girl Scouts Inc 301 

Military 303 

633 Municipal Departments ...293 
619 N E O P 301 

Notaries Public 305 636 

634 Odd Fellows 301 634 

634 Order of the Daughters of 

Veterans 301 

634 Order of the Eastern Star. 301 634 

299 Order of Owls 301 

299 O of the S of V 301 634 

Parks & Playgrounds 303 635 

634 Parochial Schools 277 

631 Patrons of Husbandry 301 

631 Police Department 295 632 

634 Post Office 303 635 

Precinct Boundaries 523 

634 Public Library 295 632 

634 Public Schools 296 632 

Pythian Sisters 301 634 

525 Railroad Stations 303 635 

Rebekah Lodges 301 634 

635 Royal Arcanum 301 635 

635 Societe De L' Assumption . .301 

Sons of Italy 301 

Sons of St George 301 

Special Commisioners 305 636 

635 Streets, Courts, Avenues . . 37 517 
33 Town Officers 631 

Title 29 515 

634 U O of I O L 301 605 

636 U S Arsenal 635 

634 United Spanish War Vet- 

634 erans 301 

Vasar Order 302 

Waltham Statistics 32 

Ward Boundaries 304 

Woman's Relief Corps 302 635 


WALTHAM is situated on the Charles River, nine 
miles west from the port of Boston. 

Do You Know That Waltham Is the Place 

Where all the operations of cotton cloth were first 
performed under one roof? 

Where chalk crayons were invented and first made? 

Where kerosene oil was first refined and made 
available for household usage? 

Where watches were first successfully manufac- 
tured in the United States? 

Where the first single Board of Government in 
Massachusetts was adopted? 

Where electric street railways were early operated? 

Do You Know That Waltham 

IS the home of skilled labor? 

HAS 100 manufacturing concerns? 

WAS the first city in New England to adopt City 
Manager form of Government? 

HAS ideal facilities, environment and advantages 
for home and business life? 

HAS a mercantile district unsurpassed in style, 
quality, service and moderate prices? 

Make WALTHAM a Better and Busier City 

The Brief of Waltham's Success 

Waltham is a sanitary city, with good roads, 
motorized fire department, efficient City Govern- 
ment, average tax rate, protective police depart- 
ment, excellent facilities for business, industry, 
homes and education, an open labor market, diver- 
sified industry, skilled employees, splendid environ- 
ments, the home of happiness, contentment sublime, 
peaceful conditions, hospitable, friendly, jovial and 
congenial. A good place to live, work and raise 
your children in — this is Waltham. 



Adams & Swett Cleansing Co Roxbury 505 

Ames B C Co Waltham , 19 

Amory Browne & Co Boston Map 

Andrews Milk Co Watertown left top lines 

Armstrong Thomas H Waltham 3 

Arnold H B & Co Waltham :. . . 7 

Baker Frank G Watertown . 506 

Ball A T Waltham 25 

Barnes & Beal Waltham 8 

Bartlett Ball Waltham 4 

Beaver Brook Grain Co Waltham 14 

Bergin Thomas F Waltham 10 

Bigham Edward Waltham 5 

Boston Mfg Co The Waltham Map 

Boudrout & Masse Watertown 639 

Brackett Coal Co Newton front cover 

Brigham Branch Watertown 509 

Burgin James G Waltham 8 

Byam F A Waltham back cover 

Cahoon K M Co Waltham right top lines 

Callanan J Edward Company Newton 638 

Canton-Low Co Waltham 25 

Canady Oscar M Watertown 512 

Carter Geo & Co Waltham 11 

Cedar Hill Farm Waltham 19 

Chase L C & Co Watertown 5 

Chickering Pianos Boston 24 

Childs Bros Waltham 19 

Clark George A Waltham left top lines 

Clark Herbert A Waltham 24 

Clarkson Furniture Co Waltham left top lines 

Critchett Fred E Watertown 512 

Davis & Farnum Mfg Co Waltham 16 

Dix Lumber Company Cambridge front cover 

Dowd & French Waltham 4 

Dowd P J Waltham 4 

Downes Lumber Co Boston. backbone and 18 

Eddy C F Co Waltham 9 

Everett Bros Inc Watertown 514 

Exide Service Station Waltham 4 

Fahey Frank P Waltham 15 

Farmer's Inc Waltham 7 


Fersoh E E Son Co Waltham left top lines 

Foster Edward M Waltham 24 

Fov Furniture Co Watertown and Newton 12 

French H L Waltham 4 

Hall Harry L Nashua N H 13 

Harris & Sprague Inc Watertown front cover 

Harry The Tailor Waltham 26 

Hartley-Bishop Co Waltham left top lines 

Harvey & Whittemore Waltham 11 

Havey M J Waltham right top lines 

Hawes Electric Co Watertown 11 and 505 

Holmes Luce & Co Waltham 12 

Hood Rubber Co Watertown 513 

Howard Ice Co Watertown 507 

Howard M L Piano Co Waltham left top lines 

Hughes George Waltham 23 

Hunt C F Co Waltham left top lines 

Johnson Frans Waltham 25 

Johonnot Harris E Newton 505 

Keefe Patrick J Waltham left top lines 

Kelly Geo I Inc Waltham 9 

Langtry Albert Perkins Waltham 22 

Leavitt W P Sons Co The Newton 25 

Lewandos Waltham and Watertown back cover 

Lewis & Warren Waltham 24 

Libby Bros Waltham 10 

Lituri Charles Waltham 15 

Lyndonville Creamery Assn Watertown 509 

Magnuson Anton Waltham right top lines 

Marcy Coal Co Waltham 10 

Marderosian K D & Son Brookline back cover 

McGlauflin B Fay Watertown 512 

McGuire & Roche Watertown 513 

Maxwell E Waltham right top lines 

McPherson L E Waltham 4 

Meister D A Company Watertown 503 

Metropolitan Coal Co Boston 

left top lines Watertown and 505 

Mollica Motor Sales Waltham 5 

Morse Body Co Inc Watertown 503 

Morgan John C Co Inc Watertown left top lines 

Murray J J Waltham 23 





New England Coal Co Waltham 9 

Nobile Frederick G Waltham 20 

Nonantum Coal Co Watertown right top lines 

O'Donnell Charles J Waltham right top lines 

Parisian Dye House Watertown 639 

Perkins D E Waltham 16 

Peterson J J S Waltham 16 

Piety Corner Greenhouses Waltham 11 

Porter Earl B Waltham 10 

Portsmouth Auto Body Co Portsmouth N H 27 

Eeade Charles L Waltham left top lines 

Bichardson Frank W Waltham 14 

Bockingham Hotel Portsmouth N H opp 223 

Bobbins & Moulton Co Inc Waltham right top lines 

Bogers Motor Co Waltham right top lines 

Byan Harold A Inc Cambridge 506 

"Buane" Florist Waltham 12 

Spencer Herbert T Waltham 15 

Sprague P T Watertown front cover 

Stark Bobert M Waltham 3 

Stone Edwin L Watertown 513 

Tabitha Inn Fairhaven opp 607 

Theurer Otto A Waltham 505 

Totten J & Sons Waltham 15 

Trenholm Charles E Belmont front stencil 

Tribune-Enterprise Watertown 510 

True Charles H Waltham 20 

Two Brothers Tailors Waltham 26 

Union Market Nat Bank Watertown front cover 

Vahey James H Watertown 607 


Waltham Auto Exchange Inc left top lines 

Waltham Coal Co front cover 

Waltham Co-operative Bank 7 

Waltham Evening News 22 

Waltham Ice Co 16 

Waltham Lumber Co 17 

Waltham Machine Works 18 

Waltham Publishing Co 21 

Waltham Booting Co 25 

Waltham Savings Bank 6 

Waltham Watch & Clock Co. . , 26 

Watertown Co-operative Bank right top lines 

Watertown Electric Co left top lines 

Watertown Garage 504 

Watertown Savings Bank 504 

Watertown Tribune-Enterprise 510 

Watertown Lumber Co back cover and 508 

Waverley Ice Co 16 

Webster George H Belmont right top lines 

Webster Studio Waltham 24 

Webster W A Co Watertown 508 

West Watertown Garage Watertown 506 

Whiting Milk Companies Watertown 509 

Whittemore Harvey F Waltham 11 

Whittemore's Market Waltham 14 

Winchester Landries Inc Waltham and Watertown 

right top lines 

Woerd Ave Boat House Waltham 8 

Wollrath & Sons Waltham 11 


173 Harvey St., Cambridge 

Tel. Porter 0500 





Business Manager General Manager 

Curtain Rises Evenings at 8:00 

Matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2:15 


THOMAS B. LOTHIAN, General Manager 

Curtain Rises Evenings Mats. Wed. and Sat. 

at 8:00 at 2:00 


THOMAS B. LOTHIAN, General Manager 

Curtain Rises Evenings Mats. Wed. and Sat. 

at 8:15 at 2:15 




ab above 

acct accountant 

adv advertising 

agt agent 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

archt architect 

asst assistant 

auction auctioneer 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

B Boston 

b or bds boards 

Bapt Baptist 

bdgh boarding house 

bel below 

bet between 

bey beyond 

bkbndr book binder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldgmtls building materials 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmith blacksmith 

boul boulevard 

brklyr bricklayer 

Bway Broadway 

c or cor corner 

C S Christian Science 

cabtmkr cabinet maker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cashr cashier 

chauf chauffeur 

ch church 

civ eng civil engineer 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

Co Company 

collr collector 

com mer commission merchant 

com trav commercial traveler 

Coml Commercial 

commr commissioner 

comp compositor 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

Cong Congregational 

cons consolidated 

cons eng consulting engineer 

contg contracting 

contr contractor 

corp corporation 

corres correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

dep deputy 

dept department 

dist district 

div division 

dlr dealer 

do ditto 

dom domestic 

drftsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

E East 

elect electrician 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

emp agt employment agent 

Eng engine 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

Epis Episcopal 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp express 

exten extension 

fey gds fancy goods 

fl floor 

fore foreman 

frt freight 

ft foot 

furn furniture 

furn rms furnished rooms 

furngs furnishing goods 

fwdg forwarding 

gds goods 

gen general 

gro grocer 

h house 

hd hand 

hdw hardware 

hgr hanger 

hkpr housekeeper 

hlpr helper 

hosp hospital 

hts heights 

impr importer 

inc incorporated 

ydrastr yardmaster 

ins insurance 

insp inspector 

instr instructor 

insts instruments 

int rev internal revenue 

jr junior 

kpr keeper 

la lane 

lab laborer 

Idgh lodginghouse 

lino linotype 

litho lithographer 

Ltd Limited 

Luth Lutheran 

M E Methodist Episcopal 

roach machinist 

mar marine 

math mathematical 

mdse merchandise 

mfg manufacturing 

mfr manufacturer 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mlnr milliner 

msngr messenger 

mtls materials 

mtrmn motorman 

mus music 

mut mutual 

N North 

n near 

N Y N H & H New York New 

Haven & Hartford Railroad 
Nat National 

news newspaper dealers 

opp opposite 

opr operative 

P Post Office 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

photo photographer 

phys phsyician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

pract practitioner 

pres president 

prntr printer 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr pressfeeder 

prsmn pressman 

ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub publisher 

r or res resides 

R C Roman Catholic 

ret retail 

rpr repairer 

restr restaurant 

rd roid 

rm room 

Ry M S Railway Mail Servico 

S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

scb school 

seam seamstress 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

shoer horseshoer 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

sq square 

sta station 

sten stenographer 

stereo stereotyper 

stmftr stearafitter 

supt superintendent 

tchr teacher 

tel opr telephone operator 

teleg telegrapher 

ter terrace 

tlr tailor 

tmstr teamster 

treas treasurer 

undtkr undertaker 

Unit Unitarian 

Univ Universalist 

uphol upholsterer 

v-p vice-pres 

W West 

Wash Washington 

wbf wharf 

wbol wholesale 

wid widow 

wkr worker 

Wm William 

ydmstr yardsmaster 



Copyright, 1923, W. A. Greenough Co., Boston, Mass. 

Houses and places of business, designated by their street numbers are 
arranged alphabetically by streets and in numerical order. Unnumbered 
houses are designated by ciphers. 

The location of each alley, avenue, court, place, road, square, street, 
terrace and way, is given, also the intersection of all other streets in bold 
face type. 

If you wish to know which streets begin at, end at or cross Bacon Street, 
look in list and you will find that at 59 School crosses 82 Totten ct. begins, 
87 Pond ends, etc. Practically without exception, Waltham streets are num- 
bered with the even numbers on the left and the odd on the right. 

The * preceding any number indicates a telephone at that number. 



Hodgkins Mary E Mrs 

103V 2 Libby Herman G 

fr 37 Oak to 32 Bolton wd 7 


Carter Frank L 

103 % Allen Orlo W 


Whalen Patrick S 


Hemenway Lettie C 


Marson John W 


Tomlinson Charles S 


Roys Frank W 



Bullock Willard L 


McGilvary John J 

fr 54 Crescent to 336 Crescent wds 


Robertson George A 


Bell James G 



Joyce Helen L Mrs 


Cherry crosses 


Martyn sq crosses 


Maxwell Earl 


Keith G L carp 


Taylor Charles H 


Lewis Laura Mrs 


Fulton James F 


Gardner John A 


Maxwell Earl autos 


MacFayden Peter 


Kimball Eva M 


Chevrolet Sales & Service 


Gile Jason C 


Poster Ivyane B Mrs 


Chestnut crosses 


Kempton Herbert L 


Martin Orlando L 


Vinal Mary P Mrs 


Packard Alton B 


Spruce crosses 


Ashley Harry W 


Connors Stephen H 


Danforth Alice M Mrs 


Newland Charles M 


Miller Lyman O 


Cousens Nicholas W phys 


Dow Ira F 


Clasby Frank J 


Young Edward M 


Adams George E 


Crocker Albert H 


Drury Guy C 


Carter Sarah L Mrs 


Buckley John J 


Drury Cora C Mrs 


Elliott S Josephine Mrs 


Buckley Elizabeth A Mr* 


Clark Herbert A 


Gentes Samuel 


Ash crosses 


Clark Herbert A 


Pratt Austin J 


Mayflower The 


Parry Charlotte E Mrs 


Bickley Wm H 


Felton Adeline J 



Farmer Fanny Mrs 


Cotton John M 


Doucette Joseph J 


Aresnault Wm 


Felton Adeline J 


Bishop Jessie Mrs 


Surette Melanie Mrs 


Mayo Ralph M 


Bannon Thomas J 


Krongard Harry tailor 


Nix Wm E 


De Gouff Edward H 


Sinclair John D 


Wall Charles H 


Sherman Clinton P 


Sherman Willard H 


Tibbetts Margaret S 


Forman Joseph 




Hanson Emma C Mrs gro 


Hanson Wm 


Whitman Marie J Mrs 


Kierstead George A 


Swett Augustine G 


Jarvis Anna 


Kierstead Amanda E Mr 

31 y 2 Cunningham Joseph W 
*32 Cahoon Kenneth M 




Whelpley Frank H 
Maple crosses 

Adams House Ltd hotel 


Lincoln John 


Warren Alfred 
Stankard John J 


Rogers Amos L 
Hampton John E 


Walnut crosses 


Morgan Edith R Mrs 

151a Wright Robert E 


Turnquist Eric L 


Hurley Margaret Mrs 


Hooper Wm O 


Mooney Richard P 


Neil John S 


Moore Mabel A Mrs 




220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 










Gilson Park H 


Hunt George E fr 


Trapelo rd to 27 Toronita 


Backman Catherine E Mrs 


Bancroft Margaret T 

wd 2 


Pinkham Charles S 


Brunell Alexander J 


St rem Charles 


Lowell crosses 


Hooper Win J 


Winberg Charles W H 


Young Edward A 


Abbott Arthur C 


Jarvis Charles A 


Thompson Frank E 


Robbins Harry W 


Vaughn Harry W 


Hardyman Michael C 


Brown crosses 


Ivaloo begins 


Sheridan Philip H 


Mullins Thomas P 


Powers Edward 


Crombie Fred C 


LaForte Lubin J 


Parks Thomas G 


Munro James 


Lowe Adelbert N 


O'Connor James H 


Nolan Fred 


Jollota David J 


Newburgh begins 


Roche Daniel J jr 


MacArthur Gordon G 


Hurley Jeremiah J 


Scott Charles E 


Karlberg John J 


Crawford Wm J 


Fraser Annie J Mrs 



Bingham Carl A 


Walters Charlotte fr 

42 ! 

Sunnyside to Stony Brook 


LeBlanc Peter 


Walters Charlotte E 

basin wd 4 


Surette Edward 


Wiley Merritt C 


Webster crosses 

81b King Jessie B Mrs 


Thomas John H 


MacKinnon David M 


Slaunwhite Ezra T 



Beckwith Ada Mrs 


Dale Flora M nurse fr 

536 ] 

Vloody to 15 Parmenter rd 


Jenanty James T 


Bent Frederick H 

wds 5-6 


Healion John J 


Bent Florence B Mrs mus 


Munroe Fred W 


O'Brien Johanna J Mrs 



Oman Fredrick G 


Melanson Charles L 


Goulding Annie M 


Puglisi Sebastian 


Trainor Mary Mrs 


Robbins crosses 


Wellington Wilbur C radio 


Petrie John W 


White Frank A 



Fawson Cynthia M 


Graves Frederick W 


Puglisi Vincenzo fruit 


Fawson Misses 


Crockett Mark S 


Floyd Anna B Mrs drsmkr 


Codyer John J 


Parker George W 


Moor May J 


Hardigan Wm J 


Cossaboom Chipman M milk 


Lawrence Ella J 


Codyer Peter M 


Raymond Victor D 


Jones Mina Mrs 


Rourke J Wm 


Jacobson John A 


O'Donnell Charles J 


Steelbrook Archie 

188y 2 Berggren Oscar W 


Beech crosses 


Lowell Charles A carp 


Webb Henry B 


Cressey Mary A Mrs 


Caisey Ephraim J 

190y 2 MacArthur George D 


First Presb Church 


Frye Frank B 


McLaughlin Harry S 


Palmer Elizabeth Mrs 


Manning Edward H 

*192%Littlefleld Ella E Mrs 


Palmer J Louise nurse 


Gidley Samuel H 

*192% Crosby Leroy H 


Elworthy James E 


Littlerield Mabel E 


LeBlanc Eloie 


Hosty Clara Mrs 


Barrows Fred M 

*194V 2 Donaldson Gertrude M Mrs 


Chandnoit Joseph 


Hague Alfred E 


Melanson Orin J 


Perry Susan R Mrs 


MacArthur Wm J 


Nix Charles W 


Hines Edward J 


Isaacson Martin G 


Killius Augustus 


Chute Leonard E 


MacArthur H Stanley 


Martin Frank F 


Blaisdell Sadie J 


Dunbrack Tool & Die Co 


Wright Anna F Mrs nurse 


Williams Lizzie L 



Wright Anna F Mrs nurse 


Palmer Susie M 


Waltham Oil Burner Co Inc 


DeMarque Charles J 


Stevens Wm E 


Perine Mark K 


Orange crosses 


Ellsworth Catherine Mrs 


Smiley Herbert W 


Lingley Clarence A 


Berggren John 


Dunbrack Warren H 


Kenney Mary J Mrs ldgh 


Upham George H 


Lucas Charles H 


Hart Oscar 


Cloran Edward A 


Johnson Clarence J 


Randle Edward 


Dow James E 


Mitchell Wm H 


Durgin Charles W 


Turner Wilberforce 


Davis Frank H 


Durgin Charles W 


Barlow Herbert H 


Connolly Patrick J 


Cole Florence H 


Donlan John 


Cyr Albert J 


Hicks Thomas 


Campbell Carl 


Marshall Louis N 


Prescott Edwin H 


Johnson Anna B Mrs 


Vallely Charles W 


Barker Wm A mus tchr 


Long Eslie A carp 


Stratton Frank L 


Kett John P 


Glynn Mary Mrs 


Newton crosses 


Urquhart Harold A 


LeBlanc Henry F 


Paul Fred H 


Clark Roland A 


Springham Evelyn Mrs 


Caravaglio Gaetano 


Keeman Harold C 


Elworthy Cannon 


Caravaglio Catherine nurse 


Chester av begins 


Hapeny Albert G 


Thompson John jr 


Raymond Wm A 


Simon Lelia E Mrs 


Parker Nellie Mrs 


Crescent crosses 


Rogers Catherine Mrs 


Chandler Emma L Mrs 



Ela Emma J Mrs 


Lacava Thomas M 


Knox Josephine H 


Aune Anders 



Jones Ida Mrs 


Aune Arthur A 

fr 934 1 

Hoody to Newton line wd 6 


Brown Helen Mm \ 


Lally Martin J 




Tel. Conn. 



der — Cont. 


Barber Raymond J 


McCabe Henry 


Humboldt ends 


Humphrey Wm 


Royal crosses 


Leonard George W 


Youngquist Axel 


Young John A 


Barbarick Grover 


Leaf Theodore E 


Barbarick Sumner C 


Reed Ellen H Mrs 


Demerest ends 


Worthington Orrin S 


Doolittle Harry A 



Murphy Elizabeth 

fr 43 Sparkill to 42 Van Vechten 


Guiney John 

wd 2 


Parmenter rd crosses 

fr 127 Lexington east wd 2 

*0 Ames B C Co machy mfrs 


fr Hiawatha av east of Hardy's pond 
to Princeton av nr Col- 
lege Farm rd wd 2 
Sioux av ends 
Sat Sanga Home 
Yogananda Swami Giri 
Dhironanda Swami Giri 
Butler Wm 
Mumford Charles N 
Thomas Charles P 
McKeen James R 
Baker Chester T 
Chasson Mary D Mrs 
Wampum av ends 
Wamsutta av ends 
Lake crosses 
Cavanaugh John 
Bowdoin av ends 
Princeton av crosses 


fr 301 Ash to Newton line wd 6 
Falmouth rd begins 


fr 924 Main south wd 4 


Ward George L 


Nethercote Michael H 


fr 526 Main to 57 Central wd 


Collins James H 


Collins Michael P 


Lawless John J 


Grinnell Eugene S 


Manning John C 


Farnsworth George 


Eaton Warren M 


Kingsbury Mowry S 


Smith Harry W 


Burke Arthur N 


Mcintosh Arthur N 


Sturtevant Henry B 


Eaton Frederick R 


fr 202 Crescent bet Ash and Cherry 
wd 5 


fr 45 Van Vechten to 30 Demerest 
wd 2 
11 Huntington ends 
*00 Mickalsen Otto A 
00 Murray Patrick E 
00 Knutsen Harry 

fr 220 







































Crescent across Parmenter rd 
to Hovey rd junct Ar- 
lington rd wds 5-6 

Appleton park 

Fitch park 

Webster Clarence L 

Monahan John F 

Lawson Robert W 

Legere Ferdinand 

Hicks Cyrus W 

Hicks Fernando W 

Hicks Grace E nurse 

Newland Charles H 

McLaughlin Ernest C 

Picoriella Joseph 
y 2 Saulnier Wilfred B 

Ogden Minnie E Mrs 
y 2 Carville Samuel J 

Conlon Margaret H nurse 

Donnellan Wm J 

Hornbeck Linn E optome- 

Corbett Thomas F 

Howland Daniel 

Wiseman Bertha Mrs 

Adams crosses 

York Bridget Mrs 

Andrews Daniel W 

Gildersleeve Oscar H 

Steadman George R 

O'Neil Bernard J 

Weymouth Carl L 

Arnold Elizabeth Mrs 

Whalen Patrick J 

MacKelvey Wm 

Coughlan John M 

Doe Elizabeth Mrs 

Cotton George E 

Miller Ralph A 

Mikulskis Peter 

Kendrick Alice Mrs 

Milner Annie P Mrs 

Kelly George P 

Bills Arthur D 

Dean Frank H signs 

Turner Charles F 

Gardner Fred W 

Keyes George I L 
■77Kent Oakland Co 

Spilva Fred H 

Kent Fred P garage 

Snowden Harold 

Kent Fred P 














































Dinsmore Arthur E 
Skoglund Henry F 
Legere Charles L 
Jones George C 
Doucette Samuel H 
Pervere Edward C 
Legere Charles L 
Van Horn Newbert I 
Cusick Alice Mrs 
Johnson Henry E elect 
Cormier Leo J 
Coulter Edith 
O'Neill Bernard J 
Harper Wm 
Hayden Melville 
Dorey Clyde H 
Downing Avard W 
Cavanaugh Bernard S 
Myles Laura M Mrs 
Peterson Maud 
Wagner Mary E Mrs Idgh 
Wagner Robert R 
Miles Laura M Mrs 
Gallant Edmund 
Loomis Charles A 
Vincent Charles 
Curran John Oscar 
Curran John Oscar 
Brinn Walter E 

Corkum Murray J 

Pelkey Guy W 

Winslow Dexter W 

Moody crosses 

Vacant store 

Thomas Ralph S 

Snell Timothy H 

Butman Elmer E 

Fuller John C 

Leusher Herbert L 

Purdy Lester 

Lane Ellen Mrs 

Potter Frank G 

Truelove Thomas 

Vallely Wm E 

Hamill WiUard G 
133y 2 Bumpus Roland L 
133%Smith James E 
134 Hodge Mary G Mrs 

Kelly Mary Mrs 

Greig Arthur W 

Brown Mary E Mrs 

Ham Philip W 

Mills Edward P 

Flitcroft G Walter 

Vail Edward F 

Kent Preston L 

Haven Catherine A Mrs 

Hamilton Charles G 

Millen James 

Farr Thomas A nurse 

Hope Amos J 

Glasgow Thomas J 

Flanagan Nellie nurse 

Flanagan Nellie nurse 

Morris John R 

Flanagan Ellen nurse 

Shepherd James W 

Coyle Leonard F 

DeGrasse Nicholas 

LeBlanc Ernest 



























Tel. Waltham 0940 


Ash — Cont. 


Streitmater Anton 


Butler Hattie A Mrs 


Jones D Warner 


Marson Charles 


Henry Isa E Mrs 


Goodwin Bertha B Mrs 



Linthwaite Fred 


Lowell crosses 


Gerritson Walter 


Putney George H piano 



Libby Ansel P 


Bagley John W 


Keirstead Charles W 


Mosher Allen V 


Everett Wm L 


Boynton George E 


Jarry John 


Hoffses Robert H 


Hill Wm E 


Toney George W 


Buell Fred A 


Moore Almeda G Mrs 


Pridham Wilhelmina M Mrs 


Neal Herbert E 


Gordon Sarah J Mrs 


Smiley Herbert W 


Lyons Wm H 


Hopkins George 

211a Preston George I 

*211r Scribner Norman H 


Hill Richard M 


Kilcup Clifford 


Allen Edward E 


Codyer Walter H tinsmith 


Codyer Thomas F 


Flower Pearl J 


Ricker Charles P 


Burke Mary T dismkr 


Burke Agnes J vocal tchr 


Burke Thomas A 


Jackson Joseph A 


Kaler Harold A 


Saunders Agnes C Mrs 


Garvey Michael J 


Newton crosses 


Blomberg Matilda K Mrs 


Hawley Lovina W Mrs 


Howe George M 


Davis Frank B 


Marsh Henry R 


Stuve Constance Mrs nurse 


Vaughan Edwin H 


Foster Edward Morse 


Hardy Sadie E Mrs nurse 


Safford Carl M 


Safford Lizzie E Mrs 


Randall Frank E 

*248r Randall Frank E dial gauges 


Jones Alfred A 


Smith Albert E 


Hills Bert E 


Davis Robert W 


French Harry L 


French Harry L 


Hedlund Fritz B 


Roberts Wm M 


Hobart Edward A 


*266 Warren Charles R 

267 Uhlin Carl V 

272 Parmenter rd crosses 

300 Hovey rd ends 

301 Arlington rd begins 


fr 92 Vernon to 26 Boynton wd 4 

*14 Smith Wm E A 

*16 Cummings Frank 

18 Rippin Ernest J 

*19 Hartley John C 

*20 Hanson Matilda Mrs 

20 Regan George E 

*20 Mollica Bartholomew 

*21 Studholme Joseph H 

22 Moore John E 

22 Bennett Charles I 

*23 Smith Raymond E 

*23 Smith Edward B 

26 Auburn ter begins 

47 Dunphy Burton L 

52 Boynton crosses 


fr 26 Auburn southeast wd 4 
3 Tomlin George 
*4 Holland Grace Mrs 

7 Thomas Elizabeth Mrs 
*8 Carraody Cornelius J 
9 Jackson Walter B 
*10 Hitchcock Cora L Mrs 


fr 797 Main to 372 Lexington wd 1 
*14 Rollins Frank H 

14a Gaudet Thomas A 
*14V 2 Webber Ralph 
*15 Coleman Martin J 
*16 Neville John C 
*17 McCaul Margaret Mrs 
*24 Hyde Mary A 
*24 Magee Eliza A 
*24 Woodworth Minnie B nurse 
*24V 2 Con\vay Nellie Mrs 

24% Connolly Mary C Mrs 
*25 Mullen Mary E Mrs 
*29 Warren Rufus 
*29 Warren Clarence A 

32 Brackett Edward J 

36 O'Brien Thomas J 

36 y 2 Thompson John T W 

38 # Breault James 

38V2AuCoin Wm 
*39 Smylie Kenneth W 
*40 Bailey Wm H 

47 Nelson Willis J 
*48 Flynn John J jr 
*52 Barry Wm P 
*54 Garvin Margaret F Mrs 
*56 McKernan James 
*58 Gallagher Michael 
*59 Donlan Julia T Mrs 
*59 Larkin James B 

59 School crosses 
*62 Ellis Arthur R gro 
*64 Buzzelle Wm B 

64 Hennessey Michael J 
*64 Rogers Mary E 
*66 Gallagher Florence M Mrs 
dry gds 

*70 Strom Arthur C 

70 Totten Harry H 

71 Carroll Robert H 
73 Jones Willard F 

*74 McDonald Ronald J 

*74 Totten J & Sons ice dlrs 

*75 Kelly Mary E 

*77 Manning Mary Mrs 

77 Shaughnessy Margaret E 

81 King John J 
*82 Chaisson Louis 
*82i/ 2 Ellis Arthur R 

82 Totten ct begins 
*83 Malloy Patrick F 
*83 Malloy John J 
*84 Poirier Lucy 

*86 O'Toole John J 

87 Pond ends 

88 Cummings Martin J 
*90 Coleman John J 
*92 Collins Catherine 

*94 Murphy Catherine G Mrs 

*94 Murphy John W 

94 r Tobin B Laurence 

*94r Tobin Wm J jr 

96 Sanford Frederick P 
*96 Stanley Curtis 

*97 Campbell Charles L 

97 Keohane Jeremiah 
*98 Bates James H 

*100 Mitchell John J 

*101 CorbettJohnJ 

*102 Lamb Wm H 

103 Gregory Alfred 

104 Lockray Daniel 
*105 Donahue Francis J 

107 Moynihan Dennis E 

*100r Ohnemus Edward A 

*110r Veno Alfred J 

111 Emery ends 

112r Kelly Henry J 

*112 Pendergast John J 

114 Brennan Bernard L 

*115 Waltham Grinding Wheel 


*118 Barker George J Lumber 

118 B & M crosses 

*120 Harrigan Annie Mrs 

120 Stankard Thomas J 

*122 Brown Thomas B 

122 Brown Thomas A 

124 Dillon Patrick 

128 Nolan Michael 

*129 Clement Wm D lathes 

*135 Boston Brass Co 

136 Carroll Annie Mrs 

136 Williamson John 

144 Gallant Edmond A 

144 Plympton crosses 

*145 Harvey Roy C 

*145 Marr Wm J 

*145 McNeil Edward D 

*145 Ellis Arthur R gro 

*146 Cox John J 

149 School Athletic Field 

160 Rehill Fiances J 

162 McKillop Andrew J 

164 Rehill Robert J 

164 Farnsworth begins 



584(298) Moody St. tel. 





Bacon — 














Eaton Edward A 
Drake Bradford W 
Lingg Henry L 
Stearns Edward C 
Dale crosses 
Dee ring Willie C 
Holton Cheney J 
Justason Edwin C 
Sewall Dulcenia Mrs 
Chapin George L 
Chapin Leslie M 
Varnum pk ends 
Lewis S Alger M 
Bailey Henry W 
Strauch George H 
Donlan Thomas F 
Dermott Harry 
Dermott Robert H 
Putnam crosses 
Fiske Horatio F 
Law Harry R 
Whalen Daniel L 
Laighton Win B 
Greenwood la begins 
Brehm George C 
Wilson Allen P 
Wilson Robert A 
Worcester Alfred phys 
Flaherty Charles A 
Rowe Willard M 
Clarke Bertram M 
Clarke Elfleda M Mrs 
Clark la begins 
Farmer Mary T Mrs 
Little Charles H 
Gilbert John R 
Higgins Raymond A 
Speir Robert 
Worcester la begins 
Collins Richard 
Piety Corner Club 
Lexington crosses 


*36 Steele James E 

*37 Polley Henry A 

*40 Hood Richard S 

*41 Latham Walter E 

*42 Bliss Benjamin M 

*45 Carey Julia M Mrs 

*47 Jones Carrie E Mrs 


at 960 Main junct Weston wds 1-4 


fr 71 Main to north of Chaffee rd 
wd 2 
00 Chaffee av crosses 


fr Coker nr Watertown line to 
west and north of Gill 
rd wd 2 
Coker Jessie 
Faulkner Alonzo 
Jaynes James 
Johnson Ernest L 
Allen Fannie F Mrs 
Twomey John 
Duemmling Henry J 
Sangelen Wm P 
Twomey Daniel 
Morehouse Byron E 
Otis Nelson L 
Gill rd begins 


fr Balsam Fir av to end Rosemont 
av wd 2 

fr end Piedmont av to Braemore rd 
wd 2 

fr 935 


Main to 42 Columbus ar 

wd 1 
McPherson Levi E 
Gray Harry M 
Taylor Julia A Mrs 
Gill Thornton M 
Eaton Willis L 
Cutter Harlan W 
Smith Herman G 
Hawley Francis B 
Rose Alvord H 
Maenche Albert T 
Hitchcock Wm A 
Wheeler Marion L 
Duncan Henry C 
Cassidy Andrew G 
Matthews Lyman H 
Hill Philip C 
Hardy Susan F Mrs 















fr 26 Newton to east of 23 Town- 
send wd 3 

*9 Brouillette Hermenegilde 

*9 Kendall Wm A 

*9 Kilburn George W 

*9 Klocker Wm F 

*9 Simard Epiphane P 
9 Swanton George W 
*15 Ludlam Charles 

20 Townsend ends 
*21 DeCoste Annie F Mrs 
*21 Grasson Arthur J 
*21 Lalime Andrew E 

23 Edmunds John J 
*23 Lally Patrick J 
*27 Edmunds Susie C 
*29 Filson Lucy B Mrs 


fr 95 Main to north of Chaffee av 
wd 2 
00 Chaffee av crosses 


fr 1265 Main bey Stow to Winter 
opp Wyman wd 1 
Wians Henry C 
Woodbury Frank H 
*0 Cormay Thomas S 
00 Edge Hill rd ends 


fr 264 Warren nr Watertown line to 
303 Lexington wd 2 
*25 Ens worth Charles R 
25 Hollace begins 
♦41 Jessup George W 


Boyd James R jr 


Whiting Thomas H 


MacBain Victor R 


Clematis av begins 


Beane Horace E 


Silsby Charles M 


Lockwood Brackett Co soap 



B & M crosses 


Clematis Brook Sta B & M 


Wollrath & Sons florists 


Woolrath Ernest 


McGarvie John W 


Howell James A 


Samuel D Warren School 


Waverley Oaks rd crosses 


French Leon F 


Bray Dennis J 


McLane James 


Girl Scout Headquarters 


Cedar Hill Farm milk dlrs 


Stewart Henry florist 


Cahill Charles 


Linden ends 


Cahill Reginald L 


Lman Ronald T 


Forest begins 


Sears Annie L 


Paine Robert T 


Storer John H 


Tait John 


Lyman ends 


Clark Walter B 


Josselyn Howard B 


Hodges Wm L jr 


Smith Alexinder R jr 


Lexington crosses 


Trapelo and Waverley Oaks rds at 
Belmont line wd 2 


ospect to 40 Fiske av wd 4 

Golway Wm C 

Barlow Malvina Mrs 

Bold John J 

Bomengen Thorlef 

Grierson Kenneth B 

Pratt av begins 

Hammer ends 


Bay State Rug Co 

American Wet Wash Laun- 
dry Co 

Waltham Wet Wash Laun- 

Nolan Michael P 

Bussell Wm H 

Jensen Conrad T jewelry 

Johnson John E leather 
gds mfr 

Curtis begins 

Bent John gro 

Bent John gro 

MacMillan Adam J 

Jensen Ida C Mrs 

Carney James E 

LeBlanc Alfred D 

Terrio Alexander 

McKenna Stephen 

fr 115 Pr 

















Stony Batter Playground 



Regan Lillian M Mrs 


Hathaway C F & Sons 

fr 118 Vernon to 55 Winthrop wd 4 


Wilson George 



Porter Earl R contractor 


Regan Mary E Mrs 


Midgley F Vernon 


McKay James W 



DeVenne J Ernest 


Johnson Oscar L 


100 Bright to 137 Willow wd 3 


Flannery Thomas J 


Royle Ernest 


Hastings crosses 


Macomber Edward F 


Johnnot Ira E 


Willow crosses 


Ryan Henry M 


Driscoll Jeremiah J 


Davis George P 


Smith John F 




Russell Charles T 


Hansen Martha Mrs 


70 Parmenter rd to Falmouth rd 


Hansen Arthur A 


Colby Clifford R 

wa tj 


Auburn ends 


Campbell Francis J 


est rd to Hardy's Pond rd 
wd 2 


Johnson Carlton H 


South crosses 
Pearl ends 




Redden Herbert W 
Winthrop crosses 


Fiske av crosses 




fr 31 High to 32 Myrtle wd 5 


Lincoln opp College Farm rd to 

fr 191 

Dale to 172 Putnam wd 1 


Curry Leslie F 

Pine Hill circle wd 1 


Tankle Louis 



Levison Harry N 


fr Trimount av south of Marivista 


Alder crosses 


42 Oak north wd 7 

av to Balm av wd 2 


Sumner Carrie A Mrs 


Staskiewicz Wincent 




Hibbard George R 

fr 252 Newton to 1 Day wd 7 

fr 121 

Main to Chaffee av opp 


Lord Margaret Mrs 


Cumminskey Patrick 

Charlotte rd wd 2 


Madden Wm J 


Rizzo Frank 


Burnham Charles M 


Parretta John 
Jay Harry W 




Deeley Michael C 

fr 332 ] 

Main to 235 River wd 3 

fr. 179 Prospect to 66 Curtis wd 4 


Terrasi Frank 


Almeida Fred J 


Anderson Fred F 


Tambasio Salvatore 


Grove crosses 


Johnson John A 


Viscogliosi Santo 


Bright School 


Heinstrom Carl G 


Artado Luigi 


Clark crosses 


Olson John R 


Artado Salvatore 


Bennett begins 

*15 }£ Johnson Gustave H 


Olson Joseph M 


Quinn John J 


Nelson Nils 


Ladd Arthur E 


Dix begins 


Peterson August 


Brown David J 


Craven Dennis exp 


Cook Maria R Mrs 


Kenny Jenny F Mrs 


Coye Thomas J 


Stark August 


Kenny Veronica M nurse 


Shanley John J 


Curtis crosses 


Burke Mary C Mrs 


Conroy John J 


Shebeci Giuseppe 


0' Toole Charles F 



Particelli John 


Crimmins Walter 

fr 5 Bellevue northwest wd 4 


Di Domenico Alexander 


Brennan Norah Mrs 


Lagerblade Carl C 


Acorn ends 


Roach Daniel J 


Erickson Andrew 


Nolan Martin J junk 


McArt Henry 

2 % Hanson Peter 


Day begins 


Kelley Thomas 


Forsyth Wm J 


Devlin Michael P 


Hartigan Wm F 
Hoxie James B 



>lo rd west of Woburn to 
Trapelo rd nr Lexington 
wd 2 
Shea John L 


Hardy begins 

fr 51 Harvard west wd 4 
*1 Duddy Martin J 
*2 Garrity Thomas 






McDonald Wm A 

Atkin Wm 

Hartigan Elizabeth Mrs 


Owens John 



Ward George M 


White Richard 


Ashworth Robert S 


Welch Mary J Mrs 




LeClair Frederick 



Hiawatha av across Lake to Am- 

fr 177 Newton to 160 Elm wd 7 

herst av wd 2 



deLorenzo Salvatore 


Doucette Mitchell 

fr 17 Highland northwest wd 4 


Kokidko Fred 


Spillane Harvey T 


Reilly Harold L 


McLaughlin Patrick J pntr 


Lake crosses 


White Michael 


Russo Andrew J 


Cunningham Charles C 


Reilly Wm 


Connelly John P 


Newton Thomas F 


Famalarie Joseph 



Scalese Joseph 


314 ' 

Warren to 17 Wilton wd 2 



Cosgrove Catherine Mrs 

fr Trapelo rd west of Lexington 


Malone Frederick A 


south of Hardy's Pond 


Burke Daniel F 



Main to Chaffee av opp 

rd wd 2 


Whitcomb begins 

Mayall rd wd 2 


Plant rd ends 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 





Lewis Edward F 


LaCroix Hormidas 

fr 538 Waverley Oaks rd to 18 Up- 


Herbert Carl G 


LaCroix Rose E Mrs hem- 

ton rd wd 2 


Orne Isabella 

stitching and picoting 


Freda W Harry 


Farley Fred W 


Rand George F 


Barnes Harry T 


Dustin Gertrude L 


Codding Eugene E 


Gardner John W 


Brown Lillian I Mrs ldgh 


Lowell crosses 


Atwood Frederick W 


Brown Robert 


Lang Walter F 


Lerner Thora Mrs 


Hughes George pntr 


Mullen Howard A 


Coburn Charles A 


Hooper Robert L F 


Dearborn George C 


McLaskey Miles E 

*80-82Caswell Winifred B Mrs 


Towne Charles H 


Spear Alonzo P 



Kaufman Nathan 


Miller Edward B 


Schnapp Eugene B confr 


Emerson Joseph B 


Cross Frank C 


Smith Judson W 


Freeman Alfred 


Edgell Fred V 


Morse George H 


Cullen Frank J 


Upton rd crosses 


Mackey Arthur A 


Mendelsohn Charles M 


Glidden Lewis S 


MacManus Mary J Mrs 


Mitchell Thomas J 


Whitten Philip F 


Cole Arthur L 


South End Garage 


vVarren south to Watertown 
line wd 2 


Osborne C Augusta nurse 


Hanselpacker George Y 

fr 353 1 


Groff Everett L pntr 
Hughes Matilda V Mrs 



Cornwall Harvey B 
Clayton Edwin 



Wetheibee Fred B 


Delorey Wm 


Hughes Thomas H 


O'Neil John B 



Crosby Burton J 


Wyman Robert E 

fr 236 Crescent to 77 Parmenter rd 


Carter Lizzie L Mrs 


Trefry Franklin T 

wd 6 


Lenaerts Helen Mrs 


Derby Herbert E 


Scofleld W Harding 


Moody crosses 


Hall Wm A 


Auger Henry F 


Shrine r John 


Ruggles Dwight 


Gilotta Frank 


Milligan Wm N 


Davis Herbert L 


Potter Keith E 


Johnson Harry A 


Hager Herbert I 


Thomas Benjamin W 


Austin Charles B 


Tilton Ralph L 


Newland Margaret F Mrs 


Sherwood Albert C 


Leavitt Abraham L 


Keegan Andrew J 


Bennett Joseph B 


Salter Chesley E 


Fitch park 


Wagner Jesse 


Posner Harry 


Lymer John E 


Deneault George 


Colburn George H 


Davis Earl E 


Deneault Lydia W Mrs 


Driscoll Michael J 


Stacey Philemon 



Claflin Joseph V 


Clark Richard C 


Johnstone Wm W 


Haynes M Francis 


Jakeman Samuel J 


Snow John H 


MacClellan John A 


Manette Frederick P 


Paton Arthur H 


Rogers Frank L 


Fraser Wallace E 


Cutting Marshall J 


Kennedy Everett 


Hughes Estelle Mrs 


Snow Clem M 


Sabean Ida J Mrs 


Wass John 


Devlin Michael J 


Harding Albert E 


Clark Richard C 


Tyler Wm L 


Jackson Elizabeth A Mrs 


Silman Wm 


Ball George M 


Rogers Granville F 


Silman Florence G masseuse 


Morrison Elizabeth Mrs 


Sabean Ida J Mrs 


White Frederick J 



Freeman Louis G 


Silman Ralph A 


Hosty Josephine M Mrs 


Hartford Chester L 


Upham Herbert E 


Morris Earl G 

218y 2 Dahlin John A 


Taylor Ernest W watch rpr 


Morris Wm H 


Smith Dudley A 




Lynch Mary Mrs 


Chase Grove r C 


Beamish Arthur R 


Rector Frederick J 


Wood Wm F 


Clausen John R 


Dolham Wilbur M 


Bowman Harold 


Grierson Wm N 


Padelford James F 

220y 2 McCaffrey P Augustus 


Grant Gordon B 


McCarthy Thomas H 


Bennett Henry 


Adams crosses 


Elmes Fannie C Mrs ldgh 


Estey Fannie Mrs 


Hall Annie L Mrs 


Paine Peter J 


Rix LeArthur A 


Baker George E 


Bacon Samuel H 


Graves Jesse P 


Whittemore's Market 


Towne Albert H 


True Charles H 


Whittemore George E prov 


Graham Mae B ldgh 


Briggs George A 


Whittemore George E 


Marston Fred G 


Newton crosses 


Hentzi Fanny Mrs 


Bailey Agnes Mrs nurse 


Mayo Sheldon S 


Andre Frank H 


Graham Mae B Mrs ldgh 


Campbell Frank J 


Shepard Eleanor G Mrs 


Perkins Charles M 


Behr Oscar 


Bryson Fred A 


Simpson Lauretta J nurse 


Staves Frank 


Tomlinson Enoch H 


Osborn Everett D 


Whigham John 


Foster Eva A Mrs 


Jackson George A 


Marshall Wm J 


Hurlbut E Eliot 


Wheaton George C 


Evans Alfred F 


Stott Thomas E 


Aiken Gertrude S' Mrs 


Rogers George W 


Pollock Harry B 


Williams Elhanan J 


Hastings Herbert H 


Thompson Joseph M B I 


Shepley Mary J Mrs 


Cossaboom Charles 








Blanchard Carl 


Alexander Alfred L 


O'Brien James H 


Fleming Carl D 


Powers Nellie V 


Lunny Wm J 


Ryan John T 


Parmenter rd crosses 

fr 156 Charles to 157 Felton wd 4 

la Reynolds George H 

4 Connelly Patrick 

6 Ouellette Fred N 

8 Cain Edward J 

10 Peterson Carl G 

12 Devane Martin C 

13 Noonan begins 

14 Devane Patrick J 

15 Connelly Martin J 

16 Chagnon Joseph A 
16^LaPresta Angelo 

17 Coghlin John F 

18 Lembo Salvatore 

19 Gaudet Marcel M 

19 Robichaud Peter J 

20 Camuto Carmelo 
20 Duddy av ends 

22 Keene Anna Mrs 

23 Duddy Celia Mrs 
■ 24 Nason Ernest 

26 Willett Alonzo H 

35 Felton crosses 


fr 24 Warren to north of Chaffee 
av wd 2 
00 Chaffee av crosses 


fr Upland rd to 58 Sunamit wd 1 


fr 71 Rumford av south to Newton 
line wd 6 

11 Cycle begins 


fr 94 Weston junct Vernon to 71 
Winthrop wd 4 
*12 Johnson John E 
*13 Rollins Ralph C 
*15 Brockway George W 
*20 Regan Charles S 
*21 Goodnow Sarah J Mrs 
*25 Templar Robert J 
*26 Healey Wm F 
♦29 Boulton George W 
*30 O'Malley Thomas F 
*34 Morse Alma E 
34 Winthrop crosses 


fr 182 Newton to 51 Farwell wd 7 
*1 Hull Albert D gro 
l^Kovolczuk Walerian 

3 Baniszensky Charles 

4 Lauericelle Salvatore 
*5 Mullen Catherine Mrs 

6 Gangi Luigi 


Gueli Giacamo 


Cedar begins 


Terrasi Raymondo 


Flynn Stephen L 


Terrasi Giacomo 


Melanson Napoleon J 


Graceffa Raymond 


Gleason John T 


Graceffa Vincent J 


Olson Reinhold 


Alesse Angelo 


Nyman Ernest H 


Muloni Rosario 


Moore begins 


Brennan Martin J 


Cimino Antonio 


Ralfino Carmelo 


Russo John 


Liverpool la begins 


Rankus Vorcheck 


McBride ct begins 


Werkowski Stanley 


Sliwa John 


Walsh James M 


Bengtson John E 


McGowan John F 


Luksaha Stanley 


White Harriett Mrs 


Sabanski Joseph 


Martowski Jacob 


Sinicki Anthony 


Carney Francis A 


Feeney Thomas 


Wilson Annie L Mrs 


McAlpine Cora Mrs 


Silver Mary T Mrs 


Morris Wm F 


Friend begins 


Vasquezi James 


Blue Ribbon Knitting Mills 


Mula Louis 

knit gds 


Zanco Stefano 


McLaughlin Vernon F 


Shaughnessy Thomas J 


Flood begins 


Dowd Mary E Mrs 


Ciavardoni Luigi 


Fitzgerald John M 


Iannetti Sabatino 


Silver Thomas 


Perry Anthony 


Farrell Michael 


Leamy Thomas 


Bomba Michele 


Frary Ernest B 


Algeri Graziano 


Dolan Ellen 


Iannuzzo Rosario 


Hill Margaret C Mrs 


Nedza Albert 


Ferro Graziano 


Artardo Antonio 


Calentropo Sebastien 


Martini Joseph 


O'Brien Thomas 


Ivanhoff John 


Calvary Cemetery 


Russo Guiseppe 

203r Taletowicz Walter 


Benenati Onofrio 


McManus Michael 


Galura Charles 


Gibbon Wm J 


Wajloydvitch Frank 


Howes Joseph A 


Beninati Frank 

*218a Wescott Herman R 


Koroneski Joseph 


Wescott Orlando P 


Rizzo Charles 


Wescott Hamlin D 


Delosa Thomas 


Atlas Chemical Co 

44r Pintabona Carmelo 


Stewart James 


Lucchese Antonio 


Mazzoli John 


Tirrara Frank 


Feeney Catherine T Mrs 

45a Wominski Wm 


Manning Michael G 


Pobliska Laurence 


Gormley Patrick M 


Dimatia Raphael 


Furello Henry 


Jardino Antonio 


Pantenelli Luigi 


Cardoni Guiseppe 


Connearney Annie G nurse 


Pendergast Joseph 


Connearney Michael H 


Gordon Dennis F 


Fiorelli Alphonse 


O'Brien Catherine Mrs 


Carr Wm 


Holland Wm H 


Tasker James M 


Muldoon ct begins 


Arcese Eleuterio 


McNamee John F 


Morreali Frank 


Ayre Arthur W 


Farwell crosses 


Narmkiewicus John 


Urban Frank 



McNamara Daniel J 

fr 94 Parmenter rd to Newton line 


Wickewicus Charles 

wd 6 


Quirk Patrick F gro 


Murren Wm J 


Quirk John T 



Penston Gustave 

fr west 

of Edwin rd to east of 


Carney Ellen A Mrs 

Mayall rd wd 2 


Carney John J 


Pyle Harold L 



Carney J Coal Co coal 

fr 105 Summit north wd 1 


B & M crosses 


Cunniff John L carp 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



fr 35 Elm to 96 Moody wd 3 

Waltham Common 

*0 Waltham Station B & M 

Wenckus Taxi Co 

Armstrong Co The news 

*0 Am Ry Ex Co 

fr 99 Pond to B & M wd 1 

*1 Daley Charles H 

*1 Gallagher Ella M Mrs 

2 Hayes Margaret 

2 Linnehan Elsie 

3 Connearney Prank J 
*3 Wyman Henry S 

4 Coleman Margaret 
6 Edwards Annie L 

6 Kelley Thomas J 

8 Marshall Ella M Mrs 

9 Mahar Joseph M 

11 Connelly Michael J 
♦13 Connors Patrick J 

15 Hickey Kieran 

17 Newell Patrick 

19 Jones Michael T 

21 Langan Daniel 

*23 Sullivan Annie Mrs 

26 Cahill Patrick 

26 Emery begins 

28 Maguire Michael 

30 Kelly Herbert H 

31 Poutas Alphonse J granite 

32 Myshrall Wm J 
41 B & M crosses 


fr 29 Plympton to 142 Dale wd 1 

*9 Durkin John J 

*10 Pratt Edward J 

19 Dowcett Fred J 
*20 Nelson Samuel M 
*21 Phillips Henry A 
*22 Bennison George 
*24 Bennison Harry C 
*26 Barnicle Michael J 

35 Farnsworth ends 

36 Furbush Edna Mrs 
36 Furbush Edward A 

*45 Wilbur Munroe E 

54 Fenton ends 

63 Marion begins 

64 Ohnemus Frederick J 


fr 77 Calvary at B & M to 196 
High wd 7 

5 Crowe Lawrence 

7 O'Loughlin Catherine Mrs 

12 Berndtson John 

13 Gleason Anna 

14 Hill Joseph F 

14 Johnson Patrick 

15 Scanlon John F 

16 Noone Patrick J 
*18 Mo ran Robert S 

20 Daley Michael J 
*30 O'Brien James A gro 

26 Oak crosses 

34 Murren Mary C Mrs 

♦36 Murphy Charles M 


McArdle James I 


Nyman Carl W 


Coye John J 


Gannon Mary Mrs 


Byrne John F 


McAleer Christopher 


Hnes Mary J 


Boudreau Allen 


Corcoran Edward J 


Devley Patrick 


Kennedy Thomas 


Judge John J 


Lupo Frank 


Scrocc Rose Mrs 


Smith Mary Mrs 


Spinks John J 


Palmer Harold F 


McGilvary Florence Mrs 


Lally James 


Cedar Napoleon 


Pelletier Auguste P 


Gorman Elizabeth A 


Cutter ends 


Carr Peter E 


Carroll James A 


Healey Morgan T 


Cormier Selina Mrs 


Duffy Patrick J 


Keough George 


Loughlin Thomas W 


i; 43 Newton to 38 Elm wd 3 


Heard Mary A 


Brown Annie M 


Murphy Annie Mrs 


Valliere Xavier 


Jamar Joseph F 


Collins John J 


Farnsworth Shirley C 


Sicotte Thomas 


Sweet Frederick B 


Theriault Joseph 


Poirier Jude T 


Sicotte Joseph 


Rheaume Lucian J 


Kuhn Carl R 


Heard ends 


Callahan Frank J 


Swedish Cong Church 


Smith Wm C 


Theriault Elizabeth Mrs 


Hagan Mary E 


Appleton ends 


Gallagher Matthew P 


Richard Rosario 


Jackson begins 


St. Joseph's R C Church 


Hurley Mary A 


Berrio Ernest C 


Kavanaugh Felix 


Wetherbee Harry J 


Julian Louis D 


Breton Mary Mrs 

77 V 2 Newman Ernest G 


Hayes Henry J 


Coakley Delia J Mrs 


Gaudet Paul F 


Ryan Charles H 


Bourgeois Adelaide Mrs 


80 Doiron Mary 

*81 Marcoux Joseph H 

*81 Waltham Index Card Co 

*82 Fitzpatrick Edward 

83 Rooney Edward C 

85 Roberge Emma Mrs 

85 Whelon Bridget Mrs 

*86 Smith S Olive Mrs 

*87 LeBlanc Azime 

89 Doucette Joseph G 

89 Gaudet Ovide F 

*92 LaRosee Frederick 

93 Barron Mary Mrs 

*93 Campbell Patrick J 

93 y 2 Barron Samuel G 
93y 2 Morrill Emma F 

*94 Au Coin Simon 
*94 LeBlanc Calixte 

94 y 2 Thorpe Wm R 

95 Malo Louis N 

96 Chiasson Charles 
*96 LaForce Rosario 

97 Corvi Ferdinando 
*98 Mullen John L 
100 Dechiara Guiseppe 

100 Profeta Alphonse 

101 Taranto Annie Mrs 

102 Ballard Annie Mrs 

104 LeBlanc Donat 

105 Cressardi Vincenzo 

105 Lembo Sebastiano 

106 Rando John 
*109 Cappadona Angelo 

109 Defino Stephen 

110 Dykers Anthony 

112 Rheaume Vital 

113 Cocchiara Fred 
113 Valente Giuseppe 

*114 Hines Mary gro 

116 Russo Giuseppe 

*118 Collins Frank J 

*118 Fox Nora Mrs 

118 Elm crosses 


fr 208 Felton to 29 Sun wd 4 
5 Brown Anna M 
5 Caramanica Michael 
19 Lyden Frank E 
*19 Rubaway Benjamin 


junct Main Moody and Common wds 


fr 6 Massasoit ct to 105 Massasoit 
nr Grove wd 3 
McCarthy Thomas 
*3 Byron Frank B 
*3 Buckley Mary A Mrs 
7 Flood Wm F 

7 Gardner Michael P 

8 Connors Ellen M drsmkr 

9 Higgins Daniel J 
*16 Cunnare Frank H 
*16 Duffy Johanna Mrs 

17 Bennett Fred 
17 Fitzgerald James P 
19 Rice George A 
*21 O'Toole Patrick F 


Dort, Stephens and Cadillac Cars 

E. E. JENNISON, Sec. and Treas. 


fr 54 Warren to west of Edwin rd 
wd 2 

00 Bruce rd crosses 

00 Barbara rd crosses 

00 Beal rd crosses 

00 Charlotte rd begins 

00 Brigham rd ends 

00 Clements rd begins 

00 Bowker rd ends 

00 Mayall rd begins 

00 Edwin rd begins 

fr 414 Main south to B & M wd 3 

*5 Morrissey Joseph P 

*7 McKenna Matthew jr 

*8 Wood Amanda R tchr ptg 

*8 Wood Elvira 

*10 Frost George M 

*11 Nellson Helen F Mrs 

*15 Chase Cedric G 

16 Graves Elizabeth E 


fr 55 Moody to 84 South wds 3-4 

*3 Twombly Archibald B drugs 

*7 N E T & T Co stock rm 

*10 McDonald John J 

11 Collura Vincenzio 

12 Linehan Simon 

14 Mechanic begins 

15 Fallon Thomas H 

17 Kelty Bridget Mrs 
20 Baldaro Jane A 

23 Boudreau Elzear 

24 Harakakos Nicholas 
*25 John Augustin 

28 Donlon Margaret E 

29 Mollica Francesco 
31 LeBlanc Joseph 

33 Finnerty Bridget Mrs 

35 Emerson Nellie M Mrs 

*37 Keniry Thomas F 

39 LeBlanc Wm 

40 Burke Philip E furn mvg 

41 Niose Antonio 

42 Mooney Richard F garage 

43 Beauvais Francis 
45 Hurley Michael 

45 Rando Giuseppe 

46 Harrington James F 

47 Santalucito Joseph 

48 Harrington James F prov 
51 Gullotti Sebastiano gro 
54 Kelley Patrick 

54 Water begins 

55 Cusano Luigi 

55 Daddona Michele 

56 Morabito Michael 

58 Hosty Walter 

59 McGowan Edward F 
62 Sullivan Catherine M 
64a Vinciullo Francesco 

65 Mobilia Catherine Mrs 

66 Connor Robert R 

67 Biundo Carmelo gro 

68 Griffin Edward 

69 Biundo Carmelo 

70 Fogg Patrick 

71 Pieno Angelo 


71 Santamaria John 

72 Bonica Giuseppe 2d 

73 Vacant 

75%Maragos George gro 

77 Vacant 

79 Riley Frederick 
79%Melanson Phil 

80 Frullo John gro 
SO Fountain begins 

81 Leger Philias 

83 Crowell Elizabeth F Mrs 

85 Bontempo Domenico 

86 Puma Ignazio var 

87 DeLorey D Joseph 

88 Clasby Bros gros 
88 Puma Ignazio 

*89 Kelley Thomas F 

91 DeLorey John F 

*92 Milesky Henry 

94 Deveause Eugene 

96 Cuttone Salvatore 

96 Muise Harry 

98 Herron Thomas 

98 Moore John H 

100 Taranto Onofrio 

101 Grant begins 

102 Au Coin Peter 
104 Goguen Oliver 

106 Lemieux Delima Mrs 

107 DiMurro Frank gro 

108 DeLorey Jane Mrs 

109 DiMurro Frank 

110 Durant Louis 

114 Kenneally Elizabeth Mrs 

115 Scafidi Matteo 

116 Arsenault Patrick 
116 Goguen Henri 

118 Kristianson Anna Mrs 

119 Scafidi Giuseppe 

121 Doucette Leo 

122 Vacant 

123 Gullotti Rosario 

125 Mahoney Mary J Mrs 

126 Williams begins 

127 Gullotti Rosario 

127 Millinazo Gaetano barber 

128 DeMeo Domenico 

130 Kennan Joseph 

131 Cushing Mary Mrs 

132 Fitzgerald Edward 

132 Meuse Joseph 

133 Brown Nathan shoe rpr 

134 Cutler Samuel 

135 Vacant 

137 Mahan James 

139 Fitzsimmons Michael 

140 Belliveau Philias M gro 
*141 Myshrall Ruth Mrs 
*143 Belliveau Louis 

144 Demio Emilio gro 

145 Gaudet Philias D 
147 Belliveau Dominique 
149 Harvard crosses 
154 Mason R Oscar 

154 Pritchard Herbert A 

156 Brown's av begins 

*162 LaRosee Hosanna 

167 Nelson Victor W 

*169 Nugent Margaret E Mrs 

172 Rines James 

























































Salamone Michael 
Coughlin Joseph P 
Murphy John J 
Roche John H 
Roberts Douglas J 
Berman Louis H 
DuVal Adelbert J 
Chaisson Alfred 
Floyd ends 
Surette Louis A 
Cote Patience M Mrs 
Gauthier Raoul A 
Hughes Joseph J jr 
Viles ct begins 
Melanson Charles G 
Leahan Bros gros 
Burgess Louis 
Kane Andrew 
Kelley Chester 
Clement Wm H 
Nix Earl S 
Klee John G 
Sullivan Dennis F 
White George E 
Feeney Peter P 
McPherson Archibald J 
Dubin Harry 
Trachtenburg Morris 
Marr John A 
Ripley Benjamin L 
Warren Isaac F 
Prospect crosses 
Platts Henry E 
Chauncy Newhall sch 
Hagarty James A 
Griffin Carle F 
Taylor Arthur L 
Taylor Margaret F nurse 
Kittredge Ray G 
Hammer begins 
Vinal Alice H Mrs 
Vinal Clifford 
Prospect st av ends 
Spinney Walter M 
Norton Charles W 
Godber Catherine Mrs 
Godber Frank J 
Canter Harry 
Dion Emil J 
Erikson Sven C 
Goguen J Frederick 
Hall Herbert 
Lamburn Henry G 
Howard E Watch Wks 
Keystone Watch Case Co 

watch mfrs 
Mosher Reginald S 
Charles st av begins 
Paige John M 
Wilder Raymond S 
Bucher Athanasius 
Slepper Carlos G 
South crosses 


fr 261 Charles north wd 4 
4 Connell John J 
7 Bolton Arthur G 
9 Johnson Carl 
*11 Schelin Carl D 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 

Charles Street Avenue — Cont. 

liy 2 Proctor Alfred W 

12 Porter Asa 

*14 Lindberg Axel E 

*15 Clasby Hugh J 

*15 Clasby Alice R nurse 

16 Le Blanc James D 

16 Corbett James J 

*17 Devlin James A 


fr Chaffee av opp Brigham rd north 
wd 2 


fr 188 Crescent to 553 Moody wd 5 

10 Bobbins park 

*21 Miller Wm R funeral home 

24 Ferris Albert 

24 Turner Joseph H 

28 Connors Patrick J 

29 Withrow Thomas A 
31 Caswell Susan Mrs 

*32 Hughes Wm B 

*33 Dicks Reuben H 

*35 Everett Charles R 

35 Everett Marion L nurse 

*41 Keith V Paul 

43 Small Vera 

*49 Sibley Rudolph A surg 

46 Adams crosses 

*53 Gerritson Edward W 

55 Trevett Lucien H 

57 Rose Joseph A 

*58 Gindrat Daniel A 

59 Shoesmith Wm T 

*60 Casey Frank 

*63 Crosby Jacob H 

*64 Johnson Josiah B 
*64y 2 Duffy John R 

65 Crosby Norman R 

68 Grayson Ernest 

*69 Hardyman Michael M 

70 Crosby Helen E 

73 Grant Granville R 

74 Eaton Jennie P Mrs 
78 Brooks Emma F Mrs 

*79 Brown Bertha Mrs 

*83 Mills Willis C 

*84 McShane Theresa Mrs 

85 Hughes Hugh 

86 Wall George E 
*87 Carter Clarence H 

89 Hewitt Wm A 

90 Richardson Alice M 

91 Grassia Frank S 
93 Doucette Lubin 

100 Moody crosses 


fr High opp Calvary cemetery to 
Newton line wd 6 
5 Hamblin rd ends 


fr 222 Adams to 797 Moody wd 6 

3 Hope George 
*4 Harwood John 

*4 Hughes M Harry archt 

4 MacDonald Warren B 


*5 Hebden Tom 

7 McGurn Elizabeth A Mrs 

*9 Dixon Chester W 

*11 Felt Albert A 

*11 O'Donnell Daniel H 

12 Congdon Chester W 

12 Erickson August L 

12 Seni'ten Edmond 

12 Keegan Michael J 

*15 Owens George E 

17 Linnekins Guy F 
*18 Hamilton Frank W 
*18 Richardson Walter I 

18 Scribner Nellie A Mrs 
*18 Scribner Raymond W 

19 Gammon Wm H 
*21 Moulton Henry M 

23 Rabone Leonard H 

25 Pennell Eugene F 
*27 Sanderson Penberthy 
*29 Coolidge Clinton A 
♦30 Ricketson Eugene T 
*31 Titefsky Samuel A 
*32 Smith Alfred C 
*33 Smythe Lizette 

*34 LaPalme Henry P 

*35 Leach Bertha L 

*37 Ritcey Ernest C 

38 Fish Charles E 

40 Fuller Walter N 

*41 McElman Sarah J Mrs ldgh 

*41 McElman Robert 

*44 Winn Oron S 

*46 McCarthy Edward J 

*46 Stone Edith M nurse 

*48 Clark Adelbert F 

*50 Law Charles F 

*51 Griffin Elliott S 

*51 Mattson Carl E 

*52 Moyse George G 

*52 Mackey Sarah F Mrs drs- 


*53 Rowe Henry T 

♦54 Marshall Sarah B Mrs 

*54 Stickney Charles S 

*54 Strong Harrie M 

55 Baxter George A 

55 Taylor James M carp 

*57 Watts Aaron L 

59 Rule Elizabeth Mrs 


fr 28 Stanley rd north and south 
wd 2 

2 Dunham Chester M 

*3 Steele Richard 

*0 Guthrie Roger J 

*00 Kilgore Milton J 

*00 Blake Leslie E 

26 Dillon Joseph H 
*47 Richards Bert B 
*50 Hall Harriet V 



fr 128 Crescent to 271 Newton wds 
5 7 
*7 Hersey Wilmer R 
*9 Worrick Elliott L Mrs 
*15 Miller Lewis H 

17 Campbell Carrie M Mrs 
*19 Cocking Richard 


Adams crosses 


Downing's Express 


Downing Laurie 


Lucas Nina Mrs 


McGann Joseph W 


Downing Wm A 


Barker George C 


Stark Jennie Mrs 


Kennedy Wm B 


Skinner Addie A Mrs 


Jackson Atwood J 


Connolly Anna 


Frizzell Bessie B Mrs 


Bobbins Royal E School 


Carpenter Frank V 


Royal E Bobbins sch 


Johnson George L 


Clark Charles E 


Chestnut st av begins 


Stewart Robert A 


Wynott Ella L 


Balcom Ernest W 


Lewis Clara A Mrs 


Weston Clarence M 


Concannon James F 


March Mary Mrs 


Greenwood Wm H 


Graybourne The 


Benham Dorothy 


Crawford Lebaron 


Hernandez Clementc 


Lee H Alfred 


Reardon Daniel J 


Rodier John P 


Rowe Winfleld F 


Ruane Matthew F 


Wells Leo A 


Moody crosses 


McCullough Lucy Mrs 


Johnson Charles A 


O'Mara Daniel E 


Quinn Effie Mrs 


Martin John W 


Hines John 


Libby Frederick A 


Dodge Alvin 


McCabe Frank J 


Nelson Myra J M baker 


Cressey Edward G 


Neill Sophia C 


Chestnut pk begins 


Shea Susan 


Sleeper George E 


Fuller LeRoy 


Evans Edmond V 


Gibson John R 


Remond Louis H 


Burgess Alice L Mrs 


Clark Wm V 


Parks Carrie M Mrs 


Winslow George E 


Stearns Arba G 


Muir John S 


Pownall Minnie E Mrs 


Vander Wyk Herman 


Dutch Guy W 


McGrath Lawrence L 


McGrath Patrick F 


Falzone Alphonso 

♦ 122 

Vaccarello George 




685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Chestnut — Cont. 

*123 Cunningham Margaret 

123 McElroy Alphonsus A 

*125 Holland Thomas 

*126 Rollinson Thomas H 

127 Nobile Frederick G Prof 

127 Hall crosses 

134 Lowell crosses 

152 Martin Jennie E Mrs 

153 Brown Fred E 
*158 Barker David A S 
*158 Cahoon Beryl E 
*158 Cormier Doris E 
*158 Harvey Alonzo S 
*159 Stearns Otis T 
*160 McMullen Jane Mrs 

162 Little John R 
*163 Raistrick John 

163 y 2 Dorr Oscar H 
*164 Jewell Hiram 
*165 Powers James J 
*165y 2 Larner Catherine Mrs 

166 Mosher James W 

166 Vosburgh Clarence 

*169 Wheaton Carl J 

*170 Kearsley Wm T 

♦171 Hallett Mary E Mrs 

*172 Waddington Wm E 

172 Gardner crosses 

*176 Callahan Anna M 

176 O'Mara Annie Mrs 

*177 Davock Anna F 

178 Coughlan Jeremiah J 

178 Jenney Frank E 

*181 Stanley Ernest 

183 Davis Moses C 

*185 Drinkwater Mary 

*185 Thomas Ernestine M 

*187 Kearsley Jeremiah 

188 Brennick Henry H 

*188 Campbell Samuel T 

193 Leavey Thomas C 

*194 LeBlanc Isaie 

*195 Cloran Nora Mrs 

*195 Duffy Thomas F 

*196 Welch Henry M 

196 Stearns crosses 

*197 Van Demark Otis E 

198 Rooney Margaret Mrs 

200 Chinzi Rosario 

200 Parello Michelina Mrs 

201 Eagle Martin J 
*202 Carroll Edward W 

203 Bennison Walter C 

204 Sangermano John 

205 Morse Frank W 
*207 Muldoon John P 

210 Morgan John W 

210 Webb Mary Mrs gro 

210 Newton crosses 


fr 66 Chestnut north wd 5 

1 Johnstone Quintin 

2 Nye May Mrs 
*4 Jepson Elmer H 

fr 103 Chestnut wd 5 

1 Brunnell Alexander D 

2 Coldwell Bowen S 

fr 607 








































fr 175 


Main to 102 Lyman wd 2 

Eason Joseph 

Giardina Felix 

Rando James 

Schmacher Harry 

Emerson Preston A news 
lOCheney Block 

Nolan John beverages 

Caramazza Charles shoerpr 

Gallagher Mathew F 

Smith Jesse M plmbr 

May Charles F 

McManama J Carroll 

Gibbs ct begins 

McGann Peter F 

Nolan John 

Norton Patrick J 

Park pi begins 

Barnes Helen G Mrs 

Barnes Martha MacC 

Jones Benjamin F 

School crosses 

First Parish Unit ch 

Shaughnessy John J 

McCusker John H 

Orchard av begins 

McKenna James H 

Donahue Patrick E 

Tinker Leroy D 

Doucette Myles 

Collins Mary A drsmkr 

Guinan Edward F 

Bennett Edward S 

Saulnier Elmer T 

Tuite Patrick F 

Smith Kilby P 

Bryden Samuel D 

Rossbach Adolph 

Veno John P A 

Townsend Harry H 

Summer crosses 

Hamlin Wm E 

Whitcomb Theodore C 

Skakle Wm 

Robiason Frederic I 

Lyman crosses 


Dale to north of Putnam 
wd 1 


fr 301 River to 17 Hastings wd 3 

23 Ripley ends 
*00 Rennie Simon J 

45 Peirce ends 
*47 Dugau Annie Mrs 
*47 Dugau Joseph J 
*47 Veno Emanuel 

49 Rock Odilon V 

65 Gale ends 

85 Bright crosses 
131 Hastings crosses 


fr 334 Bacon west wd 1 
*20 Worcester James 
*00 Whitney Leila M Mrs 








Dyer Edward H 
Burckes Ernest W 
Clark ter begins 
Stone Anna L 
Seikel Hugo B 
Clark ter ends 
Whittemore Benjamin A 

fr 32 Clark lane to 40 do wd 1 


fr 65 Beaver nr B & M to east of 
Wilbur wd 2 
25 Wilbur begins 
49 Newcomb Russell N 
*52 Thompson Ernest M 


fr Chaffee av west of Charlotte rd 
north wd 2 


fr 272 Newton to 19 Day wd 7 

12 Morreali Carmelo 

14 Manley John T 

*15 Gill Peter B monuments 

16 Connearney Patrick J 

18 Graceffa Vincenzo 

19 Malloy Thomas 

20 Colton Martin 
*20 Wheeler Francis J 

21 Fahey Thomas J 
23 1 / £Morreali Alphonse 
28 Hussey John H 
28 Perkins Thomas J 
31 Pepper George E 

33 Forssen J Ragnar 

34 Poppia Vincenzo 
*39 Curry John E 
*40 Havey Michael J 
*43 Gill Mary E nurse 
*43 Gill Peter B 

40 Day ends 


fr end Thayer rd to Watertown line 
wd 2 

1 Larson Axel F 

2 Twomey David E 
*4 Crocker Josiah R 

Barnes begins 


fr 96 Stow to 61 Dorchester wd 1 
*14 Colburn Wm G 
*18 Raylman Edward S 
*18 Swanton John A 
19 Forcier George 
19 St Germain Arthur J 

46 Carver George 

47 Geoff rion Placide J 
51 Dorchester crosses 


fr 345 Moody northwest wd 5 
4 Bourque Sylvia Mrs 
6 Prescott Edwin H autos 
8 King Mary Mrs 
8 Lingley Vernon 


Real Estate, Investment and Loans 

375 (201) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 0110 WALTHAM 


fr 720 Lexington to Lincoln wd 2 

*19 Lawson Carl 

*00 Eaton Harold C 

00 Indian id ends 

00 Jones Harry P 

00 Jones Frederick A 

00 Rando Philip 

00 Ferguson Robert 

00 Thorn Earl M 

00 Hedbcrg Rudolph W 

00 Salvucci Fred 

00 Piedmont av begins 

00 Trimount av begins 

00 Bagdasarian Michael N 

00 Breau Wm W 

000 Princeton av crosses 

000 H illcrest ends 


fr 23 Gore nr Main west wd 3 

fr 66 Rich nr B & M to 19 Pros- 
pect Hill av wd 1 

*3 Miller Samuel 

*4 Milton George A 

*5 Baird Earl F 

11 Murabito Joseph 

11 Wellington crosses 

*14 Dowd Patrick J 

15 Greenway Edward M 

15 Halgren Adolph W 

15 Wasson Earl B 

*19 Patrick Maria Mrs 

*25 Bartel Wm P 

42 Banks ends 

*47 Haron Frank H 

47 Moore Walter G 

47 Reid Clarence C 

48 Palmer ends 
*59 Kite Wilson J 
*60 Morton Charles H 
*70 Lindgren Daniel H 

70 Prospect Hill av crosses 

fr 673 








Main to 126 School wd 2 

Watch City Dyers & 

Flynn James F 

MacDonald Duncan 

Atwood Charles L 

Barnes Elizabeth Mrs 

Carr Edward D 

Carter Wilbur E 

Glynn Francis E 

Kirwin Grafton E 

Moody Ida E Mrs 

Smith Jennie M 

Brown Joseph F 

Hanley Hannah Mrs 

Keane Patrick 

Dempsey John J 

Barrett James W 

Connelly John J 
r Hines Michael 
% Apple ton Ross F 

Snow Paul R 

Sullivan John G 

Reade Charles L undtkr 


23 Bergin Michael real est 
*23y 2 Rice Margaret A Mrs 
*25 Toohey Wm J 
*26 McCluskey John J 

26 Middle begins 

30 Swasey Ella 
*31 Larkin Mary J Mrs 
*35 Leary John L 
*35a Ford Thomas P podiatrist 

37 Finnigan Thomas J 
*37a Moynihan Cornelius J 

38 Cullen Frank M 

39 Sweet Frederick B 

40 Kelly Thomas F 
*41 Saulnier Arsene G 

48 School crosses 


fr Winter (Lincoln) west of Hobbs 
basin southwest to Lin- 
coln line wd 1 


fr 56 Pine north and east wds 5 7 
*0 Edison Electric Illuminat- 
ing Co of Boston The 
maintenance dept 
*20 Boston Consolidated Gas 

Co wks 
*00 Waltham Bag & Paper Co 
*00 Waltham Mach Tool Co 


fr 11 Ivaloo to 18 Newburgh wd 2 
*11 Spaulding Charles F 
*27 Beecher Wm J 
42 Newburgh crosses 


fr 13 Hammond east wd 1 

*3 Ballard Charles A 

*3 Petre Thomas W 

3 Treadwell Anna H 

4 Coombs Clarence A 
4 Hayden Charles J 

4 Olson Albert L 

5 Bryson Walter F 

5 Dunleavy Dennis J 

*5 Law Frank 

7 Crimmins Frederick B 

7 Eastman James E 
*7 Galway George S 

8 Harnish George T 
8 Saunders James A 
8 Vinton Harvey S 

fr 242 


Lowell to 59 Tolman wd 6 
Wayland Frederick 
Collins Margaret Mrs 
Bird Richard H 
Hammond Charles S 
Bouck Chester L 
Vinal Charles W 
Lawrence Allie L 
Fuller Alfred S 
Stone Henry D 
Mehring Harry W 
Smith Edward S 
Elwell Burton D 
Morrow Hugh J 
Mellor Thomas A 



fr 255 (115) Moody west and south 

to 841 (421) Moody 

wds 5 6 

*2 Waltham Camera Club 

6 Corrigan Michael J barber 

*6 Harrington Edward E signs 

8 Kaplan Walter 
*9 Greene Benjamin tailor 
*11 Lituri Charles heating eng 
*11 Lituri Frank C locksmith 
*11 Massie John C plmbr 
12 Chisholm Wm 
12r O'Brien Daniel J 
*13 Schuman Howell W lock- 
14r Riley Helen F Mrs 
*14r Murray Harriet S Mrs 
15 Aune Ole watch tool mfr 
15 Fisher & Vinal Jewel Co 
*15 Hurwitz Solomon 2d hd 

*17 Cousens Nicholas W phys 
*15 Waltham Furniture Ex- 

18 Vacant 

*19 Dutch John S 

19 Gifford av begins 
*20 Colburn Agnes S Mrs 
*21 Winchester Laundries Inc 

*25 Hotel Crescent 
*25 Ames C Harvey 
*29 Strickland M Louise 
*31 Cook Silas A 
*33 Kendall Crescent St Garage 
*40 Lawless Lawrence M 
*41 Gallagher Frank 
*42 Cota Daniel E auto rpr 
*49 Holmes Edward W 

54 Adams begins 

54 Martyn sq crosses 
*55 Moore Edee Mrs 
*57 Kelly John T 
*61 Weaver George C 
*63 Litchfield Gustavus E 
*67 Saulnier Wilfred F 

68 Spruce begins 
*73 Wright Howard 
*73 Greene Elbert L 
*77 Northup Marrietta Mrs 

80 Moorhouse Elizabeth Mrs 
*85 Cooley George E 
*88 Rice Willard H 

91 Butler Abbie M Mrs 
91a Chesley Theresa R 

92 McBride Charles E 

93 Hunt Wm H 
95 Wisbart Wm A 
97 Merrill Joseph B 

*99 Sampson Charles E 

*99V 2 Burke Franklin J 

100 Walnut begins 

101-103Parry Charlotte E Mrs 
*104 Hoyt Walter S phys 
*107 Hall Mary A Mrs 
*110 Murphy Patrick T 

112 Eaton James 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 


W. A. 




— Cont. 


Carlson Axel 


Estabrooks Fred 


Royle Harold 


Quinn Mary L 


Smith Howard E 


Snelling Samuel 


Warner Ernest H 


Woodworth Lewis W 


Burke Philip E 


Dunbrack Jessie Mrs 


Butters Sarah I 


Wheeler Herbert E 


Oakes John F gro 


Cressey Abbie A Mrs 


Chestnut begins 


Oakes Milton K 


Moody crosses 


Randle Charles J 


Arnold H B & Co canoe 


Moore Jeanette D Mrs 




Payson Wra G 


Collins Henry F 

end Woerd av wd 6 


Wellman Leslie L 


Sanderson Philip S 

/^ f% t\ **• t* 


Farwell Wm B 


Martin Stanley 



Kay Emily R Mrs 


Allison Charles V 

fr 508 

Main to 37 Central wd 3 


Lynch Charles H 


Carney John R 


Aylward Thomas D 


Storer Leslie C 


Husted Glenn W 


Saxe Mary L 


Peterson John W 


Woerd av begins 


Mongeon Antonio 


Warren George E 


Dunn Mary Mrs 


McGann Catherine J Mrs 


Atkinson Charles G 


Nies Frederick 


Kenney Lawrence M 


Mansur Emma F Mrs 


Fuller Chester B 


Gustafson Harry A 


Brandt Wm J 


Smith Ursula Mrs 


Smith Samuel 


Marble Vera C Mrs 


West Wm R 


Lawless James A 


Hohmann Louis C V 


Sanderson Ellen H Mrs 


Sherwood Arthur G 


Hatten Nellie L Mrs 


Shute Leon T 


Caswell Mary E Mrs 


Clark Herbert F 


Kjoss Adolf 


Caswell Royal H taxi 


Winn Charles P 


Riverside Club 


Chiasson Adelard 


Maple begins 


Erickson Andrew G 


LeBlanc Rose A Mrs 


Karas James 


Craig Charles A 


Clark Georgianna L 


Prospect ends 


Stearnes George W 


Gustafson Clarence E 


Robbins park 


Freeman Warren C 


MacDonald Angus J 


Cherry begins 


Brock Wm H 

26y 2 McManus Wm F 


Appleton park 


Clark Samuel E 


canary ornery j 


Ash begins 


Shepherd Thomas W 


(1 O 

Vienneau Didace J 


Waltham Watch & Clock 


Adams ends 


Sweeney John J 



Byam Frank A 


Britton Edward J 


Fitch park 


Whipple Robert E 


Cincotta Bartolo 


Brown begins 


Brewer Lawrence A 


Mandile Frank 


Jollotta Frank B 


Bannan Thomas F 


Bergeron Charles 


Small Edward ldgh 


Marden Royal M 


Edwards Charles 
Biviano Cuono 


Manning Henry V 


Cooper Almenia F Mrs 


Toher Alfred S 


Allan James 


edford to B & M wd 4 


Morris Clarence H 


Adams Ptolemy P 

fr 36 B 


Taylor James F 


Adams Arthur M 


O'Neil James E 


Davidson Arthur 


Bagley Orin 


Dartmouth begins 


MacNeill Ronald J 


Wakefield Wilbur F 


O'Neil Charles H 


Robbins begins 


Brock Charles F phys 


Frost Albert T 


Quigley John 


Williams Albert P 


X 1 UvU XaX f-J \s I, U J- 

Frn<?t John M 


Matteson Charles G 


Smith Herbert J 


A' 1UOI lIUIllI A*-l 

Vandermace Alexander L 


Manley Margaret Mrs 


Cox Amanda M Mrs ldgh 


Highland crosses 


Lopresti Frank N 


Smith Wm H P 


Ciarletta Hario 


Lopresti Nunzio 


Skinner Arthur W 


Daisy Willis H 
Smith Lewis M 


Turner Linwood B pntr 


Wright Herbert C 



Stetson Inez L Mrs ldgh 


Nutting Charles P 


fc_7J.il J. Ill Ijv >1 JLi.} iTA 

Hayes Philip 


Williams Arthur G 


Potter Frank M 


Nelson John L 


Williams Frances S nurse 


Bragdon Edward K 


Fosberg Ernest A 


Slack Mabel Mrs 


Cahill John J 


Johnson Ernest S 


Sanderson Alexander T 


Stover Ralph L 


uuinuuii jjuivuu kj 

Hebden Wm J 


Leusher Wm B 


Upham Arthur W 


Peterson Carl A 


Richardson Ralph L 


Baker Edward C 


Sharon crosses 


Johnson L Gertrude 


Cifford E Earle . 


wllUI Ull vl <J J .J V- J 

Boot Thomas 


Burgin James G canoe mfr 


Holroyd George 


J_ f \J \J v -X. iJvAiJt4LJ 

Rushton John W 


Burgin Royal W 


Battye Wm W 


Bellevue ends 


Waltham Boat & Canoe Co 


Duus Theodore H 


B & M crosses 


Orange begins 


OIney Charles J 


Kuenzel John P 


Battye Wm W 



Olmstead Douglas W 


Norumbega ter begins 

fr 59 Lincoln to 480 Lexington wd 2 


Hilton Carrol W 


Ayer Juliette M 


Totten John L 


Kuenzel Emily B confr 


Horton Carl B 


Burckes John W 


Mansfield Wm D 


Brown Wm V 


Hosmer Elizabeth S 


Mansfield Annie T Mrs 


Nichols Stanley L 


Armstrong Thomas H 

manicur'g and shampoo'g 


Roach Ashley E carp 



Economy Grocery Stores Co 


Wilson Jeanette B 


Lexington crosses 




123 High Street, 





















fr 390 (208) Moody to 17 Stearns 
wds 5 7 
Perrott Samuel L Idgh 
Mollenhauer Herman E 
Perrott Samuel L rstr 
Swan Mary B Mrs 
Haag John F 
Porter Bertell E 
Stearns Mary E Mrs 
Seested Charles F 
Judge Archibald C 
Archer George F 
Flanagan Dennis 
Wright Roy C 
Babineau Edward J 
Everett Eugene F 
Weeks Frank M 
Perrott Samuel L 
Orne Charles B 
Houde Eugene L 
Owen Carleton W 
*26a Richards Joseph G 
*28 Orchard Frank J 
*30 Wheaton George H 
30 Wheaton Wilbur W 
34 Havey Nellie Mrs 
34 Murray John 
34 Whitehead James E 
36 Thomas Annie 
*42 Hanson Wm C 
44 Hall crosses 
46 Fawson Charles J 
*48 Junkins Morris S 
52 Colby Lilla M Mrs 
52 Oddo Jennie Mrs 
56 Ferrara Carmela Mrs 
56 Morley Louis H 
*58 Newis John J 
*58 Nugent Edward H 
*60 O'Connell Margaret Mrs 
61 Aldred Wra F 
61 Lowell crosses 
65 Finnegan John 
67 White Louis A 
*68 Zanden Waldemar 

71 Vaccarello Vincenzo 

72 O'Neill Thomas P 
*76 Cady George E 

76 Stenquist Sven A 

77 Dunn Angeline Mrs 
77 Delaney Vincent 
77 Vaccarello Thomas 

*78 Harris Bernard 

*79 Castellana Angelo 
81 Bedford Harry 
81 Streitmater Anton 

*82 Isaacson Godfried 
83 Lambert Hannah Mrs 

83 Perry Emeliah 

84 Botgeson Hilma A Mrs 
*84 Isaacson Wm A 

85 Babineau Joseph T 
♦86 Vautour John D 
*87 Doucette Fred 
*88 Sharp George A 

88 Gardner crosses 
*91 Hackez Alfred F 
*92 Davock Margaret Mrs 

93 Doucette Matilda Mrs 


*94 Davock Mary Mrs 

94 Foley Thomas J 

97 Lang George E 

98 Monahan James H 

98 Murphy Charles F 

99 Walker Orrin H 
100 Anderson Frank 

100 Hammar Amanda Mrs 

♦102 Liscombe Charles T S 

*103 McDonald Thomas 

*104 Cormier Alice Mrs 

105 Buckley Julia A 

*106 Grant Harry B 

*108 Ryan Leo F 

109 King Michael J 
*109 Morrow Wm J 
*110 Gleason Patrick S 

110 Stearns crosses 


fr 716 Main south wd 3 
*1 Parsons Ernest D 
*1 Christmas Frank 
*2 Brues Charles H 
*3 Blaisdcll Fannie Mrs drs- 

4 Wentworth Freedom undtkr 


fr 292 Newton to 87 Cedar wd 7 

12 Hardiman Margaret 

14 Callahan Mary E Mrs 

16 Gorman Francis E 

16 Delaney Thomas J 
*20 Ryan Hannah Mrs 
*20 Ryan Julia nurse 
*22 McKeown Thomas F 
*22 Bums Edward A 
*24 Payne Peter 

37 Muldoon James C 

38 Deolin Edward M 
*39 Walsh Catherine Mrs 

41 McLaughlin Thomas F 
*42 Stroum Nathan 
*48 Varriale Vittorio 
*50 Norton Thomas 

60 Dennis Thomas J 
*62a Larner Margaret Mrs 
*62b McDonough Philip 

64 Fitzsimmons Joseph 
*64 Larner Annie gro 

fr 1297 Main to 99 Stow wd 1 
*12 Burt Edwin B 


fr 21 Buttrick nr Newton line north- 
west wd 6 


fr 49 Fairmont to 32 Summit av 
wd 4 
*0 Williams Chester M 


fr 188 Lexington to Prospect Hill 
rd wd 1 
54 Schaufus Hugh A 
54 Kennedy James H 



































































Johnston Leonard C 
Benoit James 
Varnum pk begins 
LeBlanc Adolph 
Sullivan Timothy J 
Whitford ter begins 
Wheeler Wm C 
Merriman Willis C 
Vaughan James P 
Mooney Frank J 
Sanderson Isabell Mrs 
Clark Nelson W 
Conner Percy H 
Somers Robert B 
McCullough Sara E Mrs 
Bacon crosses 
Broderick Arthur C 
Hazel ends 
Viets Francis H 
Shedd Harold W 
Hatch Howard S 
Rowell Mary Mrs 
Whelpley Harry H 
Morse Raymond A 
Caughey ends 
McNally John J 
Salisbury James 
James Walter H 
Murray begins 
Eagles Leslie P 
Andrews Flora A Mrs 
Claremont begins 
Andrews Elizabeth Mrs 
Whalen John J 
Wright Louis A 
Bradford begins 
Glines Charles H 
Garfield Etta G Mrs 
Taylor Wilfred L 
Butler Fred W 
Hopkins Louis A 
Pope D Arthur 
Higgins Harry J 
Peterson August, A 
Miller Lester A 
Galen crosses 
Bristol Josiah B 
Clark Charles M 
Fitzpatrick Robert F 
Aucoin Eustache E 
Larson George V 
Briggs Burton W 
Floyd Elsie D nurse 
Floyd Lillian G Mrs 
Erbe Gustave 
Wood lawn av begins 
Seymour Napoleon H 
Tomlin begins 
Hughes Edward 
Bisbee Emma F 
Bell Frank N 
Smith Lewis 
Cobb Charles H 
Blaisdell Addie Mrs 
Bergin Thomas F 
Goddard George E 
Erickson Malkar 
Adams Edwin 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 


fr 746 Main south wd 3 
*3 Connors Matthew J 
*12 Hodge Stephen D 
*19 Lancaster James J 

















Curtis to 138 South wd 4 
Kelly John J 
Sullivan Stephen F 
Ridstrora Sophie M Mrs 
Ware Arthur H 
Wilson Thomas S 
Healy Wm H 
Kristensen Oscar 
Maguire Edward M 
Smith Arthur J 
Dolan Misses 
Havey Bernard F 
Glynn Thomas E 
Brady Mary M 
Murray Nora E 
Field Asa L 
Cox Thomas F 
Dwyer John V 
Bannan Thomas 

Comeau Joseph L 
Glynn John H 
Greeley Michael 
Langill Adam A 
South crosses 


fr 41 Bolton to 40 Clinton wd 7 

1 Terras! Salvatore 

2 Galluzzo Mary Mrs 

3 Lorenzo Anthony 

4 Russo Frank 

8 Sabato Giuseppe 

10 Polombo Nicola 
12 Deluca Nicola 

14 Mula Joseph 

*18 Devaney Bridget Mrs 
*18 Devaney Bridget A nurse 


fr 158 Marlborough rd to end 97 
Arcadia av wd 2 

12 Nottingham ends 
30 Arcadia av ends 

fr 40 Riverview south to 112 River- 
view av wd 6 


fr 850 (422) Moody to Newton 
line wd 6 
2 Bent Clarence A motor 
*2 Clow Leslie L auto rpr 
*5 Hartley John C jr 
*5 Simmons George A 

5 Button Bertrand P W 
*5 Price Loftus E 

*5 Hartley John C 

11 Ross Willis W 

13 Nelson Victor L 

15 Walsh John F 
*17 McRae Joseph K 

*19 Goodsell Matilda A Mrs 

*19 Walley Harold G 
*22 Carmichael Alberta nurse 
*22 Gray Andrew W building 

24 Williams Benjamin F 

25 Bent Calvin M 
25 V 2 Carlson Anton 

*26 Bennison Albert E 
27 Reynolds Raymond P 

*2 7% Hanson Victor N 

*28 Mosher Herbert A real est 

and ins 
30 Dexter ends 

*35 Haldy Henri L 
38 Winters Mary E nurse 
38 Johnson Carolyn T 

*39 Robbins John C 

*41 Taft Clayton H 

*42 Gates Christopher E 

*43 Bicknell Harry V 

*45 Fittz Frank H 

*46 Taylor Harold W 
47 Anderson Anton A 

47 Nutting Harry F 
*48 Taylor Emma L Mrs 

48 Lowell ends 

*52 Perkins Frederick W elect 
Lawrence Florence A Mrs 
Mayhew Howard N 
Newton line crosses 




fr 816 





































(406) Moody to 30 Derby 
wd 6 
Davison Wm H 
Armstrong James E 
Hinchey Richmond H 
Leonard Charles H 
Brugel Frederick C 
Garfield Alfred H 
Richards Sophia E Mrs 
Allen Hermon L 
Aiken Wm H 
McGill Prince R 
Morse Churchill P 
Havey Wm H 
Gowen Berton W 
Perry Fred C 
Fogg Ernest T 
Killam Wm J 
Kingsbury Minnie A Mrs 
Preston Hattie A Mrs 
Affleck Pearl J Mrs 
Florence Charles W 
Dexter av begins 
Wheeler Carl A 
Mattson John R 
Cox E Howard 
Doore Evelyn E nurse 
Doore Milton H 
Turner Henry A 
Wyman Forrester S 
Work Charles E 
Pierce Herbert J 
Brown Archibald F 
Howson Harold D 
Byrns Heber E 
Fitzpatrick Edward F 
Warner Everett D 


fr 34 Dexter to 37 Washington av 
wd 6 
*1 Thornburg Benjamin F 
*1 Nutting Fred W 
*3 Brown E Mitchell 
*3 Greenleaf George A 
5 Herchenroder Adolph R 
*7 Sinclair Warren 


see Dexter Avenue wd 6 


fr 122 Bright to 159 Willow wd 3 
23 Hagar begins 
46 Hastings ends 


fr Milner nr Pine Hill circle to 
west of Ode wd 2 


fr 80 Stow to B & M wd 1 
12 King Arthur N 
22 Warren George M 

60 Johnson Clarence H 

61 Colburn ends 

62 Cormay Thomas M jr 
67 Keach ends 

74 Adshade John W 
*79 White Francis H 


fr 181 South northwest wd 4 


fr 81 Harvard to 18 Brown's av 
wd 4 

2 Smith Ellen Mrs 

3 McCarthy Patrick J 
5 McPherson Charles A 
7 Adams Herbert G 

9 Callahan Thomas J 



fr 165 Sycamore (Watwtown) 
Thayer rd wd 2 
16 Jones Guy F 
*18 Weston Julian S 
*19 Eagleson Wm A 
19 Shedd Clarence L 
*20 Munroe Irving F 


fr 1042 Main to 95 Weston wd 1 



r 1159 Main across B & M to Bear 

Hill rd wd 1 


Rodier Joseph F 


Overland rd ends 


Giaimo Dominick 


Johnson Richard C 


Foley Wm E 


City Ledge 


Scafidi Salvatore 


fr Chaffee av west of Mayall rd to 
Parsons av wd 2 
00 Candace av crosses 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 




fr 403 Main to 21 and 49 Pleasant 
wd 2 

*15 Flint Albert S 

*18 Westwood Frank J 

*27 Barrow George W 

*28 Dangelmayer Theodore jr 

*30 Ulett George A 

*35 Boucher Israel E 

*41 Bowler Edward V 

*47 Peterson Howard B 

*53 Hines Francis R 

*55 Lefevre Jude 

*56 Eichler Robert F 

*58 Ayer Elmore 

*63 Pitt Thomas S 

*81 Tebbets Fred C 

84 Vacant 

*90 Staples Henry B 

*90 Staples Ralph W 

♦91 Coville John A 

*122 Sanderson Robert H 

*123 ' Taylor Ernest B 

*128 GUI Wm T 

*135 Summersby George W 

*138 Parks Wm H 


see Ellison Park wd 2 

fr 600 Main across B & M and 
Charles River to 118 
Pine wds 3 7 
*0 City Hall 
Waltham Common 
*1 Crouse Theresa Mrs 
6 Hill Wm R bowling 
*7 Fales Arthur S vulcanizing 

8 Ryan Charles H barber 

9 LeBlanc George F 
10 Broderick John W 

*11 Coen Francis P cigars 

12 Fitzpatrick Edward shocrpr 

13 Bodenschatz Josephine Mrs 


13 Music Hall av begins 
*15-19Spencer Herbert T house 

17 Coyle Thomas 

17 Graham David 
*17 Kelly John W 

17 Russell Harry A 

17 Theriault Vital 
*19 Waldorf Theatre The 

20 Trudeau Leonel J 

*28 Danosky Hippolyte prov 

21 Gustafson Harry A 
*30 Keane M & Son marble 
*30 Kelley John B garage 

34 Sing Lee lndry 

35 Carter begins 

36 Wilson Thomas S undtkr 
*38 Buklevewicz Louis gro 

38 Central ends 
*52 Wenckus John prov 
*52V 2 Wenckus John 

54 Norrish Jethro 

54V 2 Parker Alfred C rstr 

58 B & M crosses 

*62 B & M freight office 
80 River ends 

86 River av begins 
000 Charles River crosses 

000 Stony Battel playground 
*149 Waltham Coal Co 
160 Benefit ends 
*169 Belgian Spinning Co yarn 

*162 Hathaway C F & Sons 

178 Elm ct begins 

fr 992 Main to 27 Weston wd 1 

1 Callaghan John T 
31 Kent Ernest E 


fr 178 Elm east wd 7 

2 Cardillo Ralph 

4 Labonte Frances Mrs 

6 Hardiman Theresa Mrs 

7 Duddy Thomas J 

8 Costa Antonio 

12 Wyman Roland S 


fr 27 Fairmont av to 10 Summit 
av wd 4 


fr 9 Prentice to 108 Hammond wd 1 

8 Harper Wm D 

*9 Jones Leslie R 

*11 Malmgren Sigfred H 

*13 Gould Thomas 

15 Carey Joseph H 

15 Reitchel Edward 

17 Shields Henry J 

*19 Barlow Loring A 

21 Getchell Harry M 

23 Allen Thomas M R 

*24 Daniell Chester M 

25 Cunningham Annie G 

*40 Jenkins Elizabeth F Mrs 

40 Mason John F 

42 Curran Wm F 

*44 Hartley Samuel 

*50 Fernald Everett W 

*53 Hines Francis R 

80 Irving ends 

87 Waltham Highlands Sta B 

& M 


fr 16 Castle to 111 Bacon wd 1 

1 Fopiano Marco 

2 Deevey Patrick J 

5 Carr Thomas 

6 Cahill Thomas J 


fr 111 Woerd av to 20 Dennison 
wd 6 
*17 Haskins Edgar F 
*17 Henry Laura A nurse 
19 Henry Robert 


fr 1260 Main to 15 Spencer wd 1 


fr 1054 Main to 105 Weston wd 1 

00 Nathan rd ends 


fr 130 Willow to 150 Grove wd 3 

8 Diskin Wm A 

10 Hart James J 


fr 743 Main to 76 Pond wds 1 2 

*12 Connaughton Catherine M 


*16 Madden Alphonesus L 

20 Cormier Fabien 

22 Di Acone Dominic 

22 Diagone Domenico 

*24 Gimenada Vincenzo 

25 O'Dea John J 

26 Exchange pi begins 
*27 Maguire Frank 

*28 Costello Thomas W blk- 

29 Salpietro Vincenzo 

*30 Star Wet Wash Laundry 

31 Russo Antonio 

*33 Holloran Michael J 

38 Exchange ct begins 

39 Jones Richard G 
39 Kelly John H 

43 Culkeen Mary Mrs 

43 Nolan Ernest J 

*44 Ross Edward R 

*46 Murphy James J 

*46 Senn Charles 

49 Dudley Charles F 

50 Fucci Vincenzo 
50 Philips Louis A 

52 Calabufalo Giuseppe 

52 Cupo Giuseppe 

53 Curley Eugene F 

53 Marshall Blanche Mrs , 

56 School crosses 

61 Caruso Giuseppe 

61 Gimenada Louis 

61 Harris John P 

61 Nocera John 

63 Rourke Mary Mrs 

64 Meeson Frederick B 

65 Crehan John W 

66 Kane George A 
68 Marron Walter L 
68 Marron John 

70 Larkin Anna M 

71 Lane Martin F 

72 Dee Philip 

72 Furdon Thomas E 

73 Carley Catherine E Mrs 

74 Connolly James J 
76 Maguire Wm 

78 Caruso Giuseppe 

79 Orpin Rebecca A Mrs 

80 Loughlin Peter 

81 May Adelia C Mrs 

81 Stankard Nora Mrs 

82 Mullaney Peter 

82 Olivo Vincenzo 

83 McGrath Edward C 

85 Martin Thomas J 

86 Collins Hannah Mrs 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 


Exchange — Cont. 

86 Holmes Mary M Mrs 

86 Raftery Nellie Mrs 
*87 Cuttone Philip 

87 Crisa Rosario 

88 Glynn Michael 

88 Upton Catherine Mrs 
*00 Elastoid Fibre Co paper 


fr 38 Exchange west wd 1 
7 McGurl Miles 
*8 Hines Joseph E 



Richard J Oscar 


Lewis Walter T 


Shaughnessy Thomas 


Archibald Merton A 


Baggs Charles S 


Quinn Wm 



fr 26 Exchange west wd 1 


McCleary Myra Mrs 


Morrow Wm A 


Squires Henry J 


Sullivan James D 


Pope Catherine Mrs 


fr 136 < 

Weston to Villa wd 4 


Guff George M 


Saunders Margaret Mrs 


Elmwood av begins 


Freund Joseph A 


Worley John 


Ekwall John W 


Willis Jesse G 


Betts Harvey L 


Merrill Cora A Mrs 


Seabury Grace F 


Ormond Thomas H 


Park av ends 


Miller Carl P 


Spencer Herbert T 


Daisy av begins 


Kimball George W 


Ferson Ralph E 


Villa crosses 


fr 70 Summit av to Pleasant av 
wd 4 
00 Fisher av ends 


fr Arlington rd nr Ash to Newton 
line wd 6 


fr 44 Summer to 47 Lyman wd 2 
*10 Kelly Michael J 
Gordon Frank 
Wolk Benjamin 
Lundstrom Harold L W 
Rhodes Thomas B 
Ryan Daniel J real est 
Olson Matilda G Mrs 
Olson George E 
Bannon Bridget Mrs 



Corrigan Michael J 


Mula Frederico 


Allen Charles F 




Doherty Ada A 


Camuti Antonio gro 


Gardner John J 


Paglazzo Rosario gro 
Fcrro Vincenzo tit 



Camuti Antonio 

fr 164 Bacon to 35 Caughey ' 

ivd 1 


Williams crosses 


Hazel begins 


Veno Albert J 


Thomas R Plympton 



Cook Georgianna Mrs 


Farnsworth av ends 


McNeil Edward A 


Lancisi T Louis 


Caponi Dominic 


Caughey crosses 


Dacey John C 
Loughlin Mary 



Ryan Martin J 

fr 21 Plympton to 24 Farnsworth 


Kingsley Mary A Mrs gro 

wa x 


Anderson Dena Mrs 


Morrison Burton W 


Kingsley Mary Mrs 


Rehnberg Walter 


Harvard crosses 
Canistrarro Mary Mrs fruit 



Canistrarro Domenico 

fr 38 River south to Newton 



Milioto John 

wds 3 7 


Graceffa Carmela Mrs 


Bowen Ambrose 


Mazzone Emilio 


Dugan Bridget Mrs 


Rogers Charles P 


Gormley George H 


Brown's av ends 


Welle r Max- 


Canter Morris 


Charles River crosses 


Lupo Nicola 


Mullen John H 


Baudreau Alexander 


Donovan John J 


Au Coin Wm 


McFaden Raymond J 


Burke Nellie Mrs 


Calvary ends 


Poirier George J 
Miele Erasmo 



Herbert Adeline Mrs 

fr 89 (25) Moody to 130 Prospect 


Taranto Stephen 

wds 3 4 


Fern begins 


City Brass Foundry Inc 


Geoffrion Napoleon E 


Caminetti Vincenzio gro 


LeBrun August G 


Mosea Marco 


Groom Margaret E Mrs 


Mosea Marco barber 



Cacciatore Raymond 




Rizzio Joseph 


Kootos Otos gro 


Eliza Santo 


Oliver Salvatore shoe 





Mechanic ends 


Doucet George M 


18Armour & Co prov 


Chosid Gadale junk 


Lando Salvatore gro 


Griff Samuel S 


Swift & Co prov 


Bannon George 


Cushing J Co grain 


Brown Morris 


Demeo Salvatore 


Greenberg' Abraham M 




Levine Samuel 




Central av begins 


Beaver Brook Garage 


Connearney Mary Mrs 


White Frank R auto i 



Brown Walter R 


Buttrick Lumber Corp The 


LaGouff Isabelle Mrs 


Water ends 


Prospect crosses 


Waltham Foundry Co 


Lever Severin 



Lever Hormidas 

fr 32 Murray to 54 Caughey wd 1 


Cincotta Francesco W 


Fountain ends 



Smith Harry 

fr 172 : 

Felton to B & M wd 4 


Waltham Water Wks 



Ryan Elizabeth M Mis 


Superior Corundum Wheel 


Daley Wm J 



Taranto Angelo 


Zaia Antonio 


Camminith Rosario 


Zaia Dominic 


Terrasi Florentine 


Odette John 


Leary Lily E Mrs 


Mirabito Joseph 


Sweeney Peter H 


Zaia Katherine Mrs i 

I r o 


Sun begins 


Gugarty Wm 


Noonan Patrick E 


Palembo Dominic 

, 14 

Johnson Andrew L 



48 JOHN— and— 40 CLINTON— STS.,— WALTH AM,— MASS. 

Tel. Conn. 



Fern — Cont. 

14a Mayo Angelo 

14b Charbonneau Elizabeth Mrs 

16 Mayo Frank 

17 Frazier Mary E Mrs 

17 Powers Luther A 

18 Laura Santo 

20 Parsons George C 
22 Barry John D 

22 DeLorey Hector 

23 Fitzgerald Robert M 

24 Berry Fred S 

25 Devlin Patrick J 

26 Borey George 
28 Gillis Daniel 

30 O'Halloran Patrick 
32 B & M crosses 


fr Villa opp Fairmont av to Fair- 
. av wd 4 

fr 825 














































Main across School to B & 
M wd 1 
Spaulding Perry 
Hoyt Hervey H 
O'Neil Joseph H 
Jackson Robert 
Cushman George H 
Higgins Margaret 
Roach Julia 
Dugan Norman H 
Jones John H 
Haverty Patrick J 
Bulwinkle George E 
Reade Charles L 
Ryan Everett E 
Glynn Mary E Mrs 
Graney Patrick 
Laughlin Wm J 
Maynard Emily F Mrs 
Kelly Patrick H 
Cameron Jessie nurse 
Manning Elizabeth A nurse 
Manning Hannah E nurse 
Manning Mary J 
Ricker Alice nurse 
Tracy Thomas A 
McKenna Charles J 
Sullivan Mary E Mrs 
Van Aulen Marjory L Mrs 
Wolf Harry 
Lundberg Gustave 
Viles Charles M 
Doucette Thomas H 
Crafts Wm D 
Shay Thomas R 
Daley Nellie B Mrs 
Wilder Frederick H 
Ingham Margaret M Mrs 
Hannify James L 
Murphy Humphrey D 
Donlan Mary A Mrs 
Fallon Wm J 
Cloonan Mary A Mrs 
Downing Joseph M 
Le Blanc Ernest J 
Sykes John M 

*54 Denault Arthur F 

54 LeBlanc Adolph 

*55 Terrio Joseph M 

*56 Cain Mary Mrs 

56 O'Brien John 

*58 Wheelden Clive E 

59 Brayne Thomas H 

59 Egan James B 

*60 Jordan Francis P 

62 Connelly Edward A 

62 School crosses 

*63 Lawless Wm A 

*65 Griggs Fred D 

*72 May John H 

*73 Randall Henry C 

*74 Fox Charles E 

*74 Quigg Catherine K Mrs 

*75 Stone Raymond 

*77 Bulwinkle George E 

77 Gustafson Clara Mrs 

*78 Conroy James J 

*79 Hampton Gertrude Mrs 

81 Henderson George W 

*82 Quigg Charles L 

*83 Tingman Albin H 

85 Guertin Louis 

84 Quigg Catherine K Mrs 

86 Ostrand Wm J 
*87 Bjorkman Knute C 
*88 Conner Roy G 

89 Johnson Eric W 

89 Tjanakakis Evangelos 

*90 Anderson Harry L 

*91 Bowden Thomas C 

92 Joy begins 

*98 Johnson Oscar A pntr 


fr 118 Weston to Villa wd 4 
*4 Meader Snow 
Baker Elnathan 
Temple Charles S 
Almon Grace W Mrs nurse 
Almon John real est 
Bennett Charles W 
Winthrop ends 
LeClair Wm J 
Lawrence Percy V 
Bedford ends 
Schaffer George W 
Park av begins 
Jenks Frederic A 
Hamlin Charles E 
Kleinlein Walter J 
Bradley Raymond I 
Fellows Arthur P milk 
Murphy John R 
Fahy James 
Rooney Ellen Mrs 
Hart Frank A 
Van Wart Orral R 
Villa crosses 










fr 16 Russell south wd 4 


fr 224 Crescent between Ash and 
Brown wd 6 


fr 131 Calvary to 34 John wd 7 
*2 Lawler Thomas F 

7 Ryan John 
17 Madden Bridget Mrs 
*26 Wells J Clyde 


fr 66 Russell to 187 Charles wd 4 

4 O'Brien Ellen Mrs 

9 Gately Kate F Mrs 

*10 Weaver R Stanley 

14 Evans Fred L 

*15 Calef Emma F Mrs 

*20 Flagg Annie R Mrs 

*21 Eastman Horace E 

*26 McCarthy Mary E Mrs 

*26 McCarthy Wm R 

29 Trask Ida L Mrs 

*31 Bradford Grace D Mrs 

*32 Dion Joseph A 

*33 Wormwood Mabille C Mrs 

*38 Manning Winifred M 

*39 Leger Zoel F 

41 Vacant 

*42 Browne Mary A Mrs 

43 Clouette Edmond 

44 Vanaria Antonino 

45 Charles crosses 


fr 215 Grove northeast wd 3 


fr 535 Beaver to Trapelo rd wd 2 

5 Pigeon la crosses 

Harrington rd begins 

Cappadona Joseph 

Santa Stefano 

*0 Rando Stephen 

Tortola Raffaele 

Harrington rd ends 

Richardson Frederick S 

Keith Merle V 

*0 Lynch David J 

*0 Doty Augustus F 


end Forest Grove rd at Newton line 
wd 6 
*0 Hoyt Lowell D 


fr 117 Riverview av opp Woerd av 
to Forest Grove at New- 
ton line wd 6 
Tevlin Thomas W 

Main junct Linden wds 2 3 


fr 170 Willow southeast wd 3 
5 Welch Wm H 
5 Patterson Robert J 
5 Newman Lucy A Mrs 
5 Doherty John J 

10 LaRosa Gaetano 

12 Farrell Thomas L 

18 Sottile John 

18 Shaughnessy Edward J 





Tel. Waltham 0940 


Foundry Av — Cont. 

20 Roach Anthony 

20 Thomas Seth T 

61 Minahan James J 

*00 Davis & Farnum Mfg Co 
iron foundry 


fr 80 Charles to 85 Felton wd 3 

1 Milesky Frank 

3 Ginsburg Abraham 

5 Deveaux Fred 

7 Milesky Maurice 

9 Bonica Giuseppe 

14 Zelinetsky Reuben 

14 Zelinetsky Reuben bakery 

15 Wall's ct begins 
17 Finnegan Joseph P 
20 Callahan Wm F 
22 Levine Philip 

28 Sabato Giuseppe 
30 Terrano Thomas 
32 Colella Nicholas 


fr 867 Main to B & M wd 1 


Small Charles F 


Clarke Maty E Mrs 


Hull Moses A gro 


Hull Moses A 


Waltham Sheet Metal 

*llr Bailey & Waterhouse auto 



McGillivary Hugh 


Walker Samuel E 


McDonald Bernard F 


Cutler Edward E 


Fisher Albert W 


Packard Waldo F 


Shattuck Clayton S 


Hanley James 


Carlstrom Knut S 


Fraser Elizabeth Mrs 


Milner Thomas 


Frazier Ernest C 


Pezzella Angelina M 


Sanderson George A 


Perry Francis G 


Carr Henry W 


Kavanaugh John E 


Curran Francis A 


O'Brien Dennis J 


Gordon Merton L 


McLeod Harold A 


Kelley Patrick 


Greene James F 


Power Wm J jr 


Lally John H 


Meaney Martin F 


McNamara John J 


Weiner Hyman 


Moynihan Margaret E Mrs 


Higgins Mary Mrs 


Griffin John C 


O'Connell Daniel D 


Powers Wm F . 


Quinn Patrick J 


John Augustine jr 


Clifford Joanna Mrs 

54 Gaudet Dennis W 
*56 Lawlor Louise M 

57 Veno Augustus 

*58 McDonald Alexander 

60 Bernard Emma E Mrs 

62 Laforet Louis P 

*63 Thompson Wm J 

64 Bowman Frank A 

66 MacDonald Mary E Mrs 

68 MacDonald Edward 

68 School crosses 

i 70 Miuse Joseph 

*70 O'Day Martin 

*71 Stearnes Emeline W Mrs 

*71 Wolf Israel F 

72 Beattie Frank L 

*74 Connerney Michael M 

76 Connerney John F 

*79 Delaney James B 

*80 Kane Patrick J 

81 O'Brien Wm 

*82 Kirk Laurence N 

84 White Leo P 

*85 Stenquist Carl 

87 Ryan James S 

90 Corcoran James J 

92 Wyatt Marcus A 

93 Stanley Emma L Mrs 

93 Stanley Robert E 

94 McLeod John W 
94% Clark Susan Mrs 

95 Flaherty Pamelia F Mrs 

96 Tuite Margaret E Mrs 
96V 2 Furbush Daniel H 

97 Butler Annie L Mrs 
99 Heffernan Ellen A Mrs 
99 Luksha Stanley 

101 Mansfield Henry A 


fr 85 Summit north wd 1 


fr 115 Calvary to Calvary Cemetery 
wd 7 
14 Flynn Charles S 
*19 McNaney Philip J 

20 Tierney John P 

21 Segreve Wm 

21 Shaughnessy Bridget Mrs 
*26 Powers Patrick J 
39 John crosses 
45 McCuska James F 
49 Calvary cemetery crosses 


fr 206 Lowell to Newton line wd 6 
1 Andrews Frank H 
3 Jewett Edward T 
5 Prescott Wm H S 
5a Boland John H 
*7 Brown Lewis D 
*8 Arnold Charles R 
9 Temple John M 
*11 Farnsworth Sadie E Mrs 
*14 Martin Edmund J 
*16 Shay Jacob 
*17 Farnsworth Clarence G 
*18 Johnson Oscar 
*20 Reardon Raymond P 


Churchill Thomas A 


Peridier Emile A 


Affleck George D 


Blood Wm P 


Thomas Bert C 


Stuart Wallace W 


Warren Fred S 


Young Harold L 


Graham Wm A 


Cole Albert W 


Wilber Harold T 


Adams Ernest T 


Tolman crosses 


Rodenhizer Garfield L 


Pettiner Wm V 


Swallow Alvaretta Mrs 


Willis Wm R 


Otis Alvah E 


Hentzi Auguste C 


Cox Bessie MacL Mrs 


Schwening Torsten E 


Newton ends 


Newton line crosses 


fr 245 

River to 65 Clark wd 3 


Davock Peter J 


Mehlum Caspar 


fr 25 Summit across Dale to Green- 
wood la wd 1 

50 Dale crosses 

89 Putnam ends 

129 Greenwood la crosses 


fr 91 Pine to 82 High wd 7 

*10 Coy Annie Mrs 

11 Worcester Robert 

11 Gray Melvin 

12 Flynn John P 

*14 Boulton Frederick L J 

*16 Shannon Patrick J 

16 Gorham begins 

20 Curtin Francis P 
*21 Conway John 

21 Alvarez Joseph 
*24 Springer Arthur D 
*24 Merklee George A 

30 Taylor crosses 

*37 Cormey John E contr 

43 Cushing crosses 

61 Backman Charles E 

64 Chestnut crosses 

*70 Pratt Joanna M Mrs 

73 Locke Fred A 

*75 Mitchell Carl F 

76 Gordon Forrest L 

77 Rudden Martha Mrs 
82 Flood George H 

*83 Willey Joseph B 

*83 O'Neil Michael H 

*84 Douglas Oliver B pntr 

86 Kearns Wm J 

86 Hilton Albert J 

88 Wheeler Susan L Mrs 

90 High crosses 




584(298) Moody St. tel. 


2615 Waltham,Mass. 


fr 15 Church east wd 2 


Clifford John E 


Ratto Rose Mrs 


Mirrell John 


Duddy Frank M 


Patriquin Truman R 


Culver Roy C 


Heathcote Henry 


Morris Margaret Mrs 

fr 21 Crescent north wd 5 

*11 Bird Richard H jewel mfr 
*13 Hentzi & Ratzburg tool 

♦13 Waltham Forge blacksmiths 
15 MacDonald Duncan shoerpr 


fr 232 Main southwest wd 3 
*12 Morin George A 
*16 Howe C Wesley 
*17 Terrio Arthur A 
*23 McLaughlin Michael F 
*27 McKenna George E 
*28 Mclntyre Frank F 
*30 Donnelly Hugh J 


fr 30 Barnes south to Watertown 
line wd 2 
*1 Fulton Benjamin W 
2 Glueck Edward W 
2 Czufin Andrew 

fr Prospect Hill rd at Prospect Hill 
to Prospect Hill rd nr 
Locust wd 1 


fr 294 (136) Moody to 15 Hall 
wd 5 

5 Corinthian Hall 

5 Corinthian Bowling Alleys 

11 McDonald Charles 

*12 Gill en Frank H 

13 Brown Susanna Mrs 

14 Martineau Eugene E 

15 Mahoney Ellen Mrs 
15 Perry Moses 

15 Harrington George A 

15 Hughes John F 

15 Stratton Stella Mrs 

15 Union begins 

16 Clare Morris F 
20 Denesha Hubert S 

*23 Mobilia Pasquale 

*24 Jacques Ora M Mrs 

*24 Walsh Frederick A 

25 Dow Henry 

28 Malloy John T 

29 Johnson Andrew 

*29 Williamson Edward L 

30 Henry Maude E Mrs 

30 Ricard Adam 

31 Blanchard John 

36 Mulcahy Thomas M 

37 Duval Elmina Mrs 

38 Melanson Joseph C 


*40 Spillane Daniel S 

44 Buttrick Alden H 

*44 Mitchell Joseph P 

44 Hall crosses 


fr 70 Main to 45 Grove wd 3 

23 Colonial av begins 
*29 Streeter Harry P 
*00 Hill Prescott S 

47 Richgrain av begins 
*50 Waltham Country Club 

65 Lawndale av begins 

81 Winsome av begins 


fr 16 Gardner to 227 Newton wd 7 

1 Sullivan Stephen J 

3 Cormier George C 

5 Connelly Stephen 

7 Connelly Dennis 

*10 Walsh Michael G 

*10 Burke John J 

*12 Gallagher Matthew F 

15 Mclnnis Thomas L 

16 Hampton Stephen P 

17 Raftery Martin J 

18 Quinn Margaret Mrs 

18 White Arthur J 

19 McGann Martin F 

20 Demeo Pasquale 
20 Burke Michael J 

y*21 Clarkson Charles F 

22 Doyle Peter P 

22 Connell Elizabeth 

22 Kozwalski Anthony 

25 Hardy Henry 

26 Thibeault Mary Mrs 

27 May John A 
*29 Greeley Patrick 

31 Regan Patrick 

33 Dale Wm H 

33 Hoban Patrick 

*35 Kaplan Walter 

35 Dempsey John P 
37 Greene Wm B 

36 Newton St Station B & M 


fr 159 School north wd 2 
14 Lie vie John 
16 Lovequist Edwin H 

16 Pellerin Dennis J 

17 Moran John F 


fr 101 Charles to 228 School wds 
3 4 1 
7 Playground 
*8 Doyle Martin S 
*15 Ferson E E Son Co oils 
*15 Ferson Everington E 
16 Russell begins 
*17 Ferson Florence E 
*25 Munster Bertha F 
39 Main crosses 
*46 Campbell Mary E 
*54 Hare Richard J 
*54 Morey J Frances nurse 
*55 Backman Axel G 

*57 Cate Celia 

57 Munster ter begins 

*61 Stone Mary L Mrs 

*61 Stone Mary L nurse 

*68 Moore Ernest C 

*69 Bryant Fred A 

*69 McNamara Michael 

*71 McPherson Donald A 

71 Simms Louis L 

*71 Wilson Sarah K Mrs 

78 Sheehan John J 
*78 Shea John F 

79 Grant pi begins 
82 Cormier Theothime 
82 LaRosee James R 

*83 Caughey Wm A 

84 Cormier Leo J 

84 LaRosee James P 

*85 Ayles James 

*89 McCarty Lawrence J 

*93 McNamara Theresa Mrs 

*95 McKenzie Annie C 

100 School crosses 


fr west of Webster east to Water- 
town line wd 2 


fr 79 Grant east wd 1 

3 Ostrand Helge E 

3 Lindstrom Carl A E 

5 Drepperd John F 

*5 Roberts Albert E 

*9 Keefe Mary L Mrs 

*16 Hayes Wm A 

18 King Charles A 

*22 Hays Josiah S 

*24 Curtis Alvin A 

*26 Holland Wm 

*31 Cushinsky Max contr 

*36 Scott Harold C 

*36 Churchill John M 

*40 Cushinsky Max 

*44 Singleton John 


fr 187 School north wd 2 


fr 1278 Main to 59 Spencer wd 1 

*10 Melanson Edward D 

*14 Balcom Joseph E 

25 Decker Percy W 

30 Walker Richard 

30 Walker John W 

*31 Decker Wm F 

37 Hutchison Peter A 


fr 29S Bacon west to Prospect Hill 
pk wd 1 
Hession John 
Buncher Henry P 
Archibald Fred W 
Pratt Edwin B 
Page Frederick H 
Eaton Henry C 
Gallupe Harold Q phys 
O'Hara Mayfred L Mrs 
Pitcher Albeit L 





Greenwood Lane — Cont. 

*63 Fay Louise 

*63 Waterhouse Clifford A 

*74 Welchans Wm H 

*96 Harvey John L 

97 Sanders la begins 

*104 Worcester Joseph R 

*105 Wellington Catherine J 

*105 Wellington Edward 

*108 Meyer Harold E 

118 Wellington Benjamin 

118 Bacon ends 


fr Lincoln north of Pond End sch 
to west of Smart wd 1 


fr Watertown line to 86 Newton 
wd 3 

45 Gore ends 

*65 Hammond Lyle T 

*69 Metz Edwin H 

71 Eogers Elmer W 

*131 Carr Patrick 

*131 Burns Raymond J 

*135 Gardiner Joel P 

*137 Daly Patrick J 

*141 Richardson Albert W 

143 Belodeau Thomas J 

143 Lafayette ends 

. *149 Beagan Joseph H 

150 Evergreen way ends 

151 Flynn John J 
160 Willow crosses 
169 DcWolf Cyril 
177 LaValley John J 
183 Griffin Thomas 
189 Casey Robert A 

*193 Morrissey Bridget Mrs 

198 Hastings begins 

199 Wardenski Walenty 
199 Diskin John F 
199 Cur ran James 

213 Ford begins 

221 Korodziejski Stephen 

223 Moynihan John J 

225 Grove Hill Cemetery 

225 Hapenney James J 

*227 Manning John J 

227r O'Brien Margaret Mrs 

227r Koroskie Henry 

227r Porrie Martin 

233 Eddows Wm T 

*239 Kempton James L 

*237 Howley James J 

250 Jonathan B Bright Sch 

251 Bright crosses 
277 Massasoit ends 

*319 Graham Henry B 

*319 Qualters Thomas 

331 Linsky Michael J 

333 Bresnahan Luke J 

*337 Hession Michael J 

*339 Butler Catherine Mrs 


fr Trapelo rd nr Hardy's pond south 
to Plant rd wd 2 
Foley Daavid A 
00 Meade begins 



fr 118 




























Gorgoni Gaetano 
Carr Wallace J 

Bacon to 121 Hammond 

wd 1 
Konnerney Thomas 
Leishman Charles A 
Nelson Botilda Mrs 
Ricciardi Sebastian 
Cassella Mary D 
Clahane John T 
Chandonait Arthur 
Chandonait Alcide 
O'Brien Dennis 
McAloon Andrew 
Riley Patrick 
MacKenzie Archibald 
Burke Wm F 
Sullivan Joseph A 
Hill George R 
Newell Brett H 
Kelley Patrick 
Duffy John F 
Scalise Domenico 
McKeown Mary Mrs 
Rosene Victor E 
Hinchey Leo J 
Goode Dernott 
Carter J Lester 
Culkeen Hannah Mrs 
Buckle Wm 
McGuire Francis J 

fr 23 Dix to 16 Hardy wd 2 


fr 169 Warren southeast to Water- 
town line wd 2 


fr 47 Pine to 46 High wd 5 

9 Freeston John H 

*10 Conte Domenico 

*10 Rando Felix 

12 Marchetti Antonio B 

15 Gordon ends 

*17 Carr Emma H 

18 Carney Mary Mrs 

18 Connors Michael F 

18 Lardner John 

18 Mason Percy M 

*23 St Charles Convent 

*23 Sisters of Charity 

*24 Clavin Cornelius H 

*26 Berard Henry W 

28 Jennison John M 

30 McGuire James L 

37 Taylor crosses 

39 Hines George A 

41 Tyler Elizabeth Mrs 

41 Roy Joseph 

43 Cormier John 

43 Owen Fred S 

44 Dunklee Ralph W 
*44 Hall Mary Mrs 

45 Cormier Thomas 

45 Keane Delia Mrs 

46 O'Brien Charles M 
*47 Bowler Clement F 

48 Griffin Henry P 

52 Cushing crosses 

*56 McKenna Edward L 
56% Sample May nurse 

56 y 2 Webster Anthony B 

57 St Charles R C Church 
*58 Silman Bertha Mrs 

62 Moorehouse Joseph 

64 Anderson Eric H 

66 Au Coin Simon 

67 Deely Peter F 

68 Doucet Kenneth J 
68 Wall Harriet H Mrs 
70 Geiling Fred A 

*72 Greene Misses 

73 Chestnut crosses 

*79 Demeo Louis 

*83 Handy Walter E 

83 Moore Francis J 

*85 Stewart Samuel A 

*85r Stewart S A & Co mach 

87 Harris George B 

87 High crosses 


see Yetten Terrace wd 7 


junct Moody Crescent and Pine wd 5 

fr 300 Ash junct Hovey rd to 5 
Cherry at Newton line 
wd 6 


fr 236 Charles to 17 Bedford wd 4 
6 Crowe Anna Mrs 
8 Benson Gustave A 
*10 Griffin Wm F 

12 Cunningham Katherine A 

14 Fox David 

18 Kleinberg Karl 
20 Spooner Karl H 

22 Galway John 

24 Isaacson Esther A Mrs 
26 Powers John J 

fr 891 Main to 30 Lord wd 1 

13 Cornwallis pi begins 

14 Moran Mary Mrs 

16 Cronin Michael 

17 Post Edwin D 
*17 Higgins Raymond A 
*17 Best Maude E Mrs 

19 Jackson W Hastings 
*20 Mangone Dominick 
*21 Chadwick Wm E 
*22 Sweet Emily 

23 Blake Charles H 
23 Fuller Samuel H 

*24 Bartlett Walter C 

*25 Knopp Henry 

26 Ryan Alberta C Mrs 

27 Lobdell Margaret E Mrs 
*27a Floyd Marshall S 

27c Cunningham Frederick J 

27b Cunningham John 

30 Strauch Margaret M Mrs 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Hammond — Cont. 

*31 White Edward F 

*32 Potter Clyde C 

*32 Stone Wm E 

*36 Lindstrom Carl A 

*37 Eagan Michael J 

*38 Perry John F 

39 McCabe Mary P Mrs 

41 Harvey Daniel J 

4iy 2 Niles James F 

43 Gallagher Thomas 
*43y 2 Matthews Clinton P 

*44 Myshrall Ernest J 

*47 Sullivan James C 

*50 Saunders Edward J 

*53 Kelley John J 

*56 Kennedy Martin 

*58 Johnson John E gro 

♦59 Doe Phebe A Mrs 

*59 Sherman Alice M Mrs 

*60 McKenna Asa E 

62 Johnson John E 

*62 Waltham Roofing Co stock 


♦66 Sutton Joseph M 

69 School ends 

70 Casey Timothy W 
*71 Boss Walter F pntr 

73 Biggins James 

*74 Poutas Alphonse J 

75 Whalen Peter E 

*76 Munster Albert E 

*77 Butler Sylvester 

*79 Main Frank 

82 Frenze Angelo 

82 Lazzaro Joseph 

*83 Main Wm J 

88 Hanley James 

88 Loux Sophie Mrs 

88 Sherman George R 

96 Glynn Martin F 

96 Hallinan John J 

103 B & M crosses 

108 Elson rd ends 

*113 Estes Wm A 

*115 Bisson Edward 

*117 Perry Walter J 

118 Arbour Thomas J 

*118 Biddle Robert N 

118 Harrison Abraham 

118 Ingber Isadore 
*119 Feeney Edward F 

119 Guinan ends 

120 Lawrence begins 
125 Payne Oscar S 

*127 Larkin Delia M 

*129 O'Connell Joseph P 

131 Riley Wallace 

139 Highland Club 

♦144 Cavanagh Vincent J 

*144c Dow C Ralph 

144y 2 Danielson Amandus 

*146 Smith Bertram W 

148 Ross Malcolm C 

*150 Marshall Anastasia E 

152 Plympton crosses 

164 Trombley Joseph P 

*168 Dahl Carle E 

*169 Rhodes Austin D 

*173 Rounds Samuel W 


Rand Albert H 


Patrick Dexter B 


Jordan Amelia M 



Waltham Roofing 



Summit begins 


Martin Joseph P 


Mairs J Kelso 


Rose Norman J 


Rice Sarah J 


Thomas John B | 



Rodier Calixte 


Wilson Raymond 


Smith George H 


Cary Charles D 


Fisher Louis 


Lord Rufus E 


Lord ends 


Thomas John B 


Wentworth Frank 



McCarthy Thomas 


fr 210 Main southwest wd 3 
*3 Burke James E 
*8 Cronin Harold V 
*10 Gorman John M 
*11 Tracey John J 
*12 Lord Frank R 
16 Birkmaier Frank W 
16 Birkmaier Sarah J Mrs 


fr 150 Bright southeast wd 3 
9 Walsh Thomas J 
16 Hagar ends 
*22 Bennett Augustus 
24 Hansberry Timothy J 


fr Trapelo rd west of Hardy's pond 
to west of Birch rd 
wd 2 
Mead ends 

*0 Hassen Charles M 
King Anthony 
De Costa Alvah V 

*0 Ward Robert R 

*0 Spring Arthur E 
Plant rd begins 

*0 Polland Phelps E 
Harrison Robert J 
Bustin Hugh J 
Wilson Wm M 
Busby Norman E 
Osterman George E 
Brook rd ends 
Irving John J 
Gardner Jeremiah M 
Smith Walter 
Berry Isaiah S 
Donehey Frank E 
Bowles Isabella M Mrs 
Pine Vale rd ends 
Oak rd ends 
Birch rd ends 



DellePigne Alessandro 
Sulmonetti Vincenzo 


457 Main to 24 Summer wd 2 

*14 Holden Allen K 

*18 Davis Robert A 

*23 Shirley George M 

*24 Gibbs Ida L Mrs 

*24 Smith Mary E Mrs 

*29 Cobb George T 

*30 Webster Wm A 

•S3 Nugent Martin A 

*36 Stearns Frederick A 

*40 Jones Anna Mrs 

*51 Gibbs Joseph W 

56 Barton Sarah E Mrs 

56 Summer crosses 


567 South west and north to 
Turner wd 4 
Rogers Wm H 
Maurer Helena L Mrs 
Holder Veasey D 
MaeCleave Charles A 
McDougall George F 
Rose Harry J 
Ryan James F 
Currier Oswald P 
Morton begins 



fr Forest north of Pigeon lane west 
and north to Forest 
wd 2 
Bicchieri Nunzio 


fr 828 Main to B & M wds 3 4 

5 Anderson Axel D 

7 Kendall Charles E 

8 Feury Wm J 
*10 Morse George H 

11 Fyfe Hannah E Mrs 

12 Gavin Thomas F 
*13 Ron ike Michael H 

14 Hurd J Allan 

*16 Flagg Mary Mrs 

*17 Bradbury Addie R Mrs 

17 Russell crosses 

25 Hebrew Synagogue 

26 Foster Nellie M Mrs 
30 Devane Mark 

32 O'Brien John 

34 Dunn Osamond 

*35 Smith Peter L 

*35 Walsh Henry C 

36 Hill Walter J 

36 Polechio Raymond W 

36 Harvard pi begins 

37 Munroe av begins 
*40 Samson Thomas 
*41 Coye Thomas 

42 Dodge George S 

43 Rooney Thomas M 
*44 Margolis Samuel 

44 Michelson Louis 
46 Doucet Hubert 

48 LeBlanc Zoel 

49 Romard Joseph 

49 MacArthur Neil W 

51 Bemis av begins 

*52 Malloy John J 

*57 LaRo^ee H & Sons Plat- 
ing Co 







Waltham Autogenous 
Welding Co 

Charles crosses 

Siston John 

Maniago Domenico 

Greenblatt Arey 

Hurley Margaret Mrs 

Vinciullo Michael 

Chaisson Arthur 

Rand Clarence P 

Duddy av begins 

Kingsley ct ends 

Lyons Edward 
87y 2 McBride Wm P 
88 Felton crosses 

Demers Julien 

Berman David 

Towne Ernest H 

Veno Sarah Mrs 

Lombardi Roffelli 

Hart Daniel 

O'Callahan Bridget Mrs 

Acquila Vincenzio 

Pogin Frank 

Bamforth George W 

Dalomleo Dominic 

Gilbert Edward F 

Lane Thomas 

Howes Horace W 

Drury Warren E 

Starkey Howard E 




Changed to Russell wd 4 


fr 36 Harvard east wd 4 

3 McAlpine Robert H 

4 Thompson Wm H 

6 Gibbons Elizabeth Mrs 

7 Ryan John J 

8 Cox Wallace L 

9 Bacon Kate 

12 Murphy Thomas J 
14 Robichaud Margaret V 


fr 198 Grove to 54 Dix wd 3 
17 Clark ends 
20 Lowell playground 
37 Bennett crosses 
54 Dix crosses 


fr 558 Main south wd 3 

6 Robichaud Mastai L 
*18 McKenzie Daniel J 
*28 Forster John G 

fr 46 Summit to Jennings rd wd 1 
*15 Coffin Willard E 
29 Plympton crosses 
*00 Anderson Morris 
000 Sartell rd crosses 

fr 21 Farnsworth to 120 Dale wd 1 
16 Marion ends 



fr 496 Main to 25 Central wd 3 

13 Murphy Daniel 

*15 Ham Melvin J 

17 Nolan Thomas 

77 O'Neil Nicholas T 

19 Hathaway C F & Sons 
private repair shop 

*23 Harvey Frank 

*23 Waugh John N 

26 Anderson Gustave B 

27 O'Connell Patrick 

30 Belcher Christine Mrs 

30 Isaascon Ernest W 

*31 Welch Margaret B nurse 

*31 Welch Mary E 

32 Bad Joseph 

32 Richer Louis 

33 Callahan Mary 

33 Pender Nicholas 

34 Taranto John 


fr Princeton av south of Hardy's 
pond to north of In- 
dian rd wd 2 
Princeton av begins 
Bowdoin av begins 
McKeman Mary Mrs 
Schaufus Frederick A 
Corcoran Francis B 
Dooley David A 
Amherst av begins 
Sioux av ends 
Indian rd begins 


fr Lincoln across Lake to Hardy's 
pond wd 2 
Lake crosses 
Whittaker Joshua 
Mokema av crosses 
Seminole av crosses 


fr 484 (252) Moody to Newton 
line wd 5 6 7 

14 Locke George A 

*16 Mace Charles J jr 

*20 Dunn Patrick H 

*22 Ennis George 

*24 Hamilton Clarence E 

*24 Pinnell Marion N 

26 Perkins Albertina Mrs nrs 

*26 Ripley John A 

28 Chase Raymond 
*28%Mogan Walter J 

*30 Greenwood James H 

31 Beech begins 

32 Wentworth Gilmore L 
35 Anderson John H 

35 Collins Royce E 

*35 Fiske Merton C 

*35 Schwartz John S 

35 Withrow Hattie 

*35 Woolner Amelia Mrs 

*40 Parker Clarence D 

*41 Zwicker Charles A 

*43 Winsor George H 

*44 Monaghan James F 

*45 Andrews Mary J Mrs 

46 Cafarella Joseph 

46 Hall ends 

49 Stevens George E 

*53 Ball Alfred T 

*56 South Grammar School 

*53 Fiel George A 

*53 Bliss Charles F 

57 De Venne Edward W 

57 Swan Charles H 

59 Locke Ida J Mrs 

59 Kingsbury Jennie nurse 

*61 Caswell Earl F 

*61 Derbyshire Eliza G Mrs 

62 Lowell crosses 

*63 Charnley Thomas 

*63 Charnley Thomas jr 

*63 Watch Cty Window Clean- 
ing Co 

65 Corbishley Samuel K 

*66 Lane Lucy M Mrs 

*66 Stokes Wm W 

*69 Hamilton Clarence E 

*69 Smith Weld I 

*72 Mackenzie George C 

*73 Webber Harriet P Mrs 

75 Smith Kleber J 

*76 Thompson Wm H 

*76 Thompson Alice M nurse 

*78 Grinnell Ellen F Mrs 

78 Thompson Fred 

79 Lamson Levi J 
*80 Tompkins May 
*81 Wells Wm S 
*81 Felt Parker W 

82 Gardner ends 

85 Concannon Patrick H 

*87 Mears Alice J Mrs 

*87 Merklee Charles 

*91 Campise Vincenzo 

*92 Isaacson Oscar A 

93 Sheehan Cornelius J 

*94 Bills Willis A 

*95 Moschard Henri 

100 Greeley Michael F 

*101 Hemler George 

102 Anderson Henry F 

*103 Josephson John L 

106 Stearns ends 

*109 Sibley Edward F 

*110 Farnum Olive M Mrs 

*110 Percival Minnie S nurse 

*111 Torrey Stephen W 

*112 Bowler Wm F 

*113 Smith Shirley F 

115 Bowler Wm F gro 

*115 Brock Everett W 

*117 Healey Lucy H Mrs 

*117 Dunn Walter J 

119 Beal Clifford G 

*120 Phelps Agnes Mrs 

121 Atherton George B 

*123 Magnuson Anton painter 

123 Newton crosses 

*131 Hardy Charles F A 

*133 Ellis Benjamin F 

*142 Reed Nomas T 

*144 Kelley Jennie Mrs 

*145 McCauley Francis A 

147 Jensen Olin A 

*148 Mulberry Clare A 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 

High — Cont. 


Curran Thomas A 


Larner John 


Clayton Mfg Co knit gds 


Derbyshire Frederick W 



Kampe John E mach 


Novitas Sales Co novelties 


Wilson Robert A mach 


Parmenter rd begins 

*173-175MacKelvey Wm autos 


Walsh Annie M Mrs 


Cedar ends 


Norton John J 


Boudreau Francis 


Ward James F 


Cherry begins 


Newton line crosses 


fr 129 Prospect to 164 South wd 4 


Johnson Anna S Mrs 


Lindholm Carl E 


Stark James 


Thomas Peter 


Barrows Fred G gro 


Capocca Antonio 


Barlow Ernest F 


Mahoney John J 


McDonough Mary E Mrs 


Loomis Charles H 


Pratt av ends 


Salamone Joseph 


Rohdin Robart C 


D'Orazio Luigi A 


O'Brien Charles J 


Brook av begins 


Murcott Thomas 


Greany Walter A 


Rogers John J 


Gustafson Wm I 


Ryan James A 


Brady Joseph J 


Carlson Claus H 


Curtis crosses 


Sanderson John L 


Melanson Alfred 


Hope av begins 


Dion Edmour D 


Colleran John P 


LaRosee Arthur J 


Griffin Mary I Mrs 


Lanigan John 


Leonard Martin J 


South crosses 


Overlook rd begins 
Williams Harnon A 
Fife John W 


fr Pine Vale rd south of Trapelo to 
west of Birch rd wd 2 
Oak rd begins 
Outlook rd ends 
Pheasant rd ends 
Birch rd crosses 


fr end of Worcester la south wd 1 


fr 25 Beaver nr Warren to east of 
Waverley wd 2 

15 Wilbur crosses 
*36 Mclnnis Edward 

*36 Weatherhead Elwell F 
*58 Russell Martha A Mrs 
*59 Christenson Niels C 

68 Higgins Herbert C 
*68y 2 McLane Ernest A 

69 Waverley ends 

fr 44 Highland to B & M wd 4 
*1 Waltham Hospital 
*5 LaCoy Joseph 

16 Sharon ends 


fr 151 Weston north wd 1 
2 Willis Cyrus L 
*4 Fraim John W 
*9 Mabie Clarence A 
*10 Rogers Wm F 
*11 Wentworth Bruce K 
*12 Green Chester A 
*18 Bistrup F Valdemar 


fr Lake south of Hardy's pond to 
College Farm rd wd 2 
Murphy Michael 


fr 199 High to 300 Ash junct 
Hamblin wd 6 


fr 847 Main across School to B & 
M wd 1 

*13 Sargent Proctor J 

*13 Spofford Benjamin L 

*14 Rideout Amos A 

*15 Geoff rion Louis J 

*18 Adams George H 

18 Sargent Berton R 

*19 Tyler Amory W 

*19 Wallis Horace E 

*22 Evans Sarah A Mrs 

*24 Evans Arthur W 

*27 Lincoln Charles H 

27 Marr Cornelius H 

*28 Stankard Martin F 

*31 Meikle Wm R 

*32 Tasker Edward M 

*34 Brydges John F 

*35 Egan Mary G Mrs 

*36 Parker Edgar M 

39 Filson Alma B 

41 Moore Ella D 

*43 Farnum Herbert G 

43a Roome Wm H 

*44 Kelley Mary E Mrs 

*44 Lord Flora D Mrs 

46 Keough John J 

46 Viscounte Cora H Mrs 

*47 Hill Wm R 

*49 Madden Wm F 

51 Maenche Theodore Z 

*53 Bacon Clarence E 

54 Pontz Frank J 

55 Graverson Graves 
*57 Graverson Hans N 
*58 Graverson Maurice II 
*60 Jones Wilfred B 
*61 Kenney Willis D 
*02 Jenks Willard I 

63 School crosses 

73 Zoehler Edwin C 

*75 Stark Robert M 

75 Whittaker Fred R 

*76 Fahey John J 

*79 Wentworth J Alden 

*80 Drew Byron S 

*82 Adams John S 

*83 MacBride Asa A 

*84 Riggs Henry L 

*85 Jenkins Arthur W 

*86 Doe Ralph A 

87 Emerson Preston A 

*88 Woodward Grace L 

*89 Corcoran Francis J 

89 Graham David 

*90 Towne Albert N 

91 O'Connell Katherine F Mrs 

92 Whittier Susan E Mrs 

93 Quirk Lawrence V 

*94 Whitney Jennie E Mrs 

95 Joy ends 


fr 106 Marlborough rd to 41 
Arcadia av wd 2 
50 Helm John R 


fr 82 Marlborough rd to 11 Arcadia 
av wd 2 

fr Hiawatha av at Hardy's pond to 
College Farm rd wd 2 
Sioux av ends 
Schaufus Arthur L 
Jameson Arthur L 
Wampum av ends 
Roundburg John 
Linnell Alvin M 
Wamsutta av ends 
Lake crosses 
Nadcau Alexander 


fr 40 Summit across Plympton to 
80 Elson rd wd 1 
*15 Griswald Ernest 
*16 Squarebriggs George H 
*17 Rice Willard K 
*19 Parker Melvin 
*20 Thompson Alberta F 
*22 Horner Charles D 
*25 Gilmore Harry E 
*2S Gibson Roland A 
*33 Beamish Walter J 
35 Plympton crosses 
69 Oak Hill rd crosses 
*00 Adams Charles 
*75 Lund Clifton B 


Telephone Waltham 0S03-W 





fr 30 Albemarle id to 29 Marl- 
borough rd wd 2 
11 Copley av begins 
*0 Greenwood Herbert J 
26 Albemarle av crosses 

fr 48 Central to 381 River wd 3 
Jackson pi begins 
B & M crosses 


fr Jackson nr B & M to 387 River 
wd 3 

3 Gauthier Philip P 

4 Ricard Eva 

4 Willet Delia 

5 Auld Joseph E 

6 Mongeon Antonio 

7 Burgess Elizabeth Mrs 
*8 Larin Arthur T 

fr Jennings rd nr Prospect Hill rd 
west wd 1 

fr 99 Prospect Hill rd to Woodland 
rd wd 1 
Hawthorne rd ends 

James begins 


fr 44 Moore .to Calvary cemetery 
wd 7 

1 Burke Jane M 

6 McAuliffe Edward A 
9 McGovern Charles 

9 Robichaud John J 
*9 Burgess Wm B jr 

13 Ryan Joseph J 

14 Spellman Patrick 
*14 Havey Annie L nurse 
*14 Havey Thomas P 
*18 Duffy Joseph 

19 Friend crosses 

21 Ryan Frank P 

22 Cambasei Biagio 
22 Piloni Rocco 

33 Barron James 
*34 Cleary Thomas F 

34 Flood ends 

*39 Mulvihill Anna Mrs 
*48 Havey Michael J monu- 


fr 92 Fiske to 95 Howard wd 1 


fr 116 Stow nr B & M to 87 Dor- 
chester wd 1 
14 Edgar Hamilton G 
00 Jensen Richard M 
61 Dorchester crosses 


fr 19 Williams to 82 Harvard wd 3 

7 Cain Andrew P 
14 Vacant 



fr 641 Main north wd 2 

*0 Kirwin Grafton E undtkr 
Varney George W auto rpr 


fr 162 Main to 143 Grove wd 3 
*14 Willard George B 
*15 Maiden Bertha H Mrs 
*20 Franks Henry C 
*24 Barrow Fred G 
129 Hersey John 


fr 780 Lexington west to Lincoln 
wd 2 

*58 Caughey John W 

*62 Savoy Joseph C jr 

Indian rd crosses 

*0 Jones Henry F gio 

74 Umbrello Pasquale 

*75 Howard Arthur E 

Bucher Leonard A 

Squires Napoleon P 

Wentworth Galen F 

Amherst av crosses 

Cormier Simon T 

Kenyon George P druggist 

Bowdoin av crosses 

*100 Cain Harry J prov 

Brooks Frank 

Cardillo Martin 

Denault Arthur F prov 

Princeton av crosses 

Hillcrest begins 

Killeen Annie Mrs gro 

Shore rd begins 

Lakeview av crosses 

Lakeview ter begins 

Parkinson Walter 

Randolph Albert H 

Carton Thomas J 

286 Stratton Carl L 

291 Northey Bruce C 

Mokema av crosses 

Blanchard John E 

Seminole av crosses 

321 Smith Raymond H 

Hibiscus av crosses 


fr end Lakeview av west to Seminole 
av wd 2 


fr Lincoln nr Lake to Lake rd wd 2 
Pine Hill circle ends 
Overlook av crosses 
Lake crosses 
*72 Ohnemus Walter E 
Shore rd ends 
Lake rd begins 


a locality south of Hardy's pond 
and west of Lexington 
wd 2 


fr Lake nr Lincoln to north of 
Hibiscus av wd 2 
Terrell Wm J 

Sheedy Thomas 

Norrly Charles E 

Hudson Robert L 

Read Henry 

Nystrom Myron C 

Davis Almon G 

Lynch George 

Lake rd crosses 

Hibiscus av crosses 


fr 1041 Main to B & M wd 1 
9 Overland rd crosses 
*16 Ereco Refrigerator & 

Equipment Co 
*19 Hartwell Machine Co 
plmbrs' supplies 

19 Nicholls Horace C Co 

plmbrs' supplies 
*21 Worley John jewel mkr 


fr Rosemont av south wd 2 


fr 264 Lowell to Newton line wd 6 
*10 Farrar Frank F 
*11 Mitchell Clarence T 
*14 Robertson Alice G 
18 Smith Everett W 

20 Salisbury Arthur C 
*22 Burns James E pntr 


fr 65 Gore west wd 3 
*5 Metz Charles H 
*11 Baker Lester H 


fr 120 Hammond to 16 Summit 
wd 1 

14 Rooney Thomas T 

16 Peterson George W 

18 Peterson Oscar R 

*22 Johnson Elmer M 

*23 Powden Wm W 

*24 Johnson Harold B 

30 Blaisdell George E 

31 Brown Wm H 
*31 Lucas Wm H 

32 Peterson Oscar F 
34 Pendexter George 

*38 Kelly Herbert L 

41 Deffley Frank E 

42 Willard Leonard W 
46 Mansfield George A 
46 Plympton crosses 

*57 Olson Alfred 

60 Barton James 

*61 Clark G Aldersey 

63 Englund Theodore 

*64 Green Harry M 

65 Hadley Rodney 

65 Marple Hattie E Mrs 

*67 Poutas Edward J 

*76 Kenney Frank P 

80 Hession Michael 

*82 Worth Benjamin 

82 Summit crosses 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 


fr 369 River north wd 3 

*l-2 B Mfg Co Day Nursery 

2 Justin Beni 

4 Marchand Peter 

5 Nanos Andrew T 

6 Harakakou John 

7 Fratipietro Edward 

8 Hynes Bertha M Mrs 
10 Heeley Frederick J 

12 Condon Edward 

14 Trotsky Julius 

16 Cokenis James 

18 Wellender Julius 

20 Pottize Win 

22 Tiffany Frank 

24 Jozeliskis Joseph 

fr 65 Plympton to 21 Lord wd 1 

*13 Morris Harold W 

*17 Heinlein Joseph F 

*21 Deering Frederick A 

*24 Barnicle James F 

*26 Hathorne Charles H 

*27 Lincoln Edward R 

*30 Barrett James J 

*36 Sullivan Frances J 

37 Melvin Harriet G 

*39 Keane Michael 

*43 Foster Dan B 

*43 Foster Louis V 

*50 May Wm F 


fr 633 Main to Lexintgon line 
wds 1 2 

*3 Dunder Carl L 

*3 Goldman Morris tailor 

5 Gee Sing lndry 

6 Bordenca Raimondo 

7 Milesky Frank shoe rpr 
*8 Iodice Salvatore tailor 
*8 Shea Abe H 

*9 Osborn Herbert W undtkr 

12 Babbitt Charles H 

*13 Eagles Hall 

*13 Waltham Eerie 750 FOE 

*16 Cushing Daniel F 

*16 Reinhalter Joseph F 

*16 Wood Josephine Mrs 

16 Arnold Daniel B 

*16 Smith Clinton L 
*17y 2 Novelty Bottling Co 

20 Pottle Seth L 

22 Lever Dennis 

*21 Chemical 1 

*21 Sealer of Weights & 


♦21 Wire Dept 

24 Crossman Harold L 

*24 Hayes Harry B 

*24 Hayes Thomas J 

*25 Police Headquarters 

*25 Second District Court of 
Eastern Middlesex 

26 Burke Thomas J 

*27 Engine 2 

*27 Ladder 1 


28 Roach John J 

30 Tierney John J 

*32 Shain Morris jeweler 

39 Morris Thomas C 

*42 Naughton Thomas 

*43 Lenza Salvador 

44 School crosses 

*59 Hartman Wm N G 

*61 Berg Margaret Mrs 

63 Contant Charles E 

65 Visco Lawrence 

67 Neal Ernest L 

*69 Phelps Walter H 

*71 Donahue Michael J 

*73 Maloney Mary Mrs 

*73 Maloney Helena V nurse 

*75 Wright Win H 

79 Smith Joseph H 

80 St Mary's High School 
SI Warren av begins 

81 Koulopoulos John M 
81 Driseoll Joseph P 

*83 Purver Norman R . 

*96 Cahill Michael J 

96 Pond begins 

*103 Warren Willard 

103 Summer ends 

*110 Peabody S Caroline 

114 Crocker Gilford blksmith 

115 Badger Frederick T 
115 Badger Charles E 
115 Whalen Julia M 
115 Lexington ter begins 

*126 Cotesworth Edward J auto 


*131 American Knitting Co Inc 
knit gds 

131 Ames begins 

*140 Eaton A M Paper Co 

*141 Waltham North Sta B&M 

141 B & Ml cresses 

*146 Potter Lois I nurse 

*146 Harrington Clifford F 

*147 Malloy Mary E Mrs 

*147 Waltham Paper Stock Co 

waste paper 

*158 Libby Bros machy mfrs 

*158 Libby Clifton L 

*158 Libby Daniel R 

*158r Waltham Tallow Co 

160 Plympton begins 

167 Taylor Charles A 

*167 Walsh John J 

*168 Eaton George J 

*170 Katsos George J 

*170 Katsos Louis 

*180 Peterson Frederick W 

*186 Limb Maurice 

*188 Deehan Thomas 

*200 Justason George E 
*204-205Rogers Motor Co 

209 Archibald Whittemore C 

*211 McGlinchey Frank T 

213 Johnson Arthur blksmith 

*217 Waltham Lumber Co 

246 Putnam begins 

*290 Albro Harold R K 

303 Beaver ends 

*306 Huntington Charles W 

*326 Farley Wm P 

















Waltham School for Girls 
Yetten Jasper H 
Walker Edward A Mrs 
New Jerusalem Ch 
Gately Francis P 
Johnson Robert B 
Jarvis Wm F 
Bacon ends 
Piety corner crosses 
Nichols Emma Mrs 
Pond End rd begins 
Baird Charles E 
Shedd W Chester 
Shedd Ellen A Mrs 
Conary Hoyt L 
Clark Levi 
Hill Wm H 
Brigham John A 
Johnson Fannie M Mrs 
Lincoln begins 
Tuthill Charles L 
Caughey Joseph H 
Mahoney Wm J 
Childs Harris L 
Ames Ira R 
Ames Warren 
Cobb John E 
Bull Edward H 
Bacon Herschel A 
Curve ends 

Dennen Gertrude M Mrs 
Galfney Gertrude E Mrs 
Stebner Rudolph S 
Childs Arthur G 
Childs Bros milk dlrs 
Childs Ellen M Mrs 
Childs William B 
Butterfleld Herbert F 
Savoy Joseph C 

Stanley rd begins 
Smith Eben E 
Thomas Charles L 
Ohnemus Charles A 
Alcock Thomas V 
Jones Wm H 
Hardy Lewis S 
Hoskins George H 
Clark Chester H 
Childs Frank E 
Reck Frederick J 
Maney David D 
Damon Frank H 
Savoy John C 
Sewell Homer 
Nutting Walter G 
Bay State Realty Exchange 
College Farm rd begins 
Bettinger Hoyland B 
Cabot Richard C 
Pratt Edith A 
Pierce Walter H 
Clere Elisabeth H Mrs 
Clark Charles P 
Thompson Herbert E 
Thompson Amos D 
Lake begins 
Hardy Cyrus W 
Hardy Henry F 


685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 


Lexington — Cont. 

*900 Anderson Alexander R 

*909 Davis Elijah 

000 Trapelo rd crosses 


fr 115 Lexington east wd 2 

*8 Downs Wilson 

*8 McMillian Gideon K 

8 Reed Ellsworth B 

*10 Cooke Wm E 

10 Fiske M Etta 

12 Hill Anna P Mrs 

*12 Knight Horace A 

*12 Stone Percival M 

12 Worcester Martha 

*14 Carter Margaret Mrs 

*14 Estes Rozilla S Mrs 

*14 Kendall Judith S Mrs 

*18 Leonard Carl K 

*20 Ludden Charles M 

*28 Dugan Catherine A nurse 

*28 Mooney Mary A Mrs 

*26 Crocker Gilford 


*000 Trider George H 

000 Pine Hill eir crosses 

000 Lakeview av begins 

000 Seaburg Edmund G 

000 Seminole av begins 

000 Ode begins 

000 Hibiscus av begins 

000 Lake ends 

000 Smith Nathan E 

000 Nason Prank W 

000 Moran John E 

000 Wyman ends 

*000 St Germain Noel milk 

*000 Slauenwhite Joseph A 

000 Smith begins 

000 Trapelo rd ends 

000 Ryan James 

000 Harvey Wm M 

000 Gillis Angus 

000 Driscoll Catherine Mrs 

000 Fisher Wm J 

000 Littlefield Annie M Mrs 

000 Collette Thomas 

15 Henderson Hannah Mrs 

15 Owens John D 

15 Spellman Edward J 

16 Conte Giuseppe 

16 Hennelly Nora Mrs 

fr 549 



















fr 428 
















Main to 50 School wd 2 
Burgess Wm B 
Homan Benjamin L 
Sugliero Carmella 
Christie Violet Mrs nurse 
Lewis Susan Mrs drsmkr 
Mt Pleasant ends 
Bennett Wm E 
Bilodeau Philip 
Cappadona Giuseppe 
Clark Wm J 
Leger Felix 
Tabor A Leslie 
Wade Harry E 
Healey Patrick J 
Crafts Wm K 
Mooney James 
Yetten Raymond S 
School crosses 


Lexington to Lincoln line 

wds 1 2 
David C Herbert 
Richardson Frank W 
Smith Edward P 
Curve begins 
Paul Arthur H 
Smith Frank C 
Hillcrest Convalescent 

Slaunwhite Wilson 
Conary Martha M Mrs 
Sanderson Horace M 
Pond End rd ends 
Winter begins 
Gregory begins 
Blossom begins 
Sutcliffe Fred B 
Allen Jeremiah 
Ryan John P 
College Farm rd ends 
Foley James W 
Tapply George S 


a locality north of Beaver and east 
and west of Warren 
wd 2 


fr 387 Main to 294 Beaver wd 2 

15 Spencer Edward J 

*17 Guiney Daniel A 

17 Wells James B 

17 Wells Edward R 

*20 Clair John C 

*23 Hartwell Alfred B 

*25 Kierstead Charles H 

*31 Rutter Josiah B 

*33 Goodrich Charles W 

*34 Clapp Harriet B Mrs 

*39 Peterson Gustaf A 

131 B & M crosses 

205 Waverley Oaks rd begins 

*209 Whelan Patrick J 

*213 Pope Phillip M 

*217 Wright Wm J 

227 Marianne rd begins 

*240 Kittredge Elizabeth Mrs 

*243 Smith Emma C 

*254 Recka Anthony 

254r Outhouse Dutcher W 

*267 Bond Henry H 

273 Beaver crosses 

*294 Stewart Henry 


fr 211 Linden east wd 2 
*12 Watson Charles A 
*16 Whelan Michael 

20 Seale Frederick 

22 Murphy Frank J 

fr 16 Calvary to Charles river wd 7 

10 Papia Vincenzo 

11 Zammuto Alphonso 
ll^Mula Vincenzo 

12 Castrogiovanni Giuseppe 

13 Tirone Michelangelo 
13%Farnatta Salvatore 


fr Winter opp Wyman south and 
west to Winter wd 1 
*0 Viles Fred R 
*0 Viles Nathan R 
fr 22 Park southeast wd 6 


fr 110 Woerd av between Martyn 
and Randall wd 6 


fr 52 Leonard to 211 Hammond 
wd 1 
9 Johnson Paul 
*15 Higgins Frances H 
17 Gibbs Daniel W 
*23 Locke Frank 
*23 Locke Wm E 
*27 Patterson Walter A 
*31 Harrington Charles E M 


fr 65 Pine to 48 Derby wds 5 6 7 

*9 McCabe Charles P 

9 Raftery Michael J 

12 Seneca Cora A Mrs 

*14 Urpin George A 

14 Lowell pi begins 

*15 McDonald Letitia 

*17 Edmunds Wm F 

*21 Stearns Charles A 

23 Havey James E 

25 LeBlanc Simon 

*25 Larson J Alexander 

25 Sibley Carl F 

*25 Fitzpatrick Mary L Mrs 

25 Taylor crosses 

*41 Burns James J 

*43, Bird Quincy C 

*43 Doliber Roscoe F 

*45 Arnold Elizabeth Mrs 

50 Franson Ernest G 

51 Cushing crosses 
*61 Jenks Henry A 

62 Kane Thomas 

62 Bowen Ambrose F 

*63 Briggs Clifford S 

64 Marshall Edward L 

*64 Wilder Harvey W 

*65 French Caro J Mrs 

67 Jones D Edward 

*69 MacAuley Margaret 

70 Chittick Arthur M 

70 Chestnut crosses 

76 Humphrey Gordon C 

76 Humphrey Albert H 

*80 Tuite James A prov 

*82 Tuite James A 

82 Mills Raymond F 

*84 Baxter George W 

*86 Campbell George 

*86 Chase Alexander F 

86y a Moss John H 



375 (201) MOODY ST. 


Tel. Waltham 0110 



Lowell — Cont. 

96 High crosses 

*99 Derbyshire Arthur L 

*108 Iodice Salvatore 

108 Truelove Wm H 

112 Peridier Alcide A 

*114 Peridier Raoul A 

116 Alder crosses 

120 Maroney Edward G 

120 Rowell Clara Mrs 

122 Fuller Walter L 

122 Meacham Allen B 

122 Wiberg Gustav F 

*125 Stanley Frederick 

*130 Trott Arthur J 

130 Myrtle crosses 

*138 Waltham Auto Exchange 

139 Meserve Bertram G 

*140 Jennison Elmer E 

141 Clay Harold S 

*142 Sly Augustus B optometrist 

143 Buckley Lee L 

*144 Vander Wyk 

*148 Wiley Jesse H 

150 Ash crosses 

156 Quinn Don C 
*157 Graham Wm Lloyd 

157 Butler Samuel 

158 Morrell Henry M 
*159 Mitchell Joseph R 

*160 Barker Charles D chair 


*170 Hosmer Clarence A 

170 Brown crosses 

*180 Adler Wm C 

*187 Denniston Daniel C 

*188 Quirk James F 

189 Hoelschcr Herman E 

191 Hager Charles L 

194 Robbins crosses 

198 Worcester T Leonard 

*203 Cate Charles M 

*205 Warren Fred S 

205 Wadsworth av ends 

206 Yetten Fidelia S Mrs 
206 Fuller begins 

215 Murray Frank B 

*216 Pride Wm C 

217 Langille Percy 

218 Boulton John H 

219 Bent Clarence A 
*220 Perkins Mary L Mrs 

221 Briggs Chester A 
*222 Pohlman Herman A 
*222 Kelsey Edith B 

224 Washington av crosses 
*230 Cooper Juliette G Mrs 
*230 Starr Harry A 
*241 Hoyt Josephine M Mrs 

242 Bickford Wallace R 

242 Crafts begins 

245 Moor Stanley T 
*248 Burofsky Ephraim 

249 Affleck G Ernest 
*249 Moor Ethel K Mrs 
*254 Clement Wm D 
*255 Jackson Ernest B 
*258 Saunders Edward C 
*259 Wood Frederic D 


262 Young James E 
264 Laurel av begins 
274 Derby crosses 


a locality between Grove and River 
south of Grove Hill 
cemetery wd 3 

fr 14 Lowell wd 5 

*12 Brophy Andrew 


fr 127 Willow cor Grove wd 3 



fr 1073 Main to Prospect Hill rd 
wd 1 

*8 Bacon Edwin F 

*12 Willey Raymond M 

14 Booth Edwin F 

*16 Hartwell Guy R 

34 Wellington John M 

35 Anderson Ernest J 
*35 McManus Patrick J 
*36 Wellington Walter M 
*00 Wellington John M 
*00 Berry Mary H Mrs 
*00 Dunbrack Norman K 

00 King Frederick E 

*51 Milner Everett A 

*00 Jewett Sarah H Mrs 

*00 Towne Warren N 

*00 Varney A Edith 

*84 Richardson Edward E 


fr 491 Main to 650 Beaver wd 2 

*12 Lawless John J jr 

*12 Maloney James E 

*15 Landon Fred E 
*15y 2 Landon Eugene P 

*16 Peterson Wm E 

*21 Eichler R Earl 

*22 Gibbs John M 

*22 Moore Ella E Mrs 

22 School begins 

*25 Bearce Fred T 

*29 Guinan Wm A 

*30 Bannan Wm J 

31 Lyman ter begins 

*32 Kirwin Frederick H 

*35 Giddings Charles J 

*37 Reed Henry L 

40 Floyd Anna R Mrs 

*41 Richardson Charles H 

43 Tarpy Martin F 

*45 Murren John 

*45 Rowe Alexander F 

*46 Murphy John J 

*47 Taylor Wm H 

47 Faneuil rd ends 

*48 Cunningham Gertrude M 

54 McKillop Anna J S Mrs 

54 Stankard John J 

56 Gray A Albert 

57 Flynn John F 

*59 Kindregan Michael J 

*61 Murphy Timothy 

♦62 Lowe Michael J 
















Langille Clair M 
Drury George P 
Phillips Louis A 
Summer crosses 
Burgess Charles A 
Pierce Charles W 
Hatch Joseph B 
Curtin Thomas I 
Bogert John L 
Curley Emma Mrs 
Church ends 
B & M crosses 
Lyman Arthur 
Stewart George F 
Chester brook crosses 
Beaver crosses 

fr 31 Lyman east wd 2 
*23 Chiasson Jerome 
*23 Kerns Margaret J 


fr 179 Willow to 37 School av wd 3 
*8 Brown George H 

16 Loftus Michael 

17 Arsenault Walter J 
21 Taylor Joseph 

*27 Edmunds Mary Mrs 

*37 Graceffa Peter 
39 Mullaney John J 
41 Walsh Stephen 
45 Shanley Bridget J Mrs 


fr 175 School north wd 2 

1 Casella Vincenzo 

1 Casella Salvatore 

1 Robichaud John 

2 Brown Ellen Mrs 
2 Burke Joseph P 
2 Connair Michael 

2 McDonough John F 

3 Carpentino Carmelo 

4 D'Angelo Luigi 

4 Buono Michael 

5 Olivo Domenico 


fr Watertown line to Weston line 
wds 12 3 4 
*1 Waltham Nurseries 
*1 Epson Edward J 
*1 Gaudreau Louis N 
36 Vassil James gro 
45 Warren begins 
71 Barbara rd begins 
76 Gore begins 
*80 Tully Thomas L V 
95 Beal rd begins 
*107r Dunn Thomas 
*107r Pineo Harry H 
*121 Bowker Florence L Mrs 
121 Bngham rd begins 
*135 Eaton Arthur H 
*135 Warren Emma D Mrs 
*147 Bowker Francis E 
*148 Whitcomb Clifton S 
157 Bowker rd begins 
♦158 T-acey Peter J 
*162 Mills Arthur E 
162 Lafayette begins 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 


Main — Cont. 

*167 Atwood Wm F 

*175 Booker Alice M Mrs 

*177 dimming Robert 

*180 Navien Thomas A 

*184 Flagg James H 

*188 Sherburne Frank A 

*194 Fiske Alfred W 

200 Willow begins 

*202 Rogers Rufus W 

*210 MacKenzie Roland C 

220 Harding av begins 

234 Gilbert begins 

*235 Brigham Frank W 

*239 Cook Francis 

*245 Swain Eugene H 

24 5r Dow Orrin H 

*246 Saunders Eva A Mrs 

248 Jacobs Selden A 

248 O'Brien Margaret Mrs 

253 Beaver Brook Sta B & M 

260 Grove Hill Cemetery 

*267 Sanderson Edward P 

*289 Hager Louis P 

291 Fitzpatrick Richard J 

*332 Bright Elizabeth G Mrs 

*332r Bright Wm E 

332 Bright begins 

352 Beaver Brook crosses 

352 Massasoit begins 

« 354 B & M crosses 

360 Beaver Brook Sta B & M 

369 Coakley Dudley P 

*375 Heath George B 

377 Davis Roscoe W 

379 Mulcahy Paul A 

381 Harlow Frank 

*384 Waltham Coal Co yard 

*385 Waltham Buick Co autos 

387 Linden begins 

387 Foster sq begins 

*390 Elm Spring Farm Co milk 

*402 Gilbert Frederick R 

403 Ellison pk begins 

*404 Bassett Wm S 

*405 Phipps Luther M 

408 Chamberlin ter begins 

*411 Downes Jerome I H 

*423 DuBois Clarence A 

*427 Abbott Lucy H phys 

428 Delemarre Lillian Mrs 

*428 Heinstrom Arthur E 

*436 St George Christopher F 

*436 Trainor Harry P 

*438 Goodell Roland E 

*446 Cunningham Mathias F 

446 Townsend begins 

*451 Weeks Delmont L 

451 Pleasant begins 

457 Lynch John F 

459 Harris begins 

*461 Craven Dennis 

*461 Kelly James D 

*461 Leonard Mary F 

*461 Stone Wm N 

*462 Birkmaier Sarah J Mrs 

*462 Capelle Annie B Mrs 

*468 Perkins Mary E Mrs 

469 O'Clair Wilfred L 

*470 Moore Ellen F Mrs 


470 Newton begins 

471 Grinnell Stewart F 
*476 Greeley John J 

477 Wilson Robert 

477 Meadows Hugh 

477 Meadows Robert 

*478 Curtin John J 

481 Cox Warren J 
*48iy 2 Barlow Amos P 

*486 Dalzell Helen L Mrs 

*486 Stearns George A 

*487 Emerson Lillian T Mrs 

488 Flaherty Catherine 

488 Gallant Leo N 

488 Healey Catherine F 

488 O'Neil John J 

489 Emerson Alice L 
491 Lyman begins 

*492 Thomas Hill School 

496 Heard begins 

*499 Cormier Donat gro 

*501 Rhodes James F 

*502 Patch Samuel 

503 Tierney Michael P shoe 

505 Cormier Donat 

*507 Murray Joseph J 

508 Cross begins 

*509 Nally John 

*509 Nally John J 

*510 Viles Walter S 

512 Manuel C Wm 

*517 Au Coin Thomas V 

*519 Chiasson Gilbert J 

526 Appleton begins 

*527 Blandin Adeline A 

*537 Beal Henry F 

*537 Beal Henry F 

*539r Yetten & Mclver auto 


*541 Wilkins Wm C 

*542 Hovey H Adelaide Mrs 

*543 Wilkins Frank R 

*545 Greeley Wm A 

547 Read Wm 

549 Lewis Helen 

549 Liberty begins 

552 Fales Arthur S 

*554 Joyce Frank J undtkr 

555-561Liberty Block 

555 Chancey Fred F tailor 

*556 Goldberg Louis J 

557 Shapiro Philip plmbr 
*558 Wingate Mary A Mrs 

558 Hastings av begins 

559 Zoso Giuseppe 
*561 Frechette Joseph gro 

562r Dorr George W 

562 Knight Edward 

*562 Wallingford Richard N 

*562 Willis Charles A 

*564 Lachapelle Uldege E 

*564 Lapierre Alderic B ldgh 

56 4 r McCauley Frank A garage 

565 Vacant 
*566 Lapierre Alderic B 

571r Bright Joseph T 

571r Edmunds Stephen F 

571 Homan Benjamin L rstr 

571r Murphy John R 

*571 Paladino Frank 

574 Higgins George P 

575 Fogliani Antonio 
57 5r Vacant store 

*577 Shapiro Phillip plmbr 

579 Cafarella Thomas 
*580 Elson Mark R 

*580 MacGregor Garage Inc 

580 Smart Alfred 

*581 Main Auto Radiator Wks 

581%McGowan George E 

582 Vacant 
*582r Massasoit Knitting Co 

583-589Townsend Block 
*583 Pearce Frederick A bi- 

584 Vacant 
*585 Alfino Felix fruit 
*586 Fahey Frank P house 

587 Smart Alfred C 
*588 Kirwin Fred H plmbr 
*589 Connearney Martin J rstr 

590 Butler Harry W 
*590 Dolan Maria 
*590 Hamlin H Emile 
*590 Osborn Herbert W 
*590 Roberts Dudley 
*590 Whitney Ernest S 
*590 Whitney Ella D Mrs 
*591-593Waltham Wall Paper 
& Paint Co 

588-600Buttrick Bldg 
*594 Clarkson Furniture Co 
*595 Bassing Henry E 
*596 Buttrick Real Estate 

597 Connors Mary Mrs 
*598 Fogler Mary L manicur'g 
*598 Manning John C dentist 
*598 Taylor Minnie G mlnr 
*598 Threllfall Robert E 

599 Chin Sing lndry 

599% Paladino Frank shoe rpr 
*600 Howes & Starr autos 

600 Elm begins 

*601 Trombley Joseph P 

601%Boudreau Joseph 

603-607Adams Bldg 

603 Russo Andrew J barber 
*607 Giardina Bros fruit 

607 Church begins 
*609 Ball A T stationer 

611 Co-op Grocery Stores Co 
*611a Lowe Edwin A 
*613 Yetten Motor Co autos 
*614 City Hall 
*614 Assessors rm 12 
*614 Building Inspector rm 6 
*614 City Auditor rm 1 
*614 City Clerk rm 11 
*614 City Messenger rm 16 
*614 City Solicitor rm 16 
*614 City Purchasing Agent 

rm 14 
*614 City Treasurer rm 2 
*614 Director of Public Works 
rm 3 




123 High Street, 




Main — Cont. 

*614 Mayor rm 15 

*614 Plumbing Inspector rm G 

*614 Public Welfare Dept 

rm 3 
*614 Public Works Dept rm 14 
617-627Central Block 
♦617 Johnson Horace I Drug 

Co The 
*619 Morrill C Co gros 
*621 Gallagher M & Son 

real est 
*621 Moody & Regan prntrs 
*621 Stark Robert M lawyer 
*623 McBride Edward J 

624 Waltham Common 
*625 Natoli Bartolo confr 
627 Brugel Frederick C rstr 
*629 Economy Grocery Co 
629 Economy Grocery Stores 
*633 Waltham Coal Co 
633 Lexington begins 
637 National Bank Bldg 
*637 Barnes & Beal civil engs 
*637 Graves E W & D N genl 

*637 Smith Weld I watchmkr 
*637 Thornburg Benjamin F 

*637 Viles D F & Co Inc ins 
*637 Waltham National Bank 
*639 Varney George W garage 
641 Quinlan Wm rstr 
641 Kirwin's rd begins 
643 McCluskey John J barber 
*645 Barnes H Putnam jr signs 
*645 Bryson Bros prntrs 
645 Rose Abraham J uphol 
645 Unity Club 
*647 Central Sq Market prov 
*649 Kelly Patrick H bowling 

*649 Kirwin Grafton E undtkr 
*651 Victory Lunch 
*653 Cafarella Thomas fruit 
655 Sherwood Hall 
657 Great A & P Tea Co 

The gros 
*659 Patrick Katherine E 

659-663Whitford*s Bldg* 
*661 Corbishley James J Iwyr 
*661 Fisher Business Colleges 
*661 Flynn John J jr lawyer 
*661 Flynn Paul L lawyer 
*661 Monahon Thomas J real 

*661 Two Brothers tailors 
♦661 Watch City Co-operative 

*663 Johnson Robert B jeweler 
665-673Eagle Block 
*665 Reed Ellsworth B drug- 
*667 Mahoney Wm J cigar mfr 
*668a New England Coal Co 
♦669 Lanagan Patrick J do 










































Bellaffatto Giuseppe 

Knowles Thomas Harri- 
son Inc prntrs 
McMillan Gideon K 

Nocera John barber 
Central sq crosses 
Common begins 
Moody begins 
■685Lawrence Bldg 
Eaton-Snell Drug Co 

Clark Chester H hdw 
Bennett Edward S dntst 
Deering Charlotte A 

Gilbert John R dentist 
Hobbs Edward S jr dntst 
Humphries Ruth E phys 
Lanagan Arthur G dntst 
Larkin John J phys 
Lewis James P phys 
MacDougall Wm E 

Mitchell & Graves hrdrsrs 
O'Neil Joseph H optome- 
Shea John F barber 
Taylor Ernest B dentist 
Tinkham Anna G phys 
Rm 12 vacant 
Rm 15 vacant 
Rm 20 vacant 
Katosogianis George 

Boston Consolidated Gas 

Co The 
Kelly Geo I Inc clo 
Hunt C F Co crockery 
Asbury Temple 
First Meth Epis Church 
Katsos Bros confrs 
New England Coal Co 
Western Union Tel Co 
Gately's Market prov 
Masonic Hall 
Gray E E Co gros 
Campbell Mary E rstr 
Lacob Simon dry gds 
Stone & Knight Co tlrs 
Flynn James F baker 
Wallace & Co dry gds 
Taylor Wilfred L harness 

Richardson Frank W hdw 
Economy Grocery Stores 

Masonic Temple 
Willard Service Sta 
Waltham Savings Bank 
Davisson Motor Co autos 
709Prospect Block 
Algeri Agostino barber 
Law & Nutting hdw 
Goodnow Wm & Son furn 
Boston Branch Gro Inc 
Hibernian Bldg 
A H Hall 
Waltham Plating Co 

*711 Waltham Vulcanizing Co 

712 Vacant store 

*713 Perry Peter A harness 

715 Bomba Michael barber 

715 Lee Yee lndry 

*716 Waltham Maternity Hosp 

716 Cutler ct begins 
717r Corbuzzi Costanza 
717r Foote Wm Ralph 
717r Gorziano Salvatore 
71 7r Houde Wilfred J 
719-723K of C Block 

*719 O'Toole Patrick B prod 

*722 Sciibner Lucy A Mrs 

*723 Codyer & Cavanagh stores 

723 Spring begins 

732 First Cong Church 

*735 Waltham Public Library 

*738 Doyle Frank H phys 

738 Stratton ter begins 

*740 Smart Ernest E 

743 Exchange begins 

746 Daniels pi begins 

*748 Motor Service Shop 

*749 Mooney John J undtkr 

*751 Gallupe Harold Q phys 

*751 O'Hara Dwight phys 

*751 Porter Charles T phys 

*751 Wood Henry A phys 

*751 Worcester Alfred phys 

754 Christ Episcopal Church 

*755 Wood Henry A 

*755r Waltham Baby Hospital 

761 Our Saviour Univ Church 

*764 Waltham Training School 

for Nurses 

*765 Heinlein & Arnold prov 

*767 Colonial Rug Co mfrs 

767 Newbrook Herbert deli- 

*768 Webster Francis E 

769 Great A & P Tea Co 

*771 Conte Giuseppe 

*775 Cincotta Bros fruit 

*775 Cincotta Felix 

*775 Cincotta Joseph 

*776 Snell Edward F 

*781 Fuller Charles Benjamin 

782 Grant crosses 

*787 Roark H Alton 

*790 Lyons Robert L 

*792 Gustat Louis 

*794 Barnes Bert A 

*797 Nelson John E 

797 Swedish Lutheran Ch 

801 Bacon begins 

802 Magregor The 
802 Bingham Wm H 
802 Dowd Gertrude Mrs 
802 Hatch Elizabeth A Mrs 

*802 Holbrook Bradbury phys 

*802 Lindsay Harriet Mrs 

*802 Stickney Francis G 

*804 Berman Joseph 

*806 Berman Louis 

*808 Bell Charles R phys 

*809 Smart's Oil Co 

*812 Bacon Hany W 

318 (158) 

Eli f*% ADlf 


Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 


Main — Cont. 




Isaacson Esther A Mrs 


Bell Conrad phys 


King & Co carriage rafrs 


Isakson Carl H 


McCormick Claire T Mrs 


Fiske begins 


Fraim Irving W phys 


Harvard begins 


Maloney Frank A druggt 


Cataldo Joseph M real 



Catholic Circulating Li- 



Jones Louis F dentist 


Worley John L real est 

832y 2 Chong Charles lndry 


Vacant store 

*834y 2 Caia Mario shoe rpr 


Lazzaro Giuseppe 


Barber Mitchell 


Jennings John G 


Barnes Frank L 


Donlan Andrew F 


Lopresti Arthur 


Lopresti Salvatore 


Sullivan Matthew 


Atwood Alfred 


Phillips Russell I 


Riley Thomas J 

' 847 

Howard begins 


Gauthier Francis C 


Cincotta Bros confrs 


Hovey George G 


LeBlanc Samuel 


Loynd Thomas B baker 


Dugan Edward D 


Tilton Isadora B Mrs 

dry gds 


Cataldo Joseph M 


Riley Thomas J 


Bodge Abbie F Mrs 


Hull Joseph 


Schwartz David A 


Leonard Emily M Mrs 


Mankowitch Jacob tailor 


Vacant store 


Connor John T Co gros 


Russo Angelo confr 


Francis begins 


Waltham Packard Co 



Great A & P Tea Co The 



Waltham Garage Co auto 



Lee George H lndry 


Perna Bernardo shoe rpr 


Murabito Joseph barber 


Economy Grocery Stores 

Co gro 


Perna Giuseppe 


Rouffe Louis prov 


McDermott Frank S prov 

876-882West End The apts 


Co-op Gro Stores Co 

*876y 2 Sanderson Horace A 

876%aTaylor Mabel I Mrs 


877 Vacant store 
*878 McGennis Florence M 

dry gds 
*879 Lynskey Thomas F rstr 
*880 Gibson A J & Son gros 
■ 880 y 2 Jones D Warner 
*880y 2 Robinshaw Peter L 

880y 2 aCoddington Arthur W 

880y 2 aMcGennis Florence M 

*881 Milner Mary Mrs dry gds 

*882 Williams & Twigg Co 

Inc druggists 

8S2 Prospect begins 
*883 Wolf Israel F tailor 
*884 Beattie J H Co provs 
*885 Russo Felix A 
*886 Caron Alexander 
*887 Holland Wm prov 

887 Risicato Frank barber 

888 McLeod Winifred Mrs 

890 Taylor Mabel I Mrs rstr 
*891 Dow & Zoehler mfg 


891 Hammond begins 

892 Swanson Carl S 

893 Jenkins & Hinckley restr 

894 Abramson Sander 
*895 Weston's Food Shop 

895a Livermore Walter A 
895b Phelan Margaret Mrs 
896 Draper Isabella Mrs 
*987 Flannery Edw F cigars 
*898 Fewry Joseph L 
*898 Gibbs Richard M 
*899 Caldwell W M Co autos 
901 Siegel Simon S shoe rpr 
*901a Smokier Barney prov 
*903 Exide Service Station 
auto supplies 
903a Ginter Co The gros 

904 Muzzey Jesse C 

905 Cosgrove Wm B 

906 Merrin John 
*907 Carter - Baine Co drug- 

*910 Gibbs Anna M Mrs 
*910 Turner Edith M Mrs 

913 Vacant 

913 Rich begins 

916 Blackstone Samuel tailor 
916b Dyar George F 
916b Madden Joseph M 

*917 Caldwell Frank W 

917 Fennell Edward F 

918 Colburn Sylvia M Mrs 
*922 Connolly Michael J Hon 

924 Bingay Henry U 

924 Anderson ter begins 
*925 Wentworth Mary E Mrs 
*925 Young Anna R phys 
*925 Young Rebecca 

925 Wellington begins 
*930 Mosher Marshall J phys 
*933 Peugh J Winfleld 
*934 Connors Patrick J 
*935 Gilson Peter E 

935 Banks begins 
*936 Corcoran Annie Mrs 































































Crowley Daniel J 

G A & P Tea Co The gro 

McDonald Sadie C Mrs 

Cook Cecil J 

Potter Charles W 

McPherson Levi E auto 

Nathaniel P Banks Sch 

Weston begins 

Banks sq begins 

Gibbs Wm F 

Sheer Louis M auto sup- 

Waltham Plate Glass Co 

Palmer begins 

Kierstead Alice E Mrs 

Banks Sq Lunch 

Prospect Hill av begins 

Brown Sidney E 

Putnam Edith W K 

Phillips Henry A rstr 

Girolami Angelo 

Cincotta Gaetano 

Cain Ambrose J 

Queen Wm J 

Elm av begins 

Mitchell Edward A 

Silver Sydney A 

Prospect Hill rd begins 

Galligan James J 

Galligan Rosanna R nurse 

Waltham Flint Co autos 

Madill George T garage 

Howes & Starr auto rprs 

Johnson Albert auto 

Middlesex & Boston St 
Ry Co car barn 

Lane begins 

Eddy begins 

Everett begins 

Nathan rd begins 

Lunda begins 

Moriarty Sarah R Mrs 

Roesger Simeon 

Carter Franklin 

Petersen Peter C 

Abrahamson August 

Hartford John L 

Barber Frank N 

Garrigan Wm F 

Isaacson Claus A 

Holland Patrick J 

Felt John P 

Edge Hill rd begins 

Mo dine Selim G 

Larson Ansell 

Munster Fred W 

B & M crosses 

Cedar Hill Farm 

Jameson Arthur L 

Kinslow Henry 

Stow ends 

Bear Hill rd begins 

Essex begins 

Osterberg Bernard A 

Anderson John A 

Green begins 

Stone Howard h wilk 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 



Main — Cont. 

*1309 Robinson James A 

1316 Graves Edward W 

*1339 Jackson Herbert L 

*1345 Huguenin Arthur 

♦1347 Bourquin Edgar 

♦1365 Jones S Orville 

*1380 Jones Dexter F 

*1400 Johnson John B 


fr Winter nr Lincoln to Gregory 
wd 2 

fr 158 Crescent to 261 Moody 
wd 5 
*16 Haven Frank H 
18 Johnson Pearl E Mrs 

18 Lovejoy Earl T 

19 Batchelder Adolph S 
*22 Fisher Edward F 

23 Johnson Elinor L Mrs 

25 Olson Sven 

26 Kappler Francis J 
29 Bingham Herbert B 

*30 Hart Irving W 

31 Bartlett Catherine S Mrs 

35 Ruso Frederick 

42 Adams crosses 

52 Williams Roscoe 

*56 Rand J Martin 

59 Coffin Charles E 

59 Gage Christina Mrs 

59 Smith Frederick 
*Qiy 2 Weymouth Lester A 

*62 Carter Harry 

*63 Gallant Placide J 

64 Chase Clarence W 

*67 Brown Charles Waldo 

*67 Reynolds Raymond A 

*70 Conniff Joseph 

73 Smith Wm T 

*74 Dickey Orland H 

*75 Nichols Charles E 

80 Beth Eden Baptist Ch 

81 Richard Sara Mrs 
83a McLeod John 
83b Allan Wm 

83c Sullivan Fred A 

85 Doucette Mathias 
85b Daniels Forest A 
85b McQuillan Grover 

86 Popp Frank 
*87 Wood Gleason 

88 Polk Grace Mrs 

88 Polk Jesse G 

88 Maple ter begins 

89 Frye J Fred 

89 Lawson James E 

*92 Sawyer Fred W 

93 Kierstead Donald E 

95 Smith Melvin E 

97 Young Bldg apts 

97 Dean Alice W 

97 Hare Florence E 

97 LaVerdiere Emile J 

97 Slater Wm jr 

d7 Haven Frank A 

*97 Miller Aaron 

*97 Sanders L Wm 

97 Smith Emily 

*100 Goodell Motor Co 

100 Wong Ying lndry 

100 Moody crosses 

fr 88 Maple north wd 5 
2 Mears Wm H 
*4 Connolly Wm B 

8 Wade Harriet Mrs 

9 Betty Wm 

10 Lambie Eber D 

11 Probert Norman B 
*12 Wheeler Ralph E 

*13 Hamilton Fred W truck'g 

14 Hunger Curt 

15 Averell Misses 

16 Leach Norman M 
*17 Watch Extract Co 

fr 227 Linden to 62 Waverley Oaks 
rd wd 2 
*15 Reed Robert G 
*17 Strout Vernon L 
*27 Travis Charles C 
*43 Rogers John H 

fr 63 Caughey to Hazel wd 1 


fr Piedmont av to south of Rose- 
mont av wd 2 
Wanberg E Herbert 
McCurdy Christopher E 
Bodge Frank J 
Keith Richard P 
Trimount av crosses 
Willette Charles 
Rosemont av ends 


fr 175 Trapelo rd northeast to 
Belmont line wd 2 

*4 Weil Henry C 

*10 Cormier Clarence F 

21 Wiggin Harold D 

23 Harmon Gardner C 

29 Ivaloo ends 

46 Sparkill begins 

59 Fulton John E 

*60 Higgins Wm A 

62 Van Vechten begins 

75 Newburgh ends 

82 Huntington begins 

00 Hartrey Wm 

97 Toronita ends 

106 Humboldt begins 

124 Royal begins 

157 Hamilton Edward 

158 Demerest begins 

fr 110 Woerd av to 17 Park wd 6 
8 Whltten Bollo P 
*10 Harvey Edward C 

11 Logan park 

12 Rollins Thomas G 


junct Crescent Spruce and Adams 
wd 5 


fr 352 Main to 327 Grove wd 3 

*0 Beaver Brook Grain Co 

*00 Morrissey Joseph P metis 

*28 Schoenberger Joseph A 

*32 Cavanaugh Michael 

32 Lowrey Julia Mrs 

*36 Carroll Patrick 

45 Costello Thomas H 

47 Stuart Mary Mrs 

*52 Stanton Edward A 

*54 Stanton Edward J 

56 Clark Joseph T 

*58 Clark Julius D 

60 Ottley Thomas 

65 Massasoit ct begins 

67 Dooner James P 

68 Sloan Edward 
70 Feeney John J 

*72 O'Malley Peter J 

*75 McQuiggan Frank A 

*77 Barrett John 

*78 Cox Mary Mrs 

82 O'Malley Joseph 

*84 Bond Mary J Mrs 

*88 Quinn Patrick 

90 Mangini Gaetano 

00 Sanderson George H 

00 McCarthy Barbara B Mrs 

105 Centre ends 


fr 65 Massasoit to west of Centre 
wd 3 
2 Kelley Patrick J 
*3 Fleming Timothy 
6 Curtin Thomas 
*6%Robinshaw J Benjamin 
6J/ 2 Centre begins 
*9 Hardiman Michael 
*11 Mogan John B 
11% Cotton Frank L 
17 Powers George S 


fr Chaffee av opp Bowker rd to Par- 
sons av wd 2 
00 Candace av crosses 


fr 21 Calvary south wd 7 
8 Di Matteo Raphael 
8 Mase Michael 

21 Gusepe Andofo 

23 Delfano Carmelo 

23 Delfano David 

fr 165 Newton to 15 Whitcomb 
wd 7 
12 Ridente Salvatore 
12%Profita Carlo 
14 Morreali Carmelo 
14 Parrisi Domenico 

14 Riderte Salvatore 

15 Wall begins 

16 Florida Sebastiano 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 




















Rosetta Joseph 
Florida Sebastiano 
Meisner Calvin L 
Malone Catherine Mrs 
Taranto Angelo 
Hart Thomas B 
McKenna Felix C pntr 
Coughlin Bernard V 
Thompson Thomas jr 
Sutherland Beatrice Mrs 
Dean Ruth Mrs 
Fairbanks Helen M Mrs 
Dondero Louis 
Rourke Michael 
Gordy Catherine T Mrs 
Whitcomb crosses 


fr Grove rd nr Trapelo rd to 
Hardy'B Pond rd wd 2 


fr 14 Charles to 15 Felton wd 3 

1 Scafidi Giuseppe 

6 Collura James 

7 Collura Joseph 

7 Russo John 

8 Ferro Giuseppe 

9 Pucci Pasquale 

10 Menarche Joseph 

11 Denault Octavie Mrs 

13 Vacant 

14 Kotcifas Nicholas 
16 Breen Mary Mrs 


fr 26 Common to 23 Spring wd 2 

9 Walsh Wm J 

*11 Mullen James J 

11 Mullen Thomas F produce 

13 Middle st pi begins 

*18 Youngstrom Alfred J pntr 

19 Juliano Angelo 

19 Kelley John 

20 Collura Salvatore 

21 Neufel Phillip 

21 Sicotte John A 

22 Juliano John 

23 Neufel Frank 

25 Mazzarini Antonio 

26 Au Coin Amedee 

26 Rizzo Salvatore 

27 Tomasello Giuseppe 
27 Casella Giuseppe 
30 Filosa Filippo 

30 Mele Pasquale 

31 Bordenca Raimondo 
31 Rizzo Luigi 

31 Salamone Nicola 

32 Filosa Giovanni 

33 Salamone Francis 
33 Capoccia Vittorio 
40 Spring crosses 

fr 13 Middle north wd 2 
6 Filosa Filippo 
8 Papa Angelina Mrs 
10 Papa Mickel 
fr Blossom nr Lincoln to west of 
Ode wd 2 
Pine Hill cir crosses 


Dobbins begins 

Graham Ira G 
Ode crosses 


fr 64 Stow southwest wd 1 
*11 Neelon Thomas F 
*19 Butler Harry T A 

fr Seminole av across Lake to 
Hardy's Pond rd wd 2 
Lake crosses 
Arnold Neil H 
Calvvay Joseph E 

Huett James 
Beverly Paul C 
Cairns Earl A 
Hibiscus av crosses 


fr Piedmont av to south of Tri- 
mount av wd 2 
Marshall Frederick N 
Mason Alfred 
Lawler James F 
Houston Richard M 
Trimount av crosses 
Stinebour Milton S 
Brown Robert H 
Clark Wm J 
Elvvood Wm 


fr 674 Main to Newton line wds 

3 5 6 
Number in parenthesis signifies old 
♦1(0) Waltham Spa confrs 
5-15 (1-5) Mercantile Bldg 
*5 (1) Smart Style Shop 

ladies' furngs 
*9 (2) Wallingford Richard N 

11 (3) Adams Ella C 
11 (3) Mercantile Bldg 
11 (3) Agnew Annie E 
*11 (3) Waltham Chapter 
American Red Cross 
*11 (3) Bannan Thomas F lwyr 
*11 (3) Bannan Wm J lawyer 
*11 (3) Boston Mutual Life 

Insurance Co 
*11 (3) Dowd Patrick J lwyr 
*11 (3) Dowd & French Iwyrs 
*11 (3) Duffy Thomas F lwyr 
*11 (3) French Harry L lwyr 
*11 (3) Harvey John L lwyr 
*11 (3) Higham Elizabeth 

11 (3) Horan Margaret Mrs 
*11 (3) John Hancock Mutual 
Life Insurance Co 
11 (3) Kimball Sarah A Mrs 
*11 (3) Lemont Frank P photo 

11 (3) Leonard Winnie A 
*11 (3) McCarty John A lwyr 
*11 (3) McGahan John H dntst 
*11 (3) Metropolitan Life In- 
surance Co 
*11 (3) Murphy Bernard F lwyr 
*11 (3) Murray Joseph J opti 
*11 (3) New England Mutual 
Life Insurance Co 





























(3) Para-Flux Rubber Co 

(3) Parks Arthur H 

(3) Rowe Willard M dntst 

(3) Saxton Wm F 

(3) Waltham Fifty Associ- 

(3) Waltham Social Service 

(3) Yates Henry 

(4) Evans Motor Car Co 

(5) Zografos Michael rstr 

(6) Waltham Trust Co 

(7) Bowler Edward V dntst 
(7) Stevens Roy B dentist 
(7) Central Sq Theatre 
(8a) Murphy Frank J 


(9) Warren Rufus & Sons 

(10) Odd Fellows Hall 

(10) Philedian Hall 

(11) Waltham Co-operative 

(12) Middlesex County Ex- 
tension Service 

(13) Nugent Martin A sta 

(14) Chase Cedric G photo 

(14) Mackenzie Ronald C 

(14) Thompson Walter C 

(14) Waltham Radio Co 

(14) Welch's Hall 

(15) Robinson J F & F I 

(15) Charles begins 
(19) First Baptist Church 
(25) Felton begins 
(25) Parmenter Block 

(25) Murphy J W & Co 

(26) Carter ends 

(26) Vultaggio Pasquale 

(27) Grand Army Hall 
(27) Hovey Hall 
(27) Waltham Chamber of 

(27) Waltham Post 156 

A L 
(27) Waltham Unit 156 A 

L Auxiliary 

(27) Waltham Watch & 
Clock Co Band 

(28) Blomberge Carl D tlr 
(27) Everett Raymond C 

(27) Hoffman Bertha P 
Mrs manicuring 

(29) Morgan's Art Store 
r (29r) Cushing L W & Son 

weather vanes 

(30) B & M crosses 

(31) Erikson Co wood wkrs 
(33) Marcy Coal Co 
(37) Joyce Thomas A real 

(49) Griswold George 8 




Tel. Conn. 

Moody — Cont. 


141 (43) Huynder Bros confr 

*144 Boston Mfg Co cotton gds 


*145 (47) Hotel Middlesex 


152 (52) Charles River bridge 


*200 (76) Coleman Martin J 


real est 

*200 (76) McCaul & Mitchell 




*204 (78) Advance Hat Shop 



*206 (80) Miller Pop Corn Co 


*208 (82) Books Joseph barber 

*209 (83) Edison Electric Illum- 


inating Co of Boston 




*210 (84) Jones Alfred A dry 



211 (85) Higgins Bldg 

211-221 Higgins Block 


*211 (85) Donlan Andrew F 



♦211 (85) McManama Alfred J 



211 (85) Bobbins Albert F 

watch tool mfr 


*211 (85) Webster Studio photo 


*212 (86) Gordon Frank tailor 

213 (87) Spencer Shoe Co 


*214 (88) Singer Sewing Mach 



♦215 (89) Wonderly Paul E mln 

*218 (90) Straggas Bros shoe 




219 (91) Wadsworth Block 

*219 (91) Cronin Grover J dept 



*219r (91r) Helm Frederick G 




*220 (92) Hartley-Bishop Co 



221 (93) Wadsworth Bldg 

*221 (93) Car rDorothy J studio 


dancing and expression 


*221 (93) Foster Studio photo 


*221 (93) Havey Wm H dentist 

*221 (93) McKillop Anna J 


Stankard Mrs mlnr 

*221 (93) Stankard Walter M 



221r (93r) Mason Joseph B 



*226 (96-98) Berry Henry W Co 



231-239 (99-105) Warner Block 

*234 (100) Janes Bros prov 


*235 (101) Farmers Inc confrs 


*237 (103) Duane Patrick J 



*237 (103) Harry The Tailor 

*237 (103) Kereakidis Harry tlr 


237 (103) Pomodoro Salvy 



*237 (103) Waltham Mutual Aid 



239 (105) Kennedy & Co Inc 



*240 (104) Griff Samuel L fum 


242 (104%) Lembo Philip bbr 


243-251 Connelly Block 


(107) Cobb Clifford S Co 
dry gds 

(106) Shay Jacob dry gds 

(108) Matarazzo Thos fruit 
(110) Sulkin Max toys 
(112) Green River Malt 

Co beverage supplies 

(114) Gim Lee laundry 

(115) Crescent begins 

(116) Demeo Pasquale 

(116) Cusolito Joseph B 

(118) Pine begins 
273 Hall Bldg 

(117) Hall Henry C Store 

(120) Flannery Bros 

(121) Burofsky Ephraim 

(122) Harry's Sample 
Shoe Parlor 

(123) Kresge S S & Co 

(124) Holmes Luce & Co 
(131) Riley Thomas J 

mens furngs 
(126) Daily Free Press 

(126) Waltham Publishing 

Co newspaper 
(131 %) Cataldo Block 
(13iy 2 ) Arcese Eleuterio 

real est 
(13114) Germain Wm 

(131%) Glidden C W 
(13iy 2 ) King Thomas J 

(131%) Schmid Mary 

(128) A U W Bldg 
(128) A U W Hall 
(128) Frost George M & 

Co clo 
(128) Fuller Walter L 

(128) Getchell Robert E 

(128) MacDonald Duncan 

shoe rpr 
(128) North American 

Civic League for Ital- 
ian Immigrants 
(128) Rex Theatre 
(128) Smiley Thora G 

(128) Smiley & Peters 

watch tools 
(128) Staley Delbert M 

(128) Tuttle & Tuttle 

real est 
291 Parke Snow Bldg 
(133) Parke Snow Inc 

dept store 
(130) Gray E E Co gros 
(137) Burns John J law- 


*289 (137%) Jenkins Elizabeth 
F Mrs chiropodist 
289 (13 7V 2 ) Lincoln Hall 
*289 (137) Parke Snow Realty 

♦289 (137%) Reardon Raymond 

P dentist 
289 (137) Waltham Girls Club 
289 (137) Whitten Helen M 

tchr dancing 
*290 (134) Post Office 
291 (139) Whitney av begins 
294 (138) Gordon begins 
*299 (145) Woolworth F W Co. 

*300 (142) Waldorf Lunch 
*304 (146) Waltham Trust Co 
*305 (149) Kelly George I Inc 

*307 (151) Bearce Fred R piano 

*307 (151) Bearce Fred T mus 

*307 (151) "Ruane" Florist 
*307 (151) Waltham Mfg Co 

dress mfrs 
308 Greens Five Cents to One 

Dollar Store variety 
311 (153) Beaton John D 
311 (153) Gardner Henry M 
311 (153) Muise Peter 
*312 (152) Saxe Jacob M shoes 
*313 (155) Levine Albert shoes 

314 (154) Garvey Bldg The 
*314 (154) Ferrick Anna E 


*314 (154) Garvey Arthur R 

*314 (154) Light John F den- 

*314 (154) Natalie Shoppe The 

*314 (154) N E Tel & Tel Co 
plant dept 

*314 (154) Thompson Natalie 

315-323 Cronins Block 

315 (157) Seagal Jack D deli- 

316-320 Kingsbury Block 

316 (156) Kingsbury Hall 
*318 (158) Clark George A 

*319 (161) Waltham Lunch Co 
*322 (162%) Midget The to- 

322 (162%) Ravreby Edward 

M tobacco 

323 (165) Boston Wholesale 

Millinery Co 
323 (165) Spruce ends 
*326 (164) Carter Geo & Co 
329-337 Fulton Block 
*329 (167) McCarthy John J 

cigar mfr 
*330 (166) Cohen Edward clo 
330r (166%) McCaul & Mitchell 

♦332 (168) Canton Low Co rstr 
333 (169) Fulton Bldg 





Tel. Waltham 0940 







































(169) Boynton George E 

(169) Butler Alice M 

(169) Mason Harvey 
(169) Nobile Frederick G 

Prof conser of music 

(169) Speir & Taft jewel 

(168) Canton Low Co restr 

(170) Marn Yee L 

(171) Stankard Millinery 

(173) Beattie J H Co 

(172a) Toomey James E 

(175) Don's Baking Co 

(174) Dearborn Elizabeth 
Mrs corsets 

(174) Seguin Virginia V 

(177) Don's Shoe Store 

(177) Colby av begins 
Salaway A M ladies' 

359 Crescent Realty Block 
(179) Dennen Hollis E 

real est 
(179) New England Coal 


(181) Morse Ira H shoes 

(183) Adams Arthur M 
kitchen ware 

(178) Quinn Joseph M gro 

(150) Taylor begins 
(185) Crescent Realty Blk 
(185) Bennett Annie 
(185) Cox Johanna Mrs 

(151) Bearce Fred T mus 

(185) Daley Mary Mrs 
(185) Haidiman Catherine 

G Mrs 
(185) Hayden Mary A Mrs 
(185) Holmes Ozro H 
(185) Howland Irving B 
(185) King Malcolm C 
(185) Nichol Agnes 
(185) Tyrrell Rose 

(185) Waldron Mary B ldgh 
(187) Hood H P & Sons 

(187%) Davidson Edward M 

369 Saltmarsh Block 
(189) Cohen Frank prov 

(182) Economy Grocery Co 
(191) Baggs Bridget Mrs 

(184) Broderick Patrick S 

(184) Root Hildreth 
(193) Fairbanks Gertrude 

A Mrs mlnr 
(193) Lewandos dyeing 
cleansing laundering 
Holoway Mary A Mrs 

(186) Stokes Wm W hdw 


*367 (195) Cafarella Joseph 

*368 (188) Bassett Furniture Co 
369 (197) Shaughnessy Delia 
369 (197) Shaughnessy James 
369r (197r) Rodenhizer G L 
*370 (190) Forman Joseph tlr 
372 (192) Caia Vincent shoe 
*373 (199) Corney & Bunten Co 

374 (192a) Barron James restr 

375 (201) O'Donnell Bldg 
375 (201) ACE Club 

*375 (201) O'Donnell Charles J 

real est rm 2 
*375 (201) O'Donnell Chas J Co 

jewelers' supplies rm 3 

375 (201) Bryant Warren E 

*375 (201) Turner Kathleen Mrs 

*375 (201) Weston H E Jewelry 

376-390 Harrington Block 

376 (194) Howes C G Co clnrs 
*376 (194) O'Brien & Bellinger 

*377 (203) National Yard Goods 

378 (196) Burns Charles M 
*380 (198) Carter Eugene J 
*381 (205) Junkins Morris S 
3S1 (205) Walnut ends 
*382 (200) Coolidge & Strauch 

Inc undtks 
*384 (202) Stroum N Furn Co 

386 (204) Junkins Morris S 
*388 (206) Barnicle Daniel J 

*388 (206) McLean John 
389-399 Locke Block 
*389 (207) Baxter George W. 

*389 (207) Eddy C F Co coal 
*389 (207) Neil James optician 
390 (208) Berkeley Textile Co 

dry gds 
390 (20S) Cushing begins 
*393 (209) Heath & Co dry gds 
395 (211) Waltham Shoe Re- 
pairing Co 

397 (211) Locke Hall 
*397 (211) Waltham School of 

*397 (211) Wells Ernest L dntst 
*397 (211) Whitten Frank E 

398-402 French's Block 

398 (210) Great Atlantic & 
Pacific Tea Co The 

399 (211) Locke Hall 
*399 (211) Mohican Co prov 
*400 (210%) Garvey Martin J 

*400 (210V 2 ) Sasseville Natalie 
A Mrs mlnr 

*402 (212) Enterprise Dry 

Goods Co 
403-411 Gavolio Block 
*404 (214) Beecher Electric Co 
*405 (213) Mendelsohn's hdw 

406 (216) Glover Hattye J Mrs 

*407 (213a)Hadley Cleon F 

407 (213a) Hampton Mary E 

407 (213a) Glover Isaac S 

407 (213a)McCollum Stillman A 

408 (216a) Waltham Theatre 

*408 (216a) Waltham Theatre 

409 (215) Cloverdale Co gros 
411 (215) Gavolio Block 

*411 (215) Gavolio Fruit Co 
*412 (216b) Burke Philip E furn 

*412 (216b) Sinclair Warren 

real est 
*413 (217) Gordon Milton H 

415 (219) Corrigan John 
*415 (219) Duplessie Raymond A 

416-422 Stark Bldg 
*416 (218) Connelly John 
*416 (218) Stark Tool Co mfrs 
*416a (218a) Elizabeth Candy 

*416a (218a) Steeves Elizabeth 

*417 (221) Weston's Bakery 
*418 (220) Hayward Lucus P 
418 (220) Kelley Daniel E 
418 (220) Rockwell Harry N 

418 (220) Simm Wilbert E 

419 (221a) Brock Wm H auto 

*419 (221a) Perkins Dennis E 

real est 
*420 (222) Shoe Store 
*421 (223) Vandermace Alexan- 
der L elect gds 
*422 (224) Dunn Isabel M Mrs 

423 (225) Jobes Edna K mlnr 
*424 (224a) Rock Mary Mrs 

426-428 Polens Bldg 
*427 (227) Waltham Jewelry Co 
*428 (226a) Polen Samuel prov 
429 (229) Leslie George F 
deputy sheriff 
*429 (229) Towne Warren N 

*432 (228) Milligan James A 
auto accessories 
432 (228) Sullivan Matthew 
radiator rpr 
*433 (231) Cahoon K M Co mus 

436 (232) Ravesi Frank 
436 (232) Ristuccia Joseph 

436 (232) Chestnut crosses 
*437 (231) Butman E B Co 




584 (298) Moody St. tel. 

I 8*IVM«M 

2615 Waltham,Mass. 






(234) Co-operative Grocery 

Stores Co 


(233) Benham Dorothy 



(234%) Kirwin James A 


(234 y 2 ) Papazian Hatchik 


(233a) Jolly Alfred E 


(233a) Walsh Peter D 


(234a) Ritcey Ernest C fish 


(236) Lodzitz Samuel tlr 


(236) Varley Patrick E 



(233b) Papazian Hatchik 

A photo 


(236%) Brown Wm W 


(236%) Hodgkins Edwin F 


(234a) Imbordino Vincent 

shoe rpr 


(237) Jolly Alfred E 



(234b) Wong C B lndry 


(240) Kent-Oakland Co 



(239) Barrett Marion M 


(239) Donnell Ella Mrs 


(242) Cashman Charles F 

auto accessories 


(242) Sullivan Matthew 

radiator rpr 


(244) Demeo Joseph restr 


(246) Hamilton Carroll W 

elect household appli 


(246) Marshall Herbert H 



(246) Merrick Nella var 


(252) Rogers Motor Co 

Durant cars 


(247) Cullen John J piano 



(249) Healey Agnes Mrs 


(251) Brunell Alexander J 



(254) Ascension Epis Ch 


(252) High begins 


(251%) Vacant 


(251a) Vacant 


(253) Wallace Walter M 



(267) Caravaglio Gaetano 



(261) Maple ends 


(268) South Junior High 



(268) So Branch Library 


(261) Eaton-Snell Drug Co 


(263) Davis Ada E Mrs 



(263) Lally Loretta F chi- 



(265) Howard M L Piano 



(267) Vacant 


(269) Ginter Co The gros 


(275) Fire Headquarters 


(275) Engine 1 


(275) Hose 3 

*533 (275) Ladder 1 and 2 


*525 (271) Janes Harold B prov 

536 (276) Alder begins 


545 (285) Immanuel M E Ch 


*550 (282) Taylor Roy A phys 


553 (285) Cherry ends 


*558 (288) Brown Alfonzo R 




560 (288b) Vacant store 

561 (285) Immanuel Meth Epis 




562 (288c) Vacant store 


565 (289) Mollka Nanc em- 




565 (289) Mollica Onofrio 


567 (291) Lee Everett G 


567 (291) Galen Howard E 


*570 (292) Stiles Fred Merritt 



*570 (292) Stiles L Marguerite 


mus tchr 

576 (294) Myrtle begins 


579 (295) Ayer Rolland H 

579 (295) Bell George F 


*580 (296) Derderian Krikor 



583 (299) Dart Frank S photo 

*584 (298) Robbins & Moulton 


Co Inc autos 


*588 (300) Waltham Auto Elec- 

tric Co auto accessories 


*590 (300a) Davis Olive C piano 



*590 (300a) Lawrence Walter A 




*591 (301) Brackett Nathaniel 

P phys 


*591 (301) Dennen Ralph W 



*592 (304) Byam Frank A autos 


*596 (306) Bazley Leroy E 

auto dlr 


598 (308) Bazley Leroy E 


gasoline sta 


*599 (305) Maynard Harriet N 

600 (306) Ash crosses 


*613 (311) Kniznick Louis 


*613 (311) Vaughn Robert L 


614 (312) De Lorenzo Thomas 


616 (314) Munroe John W 


*619 (313) DeLorenzo & Alaimo 




620 (314a) Fernald & Crabtree 




*623 (315) True Charles H 

motor cycles 


*624 (316) Needham Percy E 


*625 (317) Campisi Vincenzo 

shoe rpr 


626r (318) Hutchings Fiske B 

627 (317%) Yee Frank lndry 


628r (318a) Betts Ira 


*629 (319) Blay Philip F prov 


*633 (321) Whitney Edwin C 


*633 (321) Whitney Velma J 




634 (322) MacNeil Charles A 




*636 (324) Milner Forest G 

♦637 (323) Hemenway Frank S 


(323) Hemenway May J 

Mrs hrdrsr 
(326) Blaisdell Emma A 

(326) Munt Charles 

(327) Emerson Effie M Mrs 

(328) Brown crosses 
(333) Can- Wm H 

(333) Dascombe Otho Lee 

(334) Sharp George A 
(336) Dent Rolland 

(335) Muise Joseph M 
Economy Gro Stores Co 

(340) Yafrate Salvatore 
Sottile Giuseppe 

(33 7a) Vacant store 

(342) Rogers Charles L 
(335) Hamilton Malcolm A 

(339) Connolly Marcella A 

(339) Connolly Marcella A 


(341) Shepard Eva L Mrs 
dry gds 

(344) Boudreau Catherine 

(341a) Lenaerts Helen Mrs 
(341a) Lenaerts Helen Mrs 

(341b) Hackett Wm J 


(343) Bloom Albert tailor 

(346) Chute Leonard E 
(348) Corcoran Mary L 


(348) Ryan Martin F 
(343b) Lewis & Warren 

(343) Connor John T Co 

(345) Ventura Block 
(345) Buckley Lee L photo 
(345) Post Office Contract 

Sta 199 
(350) Lopez Antonio exp 
(350) Robbins crosses 
(345) Blay Philip F 
(345) Brown Sarah Mrs 
(345) Galloupe Fred W 
(345) LaPalme Octave M 
(345) Lewis Arthur R 
(345) Moor Charles E 
(345) Leatherwood Ethel 

M dry gds 
709 Brunswick Block 

(347) Ristuccia Lawrence 

(347%) Co-operative Gro- 
cery Stores Co 

(349) Barrett Wilfred 
(349) Broderick John W jr 
(349) Dicks Anna Mrs 
(349) Dolan George T 
(349) Holmes Lida R 
(349) Holmes Lida K 
(349) Home Wm F 
(349) Robinson Helen A 

(349%) Holmes Lida K 





Moody — Cont. 

706 (356) 

Palechio Hattie Mrs 

706 (356) 

Ristuccia Lawrence 

709 (353) 

Hanagan Philip D 


711r (355) Bowman Charles E 

*711r (357)Cartier Merton G 

719r (361)Lopresti John 

714 (358) 

Fitzgerald Annie E 

*714 (358) 

Waltham Knitting 



*715 (357a)Beattie J H & Co 


*715 (355) 

Curran Bros cigars 

716 (360) 

Vail Edward P bar- 


718 (360a)Munroe John W shoe 


*720 (362) 

Finer David tailor 

721 (359y 2 ) Chaisson Peter L 

721 (359%) Poirier Mose 

*722 (362a)Watts & Hyde real 


*723 (359a) Robinson Thomas 


725 (361a)Ginter Co The gros 

♦725 (361) 

McFayden Alexander 

726 (364) 

Wong Lee Indry 

*727 (363) 

South Side Market 

728 (366) 

Paine Peter J plmbr 

-*729 (365) 

Burofsky Robert B 

729 (365) 

Holoway Mary A Mrs 

729 (365) 

Wakefield Carrie L 


*730 (368) 

Beattie Henry J 

730 (368) 

Fay Katherine 


730 (368) 

Gauthier Joseph 

730 (368) 

MacDougall Anna 

♦731 (365a)Ristuccia Lawrence 


732 (370) 

Florida Bros shoe 


734 (370) 

Wadsworth av begins 

*735 (367) 

Red Cross Pharmacy 

*740 (372) 

Cutler Walter C prov 

♦741 (373) 

Strickland Samuel P 


742 (372a) G A & P Tea Co The 

744 (374) 

Vacant store 

746 (374a) Vacant store 

747 (373) 

Orange ends 

750 (376) 

Vacant store 

*757 (375) 

Waltham Pharmacy 

*756 (380) 

Degouff Mitchell 

758 (382) 

Williamson Fred H 

759 (377) 

Berry Rufus S flsh 

761 (377a 

1 Greenwood Creamery 

*763 (379) 

Raines Albert W 


*765 (379a) Economy Grocery 

Stores Co 

772 (392) 

Washington av begins 

*773 (381) 

Reardon John 

781 (385) 

Merrill Lester H 

781 (385) 

Thomas George D 

circulating library 

*783 (387) 

Baker George W 

783 (387) 

Wentworth Roland 




































396) Jensen G Alexander 
396) Loud S A Mrs 
396) Murphy James 
395) Dickey Irvin G 
395) Farnum Caroline Mrs 
395) Gould George E 
395) Kneebone James H 
400) Morse Stephen H 
400) Vinal Earle W 
395) Chester av ends 
404) Waite George E 
404) Wolf Charles H 
403) Fernald Bros gros 
407) Ravesi Frank fruit 
406) Quinn Joseph M 
406) Dexter begins 
409) Smith Charles R 

battery service 
413) Socony gasoline sta 
416) Connelly John 
418) Tanner Francis E 
421) Reed's Comer 

421) Crescent ends 

422) Colonial Filling Sta- 
tion Inc gasoline 

422) Derby begins 
427) Cram Emma C 
434) Smith Nettie R 
434) MacFayden Peter 
434) Kehoe Eva B Mrs 
434) Kehoe Francis F 
440) Nichols Horace 
442) Southwick Clarence J 
442) Underwood pk be- 
450) Morrison James 
450) Halleran Lawrence A 
452) Watts George R 
452) Bradshaw John F 
456) Travis Arthur E 
458) McKenna Wm P 
464) MacNeill Harris L 
464) Adams av begins 
469) Underwood Caroline 
M Mrs 

468) Droz Charles A 

469) Newton line crosses 


fr 95 Calvary to 1 John wd 7 

*9 Werkowski Stanley gro 

14 Welch's Hall 

*18 Jones Catherine Mrs 

*20 Flynn Thomas F 

21 Oak ends 

27 Murphy Anna L 

*28 Kelley James V 

35 Collins Patrick F 

44 John begins 

45 Glynn Peter 

47 Chagnon Arthur 

49 Norton Mary Mrs 


fr 32 Hartwell south to Stony 
Brook basin wd 4 
*4 Roberts School 

22 Barnes Bert A 
24 Vacant 

*25 Lawson Charles F 

26 Hill George W 

28 Sunnyside crosses 

*39 Clifton Alfred R 

*41 Trudeau Henry J 

43 Whitehead Bridget Mrs 

43 Whitehead Leo F 

*47 Cottuli Wm 

51 Hayes Stephen H 

*55 Wherren Charles F 

*57 Buswell Tracy C 

57 Webster begins 

*61 Thompson Luther 

*63 Delesdernier Oran M 

*71 Harris Maud H 

*71 Parker Isana Z Mrs 

*74 Healy Daniel A 


fr 64 School to 12 Liberty wd 2 


Clancy John J 


Read Cornelius 


Dauncey Frederick A 


Huntley Forrest C 


Sutton George D 


Riggoli Salvatore 


Ravesi John 


Butler Daniel F 


Sheridan Ellen E Mrs 


Howe Leo E 


Cyr Louise 


Dupres Max 


Boissonneault G Odelon 


White Julian C 


Fogliani Albert 


fr 56 Calvary to Charles river wd 7 


Standard Oil Co gasoline 


Passerella Joseph 


Terroni Salvatore 


Cincotta Philip 


Sardi Vincenzo 


Rando Anthony 


Russo Thomas 


Ballo Salvatore 


Graceffa James 

fr 35 Harvard west wd 4 
1 Mahoney Wm J 
*3 Perry Peter A 
5 Olsan Hjalmar 
5 Person Gustav 
7 Gallagher Edward F 
*7 Mullen Catherine F nurse 

fr 57 Grant east wd 1 
*1 Munster J Wm 
*1 Munster Wm W 
*2 Munster Frederick A 


fr 158 Dale to south of Felton 
wd 1 
*9 Currin Richard 
*9 Morrison Robert B 
*19 Keene Elmer E 
32 Fentorv begins 
50 Vacant 
*58 Furbush Harriet E Mrs 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 


fr 13 Elm east wd 3 

*0 Barry Ephraim L prntr 

Whitehead Howarth wheel- 

*0 Waltham Auto Painting 

9 Defino Stephen 

9 Haggerty Daniel 

9 Kallos Wm 

9 Manos Peter 

11 Bonica Antonio 

13 Taranto Angelo 


fr 576 (294) Moody to 27 Par- 
menter rd wds 5 6 

*11 Madden Wm J auto tops 

*15 Brower Emery H 

•16 Starr John S 

17 Buswell Wm P 

♦18 Sawin Arthur L 

*22 Campbell Thomas P 

*23 English Mary S drsmkr 

23 Hodgdon Annie E 
*23 Jones Frank 

24 Slacke Arthur E 

24 Ward Henry L 
24a Neal Bertram A 
24a Reynolds Walter K 
24a Turney Edna L drsmkr 

25 Morris James 
25 Pierce Alice G 

27 Lightbourn Eugene S 

27 Morris Albert 

32 Beech ends 

*33r Martinson Axel gro 

*37 Stewart James E 

38 Roche Wm L 

39 Young Fred F 

40 McKenney Charles 

42 Roulston Samuel D 

43 Carson Rebecca M 

44 Sundquist Frederick B 

45 Brigden Warren A 
♦46 Lundquist Carl H 

46 Lundquist Gustav H 
♦47 Pooler Stephen H 

47 Stanley Floyd W 

48 Healey Francis G 

49 Drew Fred L 

50 Larson Gustav M 

51 Lock Wm T 

52 Wetterland Victor 

53 Long James A 

54 Collins Catherine B Mrs 
54 Galen Howard E 

54 McMillan Duncan 

54 Mullen Catherine E 

54 Mullen Winifred V drsmkr 

54 Nicholson Margaret A Mrs 

54 Spelman Michael J 

55 Oakes Edwin E 
•57 Allen George E 
*58 Casey John F 

58 Curran James W 

58 Dexter Thomas P 

*58 Dozois Albert R 

58 M&tson John A 













58 Tibbetts Orlando L 126 

59 Knight Chester T *129 
♦59 Merrill Fannie B Mrs 129 
•61 Bills Edwin L *130 

62 Carlson Carl G *130 

62 Coxall Donald G 132 

62 Isakson Charles R 134 

62 Samways Mark A 135 

*62 Sograve Michael 137 

62 Sundquist Elis *138 

62 Yeo Arthur J *139 

63 Tomlin Edwin G *140 
65 Brunner Rudolph *141 
65 Lowell crosses *142 

*67 Waltham Auto Exchange *145 

Inc *145 

Wayland Auto Bus Line *145 

Pray Fred S *146 

Connors Edward J *147 

McDonald Henry R *149 

Bevins Fred M 150 

Maroney James H *152 

Brannon George A *153 

Clarkson Frederick W *154 

Johnstone James 155 

Sturtevant Seward *156 

Uhlin Werner R *157 

84 y 2 Johnson Oscar E *158 

*85 Waltham Dial Gage Co 159 

86 Fawson John C 160 

86y 2 Klug Edward 163 

*88 Quigley Delia *164 

*88%Baler Ezra furn polish 164 
89 Hershoff Samuel W 

89 MacKenzie Colin D 

90 Daley Edward 
90% Leach Raymond C 

91 Gledhill Alfred 
Clough Milford C 
Taylor Helen M 
Gallant Michael F 
Malmgren Henry 
Sumner Bertha A Mrs 
Collins Daniel B 
Dunbrack Harry 
Parks Russell H 
Linthwaite Matthew G 
McCollester John F 
Mahan Edward S 
Talbot Louis B 
Kyte Thomas H 
Irene The apts 
Briggs Reginald I 
Ellis George fr 470 
Hicks A Edmond 
Leighton Herbert E 9 
Loughlin Wm J *12 
O'Neil John F *14 
Clark Wallace E ' *18 
Parker Wm S *21 
Townsend Henry A 
Stanley Charles E *21 
Bennett Charles W *22 
Codyer Thomas F jr *26 
Curran Margaret Mrs 26 
Delaney John J 29 
Duncan The apts 32 
Maroney Patrick F *33 
Morton George 35 
Murphy James F 36 


































Scribner Rex G 
Doucett Philip 
Newton crosses 
Roberts Charles W 
Roberts Lee L 
Redfern Joseph F 
Nethercote Wm F 
Allen Wentworth 
Fuller Charles J 
Jackson Percy E 
Bazley Leroy E 
McEnaney Charles S 
Parsons Ernest D 
Kohl John W 
Lally Marguerita nurse 
Lally Mary V Mrs 
Jubbs Frank A 
Butterfield Eugene M 
Thornburg George W 
Whipple Dana B 
Butterfield James M 
Burke Catherine Mrs 
Mooney Charles J 
Wheeler Arthur H 
Duncan George L 
Varley Patrick E 
Colloton John T 
Fuller Alfred A 
Waddington Albert D 
Richardson Lincoln 
Bowen Ralph J 
Archambault Joseph 
Parmenter rd crosses 

fr 1072 Main to Everett wd 1 

fr 160 Willow southwest wd 3 
10 Eddows Thomas 
*12 Lanigan Mary Mrs 
15 Vacant 

17 Zanco John 

18 Brennan Patrick 


fr 78 Albemarle av to 75 Marl- 
borough rd wd 2 
IS Copley av ends 
*23 Weeks Annie M Mrs 
35 Nunzeata Luigi 

Main to 64 Fuller wds 3 

6 7 
Robichaud Mastai L 
Callan Michael J 
Broderick John W 
Cronin Lavenia H Mrs 
Leland Home for Aged 

Pendlebury Mary A 
Mclntyre Walter 
Concannon Mary J Mrs 
Barton begins 
French Frances W Mrs 
Demelle Manuel H 
Maher Bridget M Mrs 
Riley Mary Mrs 
Ware Evelyn D Mrs 





Newton — Cont. 

38 Downs Johanna Mrs 

39 Cotter Johanna Mrs 

41 Central begins 

42 Nickerson Alfred F 

44 Reynolds Louis C 

45 B & M bridge crosses 
*60 Sisters of Notre Dame 
*61 Walsh Robert R 

86 Grove ends 

*96 Riley Rose Mrs 

98 Ryan Wm F 

*108 Ryan Bros gros 

110 McGann Michael F 

110 River crosses 

112 Mahoney Patrick 

114 Copprens Henry 

114 Copprens Leon 

125 Charles River crosses 

138 Gosselin Peter 

138 Dyer Wm 

151 Barrett John J 

*155 Hines Michael 

157 Leahy Johanna T 

157 Quirk Patrick 

159 Gricus Leon J 

*160 Harold James L 

160r Mayer Mary E Mrs 

161 McKenit begins 

" 162 Lyons Michael 

164 Jessner Frank 

165 Whalen Wm II 

166 Caia Corrado 

167 Herbert Frederick 
169 Nelson George C 
172 Tyler Charles W 

*173 Murphy Francis S 

174r Jacobs Mary E Mrs 

174 Keough James P 

*175 McCue Patrick 

176 Kane Mary M Mrs 

176 Roman Joseph 

177 Abramovitz Joseph 
177 Falzone Raymondo 

177 Benefit begins 

178 Vanaria James 
178 Vanaria Giuseppe 
181 Mannion John 

181 Ridgewell Nellie Mrs 

182 Calvary begins 

183 Hurley James F 
*183 Hurley Sarah B nurse 
*183 Hurley Rose Mrs 

*189 Nekroshewitz Michael gro 
189M;Galinauski Kasimir 

191 Ferro Antonio 
19iy 2 Martowski Thomas 
195 Vitale Filipo 

*195 Vitale Rocco gro 
195y 2 Melo Carmelo 
195y 2 Buscemi Salvatore 
195y 2 Columbo Guisepp* 

*l95y 2 Lentini Frank G 
195y 2 Plandonis Michael 

*196 McGafflgan Nancy Mrs 
197 Di Gregorio Pasquale 
199 Nolan David J barber 
199 Rizzo Pietro 

*201 Sangermano John tailor 
203 Rizzio Luigi shoe rpr 


Terrasi Luigi 


Alder crosses 


Pine ends 


Pugsley Roland L 


O'Brien James 


Doherty Wm F 


Cacciatore Bros gros 


Danforth Ernest N 


Maguire Jennie Mrs 


Golden Patrick J 


Burnayko Anthony gro 


Goss Francis M 


Yetten ter begins 


O'Neill Thomas F 


Catania Frank 


Fahey James L 


Moriano Giovanni 


Clough Milford J 


Caia Rosario 


Vaughan Hollis B 


Graceffa Frank 


Harrington Wm A 


Cacciatore Carmelo 


Vaughan Benjamin E 


Mula Luigi 


Myrtle crosses 


Profita Clotilda Mrs 


Woodward Edgar S drug- 


Gibbs Express Co 



Lightbourne Amanda Mrs 


Knight Frank A 


B & (VI crosses 


Small Maria E Mrs 


Sangermano John tailor 


Allen Wentworth gro 


New England Coal Co 


Swan Frank E 


G A & P Tea Co The gros 


Gill Robert E 


Gotham ends 


Kampe John E 


Mahoney Daniel 


Fulton Pryor 


Profita Frank 


Ash crosses 


Cacciatore Settimo 


Haggarty Martha J 


Viscogliosi Angelo fruit 


Brown Nancy E Mrs 

229y 2 Dalfino Carmelo barber 


Brown Ralph E 


Monaghan James F archt 


Lincoln Charles H 


Lacava Thomas shoe rpr 


MacClellan Anne Mrs 


Co-operative Grocery 


White Harriet 

Stores Co 


Brown crosses 


Hark & Charney prov 


Newell Thomas A 


Taylor ends 


Benson Carl 


Bryant. Warren E 


Benson Anna M Mrs gro 


Oak begins 


Newton Lacy A 


Lacava Michael A 


Giasson Ambrose 


Lituri Charles 


Ryan Percy W 


Lituri Caloggio 


Spencer Albert E 


Florida Bragio 


Spencer M Ruth piano 


Cacciatore Stephen 



McCarty Mary Mrs 


Beaver Brook Knitting Co 


Melia Joseph 

knit goods 


Hussey Nora Mrs 


Stephens A W Mfg Co adv 


Bolton begins 



Hoglund Gustave A 


Rcbbins crosses 


Particelli Louis A 


Fuller crosses 


Alberti Salvatore 


Bartholomew Michael 



Franchine Vincent 

fr 19 Brown's av west wd 4 


Kyte Ambrose J 


Gaudet Domitille M Mrs 


Walsh John J 


Geoffrion Theophilus gro 


Chestnut ends 


Landry Philip L 


Kyte Catherine T 


Robichaud Elizabeth B 


Clinton begins 



Francis C Lowell Sch 


Leger Cyril J 


Fahey John 


Kenney Ellen L Mrs 


Morley Herbert H 


Lafayette Hall 


Cutter begins 


Geoffrion Theophilus J 


Thornburg Sarah Mrs 


Campobasso Domenico 


Babineau Joseph H 


Ordway Frances H Mrs 



Ellis & Sanderson machin- 

fr 395 

Crescent south wd 6 

ery mfrs 


Swift Orville W 


Waltham Machine Works 


Bligh Joseph 


High crosses 


Lovering Nellie R 


MacRae Isaac 


Moran Robert S 


Smith Harold B 


Pothier Charles A 


Murphy John S 


Balsley Charles F 


Alexander George 


Nichols James B 


Frye Royal M 


Dowdell Alfred J 


Page Henry N 


Dougherty Erwin F 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Norumbega Terrace — Cont. 

17 Majulin Joseph F 

19 Larsen Edwin H 

*20 Stankard John F 

2 Or Bryson Thomas plmbr 

21 Chambers John W 

21 Chisholm John A 

21 White Thomas 

22 DeSisto Pasquale 

23 Cusane Joseph 
23 White Arthur W 

fr 19 Royal to 12 Demerest wd 2 


fr 240 Newton to 21 Moore wd 7 

2 Egan Ruth Mrs 

2 Friberg Hans 

*2 Ryan James A cigars 

*4 Quirk Patrick gro 

5 Chin Charles Indry 

6 Guy Thomas 

7 Mirasola Salvatore 
9 McKenzie John J 

11 Lupo Domenico 

13 Caia Mario 

15 Juliano Carmelo 

15 Nicosia Frank 

17 Crescenzo Salvatore 

17 Rizzo Gerlando 

18 Parrella Rosario 

19 Bergantino Joseph 

20 Doyle Michael J 

22 Lombardi Josephine Mrs 

22 Viscogliosi Benjamin 

25 Bergantino Moses 

*26 Ryan Patrick J 

28 Panzera Giuseppe 

30 Lucchese Giuseppe 

*32 Doherty Wm F gro 

34 Reitchel Max 

36 Doore Daniel 

37 Falzone Rosario 
37 Acorn begins 

*38 Besse Michael J 

40 Lee Thomas 

42 Shaughnessy Mary Mrs 

44 Gondolfo Giuseppe 

46 Crescenzo Biagio 
*46 Heasley John W 

46r Cain John 

47 Rea Antonio 

49 Silver Mary Mrs 

50 Merrill Frank 
50 Parrella Annella 
56 Galluzzo Rosario 

56 Morrella Giuseppe 

57 Plachesterno Augustino 

58 Castellana Angelo 
60 Leach Frank W jr 
63 Guzzi Domenico 
63 Palumbo Pasquale 

*64 Downing Robert F 

67 Rossi Carmelo 

69 Falzone Carlo 

70 Paladino Anthony 
70 Parrella Joseph 
70 Cedar crosses 

*72 Costa Joseph shoe rpr 


Bowen Hannah Mrs 


Bi-ophy Michael R 


Duffy James 


Donlon Michael J 


Healey Patrick J 


Mooney Thomas 


Reams Michael 


Lavash Ernest P 


Collins James A 


Mahoney Michael J 


Martin Michael 


Jones John J 


Kelly Cornelius 


Kelly Frank M 


Moore crosses 


i' Hillcrest id to Hardy's Pond rd 

wd 2 


fr Waltham Highlands sta to 49 
Prentice wd 1 
19 Sunset rd begins 
39 Prentice crosses 


fr Lincoln west of Seminole av to 
Robbins wd 2 
Wentworth Chauncy E 


fr 474 

South northeast wd 4 


fr 282 

Crescent to 373 Moody 

wd 6 


Goodwin Wm A 


Williams C M & Co prntrs 


Richardson Warren 


Vogt Alfred R 


Stevenson John M 


Berry Rufus 


Olson Hilbert A 


Hey worth George B 


Arnold Herbert B 


Howard Horace W 


Gough H Willard 


Hunt Chester 


Bomengen John 


Blanchard Hosley H 


Genitson Fred 


Gugger Edward ' 


Lovette Wm R 


L'Eplettenier Jules 


DeVenne Samuel 


Clark Ida Mrs 


Crabtree E Paul 


Adams Joseph 


Johnson August 


Johnson Ellen C nurse 


Adams Arthur E 


Owens Eugene T 


Wyman George S 


Beane Walter H 


Cutler Walter C 


Maines Ernest L 


Teele Harland S 


Adams crosses 

*52 Hatfield Mildred A Mrs 
52-54Southgate The apts 

53 Young Jennie I Mrs 

54 Donoghue Joseph 
*54 McCabe Joseph M 

56 Geary George 
56M.Littlefield Henry A 

57 Doty Gilbert P 

58 McNeill Wm C 
5 8 y 2 French Frank M 

*59 Osborn Gerald H 

*59 Osborn Herbert E carp 

*60 Drummond Florence 


*60 Drummond John A 

*62 Etherington Thomas 

*62 Raistrick John B 

63 Powers Lavater W real est 

64 Manning Elizabeth Mrs 
64 Trask Elizabeth 

66 Mansfield Lemuel T 

*69 Kniznik Simon 

71 Crocker Mina J Mrs 
*71 Oliver Julia M Mrs 

72 Gaines Minus W 
72 Stowell George L 

*73 Van Wart Ralph E 

*74 Pousland Frank W 

75 Westwood John 

81 Keith Webster D 

83 Whittier Fred D 

84 Seth Berais School 

*85 Walters George F lawyer 

*85 Wyman John W confr 

*89 Hoffman Daniel H 

91 Fernald Guy L 

*96 Finan Margaret nurse 

*96 Loynd Francis S 

*98 Hanson Olivia Mrs 

100 Pickett Catherine Mrs 

102 Phelan John 

106 Moody crosses 


fr 62 Church to 25 Warren av 
wd 2 

*9 McCusker John H jr 
*18 Dillon John J 
*20 Matthews Ellen Mrs 

22 Keenan John J 

24 Ford John J 

26 Kent Howard W 
*28 Paige Rachel Mrs 
*30 Mogan Charles F 


fr Trapelo rd west of Pine Vale 
rd south to Hillcrest rd 
wd 2 


fr 14 Prospect Hill rd across Lunda 
to Edge Hill rd wd 1 
147 Vinciulla Dominiek 


fr Hillcrest to Seminole av wd 2 
Lakeview av crosses 


Dort, Stephens and Cadillac Cars 

E. E. JENNISON, Sec. and Treas. 







Bobbins Clifford W 


Salvation Army 

fr 965 

Main to 48 Columbus av 


Commons Edward P 


Johnson Christina Mrs 

wd 1 


Thornburg Guy F 


Mollica Motor Sales autos 


Clarke Peter J 


Thomas Edar L 


Neal Frederick S 


Goldman Morris 


Sherman Elizabeth Mrs 


Nelson Olaf 


Kinnear Edward E 


Finan Roderick J 


Travers John J 


Legere Abel J 


Gilson Frank 


Hinchey Richard 


Whitten E Harrison 


Heffernan George L 


Langtry Albert P pub 


Thibodeau Wm A 


Green Wm L 


Waltham Evening News 


Caplan Abraham 


Connors Dominick E 


Bradstreet Annie Mrs ldgh 


Chadwick Jennie M 


Ash crosses 


Bradstreet Byron 


Douglas Charles E 


Bain Mary Mrs 


Rawson Moulding Co 


Jensen Conrad T 


Berkshire rd begins 

Bakelite moulders 


Sederquist Anton N 


Annis Albert B 


Gardner Edson W 


Washer Oscar N 


Trenholm James W 


Paul Peter 


Atkins G Everett 


Read Robert H 


Wallace Henry G C 


O'Hare Elizabeth A Mrs 


Brown ends 


Barnard Walter 


Getchell Charles C 


Alcorn John S 


Como James T 


Bartel Paul W 


Robbins ends 


Como John W 


Kirkley Frank L 


Cambria rd begins 


Jacobs Frederick M 


Tuttle Charles J 


Waugh Albert 



Mitchell Mary C Mrs 

fr 19 Rumford av to 142 Riverview 




Pine George H 

av wd 6 


southwest of Edwin id to noith- 


Cronan Catherine L Mrs 


Patterson Ralph G 

east of Mayall rd wd 2 


Hall begins 


Plouffe Victor 


Krinopl John 


Bicknell Raymond S 



Eagan Wm J 


Martyn ends 



Winthrop to 105 Bedford 


Newton Herbert J 


Nunan Ernest H 

wd 4 


Leonard Wm L 


Fletcher Daniel V 


Curtin Hanora Mrs 


Carroll Patrick H 


Allen Frank E 

• 3 

Boulton Mary J 


LeBlanc Dominick 


Fletcher Cora E Mrs 


Smith James F 


Fallon Thomas 


Logan begins 


O'Brien Daniel W 


Cooper begins 


Drury Frederick C 


Riley Charles F 


Glynn Thomas E 


Randall ends 


Jones Arthur C 


O'Brien Patrick E 


Parker Willis F 


Beeler Fred A 


Frazier Wm L 


Riverview av crosses 


Riley Frank B 


Chisholm John 


Sumner George H 


Whalen Nora Mrs 



Brown James M 


Rogers Joseph J 

fr 43 Fiske av to 40 Fairmont av 


Twigg Horace C 


Burke Peter J 

wd 4 


Stevens Howard B 


Foster Leonard 
Lowell begins 




C'harest Emil 

fr 20 Church to 90 School wd 



River to 45 Clark wd 3 


Scanlon Daniel 


Copson James J 
McGlinchey James A 



Ryan Timothy F 
McAvoy Frank E 


Copson James W 


Trapelo rd west of Outlook rd 


Joubert George W 


Copson Wm A 

south to Hulcrest rd 


Mclver James T 


wd 2 


Halpin Ambrose 

fr 185 

Willow to 19 School av 
wd 3 


College Farm rd to east of Bal- 


Spellman John J 
Davock Michael J 


Loftus Bridget Mrs 
Doucette Peter 
Russo Antonio 

sam Fir av wd 2 
Montclair av begins 
Marivista av begins 



Fitzsimmons John 
Cusolito Joseph B 
Quinlisk Michael 


Ryan Bridget V 
McGovem James 

Balsam Fir av begins 


Edison Electric Illuminat- 
ing Co of Boston The 


Welch Wm F 


sub sta 


Ryan John 

Bacon junct Lexington wds 1 2 


Gray Arthur L 
Gardner begins 




Cooper Joseph G 

fr 10 ! 

■Shirley rd southwest wd 2 



of Forest southeast wd 2 


Dwyer David 

Devlin Thomas F 


Condon John 




Mansur Agnes Mrs 

fr 157 

High to Newton line wd 6 



Markos Christos 


White Leon G 



(118) Moody to 205 New- 


Pitt'Wm H 


Hanagan Philip D 

ton wds 5 7 


McGuigan Herbert 


Clapp Lyndon 


Vacant store 


Norton Thomas F 


Alder ends 


Judge Thomas H barber 


Roulston Robert 


Streeter Louis A 


Kostis Peter restr 


Griffin Wm F 


Myrtle ends 


Mullen Mary J 


Johnson John W 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Pine — Cont. 

107 Minnock Bridget Mrs 

109 Page Anna Mrs 

109 McCarthy John J 

111 B & M crosses 

112 Bradley David M 

*112 Gleason Patrick S druggt 

116 Elm ends 

*118 Brosnahan Wm J 

*119 Gazziano Giovanni 

120 Cormier John 

121 Tortorici Frank 

122 Bourque Fred A 

124 Walsh Delia Mrs 

125 Holmes Andrew 

126 Coen Annie- L 

127 McDonough Margaret Mrs 

128 Thibault Gideon 
134 Newton crosses 


fr end Blossom across Lincoln to 
Lakeview av wd 2 

Lincoln crosses 

Bradley Harry E 

Mosher Loring B 

Read Walter A 

Bergeron Arthur 

Waters James W 

Sweatt Herbert L 

Davidson George 

Rose John A 

Doyle Julia Mrs 


fr Trapelo rd nr Hardy's pond south 
to Hardy's Pond rd 
wd 2 
Hi Merest rd begins 


fr Hardy's Pond rd west to Brook 
rd wd 2 
Brooks Thomas W 
Grove rd ends 
Mansfield Wm H 
Marden Frank P 
O'Meara George 


fr 451 Main to 2 Summer wd 2 

♦12 Whitcomb Hannah E Mrs 

*17 Basley Fred R 

♦18 Faden M Louise Mrs 

21 Ellison pk ends 

*27 Adams James 

*32 Mann Francis C 

*39 MacFarlane Charles B 

♦40 Taft Harry C 

♦44 Whitney Frank L 

*45 Bates George M 

*49 French Clarence F 

49 Ellison pk ends 
*50 Johnson G Frank 

50 Summer begins 


fr end Villa to south of Fairview 
av wd i 


fr 160 Lexington to Upland rd 
junct Woodland rd wd 1 

00 School Athletic Field 

*00 Boston Brass Co 

*00 McAuliffe Non-Siphoning 

Trap Co 

00 Bacon crosses 

3 Smalley Richard 

*9 Nolan James A 

13 Halsted Charles 

15 Farrington Thomas B 

16 Carroll John 
16 Harris Guy E 

*17 Kenny Jennie F Mrs 

17 1 / 4Landgren John A 

*18 Connors Michael J 

*19 Gillispie James C 

*20 Dougherty Dennis W 

20 Plympton av begins 

21 Lane John J 

21 Farnsworth av begins 

22 Boynton Clark W 
24 Spedding Thomas 

*25 McDevitt James 

26 Wilson Clinton L 

28 Mahoney Neil 

29 Caughey begins 

30 Crough Charles W 
*49 Vittum Ralph E 
*53 Freeman Roland B 

55 Morrissey John J 

59 Sheard Joe 

*65 Fleming Julia Mrs 

*65 Stover Guy B 

65 Leonard begins 

*66 Dillon Thomas 

74 Kimball George H 

*82 Draper Fred E 

*82 Whitcomb John F 

83 Stearns Alvin R 

*87 Nutting Robert F 

88 Whitcomb Ernest A 

93 Hammond crosses 

*105 Lyons Mary J Mrs 

*107 Torrop Noel H 

*109 Ritchie Robert M 

*117 Sawtelle George M 

118 Lawrence crosses 

*119 Chadwick James 

*131 Maurer Wm A 

*137 Hinman Howard A 

141 Lathrop Angie S Mrs 

142 Irving crosses 
144 Prentice ends 

*152 Linder Robert E 

153 McDonald Alexander J 

*154 Linder Carl 

159 Ballard George F 

*163 Moody A Lincoln 

129 O'Dea Patrick 

163 Hawthorne rd crosses 

see Plympton wd 1 


fr 20 Plympton south wd 1 

15 Dennison Walter C 

15 Ryan Ellen Mrs 

00 McGowan Francis L 


fr 96 Lexington to 91 Bacon wds 
1 2 
Flynn John G 
Flynn Mary E J Mrs gro 
Driscoll Benjamin J 
Carney John J 
Hinchey Annie L Mrs 
Boulton Frank A 
Lasalle High School 
Christian Brothers 
Katsogianis George 
Small George 

Rooney Wm F 
Rooney Martin 
St Joseph's Parochial Sch 
Sister Catherine Julie 
Sisters of Notre Dame 
Peabody Edward T 
Coleman Patrick H 
Manion Ellen F Mrs 
Johnson Elizabeth F Mrs 
Mo ran Martin 
Mo ran Thomas W 
Keane Martin J 
Flynn John J 
Quinn Joseph A 
Read Wm 
Buckley Irwin F 
Ranap Rudolph 
Saloucci Peter contr 
Clasby Wm F 
Goguen J Arthur 
Cahill Annie 
Exchange ends 
Burke Wm J 
Pond st ct begins 
Carney James 
Ryan Joseph 
Minihan Daniel 
Stankard Mary E 
Bamforth Washington I 
Manning Wm F 
Dolan John J 
Barry Edward 
Young Wm J 
Donlan Winifred Mrs 
Dunlop James 
Public Wks Dept stables 
Castle begins 
Corbett Thomas J 
Healey James J 
Cloherty John J 
Welch Nora Mrs 
Bergin Thomas F contr 
Allen Alfred J 
Leonard Patrick J 
Tarpy Bridget Mrs 
O'Day Peter 
Burke Patrick F 
Leonard Mary Mrs 
Glynn Dennis 
Woodbury Charles 
Bacon crosses 









<> 17 






















































fr 380 Lexington to Lincoln junct 

Winter wd 1 


685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 





fr 79 Pond north wd 1 



Geofferion Ada Mrs 



McDonald Hugh 



Rocheleau Hormidas 



Vinciullo Giuseppe 



Keane Patrick J 



Vinciullo Nunzio 



Keane Michael J 



Zink John A 




fr 10 Bedford to 11 Highland wd 4 



Hoagland Victor 



Bennett James J 



Griggs Ella M Mrs 



Bobbins Chester C 



Johnson Fritz D 



McDonald Elizabeth 




fr 57 

Prospect Hill rd to 144 


Plympton wd 1 



Hague Frances Mrs 



Elson rd begins 



Hawley Philip B 



Tulis Catherine 



Tompkins Albert W 



Swan Edward N 



Sterling rd begins 



Hildreth J Victor 



Sartell rd ends 



Oak Hill rd ends 



Elliott Wm J 



Sunset rd ends 



Plympton crosses 






fr Hiawatha av to south of College 

Farm rd wd 2 

Melvin George H 

Lake crosses 



108 1/2 







Gaudett Paul M 

Kimball Clara 

Bourque Napoleon 

Bogerson Arthur 

Amherst av ends 

Thurston Arthur E 

Stewart Wm C 

White Harry J 

Champagne Telesphore 

College Farm rd crosses 

Bandall Edward G 



fr 882 Main across Charles river to 


159 Crescent wds 4 5 6 



Kirk Lawrence N barber 



Miller Alfred H fish 



Wentworth B W & Son 





Cavallaro Chas J shoe rpr 



Guerrero Gaetano confr 



Dent Carl 



Holl Emma A Mrs 



Land Fred pntr 



Dart Annie G 



Anderson Abbie A 



Wentworth Edith 



Wigmore Walter L 



Hose 4 


Russell crosses 
Mudgett Herbert R 
Sharpies Daniel pntr 
Bobertie Paul P 
Warren Lowell E 
Peterson Jacob J S 
DuBois Mabel L Mrs 
Hayward Mary E Mrs 
Barker George J 
Colburn Olive J Mrs 
Waren Harry S 
Vernon begins 
Morse Cyrus A 
Bill Harriett M Mrs 
Desmond James J 
Totten Leslie C 
Taylor George W 
Bent Edson 
Bowditch Elizabeth A Mis 
Borger Edwin C 
Priest Herman E 
Loynd Joseph B 
Willey Edwin Y 
Prospect st av begins 
Beattie Linda Mrs 
Goguen Telesphore 
Brown Colby 
Sinclair Martha Mrs 
Stone George A 
Ter Goukasoff Stephen B 
Howe Sarah M Mrs 
Mosher Annie S Mrs 
Patriquin John B gro 
Pliskin Soloman 
Porter Earl B contr 
Porter Maude Mrs var 
Wilcomb Charles L 
Charles crosses 
Thompson Baymond E 
Boyd Charles E 
Birkenshaw Ida M Mrs 
Baker Wm P 
Hill Edgar H 
Atkins John G 
Quinn Annie 
Eaton Henry G 
Morrell Edward H 
Caswell Henry 
Groom Nathaniel F 
Wolk Aaron 
Bedford begins 
Morrisey John W 
Shields James F 
Stanton John J 
Mulvihill James A 
Morrisey Bridget Mrs 
Bowman Wm prov 
Salamone Joseph barber 
Lee Wing Indry 
Highland begins 
O'Hern Joseph F 
LaGouff Margaret E gro 
Simeone Gaetano confr 
Hodgkins & Co gro 
Quimby Frank H druggist 
Felton ends 

Salamone Nicola shoerpr 
Pliskin Solomon tailor 

144 Deveaux Frederick F 

144 Soldi Alfonzo 

148 Bazzo Sal va to re barber 

150 Cohn Jacob 

150 Gaudet Camille J 

150 Quinn Frank E 

155 Sharon begins 

162 Nussinow Samuel A 

164 (Irquhart George T 

165 Marcou Leopold shoerpr 

166 Cavallaro Charles J 

167 Morrell Edward H flsh 

168 Nelson John I 

168 Porretta Domenico gro 

175 Tyler Joseph B plmbr 

179 Bomotsky Morris tailor 

179 Bellevue begins 

184 Marcou Walter 

*186 Poretta Domenico fruit 

186 Sun ends 

*200 Peterson & Son ice dlrs 

*200 Waltham Ice Co ice 

*200 Waverley Ice Co ice 

*204 Landry Ovide 

204 B & M bridge crosses 

000 Riverview pi begins 

000 Riverview Station B & M 

*000 Mt Feake Cemetery 

*000 Nutting - Pillman Amuse- 
ment Co 

000 Charles river crosses 


fr 63 Prospect to 239 Charles wd 4 

8 Starmer Ada Mrs 

10 Anderson James G 

*13 Greenleaf L Herbert 

*16 Thomas Joseph G 

*18 Brennan Luke 

25 Armstrong James F 

27 Gutafson Gustaf M 

*31 Ballantyne Harris B 

*31 Bichardson Henry K 

*32 Carver Baymond J 

*32 Coye Wm F 

*36 Newell Harry W 

*37 Ballou Clyde D 

*37 Carney George W 

*38 Lappin Frank P 

*39 Allen John L 

*40 Coen Bernard A 

*40 Coen Patrick J 


fr 975 Main to 19 Prospect Hill 
rd wd 1 

*15 Bowman Wm 

19 Columbus av ends 

20 Bond Arthur E 
*22 Brooks George F 

24 Lowell Percival 


fr 997 Main to Locust wd 1 

14 Overland rd begins 

19 Prospect Hill av ends 

24 Smith Eugene 

37 B & M crosses 

57 Prentice begins 

00 Jennings rd begins 


Real Estate, Investment and Loans 

375 (201) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 0110 WALTHAM 


Hill Rd— Cont 


Abrahamson Oscar 


Keegan Thomas 


Lunda ends 


Strom Frans O 


Smith Adrian 


Hunter Estella Mrs 


Glen rd begins 


Glen rd ends 


fr 246 

Lexington across Bacon to 

89 Galen wd 1 


Bacon crosses 


Claremont ends 


Bradford ends 


Galen crosses 


fr 122 Woerd av to 21 Park wd 6 
*7 Hutchins Merton P 
*11 Boothby Percival D 
*11 Leitch Wm T 


841 (421) Moody junct Crescent 
and Derby wd 6 

fr 913 Main to B & M wd 1 
8 Prue George H 

10 Teele Louis G 

11 Cormier Adolph F 
*12 Kendregan Thomas E 
*14 Guinan Mary V Misses 

15 Holicker Abraham 

*17 Chamberlain Herbert W 

*19 Eagle Martin J 

*20 Leverson David 

21 Dawson Harry S 

23 Graves Robert C 

23 Kennedy Fred J 

25 Lang Oswald T 

*26 Burr Sidney A 

27 Lundell Hans 

28 Quinn John J 
*29 Kilman Axel 
*30 Stackpole Misses 
*31 Turcotte Louis A 
*32 Stevens Wm W 

33 Perry Wm 

34 White Joseph A jr 

34 Wellington av begins 

35 Hartnett Leo A 

*37 Bunker Elizabeth L Mrs 

*39 Pickett Jennie L 

*41 Gaul Mary E Mrs 

43 Spencer Edward J 

43a Foster George G 

*43b Clarke Frank A 

43c Garrigan John R 

*45 Brodrick Ansel W 

*44 A meson Mary Mrs 

45 Cheney H Howard 

*45 Elsmore Philip S 

*45 Merrill Harry 

*47 Homer Harold L 

47a Miller Alfred H 

*47b Bryson HeTbert J 

*47c Mosber Harold A 


*49 Plumer Ralph M 

48 Weiner Hyman 

*51 Gordon Milton H 

52 Kay Hanford J 

*53 Rosenburg Edward 

54 Hale Edmund A 

55 Malloy Edward F jr 
*56 Darcy Harriet E 

57 Merowitz Philip 

*58 Owen Charles A 

*59 Britton James E 

60 Badger George F 

62 Hodgdon Raymond 

*65 Britton James A 

66 Columbus av begins 

69 Heuter Peter M 

*70 Wellington Edward W 

70% Chase Joseph W 

*71 McDonald Mary A Mrs 

72 Burke John J 

73 Goranson Gotthard 

74 Labow Wm I 
*75 Seaburg Harry C 
*77 Crevoshay Abraham 
*79 Rouffe Louis 

81 McCul James F 

83 Britton John J 

*85 Page Robert 

87 Poole Frederick 


fr 47 Gore nr Main west wd 3 
*12 Stevenson Luther D 
sweater mfr 


continuation of Ridgewood ter to 
Sibley rd nr Weston 
line wd 4 


fr 475 South to Ridgewood rd 
wd 4 
7 Davisson Richard H 
*0 Sanderson Albert E 
*0 Newton Porter L 
*0 Zimmer George J 


fr 285 River to 23 Clark wd 3 
*13 Manning Patrick 

13 Tormey Mary A drsmkr 
*14 Connors Dennis 
*14 Connors Mary E nurse 
*15 White John 
*16 Rooney Michael F 


fr Watertown line to 80 Elm opp 
B Mfg Co wd 3 
36 Ryan Edward 
36 Crawford Matthew 
36 Page George B 
36 Woods Glenn 
*37 Bauer George H undrwear 

*37 Columbia Counter Co shoe 

counter mfrs 
*37 Dunn John A Co chair 

40 Farwell begins 


*49-59Wade American Tool Co 

*50 McCullough Alexander 

50 Roach John J 

*69 Ford John F 

*70 McQuiston John J 

73 Shaughnessy Martin H 

75 Bray John F 

*77 Rand John F 

79 Gallagher Eugene J 

81 Smith Mary A Mrs 

105 Benton Wm J 

*105 Bleachery Fuel Co coal 

*105 Standard Charcoal Co 

*107 Diskin Hannah M Mrs 

109 Hague Joseph 

111 Burke Catherine A 

lllr McGuire John J 

129 Bleachery Sta B & M 

*138 Waltham Bleachery & 

Dye Wks 

137 B & M crosses 

139 Willow ends 

*153 McCullough John H 

*155 Burke Thomas J 

*155 Reid Henry C 

*163 Fulton Robert S 

164 Flanagan Patrick 

*165 McCullough Thomas J 

*165 Silman George H 

166 McCourt Francis J 

168 Monahan Thomas J 

175 Sturtevant Harold B 

178 McGuinness Stephen 

182 McNulty John J 

184 Ward Mary 

185 School av begins 

186 Carey Baltrues 

187 Connelly Michael F 
*187 Keefe John 

189 Gordon Katherine 

*189 Osgood Richard 

196 Mandile John 

*199 Corbishley James J 

*199 Corbishley James J 

*200 Duddy Thomas 

*202 Cooley Michael 

203 Taggart George E 

205 Holland John P 

207 Byrne Matthew J 

208 Roberton Ernest L 
208 Brown Walter G 
210 Toohey Michael J 
213 Cooley John 

*213 Flood Francis J 

*214 Byrne Joseph 

*215 McQuiston James W 

*215 Cooley Ellen Mrs 

220 Algeri Vincenzo gro 

*222 Sheridan Michael J 

224 Sheridan Joseph P 

*226 Tierney Michael P 

228 Fay John J 

230 Bowen Thomas J 

*k32 Howe Patrick J 

234 Gilligan Thomas 
*235 Mr-Mullen Wm J 

235 Bright ends 

236 Gauthier Joseph jr 

237 Gill Michael 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 


W. A. i 



River— Cont. 


McGonigle Patrick 


Glancy Robert E 


Gordon Katherine T 


Ormond Fred V 


Ryon Eppa H 


Kezar Frank H 


Jackson pi ends 


Frese Frederick C 


Zelinsky Jozef 


Burke Delia Mrs 


Wellcome Frank D & Son 


Bennett Robert E 


Law Arthur 



Gale begins 


DeCoster Isadoie 


Wellcome Frank D 


Culkin Daniel 


Jackson Wm F 


Hunt Glennie A Mrs 


Culkin Edward 


Lindner Catherine Mrs 


Ryon Tracy B 


Parker Alfred C 


Fallon Kate 


Bickley Charles 


Scanlon Mary E 


Levasseur Joseph A 


Allen Charles B 


Davock Martin gro 


Fitzpatrick Mary Mrs 


Dennison ends 


Egan Michael F gro 


Walsh Cornelius J 


Woerd av crosses 


Peirce begins 


McAnna Margaret 


Hemeon Harold S 


Farrell Patrick J 


Langley James W ldgh 


Lyon Walter M 


Davock Martin H 


Leaver Henry 


Doucette Charles H 


Curtin Joseph F 


Arseneault Henry 


Park ends 


Burke Joseph F 


Cannistroro Alfonzo 


Dicks Joseph 


McGrath John A 


Greenwood Edward J 


Rand & Dicks contis 


Smith Catherine Mrs 


Marcopolis James 


Rayner Walter 


Steede Patrick 


Renton John 


Lacasse Charles R 


Cash Joanna T 


Grenier Zepherin 


Livernoche J & Son 


Smeaton John 


Strazdus John 

screen mfrs 


Jones Paul 


Bergeron Clifford C 


O'Hara Thomas 


Brannelly Martin F 



O'Hara Thomas jr 


Bannon Thomas J 

fr Prospect south of B & M east 


Ashton Reece R 


Cotter Richard J 

wd 4 


Tracey Michael F 


Hilo Simon 

Dimmell James W 


Keating James W 


Schoorens Franz 


Ripley begins 


McCue Thomas F 


Fitzpatrick James 


Goos August 



Ryan Ellen Mrs 


Roach Arsene 

fr 258 

Crescent to 91 Parmenter 


Martin Maggie Mrs 


Bergeron Arthur 

rd wd 6 


Casey Wm B 


Alley Fred E 


Smith Harlan C 


O'Brien James 


Curtin Mary Mrs 


Eckhardt Ernest E 


O'Connor Michael 


Kudis Tarodus 


Loynd Wm L 


Kenney Catherine Mrs 


Elm crosses 


Dakin Leon F 


Chapin Mary L Mrs 


Webster Abbie B Mrs 


Myshrall Mary A Mrs 



Wilson Emerson K 


Walsh Gertrude Mrs 

fr 86 Elm nr the bridge wd 3 


Duffy Michael F 


Eagan Annie Mrs 


Shepley Thomas 


Carter George E 


Hassett John J 


Santamira John 


Sterling Thomas 


Warren Adolph 


Yankowski Anthony 

17%McIntire Inglison R 


Clark begins 


Schiettecate Joseph 


Adcock Charles J 


Wienckiewicz Kaietan 


Anthony Jacob 


Newton Joseph F 


Canistara Francesco 


Whitney Arthur C 


Waterhouse Reuel 




Tuttle George E 


Galinauski Kasimir barbei 



Turner Mendal C 


Hynes Michael 

fr 95 1 

Woerd av to Newton line 


Lavers Harry I 


Simeone Maria Mrs gro 

wd 6 


Clark Josiah S 


Dempsey John J 


Bartlett Sarah J Mrs 


Wellsman Edwin S 


Newton crosses 


Friebe Samuel 


Wordell Everett G 


Peletier Sophronia Mrs 


Drown Linus W 


Hoffman Simon 


Auld John S 


Whitten Charles H 


Patterson Mary Mrs 


Valliere Henry 


Howell Wm H taxi service 


Livernoche Joseph 


LeMay Arthur 


Stevens Abbie F Mrs 


Marcelle Louis J 


Maguire George J 


Stevens Nellie A Mrs 


Michael Irene Mrs nurse 


Chaisson Thomas J 



Champion Verna M Mrs 


Dallaporta Raymond 


Stevens Roy B 


Prescott Earlan C 


Ludessi Wm 


Winterhalter Wm 


Wiley George A 


Stigmatini Fathers 


Haines Wm M archt 


Conner Ella F Mrs 


Lawton pi begins 


Dennison begins 


Daniels Fred L 


Pellerin Ferdinand 


French Clarence B 


Elwell Edward C 


Koridko Vassily 


Saumsiegle Henry G 


Marsh Henry 


Kowaleski Michael 


Hemeon Clayton I 


Adams crosses 


Syko Andrew 


Hamilton Deborah Mrs 


Claffey Ellen A ldgh 


Baltules Frank 


Clements Benjamin F 


Wilkie Frank L 


Jackson ends 


Wiley A Frank 


Nickerson Orville C 


Kowaleski Wm 


Purdy Wm C carp 


Cain Ida M nurse 


Cannistroro Carmelo 


Hull Edgar L 


Watson Henry H 


Sacred Heart R C Ch 


Brewster Irving W 


Betts Emma C 



123 High Street, 


Rob bins — €ont. 

58 Britton Elizabeth M Mrs 

58 Piper Lucy Mrs 

58 Thurston Martha E Mrs 

59 Gordon Leomon 
61 Gordon Harry W 

♦64 Chase Mary J M Mrs 

*64 Pickles Robert V 

64 Thurbur Angus A 

65 Mackenzie Alexander C 

66 Feener Bernard R 

66 Turner George A 

67 Colbum Sylvia M Mrs 
*68 Bell Thomas J 

68 Hilts J Edward 
*70 Mullen Prank A 
*70%Sherman James E 
*71 Judd Thomas A 
*72 Daniels Lawrence L 
*73 Connerney Michael F 
*74 Rogers Azilda Mrs 

76 Doe Marvin 
*76M>Hanselpacker Clara M 

*76 1 / £Hanselpacker Rebecca E 

77 Henson Blanche H 

77 Wescott Charles M 

78 Jones Richard 
*78y 2 Rice Frank W 

80 Regennas Wm D 

80 Lally J Frank 

81 Grant Walter B 
*81 Hodgkins Albert G 
*82 Root Fred B 

82 Thompson Hammond J 
*82y 2 Luce Russell B 

*84 Pelkey Charles 

*85 Palmer Ernest P 

*85a Harding Solomon 

86 Blood Addie E Mrs 

86 Hodgkins Ambrose 

86 Lewis Leslie H 

89 Hopkins George W 

*90 Wier Alfred L 

*90y 2 Carr Herbert A 

91 Alcorn Wm S 

91 Hinman Fred W 

92 Holman Olaf G 
94 Beach Thaddeus A 
94 Fader Ray ton E 

*95 Fadden Evelyn C Mrs bdgh 

*96 Bent Louise J Mis ldgh 

105 Moody crosses 

115 Marshall Albert S 

116 Vacant 

*117 Lundgren Emil 

*118 Jones D Manley 

*119 Atwood E Eleanor Mrs 

*119 Doe Ernest I 

*120 Tamlyn Minnie A Mrs 

126 Robbins pi begins 

129 Woods Clyde W 

*133 Dent Raymond 

133 Fiske Albert P 

138 Bames Ole E 

138 Colarullo Carmine 

139 Backman Arvid C 
*139 Handrahan Albert A 

139 Marcy Sarah B Mrs 


140 Crawford Fred K 

141 Wilson Harry V 
144 Simmons Wm W 

*146 Levoy Herbert E 

*145 Mott Albert A 

*147 Kelley Peter E 

149 Blaisdell Harry W 

151 Berry Margaret E Mrs 

♦153 Johnson Wallace L 

*152 Ellison Leroy A 

*154 Potter Wilfred D 

155 Thompson-Evans John 

164 Denniston Annie F Mrs 

166 Lowell crosses 

*171 Young Milton I 

176 Jewett Arthur C 

♦177 Colbum Rosetta E Mrs 

♦178 Goguen Dora M mus tchr 

*178 Goguen Maxime 

•179 Kemp ton John 

♦180 Bjorkman Charles K 

*181 Campbell J Leslie 

181%Howe Herbert A 

*182 Willis Frank A 

183 Wellington Horatio A 

*186 Brophy Thomas A 

*186 Haggerty Fred M 

186 Singleton Wm S 

*187 Downs Wm H 

189 Reinhardt Homer W 

*190 Sundquist Carl 

*191 Hopwood Wm R 

*191 Hyland Cecil Y 

*192 Burrill Frank H 

193 Schofleld Freeman R 

194 Hedlund Fritz 
*195 Collins J Joseph 
*195 Small Charles E 
*196 Ronkainen August 
*198 Cossaboom Charles 

198 Fawson George C 

*199 Qualters Thomas S 

*200 Browning Harry A 

201 Anderson Mary M drsmkr 

201 Anderson Wm 

201 Westland Robert 

201 Tolman begins 

*202 Clapp Frederick R 

*206 Innes John C sign pntr 

*206 Innes Wm H 

*206 Loving George W 

*214 Fisher Frank B 

215 Tracy John W 

216 Ball Wm C 
*217 Joyce Wm H 

221 Pierce Warren A 

224 Vacant 

227 Claypole Arthur H 

227 Newton crosses 

*235 Beecher David H 

*237 Johnson Svan M 

*239 Snow George C 

*249 Bowers Samuel 

250 Knight R Alden 

*251 Hunt Howard E 

*253 French Carl M 

257 Baker Edwin A 

265 Barrows Lester M 

265 Freeman Charles A 


*265 Gass Stanley W 
*267 Brown Willis F 
267 Parmenter rd crosses 


fr 162 Crescent between Maple and 

Cherry wd 5 


fr 126 Robbins north wd 6 

*1 Burgess Catherine T nurs* 

*2 Fosdick Charles A 

3 Stevens Charles 

*4 Ruggles Chester A 

5 Flodin Einar T S 

6 Noonan James F 

7 Anderson Alfred A 

8 Briggs Edward 8 

fr Marivista av to end Balm ar 
wd 2 
Conklin George 

Brennan James F 
Larchmont av begins 

Hathaway Benjamin F 
Trimount av crosses 
Sachem begins 


fr 124 Marlborough rd to north- 
west of Arcadia av 
wd 2 
19 Nottingham begins 
39 Arcadia av crosses 

fr 94 Woerd av southeast to New- 
ton line wd 6 
*3 Carter George 
5 Rimmele Otto B 
*20 Landers Alice I Mrs nurse 
*19 Talbot Ernest E 
19 Park begins 
*20 Mills Charles F 
20y 2 Glode Alfred G 

21 Stark Francis M 

22 Olson Axel F 
22y 2 Magoon Ralph M 

*23 Turner Neil E 

25 Langille Joshua C 

28 Weeks Carl I 

28y 2 Wentworth Ernest S 
*30 Orner Oscar W 
*32 Swanson Victor E 

45 Noke Wm G auto rpr 
*45 Pilgrim Rug Co mfrs 

48 Colon Moses 

48 Dudley Annette F Mrs 

51 Waltham Box Co 
*52 Green Patrick A 
*54 Johnson Robert F M rstr 
*55 Atlas Parlor Suite Mfg 

*55 Fiberbone Co Inc insu- 
lated fibre 
*55 Hoar G W Co elec light 

*55r Spray Engineering Co 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 


Rumforcl Av — Cont. 

71 Buttrick begins 

*74 O'Hara-Waltham Dial Co 


*79 Waltham Screw Co mfrs 

*81 Universal Safety Tread Co 

*87 Boston Pencil Pointer Co 


fr 16 Grant to 20 South wd 4 
*1 (Matt Isabella P 
Reccord Charles 
Harrington Harriet R 
Bemis S Elizabeth drsmkr 
Oxton Alfred J 


6r Whitehead Howarth 

7 Stanton James 

*9 Garfield Frank I 

*11 Fahey Elizabeth M Mrs 

13 Roach Thomas P 

*16 Burke Fred E 

16 Fiske ct begins 

17 Fraser Jane A Mrs 

18 Mogan Wm H jr 

19 Kallow Joseph 

21 Miele Andres real est 

22 Tomlinson Walton 

23 Donlon Annie E drsmkr 
23 Foley Mary J 

*24 Atwood Florentina Mrs 

25 Haley Frank 

27 Harrington Thomas F 

*29 Newell Irving H 

36 Harvard crosses 

*44 Munroe Slade H roofer 

52 Carroll Warren F 

*52 Manning Harry P 

*53 Worcester Grace Mrs 

*53 Wyatt Lawrence M 

*59 Kelley John B 

56 Dale Fred J 

*56 Penkethman Cecelia Mrs 

*58 Manning George E 

60 Penkethman Edward 

62 Rooney Katherine Mrs 

*65 Johnson Chas T auto rpi 

66 Floyd begins 

*67 Bradford Wm S 

71 Frechette Charles J 

*67 Robertson Nora Mrs 

*73 Holmberg Martin E 
*73V 2 Herbert A Edmund 

*75 Campbell Anna L nurse 

*75 Mudgett Henry L 

76 Kaitz Benjamin H 

*77 Lynskey Thomas F 

79 Hammond James H 

*80 Spaulding Patrick E 

*81 Shaw Harry F 

*82 Sheldon Harry B 

83 Clark Louis H 

85 Hosty Michael J 

*88 Battye Benjamin S 

92 Evans Thomas 

92 Seaman Everett 

93 Prospect crosses 
*108 Johnson Adolph 
*109 Brown Harry H 

109 Tapply Wm D 

110 Rbugbsedge Percy C 

111 Latimer Samuel H 

111 Walker Albert L 

112 McGuinness Thomas J 
*113 Williams Eben J 
*116 Otis James T 

♦118 Malloy Edward F 

119 Giddings Frederick C 

120 Cronin Dennis J 

121 Swanson John A 

123 Jennison Anna A Mrs 

*124 Anderson Ellen K Mrs 

*127 Butler Oscar H 

*128 Dolliver Theodore H 

*128 Stromkvest Anton W 

*129 Warren Fred 

*132 Foster Charles A 

*133 Elmore Howard J 

134 Bryant Frank W 

134 Johnson Albert D 

*135 Storer Arthur E 

*137 Morrisette Wm H 

*139 Rier George F 

139 Stalford Thomas J 

*144 Freeman Forrest E 

*145 Mosman Edwin J 

*162 Hitchcock Fred H 

*147 Hodgkins Leonard A 

*164 Baker James E 

*164 Billings Ella M Mrs 

*166 Birch Edward A 

*166 Sunter John E 

*168 Westall James 

168 South crosses 


fr Rosemont av south wd 2 

fr 97 Greenwood lane to 74 Wor- 
cester lane wd 1 
*15 Burnham Alice E 
*15 Burnham Clara W nurse 
*15 Worcester Alice 
*51 Porter Charles T 



fr Woodland rd to 42 Prentice 
wd 1 


fr 22 Lyman to 69 Hammond wds 
1 2 
*11 Madden Mary F 
Monaco Camillo 
Deveaux Anselme 

20 Muise Theodore 

21 Walsh Patrick B 
*23 Rose Abraham J 

26 St Peter's Parochial Sch 
*27 Moody Alfred L 
*27 Schwartz Wm H 
Flaherty Jennie 
Mogan Wm H 
*34 Hannigan Frances W nurse 
*34 Pinkham S Elizabeth 
*34 Pratt Henrietta A 

35 Jacobs Charles F 
*37 Grogan Michael J 

38 Tierney Joseph F 
*42 Gately Matthew E 
♦49 High School 




50 Liberty ends 

64 Carter May E Mrs 

64 M t Pleasant begins 

*66 Holbrook Arthur L 

66 Withrow Jacob 

*70 Alarie Joseph J 

*70 Hennelly Annie E Mrs 

*73 Old High School 

*74 Eaton Juliette C Mrs 

*74 Holmes Emma Mrs 

*74 Smith Abbie J 

*74 Stone Walter J 

*74 Waite Susan E Mrs 

74 Church crosses 

*89 Finnerty John T 

90 Park pi ends 

*94 Wallace Wm P 

95 First Parish Unit Ch 

96 Sprague Helen Mrs 
100 Kelty John 

*101 Elks' Home 

*101 Fletcher James H 

102 Lexington crosses 

*110 Leary Margaret A Mrs 

*112 McCusker Edward B 

*115 North Junior High Sch 

*116 Corbett Delia T nurse 

*116 Corbett Margaret L nurse 

*116 Corbett Mary A 

*118 Fitzmaurice John F 

118 Sutton Charles J 

*122 Rogers Thomas H 

*126 Daley Edward F 

126 Common ends 

133 St Mary's R C Ch 

140 McAllister Alexander F 

144 Giardina Giuseppe 

144 Kelly Catherine 
144r Doucette Reuben 

145 St Mary's R C Ch 

148 McAllister Mary F Mrs 

148 Hennessey John 

148 Lally Raymond 

148 Quinn Timothy 

148a Dickinson Frederick mason 

148a Hall Charles F L 

152 Boudreau Fred 

152 Carney Daniel J 

152 Gannon Louis N B 

152 Maloney Thomas A 

156 Demeo Francesca Mrs 

156 Miele Salvatore 

157 Calantroppo Philip 

157 Miani Frank 

158 D'Angio Onorio 

158 DiMarco Luigi 

159 Biando Antonio 
159 Minacia Charles 
159 Gorman ct begins 
161 Gorman John J 

161 Ryan Susan Mrs 

162 DiErcole Vincenzo 

163 Gustano Maria Mrs 

163 Higgins Annie Mrs 

164 Cummings Mary E Mrs 
164 Tarquinini Raffaele 
166. D'Angelo Venanzio 

166 Valenti Carmelo 

167 Veno Fred B 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 




School — 























Valenti Antonio 
Valenti Augustine 
Spring ends 
Feerick Michael 
Sherwood Robert P 
Malloy Charles B 
Dunn Bridget M Mrs 
Steadman Russell P 
Cullen Mary A Mrs 
O'Neil Arthur J 
Mack's ct begins 
Manning Bridget Mrs gro 
Ryan Patrick J 
Hamel Philip J 
Jennings James B 
Linehan Simon prov 
Brennan Francis 
Monacs Domenico A 
Penney James P 
Bryant Alonzo G 
Bryant Caroline A Mrs 
Mastrantuono Archangelo 
LeBlanc Gregoire J 
Marshall Bakery 
Greeley Mary T Mrs 
Mara Thomas 
Greeley's ct begins 
Mara Wm J 
Monaco Camillo 
Archdeacon Wm A 
Leonard Jessie S Mrs 
Monaco Camillo gro 
Harris John P shoe rpr 
Alrino Felix 
Caruso Grazia Mrs 
Longo Josephine Mrs 
Mollica Angelina 
Fahey John J gro 
Exchange crosses 
Dolan John J gro 
Clasby Charles M 
Clasby James J 
Hannify Ellen Mrs 
Fahey John J 
Smith ct begins 
Stankard Thomas F 
Birmingham Catherine E 

Grant ends 

Connearney Mary A nurse 
Connearney Thomas J 
Cloonan Edward A 
Dwyer Patrick J 
Biggins Tbomas A 
Keenan Elizabeth 
Dinsmore Margaret L Mrs 
Fisher Mary E 
Barrett Ella M Mrs 
Howes Alvin G 
Cbapin Mary H Mrs 
Bacon crosses 
Hanson Walter 
Stowell Daniel 
Fahey John F 
Crowe John J 
Connolly James J 
Brennan John 
Murphy Humphrey D prov 
Munster Susan M 











fr 179 




Coughlan Margaret Mrs 
Coughlan Mary nurse 
Boymas Charles M 
Ryan Helen F nurse 
Biggins Patrick 
Fiske crosses 
Allen Herbert B 
Sutton Albert A 
Bullard Arthur 
Dow Wm B 
Howard crosses 
Small John 
Kivell Thomas F 
Harrington Charles E 
Francis crosses 
Tyrer Peter A 
Coen John J 
McAskill Wm H 
Reed Fred W 
O'Connell Mary Mrs 
Hammond crosses 


River to end Lynch's la 
wd 3 

June Giuseppe 

Parker's la ends 

Hose 1 

Shubley Harry E 
y 2 Mallin John J 

Paul Sadie Mrs 

Conroy Maurice 

Shubley Harry E 
%Mann Charles A 

Flaherty Patrick F 
y 2 Flood Annie J Mrs 

Bird Mark J 

Burke Wm J 

Graceffa Peter 

Lynch's la ends 


fr Lincoln, across Lake to Hardy's 
Pond rd wd 2 
Lake crosses 
Thompson Anna 
Hill Harold B 
Sprague Fred D 
Yeo Arthur J 
Nims Frederick A 
Denault George 
Lake rd begins 
Hibiscus av crosses 


fr 225 South west wd 4 


fr 155 Prospect to 16 Hope av 
wd 4 
*5 Bowler Wm P 
7 Gilson Mary L 
9 Collett Richard J 
11 Barrows Fred G 
13 Norton Clyde R 
*14 Henry George 

15 Chase Edgar H 

16 Robertson Daniel L 
19 McAvoy Frank J 

*21 Rasmusson Gustav F 

*22 Burdett John T 

*22 Lane James G 

24 Johnson John 

24 Post Eugene M 

28 Curtis crosses 

*34 Waltham Armory 

39 Sousa George J 

*41 Powers Daniel E 

*49 Wanberg Edward A 

*49 Wanberg Paul G 

54 Hope av crosses 


fr Lake opp Hillcrest to Hardy's 
pond wd 2 


fr 518 Waverley Oaks rd nr Trapelo 
rd to west of Upton 
rd wd 2 

*9 Filter Frank R 

10 Parkview rd begins 
*15 Hughes Harold K 

19 Pinkham Wardsworth H 
*23 Newcombe John F 
*29 Rogers Granville A 

30 Waterman Frank H 
*35 Eberbard Walter C 
*37 Donohue Ralph L 

38 Darling Ethel B Mrs 
*41 Bohlin Emil 
*42 Phillips John S 
*43 Brown Arthur B 

50 Upton rd crosses 
*66 Kuhn Frederick X 


fr Lake at Hardy's pond north and 
west to Lakeview av 
wd 2 
Trapelo rd crosses 


fr 380 Weston to Weston line wd 1 
Stone Ella Mrs 
Tomao Antonio 
Giamietro Luigi 
Ragusa Peter 
Miele Giovanni 
D'Avignon Arthur A 
Ridgewood rd ends 

fr Indian rd north of Lake to Am- 
herst av wd 2 


fr Winter nr Lincoln to Gregory 
wd 2 


fr Lincoln opp Wyman north to 
Lexington line wd 2 

fr 221 School north wd 1 
*1 Martin James J 
2 Squires Joseph A 
2 Lingley Clarence A 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 





fr 4 Weston to Weston line wd 4 



Russell ends 



Simmons Elizabeth Mrs 



Benton Willard J 



Emery Harriet C Mrs 



Homer Lottie L Mrs 



Graham Milford 



Verner Harold E 



McEvoy Mary J 



Wolcott Oliver 



Monahan Thomas J 



Reynolds Herbert H 



Harold Johanna Mrs 



Purcell Edward J 



Vernon crosses 



Wentworth John E 



Wingate Anna Mrs 



Erickson Carl 



Atkinson Kenneth 



Boulton Edward A 



Porter Lorenzo P 



Kershaw John 



Hansberry John J 



Regan Wm L 



Smith Howard S 



Hinkley Wm S 



Henley Merrill J 



Martenson Carl 



Burnham Edward K 



Peterson Henry A 



Kelly Agnes F 



Quinn Michael 


Smith Alice L 



Doyle Martin S 



Mahoney John 



Charles ends 



MacCleave Susan E Mrs 


Marsh Robert P 



Harwood Annie Mrs 



Welch Matthew F 



John Nazaire 



Winthrop begins 



Ellis Arthur R gro 



Cohen Louis 



Lawson Carl H 



Holmes Charles W 



Lowe Julius P 


Morrell Othman B 



Bedford crosses 



Walton Wm H 



Isaacson Arthur 



Sulkin Max- 



Dartmouth ends 


LeBlanc Louis E 



Rivers Ralph D 



Loberg Hilma C 

- *720 


Lowd Charles B 


Drew begins 



Frye John C 



Krinsky Max 



Porter Lawrence L 



Collier Norman F 



Hills Herbert A 



Kahan Emanuel 



Walsh Arthur A 



Swanton Wm J 



Dube Omer U 



Ashness Sarah A Mrs 
Highland ends 
Pereira Lawrence 
Olsen Ernest A 
Holm Axel B 
Roesger Celia T Mrs 
Hooper Anna C Mrs 
Maguire Michael J 
Mt Feake Cemetery 
Bellis Caroline F 
McBride James J 
Delano Samuel S 
Hill Derward W 
Winslow John S 
Vincent Merton L 
Shakespeare Charles E 
Shakespeare Wm 
Waltham City Home 
Colwell Mary A Mrs 
Colwell Amy K nurse 
Mallett Minnie E 
Bigham Edward awnings 
Burke J Arthur 
Goodell Don H 
Butterworth Arthur W 
Manley Jennie M Mrs 
Lynskey Thomas F restr 
Chase Harry E 
Oldham rd begins 
Dickey George W 
McNeil Wm A 
Ridgewood ter begins 
Welch W C Co patent 

Potter Press The printers 
B & M crosses 
Roberts Station B & M 
Eastern Food Products 

Barry Charles E 
Bartlett George W 
Bartlett Harry S 
Faielo John 
Ferrick Mary E 
Hodgson Ruth L Mrs gro 
Glynn Delia F 
Turner begins 
Thomson J L Mfg Co 

rivet mfrs 
Haitwell begins 
Sunnyside begins 
Clifton Leonard P 
MacGillivary Margaret Mrs 
MacGillivary Mary J 

Brewer Leo A 
Bryant Nana M Mrs 
Waltham Water Works 

Pumping Sta 2 
Rowe Edgar S 
Howe George F 
Pattershall Ross H 
Barry John P 
Morgan George N 
Hill Wm J 
Lawson Olaf 
Stark Daniel 
Waltham Paper Mill 
Weston line crosses 


fr 46 : 

Marlborough rd to 1 Ar- 

cadia pi wd 2 


Coughlan John T 


Gustafson Frederick 


Stangby Harold 


Johnson Einer L 


Arcadia pi begins 


fr 130 

Stow nr Main to southwest 

of Green wd 1 


Essex ends 

Fiorita Ralph 

Hutchinson Peter A 

Woodside James 


Green ends 


fr 723 

Main to 168 School wds 



Keefe Patrick J roofer 


Vincent John 


Sullivan Arthur 


Hynes Patrick J 


New England Telephone & 

Telegraph Co 


Quinn John 

1 7 y 2 Casella Antonio 


Di Angelo Alfred 


Perilino Santo 


Williams Lena Mrs 


Demarco Joseph gro 


Piacentino Gennaro 


Tomav Julian 


Middle ends 


Rigoli Rosario 


Tortolano Clino 


Formi Antonio 


Goulakos Paul 


Abruzzi Dominic 


Abruzzi Giacomo 


De Fillipis Francesco 


Combasso Antonio 


O'Brien Frank 


McLean Daniel 


Ciglio Carmen 


Giampietro Nicola 


Casey Michael J 


Owens Martin J 


Pabone Salvatore 


Quagliozzi Marie Mrs 


Powers John W 


Changadarina Domenico 


Forte Allesandro 


Lazzaro Giuseppe 


Santo Vincenzo 


Hoffman Bessie Mrs 


Martin Bridget Mrs 


Olivo Domenico gro 


Carlon Eugene A 


Norton Michael 


MacDonald John 


School crosses 


fr 68 Crescent to 323 (165) 
Moody wd 5 
*1 Waltham Horological 

48 JOHN- 




Tel. Conn. 

Spruce — Cont. 

*1 Swain Eugene H watch 
*10 MacDonald Frederick L 

*11 Webster Gertrude L 
13a Carruthers John 
15 Partridge Fred M 
*17 Bottomley Clinton 
*17 Day James A phys 
*22 Clark George A 
*23 Kuhn Mary E Mrs 
*25 Woodman Margaret 

26 Robie Flora E Mrs 

27 Cormier Onezime 
*29 Arnold Robert 

*29r Clarke George A hack and 
auto service 

31 Varney Wm S 
31a Forbush Rose Mrs 

32 Phelps Emma E 
*33 Hanlon Mary H Mrs 

33r Varney Wm S job prntr 
34 Hennelly Ellen Mrs 

*36 Payson Arthur C uphol 
36 Stetson Charles W 

*40 Lovejoy Earl F sheet 
metal contr 

40 Whitney av ends 

41 Olson Lars 

42 Martineau Alfred 

43 LaBonte Mary Mrs 
43 Leighton Franklin H 

*44 Belkin Louis tailor 

45 Martineau Eugene E bar- 


46 Davidson & Prime furn 

46 Belmont Cafe 
*46 Miller Ralph A furn 
48 Forman Joseph tailor 
48a Quong Lee laundry 
50 Vacant 
*54 Hutchings Fiske B shoe 
56 Lincoln Gerald E 
56 Peach Ernest E 
. *56 Powers Sadie Mrs 
56 Taranto John 
58 Moody crosses 

fr 58 Hall east wd 5 
*1 Berrio John 
3 Burke Delia Mrs 


fr 559 Lexington east to Chester 
Brook rd wd 2 
*0 Patterson George A 


fr 109 Taylor to 106 High wd 7 
8 Burke Thomas 
*8 Guiney Charles H 
10 Purdon Andrew 
12 Am rock John H 
12 Rogers Fred J 
14 Anderson Claus P 


14 Spencer Fred A 

16 Clarke Mary A 

17 Cushing ends 

*18 Godfrey Thomas L 

*20 Feeney Catherine Mrs 

20 Feeney Catherine E 

21 Varley Mary 

21 Woods Henry F 
*22 Thompson Fred S 

22 Chestnut crosses 
38 Johnson Hulda Mrs 

*43 O'Rourke Owen F 

47 Darby Charles H 

47 Widdows Thomas 

49 Dunsmore Ralph E 

49 Crowe Frank G 

*50 Wells Leo A book binder 

50 High crosses 



fr 25 Prentice east wd 1 

5 Mossburg Oscar 

*10 Miche Alfred 

*13 Young Mary J Mrs 

*16 Royle Percy 

*17 Furbush Laroy W 

*24 Olson Andrew 

*25 Orr John R 

*38 Mayall Marion L 

*39 Thompson George E 

40 Mayall Robert E 

*41 Young Clifford H 

*42 Bond Bertha M Mrs 

*43 Frazer Wm C 

45 Gove George N 

48 Ankar Thekla J Mrs 

48 Corrigan John B 

*50 Dahl Axel W 


fr 261 Weston to 1244 Main wd 1 

*19 Upton John 

*21 Doran Wm L 

*21 Whitney Charles G 

44 Tavern rd begins 

50 Dorrington Rayford E 

64 Milton begins 

*68 Walker Francis I 

*78 Nelson Harry L 

80 Dorchester begins 

*95 Hubbard Charles U 

96 Colburn begins 

98 Bourque Abel 

99 Cutting lane ends 
*102 Bickford Edwin D 
*109 Macdonald James L 

116 Keach begins 

120 B & M crosses 

130 Spencer begins 


fr 738 Main south wd 3 
*1 Keough John J 

2 Trainor Dennis 

3 Hodge Stephen D jr 

fr 50 Pleasant to 103 Lexington 
wd 2 
*12 Chamberlain Florida McK 
mus tchr 























Chamberlain Oscar F 
Adams George H 
Gibbs Lucy Mrs 
Harris ends 
Eldridge Shirley H 
Faneuil rd begins 
Clerc Earl P 
Caldwell Wm M 
Lyman crosses 
Fogg Katherine G 
Kempton Robert H 
Luce Robert 
Fogg Anna W Mrs 
Tebbets Abbie L Mrs 
Church crosses 
Sozanski Joseph 
Waltham Window Cleaning 

Giardina John 
Roberts Wm II 
Woolley George 
Stone Walter M 
Fuller Frank F 
Nerhos George E 
Irwin Catherine Mrs 
Lawless Eleanor M Mrs 
Poole Helen D Mrs 
Warren av ends 
Summer av begins 
Kelly Nora A 
Hartwell Mary A 
Timmins Thomas J 
Halle ran Thomas L 
Hyde Russell T 
Peck Mary A 
Savory Katherine P Mrs 
Viles Emily 
McManama John W 
Leary Mary I 
Tarpy Patrick C 
Gray Wm I 
Venneau Joseph J 
Cavanagh Margaret M Mrs 
Doherty Charles R 
Manning Mary Mrs 
Burns John E 
Lexington crosses 

fr 141 Summer north wd 2 
*15 McCaul Robert L 
*16 Wellington Anna E Mrs 
*17 Loughlin John J 
*21 Connelly Stephen T 
*22 Beal George R 


fr 184 Hammond to Prospect Hill 
pk wd 1 
*5 Burditt Elroy 
*6 Greer Wm 
*9 True Guy L 
13 O'Donnell Edward 

15 Carlson Hjalmar C 

16 Lawrence ends 
*25 Hersey George W 

25 Galen begins 
*30 Barr Ernest E 

36 Anderson David 
*37 Whit taker James 




Tel. Waltham 0940 

















Larson Carl 
Irving begins 
Penn George W 
Tomlin ends 
Hawthorne rd begins 
Bryant rd ends 
Manning Emma I Mrs 
Franklin rd begins 
Powden Charles 
Faulkner Ernest 
Faulkner James 
Carleton rd begins 
Cunniffe Edward A 



fr 182 Weston to south of Fair- 
view av wd 4 
10 Elmwood av ends 
32 Daisy av ends 
48 Villa ends 
70 Fairview av begins 


fr 11 Fern to 174 Prospect wd 4 
6 Devlin Patrick J jr 
8 Connelly Michael J 
8y 2 Coghlan Wm . 
8% Watson Thomas J 

10 Harper Wm 

12 Ferro Signorino 

16 Derempio Antonio 

17 Boudreau Laurie 
17 Cummings Nora 
19 Salamone Vincenzo 

21 LaFreniere Peter 

29 Central av ends 

22 Kelley Frank 
22 Tankle Max 

30 Deveaux Simon 
30 Gandolfo Emanuel 
30 Orifice Sebastiano 

*54 Estabrooks Ludlow 
64 Prospect crosses 


fr 599 South bey Hartwell to west 
of Albert wd 4 
*24 John Roberts Sch 
26 Morton crosses 
42 Albert begins 


fr 19 Oak Hill rd to 93 Prentice 
wd 1 


a section of Sycamore (Watertown) 
between Coker and Gill 
rd at Watertown line 
wd 2 
Arnold Herbert F 
Mathey Edward A 



fr 44 Stow to 309 Weston wd 1 
19 Branth John C 
*25 Nelson Victor E 

junct Tavern rd and Weston wd 1 



Freistadter Jacob 

354 (180) Moody to 235 New- 


Weston Harold E 

ton wds 5 7 


Coolidge John F 


Granger Robert W 


Gardner crosses 


Duddy Emily Mrs 


Melody Arthur 


Jobin Mary Mrs 


Smith Ellen Mrs 


Mackey Mary A' drsmkr 


Carroll Michael 


Rowe Elbridge G 


Bolio Ernest H 

lS^Gauvin Jude 


Katwick Ryner C 

13%Mangini Gaetano 


Lemmer Alvin 


Whalen John 


Manning Wm F 


Sullivan Timothy 


Valley Edward J 


Union ends 


Lonergan Lawrence 


Wright Frank H 


Barry Robert G 


Leighton Mary T Mrs 


Mattson Olaf 


Shatford Cecil 

104a Walsh John T 


Ober Clyde L 


Kenney Bernard 


Yofrate Salvatore 


McLaughlin Delia Mrs 


Sottile Giuseppe 


Kruse Knut 


Richards George S 


Berman Martin R 


Richards Dayton W 


Morgan Katherine A Mrs 


Stamm Henry A 


Stearns begins 


Kimball Charles L carp 


Maguire Joseph 


Snow Kenneth A 


Powers John E 


Sharpe George 


Beattie John H 


Hayes Bridget Mrs 


Logan Frank W 


Kohl Aaron 


McCusker Margery F Mrs 


Meagher James F lawyer 


McClellan Frank P 


Carruthers Albert 


Lawless Anna E 


Beadle Joseph L 


Ryan Michael J 


Hennessey Joseph 


Keefe John P 


Connors Mary E Mrs 


Cacciatore Filomena Mrs 


Corcoran John B 


Newton crosses 


Lyons Joseph 


St Charles Parochial Sch 



Hall crosses 

fr Belmont line west to Coker wd 2 


Walsh Peter J 

Dwight begins 


White Andrew J 

Coker ends 


Callahan John L 


Meany John B 



Mumford Mabel B 

fr 201 

Robbins to Newton line 


Sanvall Louis 

wd 6 


Hughes James J 


Lynch James J 


Smith Edward L 


Thompson Arthur H 


Duffy Charles H 


Chandler Edwin M 


St Jacques Arthemise Mrs 


Chandler Merton 


Hamel Alma C Mrs 


Hayes Frederick K 


Eaton Willis D 


Bellis Edward 


Maher John J 


Fuller crosses 


Eaton Ellen L Mrs 


Burke Wm E 


Soule Henry W 


Washington av crosses 


Prime Charles W 


Smythe Thomas A 


Prime Harold P 


Locke Ernest L 


Lowell crosses 


Coolidge John E 


McCabe Joseph M 


Crafts ends 


Eagan Michael 


Newton line crosses 


McCabe Alice Mrs 


McCarthy John A 


Toohey Hugh 


Handrahan Raymond A 



Ryan Patrick J 

fr 258 

Dale to 43 Summit wd 1 


Coen John 


Olson John 


Gill Thomas F 


Frederickson Ellen Mrs 

*75a Murphy Arthur J 


Collins Joseph B 


Speth Wm J 


Bemis George 


Glidden George B 


HeJgesen Rudolph L 


Patnaude Evangeliste 


Holm Thure S 


Leamy Thomas J 


Butman Fred L 


Venuti Thomas 


Levine Albert 


Cormey George A* 


Worley John L 


Bartlett Edward El 






584 (298) Moody Si. tel 


2615 Waltham,Mass. 



fr 100 Albemarle av to 97 Marl- 
borough rd wd 2 
Walters Edam B 


fr 82 Bacon west wd 1 


fr 446 Main to 22 Barton wd 3 

*9 Hartwell Hiram B 

*10 Blomberge Carl D 

*14 Perkins Charles N 

*15 Richardson Jennie A Mrs 


*18 Mulvihill Wm J 

*19 Temple Mary B Mrs 

*20 Hanscom Louis A 

*22 Rooney Patrick H 

*23 Gay Alexander M 

*23 Gay Ella M Mrs drsmkr 

*25 Callahan Daniel F 


fr Belmont line to Lincoln wd 2 

Beaver Brook Reservation 

26 Waverley Oaks rd ends 

*44 Wilson Grace E Mrs 

*48 McGreevey John F 

*50 Underhill Fred R 

*53 Stearns Sarah H Mrs 

*60 Upton Ernest C 

70 Smith Horace C 

70 Upton rd begins 

102 Vacant 

*000 Edgar J Frank florist 

*122 Weeks Bedford H 

*136 Brooks Richard H 

146 Winberg J Martin 

*152 Johnson David A 

*152 Walters Peter A 

153 Albemarle av begins 

*171 Selig W Malcolm 

175 Marlborough rd begins 

*185 Cheney Robert B 

*190 Raymond C Stanley phys 

*196 Mass School for Feeble 


*225 Baldwin James W 

*257 Lawrence Phineas 

*257 Quinn Luke F 

*282 St Elizabeth's Hospital 


*000 Burke John J 

*000 Fransworth Winthrop H 

*000 Broderick Dominick 

*000 Broderick Patrick S 

000 Riley Hubert T 

000 Thurston Arthur A 

000 Wight John A 

000 Forest ends 

000 Castner Sanford B 

000 Castner Ervin S 

000 Woburn begins 

*000 Cedar Crest Farm 

*000 Tillson Charles B 

*000 Hamilton Carroll W 

000 Bow begins 

000 Bow ends 

*000 Hamlett George F 

*000 Reed Frank W 

000 Lexington crosses 

000 Daniels Charles M 

000 Taylor W Edward 

*000 Farrell John F 

*000 Stearns Wm B 

000 Connelly Raymond D 

000 McAdoo Robert J milk 

000 Hardy's pond rd begins 

000 Wellington grove 

000 Randall James F 

000 Grove rd begins 

000 Brook rd begins 

000 Pine Vale rd begins 

000 Baker Alton E 

*000 Scottron Samuel J 

000 Outlook rd begins 

000 Olson Anders G 

000 Ring Millage 

000 Shockilas Henry 

000 Pheasant rd begins 

000 Smith crosses 

000 Lincoln crosses 


fr College Farm rd to south of 
Rosemont av wd 2 

Marivista av crosses 

Montclair av crosses 

Braemore rd begins 

Rosemont av crosses 

fr 555 







South at Roberts crossing 
west to B & M round 
house wd 4 

Burns Wm A 

Crossland Edwin 

Campana Delmo 

Campana Ricardo 

Hodgson George S 

Johnson John A 

Gilmore Ha 117 S 

Desmond Lester R 

Doherty Patrick 

Babb Marvin A 

Newell Guy E 

Daley Richard F 

Lawshay George J 

Durfee Thomas J 

Smith Sandy P 

Storer Eugene L 

Rogers Harold E 

Rogers John H 

Anderson Carl E 

Regan Thomas 

White Francis 


fr 886 (442) Moody wd 6 
8 Teele Nicholas 
*10 Campbell Edward F 
*11 Powers Bertrand 

11 Toher Clifford 
*11 Willard Daniel P 

11 Wilson Fronie Mrs 

12 Melanson Thomas J 
*12 Owens Eugene L 

14 Hayward Charles A 

15 Raines Albert W 

16 Bills Lewis 

18 Hanna H Archer 

17 Steaver Harry N 
*17 Wyman Reuben A 

21 Congdon Benjamin 

23 Williams James H 

fr 15 Gordon to 16 Taylor wd 5 
*7 Connors Ellen T 

8 Ciiarnley Wilfred 

9 Smith Thaddeous G 

10 Phillips Henry A 

11 Mobilia Antonio 
17 Petzold Frederick 

19 Keough John 
19 Keough Joseph 

19 Robertson Edward A 


fr 173 Plympton junct Woodland 
rd to Woodland rd nr 
Prospect Hill pk wd 1 


fr 70 Trapelo rd nr Waverly Oaks 
rd to southwest of 
Shirley rd wd 2 
IS Brookfield rd ends 
*34 Fisher Alice G Mrs 
*44 Maginnis Wm J 
*45 Paul Clarence A 
49 Shirley rd crosses 
*58 Lush Arthur J 


fr 62 Marlborough rd to 1 Ar- 
cadia av wd 2 
00 Mulrean Thomas F 
00 Haines Robert W 

fr 61 Dale to 247 Bacon wd 1 
00 Smith Samuel F 
00 Varnum Harriet F Mrs 

fr 49 
























Prospect to 96 Weston nr 
Fiske av wd 4 
Stearns Rachel L 
Collins Thomas S 
Boland Bridget 
Kelley John A 
Wetherbee Henry 
Gilligan Thomas J 
Garrigan Mathias F 
White Walter P 
Patriquin John R 
Rogers John B 
Tolman John A 
McDonald Winifred E 
Clark Adelaide E Mrs 
Dwyer Ellen M nurse 
Dwyer Mary Mrs 
Dugan Alice B Mrs 
Connors Mary E 
McKoan Edward C 
Thompson John J 
Beadle John M 
Tebo Wilbur J 
Devane Catherine M Mrs 
Ware George W 










Howard Tupper J 


Hunter Augustus C 


Corcoran Catherine Mrs 


Watts Elmer H 


Cormier Simon E 


Comstock Wm B 


Chaddock Wm B optician 


Barden James II 


South crosses 


Metcalf George E 


Carlton Charlotte E Mrs 


Bacon Prances M Mrs 


Bishop Arthur B 

♦57% Cotton Ada E Mrs 


Varney George W 


Bachman Emil P 


Lynskey Thomas P 


Rankin Charles J 


Sabean Ashby 

* 58% Daggett Harry garage 


Blake George 


Stevens John P 

*58y 2 Waltham Used Car Ex- 


Gutterson Harriet E Mrs 


Jackson Caroline A 




Crosby John 


LaPlante Francis R 


Bignis Angelo 


Ashley Nellie S Mrs 


Patten Roland W 


Patrenos George 


Moyse George E 


Femald Alvin E 


President Bowling Alleys 


Trimmer Thomas C 


King Alfred H 


Hollering Mary A Mrs 


Towle Eugene A 


Winn George P 


Perry George 


Thompson Clement L 


Hapgood Wesley G 


Turner Kathleen Mrs 


Howe Christie R Mrs 


Kilgore J Milton 


Moody crosses 


Pickering John W 


Auburn begins 




Schaffer Felix fr 


McKenn to Charles 

river fr 


rn to Smart wd 2 


Nelson Berndt 

wd 7 


Boynton begins 


Carroll Hugh A 



Russell Mary A Mrs 


Vasquezi Theresa Mrs 

Indian id north of Lake to In- 


Punzo Terena 


McDonald Michael 

dian rd wd 2 


Punzo Antonio G 


Durkewicz Anthony 


Behrman Roland A 


Smith Wm 



fr 192 Charles south wd 4 

1 Wyman John H 

2 Lally Annie P Mrs 

3 Furlong Frank 

4 Stearnes Henry 

5 Jacobson John E 

6 Burke Charles 

7 Carlson Joseph E 

8 Coin Mary Mrs 

8 Gladine Gustav A 


fr 48 Summit av to southeast of 
Pleasant av wd 4 
00 Fairmont av ends 
00 Fisher av begins 
*31 Haron Clyde I 
*39 Brackett Jeanette Mrs 
*39 Davis Pierce F 
*41 Erikson J Adolph 
00 Fiske av ends 
*53 Carr Chester T 
*57 Gutterson Chester G 
*65 Brackett James E 
*65 Brackett Nathaniel P phys 
65 Bullock Waldo E 
00 Pleasant av begins 
95 Stevens Fred L 


fr 734 (370) Moody to 205 Lowell 
wd 6 

12 Bailey Earl M 

13 Green way Thomas 
*14 Putnam Collins T 
*17 Beckwith George P 
*18 Langill Henry A 

20 Baumann Wm I 
*23 Mears George 
*23 Hager George L 
*24 Swett Rollins H 

26 Cannistraro Dominico 
*29 Geisler Gustave 

30 Gray C Herbert 


fr 15 Fountain west wd 3 


fr 100 Crescent to 381 (205) 
Moody wd 5 

*4 Aldred Percy F 

4 Baine Kate W Mrs 

4 Hill Henry 

*4 Robbins Albert F 

*4 Whitmore Emma L Mrs 

4b Rehnberg Harry S 

*4c Dalton Joseph P 

*5 Merrill Hollis C 

7 Hatch Jason C 

*11 Johnson Swante 

12 Parry Albert E 

13 Dusablond Eugene 
13 Payne George W 

20 Adams crosses 

*23 Chase Wm A 

*23 Holland Erling 

*23 Holland Leif 

27 Young Stillman K 

*28 Broe Katherine M Mrs 

*29 Laporte John B 

*30 Downing Laurie 

*30 Downing Roy L express 

*31 Hewes Nathaniel D 

*33 Wormwood Berintha D 


*34 Locke Emily G Mrs 

40 Spurr Stanley 

*41 Pike Frank M 

43 Bennett J Burt optome- 

43 MacCarthy Charles H 

*43 Henry Thomas W 

43 Therrian Victor E 

48 White Julia C Mrs 

48 1 /2Nordyke Floyde D 

51 Tashjian Leon 

52 Devoe Paul 

*53 Janbazian Avedis K 

fr Indian rd north of Lake to 
Amherst av wd 2 
Morris Eail G 
Dobson George H 
Munroe Wm 


fr 45 Main northeast to Water- 
town line wd 2 

24 Bruce rd begins 
54 Chaffee av begins 

169 Hagan la begins 

*208 Willard Horace 

264 Beaver begins 

*265 Iodice Dominick 

*284 Doyle John P 

284 Parker Alfred C 

*294 Connelly Thomas 

304 Waverley begins 

305 Webster begins 
*311 Smith Ralph P 
*311 Williams Bert P 
*314 Buswell John S 

314 Bowker begins 

315 Giordano Santo 
*317 Campbell Albert J 
*319 Westcott James H 
*321 Holland Wm P 
*344 Napoli Raphael 

353 Brookline begins 

364 Watertown line crosses 


fr 81 Lexington to 136 Summer 
wd 2 
*4 McFarland Charles W 
*4 Squires Lewis 
*17 Rooney Frank 
*20 Carlman Frank L 
*21 Abrahamson George S 

25 Orchard av ends 
*26 Rogers Charles E 

*27 Connearney Margaret T 
*28 Keefe Mary A Mrs 

29 Hughes Daniel L 

31 Biggins James P 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 

Warren Ave — Cont. • 

*35 Cameron Allan 

*37 Lamb Richard 

*41 Short Albert E 

45 Poutas Alphonse J jr 

52 Summer crosses 


a locality at junct Main and Warren 
nr Watertown line wd 2 


fr 772 (392) Moody to east of 
Tolman wd 6 

*10 Briggs DeW Clinton 

*10 Coolidge Clinton A 

10 Greenberg Isaac 

*10 Keefer Alexander S 

*12 Weston Henry B 

13 Doran Susan F 

*15 Lilleback Emma Mrs 

*16 Evans Albert 

*17 Dugan Edward T 

*18 Steele Thomas mus tchr 

*18a Gay Leon P 

*20 Gay Wm F carp 

*22 Morley Wm 

22a Gay Leon F 

*23 Dolber Jessie C Mrs 

*23 Dolber Raymond S 

26 Le Fort Peter 

28 Efnor Wm A 

30 Whitney Francis H 

*32 Gebow George W 

*35 Small Silas H 

*36 Carson Harry 

*37 Carr James R 

37 Dexter av ends 

38 Grant Alfred 
*41 Light John F 

*41 Lewis Laura M Mrs nurse 

44 Rein Emily Mrs 

45 Lawrence Arthur B 

*46 Thompson Helen M nurse 

*46 Thompson Robert 

48 Pierce Frank B 
*48 Pierce Walter A 

49 Vacant 

*54 Winkley Frank H 

*56 McLoon Wm G 

58 Lowell crosses 

*63 Ford Wallis B 

67 Hughes Arthur 

*67 Holbrook James A 

*70 Cleaves Edgar P 

*75 Allen John M 

76 Rand Eleanor S 

*79 Williams Myron C 

*80 Haynes Jesse P 

81 Fernald George W 

83 Cronin Michael L 

*84 Hodges George W 

*87 Caswell Fred L 

88 Robinson Charles A 

*90 Waters Thomas M jr 

*91 French Fred B 

92 Caswell George R 

•95 Smith Wallace W 

96 Davis John F 

♦96 Foss Bernard W 

96 Tolman crosses 


*101 Folsom Eugene L 
*104 Bisbee Harry K 
*109 Turner Henry A 


fr 54 Charles to 59 Felton wd 3 
7 Deevy & Duggan blksmths 

18 Palumbo Domenico 

19 Siano Francis 

20 Gentilo Pasquale 
22 Cacace Anthony 


fr 294 Warren to 69 Hollace wd 2 
*2 Hession James J 
13 McCullough Wm I 
20 Wilbur ends 
25 Wilton begins 
*34 Housing Co bldrs finish 


the park reservation at junct Trap- 
elo rd and Waverley 
Oaks rd wd 2 


fr 205 Linden to 26 Trapelo rd 
wd 2 

*32 Stanley Wm A 

*42 Medina John jr 

62 Marianne rd begins 

139 Samuel D Warren Sch 

•191 Ellis Charles W 

201 Beaver crosses 

*263 Wollrath Albert J 

*265 Wollrath John 

*331 Peirce Allen W 

*349 Hayman Frederick A 

349 Jones Arthur B 

*355 Hastings Bertrand W 

*360 Baker Frederick H 

*371 Johnson Frederick W 

*374 Hogan Thomas E 

*400 Peirce E Allen 

*405 Peirce Bros florists 

*436 Farwell Everett L 

*436 Peirce Herbert W 

*445 Johnson Albert 

*447 Foster Wm J 

447 Woodbine begins 

*455 Ruane Bridget A Mrs 

471 Wendell begins 

495 Wilson rd begins 

*512 Timmins Thomas T 

514 Allen James J 

515 Shirley rd begins 
*526 Barnes George H 
*530 Trowbridge Wm C 
*536 Morash Charles E 

53S Brookfield rd begins 

000 Beaver Brook Reservation 

*544 Morash C Ross 

550 Silver Leander A 

577 Trapelo rd crosses 


fr 304 Warren south to Watertown 
line wd 2 

*1 Maynard Henry S 

*3 McLea James B 



Small Thomas R milk 


Grant av crosses 


fr 925 

Main to B & M wd 1 


Harding Nelson J 


Smith James E 


Ring Frank A 


Malloy Eleanor Mrs 


Harrington John J 


Hennelly Catherine G mu3 



Hennelly John 


Siike Thomas J 


Murphy John J 


Richardson Frank W 


Miller Walter L 


Bissett Walter J 


Mansfield Harold B 


Clark Levi 


Qualters John J 


Stone Wm B 


Lewis Henry H 


Bennett Wm J 


Wellington av ends 


Masters Charles A 


Mace Oliver E 


Brennan Michael F 


Dubois Wm H 


Hodgkins Lionel R 


Olson C Wm 


Siegel Simon S 


Clarke Adelraan E 


Cloutier Meddie G 


MePherson Dougald 


Page Martha A 


Lagerblad Eric 

53%Borger Edwin C 


Patriquin John R 

55y 2 Coburn Charles E 


Glyde Frederick 


Baine Wilmot W 


Gordon Milton H 


Rivers Ralph D 


Columbus av crosses 

fr 28 Rich to 31 Wellington wd 1 
2 McDonald Thomas F 
*5 Banks James H 
6 Slamin James J 
*7 Wyman Caroline F Mrs 
*14 Quinn John J 

a locality off Trapelo rd west of 
Hardy's pond nr Lex- 
ington wd 2 

fr 471 Waverley Oaks rd to 42 
Wilson wd 2 

fr Winter west of Locust south to 
Weston line wd 1 
Jones Moses 
Mayer Richard 
Coldwell Horace G 







Manion Lizzie Mrs 

fr 956 

Main to Weston line wds 


Manning Mary 

1 4 


McKenn ends 


South begins 


Smith Frank 


Kerns Robert C 


Stevens Newell 



Hardiman John 

fr 68 Dale south wd 1 


Doyle John P 


Havener Fred N 


Thomas Reginald D 


Warren George P 



Yuculano Domiano 

fr 291 

(139) Moody to 40 Spruce 


Elm av ends 

wd 5 


Warren Robert A 


McLeod Henson 


Perry Walter A 


Taranto Antonio 


Lane Emory W 


Brown Helen G Mrs 


Towne Edwin C 


Alexander John W 


Warren Charlotte E Mrs 


Babbin Arthur L 


Lane Ellen E Mrs 


Campbell Dougal 


Noyes Waldo 


Tanzilli Louis C 


Vernon ends 


Telfer Helen M Mrs 


Carey John H 


West Wm R 


Cabot begins 


D & G Dial & Enameling 


Graham Peter 



Conant Sarah E Mrs 


McDonald John A 


McAnn Ada T Mrs 


Fiske av begins 



Lanagan Arthur G dentist 

fr 25 Clematis av to 20 Waverley 


Lanagan Patrick J 

wd 2 


Fairmont av begins 


McCullough Wm I jr 

• 140 

Bemis Lucius T 


Hollace crosses 


Mackenzie Wm H 


Waverley crosses 


Starbuck Alexander 


Fisher Albert W 



Bullock Albert W 

fr 126 

Charles to B & M wd 3 


Chase Alfred L 


Fucci Agostino 


Kelly George I 


Paolino Joseph 


Kelly Ramon S 


Arsenault Alfred 


Havens Francis P 


Faranda Salvatore 


Pollard Elizabeth F 


Caruso Antoneo 


Highland av begins 


Marinelli Antonio truckg 


Mikulsky Wm 


Mosea Angelo 


Brodrick Charles H 


Kinsley ct ends 


Olney Albert H 


Lombardi Michele 


Rutter Robert P 




Summit av begins 




Chase Charles F 


Rice Elizabeth Mrs 


Gould Annie M Mrs 


Dacey Wm E 


Weymouth Osgood 


Felton crosses 


Hill Wilford A 


Au Coin Joseph 


Remmel J Frederick 


Flannery Thomas 


Brown Anna E Mrs 


Criano Pellegrino 


Keating Mauiice G 


Cusano Angelo M 


Davis Harold E 


Romano Joseph 


Jones Arthur W 


DellaCamera Luigi 


Stow begins 


Tanfani Mary Mrs 


Tavern sq 


Ferson E E Son Co oil 


Tavern Sq Garage 


Murphy John J 



Tavern rd ends 
Hemenway Charles T 
Welles Euphemia Mrs 
Falk Harold S 

fr 198 


Main to 139 River wd 3 
Howe George E 



Bryden James L 
Bryden Samuel D 
Sibley rd begins 
Kimball Wm M 






Spaulding Lyndon E 
McKenna James H jr 
Lillis Arthur J 
Gannon John A 
Caldwell Mary Mrs 



Garaway Wm J 

fr 29 Benefit northwest to Charles 


Malone Mary J 

river wd 7 


Dawson George 


Hughes John T 


McCusker John P 


Rourke John 


Walker John L 

*56 DeCoste Norman A 

57 Walker Elizabeth Idgh 

*58 Doiron Placide 

*59 Mayo Tyler B 

*77 Ford Maria Mrs 

89 Aylsworth Clive L 

89 Wells Frank H 

91 Bird Patrick J 

91 Hegewald Matilda Mrs 

*93 Donnelly Wm 

99 Gardiner Augustus G 

*100 Grimes Peter C 

100 Grove crosses 

*120 Mitchell George H 

*122 Loftus Bryan 

122 Loftus Catherine var 

122 Minihan Jeremiah J 

*122r Casey Frank 

122r McKinnon Katherine A 


124 Seymoure George G 

*126 Moscato Francisco 

127 Lowell playground 

128 Kelly Michael J 
*130 McGowan Mary A Mrs 

130 Evergreen way begins 

*136 Burns Margaret Mrs 

137 Bennett ends 

138 Linskey Mortimer W 
*140 Hoban Patrick J 
*144 Mclvor Donald R 

146 Milmore James F 

152 Lynch Thomas 

152 Mahar Patrick 

154 Madden Joseph T 

158 Hughes Frank 
158r Finn James F 

159 Dix ends 

160 Naviens ct begins 
*163 Gallagher Joseph W 
*163 Levey Elinor Mrs 
*164 Kane Bridget Mrs 

165 Connearney James B 

167 G A & P Tea Co The gros 

169 Lowrey Lawrence F 
169%Lowrey John A 

170 Dreelan Joseph A 
170 Foundry av begins 
173 Aulwes Irving 
173 Leonard John J 
173 Logan Matthew J 

177 Herlihy Dennis 

*177 Tracey M A & Co gros 

178 Kelley Joseph 

179 Lynch's la begins 
*180 Barrett Michael 

182 Dorsey John M 

184 Maurer Frank 
*184 Neilon Wm H 
*185 Tracey Daniel J 

185 Parker's la begins 
*188 Barrett B Mary Mrs rstr 

192 Attanasio Joseph 

194 Pineo Samuel shoe rpr 

194%Pinzone John 

*196 Mandile John gro 

196%Pineo Samuel 

*000 Howell Charles M button 

214 River crosses 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 

fr 495 Waverley Oaks rd to south- 
west of Woodbine wd 2 
*00 Jackson Elizabeth A H B 
42 Wendell ends 
67 Woodbine ends 


fr 25 Waverley to east of Bowker 
wd 2 
*12 Croston Frank W 
*14 Gaskill Guilford 
*17 Higgins Alexander S 
17 Bowker ends 

fr 81 Gore west wd 3 

fr 132 










Lincoln junct Pond End rd 

to Lincoln line wds 

1 2 
Pond End School 
Pazzano Pasquale 
Stewart George E 
Pazzano Charles M 
Parkinson Wm H 
Nelson Thomas 
Caughey Elizabeth Mrs 
Acorn Forest S 
Cunningham Melvina Mrs 
Wyman begins 
Bear Hill rd ends 
Griggs Anna F Mrs 
Locust begins 
Locust ends 
Brown Andrew A 
West begins 
Cassella Charles 
Fontana Riccardo 
Stewart Francis J 
Camb Water Wks 
Hobbs Brook Basin 


*24 Meade Mary Mrs 

29 Duggan Cornelius 

29 Manning Wm 

*33 Albanese Michael 

*34 Doiron Wm J 

34 Schofield Russell J 

34 Pearl begins 

*39 Collins John A 

*41 Nichols Louis D 

43 McGee James T 

45 Patterson Fred G 

47 Anderson Andrew 

49 Wheaton Albert D 

55 Boynton ends 

*67 Morley John M 

71 Cabot ends 

84 Bolton George H 

SS Fiske av crosses 



fr 99 South to 20 Fiske av wd 4 

*2 Greenway Thomas W 

*3 Cheney Henry M 

4 Hoarde Patrick J 

5 O'Brien Mary J 

6 Godber Frank J 

7 Ahlman Alice M Mrs 

7 Percy John W 

8 Coyle Benjamin 

9 Browne Alden F 
*10 Chernick Harold 

12 Hart Sabina E Mrs 

12 McGrath Patrick T 

*13 Duggan John F 

14 Demarais Wilfred D 

14 O'Neil Andrew A 

15 Peterson Charles A 
*16 Sheer Louis 

16 Coen Walter P 

17 Martin Catherine Mrs 
*18 Miller Louis G 

19 Creonte Antonio 

20 Skillen James 
♦21 Mankowitch Jacob 

22 Johnson Arthur 

23 Fay Edward F 

127 Mackenzie Carl C 

131 Wright James R 

135 Bellis Albert H 

141 Riverview av crosses 

fr Trapelo rd east of Bow to Lex- 
ington line wd 2 

*0 Dean Louis W 

*0 Lavalley Arthur L 

Powers Minot L 


fr 307 Crescent to Forest Grove 
rd wd 6 

6 Clark John W 

*12 Goodwin Edward J 

*14 Adams Joseph 

16 Chiasson Thomas 

*20 Doucette Samuel H 

*20 Ellery Augustus J 

*20 LaForest Henry G P 

*20 Lee Roger 

*20 Ouimet Louis J 

*20 Stanley Edward C 

*20 Townsend Joseph R 

*20 Turner Hallett 

20 Waltham Canoe Club 

*20 Williams Edward 

35 Woerd av Boat House 

*44 Nichols Wm H 

*48 Nichols Wm H mach parts 

*56 Enos Adam J auto rpr 

*56 New York Bottling Works 
The ginge ale 

58 Enos Adam J auto rpr 

60 Newton Wet Wash Co 

*66 New England Mica Co 

80 Charles river crosses 

*88 Sanderson Annie M Mrs 


*90 Bartlett Ball 

00 Decelles Philip 

94 Rumford av begins 

95 Riverview av begins 
109 Bannon Edward J 

109 Bartleman Richard M 

110 Hurd Arthur F massage 

110 Martyn begins 

111 Balch J Sheppard 
111 Balch Edward F 
111 Endicott begins 

121 Hemeon Edwin W 

122 Logan park 
*123 Anderson Otis P 

124 Randall begins 


fr 447 Waverley Oaks rd to 67 
Wilson rd wd 2 

fr 174 Plympton to Prospect Hill 
park wd 1 
Sartell rd begins 
Jennings rd ends 
Wyola Prospect begins 


fi 257 Dale north wd 1 

*2 MacDonald Rupert G 
*3 Ricker Francis H 
*4 Creed Frances H 
*5 Tomlin Rose M Mrs 
*6 Landstrom Hannah E 
*6 Landstrom Victor 


fr 370 Bacon nr Lexington west 
wd 1 

*28 Beaman Alice W nurse 

*28 Beaman George B 

*33 Carter George T 

*35 Morgan Charles T 

*47 Piety Corner Greenhouses. 

*47 Whittemore Harvey F 

*50 Reed John S 

*65 Gooding Fred M 

*68 Davis George G 

*73 Perry Chauncey R 

74 Sanders lane ends 

75 Burgess Jennie Mrs 
*109 Gulick Millard B 

fr Winter opp Locust to Lincoln 
opp Smith wd 2 
Cavooto Henry 
Clark James 
*0 Andrews Charles M 
*0 Smith Charles F 


fr Upland rd junct Woodland rd 
east wd 1 


fr 212 Newton east wd 7 

Yetten Storage Warehouse 

17 Lombard! Gennaro 
*17 Nolan David J 

20 O'Brien Michael J 

20 1 /2Shaughnessy Francis J 

22 Carroll Francis J 
*24 Delane.v Joseph A 

26 Bennett Arthur F 
*27 Murphy James A 

28 Gray Frank 
*29 Alcorn-Padelford Machine 
Co mach 

30 Handyside Mary J Mro 
*32 Marlinski Vincent 
*34 Burnett Grace J Mrs 

34 Wallace George E 


W. A. GiaisfiNouGti co.'S 


ab above 

acct accountant 

adv advertising 

agt agent 

Am American 

appr apprentice 

archt architect 

asst assistant 

auction auctioneer 

auto automobile 

av avenue 

B Boston 

b or bds boards 

Bapt Baptist 

bdgh boarding house 

bel below 

bet between 

bey beyond 

bkbndr book binder 

bkpr bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldgmtls building materials 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmith blacksmith 

boul boulevard 

brklyr bricklayer 

Bway Broadway 

c or cor corner 

C S Christian Science 

cabtmkr cabinet maker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cashr cashier 

chauf chauffeur 

ch church 

civ eng civil engineer 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

Co Company 

collr collector 

com mer commission merchant 

com trav commercial traveler 

Coml Commercial 

commr commissioner 

comp compositor 

cond conductor 

confr confectioner 

Cong Congregational 

cons consolidated 

cons eng consulting engineer 

contg contracting 

contr contractor 

corp corporation 

corres correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

dep deputy 

dept department 

dist district 

div division 

dlr dealer 

do ditto 

dom domestic 

drftsmn draftsman 

drsmkr dressmaker 

E East 

elect electrician 

elev elevator 

embdr embroiderer 

emp agt employment agent 

Eng engine 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

Epis Episcopal 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp express 

exten extension 

fey gds fancy goods 

fl floor 

fore foreman 

fit freight 

ft foot 

furn furniture 

furn rms furnished rooms 

furngs furnishing goods 

fwdg forwarding 

gds goods 

gen general 

gro grocer 

h house 

hd band 

hd\v hardware 

hgr hanger 

hkpr housekeeper 

hlpr helper 

hosp hospital 

hts heights 

impr importer 

inc incorporated 

ydmstr yardmaster 

ins insurance 

insp inspector 

instr instructor 

insts instruments 

int rev internal revenue 

jr junior 

kpr keeper 

la lane 

lab laborer 

ldgh lodginghouse 

lino linotype 

litho lithographer 

Ltd Limited 

Luth Lutheran 

M E Methodist Episcopal 

mach machinist 

mar marine 

math mathematical 

mdse merchandise 

mfg manufacturing 

mfr manufacturer 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mlnr milliner 

msngr messenger 

mtls materials 

mtrmn motorman 

mus music 

mut mutual 

N North 

n near 

N Y N II & H New York New 

Haven & Hartford Railroad 
Nat National 

news newspaper dealers 

opp opposite 

opr operative 

P Post Office 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

photo photographer 

phys phsyician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

pract practitioner 

pres president 

prntr printer 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr pressfeeder 

ptsmn pressman 

ptrnmkr patternmaker 

pub publisher 

r or res resides 

B C Roman Catholic 

ret retail 

rpr repairer 

restr restaurant 

id roid 

im room 

Ry M S Railway Mail Serviee 

S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

sch school 

seam seamstress 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

shoer horseshoer 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

sq square 

sta station 

$ten stenographer 

stereo stereotyper 

stmftr steamfltter 

supt superintendent 

tchr teacher 

tel opr telephone operator 

teleg telegrapher 

ter terrace 

tlr tailor 

tmstr teamster 

treas treasurer 

undtkr undertaker 

Unit Unitarian 

Univ Universalist 

uphol upholsterer 

v-p vice-pres 

W West 

Wash Washington 

whf wharf 

whol wholesale 

wid widow 

wkr worker 

Wm William 

ydmstr yardsmaster 


1923 - 24 

Copyright, 1923, W. A. Greenough Co., Boston, Mass. 


B Mfg Co Boston Manufacturing Company S J II S South Junior High School 

M S F M Mass School for Feeble Minded W B & D Wks Waltham Bleachery & Dye Works 

N J H S North Junior High School W II S Waltham High School 

W W & C Co Waltham Watch & Clock Company 

For complete list of abbreviations see page 94. 

ACE Club Eugene F Everett pres Elbridge M II- 

lingsworth sec-treas 375 (201) Moody rm 1 
A H Hall 710 Main 

A U W Building 282-294 (128-136) Moody 
A U W Hall 282 (128) Moody 
Aalders Annie matron M S F M res do 
Abbezeller Susan E opr W W & C Co h 170 Adams 
Abbott Arthur C (Viola M) opr h 156 Adams 
Abbott Earl C opr W W & C Co res 33 Dexter 
Abbott Irene H student res 427 Main 
Abbott Lucy H phys 427 Main h do 
Abbott Samuel P Hon justice 2d District Court of 

Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington h at Watertovn 
Abbott Wm H res 91 Crescent 
Abrahamson August (Selma G) janitor 702 Main h 

1130 Main 
Abrahamson Clifford O student res 101 Prospect Hill 

Abrahamson David S sales res 1130 Main 
Abrahamson George S (Mildred S) mgr 265 (117) 

Moody h 21 Warren av 
Abrahamson Oscar (Minnie L) opr W W & C Co h 

101 Prospect Hill rd 
Abramovitz Joseph h 177 Newton 
Abramson Sander (Annie G) janitor S Grammar sch h 

894 Main 
Abruzzi Dominic (Catherine) opr h 32 Spring 
Abruzzi Giacamo (Mary) lab h 32 Spring 
Aceto Mary opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Ackerson Arthur (Violet M) opr W W & C Co 

h at S Lincoln 
Ackerson Victor E opr W W & C Co h at S Lincoln 
Acorn Forrest S (Edna C) mech 62 Adams h off 

Winter R F D 
Adams Alonzo S died June 10 1921 
Adams Anna F wid Elisha E died Oct 11 1923 
Adams Annie opr W W & C Co res 25 Grant 
Adams Arthur H (Abbie L) opr W W & C Co h 32 

ADAMS ARTHUR M (M Ethel) Kitchenware and 

House Furnishing Goods 353 (183) Moody h 349 

Crescent Tel Conn 
Adams Bernice tchr res 34 Fuller 
Adams Bldg 603-607 Main 
Adams Charles lab h Irving nr Plympton 
Adams D Alice Mrs sten Ames off Lexington h 54 

Adams Edwin F h off end Dale 
Adams Ella C h 11 (3) Moody suite 38 

Adams Ernest T (Luella F) watchmn W W & C Co 

res 34 Fuller 
Adams George H (Julia) elk h 22 Summer 
Adams George H fore W W & C Co h 18 Howard 
Adams George T (D Alice) opr W W & C Co h 54 

Adams Hazel F cpr W W & C Co res 7 Duddy av 
Adams Herman P (Ruth V) stmftr res 36 Hammond 
Adams Herbert G (Flora E) boiler erector h 7 Duddy 

Adams House Ltd Mrs Edith R Morgan mgr 94 Adams 
Adams James A (Honora F) agt 144 Moody h 27 

Adams Jessie F bkpr 500 Lexington res 563 do 
Adams John S (Florence) bkpr h 82 Howard 
Adams Joseph (Margaret C) mgr 239 (105) Moody 

h 14 Woerd av 
Adams Joseph (Alice E) opr W W & C Co h 30 Orange 
Adams Julia F res 22 Summer 
Adams Lloyd W W & C Co h 20 Woerd av 
Adams Lucinda wid Charles H res 144 Weston 
Adams Lucy W tchr N P Banks sch res 5 Banks 
Adams Margaret C tchr Chauncey Newhall sch res 58 

Adams Ptolemy P (Mary H) pres Waltham National 

Bank h 349 Crescent 
Adams Roxalana opr W W & C Cc res 18 Howard 
Adams Simeon P (Maud M) rem to Rox 
Adams Wm J mach res 30 Orange 

Roxbury See page 504 
Adcock Charles J (Anna L) opr W W & C Co h 19 

Adler Marguerite R elk 45 Moody res 180 Lowell 
Adler Ralph W mach res 180 Lowell 
Adler Walter F sales res 180 Lowell 
Adler Wm C (Bertha) opr W W & C Co h 180 Lowell 
Adshade Ira E mach W S Co res 74 Dorchester 
Adshade John W (Lydia A) opr W W & C Co h 74 

Adshade Norah opr W W & C Co res 74 Dorchester 
Adshade Lydia A Mrs opr W W & C Co h 74 Dor- 
Advance Hat Shop (Benjamin Kaitz) mlnr 204 (78) 

Affleck George D (Addie M) sales 100 Maple b 23 



f F 

%J<» ML i 



685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Affleck G Ernest (Bessie C) asst fore W W & C Co 

h 249 Lowell 
Affleck Pearl J Mrs opr W W & C Co res 21 Dexter 
Affronti Lillian B sales 449 (223b) Moody res 418 

(220) do 
Agahigian Henry opr W W & C Co h 329 Orchard 
Agnew Annie E dom Waltham Hospital h 11 (3) 

Moody suite 40 
Agonti Nicholas (Lucy) lab h 106 Central 
Ahlman Alice M Mrs h 7 Winthrop 
Ahlstrand Karl W supt 97a Harvard res 148 Adams 
Aiken Emma G elk W W & C Co res 161 Brown 
Aiken Gerald L sales 326 (164) Moody r 161 Brown 
Aiken Gertrude S wid Roy C h 161 Brown 
Aiken Irma opr W W & C Co res 161 Brown 
Aiken Roy C died June 28 1921 
Aiken Wm H (Catherine M) elk h 15 Dexter 
Alaimo Emanuel (De Lorenzo & Alaimo) r 614 (312} 

Alarie Joseph J (Grace K) carp h 70 School 
Albanese Joseph (Garrlanda) wvr res 30 Fountain 
Albanese Michael (Madeline) wvr h 33 Winthrop 
Albee Bertha V opr W W & C Co res 773 (381) 

Albert Alice elk W W & C Co res 633 (321) Moody 
Albert Alma opr W W & C Co res 49 Brown 
Alberti John (Anna) elect res 261 Newton 
Alberti Salvatore (Rose) h 261 Newton 
Alt}ro Harold L R K (Lucille) gro h 290 Lexington 
Albro Wm E (Fannie B) watchmkr W W & C Co res 

65 Fiske 
Alcock Emily A sec res 574 Lexington 
Alcock Jessie G elk res 574 Lexington 
Alcock Thomas V (Licy M) civ eng h 574 Lexington 
Alcorn John S (Lizzie J) (Alcorn-Padelford Machine 

Co) 29 Yetten ter h 93 Parmenter rd 
Alcorn-Padelford Machine Cc (Wm S and John S 

Alcorn James F Padelford) machs 29 Yetten ter 
Alcorn Wm S (Ethel) (Alcorn-Padelford Machine Co) 

h 91 Parmenter rd 
Aldred Frederick W tchr res 61 Cushing 
Aldred Percy F (Mary L) time lock expert h 4 Wal- 
Aldred Wm F (Laura) opr W W & C Co h 61 Cush- 
Aldrich Carroll L opr W W & C Co h 156 Robbins 
Alekna Felix mach opr res 27 y 2 Ash 
Alesse Angelo (Nina) wvr h 14 Calvary 
Alexander Alfred L (Fannie) opr W W & C Co res 

256 Brown 
Alexander Elizabeth wid John h 9 Whitney av 
Alexander George (Annie K) civ eng h 318 Newton 
Alexander John W steamftr 40 Spruce h 9 Whitney av 
Alexander Mary supervisor M S F M res do 
Alexander Ruth librarian res 318 Newton 
Alexandra Paulas (Magdalana) baker h 191 Newton 
Alfino Felix (Mary) fruit 585 Main h 197 School 
Algeri Agostino barber 705 Main h 105 Central 
Algeri Graziano (Amelia) stmftr 11 Crescent h 38 

Algeri Salvatore (Domenica) opr h 38 Williams 
Algeri Vincenzo (Mary) gro 220 River h do 
Allan Catherine res 348 Crescent 
Allan Henry N died Dec 13 1922 
Allan James opr W W & C Co h 348 Crescent 
Allan Wm (Jane C) opr W W & C Co h 83b Maple 
Allebaugh Hortense M Mrs drsmkr res 12 Wash av 
Allen Alfred J (Martha) driver h 125 Pond 
Allen Carrie B nurse M S F M res do 
Allen Cecil nurse M S F M res do 

Allen Charles D elect res 19 Adams 

Allen Charles F (Lucy) corp elk W B & D Wks h 26 

Faneuil rd 
Allen Edna res 125 Pond 

Allen Edward E (Ethel C) watchmkr B h 215a Ash 
Allen Emma A Mrs parish asst res 40 Summit 
Allen Ethel opr W W & C Co res 215a Ash 
Allen Fannie F wid Sabin E h 17 Barnes 
Allen Frank E (Laura V) opr h 22 Park 
Allen Frederick A carp h 50 Sterling rd 
Allen Geoige B (Elizabeth R) sales h 111 Riverview 

Allen George E (Josephine A) pntr h 57 Myrtle 
Allen George E jr uphol 55 Rumford av res 57 Myrtle 
Allen G Harold opr W W & C Co res 287 School 
Allen Harold A (Rita) pres-treas 760 South h at 

Allen Henry N died Dec 13 1922 
Allen Herbert B (Mary C M) cashr 600 Main h 287 

Allen Hermon L (Rena B) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 15 Dexter 
Allen James J (Norah C) janitor S D Warren sch h 

514 Waveiley Oaks rd 
Allen Jeremiah (Sarah) h Lincoln nr Pine Hill cir 
Allen John L (Bertha S) mach 416 (218) Moody h 

39 Prospect av 
Allen John M (Georgie E) master mariner h 75 Wash 

Allen Mary L Mrs died Jan 2 1922 
Allen Maud W Mrs opr W W & C Co res 18 Brown 
Allen Miriam C tchr N J H S res 94 Adams 
Allen Orlo W shipper E H W Wks h 103 y 2 Adams 
Allen Rita Mrs sec 760 South h at Weston 
Allen Stanley A pntr res 19 Adams 
Allen Thomas M R (Emma) elk 265 (117) Moody 

h 23 Elson rd 
Allen Tina waitress res 377 Moody 
Allen Vera B tchr res 135 Myrtle 
Allen Wentworth (Anna B) gro 348 Newton h 135 

Allen Wentworth H mgr 348 Newton h at Wollaston 
Allen see Allan 

Alley Fred E (Anna E) loom fxr h 428 River 
Alley James wvr res 428 River 
Allison Charles V (Lillian) driver 500 Lexington h 

305 Crescent 
Allspach Christina wid Geoige F opr W W & C Co 

res 139 South 
Allwright Elizabeth res 41 Chester av 
Almeida Fred J (Florence C) chauf h 64 Bright 
Almon John (Grace W) real est 14 Fiske av h do 
Altemus Jerome B (Agnes B) comp res 128 Adams 
Alvarez Joseph (Signe) mach h 21 Gardner 
American Knitting Co Inc Charles F Stone pres Perci- 

val M Stone treas knit goods 131 Lexington 
American Legion Waltham Post No 156 Charles M 

Newland adjt 103 (27) Moody 
American Legion Auxiliary Waltham Unit Helen M 

Tully sec 103 (27) Moody 
American Railway Express Co Wm G Strath agt 

Carter next Waltham sta 
American Red Cross (Waltham Chapter) Miss Myra A 

Mitchell executive sec 11 (3) Moody rm 52 
Am. s Bliss C (Mary D) rem to Calif 
AMES B C CO Warren Ames Pres Ira R Ames Treas 

Machinery Manufacturers Ames east of Lexington 

Tel Waltham 0095 See Machinery Mfrs Dept 
Ames Clifton jobmaster W W & C Co res 30 Dexter 
Ames C Harvey (Hotel Crescent) 25 Crescent h do 



375 (201) MOODY ST. 


Tel. Waltham 0110 





Ames Emma C Mrs died July 5 1922 

Ames Ira I (Annie S) asst fore W W & C Co h 30 

AMES IRA R (Mildred V) Treas B C Ames Co Ames 

east of Lexington h 455 Lexington 
Ames Lydia J Mrs died Nov 27 1922 
Ames Seth res 30 Dexter 
AMES WARREN (Marion C) Pies B C Ames Co 

Ames east of Lexington h 459 Lexington 
Amiro Estelle E opr W W & C Co res 140 Robbins 
AMORY BROWN & CO Agents Boston Mfg Co 144 

Moody and 48 Franklin Boston See Map 
Amory Hall 50 Spruce 
Amory Robert pres 144 Moody h at Milton 
Amrock F Henry opr W W & C Co h 12 Stearns 
Arorock John H (Mary) opr W W & C Co h 12 

Anagnas James G restr 161 Moody 
Anderson Abbie A h 16 Prospect 
Anderson Agnes M res 60 Turner 
Anderson Alexander R fore W W & C Co h 900 

Anderson Alfred A (Agda) (A & B Mfg Co) 12 Oak 

h 7 Robbins pi 
Anderson Alice opr W W & C Co res 370 Crescent 
Anderson Alice A h 16 Prospect 
Anderson Amelia V res 900 Lexington 
Anderson Andrew lab h 47 Winthrop 
Anderson Anna C Mrs died Oct 15 1923 
Anderson Annie L res 174 Adams 
Anderson Anton tinsmth res 21 Fuller 
Anderson Anton A (Louise) opr h 47 Derby 
Anderson Arthur J (Florence J) rem to Newton 
Anderson Arvid A opr res 47 Winthrop 
Anderson Augusta Mrs h 100 Cushing 
Anderson Axel h 900 Lexington 
Anderson Axel D (Charlotte B) opr W W & C Co 

res 5 Harvard 
Anderson Carl E (Mary) lab h 60 Turner 
Anderson Carl T opr h 141 South 
Anderson Carl W carrier 290 (134) Moody res 900 

Anderson Clara D hkpr res 225 Trapelo rd 
Anderson Claus P (Esther S) auto rpr h 14 Stearns 
Anderson David (Olivia) opr W W & C Co h 36 

Anderson Dena wid Carl h 138 Felton 
Anderson Ellen elk 283 (133) Moody res 102 High 
Anderson Ellen H wid Jacob D died Dec 13 1921 
Anderson Ellen K wid Charles H h 124 Russell 
Anderson Ellen A res 1 Bellevue 
Anderson Elna J opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Anderson Eric H (Mary) mach h 64 Hall 
Anderson Ernest J (Emma) mach h 35 Lunda 
Anderson Etta W writer res 124 Russell 
Anderson Everett C mach res 141 South 
Anderson Frank (Augusta) h 100 Cushing 
Anderson Fred F (Augusta) mach h 1 Bellevue 
Anderson George G lab res 26 Heard 
Anderson Gustave mach 4a Woerd av h 14 Highland 
Andrrson Gustave B janitor Old High and Hill schs 

b 26 Heard 
Anderson Harry L (Laura C) elect contr 90 Fiske h do 
Anderson Henry W W & C Co res 138 Felton 
Anderson Henry F (Ellen) mach h 102 High 
Anderson James G (M Mabel) mach W W & C Co h 

10 Prospect st av 
Anderson John A (Anna) milk 1271 Main h do 
Anderson John H (Elizabeth) ins agt 11 Moody h 35 


Anderson John W W W & C Co h 20 Wash av 

Anderson Klas E watchmn res 47 Derby 

Anderson Lillian E student res rear 1271 Main 

Anderson Mary M dismkr res 201 Robbins 

Anderson Michael janitor W W & C Co res 174 Adams 

Anderson Morris (Eliza) chauf h Hawthorne rd 

Anderson Nels painter res 138 Felton 

Anderson Otis P (Bessie M) elk W W & C Co h 123 

Woerd av 
Andeson Philip opr res 16 Cushing 
Anderson Simeon P W W & C Co h at West Newton 
Anderson Walter A acct res 47 Derby 
Anderson Wm (Catherine) opr h 201 Robbins 
Andre Fiank H (Elsie M) wood finisher h 60 Brown 
Andrew Francis L com trav 66 Woerd av res at B 
Andrews Charles F (Ada I) paper hngr h 2 Chestnut 

And'ews Charles M (Bertha L) school attend officer h 

Wyman nr Lincoln 
Andrews Daniel W (Jennie G) driver 500 Lexington 

h 49 Ash 
Andrews Elizabeth wid Thomas res 182 Dale 
Andrews Flora A wid Chauncey W h 169 Dale 
Andrews Frank H (Helen K) opr W W & C Co h 1 

Andrews Howard C pres 868 Main h 169 Dale 
Andrews John E died June 12 1922 
Andrews Kattee D nurse M S F M res do 
Andrews Mary J wid John E clairvoyant h 45 High 
Andrews Paul R elk res 49 Ash 
Andrews Zephaniah A (Anna B) opr W W & C Co 

h 61 Dale 
Anetti Sabatino (Mary) lab h 132 Calvary 
Angelo Vito opr W W & C Co h at Belmont 
Ankar Tekla J wid L opr W W & C Co h 44 Ster- 
ling rd 
Anliker Sophia P wid Walter J res 194 y 2 Adams 
Annis Albert B (Lydia M) opr W W & C Co h 71 

Parmenter rd 
Antaya Leeta Mrs opr W W & C Co res 23 Robbins 
Antcliffe Elmer R (Helen) mach res 129 Felton 
Antenen Anna wid Jean died June 5 1922 
Anthony Jacob (Victoria) opr h 5 River av 
Antico Antonio lab res 52 Exchange 
Antico Camillo lab res 52 Spring 
Antin Clara tchr Thomas Hill sch res 18 Pleasant 
Antin Rosemary tchr North Junior High sch res 18 

Antonelli Anthony chauf 60 Woerd av h at Newton 
Antonelli Minnie mica wkr 66 Woerd av r at Newton 
Appleby Mabel J opr W W & C Co res 703 (349) 

Appleton Park 210 Crescent bet Cherry and Ash 
Appleton Ross F (Mabel F) milkman h 16 Common 
Aquilla Vincenzo (Domenica) lab h 108 Harvard 
Arbour Thomas J (Sylvia F) elk Hood Rubber Co h 

118 Hammond 
Arbuckle Margaret W W & C Co res at N Weymouth 
Arcese Eleuterio (Theresa) real est 279 (131%) 

Moody h 267 Calvary 
Archambault Joseph (Jennie G) h 164 Myrtle 
Archdeacon Wm A (Mary V) brcklyr h 191 School 
Archer George F (Isabella H) carp h 16 Cushing 
Archibald Edith M tchr S J H S res 73 High 
Archibald Fred W (Annie) mus tchr 24 Greenwood la 

h do 
Archibald Merton A (Luella M) elk 707 Main h 12 

Exchange ct 
Archibald Whittemore C (Elsie H) structural eng h 

209 Lexington 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



Arey Harold B (Minnie) master North Junior High 

sch h Montclair av nr Trimount av 
Armour & Co John J Hynes mgr dressed beef 16 and 

18 Felton 
Armstrong Abba E died Nov 12 1921 
Armstrong Alice H elk res 52 Curve 
Armstrong Clara B nurse W W & C Co r 157 Crescent 
Armstrong Co The Francis J Corcoran mgr Waltham 

sta B & M 
Armstrong Frederick L opr W W & C Co r at Everett 
Armstrong George mach res 400 Moody 
Armstrong James molder res 57 Willow 
Armstrong James E (Edna B) opr W W & C Co b 9 

Armstrong James F (Matilda S) pntr h 25 Prospect 

st av 
Armstrong Ruth M res 25 Prospect st av 
ARMSTRONG THOMAS H (Harriet M) Lawyer 294 

Washington Boston Tel Main 7129 h 52 Curve Tel 

Waltham 1454-W See Attorneys at Law Dept 
Arneson S Alex died June 11 1923 
Arncson Helen C photo prntr res 44 Rich 
Arneson Mary wid S Alex h 44 Rich 
Arneson Ruth A sec res 44 Rich 
Arnold Agnes W W & C Co res 16 Lexington 
Arnold Alice E opr W W & C Co res 55 Ash 
Arnold Charles elect res 45 Lowell 
Arnold Charles R (Josie M) mach rear 248 Ash h 

8 Fuller 
Arnold Constance M student res 8 Fuller 
Arnold Daniel B (Esther M) carp h 16 Lexington 
Arnold Edward J opr res 16 Lexington 
Arnold Elizabeth wid Herbert R h 45 Lowell 
Arnold Elizabeth wid Richard h 55 Ash 
Arnold Henry T mach res 55 Ash 
ARNOLD HERBERT B (Idora A) (H B Arnold & 

Co) h 14 Orange 
Arnold Herbert F (Mildred G) mgr h 195 Sycamore 
ARNOLD H B & CO (Herbert B Arnold and Ernest H 

Warner) Canoe Builders and Canoes to Let 299 

Crescent Tel 1772-W See Canoe Mfrs Dept 
Arnold Joseph B lab res 55 Ash 
Arnold Marcia opr W W & C Co res 70 Wash av 
Arnold Mary J died Dec 2 1922 
Arnold Neil H (Helena) opr W W & C Co h Mokema 

Arnold Robert (Edna J) sales h 29 Spruce 
Arnold Wm H (Mildred (Heinlein & Arnold) 765 

Main h at Bedford 
Arnott John jr opr res 86 Lowell 
Arrowsmith Lucy J wid Richard died Mar 14 1922 
Arsenault Alfred lab res 10 Williams 
Arsenault Cyprus buffer 87 Rumford av h at Wellesley 
Arsenault Edgar J opr W W & C Co res 78 Adams 
Arsenault Etienne (Eliza) opr h 10 Williams 
Arsenault Hattie janitress W W & C Co r 78 Adams 
Arsenaut Joseph L carp res 93 Alder 
Arsenault Patrick (Mary) oiler W W & C Co h 116 

Arsenault Simon lab res 564 Main 
Arsenault Walter J (Mary F) pntr h 17 Lynch's la 
Arsenault Wm (Harriet) pntr h 78 Adams 
Arsentault Henry (Etta F) loomfixr h 405 River 
Arseneault Neil uphol res 206 Adams 
Artardo Antcnio (Asunta) lab h 39a Calvary 
Artardo Luigi (Angelina) opr h 22 Bolton 
Artardo Salvatore (Josephine) lab h 22 Bolton 
Asbury Temple 686 Main 

Asbury Temple .Assn Eugene L Folsom pres 686 Main 
Aschelman Mary L bkpr 289 (137) Moody res at B 

Ashley Harry W (Grace F) W F D h 68 Adams 
Ashley Nellie S wid Henry L h 89 Vernon 
Ashness Herbert P opr W W & C Co h 56 Bedford 
Ashness Sarah A wid Wm h 161 South 
Ashton Alice wid Alfred res 121 Adams 
Ashton Reece R (Jean D) mach h 283 River 
Ashworth John wire wkr res 156 Bright 
Ashworth Robert S (Annie H) chauf Hose 1 h 156 

Atherton Annie res 187 Chestnut 
Atherton George B (Mary E) watchmkr h 121 High 
Atkin Arthur elk res 153 Bright 
Atkin Harry elk res 153 Bright 
Atkin Wm (Ruth) molder h 153 Bright 
Atkins Annie B res 21 Newton 

Atkins G Everett (Mabel B) com photo h 27 Palmer 
Atkins John G died Oct 29 1923 
Atkins Mary E Mrs died Aug 17 1921 
Atkinson Charles G (Hattie S) carp h 150 Crescent 
Atkinson Kenneth (Pauline) mach h 55 South 
Atkinson Sarah wid Wm H res rear 227 South 
Atlas Chemical Co The Josiah P Wescott jr pres-treas 

224 Calvary 
Atlas Parlor Suite Mfg Co (Nathan Scheinfain) fum 

mfrs 55 Rumford av 
Attanasio Joseph (Catherine) barber 6 Lexington b 

192 Willow 
Atwood Alfred (Genevieve) molder h 846 Main 
Atwood Charles L (Margaret E) mgr B h 8 Common 
Atwood E Eleanor wid Winslow P h 119 Robbins 
Atwood Florence M elk 685 Main res 24 Russell 
Atwood Florentina wid Heman F h 24 Russell 
Atuood Frederick W (May L) mgr h 21 Brookfleld rd 
Atwood Henry J student res 167 Main 
Atwood Josephine F elk res 24 Russell 
Atwood Margaret E Mrs sec 614 Main rm 8 h 8 

Atwood Wm F (Helen J) prov B h 167 Main 
Aucoin Delphin rubberwkr res 15 Gordon 
Aucoin Wm mill opr res 52 Walnut 
Au Coin Amedee (Mary A) pntr h 84 Grant 
Au Coin Amedee (Mary) dyer h 26 Middle 
Au Coin Amedee lab res 721 (359%) Moody 
Au Coin Dennis res 35 Williams 
Au Coin Etienne lather res 721 (359V 2 ) Moody 
Au Coin Eustache E (Mary A) hostler h 242 Dale 
Au Coin Joseph lab res 94 Charles 
Au Coin Joseph (Marie) opr h 35 Williams 
Au Coin Levi lab res 38% Bacon 
Au Coin Lucy C W W & C Co res 146 Prospect 
Au Coin Marie res 31 Charles 
Au Coin Marie S opr res 721 (359y 2 ) Moody 
Au Coin Moise opr res 165 Adams 
Au Coin Peter (Elizabeth) bldg mvr h 102 Charles 
Au Coin Rita opr res 26 Middle 
Au Coin Simon (Mary) carp h 94 Central 
Au Coin Simon (Christina) opr h 66 Hall 
Au Coin Thomas V (M Regina) sales h 517 Main 
Au Coin Victoria mill opr res 94 Charles 
Au Coin Wm (Annie) stone wkr h 166 Felton 
Au Coin Wm opr W W & C Co b 49 Felton 
Au Coin Wm L (Lucy) mach opr h 38% Bacon 
Auger Henry F (Viola M) editor 278 (126) Moody 

h 5 Brown 
Auld John S (Irene) lab h 339 River 
Auld Joseph E (Annie E) grinder h 5 Jackson pi 
Aulwes Irving (Mamie) opr h 173 Willow 
Aune Anders watchmkr W W & C Co h 140 Alder 
Aune Arthur A (Elsie) opr W W & C Co h 140 Alder 
Aune Ellen M Mrs died Feb 10 1922 



123 High Street, 




Anne Ole watch tool mfr 15 Crescent h do 

Aune Orvind A W W & C Co res 140 Alder 

Austin Charles B watchmkr W W & C Co h 119 

Austin Clyde H U S N res 10 Martyn 
Austin George E mach WW&CCohlO Martyn 
Austin George H (Elenor) rem to Quincy 
Averell Annie L asst treas 243 (109) Moody h 15 

Maple ter 
Averell Hortense E elk W W & C Co h 15 Maple ter 
Averell Julia A wid Charles G died May 22 1923 
Avery Harold prin master J H S h at Wakefield 
Avery Nellie M treas 709 Main res 19 Howard 
Ayer Adelle L lab asst res 397 Crescent 
Ayer Elmore (Etta M) sales mgr h 58 Ellison rd 
Ayer Juliette M wid Charles H h 397 Crescent 
Ayer Holland H (Lizzie C) stablemn 500 Lexington h 

579 (295) Moody 
Ayer Walter K res 397 descent 
Ayer see Ayre 

Ayers Alfred comdt 11 Pine h 14 Prentice 
Ayles Dorothy R tel opr res 85 Grant 
Ayles James (Ella W) elk 350 Moody h 85 Grant 
Aylsworth Clive L (Rose D) sales h 89 Willow 
Aylsworth Everett auto rpr res 89 Willow 
Aylsworth Nellie P wid Edward res 89 Willow 
Aylward Joseph L USA res 4 Cross 
Aylward Thomas D (Theresa J) supt B h 4 Cross 
Ayre Arthur W (Charlotte) carp h 60 Calvary 
Babb Marvin A (Flora M) chauf h 36 Turner 
Babbin Arthur L (Helen E) bucklemkr h 10 Whitney 

Babbitt Charles H (Christine M) driver h 12 Lexing- 
3abcock Fiances M opr W W & C Co res 146 Adams 
Babin Helen J W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Babineau Albert T mach res 85 Cushing 
Babineau Delia elk 219 (91) Moody res 85 Cushing 
Babineau Edward J (Ella M) mach h 19 Cushing 
Babineau Joseph H (Inez S) mach h 295 Newton 
Babineau Joseph T (Mary) mach h 85 Cushing 
Babineau M Alice opr W W & C Co res 85 Cushing 
Babineau Thaddee (Pauline) res 15 Liberty 
Babineau Timothy opr 75 Rumford av res 756 (380) 

Bachman Emil F (Louise S) opr W W & C Co h 42 

Wadsworth av 
Backman Alice L S hlpr res 62 Alder 
Backman Alice V nurse public schs res 55 Grant 
Backman Anna E nurse res 55 Grant 
Backman Arvid C (Lillian A) firemn h 139 Robbins 
Backman Axel G (Augusta A) mach h 55 Grant 
Backman Carl E elk 209 (83) Moody res 61 Gardner 
Backman Catherine E wid James h 62 Alder 
Backman Charles E (Jennie) police h 61 Gardner 
Backman Edith L student res 55 Grant 
Backman Harold S auto rpr res 55 Grant 
Backman Helen J opr W W & C Co res 55 Grant 
Backman Henry W A mach W W & C Co res 55 Grant 
Backman Hilda V elk 243 (107) Moody res 55 Grant 
Backman Oscar F pntr res 369 (197) Moody 
Bacon Annie E res 149 Brown 
Bacon Clarence E (Elizabeth S) sales h 512 Main 
Bacon Edwin F h 8 Lunda 
Bacon Eva M Mrs sten M S F M res do 
Bacon Frances wid Frank dressmkr res 79 Vernon 
Bacon Harry W (Emily) bkpr h 812 Main 
Bacon Herschel A (Marie V) fore W W & C Co h 

474 Lexington 
Bacon Howard E opr W W & C Co b at Sudbury 

Bacon Kate h 9 Harvard pi 

Bacon Linnie E opr W W & C Co r 94 Adams rm 28 

Bacon Marjorie elk res 79 Vernon 

Bacon Samuel H h 149 Brown 

Badger Charles E (Hattie D) sales h 115 Lexington 

Badger Clarence carp res rear 141 South 

Badger Frederick T (Flora E) mach h 115 Lexington 

Badger George F (Katherine) W W & C Co h 60 Rich 

Bagdasarian Michael M (Lucy M) gro h College Farm 

Bagdasarian Samuel (Rose) auto rpr res 51 Walnut 
Bagge E salesman W W & C Co h at Waltham and 

Chicago 111 
Baggs Bridget wid Wm C h 363 (191) Moody 
Baggs Charles S (Eva M) student h 15 Exchange ct 
Baggs Clifford D lab res 15 Exchange ct 
Baggs Elizabeth E wid James res 15 Exchange ct 
Bagley Anna M tchr N J H S res 183 Ash 
Bagley John W S opr W W & C Co h 183 Ash 
Bagley Orin (Bessie E) sales h 353 Crescent 
Bagni Enrico bucklewkr res 539 South 
Bailey Agnes Mrs nurse res 153 Brown 
Bailey Alvan A (Bailey & Waterhouse) h 19 Robbins 
Bailey Arthur H insp res 249 Bacon 
Bailey Beatrice M tchr res 249 Bacon 
Bailey Earl M mach h 12 Wadsworth av 
Bailey Harold elk res 162 Brown 
Bailey Henry W h 249 Bacon 
Bailey Howard D tel elk res 40 Bacon 
Bailey Mildred tchr M S F M res do 
Bailey Warren W rodman 614 Main rm 3 res 40 

Bailey Wm A elk res 40 Bacon 
Bailey Wm H (Jane P D) phys 40 Bacon h do 
Bailey & Waterhouse (Alvan A Bailey Reuel C Water- 
house) auto rprs rear 11 Francis 
Bain Mary wid Wm H h 61 Parmenter rd 
Bain Wm H optometrist res 61 Parmenter rd 
Baine Kate W Mrs opr W W & C Co h 4 Adams 
Baine Wilmot W (Millicent M) (Carter-Baine Co) 

druggist 907 Main h 59 Wellington 
Baird Charles E (Adaline F) sales h 395 Lexington 
Baird Earl F (Mabel W) mgr h 5 Columbus av 
Bake Wm opr W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Baker Alton E (Jennie) mach h Trapelo rd west of 

Baker A Earl (Lauretta B) fore h Trapelo rd 
Baker Chester T (Delia R) mtrmn h Amherst av nr 

Baker Earl C student res 360 Waverley Oaks rd 
Baker Edna res 46 Adams 
Baker Edward A rector Church of the Ascension h 

257 Robbins 
Baker Edward C (Nellie E) eng W W & C Co h 382 

Baker Ellen A nurse M S F M res do 
Baker Elnathan (Mae L) watch insp b 12 Fiske av 
Baker Frederick H (Edith V) auto rpr h 360 Waver- 
ley Oaks rd 
Baker George E (Edith G) watchmn W W & C Co 

h 51 Brown 
Baker George W (Grace E) opr E H W Wks h 783 

(387) Moody 
Baker Harriet B tchr Chauncey Newhall sch h 146 

Baker Ida M res 211 Adams 
Baker Ida M wid Charles died Jan 25 1922 
Baker James E (Harriet) mariner h 164 Russell 
Baker Lester H (Lota A) cleanser h 11 Lawnsdale 
Baker Mabelle E opr W W & C Co ret at Balmont 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 



Baker Mark B res 211 Adams 

Baker Ralph F student res 783 (387) Moody 

Baker Ralph W elk res 360 Waverley Oaks rd 

Baker Rosalind tchr 327 Lexington res do 

Baker The hospital rem to Brookline 

Baker Wm P (Jennie) opr W W & C Co h 106 

Balch Edward F (Lillie A) mus h 111 Woerd av 
Balch J Sheppard (Elizabeth) opr W W & C Co h 

111 Woerd av 
Balcom Bertha A opr W W & C Co res 71 Chestnut 
Balcom Ernest W (Bertha) opr W W & C Co h 71 

Balcom Joseph E (Rose A) cabtmkr h 14 Green 
Br.lda-o Jane A h 20 Charles 
Baldwin Francis res 225 Tiapelo rd 
Baldwin James W farmer h 225 Tiapelo rd 
Baldwin Martha died June 21 1923 
Baler Ezra (Grace M) furn polish mfr 88 y 2 Myrtle 

h do 
BALL ALFRED T (Irene B) (A T Ball) 609 Main 

h 53 High 
BALL A T (Alfred T Ball) Toys Stationery Sporting 

Gocds Etc 609 Main See Stationers Dept 
Ball Frank E res 140 Lowell 

Ball George M (Edith I) elk B & M h 133 Brown 
Ball Wm C (Nellie G) opr W W & C Co h 216 Rob- 
Ballantyne Harris R (Marion E) opr W W & C Co h 

31 Prospect st av 
Ballantyne Marion E opr W W & C Co r 31 Prospect 

st av 
Ballard Annie- wid Henry P h 102 Central 
Ballard Annie B wid Henry P died Oct 9 1921 
Ballard Charles A (Alberta P) dial sinker W W & C 

Co h 3 Cornwallis pi 
Ballard George F (Ann F) h 159 Plympton 
Ballard Sadie L elk 243 Moody res 102 Central 
Ballo Salvatore (Calogera) opr h 17 Muldoon ct 
Ballou Clyde D papnrhngr h 37 Prospect wt av 
Ballou Edwin E (Hunter & Ballou) res 187 Brown 
Bafcley Charles F (Ella) opr W W & C Co h 13 

Norumbega ter 
Balsley Harry opr W W & C Co res 25 Crescent 
Baltules F'ank (Annie) lab h 380 River 
Bamforth Charles S sales 21 Crescent res 51 Bedford 
Bamforth George W (Mary A) opr W W & C Co h 

110 Harvard 
Bamforth Philip driver 1295 Main r 12 Wellington av 
Bamforth Washington I (Catherine) loomfixer h 85 

Bancroft Margaret T wid Charles C h 154 Adams 
Bandreau Helen opr W W & C Co r 679 (341) Moody- 
Bangs Fred E opr W W & C Co h 97 Maple 
Bangs Stanfleld violin tchr 397 (211) Moody h at 

Bangs Vincent violin tchr 397 (211) Moody r at Dor 
Baniszensky Charles (Stephania) opr h 3 Calvary 
Banks Harriet G elk W W & C Co r 5 Wellington av 
Banks James H (Cora C) watchmkr E H W Co h 5 

Wellington av 
Banks Nathaniel P School Reginald T Webster prin 

956 Main cor South 
Banks Sq Lunch (J Edward Hampton Fred W Munster) 

975 Main 
Banks Stella M nurse res 5 Wellington av 
Bannan Edward A shipper 56 Felton r 32 Dartmouth 
Bannan Rose M res 32 Dartmouth 
Bannan Thomas h 32 Dartmouth 

Bannan Thomas F (Lona H) lawyer 11 Moody rm 4 

h 343 Crescent 
Bannan Wm J (Alice G) elk 2d District Court of 

Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington and lawyer 11 

Moody rm 3 h 30 Lyman 
Bannon Bridget wid Bartholomew res 25 Faneuil rd 
Bannon Edward J (Catherine M) chauf h 109 Woerd 

Bannon George (Annie) bucklemkr h 200 Felton 
Bannon George J opr res 200 Felton 
Bannon John molder res 23 Pine 
Bannon Thomas J (Anna M) chauf h 25 Adams 
Bannon Thomas J (Mary J) loomfixer h 415 River 
Barara Anna W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Barbarick Grover C (Jane E) mtrmn h 78 Arcadia av 
Barber Clara wid Robert res 49 Dexter 
Barber Frank N (Jessie M) bkpr h 1133 Main 
Barber George toolmkr 49 River res at Watertown 
Barber H Beatrice elk res 1133 Main 
Barber Mitchell (Catherine A) inst h 836 Main 
Barber Raymond J (Estelle M) florist h 63 Arcadia av 
Barden James H (Edna) carp h 56 Walnut 
Bardley Harold R (Emily) chauf res 10 Green 
Ban Joseph (Roselea) lab h 32 Heard 
Barker Charles D (Ida M) carp h 160 Lowell 
Barker David A S (Sarah A) opr W W & C Co h 

158 Chestnut 
Barker Etta R Mrs died Feb 20 1923 
Barker George C (Lillian) mach W W & C Co h 45 

Barker George J pres 118 Bacon h 42 Prospect 
Barker George J Lumber Co George J Barker pres 

George W Lewis treas 118 Bacon 
Barker Irene F teller 702 Main res 158 Chestnut 
Barker Nellie F Mrs h 42 Prospect 
Barker Orrin F W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Barker Wm A mus tchr h 216 Adams 
Barlow Amos P (Alice M) folder h 481% Main 
Barlow Ernest F (Mary V) stagemn 19 Elm h 9 

Barlow George L hlpr res 49 Alder 
Barlow Herbert H (Lena B) hosemn h 49 Alder 
Barlow Loring A (Blanche) watchmkr h 19 Elson rd 
Barlow Mabelle J opr W W & C Co res 12 Bedford 
Barlow Malvina Mrs res 12 Bedford 
Barnard Emma E wid Pierce J h 60 Francis 
Barnard Mary H opr W W & C Co res 4 Walnut 
Barnard Maurice opr W W & C Co res 60 Francis 
Barnard Walter fore J L T Mfg Co h 33 Pine 
Barnes Alice B opr W W & C Co r 94 Adams rm 44 
Barnes Barton S prntr res 61 Parmenter rd 
Barnes Bert A (Hermine) carp h 794 
Barnes Elizabeth Mrs h 8 Common 
Barnes Eugene W W & C Co h 61 Adams 
Barnes Frank L (Blanche H) elect eng 842 Main h do 
Barnes George H (Vina M) lumber h 526 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
Barnes Harry T (Helen M) bank elk B h 17 Brook- 
field rd 
Barnes Helen G wid Hiram P h 21 Church 
Barnes H Putnam jr (Mildred E) sign pntr 645 Main 

h 377 do 
Barnes Martha MacC h 23 Church 
Barnes Mary F died May 2 1922 
Barnes Mildred C sec res 8 Common 
Barnes Ole E (Grace M) carp h 138 Robbins 
Barnes Robert R sign pntr 645 Main res 21 Church 
BARNES ROWLAND H (Annie C) (Barnes & Beal) 

Civil Engineer 637 Main Rm 3 h at Newton 
Bames Walter C mach W W & C Co res 23 Church 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 




Barnes Winthrop J elk res 21 Church 

BARNES & BEAL (Rowland H Barnes and Henry F 

Beal) Civil Engineers 637 Main rm 3 Tel Waltham 

0584 See Civil Engineers Dept 
Barney Walter H elk 290 (134) Moody h at Newton 

Barnicle Daniel J (M Irene) dntst 388 (206) Moody 

h 82 Chestnut 
Barnicle Edward J farmer res 24 Leonard 
Barnicle Frank A (Vena) elk res 24 Leonard 
Barnicle James F (Annie J) sales h 24 Leonard 
Barnicle Joseph H lab res 26 Caughey 
Barnicle Louise E sten res 24 Leonard 
Barnicle Michael J (Annie T) sales 140 Lexington h 

26 Caughey 
Barr Agnes E opr W W & C Co res 55 Taylor 
Barr Ernest E (Margaret A) prntr 18 Pine h 30 

Barr Ernestine M sten res 30 Summit 
Barr James H opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Barr Marion opr W W & C Co res at Atlantic 
Barr Robert mgr 629 Main h at Lynn 
Barrett B Mary Mrs rstr 188 Willow h do 
Barrett Catherine T wid James died Dec 26 1922 
Barrett Charles H motormn res 249 School 
Barrett C Elizabeth opr res 180 Willow 
Barrett Edith W W & C Co res 157 Lowell 
Barrett Ella M wid George W h 249 School 
Barrett Ernest G (Edith L) sales res 157 Lowell 
Barrett Fannie E Mrs hairdresser 333 (169) Moody 

h 703 (349) do 
Barrett Florence sten res 16 Common 
Barrett Frederick A (Bridget M) elk h 188 Willow 
Barrett James J (Ida M) pntr 30 Leonard h do 
Barrett James W (Nellie F) cook h 16 Common 
Barrett John (Ellen) driver h 77 Massasoit 
Barrett John F bkpr res 77 Massasoit 
Barrett John J student res 180 Willow 
Barrett John J stmftr res 151 Newton 
Barrett Kathryn C opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Barrett Margaret A opr W W & C Co res 77 Massasoit 
Barrett Marion M h 459 (239) Moody 
Barrett Mary A student res 180 Willow 
Barrett Michael (Sarah) lab h 180 Willow 
Barrett Wilfred (Fannie E) rubberwkr h 703 (349) 

Barrett Wm J mach res 77 Massasoit 
Barrett Wm P shoewkr res 180 Willow 
Barron George died Feb 24 1922 
Barron James (Mary H) restr 374 (192a) Moody h 

33 John 
Barron Mary wid George opr h 93 Central 
Barron Samuel G (Ada M) auto rpr h 93 ^ Central 
Barrow Fred G h 24 Lafayette 
Barrow George W (Cleo C) treas 390 Main h 27 

Ellison pk 
Barrow Iva L Mrs died April 18 1923 
Barrows Fred G (Mary A) gro 7 Highland h 11 

Barrows Fred M (Mabel E) opr h 101 Alder 
Barrows Lester M (Elpha L) sales W W & C Co h 

265 Robbins 
Barrows Wendell P rem to Washington D C 
Barry Charles E (Pauline A) h 539 South 
Barry Edward (Delia) emp W G W Co b 90 Pond 
BARRY EPHRAIM L (Mary E) Job Printing Musie 

Hall av h at Weston 
Barry George F (Bessie M) rem to Son) 
Barry John D (Catherine A) brakemn b 22 Fern 

Barry John P (Marie) janitor Roberts sch h 755 

Barry Robert G (Margaret C) baker h 102 Taylor 

Barry Wm P (Alice R) lumber h 52 Bacon 

Barry see Berry 

Barstero Annie C wid George A mgr 376 Moody res 
904 (452) do 

Bartel Helen H tchr res 25 Columbus av 

Battel Paul W (Besse C) elk J L T Mfg Co h 33 

Bartel Wm E student res 25 Columbus av 

Bartel Wm P sec-treas J L Thomson Mfg Co 556 
South h 25 Columbus av 

Barter Theresa J wid Hiram W died Sept 15 1922 

Barthel Aldea opr res 1 Chestnut pk 

Bartholomeu James W W & C Co h 52 Beechwood 

Bartholomew Michael (Tina) watchmkr W W & C Co 
h 262 Newton 

Baitkus Theodore lndrymn Waltham Hospital res do 

Bartleman Richard M (Blanche M) elk h 109 Woerd 

Bartlett Angie res 3 Riverview av 

BARTLETT BALL (Maude L) (Exide Service Station) 
903 Main Resides 90 Woerd av Tel Waltham 0179 
See Automobile Dept 

Bartlett Beth coml artist res 104 Summer 

Bartlett Caroline M wid James C died Oct 14 1923 

Bartlett Catherine S wid Charles A h 31 Maple 

Bartlett Edward E (Minnie) marble setter h 88 Tay- 

Bartlett Eliza J res 31 Maple 

Bartlett Fletcher M W W & C Co h 302 Crescent 

Bartlett George W (Alice C) crossing tndr h 539 

Bartlett Harry S (Laura E) gate tndr Roberts sta h 
539 South 

Bartlett Hattie C buckle mkr res 539 South 

Bartlett Martha J res 539 South 

Bartlett Mary E nurse Waltham Hospital res 24 Ham- 

Bartlett M Elizabeth nurse res 24 Hammond 

Bartlett Sarah J wid Harvey P h 3 Riverview av 

Bartlett Victoria A artist res 31 Maple 

Bartlett Walter C (Jessie C) elk 684 Main h 24 

Bartlett Walter W W W & C Co res 31 Maple 

Bartlett Wm M (Leona E) ins B h at Silver Hill 

Bartley Hattie C charwoman res 35 Beech 

Barton Annie mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at Newton 
Lower Falls 

Barton James W W & C Co h 60 Lawrence 

Barton Lizzie M Mrs opr 87 Rumford av res 60 Law- 

Barton Sarah E wid Silas A h 56 Harris 

Basle Edna F Mrs elk 265 (117) Moody res 19 

Basle Mary Mrs h 19 Townsend 

Basley Fred R (Anna M) lumber b 17 Pleasant 

Bassett Annie J res 404 Main 

Bassett Charlotte P tchr res 404 Main 

Bassett Emily M tchr N P Banks sch res 404 Main 

Bassett Frances tchr res 404 Main 

Bassett Furniture Co (Julia A Bassett) 368 (188) 

Bassett George watchmkr res 47 Ash 

Bassett Jennie M tchr res 404 Main 

Bassett Julia A h 404 Main 

Bassett Sarah H corres B res 404 Main 

Bassett Thomas H (Eunice) pres-mgr 56 Felton h at 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Bassett Wm S com trav 56 Felton h 404 Main 
Bassing Henry E (Margaret N) meat ctr h 595 Main 
Bastile Joseph H molder h 272 School 
Batchelder Adolph S (Ellen) mach W W & C Co b 

19 Maple 
Batchelder Joseph P nurse M S F M res do 
Bates Annie G nurse M S F M res do 
Bates Annie S bkpr 74 Bacon res 33 Curve 
Bates Aurelia W elk res 45 Pleasant 
Bates Charlotte elk res 45 Pleasant 
Bates George M (Mabel E) mgr B h 45 Pleasant 
Bates James H (Nellie L) watchmkr h 98 Bacon 
Batey Thomas E (Beatrice H) treas rear 582 Main h 

at Weston 
Bathtiek Onin W W ft C Co h at Medford 
Batstone Charles E (Helen R) road eng I H Co res 

315 Newton 
Battista Christina M W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Battye Benjamin S (Charlotte P) watchmkr E H W 

Co h 88 Russell 
Battye Wm W (Helen) finisher W W & C Co h 395 

Baudreau Alexander (Maryan) carp h 164 Felton 
Bauer George H (Margaret H) knit gds mfr 37 River 

h at Watertown 
Baumann Wm I (Lois E) opr W W & C Co h 20 

Wadsworth av 
Baxter Frank elk 884 Main res at Belmont 
Baxter George A (Pearl E) sales 446 (234a) Moody 

h 55 Chester av 
Baxter George W (Annie E) shoes 389 (207) Moody 

h 84 Lowell 
Baxter James J Rev DD rector St Mary's R C Church 

h 133 School 
Bay State Realty Exchange (Ernest G Hindenlang 

Herman Hindenlang trustees) real est 716 Lexing- 
Bay State Rug Co (H T Saulnier) 20 Bedford 
Bazillion James N elect res 152 Adams 
Bazley Leroy E (Beatrice A) autos and gasoline 596 

(306) Moody h 139 Myrtle 
Beach Thaddeus A (Irene) opr W W & C Co h 94 

Beadle John M (Martha M) mach W W & C Co h 46 

Beadle Joseph L (Delia) sales h 33 Taylor 
Beagan Joseph F (Helen L) plmbr h 149 Grove 
Beal Clifford G (Laura M) mach h 119 High 
BEAL GEORGE R Lawyer and Pres Waltham Savings 

Banks 702 Main h 19 Appleton 
BEAL HENRY F (Marion A) Mayor of City of Wal- 
tham 614 Main rm 13 and (Barnes & Beal) 637 

Main rm 3 h 537 Main 
Beal John D died June 11 1922 
Beal Mary E Mrs died July 23 1921 
Beal Susan W asst treas Waltham Hospital res 22 

Summer av 
Beale Ruth E elk W W & C Co res 31 Elm av 
Beals Jessie tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Bcaman Alice W nurse res 28 Worcester la 
Beaman George B (Mary B) tchr h 28 Worcester la 
Beaman George B jr student res 28 Worcester la 
Beamish Alvin W W W & C Co h 39 Brown 
Beamish Arthur R (Beatrcie A) opr W W & C Co h 

39 Brown 
Beamish Florence E artist res 39 Brown 
Beamish Gwendolyn S bkpr res 33 Irving 
Beamish Walter J (Jeane) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 33 Irving 
Bean Caroline A comp E L Barry Music Hall av 

Bean Johannah died Oct 30 1921 

Beane Everett W elk res 83 Beaver 

Beane Frederick L opr W W & C Co res 24 Chestnut 

Beane Horace E (Sarah E) prov B h 83 Beaver 

Beane Walter H (Emma) mach opr W S Co h 18 

Bearce Fred R piano tuner 307 (151) Moody res 25 

Bearce Fred T (Florence) musical instruments 307 

(151) Moody h 25 Lyman 
Bearce Marionette E wid Thomas died Mar 15 1922 
Bearen Theodore tchr S J H S res 94 Adams 
Bearse Olive F W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Beaton John D (Helen) rubbenvkr h 311 (153) Moody 
Beatteay Walter J (Mabel P) re mto Som 
Beattie Catherine wid Henry J died May 29 1923 
Beattie Catherine E sten res 730 (368) Moody 
Beattie Frank L (Theresa) produce h 72 Francis 
Beattie Henry J died April 13 1923 
Beattie John H (Mary L) (J H Beattie & Co) h 113 

Beattie Joseph A driver res 730 (368) Moody 
Beattie J H & Co (John H Beattie Robert A Casey) 

prov 884 Main and fruit 357a Moody 
Beattie Linda wid George h 64 Prospect 
Beattie Mildred elk 283 (133) Moody res 368 do 
Beattie Wm G res 730 (368) Moody 
Beatty Doris G W W & C Co res 64 Prospect 
Beatty James sec res 61 Prospect 
Beaucher Arthur res 38 Fiske 
Beaudette Olivine J W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Beauregard Louis E (Alice E) mach res 62 Taylor 
Beauvais Francis (Laura) carp h 43 Charles 
Beaven Theodore res 94 Adams 
Beaver Brook Ga-age (Norcross & Lyons) 39 Felton 

Agents for Wirthmore Feeds Massasoit cor Main 

Tel Waltham 0045 See Grain Dept 
Beaver Brook Knitting Co Inc (Francis C Gauthier) 

400 Newton 
Beaver Brook Reservation Trapelo rd cor Waverley Oaks 

rd at Belmont line 
Beaver Brook Station B & M 360 Main cor Massasoit 
Beck George H (Emma S) rem to Everett 
Beckerman Louis (Ida) (Enterprise Dry Goods Store) 

402 (212) Moody h at Woburn 
Bcckwith Ada wid Charles W h 82 Alder 
Beckwith George F (Helen C) carrier 290 (134) 

Moody h 17 Wadsworth av 

Wadsworth av 
Beckwith Helen A elk res 82 Alder 
Beckwith Lillian sten res 17 Wadsworth av 
Beckwith Mary E Mrs died Aug 18 1922 
Bedell Charles H died Dec 28 1921 
Bedford Arthur lab res 81 Cushing 
Bedford Ellen Mrs died Sept 11 1923 
Bedford Harry lab h 81 Cushing 
Bedford Ida opr W W & C Co res 81 Cushing 
Beecher David H (Fannie) (Beecher Electric Co) h 

235 Robbins 
Beecher Electric Co (David H Beecher) 404 (214) 

Beecher Lillian E tchr Chauncey Newhall sch h 20 

Beecher Samuel elec 404 (214) Moody r 235 Robbins 
Beecher Wm J (Margaret E) cond h 27 Copley av 
Beeler Fred A (Lillian) cabtmkr h 17 Pearl 
Behr Oscar (Astrid 0) opr W W & C Co h 237 Brown 
Behrman Alfred P died Sept 27 1923 
Behrman Emily W b 138 Vernon 

48 JOHN- 




Tel. Conn. 



Behrman Roland A (Edna W) phys res 138 Vernon 

Behrman Wrn F student res 138 Vernon 

Belcher Christina wid Charles h 30 Heard 

Belcher Susan L elk 283 (133) Moody res 185 Ash 

Beley George H W W & C Co h at Newtonville 

Belger John blksraith hlpr res 219 (rear 91) Moody 

Belgian Spinning Co Dieudonne A Servais pres Philip 

Rubenstein treas Ivan D Servais sec yarn mfrs 169 

Belkin Louis (Miriam) tailor 44 Spruce h 80 Prospect 
Bell Bessie C wid Robert opr res 22 Brown's av 
Bell Charles R (Blanche) phys 808 Main h do 
Bell Conrad (Florence R) phys and surg 820 Main 

h do 
Bell Ellen wid George res 68 Bobbins 
Bell Frank N (Susan Marie) h 269 Dale 
Bell George F (Nellie 0) sales h 579 (295) Moody 
Bell George T chauf res 107 Adams 
Bell Hannah I sten M S F M res do 
Bell James jr mach res 107 Adams 
Bell James G (Elizabeth) metal finisher h 107 Adams 
Bell Thomas J (Mary) pntr h 68 Robbins 
Bellaffatto Giuseppe billiards 673 Main res 26 Middle 
Belland Domenico (Ethel) molder h 85 Charles 
Bellinger Archibald C (Elizabeth W) (O'Brien & Bel- 
linger) 376 (164) Moody h 57 Chester av 
Bellis Albert H (Eunice M) h 135 Woerd av 
Bellis Caroline F hkpr 211 South 
Bellis Clifford B rem to E Orange N J 
Bellis Edward (Maud M) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

11 Tolman 
Bellis John M died May 11 1922 
Bellis Thomas S W W & C Co res 167 Lexington 
Belliveau Alphonse elk res 147 Charles 
Beliveau Alvina A opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Belliveau Amedee W W & C Co h 48 Harvard 
Belliveau Dominique (Angeline) mach h 147 Charles 
Belliveau Emeline stitcher res 29 Ash 
Belliveau Eva opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Belliveau Geneva J bkpr res 147 Charles 
Belliveau Jean opr W W & C Co res 240 Crescent 
Belliveau Laura opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Belliveau Louis (Alice) carp 1040 Main h 143 Charles 
Belliveau Margaret elk 256 Charles res 147 do 
Belliveau May M opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Belliveau Philias M (Dauphine) gro 140 Charles h do 
Belodeau Leo R mach res 143 Grove 
Belodeau Mary E opr res 143 Grove 
Belodeau Thomas J (Mary E) opr 87 Rumford av h 

143 Grove 
Belodeau Thomas L mach appr 296 Newton res 143 

Bemis Albert F pres Waverley cor Hollace h at B 
Bemis David brick layer res 44 Exchange 
Bemis George (Blanche) mason h 28 Tomlin 
Bemis Lucius T (Emma) police h 140 Weston 
Bemis Seth School Sarah A Wall prin 84 Orange 
Bemis S Elizabeth drsmkr 4 Russell h do 
Benatti Frank (Santa) lab h 42 Calvary 
Benedict Guy W (Clara M) h 5 Brown 
Benedict Wm H candy mkr 206 (80) Moody r 75 High 
Benenati Joseph mach W S Co res 41 Calvary 
Benenati Onofrio (Jennie) lab W W & C Co h 41 

Bengtson Carl E mach res 20 Calvary 
Bengtson Elin C W W & C Co res 20 Calvary 
Bengtson Hilda E bkpr res 20 Calvary 
Bengtson John E (Ellen) insp h 20 Calvary 
Bengtson J Albert mgr 689 (343a) Moody res 20 


Bengtson Lena W W & C Co res 20 Calvary 

BEN HAM DOROTHY Millinery 443 (233) Moody Tel 

Waltham 0471-W h 82 Chestnut 
Benjamin Harry L (Watertown Jewelry Co) res 101 

Bennett Albert A chauf res 22 Hardy 
Bennett Alice M elk W W & C Co res 221 Brown 
Bennett Annie laundress 21 Crescent h 355 (185) 

Bennett Arthur A mach 48 Woerd av res 150 Crescent 
Bennett Arthur F (Mary E) chauf h 8 Hall pi 
Bennett Augustus (Annie E) meat ctr 561 Main h 

22 Hardy 
Bennett Charles I watchmkr W W & C Co h 22 

Bennett Charles P chauf res 22 Hardy 
Bennett Charles W (Elizabeth M) carp h 120 Myrtle 
Bennett Charles W (Hattie) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 16 Fiske av 
Bennett Edward S (Ann V) dentist 681 Main rm 7 

h 84 Church 
Bennett Elizabeth C embroiderer res 84 Church 
Bennett Elizabeth L W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Bennett Ellen E tchr N P Banks sch h 40 Banks 
Bennett Elma W W & C Co res 221 Brown 
Bennett Francis A opr W W & C Co res 221 Brown 
Bennett Fred lab h 17 Centre 
Bennett Harold R student res 16 Fiske av 
Bennett Henry (Amelia) fore h 221 Brown 
Bennett James J (Rose) mach 48 Woerd av h 7 Pratt 

Bennett Jennie Mrs died June 28 1921 
Bennett Joseph B (Catherine E) pattern mkr W W & 

C Co h 120 Brown 
Bennett J Burt (Anna H) optometrist 43 Walnut h do 
Bennett Martha E elk 210 (84) Moody res 221 

Bennett Nellie J Mrs died Nov 30 1922 
Bennett Robert E (Herminie) asst mgr W W & C Co 

h 244 River 
Bennett Roger G student res 16 Fiske av 
Bennett Stephen res 221 Brown 
Bennett Walter E (Emily B) res 31 Wellington 
Bennett Wm E (Emma W) acct h 13 Liberty 
Bennett Wm J lab h 31 Wellington 
Bennett Wilson elk 399 (211) Moody res 137 Cres- 
Bennison Albert E (Eva F) mach W W & C Co h 26 

Bennison Eva W opr W W & C Co res 26 Derby 
Bennison George (Blanche) mach h 22 Caughey 
Bennison Harry C (Teresa) milk 24 Caughey h do 
Bennison Walter C (Sarah J) mach W M Wks h 203 

Benoit Alfred G mach res 61 Dale 
Benoit James (Elizabeth P) carp h 61 Dale 
Benoit Samuel hlpr res 18 Liberty 
Benson Anna M Mrs gro 390 Newton h do 
Benson Carl E insp h 390 Newton 
Benson Charles rem to Lynn 
Benson Gustave (Josephine) (Waltham Sheet Metal 

Works) 199 Charles 
Benson Gustave A (Valborg S) watchmkr E H W Co 

h 8 Hammer 
Benson Henry elk 390 Newton res do 
Benson Victor B plmbr res 390 Newton 
Bent Albert F ins res 173 Adams 
Bent Beatrice opr W W & C Co res 25 Derby 
Bent Calvin M (Mary B) h 25 Derby 



Tel. Waltham 0940 




Bent Clarence A (Myrtle 0) flremn and motorcycles 

2 Derby h 219 Lowell 
Bent Edson (Myrtle M) chauf h 56 Prospect 
Bent Florence Mrs bkpr 256 Charles res 43 Bedford 
Bent Florence B Mrs mus tchr 173 Adams h do 
Bent Frederick H (Florence B) teller B h 173 Adams 
Bent G A Mrs res 94 Adams 
Bent John (Letitia W) gro 43 Bedford h do 
Bent Lester T mach res 96 Robbins 
Bent Louise J Mrs ldgh 96 Robbins b do 
Bent Mary M Mrs h 119 Dale 

Bent Mary R Mrs elk 417 (221) Moody res 94 Adams 
Bent Percival E (Elizabeth) sales 21 Crescent res 43 

Benton Willard J (Avis L) watchmkr h 25 South 
Benton Wm J (Ellen T) mach h 105 River 
Benyon Horace asst drftsmn end Stanley av res at 

Berard Anna J chief sten 256 Charles res 26 Hall 
Berard Charles H* res 26 Hall 
Berard Henry W (Mary E) mach h 26 Hall 
Berard Joseph opr 87 Rumford av res 26 Hall 
Berg Francis J asst eng M S F M res do 
Berg Gustaf W W & C Co h at Burlington 
Berg John G bkpr res 61 Lexington 
Berg Madge M res 61 Lexington 
Berg Margaret M wid George h 61 Lexington 
Bergantino Joseph (Catherine) lab h 19 Oak 
Bergantino Moses (Margaret) carp h 25 Oak 
Bergeron Albina res 410 River 
Bergeron Arthur (Margaret) weaver h 426 River 
Bergeron Arthur (Mary) mach h Pine Hill cir nr 

Bergeron Asa J pntr res 564 Main 
Bergeron Charles (Valerie M) opr h 38 Cross 
Bergeron Clifford C (Anna) slasher tndr h 413 River 
Bergesen Richard cafeteria W W & C Co h at W 

Bergfield Herman sec 16 Lane h at Newton 
Berggren Axel W mach res 188% Adams 
Berggren Eric V mach res 188% Adams 
Berggren John (Loretta) W W & C Co h 45 Alder 
Berggren Oscar W (Hulda A) mach h 188% Adams 
Berggren Robert W mach res 188% Adams 
Bergin Cecelia tchr res 23 Common 
Bergin Joseph M elk res 23 Common 
Bergin Mary M bkpr 129 Moody res 23 Common 
Bergin Michael real est 23 Common h do 
BERGIN THOMAS F (A Louise) General Contractor 

Teaming Excavating Roofing Building &c 124 Pond 

h 279 Dale Tel Waltham 0762 and 0235-J See 

Contractors Department 
Bergstrom Theodore S watchmkr W W & C Co res 

53% Wellington 
Berigan Eliza J wid Michael res 284 River 
Berkeley Textile Co Wm E Little treas dry gds 390 

(208) Moody 
Berlin Nellie opr res 35 Newton 
Berman Bro (Joseph and Lewis) junk rear 21 Water 
Berman David junk h 103 Harvard 
Berman Joseph (Lizzie) (Berman Bros) h rear 804 

Berman Louis (Lillian S) (Berman Bros) h rear 806 

Berman Louis H (Leah) eggs h 185 Charles 
Berman Martin R (Ellen) opr 87 Rumford av h 108a 

Berman Morris (Anna) auto rpr 581 Main h at Rox 
Bernard Cornelius hlpr W Coal Co res 135 Grove 
Bernard Eloise M W W & C Co res 151d Crescent 

Berndtson Hugo chauf 234 (100) Moody res 12 Cedar 
B'erndtson John A (Josephine) mach h 12 Cedar 
Berntson Lambert V opr W W & C Co res 12 Cedar 
BeiQiiist August S (Elsie) A & B Co) 12 Oak h at 

Berrio Ernest C (Mary) opr W W & C Co h 56 Cen- 
Berrio Florence G opr res 1 Standish ct 
Berrio John (Mary E) linemn h 1 Standish ct 
Berrio Lorretta A opr W W & C Co res 1 Standish ct 
Berry Alfred P (Marion A) com trav res 165 Ash 
Berry Florence E bkpr 105 River h at Newtonville 
Berry Fred S (Ethel) fore h 24 Fern 
Berry Harold hlpr h Wellington grove 
Berry Helen A H fans B h Lunda av 
Berry Henry W (Lizzie M) sec 226 (96) Moody h 

at Watertown 
Berry Henry W Co Emile J La Verdiere mgr furn 226 

(96) Moody 
Berry Isaiah S (Susie) lab h Hardy's pond id 
Berry Jane wid Almon died Feb 1 1922 
Berry Lawrence N watchmkr res 19 Orange 
Berry L Otis pies 390 Main h at Watertown 
Berry Lilla mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 24 Fern 
Berry Mabel A Mrs h 362 Lexington 
Berry Margaret E wid Horace P opr W W & C Co h 

151 Robbins 
Berry Marion G sec res 151 Robbins 
Berry Mary H wid A Hun h Prospect Hill av 
Berry Rufus S (Mary E) fish 759 (377) Moody h 

10 Orange 
Bertman Maurice D sales 312 (152) Moody h at Rox 
Bertollami Michele barber 889 Main res 125 Charles 
Besso Michael J (Catherine R) linemn h 38 Oak 
Best Maude E Mrs h 17 Hammond 
Beth Eden Baptist Church 80 Maple 
Bettinger Hoyland B (Agnes H) gas eng h 724 Lex- 
Betts Alice L Mrs h 58 Robbins 
Betts Emma C chiropodist 289 (137%) Moody res 

58 Robbins 
Betts Emma E opr W W & C Co res 92 Harvard 
Betts Harvey L (Marion) carp h 36 Fairmont av 
Betts Ira (May) carp h rear 628 (318a) Moody 
Betts Warren E opr W W & C Co res 240 Crescent 
Betty Wm (Jeannette N) fore 399 (211) Moody h 9 

Maple ter 
Beverly Paul C (Mary P) tallymn h Mokema av 
Bevins Fred M (Elizabeth F) fore h 72 Myrtle 
Bewley Eleanor cpr 87 Rumford av res 185 Ash 
Bezanson Mabel elk 489 (253) Moody res 94 Adams 
Biando Antonio (Carmela) lab h 159 School 
Bibbo John W W & C Co h 6 Wellington av 
Bicchieri Nunzio (Nellie) importer h Harrington I'd 
Bickford Andrew J H (Miller Popcorn Co) 206 (80) 

Moody h at B 
Bickford Edwin D (Sophronia) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 102 Stow 
Bickford James R (Ellen D) mgr 384 Main res 48 

Bickford Jennie M Mrs W W & C Co res 25 Hammond 
Bickford Wallace R (Grace E) sales h 242 Lowell 
Bickley Charles (Ella J) fore W W & C Co h 107 

Riverview av 
Bickley Ethel B opr W W & C Co res 90 Cherry 
Bickley Joseph jr W W '& C Co h 90 Cherry 
Bickley Wm H (Lena) opr W W & C Co h 75 Adams 
Bicknell B Kendall sales res 94 Adams 
Bicknell Harry V (Fannie I) adv mgr h 43 Derby 
Bicknell Harry V (Ora L) mgr res 94 Adams 

courtesy ROBBINS & MOULTON CO. parts 


584(298) Moody St. tel 


2615 WaItham,Mass. 



Bicknell Raymond S (Pauline L) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 16 Park 
Biddle Louise bkpr res 118 Hammond 
Biddle Robert N (Jennie) tel installer h 118 Ham- 
Bigelow Blanch tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Biggins Agnes elk res 73 Hammond 
Biggins Elizabeth M opr res 297 School 
Biggins Imelda D sten res 297 School 
Biggins James paver h 73 Hammond 
Biggins James A stmftr 366 (186) Moody res 297 

Biggins James F (Loretta A) W P D h 31 Warren av 
Biggins Joseph F foundrymn res 297 School 
Biggins Margaret M sten res 297 School 
Biggins Mae A W W & C Co res 73 Hammond 
Biggins Patrick (Margaret) lab h 297 School 
Biggins Thomas A (Elizabeth A) blksmith h 233 

BIGHAM EDWARD (Anna l<) Awnings Tents and All 

Kinds of Canvass Work 259 South Tel Waltham 

1009-M h do See Awnings Dept 
Bigham Edward jr (Hazel C) exp r rear 149 South 
Bigham Theodore F patnmkr res 259 South 
Bignis Angelo (Eftihea) (Waltham Shoe Repairing 

Co) h 59 Walnut 
Bill Harriet M wid Charles N h 50 Prospect 
Bill see Bills 

Billings Ella M wid David L h 164 Russell 
Billings George lab res 6 Gibbs ct 
Billings Mabel F laundress 21 Crescent res 64 Pine 
Billings Margaret Mrs res 164 (124) Russell 
Bills Arthur D (Carrie N) opr W W & C Co h 66 

Bills Dorothy J elk res 66 Ash 
Bills Edwin L (Lottie L) watch tool mkr 211 (85) 

Moody h 61 Myrtle 
Bills Irene M tchr res 94 High 
Bills Lewis C sales res 16 Underwood pk 
Bills Mary Mrs elk 354 (178) Moody h 94 High 
Bills Willis A (Mary) tool mkr W M Wks h 94 High 
Bills see Bill 

Bilodeau Leo carp res 14 Liberty 
Bilodeau Philip (Claudia) bldr h 14 Liberty 
Bingay Giace I reporter res 942 Main 
Bingay Henry U (Margaret) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 924 Main 
Bingham Carl A (Virginia I) mach h 79 Alder 
Bingham Herbert B (Susan E) opr W W & C Co h 

29 Maple 
Bingham Wm H (Nellie) com trav h 802 Main 
Birch Edward A (Edith S) textile mfrs h 166 Russell 
Bird Edward J fore J L T Mfg Co res 16 Stearns 
Bird Mark J (Margaret A) lab h School av 
Bird Patrick J (Josephine F) gardener h 91 Willow 
Bird Quincy C (Emma F) mach h 68 Taylor 
Bird Richard H (Mary J) jewel mfr 11 Gifford av h 

11 Crafts 
Bird Richard H jr student res 11 Crafts 
Birkenshaw Earle E bkpr W W & C Co r 100 Prospect 
Birkenshaw Esther M opr W W & C Co r 100 Prospect 
Birkenshaw Ida M Mrs opr W W & C Co h 100 Pros- 
Birkmaier Frances L res 462 Main 
Birkmaier Frank W (Eleanor M) elk h 16 Harding av 
BIRKMAIER SARAH J MRS Treas-Mgr Farmer's Inc 

235 (101) Moody h 462 Main 
Birkmaier Waldo B student res 16 Harding av 
Birmingham Catherine E elk 614 Main rm 3 res 35 


Birmingham Catherine E wid Richard P h rear 228 

Birmingham Elizabeth wid Thomas res 35 Newton 
Birmingham Philip F hlpr res rear 228 School 
Birmingham Thomas E elk 600 Main res 228 School 
Biimingham Wm F driver 600 Main r rear 228 School 
Bisbee Emma F res 269 Dale 

Bisbee Harry K (Elizabeth G) mech eng h 104 Wash- 
ington av 
Bisbee Miriam F tchr res 104 Washington av 
Bishop Arthur B (Lena) opr W W & C Co h 38 Wads- 
worth av 
Bishop Carl elk res 363 (191) Moody 
Bishop Ernest yard elk res 25 Adams 
Bishop Jessie wid h 25 Adams 
Bissett Walter J (Elizabeth) opr W W & C Co h 23 

Bistrup Edna B tchr N P Banks sch h 18 Highland av 
Bisson Edward (Catherine) carp h 115 Hammond 
Bistrup F Valdemar (Edna B) indus investigator h 

18 Highland av 
Biundo Carmelo (Josephine) gro 67 Charles h 69 do 
Bivianno Cuono (Annunciatta) lab h 39 Cross 
Bixby Mary J res 36 Newton 
Bizzane Wm driver res 44 Newton 
Bjorkman Alice H sten res 180 Robbins 
Bjorkman Charles W W & C Co h 85 Fiske 
Bjo/kman Charles h 180 Robbins 
Bjorkman Eleanor R res 180 Robbins 
Bjorkman Henry student res 87 Fiske 
Bjorkman Knute opr W W & C Co h 87 Fiske 
Bjoikman Ragnhild elk res 87 Fiske 
Blackie Katherine W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Blaskstone Samuel (Annie) tailor 916 Main h do 
Blair Emma Mrs h 315 Bacon 
Blair Richard H student res 315 Bacon 
Blair Sadie W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Blaisdell Addle wid Frank H h 277 Dale 
Blaisdell Emma A h 642 (326) Moody 
Blaisdell Fannie E wid Wm H dressmkr 283 (135) 

Moody h 3 Cutler ct 
Blaisdell George E (May) elk B h 30 Lawrence 
Blaisdell Gertrude P hkpr 393 Crescent h do 
Blaisdell Harry W (Violet C) pntr h 149 Robbins 
Blaisdell Henry W insp W W & C Co res 120 Lowell 
Blaisdell Ruth W elk W W & C Co res 3 Cutler ct 
Blaisdell i-adie J opr 556 South res 642 (326) 

Blaisdell Violet W W & C Co res 149 Robbins 
Blake Charles H (Isabelle M) tinsmith W W & C Co 

h 23 Hammond 
Blake Edith A opr W W & C Co res 189 Brown 
Blake Ella F opr W W & C Co res 189 Brown 
Blake George (Jane) bkpr 131 Lexington h 85 Vernon 
Blake Harold C W W & C Co h at W Acton 
Blake Herbert P W W & C Co h at W Acton 
Blake James E (Ella R) sales h 4 Adams 
Blake Leslie E (Ethel) sales h at Chester Brook rd 
Blake May A tchr N J H S sch res at B 
Blake Ralph S died April 18 1922 
Blakney Alice opr W W & C Co res 251 Robbins 
Blanchard Agatha C opr W W & C Co res 153 Brown 
Blanchard Carl h 254 Brown 
Blanchard Hosley H (Sarah A) opr W W & C Co res 

20 Orange 
Blanchard John (Lena) molder h 31 Gordon 
Blanchard John E (Helen) pntr h Lake 
Blanchard Michael carp res 564 Main 
Blanchard Milmina nurse M S F M res do 
Blanchard Rose A W W & C Co res 108 Russell 





Blanchard Sarah A W W & C Co res 20 Orange 
Blandin Adeline A wid Arthur h 527 Main 
Blaney Ella P opr 307 (151) Moody res 27 Walnut 
Blank Etta mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at W Newton 
Blatchford Archie J (Clara A) watchmn 234 (100) 

Moody res 353 Crescent 
Blay Joseph H elk res 693 (345) Moody 
Blay Paul L (Agnes A) rem to Camb 
Blay Philip F (Lucy P) prov 629 (319) Moody h 

693 (345) do 
BLEACH ERY FUEL CO John J McCarthy Pres Charles 

E Peterson Treas Charcoal Coal and Coke 105 River 
Bleachery Station B & M 129 Biver n Willow 
Bligh Joseph (Maud) eng h 2 Norumbega ter 
Bliss Benjamin N (Lillian D) asst fore W W & C 

Co h 42 Banks 
Bliss Charles P (Myra A) cond B & M h 53 High 
Bliss Evelyn opr W W & C Co res 42 Banks 
Bliss Marguerite student res 42 Banks 
Blodgett Abbott W (Beatrice E) rem to W Newton 
Blodgett Adelbert M (Edna H) acct h 11 Gore 
Blodgett Alice K Mrs h 3 Moody suite 52 
Blodgett Joseph S mach W W & C Co h at Auburn- 
Blomberg Arthur T sales res 234 Ash 
Blomberg Carl G (Lena E) rem to Putney Vt 
Blomberg Gustavus B died July 4 1921 
Blomberg Matilda K wid Gustavus B h 234 Ash 
Blomberge Carl D (Matilda) tailor 105 (28) Moody 

h 10 Townsend 
Blomberge H Dittlof student res 10 Townsend 
Blong Abraham lab res 28 Gilbert 
Blood Addie E Mrs opr W W & C Co h 86 Robbins 
Blood Dorothy S student res 25 Puller 
Blood Gilbert A died April 1 1923 
Blood Wm H (Mabel T) watchmkr W W & C Co h 25 

Bloom Albert tailor 685 (343) Moody h at Rox 
Bloom David sales 252 (112) Moody h at Beachmont 
Bloom Henry B (Green River Malt Co) 252 (112) 

Moody h at Beachmont 
Bloomingdale Arthur W W & C Co h Hardy's pond rd 
Bloomingdale Fred E opr W W & C Co h Hardy's 

pond rd 
Blue Ribbon Knitting Mills Marshal S Floyd pres 

Everett L Farwell treas knit gds mfrs 118 Calvary 
Blumon Albert mach res 39 Pine 
Blunt R Webster mach res 38 Stearns 
Boardman Elizabeth C opr W W & C Co res 243 

Boardman Emma S wid Frederick h 7 Randall 
Bodenschatz Josephine wid George H bkr 13 Elm h do 
Bodge Abbie F Mrs h 859 Main 
Bodge Frank J (Lillian M) carp h Marivista av nr 

Trimount av 
Bodin Rudolph moulder 24 Pine 
Bogert John L (Catherine) director of sales W W & 

C Co h 98 Lyman 
Boggs Elizabeth H W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Boghassion Paul ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at Water- 
Bohannon George B (Lillian M) chauf 384 Main h 

147 Crescent 
Bohlin Carle B sales res 41 Shirley rd 
Bohlin Emil (Edla) cabt mkr h 41 Shirley rd 
Bohlin Esther B sten res 41 Shirley rd 
Bohlin Everett elk res 41 Shirley rd 
Bohlin Ruth E elk res 41 Shirley rd 
Boissonneault G Odelon (Oriel) carp h 29 Mt Pleasant 
Bolan Edmund J W W & C Co res at Som 
Boland Alice T bkpr W W & C Co res 17 Vernon 

Boland Bridget wid Michael J h 17 Vernon 

Bcland Catherine wid James res 540 South 

Boland Catherine A died May 28 1922 

Boland Delia E Mrs opr W W & C Co h 5a Fuller 

Boland John F mgr res 17 Vernon 

Boland John H (Delia E) opr h 5a Fuller 

Bold Joseph J (Mary) watchmkr W W & C Co h 13 

Bolio Ernest H (Lillian) trainmn h 93 Taylor 
Bolton Arthur G (Josephine) mach h 7 Charles st av 
Bolton Charles L (Mary) ma'ch W W & C Co res 112 

Bolton Clara H opr W W & C Co res 112 Vernon 
Bolton Ellen W W & C Co res 84 Winthrop 
Bolton George H (Eliza) mgr 105 South h 84 Win- 
Bolton George R fioormn 33 Crescent h 41 do 
Bolton Lillian sten res 112 Vernon 
Bolton Mary wid Henry W h 112 Vernon 
Bolton see Boulton 

Bomba Michele (Maria) barber 715 Main h 34 Calvary 
Bombard J opr 21 Crescent res 258 River 
Bomengen Jennie W W & C Co res 19 Orange 
Bomengen John (Jennie M) opr W W & C Co h 19 

Bomengen Norman A opr W W & C Co res 19 Orange 
Bomengen Thelma A opr W W & C Co res 19 Orange 
Bomengen Thorleif (Borgeld) opr W W & C Co h 14 

Bond Arthur E (Norah) gatemn Prospect Hill av h 

20 do 
Bond Bertha M wid Charles S h 42 Sterling rd 
Bond Charles E sales res 42 Sterling rd 
Bond Charles S died July 5 1923 
Bond Earl S (Mildred) sales h 42 Sterling rd 
Bond Frederick C U S N res 84 Massasoit 
Bond Helen A prntr 681 Main rm 21 r 42 Sterling rd 
Bond Henry H (June B) lawyer B h 267 Linden 
Bond Mary J wid Fred h 84 Massasoit 
Bond Nancy S res 933 Main 
Bond Virginia M sten res 45 Massasoit 
Bond Wm sign pntr 6 Crescent h at B 
Bonica Antonio (Angelina) opr h 214 Newton 
Bonica Antonio (Mary G) opr h 11 Music Hall av 
Bonica Guiseppe opr res 101 Central 
Bonica Guiseppe opr res 11 Music Hall av 
Bonica Giuseppe (Giuseppina) opr h 9 Fountain 
Bonica Giuseppe 2d (Maria) opr h 72 Charles 
Bonica Rose wid Vincent res 692 (350) Moody 
Bonica Stephen (Carmela) weaver h 144 Charles 
Bonney C Emma wid Wm res 368 Moody 
Bonollo Alexander boss carder 169 Elm res 15 Bolton 
Bonstein May B Mrs W W & C Co res 84 Brown 
Bontempo Domenico auto mkr h 85 Charies 
Books Joseph barber 208 (82) Moody h at B 
' Boot Thomas (Annie M) jewel setter W W & C Co h 

58 Curtis 
Booth Edwin F (Viola M) dist mgr 209 (83) Moody 

h 14 Lunda 
Booth Ellen died June 18 1922 
Boothby Olive J bkpr 47 Moody res 46 Prospect 
Boothby Percival D (Gertrude) designer h 11 Randall 
Bordeaux Edna N hairdrsr 314 (154) Moody rm 6 

res 30 Maple 
Borden Benjamin H opr W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Borden Mary D opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Bordenca Raimondo (Louise) barber 6 Lexington h 

31 Middle" 
Borey George (Flora M) taxi h 26 Fern 
Borger Edwin C (Mary R) opr h 53% Wellington 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Borger Hilvie V sten res 71 South 
Borgersen Christine opr W W & C Co res 92 Bobbins 
Borgeson Dorothea E elk res 84 Cushing 
Borgeson E Herbert genl wkr res 152 Plympton 
Borgeson Hilma A wid John h 84 Cushing av 
Bornstein Mary Mrs opr res 85 Brown 
Boss Arthur J appr res 71 Hammond 
Boss Eugene D elk 485 (251 y 2 ) Moody r 71 Ham- 
Boss Gladys M elk 256 Charles res 71 Hammond 
Boss Mary C opr res 71 Hammond 
Boss Walter P (Julia I) pntr 71 Hammond h do 
Boss Wm E (Lena) elect res 71 Hammond 
Boston Branch Grocery Inc Willis D Kenney pres 
Nellie M Avery treas T Henry Bichardson sec 709 
Boston Brass Co Joseph A Maynard pres plmbrs' sup- 
plies Plympton exten 
Boston Consolidated Gas Co 683 Main wrks 20 Cooper 
Boston Mfg Co Day Nursery 2 Jackson pi 
BOSTON MFG CO THE Robert Amory Pres Mfrs 
Cotton Goods Gilbrae Gingham 144 Moody next 
Railroad See Waltham Map 
Boston Mutual Life Ins Co Samuel Hartley asst supt 

11 (3) Moody rm 24 
Boston Pencil Pointer Co Allen P Wilson treas 87 

Bumford av and 40 Court B 
Boston & Maine Railroad Waltham sta Fred E Landon 
agt Carter cor Moody Waltham North sta P 
O'Connor agt 141 Lexington Beaver Brook sta 253 
Main Bleachery sta 129 River Clematis Brook sta 
Beaver nr Waverley Oaks rd Newton st sta 15 Gor- 
ham Riverview st sta off Prospect nr Curtis Roberts 
sta 455 South Waltham Highlands sta 100 Hammond 
Bosworth Ellen wid Alonzo res 74 Brown 
Bosworth John lab res 154 Bright 
Bothfeld Henry S v-pres Lockwood Brackett Co Beaver 

h at Wellesley HiUs 
Bottomley Clinton (Eva) h 17 Spruce 
Boucher Antoinette A W W & C Co res at Gardner 
BOUCHER ISRAEL E (Gertrude D) General Manager 
Waltham Watch & Clock Co 221 Crescent h 35 
Ellison pk 
Bouck Chester L (Nellie B) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 15 Crafts 
Boudreau Alice presser 307 (151) Moody r at Newton 
Boudreau Allen (Angelina) carp h 44 Cedar 
Boudreau Amanda elk res 680 (344) Moody 
Boudreau Anna res 680 (344) Moody 
Boudreau Catherine wid Domenic h 680 (344) Moody 
Boudreau Claudia elk res 680 (344) Moody 
Boudreau Elzear (Eloise) sales 234 (100) Moody h 

23 Charles 
Boudreau Emily opr W W & C Co res 29 Ash 
Boudreau Emma M opr W W &C Co res 21 Ash 
Boudreau Francis (Mary) chauf h 198 High 
Boudreau Fred (Lillian G) meat ctr h 180 School 
Boudreau Hector opr res 680 (344) Moody 
Boudreau Helen opr W W & C Co res 680 (344) 

Boudreau Joseph (Margaret) opr 81 Rumford av h 

601V 2 Main 
Boudreau Laudia elk 243 Moody res 143 Adams 
Boudreau Laudia D opr W W & C Co res 679 (341) 

Boudreau Laurie (Esther) res 17 Sun 
Boudreau Lydia W W & C Co res 21 Ash 
Boudreau Mary waitress res 94 Charles 
Boudreau Norman elk res 23 Charles 

Boudreau Yvonne opr W W & C Co res 680 (344) 

Boudreau see Budreau 
Boulger Mary L Mrs opr res 138 Newton 
Boulton Charles W (Mary J) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 3 Pearl 
Boulton Charles W H died Jan 24 1923 
Boulton Edward A (Mary J) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 55 South 
Boulton Frank A (Catherine L) opr W W & C Co h 

11 Pond 
Boulton Frederick L J (Winnifred) asst mgr W W & 

C Co h 14 Gardner 
Boulton George W (Catherine K) mach h 29 Cabot 
Boulton John H (Florence H) carp W W & C Co h 

218 Lowell 
Boulton Lillian S nurse res 703 (349) Moody 
Boulton Mary J wid Charles W H h 3 Pearl 
Boulton see Bolton 
Bouigeois Adelaide Mrs h 70 Central 
Bourgeois Albert W W & C Co res 64 y 2 Cherry 
Bourgeois Arthur A opr res 80 Central 
Bourgouis Eva res 87 Adams 
Bourgouis Florence res 87 Adams 
Bourne Charles I W W & C Co h 307 Crescent 
Bourne Charles R opr W W & C Co res 308 Crescent 
Bourque Abel (Sabina) carp h 98 Stow 
Bourque Camillo J pntr res 4 Colby av 
Bourque Fred A (Regina) pntr h 122 Pine 
Bourque J Alfred W W & C Co res Princeton cor Lake 
Bourque Mary A W W & C Co res Princeton av 
Bourque Matilda A Mrs died April 10 1923 
Bourque Napoleon (Mary) mach W W & Co h 84 

Princeton av 
Bourque Sylvia Mrs h 4 Colby av 
Bourque see Burckes and Burke 
Bourquin Edgar (Helen D) asst fore E H W wks h 

1347 Main 
Boutilier Victor A nurse M S F M res do 
Boutwell Fred A cond res 61 Myrtle 
Bowden Thomas C (Catherine G) cloth- insp h 91 

Bowditch Elizabeth A wid Wm G h 57 Prospect 
Bowditch Wm G died Aug 18 1923 
Bowen Agnes M opr res 15 Farwell 
Bowen Alice elk 226 (96) Moody res 230 River 
Bowen Ambrose (Mary) elevatorman h 15 Farwell 
Bowen Ambrose jr bkpr res 15 Farwell 
Bowen Ambrose F (Mary E) fore h 62 Lowell 
Bowen Hannah wid Wm h 75 Oak 
Bowen Helen L W W & C Co res 62 Lowell 
Bowen John lab res 83 Pond 
Bowen John A elect res 15 Farwell 
Bowen Michael F fore res 15 Farwell 
Bowen Nellie M Mrs res 61 Riverview av 
Bowen Ralph J (Lela S) mach h 163 Myrtle 
Bowen Thomas res 230 River 
Bowen Thomas J (Margaret) lab h 230 River 
Bowen Wm died April 24 1922 
Bowers Charles F treas-sec 637 Main h at Concord 
Bowers Samuel (Catherine A) toolmkr h 249 Bobbins 
Bowie Celia E tchr F C Lowell sch h at Newton 
Bowker Alice M wid Lyman A h 175 Main 
Bowker Charlotte sec 764 Main res 121 do 
Bowker Eleanor W sec res 175 Main 
Bowker Florence L wid George h 121 Main 
Bowker Francis E (Georgie C) bkpr h 147 Main 
Bowlby Cora M opr W W & C Co r 38 Washington av 
Bowlby Jean E opr W W & C Co res 38 Wash av 
Bowler Clement F cafeteria opr 94 Adams b 47 Hall 





Bowler Edward V (Loretta M) dentist 25 (7) Moody 

h 41 Ellison pk 
Bowler Elizabeth bkpr res 47 Hall 
Bowler Grace E sec res 112 High 
Bowler Mary I bkpr 703 Main res 112 High 
Bowler Mary V bkpr res 47 Hall 
Bowler Ruth L student res 5 Sharon 
Bowler Win P (Elizabeth) gro 115 High h 112 do 
Bowler Wm P (Alice L) watchmkr W W & C Co h 5 

Bowles Isabelle M Mrs opr W W & C Co h Plant rd 
Bowman Charles E (Mary E) sales h rear 711 (355) 

Bowman Charles F (Sarah L) h 48 Trapelo rd 
Bowman Charles H (Mabel C) sales mgr h 48 Trapelo 

Bowman David E (Rebecca A) opr W W & C Co h 

at W Newton 
Bowman Elizabeth wid David died Feb 24 1923 
Bowman Frank A (Agnes B) chauf h 64 Francis 
Bowman George L opr W W & C Co h 67 Crescent 
Bowman Harry mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at Newton 
Bowman Harry (Mabel) opr E H W Co h 220 Brown 
Bowman Herbert L opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Bowman John J pntr res 61 Riverview av 
Bowman Mabel J W W & C Co res 220 Brown 
Bowman Mildred J tel opr 16 Spring res 15 Prospect 

Hill av 
Bowman M Alice bkpr res 15 Prospect Hill av 
Bowman Paul opr res 124 Adams 
Bowman Wm (Mary J) prov 126 Prospect h 15 

Prospect Hill av 
Bowser Robert treas Waverley cor Hollace h at B 
Boyce John dairymn 500 Lexington res do 
Boyce Seth A (Minnie) frt handler B & M h 211 Ash 
Boyd Charles E mus tchr pub schs h at N Camb 
Boyd Charles E jr (Francis H) elk h 96 Prospect 
Boyd James R fore res 46 Beaver 
Boyd James R jr (Mary K) pen mkr h 46 Beaver 
Boyd Margaret W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Boylan Reta A W W & C Co res 20 Taylor 
Boyle Frank A rem to Needham 
Boyle Mary elk 243 (107) Moody h at W Newton 
Boymas Charles M (Annie) mgr h 274 School 
Boynton Clark W (Delia A) mach h 22 Plympton 
Boynton George E (Emma F) dentist 333 (169) 

Moody h 189 Ash 
Boynton Guy L rem to W Newton 
Boynton Hattie M tchr res 110 Lexington 

Centre Newton Tel Newton North 0490 Yards 564 

Washington Newton and Brighton Abattoir Grounds 

Tel Brighton 0177-W See Front Cover 
Brackett Edward J (Isabell) h 32 Bacon 
Brackett George A (Jeanette) tchr h 39 Villa 
Brackett James E asst fore W W & C Co h 65 Villa 
Brackett James E res 32 Bacon 
Brackett Lewellyn S (Mary E) bkpr h 59 Wellington 
Brackett Nathaniel P (Sarah C) phys 591 (301) 

Moody res 65 Villa 
Bradbury Addie R wid Jefferson h 17 Harvard 
Bradbury Melvin R res 17 Harvard 
Bradford Frederick H died Nov 17 1921 
Bradford Grace D wid Frederick H h 31 Floyd 
Bradford Louise student res 31 Floyd 
Bradford Wm S (Anne) fore h 67 Russell 
Bradley Catherine A opr W W & C Co res 166 Ash 
Bradley Catherine A res 52 Bedford 
Bradley David M (Marion E) opr W W & C Co h 112 

Bradley Harry E (Margaret) farmer h Pine Hill cir 

nr Lincoln 
Bradley James J pressman 18 Pine res 14% Bacon 
Bradley Raymond I (Aldena G) controller W W & C 

Co h 53 Fiske av 
Bradley Wm I (Minnie S) elk 366 (186) Moody h 

at Lexington 
Bradley Winnefred W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Bradshaw John F (Nellie) chauf h 906 (452) Moody 
Bradstreet Annie E ldgh 23 Pine 
Bradstrect Byron (Annie) farmer h 23 Pine 
Brady Catherine C hkpr 133 School 
Srady Clarence moulder 24 Pine h 27 Alder 
Brady Joseph J organ bldr h 27 Highland 
Brady Katherine A sten res 27 Highland 
Brady Mary E res 27 Highland 
Brady Mary M h 22 Dartmouth 
Brady Peter J died Sept 7 1922 
Brady Susie L opr W W & C Co res 22 Dartmouth 
Bragdon Clyde AWW&CCohatW Newton 
Bragdon Edward K (Zillah M) W W & C Co h 375 

Bragg Fred H carp res 81 Central 
Bragg Irving A opr W W & C Co h 161 Brown 
Brand David H mgr 408 (216a) Moody h at Rox 
Brandt Hilmer C watchmkr W W & C Co res 92 

Brandt Wm J (Nellie) opr W W & C Co h 151 

Brann Nancy S wid Herbert L writer res 346 New- 
Brannelly Martin F (Mary T) weaver h 414 River 
Brannon George A (Delma M) opr W W & C Co res 

80 Myrtle 
Branth John C (Robena M) U S A h 19 Tavern rd 
Biault John opr W W & C Co res 730 (368) Moody 
Brault Theophile plstr res 104 Harvard 
Bray Dennis J (Catherine) farmer h Cedar Hill Farm 

Bray John F (Theresa M) lab h 75 River 
Brayman Charles E (Florence M) rem to Brookline 
Brayne Thomas E (Margaret H) opr W W & C Co 

h 59 Fiske 
Brazier Harriet C student res 21 Brookfleld rd 
Brazier Mildred tchr M S F M res do 
Bready Agnes Mrs dom res 153 Brown 
Bready Lottie opr res 153 Brown 
Breau Wm W (Katherine) mach h College Farm rd 

nr Princeton av 
Breault Emma M opr res 38 Bacon 
Breault James (Mary) lab h 38 Bacon 
Breault see Broe 

Breen Daniel A mgr 300 (142) Moody h at Everett 
Brec-n Mary wid Wm h 16 Mechanic 
Brehm George C (Helen E) director of public works 

614 Main rm 3 h 304 Bacon 
Bremmer Harry E riding tchr res 74 Bacon 
Brennan Bernard L (Evelyn M) driver h 114 Bacon 
Brennan Catherine opr 21 Crescent res 271 School 
Brennan Clarence opr res 271 School 
Brennan Elizabeth R sten res 144 Bright 
Brennan Francis barn man 74 Bacon h 181 School 
Brennan Grace E tchr S J H S h 110 High 
Brennan Hannah A tel opr 16 Spring res 15 Calvary 
Brennan Helen M tel opr res 15 Calvary 
Brennan Henry C teleg res 15 Calvary 
Brennan Hester R opr W W & C Co res 15 Calvary 
Brennan Hubert J radio opr res 15 Calvary 
Brennan James F (Mary) elect h Rosemont av 
Brennan John (Ellen) opr h 271 School 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Brennan Joseph lab res 181 School 

Brennan Lawrence G opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 

Brennan Luke (Nannah) gard h 18 Prospect st av 

Brennan Martin J (Mary E) mason h 15 Calvary 

Brennan Mary E opr W W & C Co res 18 Naviens et 

Brennan Michael F (Sadie) mgr h 38 Wellington 

Brennan Norah wid James h 144 Bright 

Brennan Patrick (Bridget A) driver h 18 Naviens ct 

Brennan Peter F mach res 18 Naviens ct 

Brennick Grace M mlnr res 188 Chestnut 

Brennick Henry H barber h 188 Chestnut 

Brennick Mary wid Henry died Dec 10 1922 

Bresnahan Luke J (Margaret A) pntr h 333 Grove 

Breton Mary Mrs opr res 77 Central 

Brew Clarabelle opr W W & C Co res 49 Robbins 

Brewer Bertram (Lillian A) rem to Brookline 

Brewer Hazel nurse M S F M res do 

Brewer Ida nurse M S F M res do 

Brewer Lawrence A elk h 342 Crescent 

Brewer Leo A elk h 77 South 

Brewster Ernest F elk res 15 Sharon 

Brewster Irving W (Greta) chauf h 72 Riverview av 

Bridges Albert F (Gladys F) sales res 267 Robbins 

Bridges see Brydges 

Brigden Charles H watch rpr 35 Wash av res do 

Brigden George F (Clara) W W & C Co h 185 Brown 

Brigden Warren A (Lizzie J) carp h 45 Myrtle 

Briggs Burton W (Flora M) opr W W & C Co h 249 

Briggs Chester A (Arta V) hlpr h 221 Lowell 
Briggs Clifford S (Floy F) gardener h 63 Lowell 
Briggs DeW Clinton (Edna G) auto mgr B h 10 

Wash av 
Briggs Edward S (Eva B) janitor h 8 Robbins pi 
Briggs Eve B Mrs elk W W & C Co h 8 Robbins pi 
Briggs George A (Mabel S) produce h 224 Brown 
Briggs Oren W died Dec 31 1921 
Briggs Reginald I (Goldie) elk h 109 Myrtle 
Brigham Edward candymkr 455 (237) Moody res 68 

Brigham Frank W vice pres 23 (6) Moody h 235 

Brigham Henry R corp elk Waverley cor Hollace h at 

Brigham John A (Irene A) wool buyer h 428 Lexing- 
Brigham Josephine A wid Edward F died Aug 4 1922 
Bright Bertha T res 332 Main 
Bright Elizabeth G wid Wm E h 332 Main 
Bright Emma L mgr 365 (193) Moody h at Water- 
Bright Jackson elk res Pine Ridge Main 
Bright Jonathan B School Annie C Pottle prin 250 

Grove cor Bright 
Bright Joseph T (Elizabeth M) sheet metal wkr h 

rear 571 Main 
Bright Wm Ellery (Josephine B) broker B h Pine 

Ridge Main 
Bright Wm E jr res Pine Ridge Main 
Brightman Albert B opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Brightman Bertram elk 234 (100) Moody h at W 

Brink Wellington S opr W W & C Co res 14 Crafts 
Brinn Madeleine F mlnr 400 (210V 2 ) Moody res 96 

Brinn Walter E (Anna P) ins agt 11 (3) Moody h 

96 Ash 
Brisbois Daniel troublemn E E I Co Cooper la res 24 

Bristol Josiah B (Edna D) chauf h 235 Dale 

Biitton Alice M sten res 65 Rich 
Britton Edward F mach opr W S Co res 65 Rich 
Biitton Edward J (Mary A) sales h 31 Cross 
Britton Elizabeth M Mrs h 58 Robbins 
Britton Gertrude E elk 283 (133) Moody res 65 Rich 
Britton James A (Elizabeth F) carp h 65 Rich 
Britton James E (Margaret C) cabtmkr res 59 Rich 
Britton John J opr 100 Beaver res 83 Rich 
Broadey Elizabeth opr W W & C Co res 11 Gardner 
Brochu Leon L (Rose A) mach 85 Myitle h Welling- 
ton grove 
Brock Charles F (Minnie R) phys 357 Crescent h do 
Brock Everett W (Jean E) mgr 899 Main h 115 High 
Brock Wm II (Maude D) auto service 419 (221a) 

Moody h 331 Crescent 
Brockway George W (Minnie L) watchmkr W W & 

C Co res 15 Cabot 
Broderick Delia A h Trapelo rd 
Broderick Dominick farmer h Trapelo rd 
Broderick John A driver res 14 Newton 
Broderick John W milk 14 Newton h do 
Broderick John W (Alice J) mtrmn h 10 Elm 
Broderick John W jr (Alice A) elect h 703 (349) 

Broderick Joseph F driver res 14 Newton 
Broderick Mary tukpr 14 Newton 
Broderick Patrick S lawyer 364 (184) Moody h 

Trapelo rd 
Broderick Wm F driver res 14 Newton 
Bodrick Ansel W (Louisa) organ bldr h 45 Rich 
Brodrick Arthur C (Eva) elk Ry M S h 119 Dale 
Brodrick Charles H (Elsie L) civ eng h 172 Weston 
Brodrick Elsie M sec asst supt of schools res 45 Rich 
Brodrick Helen T tchr S Grammar sch h at Belmont 
Broe Edmund A bkpr 217 Lexington res 28 Walnut 
Broe George mach W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Broe Jennie opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Broe Katherine M wid Wm A h 28 Walnut 
Broe see Breault 

Brooker Florence E W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Brooks Charles A carp res 39 Appleton 
Brooks Ella wid John F hkpr res 141 Weston 
Brooks Emma F wid George W h 78 Cherry 
Brooks George F (Bertha M) opr W W & C Co h 22 

Prospect Hill av 
Brooks Frank (Agnes M) carp h Lake cor Bowdoin 
Brooks Muriel E W W & C Co res 262 Crescent 
Brooks Richard H (Lillian H) fore h 136 Trapelo rd 
Brooks Ruth nurse M S F M res do 
Brophy Andrew (Catherine) lab h 12 Lowell pi 
Brophy Annie M opr W W & C Co res 216 Ash 
Brophy Charles A sales res 12 Lowell pi 
Brophy Edward J agt res 12 Lowell pi 
Brophy Michael K (Delia) driver 129 Moody h 76 

Brophy Thomas A (Elizabeth A) student W W & C 

Co h 186 Robbins 
Brosnahan Neil (Edith) auto rpr res 20 Russell 
Brosnahan Wm J (Margaret G) plstr h 118 Pine 
Brossini Frank (Sadie) barber res 80 Brown 
Brouillette Evelina laund res 12 Stearns 
Brouillette George J opr W W & C Co h at Newton- 

Brouillette Hermenegilde (Nelida R) claim investiga- 
tor h 9 Barton 
Brouillette Rose G opr W W & C Co res at Newton- 

Brower Emery H (Alice A) sales h 15 Myrtle 
Brower Herbert G (Mary) rem to Newtonville 
Brown Albert G opr res 208 River 


Oort, Stephens and Cadillac Cars 

E. E. JENNISON, Sec. and Treas. 



Brown Alfonzo R restr 558 (288) Moody res 693 

(345) do 
Brown Alfred R mach res 217 Felton 
Brown Andrew A (Mabel T) caretaker h Winter nr 

Brown Anna E wid Rufus G h 244 Weston 
Brown Anna M drsmkr h 5 Central 
Brown Annie E nurse M S F M res do 
Brown Archibald F (Nellie M) plstr h 49 Dexter 
Brown Arthur B (Mabel E) com trav h 43 Shirley 
Brown Bernard W tire mkr res 22 Prospect Hill av 
Brown Bertha M wid Edgar elk W W & C Co h 79 

Brown Catherine L stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 5 

Brown Charles W opr W W & C Co h 67 Maple 
Brown Clarence P assembler res 976 Main 
Brown Colby (Ida) carp 81 Prospect h 67 do 
Brown Daniel pressmn 278 (126) Moody res 61 Alder 
Broun David J (Mary E) carp h 25 Bolton 
Brown Edwin mgr 671 (337) Moody res at Newton 
Brown Ella M wid Schuyler L rem to Brookline 
Brown Ellen Mrs dom h 2 Macks ct 
Brown Emma wid Charles opr W W & C Co res 16 

Brown Emma F Mrs res 562 Main 
Brown Ethel S opr W W & C Co res 311 (153) 

Brown Everett M (Grace C) dentist B h 3 Dexter av 
Brown Fannie boxmkr res 5 Whitney 
Brown Flora A wid James h 367 Crescent 
Brown Florence opr res 564 Main 
Brown Fred E (Bernice) opr W W & C Co h 153 

Brown George H secondhnd h 8 Lynch's la 
Brown Gladys elk W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Brown Grace C Mrs h 3 Dexter av 
Brown Harry A sales 209 (83) Moody h at Medford 
Brown Harry H (Isabelle L) elk B & M h 109 

BROWN HARRY L Asst Treas Waltham Watch & 

Clock Co 221 Crescent and Vice Pres Waltham 

National Bank 637 Main h at Concord 
Brown Harry M sales res 12 Daniels pi 
Brown Harry W uphol res 693 (345) Moody 
Brown Helen E Mrs opr W W & C Co h 61 Alder 
Brown Helen G wid Daniel A h 5 Whitney av 
Brown Henry A mach W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Brown H True sales res 79 Cherry 
Brown James buckle mkr h 117 South 
Brown James M (Alice I) carrier 290 (134) Moody 

h 19 Pearl 
Brown Joseph F (Mary C) lab h 11 Common 
Brown Lou E opr W W & C Co h 144 Bobbins 
Brown Lewis D (Gertrude R) janitor h 7 Fuller 
Brown Lillian I Mrs ldgh 77 Brown 
Brown Luther opr 94 Adams res 148 Adams 
Brown L Maude opr W W & C Co res 452 (236y 2 ) 

Brown Margaret C wid Wm D died April 27 1923 
Brown Marie waitress res 127 Pond 
Brown Mary A Mrs died April 2 1922 
Brown Mary A nurse res 73 Chestnut 
Brown Mary E wid Leroy h 142 Ash 
Brown Mary L tchr T R Plympton sch res 460 Lex- 
Brown Mary T wid Andrew died May 12 1923 
Brown May F opr W W & C Co res 38 Chester av 
Brown Morris (Rose) shoewkr 395 (211) Moody h 

201 Felton 

Brown Nancy E wid Walter F h 374 Newton 

Brown Nathan (Bessie) shoe rpr 133 Charles h 88 do 

Brown Nellie E opr W W & C Co h 331 Crescent 

Brown Ralph E (Florence M) elk h 376 Newton 

Brown Robert (Lillian) janitor h 77 Brown 

Brown Robert H (Edith) woodwkr h Montclair ay nr 

College farm rd 
Brown Sarah E wid Rocaveous h 693 (345) Moody 
Brown Sidney E (Ellen A) elk P h 976 Main 
Brown Susanna Mrs h 13 Gordon 
Brown Thomas A (Mildred) driver h 122 Bacon 
Brown Thomas B (Mary A) city driver h 122 Bacon 
Brown Vera A elk 419 (221a) Moody r 267 Robbins 
Brown Walter opr W W & C Co res 81 Parmenter rd 
Brown Walter F died July 30 1923 
Brown Walter G (Ella A) W B & D Wks h 208 River 
Brown Walter R (Susan) mach h 217 Felton 
Brown Webster elk res 109 Russell 
Brown Wm elk Ry M S h 403 Crescent 
Brown Wm bkpr 234 (100) Moody res 5 Whitney av 
Brown Wm H (Jennie S) sales h 31 Lawrence 
Brown Wm V (Edith E) chief examiner Ry M S h 

403 Crescent 
Brown Wm W (L Maude) lab h 452 (236 %) Moody 
Brown Willis F mach h 267 Robbins 
Browne Alden T (Mary E) produce h 9 Winthrop 
Browne Esther M tel opr res 42 Floyd 
Browne Irene M opr res 42 Floyd 
Browne Mary A wid Cornelius J opr h 42 Floyd 
Browne Roger S fore E H Wulks h 101 School 
Browning Harry A (Flora P) mtr insp 92 Felton h 

200 Robbins 
Browning Leslie C asst mgr res 200 Robbins 
Bruce Charles H (Harriet B) janitor h 2 Cutler ct 
Brugel Frederick C (Ethel L) restr 627 Main h 14 

Brugel Fredericka C Mrs res 14 Dexter 
Brumon Annie died Nov 8 1922 
Brunell Alexander J restr 481 (251) Moody h 1 Chest- 
nut pk 
B runner May opr W W & C Co res 65 Myrtle 
Brunner Rudolph (Mary) W W & C Co h 65 Myrtle 
Brunswick Block 347-353 Moody 
Bryant Alonzo J (Jennie G) opr h 186 School 
Bryant B Herbert (Eleanor G) rem to W Newton 
Bryant Caroline A wid James J. h 186 School 
Bryant Ellen wid Joseph B died Mar 21 1922 
Bryant Emma R hkpr res 129 Robbins 
Bryant Frank W (Lillian) forester res 134 Russell 
Bryant Fred A (Mary F W) mgr 844 (422) Moody 

h 69 Grant 
Bryant Herbert opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Bryant James J died Jan 13 1923 
Bryant Leon W carp res 240 Newton 
Bryant Mary E wid A Sidney res 16 Lyman 
Bryant Nana M Mrs sum res "Angleside" off South 
Bryant Nina M opr W W & C Co res 186 School 
Bryant Warren E (Elsie) dentist 375 (201) Moody 

rm 8 h 240 Newton 
Bryant Wm W (Eva A) city messenger 614 Main rm 

16 h 94 Russell 
Bryden Christopher H h Weston Stone Brook P 
Bryden James L (Helon H) eng h Weston Stone Brook 

Bryden Katherine nurse M S F M res do 
Bryden Samuel D (Ellen S) civ eng h 96 Church 
Bryden Tillie nurse M S F M res do 
Brydges John F (May E) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

34 Howard 
Brydges see Bridges 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Bryson Bros (Walter P Bryson) printers 645 Main 
Bryson Fred A (Mabel J) bricklayer h 62 Brown 
Bryson Herbert J hlpr 22 Felton res 47b Rich 
Bryson Mary A Mrs opr res 100 Pine 
Bryson Teresa opr W W & C Co res 428 (226) 

Bryson Thomas E (Teresa) real estate h 428 (226) 

Bryson Thomas L plumbr rear 20 Norumbega ter res 

308 Crescent 
Bryson Walter F (Winifred B) (Bryson Bros) h 5 

Cornwallis pi 
Buchanan Bertha E Mrs died Feb 2 1922 
Bucher Albert P (Clara) opr W W & C Co res 269 

Bucher Athanasius (Carrie) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 269 Charles 
Bucher Clara L Mrs opr W W & C Co res 269 

Bucher Genevieve E elk res 269 Charles 
Bucher Leonard A (Laura) chauf h Lake-byd Am- 
herst av 
Buck Catherine A opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Buckle Wm (Franes) uphol h 85 Guinan 
Buckley Edward toolmkr res 138 Crescent 
Buckley Edward F died July 7 1922 
Buckley Elizabeth A wid Bartholomew A R h 135 

Buckley Irwin F (Eva) pedlar h 55 Pond 
Buckley John died Aug 9 1921 
Buckley John J (Katherine) elk 290 (134) Moody h 

133 Adams 
Buckley Julia A h 105 Cushing 
Buckley J W Co (Ernest W Graves) Tobacco 133 

(35) Moody 
Buckley Lee L (Rae P) photo 691 (345) Moody h 

143 Lowell 
Buckley Mary A wid Edward F h 3 Centre 
Buckley Timothy F (Eliza A) stablemn h 52 Charles 
Buckley Wm B sales res 135 Adams 
Buell Fred A (Ellen J) opr W W & C Co h 202 Ash 
Buell Mabel I tchr res 202 Ash 
Bukleveiwcz Louis (Malwina) gro 38 Elm h do 
Bulger Gervase plmbr M S F M res do 
Bull Edward H (Ida D) carp 470 Lexington h do 
Bullard Arthur (Annie F) dry gds h 293 School 
Bullard Minnie A nurse M S F M res do 
Bullock Albert W (Everetta F) state representative 

h 146 Weston 
Bullock Charles elk 283 (133) Moody h 51 Adams 
Bullock Edith A res 51 Adams 
Bullock Edith A wid Charles E elk 45 Moody res 119 

Bullock Everetta F rs elk rm 3 City Hall h 146 

Bullock E Gertrude Mrs opr W W & C Co res 51 

Bullock Waldo E (Jessie) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

65 Villa ct 
Bullock Willard L (Emma G) sales h 51 Adams 
Bulwinkle George E (Hazel F) elk h 77 Fiske 
Bumford Harrison H lab res 255 South 
Bumford Relief E Mrs died July 14 1922 
Bumpus Roland L (Ruth M) mach h 133^ Ash 
Buncher Elinor librarian res 14 Greenwood la 
Buncher Henry P (Sara E) cashr Waltham Nat Bank 

h 14 Greenwood la 
Buncher Miriam social wkr res 14 Greenwood la 
Bund Paul elk 106 Alder h at Watertown 
Bunker Elizabeth L wid Charles S h 37 Rich 
Bunker W Roger sales h 37 Rich 

Bunten Oliver J (Corney & Bunten Co) 373 (199) 

Moody res 407 (213a) do 
Buono Michael (Mary) lab h 4 Macks ct 
Burbeck Frances L wid H Edward died Feb 3 1923 
Burckes Anna W tchr res 31 Clark la 
Burckes Ernest W (Susan) asst supt W W & C Co h 

31 Clark la 
Burckes John W (Lizzie D) asst supt W W & C Co 

h 36 Curve 
Burckes Marion sten 47 Moody res 24 Clark la 
Burckes Martin H student res 31 Clark la 
Burckes Ruth sec 637 Main res 31 Clark la 
Burckes see Burke and Bourque 
Burdett Ethel Mrs opr W W & C Co r 2 Woodlawn av 
Burdett George H mach res 2 Woodlawn av 
Burdett Ida M opr W W & C Co res 177 Robbins 
Burdett John T (Grace H) watchmkr E II W Wks h 

22 Sharon 
Burditt Ada L Mrs died Sept 10 1922 
Burditt Adella M Mrs died Oct 31 1921 
Burditt Elroy A filer h 5 Summit 
Burditt Roy A rem to Newtonville 
Burgess Alice L wid Charles L h 109 Chestnut 
Burgess Alma opr W W & C Co res 70 Central 
Burgess Amy J tchr W H S res 79 Worcester la 
Burgess Angus J driver res 4 Liberty 
Burgess Anthony appr res 196 Charles 
Burgess Armour T (Ethel M) baker res 1 Robbins pi 
Burgess Arthur auto rpr res 4 Liberty 
Burgess Catherine T wid Alexander nurse h 1 Robbins 

Burgess Charles A (Nettie M) advt sol 18 Pine h 78 

Burgess Clara A opr W W & C Co res 33 Orange 
Burgess Edgar J opr res 7 Jackson pi 
Burgess Elizabeth wid John h 7 Jackson pi 
Burgess Gladys A elk Waltham Nat Bank res 109 

Burgess Henry F died June 14 1922 
Burgess Jennie wid Joseph h 75 Worcester la 
Burgess John A fore E H W Wks h 46 Chestnut 
Burgess Leo opr res 7 Jackson pi 
Burgess Louis (Marie) carp h 196 Charles 
Burgess Margaret J tchr S grammar sch res Auburn- 
Burgess Mary Mrs cook res 562 Main 
Burgess Mildred D opr W W & C Co r at Auburndale 
Burgess Nellie opr W W & C Co res 566 Main 
Burgess Patrick C opr H W Co res 196 Charles 
Burgess Walter J opr res 4 Liberty 
Burgess Wm B (Jennie) pntr h 4 Liberty 
Burgess Wm B jr pntr h 9 John 
Burgin Eugene L res 52 Rumford av 
BURGIN JAMES G (Clara A) Prop Woerd Avenue 
Boat House Woerd av east of Bridge and (Waltham 
Boat and Canoe Co) 279 Crescent Tel Waltham 
1SS1 h do See Canoe Mfrs Dept 
Burgin Royal W opr W W & C Co h 279 Crescent 
Burke Agnes J vocal tchr 222 Ash res do 
Burke Alice M sten res 28 Bolton 
Burke Anna opr 21 Crescent res at Watertown 
Burke Anna J sten res 72 Rich 
Burke Arthur J died Dec 12 1922 
Burke Arthur N (Gertrude M) sub master W H S h 

34 Appleton 
Burke Augusta A bkpr res 222 Ash 
Burke Camille J pntr res 4 Colby av 
Burke Catherine wid Michael A h 152 Myrtle 
Burke Catherine A h 111 River 
Burke Catherine E opr W W & C Co res 85 Hall 



685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Burke Charles (Louise) h 6 Viles ct 

Burke C E res 94 Adams 

Burke Daniel P (Annie) yard brakemn B & M Elm h 

27 Benefit 

Burke Delia res 26 Warren av 

Burke Delia Mrs h 3 Standish ct 

Burke Delia wid Stephen h 388 River 

Burke Edward A driver 200 Prospect res 16 Russell 

Burke Edward F opr res 152 Myrtle 

Burke Elizabeth H sten res 152 Myrtle 

Burke Elizabeth L cook res 155 River 

Burke Florence M student res 26 Lexington 

Burke Francis A opr res 71 Francis 

Burke Francis M cloth ctr res 152 Myrtle 

Burke Frank C lather res 388 River 

Burke Franklin J (Annie C) fore B Mfg Co h 99 % 


Burke Fred E (Isabel G) h 16 Russell 

Burke Frederick A sales res 16 Russell 

Burke Harold J sales res 28 Bolton 

Birke Helen M sten res 8 Stearnes 

Burke Howard time kpr D & F Mfg Co Foundry av 

h at B 

Burke Isabel M elk 633 Main res 16 Russell 

Burke James lab res 1 Church 

Burke James E (Mary T) plmbr B h 3 Harding av 

Burke Jane M h 1 John 

Burke John F sten res 28 Bolton 

Burke John J (Margaret) mach h 10 Gorham 

Burke John J (Mary J) lab W W & C Co h 72 Rich 

Burke John J (Mary N) farmer h 296 Trapelo rd 

Burke John J'.jr chauf res 10 Gorham 

Burke John J jr farmer res 296 Trapelo rd 

Burke John T baggage master Waltham sta Fitchburg 

div res 26 Warren av 

Burke Joseph A sten res 155 River 

Burke Joseph F (Nora I) woodwkr h 270 River 

Burke Joseph P (Mary M) pntr h 2 Mack's ct 

Burke Joseph P student res 16 Russell 

Burke J Arthur (Louise) asst dir of pub welfare rm 

8 City Hall h 296 South 

Burke Katherine bleacher res 111 River 

Burke Loretto opr W W & C Co res 222 Ash 

Burke Louise F student res 296 South 

Burke Margaret opr W W & C Co res 130 Brown 

Burke Margaret E wid James h 73 Lexington 

Burke Margaret T opr W W & C Co res 3 Standish ct 

Burke Margaret V elk res 26 Warren av 

Burke Maria wid Thomas F died May 26 1923 

Burke Mary Mrs res 3 Viles ct 

Burke Mary A acct res 296 Trapelo rd 

Burke Mary A sten res 152 Myrtle 

Burke Mary C wid John F h 28 Bolton 

Burke Mary K opr res 275 descent 

Burke Mary T drsmkr 222 Ash res do 

Burke Michael J (Winnifred) mach h 20 Gorham 

Burke Myra opr W W & C Co res 26 Castle 

Burke M Loretta dial mkr W W & C Co res 222 Ash 

Burke Nellie wid Arthur J h 166 Felton 

Burke Patrick F (Catherine) lab h 115 Pond 

Burke Paul N (Elizabeth S) fore B Mfg Co h at 


Burke Peter J (Mary) linemn h 65 River 

Burke Philip E (Grace E) furn moving and storage 

412 (216b) Moody h 120 Crescent 

Burke Raymond opr res 388 River 

Burke Rosetta res 1 John 

Burke Stephen A opr res 388 River 

Burke Stephen F sten res 155 River 

Burke Sylvia wid Andrew h 4 Colby av 

Burke Teresa M opr W W & C Co res 3 Standish ct 

Burke Theresa P opr W W & C Co res 72 Rich 

Burke Thomas plmbr h 8 Stearns 

Burke Thomas A (Margaret A) h 222 Ash 

Burke Thomas J (Margaret T) h 26 Lexington 

Burke Thomas J (Mary A) mason h 155 River 

Burke Wm E (Alice M) sales h 24 Tolman 

Burke Wm F (Catherine F) meat ctr h 62 Guinan 

Burke Wm J flremn h 32 School av 

Burke Wm J (Katherine 0) fruit h 79 Pond 

Burke see Bourque and Burckes 

Burkett R Ellen H Mrs elk Waltham Hospital res do 

Burleigh Arnold G (Christine) driver h 64 Robbins 

Burlington Warren chauf res 102 High 

Burnayko Anthony (Annie) gro 209 Newton h do 

Burnett Grace J Mrs opr h 34 Yetten ter 

Burnham Alice E h 15 Sanders la 

Burnham Charles M mach W W & C Co res 36 Beech 

Burnham Charles S died Jan 18 1923 

Burnham Clara W nurse res 15 Sanders la 

Burnham Edward C elk res 66 South 

Burnham Edward K (Jennie) teleg h 66 South 

Burnham Margaret N camp director res 15 Sanders la 

Burnham Sarah wid Edwin S res 18 Myrtle 

Burns Anna Mrs sales res 445 Waverley Oaks rd 

Burns Charles M (Jessie) carp B Mfg Co h 378 

(196) Moody 
Burns Dennis (Fannie) res 166 Felton 
Bums D Dennis opr W W & C Co res 132 Adams 
Burns Edward A (Elizabeth) h 22 Cutter 
Burns Elizabeth opr 87 Rumford av res 87 Harvard 
Burns Elizabeth A designer res 136 Willow 
Burns Elizabeth M opr res 55 Walnut 
Burns Frank H treas res 136 Willow 
Burns James J (Anna L) carp h 41 Lowell 
Burns James E (Marion E) pntr 22 Laurel av h do 
Burns Jessie M opr W W & Co res 55 Walnut 
Burns John E (Elizabeth F) cond h 179 Summer 
Burns John J lawyer 289 (137) Moody rm 3 res 136 

Burns Lola L opr W W & C Co res 43 Cherry 
Burns Mae P tchr N J H S res 5 Alder 
Burns Margaret wid Patrick h 136 Willow 
Burns Marion E opr W W & C Co res 22 Laurel av 
Bums Mary E opr B Mfg Co res 378 (196) Moody 
Burns Mary J stitcher res 136 Willow 
Bums Melburne lab res 28 Ash 
Burns Phillip opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Burns Raymond J (Grace M) driver h 131 Grove 
Burns Wm A (Melvina) fore h 2 Turner 
Burofsky Ephraim (Anna) shoes 269 (121) Moody h 

248 Lowell 
Burofsky Lincoln elk 269 (121) Moody h at Newton 
Burofsky Robert B (Bessie E) mgr 269 (121) Moody 

h 729 (365) do 
Burofsky Samuel auto rpr res 248 Lowell 
Burr Dora M tchr N P Banks sch res 15 Alder 
Burr Leslie S mach W W & C Co h at S Sudbury 
Burr Sidney A (Lillian E) mgr h 26 Rich 
Burrill Frank H (Helen B) pres 106 Alder h 192 

Burroughs Marion E tchr Seth Bemis sch r 220 Lowell 
Burt Edwin B (Violet G) opr W W & C Co h 12 

Cutting la 
Burt John lab W S Co res 415 (219) Moody 
Burton Edward E linemn 17 Lexington res do 
Baton Edward W (Mabel) res 7 Walnut 
Burton Frances E opr W W & C Co res 175 E Brown 
Burton Marguerite underwear wkr res 97 Maple 
Burton Mary L bkpr 429 (229) Moody res 97 Maple 


Real Estate, Investment and Loans 

375 (201) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 0110 WALTHAM 



Bury Frank janitor W W & C Co h at Roxbury 
Busby Norman E (Winona) mach W W & C Co h 

Wellington Grove 
Busby Winona opr W W & C Co res Hardy's pond rd 
Buscemi Salvatore (Antonina) lab h 195 y 2 Newton 
Bush Alice E nurse res 127 Russell 
Busscll Wm H (Nellie) opr W W & C Co h 25 Bedford 
Bustin Hugh J (Lillian S) opr W W & C Co h Hardy's 

pond id 
Buswell John S (Theresa A) pintr h 314 Warren 
Buswell Tracy C (Helen C) elk h 57 Morton 
Buswell Wm P (F Isabella) uphol h 17 Myrtle 
Butcher Mary wid res 96 Central 
Butler Abbic M wid Samuel A opr W W & C Co h 

91 Crescent 
Butler Albert pressmn 18 Pine res 97 Francis 
Butler Alice M hairdrsr 333 (169) Moody rm 1 h 

590 Main 
Butler Annie L wid A Edwin opr W W & C Co h 97 

Butler Catherine wid James H h 339 Grove 
Butler Daniel F (Ella M) eng h 15 Mt Pleasant 
Butler Doris opr W W & C Co res 220 Brown 
Butler Edward J (Lydia A) mach h 703 (349) Moody 
Butler Florence L opr W W & C Co res 19 Milton 
Butler Fred W (Rose) rprmn 16 Spring h 216 Dale 
Butler Harry T A (Janet) asst fore W W & C Co h 

19 Milton 
Butler Harry W (Alice M) sales Elm cor Benefit h 

590 Main 
Butler Hattie A wid Samuel L h 162 Ash 
Butler Herber H (Mary) ins agt 11 Moody res 106 

Butler Ivy opr W W & C Co res 157 Lowell 
Butler James H died Jan 7 1923 
Butler Mark J real est res 339 Grove 
Butler Oscar H (Eva A) fore W W & C Co h 127 

Butbr Ralph H opr W W & C Co res 162 Ash 
Butler Pamuel (Clara L) mach W W & C Co h 157 

Butler Sylvester (Isabel I) fore JLT Mfg Co h 77 

Butler Theresa weaver res 339 Grove 
Butler Wm (Georgia L) sales h Amherst av nr Lake 
Butman Elmer E (Harriet I) treas 437 (231) Moody 

h 118 Ash 
Butman E E Co Dana B Whipple pies Elmer E But- 
man treas and mgr druggists 437 (231) Moody 
Butman Fred L (Hattie B) real est h 50 Tomlin 
Butterfield Eugene M elk 53 Brown h 146 Myrtle 
Butterfield Gertrude C elk res 146 Myrtle 
Butterfield Helen G elk res 146 Myrtle 
Butterfield Herbert F (Albina S) mach W W & C 

Co h 542 Lexington 
Butterfield James M (Ruth E) asst fore W W & C 

Co h 150 Myrtle 
Butterfield Mary E wid George res 158 Dale 
Butterfield Mary L Mrs died May 2 1922 
Butterworth Arthur W (Marion F) mach h Baker 

estate South 
Butters Sarah I h 409 Crescent 
Buttinger Helen E asst prin 764 Main h do 
Button Bertrand W (Marguerite) elk h 5 Derby 
Buttrick Alden H (Eva) mach h 44 Gordon 
Buttrick Building 592-600 Main 2-6 Elm 
Buttrick Lumber Corp The Thomas H Bassett pres J 

A McGlinchey treas 56 Felton 
Buttrick Real Estate (E F Snell) 596 Main 
Buzzell Fannie E attendant M S F M res do 
Buzzelle Emily L Mrs tchr 661 Main b 64 Bacon 

Buzzelle Wm B (Emily L) mach h 64 Bacon 
Byam Charles W elk 45 Moody res 337 Crescent 
BYAM FRANK A (Nellie T) Distributor Willys- 
Knight and Overland Cars 592 (304) Moody Tel 

Waltham 2456-W h 337 Crescent See back cover 
Byrne Ellen wid Patrick h 6 Oak 
Byrne James P died Mar 1 1923 
Byrne John gatemn Bleachery sta 
Byrne John F (Mary E) pntr h 41 Cedar 
Bryne Joseph (Theresa) pntr h 214 River 
Byrne Matthew J (Margaret F) pntr h 207 River 
Byrns Heber E (Ruth E) carp h 53 Dexter 
Byrns Patrick lab res 39 Pine 

Byron Ethel stitcher 307 (151) Moody res at Natick 
Byron Frank B (Alice M) sales h 3 Centre 
Cabot Richard C phys B sum res 725 Lexington 
Cacace Anthony (Mary) woodwkr h 22 Water 
Cacciatore Bros Joseph and Phillip gros 207 Newton 
Cacciatore Carmelo (Josephine) weaver h 215 Newton 
Cacciatore Filomena wid Francesco h 134 Taylor 
Cacciatore Joseph (Cacciatore Bros) res 134 Taylor 
Cacciatore Philip (Cacciatore Bros) res 134 Taylor 
Cacciatore Raymond (Madalina) lab h 180 Felton 
Cacciatore Rose res 240 Newton 
Cacciatore Settimo (Josephine) weaver h 229 Newton 
Cacciatore Stefano (Carmela) laundrymn h 180 Felton 
Cacciatore Stephen (Antoinette) barber 424 (224) 

Moody h 246 Newton 
Cadman Florence A opr W W & C Co res 127 Brown 
Cadman Fred M sales res 348 Crescent 
Cadman Lawrence mgr res 348 Crescent 
Cady George E (Catherine) agt Newton st sta B & M 

h 76 Cushing 
Cady John lab res 74 Adams 
Cady Patrick driver 56 Felton res 59 Lexington 
Cady Roy N opr W W & C Co res 135 Russell 
Cafarella Joseph (Anna) fruit 367 (195) Moody h 

46 High 
Cafarella Thomas fruit 653 Main h 579 do 
Cahill Annie hskpr 58 Pond 
Cahill Catherine R elk W W & C Co res 6 Emery 
CAHILL CHARLES (Lois A) Manager Cedar Hill 

Farm Milk 265 Beaver Tel Waltham 0157 h do 
Cahill John J (Dulcie J) acct res 375 Crescent 
Cahill Marie A watchmkr res 96 Lexington 
Cahill Mary E bkpr res 6 Emery 
Cahill Mary L tchr Chauncey Newhall sch res at W 

Cahill Michael died Sept 1 1921 
Cahill Michael J (Mary E) lab h 96 Lexington 
Cahill Patrick lab h 26 Castle 
Cahill Paul B farmer res 265 Beaver 
Cahill Reginald L (Elin) fore h 357 Beaver 
Cahill Thomas F h 96 Lexington 
Cahill Thomas J (Catherine) treamster W W & C Co 

h 6 Emery 
Cahoon Beryl E muse h 158 Chestnut 
Cahoon Ethel opr W W & C Co res 62 Alder 
CAHOON KENNETH M (Bertha A) (K M Cahoon 

Co) 433 (231) Moody h 32 Adams 
CAHOON K M CO (Kenneth M Cahoon) Phonographs 

snd Radios 433 (231) Moody Tel Waltham 0704 

See right top lines 
Caia Carrado (Lucy) lab h 166 Newton 
Caia Mario (Lucia) shoemkr 834% Main h 13 Oak 
Caia Rosario (Angelina) lab 213 Newton 
Caia Vincent (Antoinetta) shoe rpr 372 (192) Moody 

h 245 Newton 
Cain Andrew (Rose) watchmkr h 197 Charles 
Cain Ambrose J (Elizabeth E) gen mgr n 989 Main 
Cain Andrew P (Mary J) mach h 7 Kingsley ct 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



Cain Edward J (Elizabeth) watchmkr h 8 Browns av 

Cain Ellen died March 12 1923 

Cain Harry J (Florence) gro 100 Lake h do 

Cain Ida A Mrs nurse res 55 Robbins 

Cain John lab h rear 46 Oak 

Cain John L mach W W & C Co res 7 Kingsley ct 

Cain Joseph W auto renting 

Cain Mary wid John h 56 Fiske 

Cain Mary E tchr res rear 46 Oak 

Cain Mary L opr W W & C Co res 8 Common 

Cain Olive V elk 243 (107) Moody res 56 Fiske 

Cain see Kane and Keane 

Caisfy Ephraim J (Francoise) mach h 93 Alder 

Calabufalo Guiseppe (Mary) lab h 52 Exchange 

Calantroppo Philip (Nancy) opr h 157 School 

Calcagno Charles (Angelina) opr W W & C Co h 109 

Caldwell Charles B died Sept 27 1922 
Caldwell Eva M wid Charles died May 10 1923 
Caldwell Frank W (Elise II) meat ctr 647 Main h 

917 do 
Caldwell John F died Oct 21 1921 
Caldwell John F mach res 17 Willow 
Caldwell Mary wid John F h 17 Willow 
Caldwell Wm M (Hortense B) (W M Caldwell Co) h 

56 Summer 
Caldwell W M Co (Wm M Caldwell) autos 899 Main 
Caldwell see Coldwell and Colwell 
Calef Edna G tchr res 15 Floyd 
Calef Emma F wid Wallace A h 15 Floyd 
Calentropo Sabastien (Serephina) mason h 153 Calvary 
Call Wilbert A sales res 40 High 
Call Wm elk 354 (178) Moody res do 
Callaghan John T (Margaret L) chauf h 1 Elm av 
Callahan Anna lathe hand Newton res 120 Crescent 
Callahan Anna M h 176 Chestnut 
Calahan Charles asst eng M S F M res do 
Callahan Charles A opr W B & D Wks r 176 Chestnut 
Callahan Daniel carp res 33 Heard 
Callahan Daniel F (Helena M) supt button wks h 25 

Callahan Esther L cashr 19 Elm res 31 Central 
Callahan Francis (Catherine) lab h 31 Central 
Callahan Frank J (Catherine) forester h 31 Central 
Callahan Helen opr W W & C Co res at Wollaston 
Callahan John L asst pastor St Charles R C ch h 50 

Callahan Margaret opr W W & C Co res at Wollaston 
Callahan Margaret M elk res 31 Central 
Callahan Mary h 33 Heard 

Callahan Mary E tchr Thomas Hill sch res 176 Chest- 
Callahan Mary E wid Thomas h 14 Cutter 
Callahan Mary I seam res 14 Cutter 
Callahan Minnie stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 14 

Callahan Patrick died Sept 1 1922 
Callahan Thomas J (Mary A) lab h 9 Duddy av 
Callahan Wm F (Catherine) molder h 20 Fountain 
Callahan Wm F (121 Main) died Feb 20 1922 
Callan John F opr res 12 Newton 
Callan Josephine B supt res 12 Newton 
Callan Michael J (Catherine C) molder h 12 Newton 
Callan Stephen C auto rpr 748 Main res 12 Newton 
Callan Wm J elk res 12 Newton 
Calvary Cemetery 163 Calvary at Newton line 
Cambasei Biagio (Christine) lab h 22 John 
Cambridge Water Works Hobbs Brook basin north of 

Winter at Lincoln line Stony Brook basin end 

Sibley rd at Weston line 

Cameron Allan coachmn h 31 Warren av 

Cameron Catherine hkpr 35 Warren av 

Cameron Donald B (Nettie M) auto rpr 19 Heard h 

at Camb 
Cameron Ella C tchr M S F M res do 
Cameron Jessie nurse h 25 Fiske 
Cameron J Stuart asst probation officer 25 Lexington 

h at Watertown 
Cameron Margaret nurse res 26 Warren av 
Cameron Margaret M nurse res 37 Banks 
Caminetti Vincenzio (Giuseppa) gro 7 Felton h do 
Carrnnitti Siguono died Aug 19 1923 
Camminitti Rosario (Josephine) lab h 8 Fern 
Campana Delimo (Antoinetta) buckle mkr h 20 Turner 
Campana Frank lab res 20 Hammond 
Campana Merigo buckle mkr res 20 Turner 
Campana Ricardo (Clara) farmer h 20 Turner 
Campbell Agnes J W W & C Co res 80 Brown 
Campbell Albert J (Harriet) eng h 317 Warren 
Campbell Annie J Mrs opr W W & C Co r 235 Brown 
Campbell Annie L nurse h 75 Russell 
Campbell Bessie opr W W & C Co res 56 Liberty 
Campbell Blanche A opr W W & C Co r 181 Robbins 
Campbell Carl (Nina) mach h 51 Alder 
Campbell Carrie M Mrs opr res 17 Chestnut 
Campbell Charles L (Mary) mach WW&CCoh97 

Campbell Claire Mrs tchr M S F M res do 
Campbell Dougald elk 234 (100) Moody h 12 Whit- 
ney av 
Campbell Earl F student res 22 Myrtle 
Campbell Edward F (Elizabeth) fore W W & C Co h 

10 Underwood pk 
Campbell Elizabeth I Mrs died Feb 7 1922 
Campbell Frances J (Agnes E) mtr mn r 14 Crescent 
Campbell Francis J (Eva J) cond h 74 Bedford 
Campbell Frank J (Annie J) sales mgr h 235 Brown 
Campbell George J (Elizabeth) pntr h 86 Lowell 
Campbell Gertrude I opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Campbell Harry F elect res 86 Lowell 
Campbell J Leslie (Margaret V) elect h 181 Robbins 
Campbell Marion nurse M S F M res do 
Campbell Marion wid George died March 21 1923 
Campbell Martha J Mrs res 90 Fiske 
Campbell Mary A drsmkr 93 Central res do 
Campbell Mary D res 86 Lowell 
Campbell Mary E tea room and luncheon 692 Main res 

46 Grant 
Campbell Patrick J (Julia) farmer h 93 Central 
Campbell Paul R mgr 742 (372a) Moody res at 

Campbell Rebecca E tchr Chauncey Newhall sch res 46 

Campbell Samuel T (Bernice I) elk Ry M S h 188 

Campbell Thomas crossing tender res 623 South 
Campbell Thomas P (Catherine A) E H W Co h 22 

Campbell Wm C driver res 175 Charles 
Campesi Vincent jr (Irma) fore 55 Rumford ar h at 

Campisi Viricenzo (Carmela) shoe rpr 625 (317) 

Moody h 91 High 
Campobasso Domeneco (Maria) farmer h 19 Noonan 
Camuti Antonio gro 120 Charles h 122 do 
Camuto Carmelo (Sarah) lab h 20 Brown's av 
Canale Mae opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Canistara Francesco (Seraphina) lab h 304 River 
Canistrarro Dominico (Mary) lab h 36 Wadsworth ar 
Canistrarro Mary Mrs fruit 143 Felton b 145 dp 



123 High Street, 




Canning Lewis nurse M S P M res do 

Canning Lexina C nurse M S P M res do 

Canning Madge S opr W W & C Co res 155 Adams 

Canning Myrtle A matron M S F M res do 

Canning Susan M nurse M S P M res do 

Cannistara Giuseppa wid res 13 Central 

Cannistraro Salvatore L hlpr 416 (218) Moody res 

145 Felton 
Cannistroo Alfonzo (Caterina) opr h 406 River 
Cannistroo Carmelo (Josephina L) opr 384 River 
Cannon James chauf res 21 School 
Canter Bros (Morris Joseph Harry and Max) junk 53 

Canter Cherry elk res 162 Felton 
Canter Harry (Edith) (Canter Bros) junk h 253 

Canter Harry (Edith) (Canter Bros) 53 Felton h at 

Canter Joseph (Lena) (Canter Bros) 53 Felton h do 
Canter Max (Canter Bros) 53 Felton h at Newton 
Canter Max elk 283 (135) Moody res 162 Felton 
Canter Morris (Ida V) (Canter Bros) h 162 Felton 
Canter Morris S student res 253 Charles 
CANTON LOW CO Lee J Mam Manager American- 
Chinese Restaurant 334-336 (168-170) Moody See 

Restaurant Dept 
Capelle Annie B wid Wm C h 462 Main 
Caplan Abraham (Lottie) (Waltham Paper Co) Bed- 
ford h 17 Palmer 
Capoccia Antonio (Cassiana) lab h 8 Highland 
Capoccia Vittorio (Mary) lab h 33 Middle 
Caponi Dominic (Nicoline) lab h 130 Felton 
Caponi Wm opr res 130 Felton 
Cappadona Angelina opr res 16 Liberty 
Cappadona Angelo (Nunciala) exp 109 Central h do 
Cappadona Catherine opr res 16 Liberty 
Cappadona Giuseppe (Mary) opr h 16 Liberty 
Cappadona Giuseppe (Catherine) farm hand h Forest 

nr Harrington rd 
Cappobianca Michael W B & D Wks res 11 Oak 
Capps W Ralph yard elk B & M fgt Elm res 590 

Caramanica Michael (Pasqualina) lab h 5 Central av 
Caramazza Charles shoe rpr 7 Church res 6 Mechanic 
Caramonica Antonio lab res 52 Exchange 
Caravaglio Angelo opr W W & C Co res 135 Alder 
Caravaglio Catherine nurse res 135 Alder 
Caravaglio Frank mach res 135 Alder 
Caravaglio Gaetanb (Angelina) fruit 491 (255) 

Moody h 135 Alder 
Caravaglio Joseph student res 135 Alder 
Caravaglio Thomas jr mach res 135 Alder 
Cardello Giuseppe lab res 8 Calvary 
Cardillo Martin (Christine) lab h Lake nr Princeton 

Cardello Vincenzo lab res 8 Calvary 
Cardillo Francesco (Giovannina) opr h 14 Charles 
Cardillo Pasrjuale lab res 52 Exchange 
Cardillo Ralph (Anna C) opr h 2 Elm ct 
Cardoni Corendo lab res 53 Calvary 
Cardoni Giuseppe (Mary) driver h 53 Calvary 
Carey Agnes M wid Arthur A h Worcester la 
Carey Arthur A died June 14 1923 
Carey Baltrues (Helen M) W B & D Wks h 186 

Carey Edv,ard H fore re? 17 Pond 
Carey Gladys mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 418 Main 
Carey Ina S Mrs died Jan 28 1922 
Carey John H (Lida J) watchmkr W W & C Co b 98 


Carey Joseph H (Nellie) opr W W & C Co h 15 

Elson rd 
Carey Julia E opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Carey Julia M wid Thomas F h 45 Banks 
Carey see Cary 

Carleton Elsie C bkpr 433 (231) Moody r 21 Cherry 
Carley Catherine E wid John h 73 Exchange 
Carlmark Richard F (Clara) rem to Quincy 
Carlman Frank L (Esther 0) fore J L T Mfg Co h 

20 Warren av 
Carlon Eugene A (Ellen S) lab h 48 Spring 
Carlson Alfred A student res 295 Crescent 
Carlson Antone (Hilda) sht mtl wkr rear 55 Rumford 

av h 25y 2 Derby 
Carlson Arthur J student res 295 Crescent 
Carlson Axel (Ida) organ mkr h 295 Crescent 
Carlson Carl G (Eureka M) lab h 62 Myrtle 
Carlson Carl N opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Carlson Claus H (Marie) lab h 29 Highland 
Carlson George A opr E II W Co res 25^ Derby 
Carlson Gustaf B opr W W & C Co h 62 Myrtle 
Carlson Hjalmar C (Elsie) opr W W & C Co h 15 

Carlson Joseph E (Almena) opr W W & C Co h 7 

Viles ct 
Carlson Magnus h 176 Robbins 
Carlstrom Knut S (Fannie N) watchmkr h 24 Francis 
Carlton Charlotte E wid George H h 57 Walnut 
Carlton Clarence S opr W W & C Co res 57 Walnut 
Carlton Elsie bkpr res 21 Cherry 
Carlton see Carleton 

Carmenetti Vincenzo (Josephine) gro 7 Felton h do 
Carmichael Alberta nurse W W & C Co res 22 Derby 
Carmody Anna L opr W W & C Co res 8 Auburn ter 
Carmody Cornelius J (Winifred M) weigher h 8 Au- 
burn ter 
Carmody John J acct res 8 Auburn ter 
Ca-mody Margaret elk res 8 Auburn ter 
Carmody Wm F sales res 8 Auburn ter 
Carmody Winifred H fore res 8 Auburn ter 
Carnes Alice I matron M S F M res do 
Carney Clare M opr W W & C Co res 66 Calvary 
Carney Daniel J mach res 152 School 
Carney Ellen A wid Wm L h 66 Calvary 
Carney Francis A (Margaret V) mach h 115 Calvary 
Carney George W (Selina) winder h 37 Prospect st av 
Carney Greta C bkpr 214 (88) Moody res 11 (3) do 
Carney Hannah opr B Mfg Co res 18 Hall 
Carney Helen M opr W W & C Co res 66 Calvary 
Carney James E (Sophia J) signalmn h 51 Bedford 
Carney James (Catherine) lab h 81 Pond 
Carney John (J Carney Coal Co) 70 Calvary h 66 do 
Carney John farm hand res Frank W Reed's Trapelo rd 
Carney John J (Catherine L) barber 643 Main h 9 

Carney John R (Ella F) elk h 305 Crescent 
Carney John W bleacher h 248 River 
Carney J Coal Co (John Carney) Coal and Wood 70 

Carney Laura A elk res 66 Calvary 
Carney Louis res 66 Calvary 

Carney Martin F (Dora K) engraver h 18 Linden ter 
Carney Mary wid Michael h 18 Hall 
Carney Mary A elk 695 Main res 59 Russell 
Carney Mary E elk W W & C Co res 18 Linden ter 
Carney Mary E opr W W & C Co res 11 Pond 
Carney Mary E wid Patrick h 51 Bedford 
Carney Michael J stage hd res 18 Hall 
Carney Thomas H opr W W & C Co res 11 Pond 
Carney see Kearney 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 



Caron Alexander (Victoria) loom fixer h 886 Main 
Caron Elizabeth G setter repr W W & C Co res 886 

Cavon Rose J died Jan 16 1923 
Carpenter Frank V (Barbara D) sales 349 (179) 

Moody h 57 Chestnut 
Carpenter Walter fireman M S F M res do 
Carpentino Angeline opr res 3 Mack's ct 
Caipentino Camillo (Christine) opr 21 Crescent h 3 

Mack's ct 
Carr Alice M wid Albert opr VV W & C Co res 183 

Carr Anna E sten res 119 Grove 
Carr Catherine B hkpr res 44 Russell 
Cart Charles W opr W W & C Co res 17 Hall 
Carr Chester T (Mabel R) opr W W & C Co h 53 

CARR DOROTHY J Studio Dancing and Expression 

221 (93) Moody res 37 Wash av 
Carr Edward D (Ethel) ins agt 11 (3) Moody h 8 

Carr Elizabeth J opr W W & C Co res 355 (185) 

Cat Emma H h 17 Hall 
Carr George F res 17 Hall 
Carr Henry W (Rose M) opr h 32 Francis 
Carr Herbert A (Isabella) opr W W & C Co h 90 V 2 

Carr James L sten res 131 Grove 
Carr James R (Elizabeth A) paper mkr 760 South h 
, 37 Wash av 

Carr John T waiter res 131 Grove 
Carr Joseph F sales res 131 Grove 
Carr Norman T opr W W & C Co res 675 (333) 

Carr Patrick (Bridget A) coachmn h 131 Grove 
Carr Peter E (Jennie E) (Waltham Vulcanizing Co) 

711 Main and (Waltham Plating Co) do h 90 

Carr Robert J elk res 37 Wash av 
Carr Thomas (Anna M) plstr h 5 Emery 
Carr Thomas mason M S F M res do 
Carr Wallace J (Mary J) carp h Grove rd 
Carr Wm (Alma) dairy mn h 266 Calvary 
Carr Wm H (Caroline) sales h 659 (333) Moody 
Carrello Michael lab res 52 Exchange 
Carrier Mary E wid Ralph A died Aug 26 1921 
Carroll Alice A rubber wkr res 9 Wall 
Carroll Annie wid Hugh L h 136 Bacon 
Carroll Charles E (Gertrude) elk B & M res 80 

Carroll Edward F sten res 202 Chestnut 
Carroll Edward W (Mary J) hostler h 202 Chestnut 
Carroll Eleanor B elk 219 (91) Moody res 36 Massa- 

Carroll Elizabeth A died Oct 5 1923 
Carroll Francis J (Mary A) baker h 22 Yetten ter 
Carroll Hattie Mrs res 180 Brown 
Carroll Hugh A (Julia E) stmftr h 9 Wall 
Carroll Hugh L died July 16 1923 
Carroll James A elevmn W W & C Co h 90 Cedar 
Carroll John A state police res 53 Pine 
Carroll John F (Lillian) elk h 16 Plympton 
Carroll Katherine C res 92 Taylor 
Carroll Lena B elk W W & C Co res at Boston 
Carroll Louis P (Catherine F) rem to Som 
Carroll Margaret A opr res 36 Massasoit 
Carroll Martha J res 92 Taylor 
Carroll Mary A opr res 9 Wall 
Carroll Mary A teleg res 36 Massasoit 
Carroll Mary V student res 53 Pine 

Carroll Michael (Elizabeth A) mach h 92 Taylor 
Carroll Patrick (Mary) lab h 36 Massasoit 
Carroll Patrick H (Nellie) brakemn h 53 Pine 
Carroll Robert H (Mary) mach W W & C Co h 71 

Carroll Rose opr res 9 Wall 
Carroll Warren F (Ellen L) chauf h 52 Russell 
Carroll Wm A chauf Beaver Brook Grain Co res 36 

Carruthers Abert (Mary) fore h 30 Taylor 
Carruthers John (Grace W) pub acct h 13a Spruce 
Carson Alfred M opr res 43 Myrtle 
Carson Arthur A opr W W & C Co res 107 Alder 
Carson Ethel opr W W & C Co res 25 Adams 
Carson Florence S opr W W & C Co res 32 Cherry 
Carson Harry (Margaret) carp h 36 Wash av 
Carson H Isabelle opr W W & C Co res 43 Myrtle 
Carson John rem to Alberton P E I 
Carson John H opr W W & C Co res 32 Cherry 
Carson John M opr W W & C Co h 66 Taft av 
Carson Olive nurse M S F M res do 
Carson Rebecca M wid Elbridge C h 43 Myrtle 
Carter Alfred W elk 525 (271) Moody res 62 Maple 
Carter Anna Mrs sten M S F M res do 
Carter Anna H senior usher M S F M res do 
Carter Annabel pharm 326 (164) Moody res 3 Rum- 
ford av 
CARTER -BAINE COMPANY (George Carter and 
Wilmot VV Baine) Druggists 907 Main Tel 0196 
See Druggists Dept 
Caitcr Bessie E nurse M S F M res do 
Carter Clara B Mrs died Sept 8 1923 
Carter Clarence H (Marion B) research eng h 87 

Carter Doris E elk res 62 Maple 
Carter Edmund elect 404 (214) Moody res at Newton 
Carter Ervene M bkpr 870 Main h 64 School 
Carter Eugene J (Carrie U) elk 283 (135) Moody h 

380 (198) do 
Carter Florence nurse M S F M res do 
Carter Franklin (Minnie F) gardener h 1114 Main 
Carter Frank L (Amanda F) opr W W & C Co b 47 

Carter Frederick died Oct 5 1923 
Carter George E (Manda) h 17 Robbins 
Carter George H mgr 424 (224a) Moody res 380 

(198) do 
CARTER GEORGE (Annie N) (Carter-Baine Com- 
pany) (George Carter & Co) h 3 Rumford av 
Crescent Park 
CARTER GEORGE & CO (George Carter) Drug- 
gists 326 (164) Moody See Druggists Dept 
Carter George T (Elizabeth M) mach h 33 Worcester 

Carter Harry opr W W & C Co h 63 Maple 
Carter Horace C (Elmina) prin 661 Main h at Lex- 
Carter Ida M elk W W & C Co res 30 Chester av 
Carter J Lester (Amanda A) elk h 83 Quinan 
Carter Lizzie L wid Frederick h 97 Brown 
Carter Manda L opr W W & C Co res 17 Robbins 
Carter Margaret wid George h 14 Lexington ter 
Carter May E wid Robert E matron High sen b 64 

Carter Percy E (Alice M) fore H R Co res 7 Fuller 
Carter Raymond farm hand res Cedar Hill farm Beaver 
Carter Robert A opr res 64 School 
Carter Russell R stove mkr res 71 Russell 
Carter Sarah L wid Warren h 73 Adams 
Carter Susan S wid James T res 64 School 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 



Carter Vera Mrs res 71 Russell 

Carter Wilbur E (Henrietta A) real est 681 Main h 

8 Common 
Carter Wm T (Josietta) meat ctre 350 (176a) 

Moody h 14 Russell 
Cartier Merton G (Margaret E) motormn h rear 713 

(357) Moody 
Carton Henry L (Margaret) elk 499 Main res 729 

(365) Moody 
Carton Thomas J (Rosanna J) (Keane & Carton) 

blksmith 27 Common h 730 Lake 
Cartwright James A (Alice) rem to Wellesley 
Caruso Anthony opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Caruso Antonio (Lucia) lab h 12 Williams 
Caruso Giuseppe (Elizabetta) chauf h 78 Exchange 
Caruso Grazia wid Luigi h 197 School 
Caruso Mary wid Alfonso rem to Watertown 
Carver George (Ruth) h 46 Colburn 
Carver Raymond J (Alice A) auto rpr h 32 Prospect 

st av 
Carville Samuel J (Dorothy M) mach h 27% Ash 
Cary Charles D (Mildred D) sales h 205 Hammond 
Casella Antonio (Rose) lab h 17% Spring 
Casella Carmelo janitor Pond End sch h Winter nr 

Casella Giuseppe (Mary) lab h 27 Middle 
Casella Giuseppe lab h 156 School 
Casella Marie opr 21 Crescent res 27 Middle 
Casella Mary stitcher 307 (151) Moody 
Casella Rosario (Carmela) farmer h Winter nr West 
Casella Salvatore (Concetta) lab h 1 Macks ct 
Casella Vincenzo (Concetta) barber h 1 Macks ct 
Casey Catherine wid John res 16 Mechanic 
Casey Edward A (Laura) opr W W & C Co res 268 

Casey Frank (Ada M) weaver h 60 Cherry 
Casey Frank (Mary A) yardmn 384 Main h rear 122 

Casey Gladys nurse M S F M res do 
Casey John F (Theresa) lab h 58 Myrtle 
Casey Joseph H Rev asst pastor St Marys R C Church 

h 133 School 
Casey Laura opr W W & C Co res 5 Fuller 
Casey Leo F opr W W & C Co res 70 Hammond 
Casey Margaret wid Patrick rem to Newtonville 
Casey Marie M elk res 70 Hammond 
Casey Marion opr W W & C Co res 143 Adams 
Casey Michael J (Catherine) lab h 40 Spring 
Casey Patrick J res 61 Newton 
Casey Robert A (Mary) h 189 Grove 
Casey Simon F died Dec 4 1922 
Casey Teresa E Mrs died Aug 13 1923 
Casey Timothy W (Margaret M) lather h 70 Ham- 
Casey Wm B (Margaret L) yard fore h 289 River 
Cash Anne E sten res 276 River 
Cash Joanna T wid John h 276 River 
Cash John died June 18 1921 
Cash Mary E buyer res 276 River 
Cash Theresa J mus tchr 276 River res do 
Cushman Charles F auto accessories 162 (242) Moody 

h at W Newton 
Cashman Mildred Mrs elk 243 (107) Moody h at W 

Cass Charles H mgr 938 Main h at Boston 
Casseller Mary D Mrs b 33 Guinan 
Cassello Charles gardener Winter nr Lincoln line 
Cassidy Andrew G (Annie M) mstr mech h 27 Banks 
Cassidy Charles E opr W W & C Co res at Som 
Cassidy Francis opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Cassidy Patrick F lab res 63 Exchange 

Castellana Angelo (Rosa) h 79 Cushing 
Castellano Angelo (Julia) lab res 17 Oak 
Castengo Cabuzzo (Paulina) lab h 717a Main 
Castner Ervin S (Ethel J) poultry Trapelo rd h do 
Castner Sanford B (Addie M) milk Trapelo rd h do 
Castrogiovanni Giuseppe (Francesca) wvr h 12 Liver- 
pool la 
Caswell Albert F lab res 31 Cherry 
CASWELL EARL F (Jessie M) Treasurer Waltham 

Co-operative Bank 45 Moody h 61 High 
Caswell Fred L (Minnie E) plmbr 87 Wash av h do 
Caswell George R (Gladys L) carp h 92 Wash av 
Caswell Henry (Ella M) opr W W & C Co h 112 

Caswell Mary E wid Wm J h 20 Cross 
Caswell Royal (Winifred F) taxi service 20 Cross h do 
Caswell Susan wid Henry A h 31 Cherry 
Caswell Wm opr W W & C Co res 31 Cherry 
Caswell Winnifred B Mrs ldgh 80-82 Brown h do 
Cataldo Angeline V opr W W & C Co res 856 Main 
Cataldo Block 279 (13iy 2 ) Moody 
Cataldo Joseph M (Amelia C) real est 832 Main h 

856 do 
Cataldo Rose J piano tchr 397 (211) Moody res 856 

Catania Frank (Francesca) opr h 213 Newton 
Cate Bella M opr W W & C Co res 18 Maple 
Cate Bernice E opr W W & C Co res 35 Harvard 
Cate Celia bkpr 683 Main h 57 Grant 
Cate Charles M (Isabella M) watchmkr B h 203 

Cate C Emily M tchr res 203 Lowell 
Cate Evelyn A opr W W & C Co res 278 Crescent 
Cate Silas H watchmkr res 203 Lowell 
Cater James nurse M S F M res do 
Cater Nancy wid Charles res 181 Brown 
Cathcart Chester A (Elizabeth M) sales h 53 Chester 

Cathcart Doris R sec 289 (137) Moody r 53 Chester 

Cathcart Lorena M wid Obed S res 53 Chester av 
Catholic Circulating Library Elizabeth Keane librarian 

832 Main rm 4 
Cattam Martha M hkpr 75 Lake 
Caughey Elizabeth wid Reuben W h Winter nr Locust 
Caughey Ethel M sec res 58 Lake 
Caughey Irene elk 500 Lexington res 58 Lake 
Caughey James A died Aug 19 1921 
Caughey John W (Ethel M) contr h 58 Lake 
Caughey Joseph H (Josephine H) bkpr B h 435 Lex- 
Caughey Lena M bkpr 500 Lexington res 58 Lake 
Caughey Philip M student res 435 Lexington 
Caughey Reuben H carrier 290 (134) Moody res Mrs 

Elizabeth Caughey Winter 
Caughey Reuben W died Dec 29 1921 
Caughey Wm A (Mary F) carrier 290 (134) Moody 

h 83 Grant 
Caulfield Madeline J opr W W & C Co r 157 Crescent 
Cavallaro Charles J (Vincenza) shoe rpr 4 Prospect 

h 166 Prospect 
Cavanagh Joseph A office mgr 219 (91) Moody res 

173 Summer 
Cavanagh Margaret M wid Thomas F h 173 Summer 
Cavanagh Mary A wid Thomas F res '7 Alder 
Cavanagh Vincent J (Charlotte M) dye mkr h 144 

Cavanaugh Agnes elk res 32 Massasoit 
Cavanaugh Bernard S (Margaret J) opr W W ft C Co 

h 87 Ash 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Cavanaugh John J (Louise) carp h Amherst av nr Lake 
Cavanaugh Margaret R opr W W & C Co res 87 Ash 
Cavanaugh Michael (Catherine) opr h 32 Massasoit 
Cavanaugh Walter elk res 32 Massasoit 
Cavanaugh see Kavanagh and Kavanaugh 
Cavaney Mary E opr res 18 Moore 
Cavooto Henry (Mary) farmer h Wyman nr Winter 
Cedar Crest Farm John C Runkle Trapelo rd 
CEDAR HILL FARM Charles Cahill Manager Certified 

Milk 265 Beaver east of Linden Tel Waltham 0157 

See Milk Dept 
Central Block 617-627 Main 

Central Express Co (Angelo Cappadona) 109 Central 
Central Sq Market (Wm B Mulcahy) prov 647 Main 
Central Sq Smoke Shop (Prank J Murphy) cigars 35 

(8a) Moody 
Central Sq Theatre J F Heinlein mgr 31 (7) Moody 
Chadbourne Ella N wid Francis W res 73 Brown 
Chaddock Wm B (Mary A) opr W W & C Co and 

optometrist 35 Wadsworth av h do 
Chadwick James (Fannie) translator h 119 Plympton 
Chadwick Jennie M h 18 Palmer 
Chadwick Wm E (Agnes) insp h 21 Hammond 
Chagnon Arthur (Margaret M) opr W W & C Co h 

47 Moore 
Chagnon Joseph A (Alice M) taxi h 16 Brown's av 
Chaisson Alfred (Marie B) h 187 Charles 
Chaisson Arthur (Rose) lab h 81 Harvard 
Chaisson Charles opr 21 Crescent h 9 Fountain 
'Chaisson Josephine opr 21 Cescent h 84 Bacon 
Chaisson Marguerite H opr W W & C Co res 123 

Chaisson Marianne opr res 121 Charles 
Chaisson S opr 21 Crescent res 84 Bacon 
Chaisson Thomas J (Cecilia) opr h 365 River 
Chaisson see Chiasson 
Chalmer Alice M died Aug 27 1921 
Chalmers Mary A wid James died May 13 1921 
Chamberlain Eugene L rem to Reading 
Chamberlain Florida M Mrs tchr mus 12 Summer h do 
Chamberlain George W rem to W Newton 
Chamberlain Herbert V opr W W & C Co h 17 Rich 
Chamberlain Herbert W (Helen) watchmkr E H W 

Wks h 17 Rich 
Chamberlain Oscar F (Florida McK) tailor h 12 Sum- 
Chamberlain Wm D (Florence E) pntr h Seminole av 
Chambers John W (Eliza A) driver h 21 Noonan 
Champagne Arthur E bkpr res Princeton av 
Champagne Florida A bkpr res Princeton av 
Champagne Telesphore (Exilda) carp h Princeton av 
Champion Chauncey J mech 100 Maple res "Edgecliff" 

Champion James opr W W & C Co h 184 Chestnut 
Champion Robert J died May 25 1923 
Champion Verna M wid Robert J opr W W & C Co 

h 29 Robbins 
Champion Wm G rem to Randolph 
Chancey Fred F (Emma M) tailor 555 Main h 27 Ash 
Chandler Clarence E opr W W & C Co h 44 Walnut 
Chandler Edwin M (Edith) die mkr W M Wks h 9 

Chandler Emma L wid Wm C h 137 Alder 
Chandler Franklin opr res 240 Crescent 
Chandler Marion L tel opr res 137 Alder 
Chandler Mercie A died Dec 30 1922 
Chandler Merton (Edith) mach h 9 Tolman 
Chandler Rebecca E wid Arthur J h 44 Fuller 
Chandler Roland F res 137 Alder "' 

Chandnoit John J rem to No Adams 

Chandnoit Francis J driver res 40 Alder 
Chandnoit Joseph (Mary) lab h 40 Alder 
Chandnoit Joseph jr driver res 40 Alder 
Chandnoit Mary G dom res 40 Alder 
Chandonait Alcide (Albina) carp h 45 Guinan 
Chandonait Arthur A (Anna E) opr W W & C Co b 

45 Guinan 
Chandonait Henry J opr W W & C Co 45 Guinan 
Chandonait Homer mach res 45 Guinan 
Chandonait Margaret A E H W Co res 47 Guinan 
Changadarina Domenico (Elizabeth) lab h 45 Spring 
Chanon Mary mica wkr 66 Woerd ar res 125 Adams 
Chapin Beatrice B bkpr res 247 Bacon 
Chapin Elizabeth opr res 294 River 
Chapin Ella H W W & C Co res 88 Gardner 
Chapin Francis A (Mary) lab res 11 Barnes 
Chapin Frank W insp W W & C Co res 257 School 
Chapin George L milk 247 Bacon h do 
Chapin Isabelle A jewel setter 11 Gifford av res 29 

Chapin Leslie M (Sara D) driver h 247 Bacon 
Chapin Mary H wid George H h 257 School 
Chapin Mary L Mrs h 294 River 
Chapin M Lois opr res 294 River 
Chapin Wm (Sarah) mgr h Beaver Lyman farm 
Chapman Frederic B supt end exchange rem to W 

Chapman Harriette M supervisor r 755 Main h 764 do 
Charbonne Mary wid Frederick died Aug 4 1921 
Charbonneau Alberta opr W W & C Co res 15 Rob- 
Charbonneau Elizabeth wid Joseph h 14b Fem 
Charbonneau Malvina E opr W W & C Co res 14b 

Charest Emil (Georgianna) carp h 68 Pine 
Charlton Robert (Clara M) supt 81 Rumford av h at 

W Newton 
Charney Louis (Hask & Charney) prov 235 Newton h 

at Brighton 
Charnley Emma Mrs opr 21 Crescent h 63 High 
Charnley Thomas (Emma) mgr 63 High h do 
Charnley Thomas jr (Emma E} opr W W & C Co h 

63 High 
Charnley Wilfred (Lucy C) garage h 8 Union 
Chase Alexander F (Isabelle D) mach W M Wks h 

86 Lowell 
Chase Anna M opr W W & C Co res 233 Walnut 
Chase Beth res 147 Weston 
Chase Cedric G (Gertrude S) photo printing 51 (14) 

Moody h 45 Chamberlain ter 
Chase Charles F (Mary E) probation officer 25 Lex- 
ington h 183 Weston 
Chase Charlotte A wid Simpson res 295 Moody 
Chase Clarence W (Isabelle) opr W W & C Co h 64 

Chase Cora A student res 86 Lowell 
Chase Edgar H (Alice A) mach h 15 Sharon 
Chase Grover C (Mary E) opr W W & C Co res 219 

Chase Harry E (Lora M) lino opr res 457 South 
Chase Joseph W (Emma I) job master W W & C Co 

h 70 % Rich 
Chase Llewelyn eng Waltham Hospital res do 
Chase Louise wid Wm H res 19 Whitford ter 
CHASE L C & CO Horse Clothing Motor Robes Tire 

Covers and Overalls Factory Pleasant Watertown 

See Automobile Dept 
Chase Mae L nurse M S F M res do 
Chase Mary J M wid Aaron h 64 Robbins h do 
Chase Philip S baker M S F M res do 
Chase Raymond (Elizabeth) W W & C Co h 28 High 




Tel. Conn. 



Chase Raymond H student res 64 Maple 

Chase Willard L (R Hazel) h 22 Howard 

Chase Wm A (Anna M) mach 48 Woerd av h 23 

Chasson John laundymn res Mrs Mary D Chasson Am- 
herst av nr Lake 
Chasson Mary D Mrs h Amherst av 
Cheek Bessie res 94 Adams 
Chemical 1, 21 Lexington 
Cheney Block 6-10 Church 

Cheney Florence R elk MIT res 185 Trapelo rd 
Cheney Henry M (Mary I) watchmkr E H W Wks h 

3 Winthrop 
Cheney H Howard (Annie) mus 17 Elm h 45 Rich 
Cheney Maria E wid Wm P res 134 Brown 
Cheney Robert B (Anna M) instr M I T h 185 

Trapelo rd 
Chenick Harold (Mary G) uphol h 10 Winthrop 
Cbesley Theresa R h 91a Crescent 

Repairs and Auto Supplies 62 Adams Tel Waltham 

2400 See right top lines 
Chiasson Adelard (Mary E) carp h 21 Cross 
Chiasson Alexander J elk res 519 Main 
Chiasson Arthur res 23 Lyman ter 
Chiasson Charles (Bella) lab h 96 Central 
Chiasson Gilbert J (Evelyn M) mach W M Wks h 

519 Main 
Chiasson Jerome (Julia) pitmn h 23 Lyman ter 
Chiasson Julia opr res 84 Bacon 
Chiasson Leo J opr W W & C Co res 21 Cross 
Chiasson Louis (Lucy) millwright h 82 Bacon 
Chiasson Peter lab res 721 (359y 2 ) Moody 
Chiasson Peter L (Clotida) rubberwkr h 721 (359y 2 ) 

Chiasson Stella tchr res 23 Lyman ter 
Chiasson Thomas (Addie) opr h 16 Woerd av 
Chiasson Wilfred J hlpr res 21 Cross 
Chiasson see Chaisson 
CHICKERING & SONS Pianos Ampicos Recordings 

Tel Beach 6484 Used Piano Dept 800 Wash Boston 

See Pianos Dept 
Childs Alice P res 508 Lexington 
CHILDS ARTHUR G (A Isabella) (Childs Bros) Rear 

500 Lexington h 500 do 
Childs Bertram D opr W W & C Co h at Auburndale 
CHILDS BROS (Arthur G and William B Childs) 

Wholesale and Retail Milk Dealers Rear 500 Lex- 
ington Tel 0367 See Milk Dept 
Childs Ellen M wid Wm G h 508 Lexington 
Childs Frank E (Susan C) h 591 Lexington 
Childs Harriet P wid Thomas W h 24 Greenwood la 
Childs Harris L (Alice B) cond h 449 Lexington 
Childs Lucia G student res 449 Lexington 
Childs Marjorie W student res 500 Lexington 
Childs Melvin L res 396 Lexington 
Childs Sophia G Mrs died Oct 5 1921 
CHILDS WILLIAM B (Alice R) (Childs Bros) Rear 

500 Lexington h 536 do 
Chin Charles Indry 5 Oak h do 
Ching Sing lndry 599 Main 

Chinzi Rosario (Francesca) toolmkr h 200 Chestnut 
Chipman George L died July 25 1921 
Chisholm Agnes M elk 219 (91) Moody r 12 Crescent 
Chisbolm Angus cbauf res 62 Pine 
Chisholm Bessie tchr M S F M res do 
Chisholm Florence elk 271 (221) Moody res 62 Pine 
Chisbolm Helen nurse M S F M res do 
Chisholm Jeannette C sten 237 (103) Moody rm 8 

res 62 Pine 

Chisholm John A (Agnes M) chauf h 21 Noonan 
Chisholm John T (Mary A) mach h 62 Pine 
Chisholm Thomas mach h 16 Woerd av 
Chisholm Wm mach 48 Woerd av res 16 do 
Chisholm Wm (Mary) lab h 12 Crescent 
Chisholm Wm C pedlar res 62 Pine 
Chisson Anna W W & C Co res 8 Brown's av 
Chittick Arthur M (Gertrude) opr W W & C Co h 

64 Lowell 
Chong Charles lndry 832% Main h do 
Chosid Gadale (Annie) junk 198 Felton h do 
Christ Episcopal Church Francis E Webster rector 7!M 

Christenson Albert opr res 59 Hollace 
Christenson Arthur (Mary) rem to Hyde Park 
Christenson Hilda elk res 59 Hollace 
Christenson Niels C (Anna K) mach h 59 Hollace 
Christenson Ove opr res 59 Hollace 
Christian Brothers 14 Pond 
Christie Violet Mrs nurse h 6 Liberty 
Christmas Frank gard h 1 Cutler ct 
Christmas Mary R Mrs died April 24 1923 
Christmas Wm H (Amanda N) eng res 1 Cutler ct 
Church of Our Savior (Universalist Society of Wal- 
tham) Hervey H Hoyt pastor 761 Main 
Church of The Ascension (Episcopal) Edward A Baker 

rector 484 (254) Moody cor High 
Churchill Alvina E typist res 21 Fuller 
Churchill Augusta P res 36 Grant pi 
Churchill Carl L (Marion) student h Trapelo rd nr 

Hardy's pond rd 
Churchill John M (Laura A) jobmaster W W & C Co 

h 36 Grant pi 
Churchill Minnie M opr W W & C Co res 12 Under- 
wood pk 
Churchill Robert L chef res 21 Fuller av 
Churchill Thomas A (Mary A) firemn h 21 Fuller av 
Chute James E (Bessie H) auto mach res 61 South 
Chute Leonard E (Margaret E) auto rpr h 686 (346) 

Ciarletta Ilario (Cesida) iron wkr h 32 Curtis 
Ciavardoni Luigi (Celia J) janitor h 132 Calvary 
Cicco Antonio (Maria) sect hnd B & M h 25 Wil- 
Ciglio Carmen (Marie) lab h 39 Spring 
Cinino Antonio (Ermina) lab h 99 Calvary 
Cincotta Angelina opr W W & C Co res 87 Felton 
Cincotta Angelo F opr W W & C Co res 87 Felton 
Cincotta Antonio (Mary) (Cincotta Bros) h 775 Main 
Cincotta Bartolo (Maria) lab h 32 Cross 
Cineotta Bros (Antonio and Felix) confrs 851 Main 
Cincotta Felix (Cincotta Bros) h 775 Main 
Cincotta Francesco W (Maria) h 87 Felton 
Cincotta Gaetano (Mary) opr h 984 Main 
Cincotta Jennie opr 21 Crescent res 87 Felton 
Cincotta Joseph (Cincotta Bros) h 775 Main 
Cincotta Joseph opr W W & C Co res 16% Chestnut 
Cincotta Mary Mrs opr W W & C Co res 984 Main 
Cincotta Philip (Mary) weaver h 11 Muldoon ct 
City Brass Foundry (Bert B Richards) 4 Felton 
City Ledge end of Edge Hill rd 
CITY OF WALTHAM see Waltham City of 
Claffey Ellen A wid Patrick J ldgh 49 Bobbins h do 
Claflin Joseph V (Mary) pntr res 211a Brown 
Clahane Dorothea elk res 43 Guinan 
Clahane John T (Julia) plmbr h 43 Guinan 
Clair John C (Clara F) N E M Life ins agt h 20 

Clancy John J (Elizabeth M) elk 15 Lexington h 2 

Mt Pleasant 
Clapp Beatrice res 34 Linden 





Tel. Waltham 0940 



Clapp Flora wid Edward T rem to Brooklyn N Y 

Clapp Frederick R (Amy F) sales h 202 Bobbins 

Clapp Harriet B wid James H h 34 Linden 

Clapp Lyndon (Edith) civ eng h 21 Parmenter rd 

Clapp Raymond I (Jean) mgr farm bureau h 50 Fisk 

Clare Morris F (Cora) opr W W & C Co h 16 Gordon 

Clare Peter weaver res 8 Jackson pi 

Clare see Clair 

Clark Adalaide E wid George W died Feb 2 1922 

Clark Adelbert F (Eliza) opr W W & C Co h 48 

Chester av 
Clark Alden (Louisa H) farmer h 399 Lexington 
Clark Alice F sales h West 

Clark Annie B opr W W W ft C Co res 94 % Francis 
Clark Bertha L tchr Chauncey Newhall sch res 39 

Clark Charles driver res 30 Wash av 
Clark Charles E mach W W & C Co h 64 Chestnut 
Clark Charles G treas 23 (6) Moody res 44 Summer 
Clark Charles H (Hyacinth) elk 373 (199) Moody h 

36 Cherry 
Clark Christine opr res 14 Underwood pk 
Clark Charles J hostler res 94% Francis 
Clark Charles M (Ella M) sales h 236 Dale 
Clark Charles P (Winnifred) auto rpr h 770 Lexington 
Clark Chester H (Mildred F) hdw 679 Main h 590 

Clark Daisy M sec res 333 Crescent 
Clark Dorothy wvr res 23 Robbins 
.Clark Edmund J auto rpr res 58 Massasoit 
Clark George A (Anna L) mach W W & C Co res 

250 Brown 
CLARK GEORGE A (Elizabeth D) Undertaker 318 

(158) Moody Tel Waltham 0155-W Hack and Auto 

Service real' 29 Spruce Tel 0155- R h 22 Spruce 

Tel 0077 See left top lines 
Clark George L died Nov 26 1921 
Clark Georgianna L h 24 Cross 
Clark G Aldersey (Adele P) landscape contr h 61 

Clark Hanie gatemn Beaver Brook res 110 Chestnut 
Clark Hattie D wid George res 114 Brown 
CLARK HERBERT A (Adeline) (Webster Studio) 

211 (85) Moody h 24 Adams 
Clark Herbert F (Florence D) opr W W ft C Co h 

153 Crescent 
Clark H Wallace auto rpr 296 Newton res 236 Dale 
Clark Homer P elk 437 (231) Moody r 110 Chestnut 
Clark Howard P res 6 Woerd av 
Clark Ida Mrs h 28 Orange 
Clark James (Esther) lab h Wyman 
Clark John F opr 87 Rumford av h 4 Francis 
Clark John W (Linnie M) fore h 6 Woerd av 
Clark Joseph P opr res 24 Cross 
Clark Joseph T (M Josephine) elk h 56 Massasoit 
Clark Josiah S (Catherine) millwright h 23 Robbins 
Clark Julius D (Julia) car rpr h 58 Massasoit 
Clark Levi (Mary J) fore h 402 Lexington 
Clark Louis H (Viola F) mach h 83 Russell 
Clark Margaret J opr res 24 Cross 
Clark Marion Mrs rubberwkr res 156 Adams 
Clark Mary opr W W ft C Co res 4 Francis 
Clark MaryM died Nov 7 1922 
Clark Nellie M res 86 Cherry 
Clark Nelson W (Lillian M) carp h 83 Dale 
Clark Raymond M opr W W ft C Co b 221 Adams 
Clark Richard C (Catherine J) mach W W ft C Co h 

31 Brown 
Clark Roland A (Lillian P) watchmkr h 221 Adams 
Clark Ruth K elk res 64 School 

Clark Samuel E (Eliza) opr W W ft C Co b 333 

Clark Susan C wid Henry M janitress W W ft C Co 

h 94y 2 Francis 
Clark Wallace E (Maude M) opr W W ft C Co h 112 

Clark Walter B (Bessie J) gard h 717 Beaver 
Clark Wm H opr W W ft C Co res 58 Massasoit 
Clark Wm J (Josephine) clo h Montclair av nr College 

farm rd 
Clark Wm J (Nellie M) master mariner h 17 Liberty 
Clark Wm J opr res 24 Cross 

Clark Wm V (H Adele) cond B ft M h 110 Chestnut 
Claik Wm W civ eng res 717 Beaver 
Clarke Adelman E (Nellie E) lumber h 46 Wellington 
Clarke Annie opr res 19 Wellington 
Clarke Bertrand M (Hope M) sales h 326 Bacon 
Clarke Dorothee W tchr M S F M res do 
Clarke Edmund E student res 46 Wellington 
Clarke Elfleda M wid Fred C h 326 Bacon 
Chuke Elmer W student res 46 Wellington 
Clarke Frank A (Gertrude R) letter carrier h 43b 

Clarke Grace V sec res 46 Wellington 
Clarke John F mach res 4 Francis 
Clarke Mary opr res 4 Francis 
Clarke Mary A h 16 Stearns 
Clarke Mary E wid Thomas h 4 Francis 
Clarke Mary R elk W W ft C Co res 4 Francis 
Clarke Peter J (Margaret L) mgr h 6 Palmer 
Clarke Selena nurse M S F M res do 
Clarke Wm J (Nellie M) rem to Watertown 
Clarke see Clark 
Clarkson Alice M Mrs opr W W ft C Co h 34 Chester 

Clarkson Charles F (Mary) mach h 21 Gorham 
Clarkson Clara E tel opr res 21 Gorham 
Clarkson Frederick W hosemn Eng 2 h 80 Myrtle 

Furniture Carpets Stoves Etc 592-594-596 Main 

Tel Waltham 0148 See left top lines 
CLARKSON JOHN H (Lavinia) (Clarkson Furniture 

Co) 592-594-596 Main h 598 do 
Clarkson Wilfred mach res 21 Gorham 
Clary John A res 94 Adams 
Clasby Alice G nurse res 130 Adams 
Clasby Alice R nurse res 15 Charles st av 
Clasby Annie G elk W W ft C Co res 15 Charles st av 
Clasby Bros (Charles M and High T) gros 88 Charles 
Clasby Charles M (Clasby Bros) 88 Charles h 216 

Clasby Chester F acct res 130 Adams 
Clasby Daniel student res 130 Adams 
Clasby Dorris E sten res 130 Adams 
Clasby Frank J (Alice G) mach W W ft C Co h 130 

Clasby George W ins agt 1 (3) Moody res 15 Charles 

st av 
Clasby Hugh J (Katherine T) mach h 15 Charles st ct 
Clasby Hugh T (Clasby Bros) 88 Charles res 216 

Clasby James F mach W W ft C Co res 15 Charles 

st av 
Clasby James J (Esther F) sht mtl wkr h 218 School 
Clasby John A attendant res 216 School 
Clasby Mary J nurse res 15 Charles st av 
Clasby Mildred H sten res 130 Adams 
Clasby Paul R waiter 627 Main res 216 School 
Clasby Wm F elk Am Ry Ex Co h 56 Pond 
Clausen John R (Blanche A) opr W W ft C Co h 43 



584(298) Moody St. tel 








Gavin Cornelius H (Emma) pntr h 24 Hall 
Clay Harold S (Olga L) carp h 141 Lowell 
Clavin Olga L opr W W & C Co res 141 Lowell 
Claypole Arthur H (Ethel G) elk 290 (134) Moody h 

227 Robbins 
Clayton Edwin (Mattie P) treas 157 High h 194 

Clayton Julia opr W W & C Co res at Newton 
Clayton Mfg Co M P Clayton pies Edwin Clayton treas 

knit gds 157 High 
Clayton Mattie P pres 157 High res 194 Brown 
Clayton Thomas S res 175 Brown 
Geary Alice res 94 Adams 
Cleary Charles C auto rpv res 34 John 
Cleary Ruth sten res 58 Pond 
Cleary Thomas P (Mary A) elk h 34 John 
Cleaves Edgar P (Ella M) builder 70 Wash av h do 
Cleaves Marshall student res 70 Wash av 
Cleaves Preston Wynne student res 70 Wash av 
Clematis Brook sta B & M 97 Beaver nr Waverley 

Oakes rd 
Clemens Prank R opr W W & C Co res 76 Chestnut 
Clement Prank elk 399 (211) Moody res 40 Alder 
Clement John D (Lillian C) rem to California 
Clement Lilla E tchr W H S sch res 31 Floyd 
Clement Marion J opr W W & C Co res 199 Charles 
Clement Wm D (Clara H) lathe mfr 129 Brown h 

254 Lowell 
Clement Wm H (Marie P) (Waltham Auto Painting 

Co) h 199 Charles 
Clements Benjamin F (Mary A) h 61 Riverview av 
Clements George F (Florence P) civ eng 637 Main res 

37 South 
Chre Earl P (Edith) claim agt B & M h 54 Summer 
Gere Edith Mrs elk 45 Moody res at Weston 
Geie Elisabeth H Mrs h 764 Lexington 
Cleveland Helen A wid Charles hkpr 28 Prospect 
Clifford Helen R opr res 1 Gibbs ct 
Clifford Joanna wid John h 53 Francis 
k Clifford John E brakemn B & M sta h 1 Gibbs ct 
Clifton Alfred R (Lizzie L) mach W W & C Co h 

39 Morton 
Clifton Alice L tchr res 39 Morton 
Clifton Leonatd P (Mary E) h 623 South 
Clifton Mildred M res 623 South 
Clifton Viola W tchr S Grammar sch res 177 Ash 
Clinton Catherine E opr W W & C Co r 272 Crescent 
Clinton Ella M opr W W & C Co res 272 Crescent 
Cloherty John J (Catherine) lab h 121 Pond 
Cloonan Catherine F opr W W & C Co res 51 Fiske 
Cloonan Edward A (Mary M) lieut police 25 Lexing- 
ton h 230 School 
Cloonan Francis B bkpr res 51 Fiske 
Cloonan Louise res 51 Fiske 
Cloonan Mary L wid Thomas F died Dec 15 1922 
Cloonan May elk res 51 Fiske 
Goran Edward A (Catherine) mach h 47 Alder 
Goran Elizabeth J mender res 195 Chestnut 
Goran Fiances A mender res 195 Chestnut 
Goran John lab res 61 Foundry av 
Goran Norah wid Patrick h 195 Chestnut 
Clorion Catherine opr W W & C Co res 47 Alder 
Goiiette Albert H chauf 341 (173) Moody res 333 

(169) do 
Clouette Edmond (Mary) carder h 43 Floyd 
dough A Frank opr W W & C Co h 83 Francis 
Clough Milford C (Ida J) prov h 92 Myrtle 
Clough Milford J hosemn Eng 1 h 335 Newton 
Clough Ruby M elk W W & C Co res 92 Myrtle 

Goutier Mary Mrs elk 219 (91) Moody res 49 Wel- 
Goutier Meddie G (Mary) ins h 49 Wellington 
Goverdale Co gro 409 (215) Moody 
Clow Leslie L auto rpr 2 Derby res 96 Robbins 
Cloyes Francis H (May L) mach 85 Myrtle res 94 

Cloyes May L opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Guff Flora ft proof rdr 18 Pine res 15 Fairmount av 
Guff George M (Flora B) elk P h 15 Fairmount av 
Coady Anna J opr W W & C Co res 28 Williams 
Coakley Delia J wid Wm h 79 Central 
Coakley Dudley P (Margaret V) poultrymn h 369 

Coakley Eliza rem to Winthrop 
Coakley Helen elk 677 Main res 369 do 
Coakley John W (Eliza J) rem to Winthrop 
Coakley W Francis opr res 369 Main 
Coan see Cohen 

Cobb Charles H (Cora A) lineman h 276 Dale 
Cobb Clifford S Co Clifford S Cobb pres-treas John E 

Cobb vice-pres dry gds 243 (107) Moody 
Cobb Clfford S pres-treas 243 (107) Moody h at 

Cobb Ethel R res 29 Harris 
Cobb Forest W chemist res 460 Lexington 
Cobb Fred T rem to Som 
Cobb Geoige T (Rosa G) meat ctr 234 (100) Moody 

h 29 Harris 
Cobb Harriet M sten rm 2 City Hall res 29 Harris 
Cobb John E (Mae F) v-pres mgr 243 (107) Moody 

h 460 Lexington 
Cobb Levi P opr W W & C Co res at Newton 
Cobb Marion B drsmkr res 29 Harris 
Cobb Mary F wid Nathan H res 189 Ash 
Cobe Nathan (Rosa) stamp dlr h 38 Wellington 
Cobleigh Charles H res 61 Adams 
Coburn Charles A (Viola M) prof h 25 Brookfield rd 
Coburn Charles E (Mabel E) sub carrier 290 (134) 

Moody h 55% Wellington 
Coburn Eva M insp W W & C Co res 177 Robbins 
Coburn Gertrude I opr W W & C Co res 177 Robbins 
Coburn Ida M res 177 Robbins 
Coburn Julia W died May 31 1922 
Coburn Margaret Mrs died May 18 1922 
Coburn Rosetta E wid Lorenzo h 177 Robbins 
Coburn see Colburn 
Cocchiara Fred opr h 113 Central 
Cocking Richard (Edith) designer h 19 Chestnut 
Codding Bernard S (Nettie L) opr W W & C Co h 

101 Chestnut 
Codding Eugene E watchmkr W W & C Co h 164 

Codding Harriet L res 164 Brown 
Coddington Arthur W (Viola E) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 880y 2 Main 
Cody Elsie wid Thomas res Prospect Hill av 
Codyer Edward R sales h 216 Ash 
Codyer Frederick J mach U S N res 216 Ash 
Codyer Helen J sten res 89 Alder 
Codyer Henry B elk res 216 Ash 
Codyer John J (Evelyn M) sht mtl wkr h 8S Alder 
Codyer Mary J opr W W & C Co res 89 Alder 
Codyer Mary M sten res 216 Ash 
Codyer Peter M (Jennie A) (Codyer & Cavanagh) h 

89 Alder 
Codyer Raymond H plmbr res 89 Alder 
Codyer Thomas P (Alma M) eng h 216 Ash 
Codyer Thomas F jr (Ellen E) switchboard opr E E 

I Co h 120 Myrtle 





Codyer Walter H tinsmith 216 Ash h do 

Codyer & Cavanagh (Peter M Codyer) stoves 723 

Coen Annie L h 126 Pine 
Coen Barnard uphol res 10 Winthrop 
Coen Bernard A police res 40 Prospect st av 
Coen Francis P cigars 11 Elm h at Som 
Coen John (Teresa) opr W W & C Co h 74 Taylor 
Coen John A chauf res 74 Taylor 
Coen John J (Bridget E) mach h 326 School 
Coen Margaret opr res 74 Taylor 
Coen Mary A elk 11 Elm res 40 Prospect st av 
Coen Mary E opr W W & C Co res 74 Taylor 
Coen Patrick J (Anchoretta) lab h 40 Prospect st av 
Coen Pauline E opr W W & C Co res 74 Taylor 
Coen Walter P (Catherine) bkpr 22 Pelton res 16 

Coen Wm C (Emma) carp res 74 Taylor 
Coffey Frederick S mgr 701 (347y 2 ) Moody res 730 

(368) do 
Coffey Timothy J pres 16 Lane h at Lowell 
Coffin Asenath wid Willard res 74 Dale 
Coffin Charles E . (C Irene) mach h 59 Maple 
Coffin Dianora opr 87 Rumford av res 180 Brown 
Coffin Edgar H died Jan 15 1923 
Coffin Ella L wid Edgar H res 59 Maple 
Coffin Willard E (Marian) mach h 15 Hawthorne rd 
Coghlan Elizabeth W W & C Co res 8y 2 Sun 
Coghlan Ellen T res g% Sun 
Coghlan Helen F opr W W & C Co res 8y 2 Sun 
Coghlan James H mach res %y 2 Sun 
Coghlan Michael J jewel setter res 8y 2 Sun 
Coghlan Wm (Ellen) mason h 8y 2 Sun 
Coghlan see Coughlan 

Coghlin John F (Mary) lamp mn h 17 Brown's av 
Cohen Edward clo 330 (166) Moody h at B 
Cohen Frank (Edith) prov 361 (189) Moody h at 

Cohen Henry B (Emeline) mgr 402 (212) Moody h 

at Roxbury 
Cohen Isaac died April 29 1923 
Cohen Louis (Bessie) barber h 107 South 
Cohen Rebecca Mrs elk 315 (157) Moody res 426 

(226) do 
Cohen Solomon agt 214 (88) Moody h at Dor 
Cohen see Coan and Coen 
Cohn Esther elk res 150 Prospect 
Cohn Jacob (Sarah) junk h 150 Prospect 
Coin Mary Mrs h 8 Viles ct 
Coinson Edmund J (Marie) opr W W & C Co h 93 

Cokenis Catherine opr res 16 Lawton pi 
Cokenis James (Mary) opr h 16 Lawton pi 
Coker Jessie h 1 Bames 

Colarullo Carmine (Lillian) lab h 138 Bobbins 
Colburn Agnes S wid J Currie ldgh 20 Crescent 
Colburn George H (Lucy L) tchr h 210 Brown 
Colburn Gerald A chauf res 311 Warren 
Colburn Sarah Osborne wid Arthur L h 918 Main 
Colburn Sylvia M wid Samuel B h 67 Bobbins 
Colburn Wm G (Elizabeth M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 14 Colburn 
Colburn see Coburn 
Colby Augusta tchr res 22 Howard 
Colby Clifford R (Waltham Wet Wash Laundry) 22 

Bedford h 72 do 
Colby Ellen A wid Thomas R res 52 Cushing 
Colby Lilla M wid Harold opr W W & C Co h 52 


Colcord Gregory chauf M S F M res do 

Colcord John E (Hazel) farmer res Moran's Lincoln 

Coldwell Blanche opr W W & C Co res 26 Leonard 

Coldwell Bowen S lab h 2 Chestnut pk 

Coldwell Brenton S (Mary) mach res 2 Chestnut pk 

Coldwell Fred H driver res 83 Dale 

Coldwell Horace G farmer h West 

Coldwell see Caldwell and Colwell 

Cole Albert W (Margaret) pugilist h 31 Fuller 

Cole Arthur L (Emma L) insp of bldgs 614 Main rm 

6 h 89 Brown 
Cole Florence H Mrs elk W W & C Co h 212 Adams 
Cole Margaret L elk W W & C Co res 212 Adams 
Cole Mary dom res 33 Newton 
Cole Nellie M Mrs died July 24 1923 
Cole Rosalie M tchr S Grammar sch res 89 Robbins 
Colella Nicholas (Rose) watchmn W W & C Co h 32 

Colella Rose M Mrs opr W W & C Co r 32 Fountain 
Coleman Anna F Mrs res 155 Summer 
Coleman Charles W rem to San Francisco Calif 
Coleman Henry student res 37 Pond 
Coleman James E (Harriet M) rem to Waverley 
Coleman John J (Mary A) sales 140 Lexington h 90 

Coleman Margaret dom h 4 Castle 
Coleman Martin J (Elizabeth F) real est 200 (76) 

Moody h 15 Bacon 
Coleman Patrick H (Margaret) sales h 37 Pond 
Colfer James (Katherine) carp h 759 (r 377) Moody 
Colleran John P (Louise C) molder h 53 Highlands 
Collete Albert farm hand res Lincoln nr line 
Collete Arthur G farm hand res Lincoln nr line 
Collett Edith opr W W & C Co res 9 Sharon 
Collett Richard J (Edith) mach W W & C Co h 9 

Collette Thomas J (Genevieve R) mach h 89 Lincoln 
Collier Ida janitress W W & C Co res 20 High 
Collier Norman F (Lucy) mach h 151 South 
Colligan Lilly P wid Charles E elk res 163 Summer 
Collins Agnes B opr res 10 Crafts 
Collins Alice L finisher W W & C Co res 10 Crafts 
Collins Anna L buckle mkr res 39 Winthrop 
Collins Annette mlnr 80 Church res do 
Collins Catherine hkpr h 92 Bacon 
Collins Catherine Mrs cook 681 (341a) Moody h 54 

Collins Celia R sales res 54 Myrtle 
Collins Charles E watchmn res 93 Central 
Collins Daniel B (Margaret A) mach h 98 Myrtle 
Collins Dorothy M asst bkpr 71 Felton res 80 Church 
Collins Edward J mgr res 2 Appleton 
Collins Ellen res 92 Bacon 
Collins Esther J sten res 16 Vernon 
Collins Francis R elk res 2 Appleton 
Collins Frank J comp Music Hall av res 75 Lexington 
Collins Frank J (Margaret A) stmftr h 118 Central 
Collins Gertrude R elk 712 Main res 80 Church 
Collins Grace A sten res 16 Vernon 
Collins Hannah wid John h 86 Exchange 
Collins Henry F (Mary F) mgr 293 Crescent h 301 

Collins James H (Mary J) h 2 Appleton 
Collins James H jr tallymn 217 Lexington res 2 

Collins James J (Mary E) plmbr's hlpr 366 (186) 

Moody h 86 Oak 
Collins John A (Margaret F) lab h 39 Winthrop 
Collins John C student res 10 Vernon 
Collins John J (Alice F) clnr h 16 Central 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Collins Joseph B (Mary) carrier 290 (134) Moody 

h 17 Tomlin 
Collins J Joseph (Ada H) elk 243 (107) Moody h 

195 Bobbins 
Collins Margaret opr res 51 Brown 
Collins Margaret A dom res 88 Bacon 
Collins Margaret F opr W W & C Co res 51 Brown 
Collins Margaret J Mrs opr W W & C Co h 35 High 
Collins Margaret M wid Michael h 10 Crafts 
Collins Marguerite D bkpr 23 (6) Moody r 10 Crafts 
Collins Mary A drsmkr 80 Church h do 
Collins Mary B sten res 16 Vernon 
Collins Mary E elk res 39 Winthrop 
Collins Michael P h 2 Appleton 
Collins Mildred A sten 289 (137) Moody r 98 Myrtle 
Collins M Edna sten res 98 Myrtle 
Collins Nellie G opr 21 Crescent res 93 Central 
Collins Patrick F (Delia) lab h 35 Moore 
Collins Philip J pntr res 54 Myrtle 
Collins Raymond gardener res 80 Church 
Collins Richard (Edna M) phys 837 Main h 378 

Collins Royce E (Margaret J) h 35 High 
Collins Thomas S (Mary A) elk B h 16 Vernon 
Collins Walter E spinner res 124 Willow 
Colloton Gertrude C sten res 157 Myrtle 
Colloton Henry F elk res 157 Myrtle 
Colloton John T (Catherine A) opr W W & C Co h 

157 Myrtle 
Colloton Wm J sales res 157 Myrtle 
Collura Antonia opr res 20 Middle 
Collura James (Anna) lab h 6 Mechanic 
Collura Joseph (Roselea) lab h 7 Mechanic 
Collura Peter died June 22 1923 
Collura Salvatore (Maria) opr h 20 Middle 
Collura Serafina Mrs died May 29 1923 
Collura Vincenzio (Nina) lab h 11 Charles 
Colon Josephine nurse res 48 Rumford av 
Colon Moses (Mary) boat bldr 279 Crescent h 48 

Rumford av 
Colon Xavier F hlpr res 48 Rumford av 
Colonial Filling Stations Inc F A Bryant mgr gasoline 

844 (422) Moody 
Colonial Rug Co Charles E Harrington treas John 

Merrin sales mgr rug mfrs 767 Main 
Colori Carmela opr res 9 Middle st pi 
Colori John opr res 9 Middle st pi 
Colori Peter (Serafina) lab h 9 Middle st pi 
Colori Philip res 9 Middle st pi 
Colton Martin gard h 20 Clinton 
Columbia Counter Co C D Malguti pres H B Taplin 

treas shoe counter mfrs 37 River 
Columbo Giuseppe (Lucia) lab h 195% Newton 
Columbus Aneta M opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Colwell Amy K nurse res 250 South 
Colwell Charles H (Mary A) supt 250 South h do 
Colwell Mary A Mrs matron 250 South b do 
Colwell see Coldwell and Caldwell 
Combasso Antonio lab h 35 Spring 
Comeau Amedee J opr W W & C Co r 37 Dartmouth 
Comeau Arthur J mach W W & C Co r 37 Dartmouth 
Comeau David carp res 19 Ash 
Comeau Eva J opr W W & C Co res 37 Dartmouth 
Comeau Irene carp res 19 Ash 
Comeau Joseph carp res 19 Ash 
Comeau Joseph L (Angeline P) shoe rpr h 37 Dart- 
Comeau Peaies carp res 81a Alder 
Comeau Robert W auto rpr res 3 Duddy av 
Comeau Wilfred A opr 21 Crescent res 37 Dartmouth. 

Comeau Zella M opr W W & C Co res 37 Dartmouth 
Cornier Elizabeth Mrs opr W W & C Co r 96 Charles 
Commons Edward P (Mabel L) chauf h 37 Parmenter 

Como James T (Mary L) opr W W & C Co h 28 High 
Como John W (Grace A) tel opr 234 (100) Moody 

h 39 Pine 
Como Mary R opr W W & C Co res 39 Pine 
Como see Comeau 

Compton Frances C tchr S J H S h 91 Church 
Comstock Ethel L res 50 Vernon 
Comstock Julia M M I T res 50 Vernon 
COMSTOCK WILLIAM B Treasurer Waltham Savings 

Bank 702 Main h 50 Vernon 
Conant Luman B student res 118 Weston 
Conant Mabel E nurse res 118 Weston 
Conant Sarah E Mid Luman E h 118 Weston 
Conary Caroline L matron B res 107 Lincoln 
Conary Fiances P tchr res 107 Lincoln 
Conary Hoyt L (Edith T) broker h 397 Lexington 
Conary Lelia E drsmkr res 107 Lincoln 
Conary Madge W artist res 107 Lincoln 
Conary Martha M wid Alvin G h 107 Lincoln 
Conary Nina M res 107 Lincoln 
Conaughy James P watchmkr W W & C Co res 120 

Concannon Bertha E sten res 26 Newton 
Concannon Delia E bkpr 189 Newton res 830 (416) 

Concannon Edmond P cond res 85 High 
Concannon Edward P gard res 26 Newton 
Concannon E Blenid elk B Mfg Co res 26 Newton 
Concannon Hester F Mrs died April 9 1922 
Concannon James F collr 500 Lexington h 75 Chestnut 
Concannon Leontina M elk B Mfg Co res 26 Newton 
Concannon Loretta M res 26 Newton 
Concannon Mary A hkpr 830 (416) Moody 
Concannon Mary J wid Thomas h 26 Newton 
Concannon Nellie J opr W W & C Co res 66 Taylor 
Concannon Patrick H (Margaret A) carrier 290 (134) 

Moody h 85 High 
Concannon Thomas F carp res 85 High 
Concannon Thomas F mach h 26 Newton 
Condlin Adrian F opr W W & C Co res 23 Barton 
Condlin Margaret E sten res 143 Bright 
Condon Edward (Emma) opr h 12 Lawton pi 
Condon Elizabeth res 94 Adams 

Condon John (Nellie) hlpr 87 Rumford av h 100 Pine 
Condrin James R mach W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Cone Harold A opr W W & C Co res 70 Chestnut 
Cone Sarah A nurse res 829 Lexington 
Congdon Benjamin A (Nettie A) opr W W & C Co h 

21 Underwood pk 
Congdon Chester W (Mabel) opr h 12 Chester av 
Congdon Mabel D opr W W & C Co res 12 Chester av 
Conklin George (Rena) mach h Rosemont av 
Conley Annie M Mrs died Dec 18 1922 
Conley Catherine maid 820 Main res do 
Conley Jennie M wid John hkpr Amherst av cor Mum- 
Conley see Connelly and Connolly 
Conlon John J fore 123 Moody h at Newton 
Conlon Margaret H nurse res 28 Ash 
Connaire Margaret J opr W W & C Co r at S Lincoln 
Connaughton Catherine M wid Richard h 12 Exchange 
Connaughton James R police res 12 Exchange 
Connaughton John J janitor 364 (184) Moody res 12 

Connaughton Margaret A sten 637 Main r 12 Exchange 
Connaughton Patrick mgr 179 School res 228 do 





Conneare Mary lab res 2 Mack's ct 
Conneare Michael opr h 2 Mack's ct 
Conneare Stephen opr res 2 Mack's ct 
Connearney Annie G nurse res 259 Calvary 
Connearney Benjamin E sten res 259 Calvary 
Connearney Delia A J hkpr 259 Calvary 
Connearney Ella A hkpr 27 Warren av 
Connearney Ellen opr res 165 Willow 
Connearney Esther V cashr 399 (211) Moody res 76 

Connearney Florence M sten res 229 School 
Connearney Frances M elk W W & C Co r 216 Felton 
Connearney Frank J (Mary E) hlpr h 3 Castle 
Connearney James B (Annie C) produce h 165 Willow 
Connearney John mach 48 Woerd av res at W Newton 
Connearney John J produce res 165 Willow 
Connearney Loretta G opr W W & C Co r 229 School 
Connearney Margaret A curtain mkr res 259 Calvary 
Connearney Margaret T sten h 27 Warren av 
Connearney Martin (216 Felton) died Dec 6 1922 
Connearney Martin S gatemn res 27 Warren av 
Connearney Martin J (Rose) lunch 589 Main h 562 do 
Connearney Martin P carp res 259 Calvary 
Connearney Mary elk res 2 Guinan 
Connearney Mary A nurse h 229 School 
Connearney Michael H carp h 259 Calvary 
Connearney Patrick J (Mary J) lab h 16 Clinton 
Connearney Raymond L produce h 165 Willow 
Connearney Rose Mrs h 6 Cushing 
Connearney Thomas driver 149 Elm res 40 Alder 
Connearney Thomas lab h 2 Guinan 
Connearney Thomas J (Bridget M) lab h 229 School 
Connearney see Connerney 
Connell Elizabeth C elk 283 (135) Moody h 22 Gor- 

Connell John janitor Newhall sch h 67 Hall 
Connell John J h 4 Charles st av 
Connelley Eva res 5 Gorham 
Connelley Stephen C lab res 5 Gorham 
Connelly Agnes M opr W W & C Co res 14 Benefit 
Connelly Alice wid Daniel res 102 Orange 
Connelly Annie E res 830 (416) Moody 
Connelly Arthur A student res 11 Castle 
Connelly Block 243-251 (107-115) Moody 
Connelly Catherine M mus tchr 830 (416) Moody r do 
Connelly Catherine T opr W W & C Co res 14 Benefit 
Connelly Clarence P res 11 Castle 
Connelly Dennis (Delia) lab h 7 Gorham 
Connelly Edward A (Mary A) watchmkr h 62 Fiske 
Connelly Greta E opr W W & C Co res 49 Brown 
Connelly John h 830 (416) Moody 
Connelly John F second hand W B & D Wks res 9 

Connelly John J (Mary V) emery wheel mkr h 18 

Connelly John P lab h 14 Benefit 
Connelly Lillian A opr W W & C Co res 11 Jerome av 
Connelly Louise Mrs res Van Vechten 
Connelly Margaret E elk 283 (133) Moody res 11 

Connelly Martin driver res 15 Brown's av 
Connelly Martin J (Margaret E) auto rpr h 15 

Brown's av 
Connelly Martin T supt P 290 (134) Moody h 

802 Main 
Connelly Mary A h 4 Brown's av 
Connelly Mary F opr W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Connelly Mary L wid Thomas died April 5 1922 
Connelly Mary V Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 18 


Connelly Michael opr res 15 Lowell 

Connelly Michael F eng h 187 River 

Connelly Michael F tmstr Waltham Coal Co r 71 Pine 

Connelly Michael J (Mary) lab h 8 Sun 

Connelly Michael J (Bridget F) gatemn Lyman st 

crossing h 11 Castle 
Connelly Patrick driver h 4 Brown's av 
Connelly Patrick F driver res 21 Summer av 
Connelly Paul A sales res 830 (416) Moody 
Connelly Raymond D (Dorothy M) chauf h Trapelo 

rd bey Lexington 
Connelly Stephen (Margaret) lab h 5 Gorham 
Connelly Stephen T (Bridget) police h 21 Summer av 
Connelly Thomas (Ethel) driver h 294 Warren 
Connelly Thomas res 830 (416) Moody 
Connelly Wm U S M C res 21 Summer av 
Connelly Wm J opr W W & C Co h at Auburndale 
Connelly see Conley and Connolly 
Conner Ella F wid Charles h 31 Robbins 
Conner Eugene A died Oct 4 1921 
Conner Ida L wid Eugene A res 88 Fiske 
Conner Percy H mach h 83 Dale 
Conner Roy G (Margaret A) adv agt res 88 Fiske 
Conner see Connor and O'Connor 
Connerney Catherine Mrs died April 6 1922 
Connerney Catherine L sten res 74 Francis 
Connerney John J (Margaret M) lab h 76 Francis 
Connerney Lauretta G opr W W & C Co r 229 School 
Conneiney Marion G opr W W & C Co res 74 Francis 
Connerney Mary E drsrakr res 74 Francis 
Connerney Michael F (Rose W) chauf "h 73 Robbins 
Connerney Michael M driver h 74 Francis 
Connerney see Connearney 
Connitf Edna opr W W & C Co res 70 Maple 
Conniff James H fore res 70 Maple 
Conniff Joseph (Mary C) eng 321 Crescent h 70 Maple 
Conniff Louise opr W W & C Co res 70 Maple 
Conniff see Cunniffe 
Connolly Alice E elk res 114 Alder 
Connolly Anna elk res 53 Chestnut 
Connolly Bridget wid Michael died May 7 1922 
Connolly Coleman S (Mary D) elk 428 (226a) Moody 

h 35 Howard 
Connolly Dennis opr W W & C Co res 7 Gorham 
Connolly Francis J student res 114 Alder 
Connolly James J (Annie A) lab h 74 Exchange 
Connolly James J (Annie M) emery wkr h 270 School 
Connolly Jean C opr W W & C Co res at Wellesley 
Connolly Katherine A opr W W & C Co res at W 

Connolly Marcella A stationery 677 (339) Moody h 

37 Wash av 
Connolly Margaret E cashr 689 Main res 11 Castle 
Connolly Martin J opr W W & C Co res 270 School 
Connolly Mary C wid Joseph opr W W & C Co h 24^ 

Connolly Michael J Hon (Mary R) associate justice 

2d District Court of Eastern Middlesex h 922 Main 
Connolly Michael J opr W G W Co res 233 School 
Connolly Patrick J driver 224 Newton h 114 Alder 
Connolly Thomas driver 500 Lexington h 294 Warren 
Connolly Veronica M social wkr res 922 Main 
Connolly Wm B (Irene) sales h 4 Maple ter 
Connolly see Conley and Connelly 
Connor Carrie J opr res 35 High 
Connor Eugene A died Aug 30 1921 
Connor John T Co gros 687 (345) Moody (for com- 
plete list see Business Directory) 
Connor Joseph T mus res 110 Crescent 
Connor Mary J drsmkr res 110 Crescent 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mas*. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Connor Nellie E opr W W & C Co res 110 Crescent 

Connor Robert R (Bernadette M) coremkr h 66 Charles 

Connor see Conner Connors and O'Connor 

Connors Agnes J typist res 50 Parmenter rd 

Connors Annie F bkpr res 35 Willow 

Connors Catherine wid Patick died July 22 1923 

Connors Catherine R sten res 13 Castle 

Connors Dennis lab h 14 Ripley 

Connors Dominick E (Katherine A) fore D & F Mfg 

Co h 50 Parmenter rd 
Connors Edward (M Connors & Sons) res 18 Plympton 
Connors Edward J (Marjorie) mach h 68 Myrtle 
Connors Elizabeth M opr 16 Spring res 7 Union 
Connors Elizabeth P psychologist M S F M res do 
Connors Ellen J opr res 35 Willow 
Connors Ellen M stitcher 307 (151) Moody h 8 

Connors Ellen T opr 16 Spring res 7 Union 
Connors Frank J drftsmn res 50 Parmenter rd 
Connors Fred A lab res 13 Castle 
Connors George M elk res 37 Taylor 
Connors Helen G sten res 50 Parmenter rd 
Connors Henry J lab res 13 Castle 
Connors James J (M Connors & Sons) r 18 Plympton 
Connors Jennie M opr W W & C Co res 8 Center 
Connors Johanna J Mrs died Jan 18 1923 
Connors John carp res 85 Alder 
Connors John opr W W & C Co res 124 Adams 
Connors John L bkpr res 18 Plympton 
Connors Katherine A supervisor 16 Spring res 7 Union 
Connors Lillian elk res 14 Ripley 
Connors Louis B usher res 37 Taylor 
Connors Margaret bkpr 124 Bright res 35 Willow 
Connors Margaret elk 243 (107) Moody res 14 Ripley 
Connors Marie C tel opr res 7 Union 
Connors Martin J hlpr res 37 Taylor 
Connors Mary opr W W & C Co res 13 Castle 
Connors Mary wid Joseph charwoman h 597 Main 
Connors Mary E nurse res 14 Ripley 
Connors Mary E watchmkr W W & C Co r 43 Vernon 
Connors Mary E wid Lawrence T h 37 Taylor 
Connors Mary J opr W W & C Co res 8 Center 
Connors Matthew J (Angie) h 3 Daniels pi 
Connors Michael F (Catherine) lab W W & C Co h 

18 Hall 
Connors Michael J (Catherine) (M Connors & Sons) 

h 18 Plympton 
Connors M & Sons (Michael J James J and Edward 

Connors) contrs and bldrs 18 Plympton 
Connors Patrick J (Annie W) opr W W & C Co h 28 

Connors Patrick J (Julia A) lab h 13 Castle 
Connors Patrick J (Mary J) lab h 934 Main 
Connors Stephen H (Delia A) opr W W & C Co h 

124 Adams 
Connors Thomas H died July 8 1923 
Connors Thomas P elk 1040 Main res 934 do 
Connors Wm A (Annie) police h 118 Hammond 
Connors Wm F elk res 18 Plympton 
Connors Wm F sten res 934 Main 
Connors Wm J elk res 37 Taylor 
Connors see Conner Connor and O'Connor 
Conrad Catherine wid Harry rubberwkr res 69 River 
Conrad Hyacinth opr W W & C Co res 38 Wash av 
Conroy James J (Cecelia C) pitmn h 78 Fiske 
Conroy John opr res 28 School av 
Conroy John J (Catherine A) W W & C Co h 142 

Conroy Maurice (Catherine) lab h 28 School av 
Conroy Patrick J shipper res 142 Bright 

Conroy Thomas H W B & D Wks res 14 Gardner 
Considine John J lab res 514 Waverley Oaks rd 
Considine Thomas prntr 18 Pine h at Newton 
Contant Charles E (Mary J) millwright h 63 Lexing- 
Conte Giuseppe (Nora) h 16 Liverpool la 
Conti Domenico (Lucy) teller 23 (6) Moody h 10 

Conti Luigi opr res 22 Newton 
Conway Catherine T elk W W & C Co res 21 Gardner 
Conway Charles J claim agt res 21 Gardner 
Conway Helen A res 21 Gardner 
Conway Ida Mrs elk 265 (117) Moody h 95 Crescent 
Conway John (Ida) res 95 Crescent 
Conway John (Bridget) gate tndr Pine st h 21 Gard- 
Conway John R photo res 21 Gardner 
Conway Mary T re-toucher res 21 Gardner 
Conway Nellie wid Thomas h 24*4 Bacon 
Conway Thomas A bkpr res 21 Gardner 
Cook Cecil J (Mary I) h 945 Main 
Cook Dorothy C wid G Theodore res 429 Lexington 
Cook Edith M res 239 Main 
Cook Errol dairymn 1295 Main res 239 do 
Cook Everett P died Dec 9 1922 
Cook Francis (Edith L) milk h 239 Main 
Cook Genevieve M elk W W & C Co res 55 Crescent 
Cook Georgianna wid Charles h 129 Felton 
Cook Hazel M elk W W & C Co res 41 Vernon 
Cook Margaret sten res 55 Crescent 
Cook Margaret C opr W W & C Co res 31 Crescent 
Cook Maria R h 19 Bellevue 
Cook Mildred L elk W W & C Co res 945 Main 
Cook Samuel W baker 399 (211) Moody h 31 Chester 

Cook Silas A (Annie E) lathe hand h 31 Crescent 
Cook Stanley E coml mgr 314 (154) Moody rm 3 h 

at Arlington 
Cook Stanley L poultry mn res 239 Main 
Cook Thelma Mrs res 68 Hollace 
Cooke Arthur B elk res 10 Lexington ter 
Cooke Wm E (Lettie B) mach h 10 Lexington ter 
Cooley Edward chauf Waltham Hospital res do 
Cooley Ellen wid John h 215 River 
Cooley Esther F sten res 202 River 
Cooley George E (Jennie J) elk 243 (107) Moody h 

85 Crescent 
Cooley George F bkpr res 202 River 
Cooley John (Delia) lab h 213 River 
Cooley John A elk res 85 Crescent 
Cooley Michael (Delia A) opr h 202 River 
Cooley Sarah J priv sec res 85 Crescent 
Coolidge Clinton A (Agnes L) sec 304 (146) Moody 

res 29 Chester av 
Coolidge John F (Lizzie E) h 90 Taylor 
Coolidge J Edward (Lucinda E) pres 382 (200) 

Moody h 58 Tolman 
Coolidge Philip E (Trinity Radio Co) res 58 Tolman 
Coolidge & Strauch Inc J Edward Coolidge pres George 

H Strauch treas undtkrs 382 (200) Moody 
Coombs Adelaide B Mrs opr W W & C Co res 106 Yz 

Coombs Clarence A (Florence) sales h 4 Cornwallis pi 
Coombs Ernest lab res 74 Bacon 
Coombs Florence E elk W W & C Co r 157 Crescent 
Coombs Raymond H mgr 399 (211) Moody r 9 Maple 

Cooney Alma J opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Cooney Elizabeth opr 21 Crescent res 802 Main 
Cooney James (Delia) lab h 24 Williams 


Telephone Waltham 0803-W 





Cooney Ruby opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 6 

Cooper Almenia vvid Silas h 346 Crescent 

Cooper Arthur F opr res 99 Pine 

Cooper Blanche A opr W W & C Co res 346 Crescent 

Cooper Edward (Fiankie) supt N E Mica Co h at 

Cooper Florence M opr W W & C Co r 346 Crescent 
Cooper Helen W student res 99 Pine 
Cooper Joseph G (Winifred E) organmkr h 99 Pine 
Cooper Juliette wid Charles E h 30 Lowell 
Cooper Pearl mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at Newton 

Lower Falls 
Cooper Sears acct res 99 Pine 
Cooper Whyland mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at W 

Cooper Wm died Oct 23 1922 
Co-operative Grocery Stores Co 356 (180) Moody (for 

complete list see Business Directory) 
Cootie Edward opr res 118 Bobbins 
Copeland Gustav opr W W & C Co res 49 Brown 
Copeland John egg candler 20 Felton res at B 
Coppinger Thomas lab res 386 River 
Copprens Henry (Mary) cigar mkr h 114 Newton 
Copprens Leon (Mary) cigar mkr h 114 Newton 
Copson James J (Mary A) mason h 6 Park pi 
Copson James W (Alice L) bricklayer h 16 Park pi 
Copson Wm A (Agnes) mach h 16 Park pi 
Coraccio Salvatore opr W W & C Co res 27 Felton 
Corbett Delia T nurse res 116 School 
Corbett Edward A undtkr res 116 School 
Corbett Isabella M wid Patrick J hkpr res 76 Guinan 
Corbett James J (Lillian T) tool mkr W W & C Co 

h 16 Charles st av 
Corbett John J chauf h 101 Bacon 
Corbett Louise B hkpr 101 Bacon 
Corbett Margaret L nurse res 116 School 
Corbett Mary A hkpr 116 School 
Corbett Nora J opr W W & C Co res 116 School 
Corbett Peter J mach res 116 School 
Corbett Robert A (Hattie B) carp h rear 40 Prospect 
Corbett Thomas F (Annie E) opr W W & C Co h 

29 Ash 
Corbett Thomas J (Margaret) pitmn 1040 Main h 

107 Pond 
Corbishley Bartholomew P elk res 199 River 
Cobishley James J lawyer 661 Main rm 5 h 199 River 
Corbishley Jonathan V died Dec 16 1922 
Corbishley Samuel K elevator opr h 65 High 
Corbishley Sarah E opr W W & C Co res 65 High 
Corbishley Sarah M wid Jonathan V died Jan 3 1923 
Corbuzzi Costanza (Pauline) lab h rear 717 Main 
Corcoran Annie wid Michael h 936 Main 
Corcoran Alice L opr res 49 Vernon 
Corcoran Catherine wid Bernard J h 49 Vernon 
Corcoran Charles T motormn res 240 Crescent 
Corcoran Clara A opr res 90 Francis 
Corcoran Edward J (Helen J) motormn h 49 Cedar 
Corcoran Elizabeth M watchmkr W W & C Co res 49 

Corcoran Francis B (Nora) W G W Co h Hiawatha av 
Corcoran Francis J (Annie M) teleg and mgr news- 
stand Waltham sta B & M h 89 Howard 
Corcoran Frederick L sten res 936 Main 
Corcoran George J teleg res 49 Vernon 
Corcoran James J (Norah) gard h 90 Francis 
Corcoran John B boilermkr h 39 Taylor 
Corcoran John F died Dec 27 1922 
Corcoran Lauretta R W W & C Co res 49 Vemon 
Corcoran Louis F plmbr 366 (186) Moody h 51 Tay- 

Corcoran Margaret S bkpr 679 Main h 90 Francis 

Corcoran Marion G bkpr res 936 Main 

Corcoran Mary A Mrs died Jan 23 1923 

Corcoran Mary L wid Michael h 688 (348) Moody 

Corcoran Wm res 688 (348) Moody 

Corcoran Wm E bkpr res 936 Main 

Corey Marion V opr W W & C Co res 870 (434) 

Corinthian Bowling Alleys (Thomas Ford) 5 Gordon 
Corinthian Hall 5 Gordon 
Corkum Anna opr W W & C Co res at Lincoln 
Corkum Gertrude F sten 1 Spruce res 97 Ash 
Corkum Marion P elk res 97 Ash 
Corkum Murray J (Florence M) opr W W & C Co h 

97 Ash 
Corliss Eva B elk res 4 Adams 
Corliss Maude E Mrs died Jan 17 1922 
Corliss Nellie M opr W W & C Co res 997 Main 
Cormay Thomas (Mary) carp h Bear Hill rd 
Cormay Thomas M jr (Elna) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 62 Dorchester 
Cormey Flora opr W W & C Co res 20 Exchange 
Cormey George A (Marie A) estimator h 85 Taylor 
Cormey Henry J student res 37 Gardner 
Cormey John E (Mary E) contr 37 Gardner h do 
Cormey John E jr student res 37 Gardner 
Cormey M Alice sec res 37 Gardner 
Cormier Adolph F (Bessie M) fore h 11 Rich 
Cormier Alfred (Annie) polisher h Lake cor Amherst 
Cormier Alice opr res Lake cor Amherst 
Cormier Alice vvid Edmund F h 104 Cushing 
Cormier Alma M opr W W & C Co res rear 92 Cedar 
Cormier Arthur barber 208 (82) Moody res 136 Cres- 
Cormier Arthur J mach res rear 92 Cedar 
Cormier Blair opr res 89 Central 
Cormier Catherine opr W W & C Co res 35 Williams 
Cormier Celina S elk 219 (91) Moody res 94 Adams 

rm 29 
Cormier Clarence F (Rose M) storekpr h 10 Marl- 
borough rd 
Cormier Damien S carp and bldr res 17 Elm suite 7 
Cormier Delphine wid George res 72 Cedar 
Cormier Donat (Olivina) gro 449 Main h 505 do 
Cormier Doris E nurse h 158 Chestnut 
Cormier Edmund F died July 22 1922 
Cormier Edna M hkpr 3 Gorham 
Cormier Elmira M finisher res 82 Grant 
Cormier Fabien (Margaret) lab h 20 Exchange 
Cormier Florida opr res 20 Exchange 
Cormier George C fore h 3 Gorham 
Cormier George J chauf res 64 Pine 
Cormier Helen res 20 Exchange 
Cormier Henry (Emilienne) opr h 3 Chestnut pk 
Cormier Henry carp res 35 Williams 
Cormier Henry J elk res 82 Grant 
Cormier Hortense M sec 1040 Main res 10 Marl- 
borough rd 
Cormier Irene M opr W W & C Co r 10 Marlborough 

Cormier John (Melena W) carp h 120 Pine 
Cormier John (Elizabeth) carp h 43 Hall 
Cormier John opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Cormier Joseph bucklemkr res 41 Chestnut 
Cormier Leo J (Rose) carp h 84 Grant 
Cormier M Edna opr W W & C Co res 3 Gorham 
Cormier Napoleon J (Margaret L) sales h 72 Cedar 
Cormier Onezime (Mary L) opr h 27 Spruce 
Cormier Raymond J lab res 3 Gorham 
Cormier Selina wid Ferdinand h rear 92 Cedar 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Cormier Simon E (Olive) ldgh 55 Walnut 

Cormier Simon T (Emily) car rpr h Lake cor Amherst 

Cormier Theothime (Dauphinee) carp h 82 Grant 

Cormier Thomas (Caroline) lab h 45 Hall 

Cormier Yvonne stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 29 Ash 

Corney James H (Corney & Bunten Co) 373 (199) 

Moody h at Belmont 
Corney & Bunten Co (James H Corney Oliver J 

Bunten) hdw 373 (199) Moody 
Cornwell Ardon W mus res 193 Brown 
Cornwell Frank B mus res 193 Robbins 
Cornwell Harvey B (Elizabeth G) opr W W & C Co 

h 193 Brown 
Corrigan Elizabeth elk res 415 (219) Moody 
Corrigan John (Ellen) h 415 (219) Moody 
Corrigan John B (Delia A) gatemn h 48 Sterling rd 
Corrigan Lucy A sten res 48 Sterling rd 
Corrigan Mary T sten res 48 Sterling rd 
Corrigan Michael J (Anne L) barber h 25 Paneuil rd 
Corrigan Nellie P Mrs opr W W & C Co res 415 

(219) Moody 
Corrigan Wm P farm res Driscoll's Lincoln 
Corvi Benedetto carp res 97 Central 
Corvi Perdinando (Teresa) opr W W & C Co h 109 

Cosgrove Catherine janitress W W & C Co r 23 Benefit 
Cosgrove Catherine wid John opr h 23 Benefit 
Cosgrove Catherine J insp res 23 Benefit 
Cosgrove John hlpr res 426 River 
Cosgrove Margaret E Mrs died Mar 26 1923 
Cosgrove Wm B (Lillian A) motormn h 905 Main 
Cossaboom Charles (Margaret E) opr W W & C Co 

h 252 Brown 
Cossaboom Chipman M (Amret) milk 187 Adams h do 
Cossaboom Welden mech 220 (92) Moody res 219 

Cosset Kenith farm hand res Cedar Hill farm Beaver 
Costa Antonio (Philomena) carp h 8 Elm ct 
Costa Joseph shoe rpr 72 Oak res 571 Main 
Costas Peter lunch 7 Pine 
Costello Charles R lab res 28 Exchange 
Costello Edward A lab res 28 Exchange 
Costello Frederick J tinsmith 366 (186) Moody res 

41 Walnut 
Costello Gertrude sten res 28 Exchange 
Costello Helena M bkpr res 45 Massasoit 
Costello James J lab res 189 River 
Costello John opr 75 Rumford av res at Auburndale 
Costello Thomas H (Agnes) crossg tndr Beaver Brook 

h 4 Massasoit 
Costello Thomas W blksmith 28 Exchange h do 
Costello Wm sten res 28 Exchange 
Coston Elizabeth wid Frederick nurse res 45 Rich 
Costopulos Peter rem to San Francisco Cal 
Cota Daniel E (Hellen M) auto rpr 42 Crescent h do 
Cote Angeline D opr W W & C Co res 190 Charles 
Cote Lillian bkbndr res 291 School 
Cote Patience M wid Arenidas J h 190 Charles 
Cotesworth Edward J auto rpr 126 Lexington h at 

Cottam Martha M hkpr 75 Lake 
Cotter Johanna wid Henry h 39 Newton 
Cotter Mary A opr W W & C Co res 39 Newton 
Cotter Richard J (Lilla B) opr h 416 River 
Cotton Ada E wid Charles E mgr 215 (89) Moody h 

57y 2 Walnut 
Cotton Ellen M opr W W & C Co res 139 Adams 
Cotton Frank L (Julia G) chauf 274 (124) Moody 

h 11% Massasoit ct 
Cotton George E (Ellen E) welder h 60 Ash 

Cotton John M (Ellen M) mach h 130 Adams 

Cottuli Wm (Tena) baker h 47 Morton 

Coughlan Catherine E opr W W & C Co r 273 School 

Coughlan James A mach res 21 Sparkill 

Coughlan Jeremiah J (Martha E) auto rpr h 178 

Coughlan John M (Esther F) appr h 57 Ash 
Coughlan John T (Florence) brush mkr h 21 Sparkill 
Coughlan Margaret Mrs h 273 School 
Coughlan Mary nurse h 273 School 
Coughlan Mary C bkpr 18 Pine res 379 Newton 
Coughlan see Coghlan 

Coughlin Bernard V (Bertha F) plmbr h 28 McKenn 
Coughlin Joseph P (Bertha) chauf h 175 Charles 
Coughlin Wm shipper 71 Felton h at Camb 
Coulombe Antonia M W W & C Co res at W Acton 
Coulter Bessie M opr W W & C Co res 154 Ash 
Coulter Edith opr h 83 Ash 

Coulter W Ernest mach W W & C Co res 33 Cherry 
County Emily student res 82 Chestnut 
County of Middlesex see Middlesex County of 
Courser Ella M Mrs res 81 South 
Courtney Peter city lab res 13 Pine 
Cousens Frank H asst opr res 28 Orange 
Cousens John asst opr E E I Co Pine res 28 

COUSENS NICHOLAS WM D (Emma) 220 Marlboro 
B Tel Back Bay 8786 Office and Hospital 17 
Crescent Hours 3 to 4:30 and 7 to 9 p m Tel 0113 
h 20 Adams Tel 1182- R 
Cousins E Florence opr W W & C Co res 85 Cherry 
Cousins Ruth tchr S Grammar sch h 23 Taylor 
Coutts Kenneth R asst mgr res 190 Ash 
Coutts Wm K cook res 190 Ash 
Coville John A (Laura) supt B & M h 91 Ellison pk 
Coville J Wilder elk B & M res 91 Ellison pk 
Cowie Rose E wid John G h rear 706 Main 
Cowin Hazel Mrs opr res 240 Crescent 
Cowin Hazel E elk W W & C Co res 240 Crescent 
Cox Amanda M wid Henry H ldgh 366 Crescent h do 
Cox Bessie MacL Mrs h 57 Fuller 
Cox E Mrs stitcher 307 (151) Moody res at Welles- 
Cox E Howard (Lillian M) carp h 40 Dexter 
Cox Henry H died Oct 1 1922 
Cox Ida A waitress res 4d Walnut 
Cox Johanna h 355 (185) Moody 
Cox John F watchmkr W W & C Co res 78 Massa- 
Cox John J (Edith H) truckman 146 Bacon h do 
Cox Margaret bkpr 60 Woerd av res 481% Main 
Cox Mary opr 87 Rumford av res at W Newton 
Cox Mary wid Patrick h 78 Massasoit 
Cox Mary E opr res 78 Massasoit 
Cox Muriel L art tchr (Keene N H) res 57 Fuller 
Cox Robert A bkpr res 57 Fuller 
Cox Thomas F (Susan G) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

31 Dartmouth 
Cox Wallace L (Julia) mech h 8 Harvard pi 
Cox Warren J (Anna) sales 60 Woerd av h 481% 

Cox Wm T switchboard opr E E I Co Pine res 481% 

Coxall Donald J (Josephine M) sheet metal wkr h 

62 Myrtle 
Coy Agnes E sten res 41 Harvard 
Coy Annie wid John h 10 Gardner 
Coy Catherine E solicitor res 41 Harvard 
Coy James J auto rpr res 41 Harvard 
Coy John T sten res 10 Gardner 
Coy Margaret A opr W W & C Co res 41 Harvard 


685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Coy Nellie res 41 Harvard 

Coy Theresa E opr res 41 Harvard 

Coy Thomas (Mary A) watchmn h 41 Harvard 

Coye Delia M opr W W & C Co res 35 Howard 

Coye Edward J opr res 138 Bright 

Coye John J (Elizabeth E) treadmkr 81 Rumford av h 

40 Cedar 
Coye Mary T tel opr res 138 Bright 
Coye Thomas J (Margaret E) opr h 138 Bright 
Coye Wm P (Florence M) purch agt h 32 Prospect 

st av 
Coyle Benjamin (Gertrude) mach h 8 Winthrop 
Coyle Blanche opr W W & C Co res 137 Crescent 
Coyle Leonard F (Blanche) lab 118 Bacon r 161 Ash 
Coyle Mary C opr W W & C Co res 59 Pine 
Coyle Thomas janitor h 17 Elm 
Crabtree Colman A rubberwkr res 29 Orange 
Crabtree E Paul (Alta L) (Fernald & Crabtree) 620 

(314a) Moody h 29 Orange 
C-afts Harvey K (Ruth) rem to Hopedale 
Crafts Lucy S Mrs died Jan 31 1922 
Crafts Myra A died Nov 27 1921 
Crafts Wm D h 39 Fiske 
Crafts Wm K (Nellie L) rem to Hopedale 
Craig Charles A (Bessie E) autos h 326 Crescent 
Craig Elizabeth Mrs finisher 307 (151) Moody h at 

Craig John W elk 239 (105) Moody res 53 Robbins 
Craig J Vincent opr W W & C Co res 120 Robbins 
Craig Rena G opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Craig Vincent boxmn 20 Felton 
Craig Wm L opr W W & C Co res at Concord 
Cram Emma C h 863 (427) Moody 
Cram Mary M china firing res 863 (427) Moody 
Crandell Mabel opr W W & C Co res 82 Brown 
Crane Annie opr B Mfg Co res 71 Exchange 
Crane John J Rev asst pastor St Marys R C Church 

h 133 School 
Craven Cassie wid James E res 17 School 
Craven Dennis express 124 Bright h 461 Main 
Craven Frank mach res 19 Ash 
Craven Inez opr W W & C Co res 19 Ash 
Craven James elk 689 Main res 17 School 
Craven Nellie T hkpr 461 Main 
Craven Sherman opr 79 Rumford av 
Crawford Alice C Mrs opr res 82 Chestnut 
Crawford Fred K (Mary) mach h 140 Robbins 
Crawford Jeanette W Mrs res 17 Ash 
Crawford Lauris L opr W W & C Co res 82 Chestnut 
Crawford Lebaron D (Alice C) carp h 20 Adams 
Crawford Mary Cecilia opr W W & C Co res 140 

Crawford Matthew (Agnes O'N) opr h 36 River 
Crawford Wm J (Gertrude E) opr W W & C Co h 

77 Alder 
Creed A Maude res 4 Woodlawn av 
Creed Francis H (Annie M) opr W W & C Co h 4 

Woodlawn av 
Creed Frank (Doris E) opr W W & C Co r 53 Cherry 
Crehan John W (Celia A) molder h 65 Exchange 
Creighton Charles (Delia) opr res 398 River 
C-emin Ellen B Mrs died Jan 6 1923 
Creonte Antonio J (Vincenza) lab h 19 Winthrop 
Crescent Park Brass Foundry (G W Thornburg) River- 
view av 
Crescent Realty Block 355 (185) Moody 
Crescenzo Biagio (Mary) opr h 46 Oak 
Crescenzo Charles shoewkr res 46 Oak 
Crescenzo Salvatore (Theresa) barber h 17 Oak 
Cressardi Vincenzo lab h 105 Central 

Cressey Abbie A wid Thomas M h 409 Crescent 
Cressey Edward W (Ethel) driver 74 Bacon h 101 

Cressey Ethel Mrs fore 21 Crescent h 101 Chestnut 
Cressey Mabel L res 409 Crescnt 
Cressey Mary A wid Charles h 33 Alder 
C-essy Susan S Mrs died April 26 1923 
Cressy Walter S asst ticket agt Waltham sta res 33 

Crevoshay Abraham (Bertha) sales h 77 Rich 
Criano Pellegrino lab h 42 Williams 
Crimmins Bridget Mrs res 7 Cornwallis pi 
Crimmins Ellen hkpr 542 Main 
Crimmins Frederick B (Mary C) sales h 7 Cornwallis 

Crimmins Mary A opr W W & C Co res 144 Bright 
Crimmins Walter F (Mary A) opr W W & C Co h 

144 Bright 
Ciingan Jenny hkpr 123 Brown res do 
Crinopoulos see Krinopoulos 
Crisa Rosario (Rita) cement wkr h 87 Exchange 
Croak George supt D & F Mfg Co Foundry av h at 

Crocker Albert H (Leola F) carp h 132 Adams 
Crocker Gilford (Alice M) blksmith 114 Lexington h 

28 Lexington ter 
Crocker Gladys opr res 275 Crescent 
Crocker Harold ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at Waverley 
Crocker Josiah R (Lenora) plmbr h 4 Coker 
Crocker Louis W rem to Fall River 
Crocker Mina J wid Wm h 71 Orange 
Crocker My nam student res 131 High 
Crocker Viola sec res 26 Lexington ter 
Crocker Winthrop N (Florence E) prin S Grammar 

and Banks schs h 131 High 
Crockett Geoige A watchmkr res 183 Adams 
Crockett Josephine wvr res 25 Adams 
Crockett Mark S (Carrie P) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 183 Adams 
Crolius Cornelia G occupational therapist res 4 River- 
view av 
Crombie Clara wid Cyrus res 73 Alder 
Ctombie Fred C (Edith) mach W W & C Co h 73 

Cron Jack pres 147 Lexington res at Chelsea 
Cron Samuel sec 147 Lexington res at Chelsea 
Cronin Dennis J (Mary A) eng h 120 Russell 
C"onin Elizabeth M tel opr res 18 Newton 
Cronin Frank P driver res 16 Hammond 
Cronin Grover J dry gds 219 (91) Moody h at W 

Cronin Harold V (Evelyn D) broker h 8 Harding av 
Cronin Jeremiah J (Fiances R) driver 500 Lexington 

res 18 Newton 
Cronin Lavenia H wid Michael C h 18 Newton 
Cronin Michael (Mary) calker h 16 Hammond 
Cronin Michael C died Aug 9 1921 
Cronin Michael L (Kathryn L) starter M & B St Ry 

h 83 Wash av 
Cioriin Wm mach res 18 Newton 
Cronin Wm M elk res 16 Hammond 
Cronins Block 315-323 (157-165) Moody 
Crook Helen E W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 55 
Crosby Alice G h 70 Cherry 
Crosby Bessie E drum tchr 397 (211) Moody h at W 

Crosby Burton J (Ella B) fore W W & C Co h 95 

Cosby Catherine W W & C Co res 77 Crescent 
Crosby Clara C opr W W & C Co res IT Ash 



375 (201) MOODY ST. 


Tel. Waltham 0110 





Crosby Helen E h 70 Cherry 
Crosby Jacob H (Laura A) carp 63 Cherry h do 
Crosby John (Jennie V) motormn h 88 Vernon 
Crosby Le:oy H (Florence E) sales 234 (100) Moody 

h 192 y 2 Adams 
Crosby Mary R nurse res 23 Spruce 
Crosby Norman R (Bertha L) opr E H W Wks h 65 

Crosier Wm W (Edith M) auto mech 21 Crescent h 

217 South 
Cross Frank C opr W W & C Co h 34 Brookfield id 
Cross Harry H watchmn M S F M res do 
Cross Maybell opr W W & C Co res 34 Brookfield rd 
Cross Mildred C sten res 34 Brookfield rd 
Crossland Edwin (Emma) cng J L T Mfg Co h 4 

Crossland Edwin jr (Thyra) opr W W & C Co res 4 

Crossland Ellis opr res 4 Turner 
Crossland Wm watchmkr W W & C Co res 4 Turner 
Ciossman Harold L (Pearl H) driver 200 Prospect 

h 24 Lexington 
Croston Frank W (Ida M) claim investigator B & M 

h 12 Wilton 
Croteau Frank A (Emma) mach W W & C Co h 32 

Crough Charles W (Katherine) lab h 30 Plympton 
Crough Charles W jr mach opr res 30 Plympton 
Crough Nathaniel V opr W W & C Co h at Newton 
Crouse Arthur H opr W W & C Co res 1 Elm av 
Crouse Esther M supervisor 16 Spring res 1 Elm av 
Crouse Roland H died Feb 1 1923 
Crouse Roland J U S N res 1 Elm av 
Crouse Theresa wid Roland H h 1 Elm av 
Crowe Anna wid Simon h 6 Hammer 
Crowe David T baggage master B & M depot 6 Ham- 
Crowe Frank G (Gertrude) lab S Co h 49 Stearns 
Crowe Fred W opr res 49 Stearns 
Crowe George A opr W W & C Co res 33 Orange 
Crowe John J (Sarah J) gardener h 269 Pond 
Crowe Lawrence (Mary) lab h 5 Cedar 
Crowe Lester (Eva) truckmn res 46 Prospect 
Crowe Mary opr W W & C Co res at Concord 
Crowe Nettie bkpr res 49 Stearns 
Crowe Simon died Jan 25 1922 
Crowe Walter R elk 239 (105) Moody res 102 Taylor 

Crowell Elizabeth F wid Edwin h 83 Charles 
C'owell Gertrude M opr res 92 Alder 

Crowell Hannah M opr W W & C Co res 92 Adler 

Crowell Mabel nurse M S F M res do 

Crowell Madge L opr W W & C Co res 92 Alder 

Crowell Mae nurse M S F M res do 

Crowley Alice K opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 

Crowley Daniel J res 937 Main 

Crowley Daniel J jr (Catherine A) dentist h 937 Main 

Crowley John F died June 2 1923 

Crowley Mary A nurse res 228 Ash 

Crowley Raymond elk res 74 School 

Crumley Mildred attendant M S F M res do 

Culkeen Anna T typist res 84 Guinan 

Culkeen Catherine G opr W W & C Co res 43 Ex- 

Culkeen Esther J sten res 84 Guinan 

Culkeen Hannah wid Michael J h 84 Guinan 

Culkeen Mary wid Michael h 43 ^Exchange 

Culkeen Mary E sten res 84 Guinan 

Culkeen Michael J died Feb 8 1923 

Culkin Daniel (Bridget) B & D Wks h 250 River 

Culkin Edward (Leonore A) h 250 River 

Culkin Mary L opr res 250 River 

Cullen Catherine C opr W W & C Co res at Auburn - 

Cullen Doris L opr W W & C Co h 184 Brown 
Cullen Frank J (Alisca) mach W W & C Co h 184 

Cullen Frank M (Margaret) fore B Mfg Co h 38 Com- 
Cullen Irene M bkpr 673 Main res 38 Common 
Cullen John fore 87 Rumford av h at Auburndale 
Cullen John J (Annie M) piano tuner 473 (247) 

Moody h do 
Cullen John J jr jewelry res 473 (247) Moody 
Cullen Mary A wid John J h 173 School 
Cullen Stanley H opr W W & C Co res 184 Brown 
Culver Roy C (Marian B) city lab h 6 Gibbs ct 
dimming Robert (Anna M) h 177 Main 
Cummings Edward piper rear 55 Rumford av res at 

Cummirg.s Frank (Amelia E) carp h 16 Auburn 
Cummings James carp rear 55 Rumford av h at Rox 
Cummings John S opr W W & C Co res 262 Lowell 
Cummings Margaret tchr res 16 Auburn 
Cummings Martin J (Delia A) city lab h 88 Bacon 
Cummings Mary A res 72 Hall 
Cummings Mary E wid James dom h 164 School 
Cummings Nora wid Patrick J micawkr 66 Woerd av 

17 Sun 
Cummings Reuben S died Feb 9 1922 
Cummings Ruben S sales h 46 Chester av 
Cummings W Irving civ eng res 16 Auburn 
Cummiskey Alice G elk 299 (145) Moody res 10 

Cummiskey J Raymond ptrnmkr res 10 Bolton 
Cummiskey Patrick (Bridget) crossing tndr h 10 Bol- 
Cunnare Frank H (Agnes G) frgt agt B & M h 16 

Cunniff Ellen A chief opr 16 Spring h at Allston 
CunniSTe Edward A (Harriet) carp h 115 Summit 
Cunningham Annie wvr h 123 Chestnut 
Cunningham Annie G mlnr B res 25 Elson rd 
Cunningham Atwood E opr W W & C Co res 92 Brown 
Cunningham Atwood F opr W W & C Co r 91 Orange 
Cunningham Charles C (Catherine L) fore h Bowdoin 

Cunningham Emma E drsmkr Winter cor Wyman h do 
r.unningham Francis J chauf 1295 Main r 12 Hammer 
Cunningham Frank J mach W W & C Co res 41 Chest- 
Cunningham Frank P died Jan 28 1922 
Cunningham Frederick J (Elsie) auto mach h 27c 

Cunningham Georgie M drsmkr Winter cor Wyman h do 
Cunningham Gertrude M wid Wm A h 48 Lyman 
Cunningham Helen E sec res 12 Hammer 
Cunningham Huilburt R farmer h Winter cor Wyman 
Cunningham John J (Sarah) police h 27b Hammond 
Cunningham Joseph W (Hazel 0) W W & C Co h 

31% Adams 
Cunningham Julia A maid res 42 Prospect 
Cunningham Katharine A Mrs h 12 Hammer 
Cunningham Katherine Z sten res 41 Chestnut 
Cunningham Margaret J hkpr 123 Chestnut 
Cunningham Marguerite nurse M S F M res do 
Cunningham Mary. A wid John S res 326 Newton 
Cunningham Matthias F (Elizabeth E) 115 Bacon h 

446 Main 
Cunningham Melvina wid Samuel res Winter cor Wy- 
Cunningham Rose E mus tchr h Winter cor Wyman 
Cunningham Wm J opr W W & C Co res 12 Hammer 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



Cupo Giuseppe (Victoria) lab h 52 Exchange 

Curley Emma wid Thomas h 98 Lyman 

Curley Eugene F (Marion T) baker h 53 Exchange 

Cur'an Alma opr W W & C Co res 120 Myrtle 

Curran Anna stitcher 307 (151) Moody r 149 High 

Curran Bsrrard M appr res 199 Grove 

CURRAN BROS (John Curran) Cigars Tobacco and 

Periodicals 715 (355a) Moody 
Curran Ethel res 23 Dartmouth 
Curran Fanny E wid John died Feb 21 1923 
Curran Francis A (Jennie A) opr W W & C Co h 34 

Curran George H roofer res 149 High 
Curran James (Alice E) lab h 199 Grove 
Curran James M sales res 199 Grove 
Curran James W (Clementine) opr W W & C Co h 58 

Curran Johanna opr res 199 Grove 
Curran John (Dorothy) (Curran Bros) h 94 Ash 
Cut-an Leo E (Vera) pntr res 120 Myrtle 
Curran Margaret wid James h 120 Myrtle 
Curran Maurice D tel rpr res 199 Grove 
Curran Michael B dyer res 199 Grove 
Curran Mildred wid Peter B (Curran Bros) res 144 

Curran Nicholas (Mary A) lab h 282 River 
Curran Peter B died July 19 1921 
Curran Ruchavd M (Margaret) fore W S Co h at W 

Curran Ruth M opr W W & C Co res 34 Francis 
Curran Thomas (28 Beech) died Dec 23 1922 
Curran Thomas A (Anne) opr W W & C Co h 149 

Curran Wm F (Alice J) carp h 42 Elson rd 
Currier Arthur M died April 20 1923 
Currier Edward J opr W W & C Co h at Newton 
Currier Oswald P (Charlotte) laster h 23 Hartwell 
Cunin Althea M librarian WHS res 9 Murray 
Currin Annie B Mrs bkpr res 24 Hammond 
Cunin Cecelia M opr W W & C Co res at Newton 
Currin George H opr W W & C Co res 88 Maple 
Currin Leo opr W W & C Co res 120 Myrtle 
Currin Margaret wid h 120 Myrtle 
Currin Richard (Minnie E) police capt 25 Lexington 

h 9 Murray 
Currin Rowland S (Annie B) rem to Laconia N H 
Curry Belle tchr M S F M res do 
Curry John E (Mary A) opr W W & C Co h 39 

Curry John E jr student res 39 Clinton 
Curry Leslie F (Mary J) sales Elm cor Benefit h 10 

Curry Madelein res 39 Clinton 
Curty Margaret student res 39 Clinton 
Curry Paul F student res 39 Clinton 
Curry Thomas F mason res 175 Newton 
Curtin Anthony A died May 20 1922 
Curtin Francis P (Margaret F) mach W W & C Co 

h 20 Gardner 
Curtin Hanora wid Anthony A h 1 Pearl 
Curtin John J (C Gertrude) physician 478 Main h do 
Curtin Joseph F (Mary F) chauf h 268 River 
Curtin Margaret F opr res 20 Gardner 
Curtin Mary wid Michael h 430 River 
Curtin Michael opr res 430 River 
Curtin Nellie J H W Co res 88 Hammond 
Curtin Nora M sten res 1 Pearl 
Curtin Nora N opr res 430 River 
Curtin Thomas (Ellen M) lab Waltham Coal Co h 6 

Massasoit ct 

Curtis Alvin A (Florence V) at W Bag Paper Co h 24 

Grant pi 
Curtis Thomas I (Theresa E) pres-treas 71 Felton h 

90 Lyman 
Cusano Angelo (Maria) sect hnd B & M h 47 Wil- 
Cusano Joseph (Camellia) rubber wkr h 23 Noonan 
Cusano Luigi (Frances) icemn h 65 Charles 
dishing Charles W (Celia P) (L W Cushing & Son) 

h 520 Main 
Cushing Daniel F (Ruth M) rubber wkr h 16 Lexing- 
Cushing John A (Frances) elk res 131 Charles 
Cushing Joseph F metal polisher res 131 Charles 
Cushing J Co P N Lawrence mgr grain 22 Felton 
Cushing L W & Son (Charles W Cushing) weather 

vane mfrs rear 107 (rear 29) Moody 
Cushing Mary wid James h 131 Charles 
Cushinsky Max (Sarah) contr 31 Grant pi h do 
Cushman Ernest W sales h 83 Wash av 
Cushman George H (Inez M) asst mgr 149 Elm h 12 

Cushman Lura I tchr M S F M res do 
Cusick Alice T Mrs opr W W & C Co h 83 Ash 
Cusolito Bartholomew fruit res 85 Pine 
Cusolito Catherine res 85 Pine 
Cusolito Joseph B (Rose) fruits 258 (118) Moody h 

85 Pine 
Cusolito Joseph B jr mgr 258 (118) Moody res 85 

Cussen James E treas 55 Rumford av h at Dorch 
Custeau James towermn B & M res 141 Brown 
Cutler Edward E (Bertha A) bkpr h 17 Francis 
Cutler Edward I buckle mkr res 9 Hartwell 
Cutler Everett S elk res 17 Francis 
Cutler Samuel junk h 134 Charles 
Cutler Walter C (Dora C) prov 740 (372) Moody h 

40 Orange 
Cuttam see Cattam 
Cutter Harlan W (J Eleanor) City Treas and Collector 

of Taxes 614 Main rm 2 h 14 Banks 
Cutting Alice wid Albert B h 64 Maple 
Cutting Alice A tchr sewing pub schs res 79 Howard 
Cutting Earl R student res 129 Brown 
Cutting Grace L elk 55 (15) Moody res at Kendal 

Cutting Marshall I (Clara B) opr W W & C Co h 129 

Cutting Mary P Mrs died Dec 19 1921 
Cutting see Cotting 

Cuttone Antonio cement wkr res 87 Exchange 
Cuttone Jennie opr W W & C Co res 96 Charles 
Cuttone Philip (Algeri) cement wkr h 87 Exchange 
Cuttone Salvatore (Jeanne) chauf h 96 Charles 
Cuttone Vincenzo cement wkr res 87 Exchange 
Cyr Albert J (Annie) opr W W & C Co h 116 Alder 
Cyr Edgar opr W W & C Co res 85 Alder 
Cyr Howard A student res 116 Alder 
Cyr Louise dom h 21 Mt Pleasant 
Cyr Marshall opr W W & C Co res 116 Alder 
Czufin Andrew (Mary) shoewkr h 2 Gill rd 
Czufin Elizabeth waitress res 2 Gill rd 
D & G Dial & Enameling Co (Ralph A Dbe) 22 

Whitney av 
Daboll Raymond auto rpr res 6 Park pi 
Dacey John F (Agnes U) brakemn B & M h 134 

Dacey Owen B died Mar 13 1922 
Dacey Wm E (Agnes) japaner res 28 Willaims 
Daddona Michele (Nelliena) chauf h 55 Charles 
Dadmun Hervey E (Madeline) carp h 180 Asb 



123 High Street, 




Daggett Harry F garage 58% Walnut h do 

Dahl Axel W (Helen B) opr W W & C Co h 50 

Dahl Carl E (Alma) mach W W & C Co h 168 Ham- 
Dahl Thyra nurse res 168 Hammond 
Dahlin John A (Ruth ) sub elk 290 (134) Moody h 

218 % Brown 
Dailey Edward E (Asenath P) treas 51 Rumford av 

h at Needham Heights 
Dailey Harold (Agnes L) pres 51 Rumford av h at 

Needham Heights 
Dailey Millicent A sec 51 Rumford av res Needham 


Co Publishers 278 (126) Moody See page 22 
Daily John H W W & C Co res 55 Walnut 
Daisy Willis H (Midae) eng W W & C Co h 34 Curtis 
Dakin Arthur H auto rpr h 18 Crafts 
Dakin Ethel M opr W W & C Co res 13 Robbins 
Dakin Francis V sec 515 South h at Newton 
Dakin Leon F (Ethel M) gard h 13 Robbins 
Dale Flora M nurse res 173 Adams 
Dale Fred J (Margaret) watchmkr E H W Wks h 

56 Russell 
Dale Rest Hospital Sara E McCullough supt 90 Dale 
Dale Wm H (Delia) lather h 33 Gorham 
Daley Alice H sten res 5 Fern 
Daley Anthony B acct res 40 Fiske 
Daley Anthony J sales res 126 School 
Daley Bessie B opr W W & C Co res 19 Myrtle 
Daley Charles H (Bridget) plmbr h 1 Castle 
Daley Edward E (Bessie) opr W W & C Co h 90 Myrtle 
Daley Edward F elk h 126 School 
Daley Ellen F res 126 School 
Daley Francis G mach res 126 School 
Daley George F lab h 29 Felton 
Daley Josephine elk res 126 School 
Daley Martin J chauf res 20 Cedar 
Daley Mary wid opr h 355 (185) Moody 
Daley Mary M elk res 355 (185) Moody 
Daley Mary R mlnr 337 (171) Moody res 5 Fern 
Daley Michael J (Julia A) stmftr h 20 Cedar 
Daley Nellie B Mrs h 40 Fiske 
Daley Richard F (Margaret M) mach W W & C Co h 

38 Turner 
Daley Sophia opr res 29 Felton 
Daley Susan res 29 Felton 
Daley Thomas F lab res 138 Newton 
Daley Wm J (Mary) crossing tndr h 5 Fern 
Dalfino Carmelo (Nellie) barber 229 y 2 Newton h 16 

Dallaire Edmond opr W W & C Co res 63 Maple 
Dallaporta Raymond rector Sacred Heart R C ch h 

369 River 
Dalomleo Dominic (Lucy) foundry wkr h 111 Harvard 
Dalton Joseph P (Margaret G) baggage master h 4c 

Daly Annie C opr res 355 (185) Moody 
Daly Elizabeth A opr W W & C Co Co res at W 

Daly Esther opr W W & C Co res 137 Grove 
Daly Marjorie opr W W & C Co res at Brighton 
Daly Patrick J (Nora E) lab b 137 Grove 
Daly Thomas J ins agt res 137 Grove 
Dalzdl Dorothy tchr res 486 Main 
Dalzell Helen L wid John W h 486 Main 
Dames Louise M opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Damon Emily res 18 Palmer 
Damon Frank H (Annie A) 6ec b 604 Lexington 

Damon Thomas J mgr 669 (335) Moody h at S Sud- 
Danforth Albert I died May 11 1922 
Danforth Alice M wid Albert I h 19 Adams 
Danforth Carolyn R elk res 326 Newton 
Danforth Ernest N (Eva M) chauf h 326 Newton 
Danforth Mildred I opr W W & C Co res 326 Newton 
Dangelmayer Theodore jr (G Viola) (Red Cross Phar- 
macy) 735 (367) Moody h 28 Ellison pk 
D'Angelo Luigi (Julia) lab 4 Mack's ct 
D'Angelo Venanzio (Francesca) lab h 166 School 
Dangio Alf'edo V (Palmina) Waltham Knitting Co 

714 (358) Moody h 19 Spring 
D'Angio Onorio (Emma) lab h 158 School 
Daniell Chester M (Effie L) storekpr 7 Charles h 24 

Elson rd 
Daniels Alice J bkpr 899 Main res 72 Robbins 
Daniels Charles M (Annie H) carp h Trapelo rd 
Daniels Edith elk 219 (91) Moody res Trapelo rd 
Daniels Ethel M bkpr res 72 Robbins 
Daniels Forest A (Margaret) sales h 85b Maple 
Daniels Francis X student res 72 Robbins 
Daniels Fred L (Alice G) opr W W & C Co h 33 

Daniels Jonathan died May 28 1922 
Daniels Lawrence L (Alice L) mach h 72 Robbins 
Daniels Lewis S student res 85b Maple 
Daniels Minnie S wid Jonathan res 85b Maple 
Daniels Richard W (Gertrude) drug elk 437 (231) 

Moody res 66 Riverview av 
Danielson Amanda (Ruth E) bleacher h 144% Ham- 
Danis David ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at W Rox 
Danosky Hippolyte (Stefania) prov 28 Elm h 38 do 
Daraff Estelle nurse M S F M res do 
Darby Charles H (Charlotte) opr W W & C Co h 47 

Darby Doris res 47 Stearns 
Darby Walter opr W W & C Co res 47 Stearns 
Darcey Thomas J (Mabel A) tailor h 105 Plympton 
Darcy Agnes G tchr (W Newton) h 56 Rich 
Darcy Harriet E h 56 Rich 

Dargavel Beatrice opr W W & C Co res 129 Brown 
Darling Elizabeth Mrs sales at B res 33 Beech 
Darling Ethel B Mrs h 38 Shirley rd 
Darling Martha A res 21 Newton 
Darling Wm W carrier 290 (134) Moody h at B 
Darmody Katherine G opr W W & C Co res at W 

Dart Annie G wid Albert h 12 Prospect 
Dart Ernest E watchmkr h 12 Prospect 
Dart Frank S (Sarah B) photo 583 (299) Moody h do 
DASCOMBE OTHO LEE Physician 659 (333) Moody 

h do Tel Waltham 0675 
Dauncey Frederick A (Catherine J) chauf Chemical 1 

h 6 Mt Pleasant 
Dauncey Helen M tchr res 6 Mt Peasant 
Dauncey Isabelle sec H U res 6 Mt Pleasant 
Dauphinee Helen E matron M S F M res do 
David C Herbert (Carrie F) com trav h 17 Lincoln 
Davidson Arthur (Davidson & Prime) h 260 Crescent 
Davidson Arthur R mach res 172 Adams 
Davidson Edward M (Adelina) hosiery 359 (187%) 

Moody h at Brookline 
Davidson Ethel M Mrs opr W W & C Co res Pine- 

Hill cir 
Davidson Franklin E opr res 26 High 
Davidson George (Ethel) expressmn h Pine Hill cir 
Davidson Holger buckle mkr res 50 Lowell 
Davidson Rebecca A elk res 26 High 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 



Davidson Win H (Anna M) opr W W & C Co h 7 

Davidson & Prime (Arthur Davidson Harold P Prime) 

furn moving 46 Spruce 
Davies James P dist mgr 209 (83) Moody h at Camb 
Davies Sadie opr W VV & C Co res 109 Chestnut 
Davies Sarah A opr W W & C Co res 99 Ash 
D'Avignon Aithur A shoe rpr h Sibley rd 
D'Avignon Nellie M Mrs died May 23 1921 
Davin Patrick hlpr Spray Eng Co res 62 Cutter 
Davis Ada E wid John corsetiere 511 (263) Moody 

res 22 Howard 
Davis Almon G (Gertrude L) mach h Lakeview ter nr 

Jiir.is Annie M opr W VV & C Co res 117 Aider 
Davis A Loietta res 409 Crescent 
Davis Ea.'l E (Mabel) mach 48 Woerd av h 13 Brown 
Davis Edith M res 590 (300a) Moody 
Davis Elijah (Abbie J) mach h 909 Lexington 
Davis Elmer elk 354 (178) Moody 
Davis Frank B (Emily S) h 239 Ash 
Davis Frank H (S Ada) mach h 111 Alder 
Davis George res 94 Adams 

Davis Geo ge G (Mildred A) sec h 69 Worcester la 
Davis George P (Edith F) lawyer h 21 Boynton 
Davis Gladys W sten res 183 Chestnut 
Davis Harold E (Lila A) treas 115 Bacon h 247 

Davis Herbert L (L Ida) mgr 427 (227) Moody h 
, 204 Brown 

Davis Hiram H res 204 Brown 
Davis John F (Carrie G) mach 85 Myrtle h 96 Wash 

Davis Lewis N opr W W & C Co res Trapelo rd 
Davis Lida opr res 108 Chestnut 
Davis Mabel G opr W W & C Co res at Kendal Green 
Davis Mary J wid Sumner died May 25 1921 
Davis Millard L opr W W -ft C Co b at Kendall Green 
Davis Moses C (Nellie E) opr W W ft C Co h 183 

Davis Olive C piano tchr 590 (300a) Moody res do 
Davis Orlando C (Anna W) rem to East Chicago Ind 
Da\is Pierce F (Leona D) jobmaster W W ft C Co 

h 39 Villa 
Davis Ralph mach res 72 High 
Davis Robert A (Adele S) coml eng B h 18 Harris 
Davis Robert W (Reatta 0) sales h 256 Ash 
Davis Roscoe W (Annie) mach W W ft C Co h 377 

DAVIS WILL FRANK Pres W A Greenouoh Co Pub- 
lishers' Waltham Directory 603 Mass av Boston 
DAVIS & FARNUM MFG CO Charles W Hunter Vice- 

Pres Rcdney W Stratton Treas Engineers Founders 

Machinists and Steel Plate Construction Foundry 

av Bleachery Station See Iron Work Dept 
Davison Bessie R bkpr 278 (126) Moody res 215 

Davison Gladys sten res 7 Dexter 
Davison Laura S opr res 215 Robbins 
Davison Wm H (Beatrice M) W W ft C Co h 7 

Davisson Carrie E res at Newton 
Davisson Jerry C ins agt'll. (3) Moody h at "Newton 
Davisson John C sales 701 Main res at Newton 
Davisson Motor Co Arthur E Pecker pfes-treas auto 

703 Main 
Davisson Richard H mgr 703 Main h Ridgewood ter 
Davock Anna F tel opr 16 Spring h 177 Chestnut 
Davock Catherine M bkpr res 2 Gale 
Davock John E sten res 177 Chestnut 

Davock Joseph B elk res 94 Cushing 

Davock Margaret wid Peter h 92 Cushing 

Davock Martin H (Nora K) gro 263 River h 267 do 

Davock Mary wid John died Jan 25 1923 

Davock Mary wid Thomas h 94 Cushing 

Davock Mary L opr res 94 Cushing 

Davock Mary M cashr 271 (123) Moody res 177 

Davock Michael J (Delia) lab h 81 Pine 
Davock M Cecilia opr res 2 Gale 
Davock Peter H died Jan 23 1923 
Davock Peter J (Mary V) mach h 2 Gale 
Davock Sarah F wid John J died Sept 8 1921 
Davock Thomas elk res 92 Cushing 
Dawson Eleanor rem to Watertown 
Dawson George (Mary A) carp h 27 Willow 
Dawson Gertrude A bkpr res 27 Willow 
Dawson Harry S (Helen) h 21 Rich 
Dawson May N elk res 27 Willow 
Day Emma A wid Charles S died Oct 25 1922 
Day George E (Olive E) opr W W ft C Co h 72 

Day James A (Bessie J) phys 17 Spruce h do 
Day Percy F opr W W ft C Co res 145 Brown 
Dean Alice W (Smart Style Shop) 5 (1) Moody h 97 

Dean Dorothy E waitress 481 (251) Moody res 94 

Dean Edgar F opr W W ft C Co res 17 Chestnut 
Dean Frank H (Leila) opr W W ft C Co h 67 Ash 
Dean Jessie M Mrs res Cedar Crest farm Woburn 
Dean Leila M opr W W ft C Co res 67 Ash 
Dean Lewis G (May A) carp res 138 Crescent 
Dean Louis W (Gertrude A) mgr Cedar Crest Farm h 

Dean Marjorie wid Ernest L elk 609 Main res Beaver 

cor Lexington 
Dean Mary A wid Wm B died Feb 3 1922 
Dean May A Mrs opr W W ft C Co res 138 Crescent 
Dean Ruth Mis h 30 McKenn 
Deane Edgar F W W ft C Co res 17 Chestnut 
Dearborn Claude V (Bertha F) asst fore r 249 Dale 
Dearborn Elizabeth Mrs corsets 344 (174) Moody b 

49 Crescent 
Dearborn Forest E sales W W ft C Co h at W Newton 
Dearborn George C watchmkr W W ft C Co h 179 

Dearborn George W (Rosa L) rem to Northboro 
Dearnley Verna I opr W W ft C Co res 40 Orange 
Decker Donald USN res 31 Green 
Decker Percy W (Charlotte) sales h 25 Green 
Decker Wm F (Eleanor) mach h 31 Green 
Decker Wm W U S N res 31 Green 
Decelles Philip (Gertrude) h Woerd av 
Dechiara Giuseppe (Columbia) lab h 100 Central 
De Costa Alvah U (Mary A) opr W W 'ft C Co h 

Trapelo rd 
De Coste Annie F wid Felix h 21 Barton 
De Coste Eleanor elk res 21 Barton 
De Coste James P state police res 21 Barton 
De Coste Mary E tel opr 16 Spring res 23 Barton 
De Coste Norman A (Nora H) sales B b 56 Willow 
De Coste Ruth A elk 243 Moody res 56 Willow 
De Coster Isadore (Mary) opr h 390 River 
Decoteau Melina wid Joseph res 57 Taylor 
Dee Agnes L sten 314 (154) Moody rra 3 res at 

Deehan Joseph T died April 25 1922 
Deehan Margaret E bkpr 188 Lexington 
Deeban Mary J sten res 188 Lexington 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 



Deehan Thomas extracts 188 Lexington h do 
Deehan Veronica L elk rm 3 City Hall res 188 Lex- 
Deehan Walter T died April 22 1922 
Deeley Joseph L elk res 18 Bolton 
Deeley Michael C (Delia) mach h 18 Bolton 
Deely Peter F (Teresa L) auto rpr h 67 Hall 
Deering Charlotte A chiropodist 681 Main rm 16 res 

222 Bacon 
Deering Frederick A (Susan) acct h 21 Leonard 
Deering Katherine bkpr res 222 Bacon 
Deering Willie C (Helen) sales h 222 Bacon 
Deevy Patrick J (Ellen) (Deevy & Duggan) 7 Water 

h 2 Emery 
Deevy & Duggan (Patrick J Deevy Cornelius Duggan) 

blksmiths 7 Water 
Deffley Frank E (Grace E) elk h 41 Lawrence 
Deffley Grace E Mrs bkpr h 41 Lawrence 
De Fillipis Francesco (Lucia) button wkr h 33 Spring 
Defino Stephen (Angelina) chauf h 109 Central 
Defino Stephen (Stephenina) lab h 9 Music Hall av 
Degnious Charles driver res 562 Main 
Degouff Mitchell (Pauline) opr h 756 (380) Moody 
De Gouf Edward H (Esther) mill opr h 25 Adams 
De Grasse Nicholas (Angelina) carp h 161 Ash 
Degrove Adelaide rem to Box 
Degrove Mildred rem to Box 
Deguio Charles H tmstr 105 River res 562 Main 
Delabarre Perley W jobmaster W S Co Bumford av 

h at Watertown 
Delaney Bernard A chauf S Co res 79 Francis 
Delaney Edward elk 384 (202) Moody 
Delaney Edward F res 79 Francis 
Delaney Edward J wvr Pilgrim Rug Co res 24 Yetten 

Delaney Helen opr W W & C Co res 146 Adams 
Delaney James B (Margaret M) stone mason h 79 

Delaney James H driver res 79 Francis 
Delaney John J (Margaret A) auto rpr h 120 Myrtle 
Delaney Joseph A (Margaret) lab h 24 Yetten ter 
Delaney Loretta sten res 79 Francis 
Delaney Mary nurse M S F M res do 
Delaney Mary A opr W W & C Co res 29 Gordon 
Delaney Mary E opr res 79 Francis 
Delaney Nellie M opr W W & C Co res 146 Adams 
Delaney Thomas J (Mary T) driver h 16 Cutter 
Delaney Thomas L (Alice) rem to Newtonville 
Delaney Vincent (Mary) carp h 77 Cushing 
Delaney Wm F mach res 24 Yetten ter 
Delano Samuel S (Fannie) fore h 218 South 
Delemarre Lillian Mrs h 428 Main 
Delesdernier Oran M (Lillian) supt 515 South h 63 

Delfano Carmelo (Gratzia) lab h 23 McBrides ct 
Delfano David (Guiseppa) lab h 23 McBrides ct 
Delia Camera Luigi (Fannie) lab h 53 Williams 
Delle Pigne Joseph farmer r A Delle Pigne Harrington 

Delmotte A B mech res 42 Spruce 
deLorenzo Salvatore (Angelina) lab h 5 Benefit 
De Lorenzo John elk 619 (313) Moody res 614 (312) 

De Lorenzo Thomas (Maria G) fruits 619 (313) 

Moody h 614 (312) do 
De Lorenzo & Alaimo (Thomas De Lorenzo Emmanuel 

Alaimo) fruit 619 (313) Moody 
Delorey D Joseph (Margaret) (A J Gibson & Son) 

880 Main h 87 Charles 
Delorey Emilia A opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 

Delorey Wm (Sophie) car rpr 56 Galen h 29 Bkline 

De Lorey Elizabeth opr res 108 Charles 

De Lorey Hector (Mary A) carp h 22 Fern 

De Lorey Jane wid David h 108 Charles 

De Lorey John F (Theresa) chauf 124 Bright h 91 

Delosa Felix polisher W S & C Co res 44 Calvary 
Delosa Thomas (Mary) lab h 44 Calvary 
Deluca Nicola (Lucy) foundrymn h 12 Day 
De Luca James opr 21 Crescent h at Winchester 
Demarais Wilfred D (Gertrude A) mgr h 14 Winthrop 
Demarco Julia bkpr res 21 Spring 
DeMarque Charles J (Nettie) opr W W & C Co h 

199 Adams 
Demelle James hostler 200 Prospect h do 
Demelle Manuel H (Mary M) chauf 68 Grant h 32 

Demeo August elk res 20 Gordon 
Demeo Domenico (Linda) opr h 128 Charles 
Demeo Emilio (Elizabetta) gro h 144 Charles 
Demeo Francesca wid Simeon h 156 School 
Demeo Joseph (Fannie) restr 464 (244) Moody h 20 

Demeo Julian lab res 156 School 
Demeo Louis (Hannah) (Victory Lunch) 651 Main 

h 79 Hollace 
Demeo Palmer rstr res 79 Hall 
Demeo Pasquale (Angeline) bootblk 256 (116) Moody 

h 20 Gordon 
Demeo Salvatore (Annunziata) iron wkr h 29 Felton 
Demeo Salvatore (Nicolina) h 25 Felton 
Demers Julien (Regina) carp h 102 Howard 
Demers Leo carp res 102 Harvard 
Demitrias George tailor 212 (86) Moody res 36 

DeMond Harry E opr W W & C Co h at Weston 
DeMond Mable A opr W W & C Co res at Newton 
Demont Wm carp res 152 Brown 
Dempsey Catherine res 35 Gorham 
Dempsey John J (Mary L) dial mkr h 15 Common 
Dempsey John P elk h 35 Gorham 
Dempsey Margaret res 35 Gorham 
Denault Arthur F (Laura M) butcher h 226 Moody 
Denault George (Angela) molder h Seminole av nr 


Denault Octavie wid Louis h 11 Mechanic 
Deneault George (Lydia W) polisher W W & C Co 

res 121 Brown 
Deneault Josephine res 121 Brown 
Deneault Laura opr W W & C Co res 54 Fiske 
Denesha Huebert S (Marion G) fore h 20 Gordon 
Denison Herschell (Helen) U S N res 102 High 
Dennen Doris H student res 488 Lexington 
Dennen Gertrude M Mrs hkpr 488 Lexington 
Dennen Hollis E (Gertrude M) real est and ins 349 

(179) Moody h 488 Lexington 
Dennen Margaret A Mrs hkpr 258 Moody 
Dennen Balph W (Margaret A) physician 591 (301) 

Moody h do 
Dennis Thomas J (Ermine M A) baker Elm cor Bene- 
fit h 60 Cutter 
Dennison Walter C (Alice M) mgr 158 Lexington h 

15 Plympton av 
Denniston Annie F wid Daniel opr W W & C Co res 

164 Robbins 
Denniston Daniel C (Eva L) deputy state auditor 

h 187 Lowell 
Denniston Dorothy C student res 187 Lowell 
Denniston Susan M wid Edward res 68 Hollace 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Dent Carl (Ella F) elk Ry M S h 8 Prospect 
Dent Electa L wid George res 664 (336) Moody 
Dent Mildred E mlnr B res 664 (336) Moody 
Dent Raymond E (Prances M) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 133 Robbins 
Dent Holland (Mary A) mgr 353 (183) Moody h 

664 (336) do 
DePalma Antonio shoewkr 218 (90) Moody h at Som 
Derby Herbert E (Eva N) W W & C Co h 201 Brown 
Derbyshire Arthur L (Cora V) mach W W & C Co 

h 99 Lowell 
Derbyshire Eliza G wid George h 61 High 
Derbyshire Elizabeth wid Joseph res 33 Howard 
Derbyshire Frederick W watchmkrs' lathes 157 High 

h at W Newton 
Derbyshire Frederick W jr fore 157 High h at W 

Derbyshire George H mach 157 High h 33 Howard 
Derderian Krikor druggist 580 (296) Moody h do 
Derempio Antonio (Anna) lab h 16 Sun 
Dermott Frederick A (Caroline) rem to Kendall Green 
Dermott Harry (Madeline) sales 580 Main h 346 

Dermott Robert H (Adelaide) h 253 Bacon 
Derocher Joseph fore B Mfg Co h 369 (197) Moody 
De Roo Grace A wid Albert died April 30 1922 
Deroyan Paul rubberwkr res 19 Melendy av 
Deroyan Tartevos rubberwkr res 19 Melendy av 
Derry Sarah R wid Wallace died April 2 1923 
DeRubeis Louis patternmkr 123 Moody h at Newton 
DesAulnier Hattie opr W W & C Co res 14 Spruce 
DeSisto Pasquale (Norah) micawkr h 22 Noonan 
Desmond Anna teleg res 25 Common 
Desmond Florence M sten res 25 Common 
Desmond James J (Nellie M) mach h 50 Prospect 
Desmond John F cond res 22 Prospect hill av 
Desmond Lester R (Lillian E) elect h 32 Turner 
Desmond Timothy V plant supt 21 Crescent h at 

Desmond Wm J tacker res 25 Common 
Desmond Wm P eng M S F M res do 
Deuplisea Jennie opr W W & C Co res 153 Brown 
Deuplisea Laura A opr W W & C Co res 153 Brown 
Devane Catherine M h 47 Vernon 
Devane Helen L bkpr res 47 Vernon 
Devane John F bkpr res 47 Vernon 
Devane John W (Delia) driver res 30 Harvard 
Devane Mark mason h 30 Harvard 
Devane Martin C (Mary) driver h 12 Brown's av 
Devane Mary J bkpr res 47 Vernon 
Devane Patrick J (Bridget) lab h 49 Pond 
Devane Thomas J carp h 47 Vernon 
Devane Thomas P elk P res 47 Vernon 
Devaney Bridget wid Malachi died May 28 1921 
Devaney Bridget A nurse h 18 Day 
Devaney Katharine E res 18 Day 
Devaney Mary E silk insp res 18 Day 
Devaul Luzetta S opr W W & C Co h 156 Robbins 
Deveaux Anselm (Flora) opr h 20 School 
Deveaux Edmond res 5 Fountain 
Deveaux Eugene (Alvina) carp h 94 Charles 
Deveaux Fred (Dina) opr h 5 Fountain 
Deveaux Simon (Louise) lab h 30 Sun 
DeVeber Beatrice prin 764 Main h do 
DeVenne Edward W (Emma) opr W W & C Co h 57 

DeVenne J Ernest (Edith E) system elk W W & C 

Co h 15 Boynton 
DeVenne Samuel (Annie) opr W W & C Co h 2S 


Devereaux George F mech eng res 25 Crescent 

Devley Patrick (Catherine) h 49 Cedar 

Devlin Agnes M opr W W & C Co res 17 Charles st av 

Devlin Edward M (Grace E) gatemn Pine h 38 Cutter 

Devlin Horace gasftr res 38 Cutter 

Devlin James A (Mary A) carp h 17 Charles st av 

Devlin John mach res 130 Brown 

Devlin Joseph P mach res 130 Brown 

Devlin Michael J (Katherine) mason tender h 130 

Devlin Michael P (Agnes) bricklayer h 54 Bolton 
Devlin Noreen opr res 130 Brown 
Devlin Patrick J (Annie) mason h 25 Fern 
Devlin Patrick J jr (Annie M) plmbr res 6 Sun 
Devlin Thomas F (Florence) opr h Pigeon la off 

Devoe Paul (Sarah J) mach h 52 Walnut 
Devoe Vincent carp res 52 Walnut 
Dewey Foster cook res 42 Spruce 
Dewey Sadie C opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
DeWitt Manufacturing Co rem to Scranton Pa 
DeWitt Walter opr res 240 Crescent 
DeWitt Wm J (Ethel F) pres rem to Scranton Pa 
DeWolf Clifford D hlpr res 169 Grove 
DeWolf Cyril (Louise) millwright h 169 Grove 
De Wolfe Annie M nurse M S F M res do 
DeWolfe Laura B nurse M S F M res do 
Dexter Paul D lino opr 18 Pine h at Watertown 
Dexter Thomas P (Agnes B) h 58 Myrtle 

Hiawatha av at Hardy's pond h do 
DiAcone Domenico (Mary) lab h 22 Exchange 
DiAngelo Alfred (Palma) lab h 19 Spring 
Dickerson Walter W rem to Concord 
Dickey Emogene F wid George P res 11 Crafts 
Dickey Evelyn student res 475 South 
Dickey George W (Mary B) elk N E Tel Co h 475 

Dickey Irvin G (Mildred B) opr W W & C Co h 791 

(395) Moody 
Dickey Orland H (Georgie M) elk B h 74 Maple 
Dickinson Frederick mason 148a School h do 
Dicks Alexander (Florence) rem to Los Angeles Calif 
Dicks Anna wid Joseph hkpr 349 Moody 
Dicks Edward rubberwkr res 112 Prospect 
Dicks Esther J opr res 29 Highland 
Dicks Hannah wid Joseph died Aug 7 1923 
Dicks Harold E (Mary I) carp res 45 Francis 
Dicks Irene L opr W W & C Co res 143 Riverview av 
Dicks John (Esther J) opr W W & C Co h 29 High- 
Dicks Joseph (Eliza J) (Rand & Dicks) h 143 River- 
view av 
Dicks Marjorie M elk res 29 Highland 
Dicks Reuben H (Bessie N) mach W W & C Co h 

33 Cherry 
Dicks Sadie E Mrs opr W W & C Co res 703 (349) 

Dicks Stanley opr W W & C Co res 33 Cherry 
DiDomenico Alexander (Alcelia) lab h 32 Bolton 
DiErcole Guido elk res 162 School 
DiFazio Josephine opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
DiGregorio Pasquale (Maria) opr h 197 Newton 
Dillon John J (Mary A) plmbr h 18 Orchard av 
Dillon Joseph H (Bernice) bldr h 26 Chester Brook rd 
Dillon Julia A Mrs died Aug 12 1922 
Dillon Katherine T elk res 66 Plympton 
Dillon Margaret M bkpr res 66 Plympton 
Dillon Mary L bkpr res 122 Bacon 
Dillon Patrick lab h 122 Bacon 




Tel. Conn. 



Dillon Thomas (Ellen) fore B & M h 66 Plyrapton 

DiMarco Giuseppe (Giovanina) gro 23 Spring h 21 do 

DiMarco Luigi (Maria) lab h 158 School 

Dimatia Raphael h 50 Calvary 

Dimat.ia Raphael jr opr res 50 Calvary 

DiMatteo Raphael (Vincenza) lab h 8 McB rides ct 

Dimeo Bocco lab res 52 Exchange 

Dimmell Edna opr res Riverview pi off Prospect 

Dimmell James W (Alice M) lab h Riverview pi off 

Dimmell Wm H elect res Riverview pi off Prospect 
Dimock Gladys C opr W W & C Co res 149 Adams 
DiMurro Frank (Annie) gro 107 Charles h 109 do 
Dinan Johanna wid Dennis died June 11 1921 
Dingley Harold F auto rpr res 29 Barton 
Dinsmore Arthur E (Elizabeth R) opr W W & C Co 

h 78 Ash 
Dinsmore Ernest P res 78 Ash 
Dinsmore Margaret L Mrs h 239 School 
Dion Alice M opr E H W Co res 32 Floyd 
Dion Edmour D (Victoria) elk 243 (109) Moody h 

45 Highland 
Dion Emil J (Florence V) mach h rear 253 Charles 
Dion Eva L elk res 32 Floyd 
Dion Irene R elk res 45 Highland 
Dion George J mach W M Wks res 45 Highland 
Dion Joseph A (Effie E) express 32 Floyd h do 
Dion Napoleon J elk 243 (109) Moody h 45 Highland 
DiPhillippi Francis h 1 Mack ct 
Disken Edward P molder res 107 River 
Disken George T hlpr res 107 River 
Disken Hannah M wid Patrick h 107 River 
Disken John F (Margaret M) molder h 199 Grove 
Disken Peter A coremkr res 107 River 
Disken Theresa M shoewkr res 107 River 
Disken Wm A (Bridget) hlpr h 8 Evergreen way 
DIX LUMBER CO Lumber and Building Materials 173 

Harvey Cambridge Tel Porter 0500 See front cover 
Dixon Chester W (Isabel D) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 9 Chester av 
Dixon Frances nurse M S F M res do 
Dixon Isabel D sec res 9 Chester av 
Dixon Thomas A (Mary) reporter h rear 759 (rear 

377) Moody 
Dixon W Leslie (Edith V) auto sales 220 Moody h 

67 Adams 
Dizef Samuel K meat ctr res 904 (452) Moody 
Doane John R (Elizabeth) bldr 23 Prospect h do 
Dobson George H (Pearl) carp h Wamsutta av 
Dodge Alvin opr W W & C Co h 99 Chestnut 
Dodge Auburn benchhand W S Co res 99 Chestnut 
Dodge Carrie A hkpr 40 Myrtle res do 
Dodge Ellery A (Mary E) rem to Watertown 
Dodge Elsie P Mrs opr W W & C Co res 51 Brown 
Dodge George S (Mary L) driver h 42 Harvard 
Dodge Harriet S res 245 Lowell 
Dodge Leslie G opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Dodge Mary E h 554 Lexington 
Dodge Mary J Mrs opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Dodge Walter G opr W W & C Co res 245 Lowell 
Dodge Wm H janitor res 99 Chestnut 
Doe Caroline S Mrs reporter 18 Pine h 86 Howard 
Doe Elizabeth wid Henry opr 21 Crescent h 58 Ash 
Doe Ernest I (Maud A) aud h 119 Bobbins 
Doe Marjorie R opr W W & C Co res 58 Ash 
Doe Marvin (Esther) molder h 76 Bobbins 
Doe Phebe A wid Samuel M h 59 Hammond 
Doe Ralph A (Caroline S) (D & G Dial Co) 22 

Whitney av h 86 Howard 
Doheney Albert E bkpr h Wellington grove 

Doherty Ada A hkpr h 27 Faneuil rd 

Doherty Anthony J pres Watch City Co-operative Bank 

h at Lincoln 
Doherty Arthur W elk res 325 Newton 
Doherty Bernard lab h 62 Guinan 
Doherty Charles R (Mary E) mach h 177 Summer 
Doherty Claire N sten 45 Moody res 20 Plympton 
Doherty Helena M sten res 325 Newton 
Doherty Jane L opr W W & C Co res 27 Faneuil rd 
Doherty John J (Mary) blksmith h Foundry av 
Doherty John W mach res 27 Faneuil rd 
Doherty Marian bkpr res 20 Plympton 
Doherty Marion E T bkpr W C Welch Co South re3 

20 Plympton 
Doherty Mary R res 325 Newton 
Doherty Mary T opr W W & C Co res 67 Fiske av 
Doherty Mary T Mrs died March 6 1923 
Doherty Patrick (Mary) firemn h 34 Turner 
Doherty Wm F (Mary E) gro 32 Oak h 326 Newton 
Doherty see Dougherty 
Doiron Agnes V Mrs died Dec 14 1921 
Doiron Corine elk 243 Moody res 58 Willow 
Doiron Edna M cashr res 58 Willow 
Doiron Eva M elk 219 (91) Moody res 58 Willow 
Doiron Helen M opr W W & C Co res 58 Willow 
Doiron Mary h 80 Central 

Doiron Placide (Gladys) barber 643 Main h 58 Wil- 
Doiron Wm J metal polisher W W & C Co h 34 

Doiron see Gould 
Dolan Ann opr res 545 Main 
Dolan Anna M mgr res 90 Church 
Dolan Annie V seam res 88 Pond 
Dolan Catherine M res 14 Dartmouth 
Dolan Delia A h 14 Dartmouth 
Dolan Delia E elk res 88 Pond 
Dolan Dorothy res 590 Main 
Dolan Ellen h 142 Calvary 
Dolan George T (Catherine T) ins agt 11 Moody h 

703 (349) Moody 
Dolan Gertrude sten 100 Beaver res 125 Prospect 
Dolan John J gro 211 School h 88 Pond 
Dolart Margaret stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 703 

(349) do 
Dolan Margaret wid John res 703 (349) Moody 
Dolan Maria h 590 Main suite 8 
Dolan Mary died June 27 1921 
Dolan Mary E died June 27 1921 
Dolan Theresa res 14 Dartmouth 
Dolan Winifred T elk 243 Moody res 88 Pond 
Doland Hugh died Feb 18 1923 
Dolard Edward res 310 River 
Dolard Nicholas driver res 15 Common 
Dolber Jessie C wid George ,E h 23 Wash av 
Dolber Marion A elk res 23 Wash av 
Dolber Raymond S (Harriet E) acct B h 23 Wash av 
Dolby Helen elk W W & C Co res 870 (434) Moody 
Dolby Lottie mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 35 Alder 
Dolham Ralph S fore 87 Rumford av res 139 Brown 
Dolham Wilbur M (Lillian E) opr W W & C Co h 

139 Brown 
Doliber Clarence L chauf res 88 Cushing 
Doliber Roscoe F (Esther B) chauf h 43 Lowell 
Doliver Clarence E chauf res 662 (334) Moody 
Dolliver Theodore H (Frances B) express 128 Russell 

h do 
Don's Baking Co Mrs Lillian E Donoghue mgr 343 

(175) Moody 
Don's Shoe Store Mrs L E Donoghue mgr 177 Moody 





Tel. Waltham 0940 



Donahoe Bridget L wid Michael died Nov 26 1923 
Donahoe Edward R student res 15 Dartmouth 
Donahoe Helen B tchr res 15 Dartmouth 
Donahoe John B (Mary A) police h 15 Dartmouth 
Donahoe Joseph I (Lillian) opr h 54 Orange 
Donahoe Mary F student res 15 Dartmouth 
Donahue Francis J (Sarah A) police h 105 Bacon 
Donahue Michael J (Margaret) insp W S Co h 71 

Donahue Patrick E (Elizabeth M) claim agt h 66 

Donaldson Gertrude M Mrs opr W W & C Co h 194V 2 

Dondero Louis (Annie) frgt hd B & M h 31 McKenn 
Donehey Albert E (Helen) gas wkr r Hardy's Pond rd 
Donehey Frank E (Emma W) frgt checker h Hardy's 

Pond rd 
Donihee Annie C cook res 93 Willow 
Donlan Alice E opr W W & C Co res 50 Alder 
Donlan Alice G res 48 Fiske 
Donlan Andrew A lab res 59 Bacon 
Donlan Andrew F (Gladys A) dentist 211 (85) 

Moody rm 2 h 843 Main 
Donlan Catherine H bkpr res 48 Fiske 
Donlan Helen sten res 48 Fiske 
Donlan John J res 93 Pond 
Donlan John R (Alice) pntr h 50 Alder 
Donlan Joseph S elk res 59 Bacon 
Donlan Julia T wid Andrew h 59 Bacon 
Donlan Katherine J bkpr res 93 Pond 
Donlan Loretta M sten res 59 Bacon 
Donlan Mary at E E H W Wks res 59 Bacon 
Donlan Mary A Mrs h 48 Fiske 
Donlan Thomas F (Teresa) cutter h rear 251 Bacon 
Donlan Winifred wid Michael h 93 Pond 
Donlon Annie E drsmkr 23 Russell h do 
Donlon Bridget M res 28 Charles 
Donlon John (Catherine) h 203 Grove 
Donlon Lawrence died Nov 30 1922 
Donlon Margaret E h 28 Charles 
Donlon Mary wid Lawrence h 48 Fiske 
Donlon Michael J (Mary J) lab h 77 Oak 
Donnell Ella wid Ernest dom h 459 (239) Moody 
Donnell John F steward M S F M res do 
Donnellan Mary A opr W W & C Co res 28 Ash 
Donnellan Wm J (Mary A) carp h 28 Ash 
Donnelly Catherine M opr W W & C Co r 30 Gilbert 
Donnelly Grace E elk res 30 Gilbert 
Donnelly Hugh J (Catherine) lab h 30 Gilbert 
Donnelly James jewel mkr 11 Gifford av h at Auburn- 
Donnelly John J lab res 30 Gilbert 
Donnelly Lawrence F hoseman Chem 1 h 16 Chestnut 
Donnelly Wm (Mary L) elk h 93 Willow 
Donoghue Joseph P (Lillian E) baker h 54 Orange 
Donoghue Lillian E mgr 343 (175) Moody h 54 

Donoghue Ralph L (Martha B) aud h 37 Shirley rd 
Donoghue Yvonne elk res 54 Orange 
Donohue John J student res 50 Francis 
Donovan Anna T elk W W & C Co res 59 Farwell 
Donovan Catherine opr W W & C Co res 545 Main 
Donovan John J sec 55 Rum ford av h at Dor 
Donovan John J (Margaret A) h 59 Farwell 
Donovan John J jr paperwkr res 59 Farwell 
Donovan P J res 94 Adams 
Dooley David chauf 217 Lexington h Bowdoin av 
Dooley David A (Alice T) mach h Hiawatha av 
Dooley James lab res 79 Oak 
Doolittle Harry A (Bessie) carp h 150 Alder 

Doolittle Helen E sten res 150 Alder 

Dooner James P (Ethel S) driver 390 Main h 67 

Doore Daniel (Raphina) carp h 36 Oak 
Doore Evelyn E nurse res 42 Dexter 
Doore Milton H (Glenn M) auto rpr 33 Crescent h 42 

Doran Alfred gard res 13 Wash av 
Do ran Genevieve tohr res 13 Wash av 
Doran Laura B tchr res 13 Wash av 
Doran Sarah J wid Alfred died Mar 21 1923 
Doran Susan F tchr h 13 Wash av 
Doran Wm L (Hazel A) state agri repr h 21 Stow 
Dorant Isabelle opr W W & C Co res 104 Cushing 
D'Orazio Luigi A (Louisa) sales h 15 Highland 
Dore Charles card fixer res 20 Crescent 
Dore Guy E carp res 541 Main 
Dorey Clyde H (Ruby B) icemn h 87 Ash 
Dorey Ruby B opr W W & C Co res 87 Ash 
Dorian Wm J (Bertha M) polisher h 34 Winthrop 
Dorney" Daniel opr W W & C Co h 92 Cushing 
Dorr Alice E sec res 41 Vernon 
Dorr Frederick H opr W W & C Co res 49 Chestnut 
Dorr George W (Mary E) cond h rear 562 Main 
Dorr Madaline L opr W W & C Co r 163% Chestnut 
Dorr Oscar H (Mary) carrier 290 (134) Moody h 

163 % Chestnut 
Dorr Wm H expressmn res Wellington grove 
Dorrey Henry res 591 Lexington 
Dorrington Maude B opr W W & C Co res 50 Stow 
Dorrington Nellie E wid John W res 50 Stow 
Dorrington Rayford E (Maude B) watchmkr W W & 

C Co h 50 Stow 
Dorsey John M (Mary E) chauf h 182 Willow 
Dorval Charles L rem to Winthrop 
Dorval Frank J rem to Winthrop 
Dorval George died June 15 1921 
Doty Augustus F h Forest nr Trapelo rd 
Doty Floris G opr W W & C Co res 57 Orange 
Doty George H died Sept 18 1923 
Doty Gilbert (Ruby) opr res 57 Orange 
Doty Mildred A opr W W & C Co res 57 Orange 
Doty Ruby opr W W & C Co res 57 Orange 
Doucet Anna opr res 153 Brown 
Doucet Cecil opr res 194 Felton 
Doucet Emma J opr W W & C Co res 564 Main 
Doucet George M (Katherine) rubberwkr h 194 Felton 
Doucet Henry carp res 669 (335) Moody 
Doucet Hubert (Clara) carp h 46 Harvard 
Doucet Isaac J opr res 46 Howard 
Doucet Kenneth J (Mary) opr h 68 Hall 
Doucet Marguerite A opr W W & C Co res 68 Hall 
Doucet Martha opr res 153 Brown 
Doucet Nellie W W & C Co res 194 Felton 
Doucet Sarah opr res 194 Felton 
Doucett Alfred opr W W & C Co h 140 Bobbins 
Doucett James elk 243 Moody res 87 Cushing 
Doucett Marguerite opr res 140 Robbins 
Doucett Sarah res 140 Robbins 
Doucette Albert carp res 16 Cushing 
Doucette Alexander J lab res 93 Cushing 
Doucette Alma opr W W & C Co r 703 (349) Moody 
Doucette Anna res 23 Robbins 

Doucette Beatrice M opr W W & C Cjd r 114 Charles 
Doucette Catherine waitress 681 (341a) Moody res 

165 Adams 
Doucette Celia res 93 Cushing 
Doucette Charles H (Eva M) mach 49 Woerd av h 

130 Riverview av 
Doucette Christine F opr W W & C Co res 85 Maple 




584 (298) Moody St tel. 

OW t VBB« At «*». 


2615 Walthara,Mass. 



Doucette Claudia M opr W W & C Co res 79 Hall 
Doucette Elda M opr W W & C Co res 53 Cushing 
Doucette Elizabeth elk res 87 Cushing 
Doucette Emma opr W W & C Co res 564 Main 
Doucette Fred (Julia) elect h 87 Cushing 
Doucette George A mach res 87 Cushing 
Doucette George W iron wkr res 89 Central 
Doucette Henry J tinsmith res 87 Cushing 
Doucette James A elk res 87 Cushing 
Doucette Jennie opr res 12 Crescent 
Doucette Jessie J opr W W & Co Co res 12 Crescent 
Doucette John mach W W & C Co res 12 Crescent 
Doucette Joseph bkpr res 12 Crescent 
Doucette Joseph G (Mary A) blksmith h 89 Central 
Doucette Joseph H tinsmith res 87 Cushing 
Doucette Joseph J (Delle) janitor W W & C Co res 

25 Adams 
Doucette Julia opr W W & C Co res 66 Prospect 
Doucette Leo (Celia) driver 200 Prospect h 121 

Doucette Lubin (Lucy) mach h 23 Bobbins 
Doucette Marius J carp res 54 Orange 
Doucette Mary opr res 703 (349) Moody 
Doucette Mary wid Theodore res 139 Riverview av 
Doucette Mary E opr res 112 Charles 
Doucette Mary E sten 11 (3) Moody res 87 Cushing 
Doucette Mathras (Justine) opr h 85 Maple 
Doucette Matilda wid John S h 93 Cushing 
Doucette Mitchell (Elizabeth F) millwright h Bowdoin 

Doucette Myles (Olive) carp h 74 Church 
Doucette Nellie opr W W & C Co res 132 Adams 
Doucette Peter (Lucy) lab h 19 Parkers la 
Doucette Reuben (Julia 0) shoe rpr 865a Main h 

rear 144 School 
Doucette Samuel H (Winifred E) mach 48 Woerd av 

h 81 Ash 
Doucette Sophie opr W W & C Co res 80 Charles 
Doucette Sophie A res 837 Main 
Doucette Susanne opr W W & Co res 17 Sun 
Doucette Theresa P opr res 85 Maple 
Doucette Thomas carp res 52 Walnut 
Doucette Thomas H (Pauline M) baker res 38 Fiske 
Doucette Virginia J opr W W & C Co res 564 Main 
Doucette Walter F (Frances) organ bldr res 112 Cres- 
Doucette Wilfred F (Emma) opr res 74 Church 
Doucette see Dowcett 
Dougherty Dennis W fore h 20 Plympton 
Dougherty Erwin F (Lulu M) carp h 16 Norumbega 

Dougherty Hugh (Winnifred E) mach h 95 Robbins 
Dougherty John R janitor 290 (134) Moody res 141 

Dougherty Mary T Mrs died March 6 1923 
Douglas Charles E (Jennie M) cond h 19 Palmer 
Douglas J Fred W opr W W & C Co h at Natick 
Douglas Mary wid Fred C res 134 Brown 
Douglas Oliver B (Mary) pntr 84 Gardner h do 
Douglass Irvin G janitor 735 Main h 33 Beech 
Douglass Janet L opr W W & C Co res 314 Crescent 
Dow C Ralph (Blanche B) city auditor 614 Main rm 

1 h 144c Hammond 
Dow Flora E wid Lenore bkpr h 16 Banks 
Dow Fred E janitor res 880% Main 
Dow Henry (Annie W) plmbr h 25 Gordon 
Dow Ira F (Eva M) blksmith h 70 Adams 
Dow James E (Ruth) carp h 45 Alder 
Dow M Catherine res rear 245 Main 

Dow Norbert (Anna W) driver S Co h rear 245 

Dow Orrin H (Catherine M) job master W W & C Co 

h rear 245 Main 
Dow Ruth T opr W W & C Co res 49 Sharon 
Dow Wm B (Harriet E) (Dow & Zoehler) h 301 

Dow & Zoehler (Wm B Dow and Edwin C C Zoehler) 

confrs 891 Main 
Dowcett Fred J (Gertrude) sales h 19 Caughey 
Dowcett Herbert L roach 296 Newton res 129 Myrtle 
Dowcett Mary S sten res 129 Myrtle 
Dowcett Philip (Josephine B) restr mgr 94 Adams h 

129 Myrtle 
Dowcett see Doucett and Doucette 
Dowd Alice L elk 25 Lexington res 14 Columbus av 
Dowd Gertrude wid Edward F h 802 Main 
Dowd Grace M opr res 30 Calvary 
Dowd Helen M res Baker estate South 
Dowd James C (Margaret A) pntr h South Baker 

Dowd Josephine B tel opr res 30 Calvary 
Dowd Mary rubbeiwkr res 30 Calvary 
Dowd Mary E wid Timothy J h 30 Calvary 
DOWD PATRICK J (Elizabeth F) (Dowd & French) 

11 (3) Moody Rms 10 and 11 h 14 Columbus av 
Dowd Sarah opr res 30 Calvary 
DOWD & FRENCH (Patrick J Dowd Harry L French) 

Lawyers 11 (3) Moody rms 10 and 11 Tel Waltham 

0518 See Attorneys at Law Dept 
Dowdell Alfred J (Grace) opr W W & C Co h 15 

Norumbega ter 
Dowdell John S died Aug 6 1921 
Dowe Alta M nurse M S F M res do 
Dowell Georgina nurse M S F M res do 
Dower Louise Mrs opr W W & C Co res 33 Dexter 
Dowling Albert H sales 14 Pine h at Medford 
Dowling Gertrude opr W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Downer Emma M opr W W & C Co res 53 Robbins 
Downes Helen G opr W W & C Co res 38 Newton 
Downes Jerome I H (Winifred B) archt h 411 Main 
Downes Joana T opr W W & C Co res 38 Newton 
DOWNES LUMBER CO THE Lumber of All Kinds 470 

Harrison av Boston Tel Beach 6400 See backbone 

and Lumber Dept 
Downing Alice G opr W W & C Co res 64 Oak 
Downing Anna E sec res 51 Fiske 
Downing Avard (Bertha) carp res 96 Robbins 
Downing Avard W (Birdie B) carp h 87 Ash 
Downing Florence L elk res 64 Oak 
Downing Jessie M sten J L T Mfg Co res 39 Chestnut 
Downing Joseph M (Rose E) supervisor h 51 Fiske 
Downing Laurie (Mary) firemn No 3 h 39 Chestnut 
Downing Mabel F res 64 Oak 
Downing Mary M elk B Mfg Co res 51 Fiske 
Downing Robert F pntr h 64 Oak 
Downing Robert H elk res 64 Oak- 
Downing Roy L (Downing's Express) 39 Chestnut h do 
Downing Wm A (Bessie) sales h 41 Chestnut 
Downing's Express (Roy L Downing) express furn mvg 

and packing 39 Chestnut 
Downs Edith A opr W W & C Co res 187 Robbins 
Downs Eva C wid George A died Sept 9 1923 
Downs Grace M opr W W & C Co res 187 Robbins 
Downs Harriet A wid Albert died Oct 11 1921 
Downs Helen elk res 38 Newton 
Downs Jennie L sten res 187 Robbins 
Downs Walter H opr W W & C Co h at Weston 





Downs Win H (Margaret) relief enginemn Eng 1 h 

187 Bobbins 
Downs Wilson (Emma C) sales h 8 Lexington ter 
Doyle Agnes M buyer res Pine Hill cir nr Lincoln 
Doyle Angelina C res 22 Gotham 
Doyle Catherine mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at Newton 

Lower Falls 
Doyle Cornelius died Nov 6 1921 
Doyle Elizabeth T Mrs opr W W & C Co r 30 Middle 
Doyle Eva wid Edward opr W W & C Co r 85 Brown 
Doyle Prank H (Gertrude A) phys 738 Main h do 
Doyle Geneva wid Edward opr W W & Co res 85 

Doyle John P (Susan M) dairymn h 284 Warren 
Doyle John P (Mary E) elk (E Camb) h 21 Weston 
Doyle Joseph P dial wkr res 8 Grant 
Doyle Julia Mrs h Pine Hill cir nr Lincoln 
Doyle Lena C res 22 Gorham 
Doyle Leonard J opr W W & C Co res 8 Grant 
Doyle Martin S (Mary A) police h 8 Grant 
Doyle Mary P fitter res Pine Hill cir nr Lincoln 
Doyle Michael J (Mary E) stmftr h 20 Oak 
Doyle Peter P watchmn 87 Eumford av h 22 Gorham 
Doyle Sadie mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at Newton 

Lower Palls 
Doyle Stella opr W W & C Co res at Concord Junct 
Doyle Thomas J carrier 290 (134) Moody h 137 

Dozois Albert B (Mabel E) elk h 58 Myrtle 
Drake Bradford W h 212 Bacon 
Drake Martha L tchr 212 Bacon res do 
Drake Osborne chef res 564 Main 
Drake Sidney W W & C Co res 221 Adams 
Draper Fred E h 82 Plympton 
Draper Isabella wid Jesse L res 896 Main 
Draper Lois M elk res 896 Main 
Dreelan Joseph A (Catherine G) firemn h 170 Willow 
Dreelan Wm J elk res 170 Willow 
Drepperd John P (Lena T) mach h 5 Grant pi 
Drew Alger W tire mkr res 259 Charles 
Drew Byron S (Flora B) dist mgr h 80 Howard 
Drew Fred L (Mary E) bkpr 234 (100) Moody h 49 

Drew Orpha res 59 Maple 
Drinkwater Mary E h 185 Chestnut 
Drinkwater Raymond opr W W & C Co r 26 Plympton 
Driscoll Anna V elk res 65 Bedford 
Driscoll Benjamin J (Mary L) mgr 868 Main h 3 

Driscoll Catherine wid Mark h Lincoln nr Lincoln line 
Driscoll Gertrude opr W W & C Co res at Concord 

Driscoll Jeremiah J (Bridget) fore B & M h 65 

Driscoll John P farmer res Mrs Catherine Driscoll 

Driscoll Joseph chauf 129 Moody h 84 Lexington 
Driscoll Joseph J res 65 Bedford 
Driscoll Joseph P (Alice L) chauf h 81 Lexington 
Driscoll Mark M farmer res Mrs. Catherine Driscoll 

Driscoll Mary A wid James res 5 Pond 
Driscoll Michael J (Helen H) steel wkr h 211 Brown 
Drown Linus W (Alice M) opr W W & C Co h 9 

Riverview av 
Droz Arline F wid Daniel rem 
Droz Charles A C (Marie) opr W W & C Co h 946 

(468) Moody 
Drummond John A (Florence) stereo h 60 Orange 
Drury Carl K (Bertha) elk res 473 (247) Moody 

Drury Cora C Mrs opr W W & C Co h 22 Adams 
Drury Donald A sten res 22 Adams 
Drury Dorothy L opr W W & C Co res 22 Adams 
Drury Frederick C (Julin E) mach W W & C Co h 

26 Park 
Drury George P (Evelyn P) lawyer B h 68 Lyman 
Drury Guy C (Marion E) sales 226 (96) Moody 
Drury Marion E opr W W & C Co res 32 Maple 
Drury Warren E (Flora B) auto rpr h 15 Harvard 
Drury Warren E mach 1025 Main res 123 Adams 
Drury Wm C student h 178 Linden 
Drury Wm H (Mary P) lawyer h 178 Linden 
Duane J Wallace (Eleanor) elk res 507 Main 
Duane Patrick J (Mary J) lawyer 237 (103) Moody 

rm 8 h 507 Main 
Dubin Harry (Ida) watchmkr W W & C Co h 205 

Dubin Louis student res 205 Charles 
Dubin Orner U (Victorine F) carp h 159 South 
Dubin Samuel student res 205 Charles 
Dubois Clarence A (Agnes B) sales h 423 Main 
Dubois Mabel L wid Arthur dial pntr W W & C Co 

h 38 Prospect 
Dubois Wm H (Georgia) h 42 Wellington 
DuBois Rosario (Evelyn) ins agt 11 Moody res 19 

DuBourdieu Samuel opr res 102 Taylor 
Duchanne Bose P opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Duclos Louise M tchr S Grammar sch h at Rox 
Duddy Celia wid Michael J h 23 Brown's av 
Duddy Emily wid John A h 9 Taylor 
Duddy Frank M (Grace J) mach W W & C Co h 4 

Gibbs ct 
Duddy Martin J (Winifred G) carp h 1 Bemis av 
Duddy Mary A tool mkr W W & C Co res 7 Elm ct 
Duddy Nora J elk res 7 Elm ct 
Duddy Thomas (Mary I) asst mgr h 200 River 
Duddy Thomas J (Margaret J) lather h 7 Elm ct 
Duddy Thomas P opr res 7 Elm ct 
Duddy Timothy bricklayer res 9 Taylor 
' Dudley Annette F wid George A h 48 Rumford av 
Dudley Bela A rubberwkr res 156 Adams 
Dudley Charles F h 49 Exchange 
Dudley Earle H W W & C Co res 49 Exchange 
Dudley Wm W jr opr W W & C Co res 57 Prospect 
Duemmling Henry J (Eva N) riveter h 20 Barnes 
Duff Jennie opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Duffy Annie J opr W W & C Co res 55 Taylor 
Duffy Catherine weaver res 123 Chestnut 
Duffy Charles H (Annie) mach W W & C Co h 55 

Duffy Elizabeth G sten res 24 Piske 
Duffy James (Catherine A) bucklemkr h 76 Oak 
Duffy Johanna wid Frank h 16 Centre 
Duffy John F (Isabella L) opr W W & C Co h 74 

Duffy John F W W & C Co res 74 Guinan 
Duffy John R (Annette A) opr W W & C Co h 64% 

Duffy Joseph (Philomena J) lab h 18 John 
Duffy Laura bkpr res 27 McKenn 
Duffy Leo F lab res 18 John 
Duffy Mary elk J L T Mfg Co res 18 John 
Duffy Mary V nurse res 16 Center 
Duffy Michael res 27 McKenn 
Duffy Michael P (Celia) police h 15 Robbins 
Duffy Patrick J (Mary) fore h 94 Cedar 
Duffy Thomas F (Catherine L) lawyer 11 (3) Moody 

rm 12 h 195 Chestnut 
Duffy Wm E student res 24 Piske 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Dufresne Blanche E Mrs elk 489 (253) Moody h 

392 Newton 
Dufresne Wilfred (Blanche E) opr W W & C Co 

res 392 Newton 
Dugan Alice B wid Henry M h 41 Vernon 
Dugan Bridget wid Patrick h 17 Farwell 
Dugan Catherine A nurse h 28 Lexington ter 
Dugan Catherine M sten res 17 Farwell 
Dugan Edward D (Norah) molder h 854 Main 
Dugan Edward T (Margaret C) auto rpr h 17 Wash av 
Dugan Henry M died June 14 1923 
Dugan James T sten res 854 Main 
Dugan John F lab res 17 Farwell 
Dugan Joseph mach res 17 Farwell 
Dugan Joseph J (Margaret G) die mkr 296 Newton 

h 47 Clark 
Dugan Margaret V opr res 40 Pond 
Dugan Mary M elk res 17 Farwell 
Dugan Norman H (Madeline) H W Co res 16 Fiske 
Dugan Norman H opr E H W Wks res 41 Vernon 
Dugan P E ins agt 11 Moody res at Maynard 
Dugan Peter J asst treas 23 (6) Moody h at Newton 
Dugan Walter H M S F M res do 
Dugan Wm V iron molder res 17 Farwell 
Duggan Barbara A student res 13 Winthrop 
Duggan " Cornelius (Elizabeth N) (Deevy & Duggan) 7 

Water h 29 Winthrop 
Duggan John F (Barbara M) fore h 13 Winthrop 
Duggan John J linemn res 13 Winthrop 
Dulac Louis opr W W & C Co res 898 (450) Moody 
Dulac Louis P opr W W & C Co res 134 Ash 
DUMAINE FREDERICK C Pres and Treas Waltham 

Watch & Clock Co 221 Crescent h at Concord 
Dunbrack Edith E opr W W & C Co res 297 Crescent 
Dunbrack Gordon W W & C Co res 297 Crescent 
Dunbrack Harry C (Hilda) W W & C Co h 99 Myrtle 
Dunbrack Janet wid James res 35 Maple 
Dunbrack Jessie wid Henry h 297 Crescent 
Dunbrack Mae opr W W & C Co res 297 Crescent 
Dunbrack Norman K (Gertrude) treas 106 Alder h 

Dunbrack Tool & Die Co Inc Warren H Dunbrack pres 

Norman K Dunbrack treas tool mfrs 106 Alder 
Dunbrack Warren H (Rose M) pres 106 Alder h 108 

Duncan George L (Ina E) mach h 155 Myrtle 
Duncan Henry C (Hattie W) mach W W & C Co h 

25 Banks 
Duncan Patrick J (Sarah) ins agt 11 Moody res at 

W Newton 
Duncan The apts 120 Myrtle 
Duncanson Wm H opr W W & C Co res at Dor 
Dunder Carl L (Matilda) mach 19 Lane h 3 Lex- 
Dunham Chester M ins h 2 Chester Brook rd 
Dunham Dorothy R chemist res Chester Brook rd 
Dunham Grace A W W & C Co res 30 Chester av 
Dunklee Ralph W Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 44 

Dunklee Ralph W (Mildred K) meat ctr h 44 Hall 
Dunlavy George F (Catherine V) opr W W & C Co 

res 396 River 
Dunleavy Dennis J (Marion A) cond h 5 Cornwallis pi 
Dunlop James M (May) mgr 657 Main h 95 Pond 
Dunn Angeline wid Edward opr W W & C Co h 77 

Dunn Anna B wid Percy L W W & C Co h 46 Adams 
Dunn Bridget L weaver res 14 Ripley 
Dunn Bridget M wid Edward P opr h 171- School 
Dunn Francis A (Ruth M) sales res 74 Robbins 

Dunn Francis W mus h 20 High 

Dunn Frank (John A Dunn Co) 37 River h at Gardner 

Dunn George (John A Dunn Co) 37 River h at Gard- 

Dunn Gertrude C opr res 20 High 

Dunn Hilda nurse M S F M res do 

Dunn Isabel M Mrs hairdrsr 422 (224) Moody h do 

Dunn John A Co (Frank and George Dunn) chair mfrs 
37 River 

Dunn Jos A (Waltham Pharmacy) 757 (375) Moody 

Dunn Mary wid Thomas E h 308 Crescent 

Dunn Mary A wid Ebenezer res 14 Floyd 

Dunn Mary C died Sept 2 1923 

Dunn Osamond A (Cora) driver 74 Bacon h 34 Har- 

Dunn Patrick H (Annie) h 20 High 

Dunn Romeo D (Mabel) W W & C Co r 344 Crescent 

Dunn Thomas (Hilda) elect res 107 Main 

Dunn Walter J (Gertrude) opr W W & C Co h 117 

Dunn Wm E (Isabel M) druggist r 418 (220) Moody 

Dunnell Frank G opr W W & C Co res 205 Ash 

Dunphy Burton L (Emily M) fore 1295 Main h 47 

Dunsmoor Edith Mrs W W & C Co h 415 (219) 

Dunsmoor Ralph E mach h 49 Stearns 

Duplessie Bertha Mae W W & C Co res 415 (219) 

Duplessie Raymond A W W & C Co h 415 (219) 

Duplessis Freda M tchr N P Banks sch res 38 Fiske 

Dupres Max (Leona) carp h 21 Mt Pleasant 

Duran Fannie Mrs opr res 39 Alder 

Durant Isabelle opr W W & C Co res 104 Cushing 

Durant Louis (Louise) elect B Mfg Co h 110 Charles 

Durant Mary S W W & C Co res 110 Charles 

Motor Co) 470 Moody 204-208 Lexington Service 
Station See right top lines 

Durfee Lionel fish B res 160 Lowell 

Durt'ee Thomas J (Eunice M) opr W W & C Co h 44 

DURGIN CHARLES W (Isolette C) Sales Agt J L 
Thompson Mfg Co and Vice-Pres Waltham Co-opera- 
tive Bank 45 (11) Moody h 211 Adams 

Durgin Maud C res 211 Adams 

Durkee Alton opr W W & C Co res 95 Brown 

Durkewicz Anthony (Annie) opr h 13 Wall 

Durkin Frances T appr res 9 Caughey 

Duikin George W sten res 9 Caughey 

Duikin John J jr elk res 9 Caughey 

Durkin Mary V bkpr res 9 Caughey 

Durkin Walter F driver res 9 Caughey 

Durnin James E (Lillian J) mgr 213 (87) Moody h 
92 Cushing 

Dusablond Eugene V (Althea) spinner h 13 Walnut 

Dusenbury Joseph D planer hand 48 Woerd av h at 
W Newton 

Dustin Gertrude L h 76 Brown 

Dutch Albert E opr W W & C Co h 119 Chestnut 

Dutch Guy W (Alberta E) opr h 119 Chestnut 

Dutch John S (Mary A) h 19 Crescent 

Dutton Wallace S (Pearl F) pres 637 Main h 32 

Dims Grace E H Mrs died Feb 18 1923 

Duns Theodore H W W & C Co h 393 Crescent 

Duval Adrian R mach 157 High res 37 Gordon 

Duval Armand H mach res 37 Gordon 





Duval Elmina M wid Narcisse h 37 Gordon 

Duval Grace R cashr res 37 Gordon 

DuVal Adelbert J (Georgianna) maeh h 186 Charles 

Dwelly George G fish ctr 234 (100 ) Moody res 19 

Dwinell Charles H (Mary T) sales h 84 Ellison pk 
Dwinell Clarence K student res 84 Ellison pk 
Dwyer Ann drsmkr res 40 Vernon 
Dwyer David (Lillian M) auto pntr h 99 Pine 
Dwyer Elizabeth C opr W W & C Co r at Auburndale 
Dwyer Ellen M nurse res 40 Vernon 
Dwyer Harry lab res 42 Spruce 
Dwyer John V (Margaret) mach W W & C Co h 32 

DwyerMargaret F hkpr 231 School 
Dwyer Mary wid James h 40 Vernon 
Dwyer Mary E nurse M S F M res do 
Dwyer Patrick G mach res 40 Vernon 
Dwyer Patrick J calker W W Wks h 231 School 
Dwyer Susan E hkpr 12 Prospect 
Dwyer Wm H opr W W & C Co res 40 Vernon 
Dyar George F (Agnes M) sales h 916b Main 
Dyer Edward H (Angie L) sales h 30 Clark la 
Dyer Helen M Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 74 School 
Dyer Mary E Christian science prectr res 30 Clark la 
Dyer Wm (Mary L) h 138 Newton 
Dyke Harriet W wid Charles J res 110 High 
Dykers Anthony (Coleta) loom fixer h 110 Central 
Dykes Wm J (Minnie E) lab 129 Moody h 23 Clinton 
Eagan Agnes G opr res 50 Pine 
Eagan Alice drawing tchr res 66 Taylor 
Eagan Annie wid Edward h rear 298 River 
Eagan Charles C cond res 37 Hammond 
Eagan James J opr res 50 Pine 
Eagan John H elk 307 (151) Moody res 50 Pine 
Eagan Joseph E lab res 12 Winthrop 
Eagan Josephine F W W & C Co res rear 298 River 
Eagan Margaret S W W & C Co res 37 Hammond 
Eagan Mary F W W & C Co res rear 298 River 
Eagan Michael (Delia) hlpr h 66 Taylor 
Eagan Michael J (Margaret J) lab h 37 Hammond 
Eagan Peter H mach h 37 Hammond 
Eagan Wm J (Mary A) city employee h 50 Pine 
Eagan see Egan 

EagleBernard folder res 201 Chestnut 
Eagle Block 665-673 Main 
Eagle Martin J (Mary A) lab h 19 Rich 
Eagle Martin J lab h 201 Chestnut 
Eagle Mary J opr W W & C Co res 201 Chestnut 
Eagles Leslie P (Lillian) elk h 162 Dale 
Eagles Hall 13 Lexington 
Eagleson Wm A h 19 D wight 
Eason Joseph (Rose) cond h 1 Church 
Eastman Edmund M (Virginia) drftsmn W W & C Co 

res 21 Floyd 
Eastman James E (Marie M) carp h 7 Cornwallis pi 
Eastman Horace E (Carrie B) police h 21 Floyd 
Eastman Rose elk 402 (212) Moody res South 
Easton Arthur W drftsmn res 43 Shirley rd 
Easton Charles H estimator res 43 Shirley rd 
Eaton Ada M wid Alfred res 183 Ash 
Eaton Albert M pies 140 Lexington h at Boston 
Eaton Arthur H (Arline W) mgr Eaton Snell Drug Co 

677 Main "h 135 do 
Eaton A M Paper Co (Albert M Edward A Harold C 

Eaton) 140 Lexington 
Eaton Bertram W elk res 11 Banks 
Eaton Carrie sten res 60 Taylor 
Eaton Dorothy K opr res 112 Crescent 

Eaton Edward A (Catherine) 140 Lexington h 205 

Eaton Ellen L wid Charles I h 62 Taylor 
Eaton Frederick R (Francena M) h 40 Appleton 
Eaton George J (Sybil C) mach supt h 168 Lexington 
Eaton Harold C (A M Eaton Paper Co) h College 

Farm rd nr Lexington 
Eaton Henry C (Lesley) plant eng h 30 Greenwood 
Eaton Henry G (Mary J) fore 278 (126) Moody h 

110 Prospect 
Eaton James G (Jennie H) lino opr 278 (126) Moody 

h 112 Crescent 
Eaton Jennie P wid Myron W h 74 Cherry 
Eaton Juliette C wid Francis H h 74 School 
Eaton Margaret C opr W W & C Co res 870 (434) 

Eaton Marguerite A elk res 168 Lexington 
Eaton Maria wid h 169 Adams 
EATON- SNELL DRUG CO Timothy H Snell Pres 

James A McGlinchey Treas Arthur H Eaton Mgr 

Druggists 509 (261) Moody and 677 Main 
Eaton Thomas K elk res 112 Crescent 
Eaton Warren M (Lucy D) h 27 Appleton 
Eaton Willis D (Mary) mach W W & C Co h 60 

Eaten Willis L (Alice I) master W H S h 11 Banks 
Eberhard Walter C (Margaret) instr h 35 Shirley rd 
Eccles George W died Nov 1921 
Eck Theodore fore 24 Pine h at Jamaica Plain 
Eckhardt Ernest E (Marguerite) mach W W & C Co 

h 10 Robbins 
Eckstrom Bert buckle mkr res 20 Auburn 
Economy Grocery Stores Co 362 (182) Moody and 

765 (379a) do (For complpete list see Bus Dir) 
Eddows George opr res 10 Naviens ct 
Eddow Thomas (Ellen) shipper h 10 Naviens ct 
Eddows Wm T (Jean V) opr h 233 Grove 
EDDY C F CO Coal and Wood Hay Grain Feed and 

Flour 389 (207) Moody Tel Waltham 2052-W also 

1411 Washington West Newton See Coal and Wood 

Edes Emma F wid Robert B res 16 Bacon 
Edgar Hamilton G (Margaret T) motormn h 14 Keach 
Edgar J Frank (Marguerite) florist h Trapelo rd 
Edgell Fred V (Ethel E) elect eng h 35 Brookfield rd 

The District Office 209 (S3) Moody sub sta Pine 

stock dept Cooper la 
Edmunds Elizabeth elk res 27 Lynch's la 
Edmunds John J (Agnes J) police h 23 Barton 
Edmunds Joseph F dial mkr res 27 Lynch's la 
Edmunds Mary wid Patrick h 27 Lynch's la 
Edmunds Mary wid Richard res 67 Cushing 
Edmunds Octavia elk 219 (91) Moody res 23 Barton 
Edmunds Susie C h 27 Barton 
Edmunds Stephen F (Mary E) lab 149 Elm h rear 

571 Main 
Edmunds Wm F (Louise) police h 17 Lowell 
Edmunds Wm V trainmn B & M res 27 Lynch's la 
Edson Harry E died Aug 10 1921 
Edwards Annie L hkpr h 6 Castle 
Edwards Charles (Julia) lab h 38 Cross 
Edwards Ida E opr W W & C Co res 64 Cherry 
Edwards Marion opr W W & C Co res 36 Cherry 
Efnor Wm A (Letitia S) mach h 28 Wash av 
Egan Catherine Mrs died Mar 9 1922 
Egan Edmund J elk res 35 Howard 
Egan Elizabeth V fore res 155 Newton 
Egan James B lab h 59 Fiske 
Egan Jennie F hkpr res 59 Fiske 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Egan John lab h 23 Noonan 

Egan Mary G wid John J h 35 Howard 

Egan Michael P gro 263 River res 267 do 

Egan Rose C res 59 Fiske 

Egan Ruth Mrs opr h 2 Oak 

Egan see Eagan 

Eichler Adele student res 56 Ellison pk 

Eichler Robert F (Mabel L) real est h 56 Ellison pk 

EICHLER R EARL (Helen C) Pres and Mgr Waltham 

Coal Co 633 Main h 21 Lyman 
Eimeke Annie D H opr W W & C Co res 101 Brown 
Eimeke Marie A L opr W W & C Co res 101 Brown 
Eisner Fred A storekpr M S F M res do 
Ekwall George chem eng res 30 Fairmont av 
Ekwall John W fore W W & C Co h 30 Fairmont av 
Ekwall T Roland student res 30 Fairmont av 
Ela Adella T Mrs died Mar 22 1922 
Ela Emma J Mrs h 59 Alder 
Ela Everett W elect res 8 Fuller 
Ela Lucy G opr res 59 Alder 
Elastoid Fibre Co Norman Marshall pres-treas paper 

tubes Pond end Exchange 
Eldridge A Clinton (Mildred L) phys director W W & 

C Co h 115 Brown 
Eldridge Edith opr W W & C Co res 97 Crescent 
Eldridge Frank A opr W W & C Co h at Weston 
Eldridge Grace A opr W W & C Co res 97 Crescent 
Eldridge Mary F elk W W & C Co res 75 Wash av 
Eldridge Raymond W tchr N J H S h at Som 
Eldridge Shirley H (Alice B) v-pres 23 (6) Moody 

h 44 Summer 
Eliza Santo (Peppina) lab h 184 Felton 
Elizabeth Candy Shop (Elizabeth Steeves) 416a 

(218a) Moody 
Elkins Minnie opr res 275 Crescent 
Elks Home 101 School 
Ellery Augustus J (Blanche E) night fore 1040 Main 

h 20 Woerd av 
Ellery Eva mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 20 do 
Elliot Edward opr res 53 Robbins 
Elliot Myrtle elk res 136 Myrtle 
Elliott Amy M W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 41 
Elliott George H (Mary A) driver res 17 Mt Pleasant 
Elliott Nora T opr res 72 Prentice 
Elliott S Josephine Mrs opr W W & C Co h 73 Adams 
Elliott Warren P teller 23 (6) Moody res 73 Adams 
Elliott Wm J (Nora) Metropolitan police h 72 Pren- 
Ellis Agnes S opr W W & C Co res 153 Brown 
Ellis Annie G wid Stephen A res 27 Appleton 
Ellis Arthur R (Kate) gro 105 South and 62 and 145 

Bacon h 82 V 2 do 
ELLIS BENJAMIN F (Eliza E) Waltham Machine 

Works 296 Newton h 133 High 
Ellis Carl A student h 191 Waverley Oaks rd 
Ellis Charles W (Ellen J) lab W W & C Co h 191 

Waverley Oaks rd 
Ellis Elizabeth elk 283 (133) Moody r at Watertown 
Ellis George ("Florence C) elk h 109 Myrtle 
Ellis Olin nurse M S F M res do 
Ellis Samuel comp 18 Pine h at Watertown 
ELLIS & SANDERSON (Benjamin F Ellis and Edmund 

L Sanderson) Waltham Machine Works 296 Newton 

cor High Tel Waltham 0508 See Machinery Mfrs 

Ellison Leroy A (Verna M) cable splicer N E T & T 

Co h 152 Robbins 
Ellsworth Catherine wid Robert janitress W W & C Co 

b 44 Alder 
Ellsworth Frances jeweler res 15 Plympton 

Ellsworth Mary K opr W W & C Co res 44 Alder 

Ellsworth Matthew W opr res 44 Alder 

Elm Spring Farm Co L Otis Berry pres George W 

Barrow treas milk 390 Main 
Elmo Stanley E mach res 53 Chestnut 
Elmore Howard J (Mary I) opr W W & C Co h 133 

Elmore Howard J jr sales h 133 Russell 
Elmore Mark B opr W W & C Co h 91 Russell 
Elmes Fannie wid Willaid ldgh 145 Brown h do 
Elorette Louis F (Mabel M) mach res 29 Adams 
Elsmore Philip S (Clara M) jobmaster W W & C Co 

h 45 Rich 
Elson Mark R (Stella L) insp E E I Co Cooper la 

h 580 Main 
Elwell Burton D (Cynthia N) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 30 Crafts 
Elwell Edward C (Delia S) asst eng W W & C Co h 

34 Robbins 
Elwell Fenton G sales res 30 Crafts 
Elwood Flora Mrs opr W W & C Co res Montclair av 
Elwood Wm (Flora) mach h Montclair av 
Elworthy Cannon (Margaret) pntr h 54 Alder 
Elworthy E A chauf 234 (100) Moody res 54 Alder 
Elworthy Gertrude res 54 Alder 
Elworthy James E (Alice L) opr W W & C Co h 37 

Emerson Alice L mus tchr h 480 Main 
Emerson Alphia T wid Wm res 34 High 
Emerson Cereus B res 34 High 
Emerson Effie M wid h 643 (327) Moody 
Emerson Fay res 643 (327) Moody 
Emerson Guy T (Mabel S) lawyer res 487 Main 
Emerson Herbert P opr W W & C Co h 35 Charles 
Emerson Jennie L Mrs opr W W & C Co h 181 Brown 
Emerson Joseph B (Jennie L) assembler h 181 Brown 
Emerson Lillian T wid Warren F h 487 Main 
Emerson Mabel A Mrs opr W W & C Co h 34 High 
Emerson Myrtis B elk res 34 High 
Emerson Nellie M wid S Jarvis res 35 Charles 
EMERSON PRESTON A (Madeline M) Wholesale and 

Retail Newsdealers 4 Church h 87 Howard 
Emerson Stella F wid James E hkpr 75 Orange res do 
Emerson Warren F died May 19 1922 
Emerson Wm B (Mabel) mach W W & C Co h 34 

Emery Elizabeth res 25 South 
Emery George C archt res 25 South 
Emery Harriet C wid Winfred N h 25 South 
Emery Maud res 289 Crescent 

Emmons Maude B sales 204 (78) Moody r 27 Robbins 
Emmot George J plmbr res 39 Appleton 
Emstrom Frederick W W & C Co res 138 Crescent 
Endstrom Thurston opr res 145 Ash 
Engel Karl E (Waltham Fruit Co) res at Newton 
Engine 1 533 (275) Moody nr Maple 
Engine 2 27 Lexington 
English Carrie M sales res 23 Myrtle 
English Mary S wid Chester drsmkr 23 Myrtle 
Englund Theodore (Ida) pastor Swedish Cong ch h 

63 Lawrence 
Engstrom Fred opr W W & C Co r 636 (324) Moody 
Endstrom Nils (Laura G) bkpr 18 Fulton h at W 


Ennis Dora P opr W W & C Co r 691 (345) Moody 
Ennis George (Gertrude W) h 2 High 
Enos Adam J (Mary E) auto rpr 56 Woerd av h do 
Enos Manuel M (Newton Wet Wash Laundry Co) 60 
Woerd av h at Newton 


Dort f Stephens and Cadillac Cars 

E. E. JENNISON, Sec. and Treas. 



Enstrom Charles R jewel mkr W W & C Co res 24 

Enstrom Fred watchmkr W W & C Co r 138 Crescent 
Enstrom Thurston E opr W W & C Co res 145 Ash 
Ensworth Charles R (Emma) opr W W & C Co h 25 

Ensworth Marcus H elk res 25 Beaver 
Enterprise Dry Goods Store H B Cohen mgr 402 (212) 

Epsom Edward J (Mary H) mgr 1 Main h do 
Epsom Mary H Mrs (Waltham Nurseries) 1 Main 

h do 
Erbe Gustave (Eva) fore J L T Mfg Co h 252 Dale 
Ereco Refrigerator & Equipment Co Timothy J Coffey 

pres John Worley treas Herman Bergfield sec 16 

Erickson Andrew (Bertha M) watchmkr HEW Wks 

h 2 Bellevue av 
Erickson Andrew G (Mary) opr 87 Rumford av h 322 

Erickson August L (Marion I) opr W W & C Co res 

12 Chester av 
Erickson Carl (Anna S) mach h 48 South 
Erickson Edna C res 322 Crescent 
Erickson Eric M mach res 48 South 
Erickson George E asst 47 (7) Moody r 37 Boynton 
Erickson Helen A dialmkr res 322 Crescent 
Erickson Herbert E mach W W & C Co res 48 South 
Erickson Melkarh (Hulda J) coremkr C P Brass Foun- 
dry h 302 Dale 
Erickson Olga R opr res 322 Crescent 
Erickson Ruth E opr W W & C Co res 172 Adams 
Erickson Victor W opr W W & C Co res 322 Crescent 
Erickson Walfred J opr W W & C Co res 322 Crescent 
Erickson Alden F student res 41 Villa 
Erikson Caroline A student res 41 Villa 
Erikson Harriett W F student res 41 Villa 
Erikson J Adolph (Florence L) asst supt W W & C 

Co h 41 Villa 
Erikson Sven C (Estelle M) h 253 Charles 
Erikson Co (Benjamin Wolk) ptrnmkrs 123 (31) 

Ernst Harvey H (Anna M) bldr h Bowdoin av 
Erwin James (Grace) ins agt 11 Moody r at Brighton 
Eschelbach Ottilie F Mrs res 215 Adams 
Eshman James opr res 43 Calvary 
Estabrooks Fred S (Hazel F) broker h 408 Crescent 
Estabrooks I Maud elk W W & C Co res 54 Sun 
Estabrooks Ludlow driver W W & C Co h 54 Sun 
Estabrooks Raymond G student res 151a Crescent 
Estes Clifford W elk research wkr res 113 Hammond 
Estes Rozilla S wid Zenas C h 14 Lexington ter 
Estes Wm A A F (Ella S) jeweler (Woburn) h 113 

Estey Daisey M finisher W W & C Co res 221 Brown 
Estey Fannie wid Sherman h 221 Brown 
Etherington Thomas (Mary E) pntr h 62 Orange 
Etienne Adolph (Marie) opr W W & C Co h at B 
Etienne Henry opr W W & C Co h 89 Cherry 
Ettinger Alva L opr W W & C Co res 18 Maple 
Evans Albert (Irene M) sales h 16 Wash av 
Evans Alfred F (Ada B) finisher W W & C Co h 247 

Evans Allen F student res 14 Floyd 
Evans Arthur W (Elizabeth W) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 24 Howard 
Evans Clarence E student res 247 Brown 
Evans Edmond V (Ethel G) carp h 107 Chestnut 
Evans Edward W died Dec 31 1922 
Evans Frances elk M S F M res do 

Evans Fred L (Estelle G) mach W W & C Co h 14 

Evans Grace H student res 14 Floyd 

Evans Howel T acct B res 155 Bobbins 

Evans John Thompson opr W W & C Co r 155 Robbins 

Evans Leon photo res 27 Palmer 

Evans Mercey E res 118 Weston 

Evans Motor Car Co Robert H Evans treas 13 (4) 

Evans Owen G student res 155 Robbins 

Evans Robert H treas 13 (4) Moody h at Brookline 

Evans Ruth E sten res 22 Howard 

Evans Ruth E sten res 92 Russell 

Evans Sarah A wid Edward E h 22 Howard 

Evans Thomas (Isabelle C) res 92 Russell 

Everett Carl L res 35 Cherry 

Everett Charles R (Nellie F) driver h 35 Cherry 

Everett Delia C opr W W & C Co res 35 Cherry 

Everett Eugene F opr W W & C Co h 19 Cushing 

Everett Helen H wid Wm H res 19 Cushing 

Everett Luna V Mrs hkpr Waltham Hospital res do 

Everett Mabel Mrs res 57% Walnut 

Everett Marion L nurse res 35 Cherry 

Everett Paul S chauf res 35 Cherry 

Everett Raymond C dentist 107 (27) Moody rm 1 res 
35 Cherry 

Everett Wm L (Lottie L) opr W W & C Co h 189 

EXIDE SERVICE STATION (Ball Bartlett) Starting 
Lighting Ignition 903 Main Tel Waltham 1716 See 
Automobile Dept 

Fader Henry opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 

Fader Ray ton (Gertrude M) driver 74 Bacon h 94 

Fadden Blanche L elk W W & C Co res 95 Robbins 

Fadden Evelyn C wid Hiram bdgh 95 Robbins 

Faden Grace K tchr res 18 Pleasant 

Fadden M Louise wid Harry F h 18 Pleasant 

Fagan Margaret sales 204 (78) Moody res 344 Cres- 

Fahey Anna P Mrs elk W W & Co res 21 Clinton 

Fahey Clare M elk res 21 Clinton 

Fahey Delia Mrs died Dec 7 1922 

Fahey Edward B tallymn res 268 School 

Fahey Edward F elect res 74 Bacon 

Fahey Elizabeth M wid John J h 11 Russell 

Fahey Ethel elk res 11 Russell 

FAHEY FRANK P Floor Coverings Upholstering Win- 
dow Shades 5S6 Main Tel Waltham 0S18-W res 268 
School See House Furnishing Goods Dept 

Fahey James L (Catherine T) opr W W & C Co h 
334 Newton 

Fahey John (Catherine) rubberwkr h 285 Newton 

Fahey John F (Mary) h 268 School 

Fahey John J (Agnes M) acct h 6 Howard 

Fahey John J gro 199 School h 220 do 

Fahey Leonard knitter res 11 Russell 

Fahey Mary A wid Edward res 16 Lexington 

Fahey Mary C hkpr 220 School 

Fahey Thomas J A (Anna P) elk h 21 Clinton 

Fahey Wm A shipper 20 Felton res 268 School 

Fahy Alice J bkpr res 77 Fiske av 

Fahy Ann B student res 77 Fiske av 

Fahy Esther J student 77 Fiske av 

Fahy Helen B sten res 77 Fiske av 

Fahy James bricklayer h 77 Fiske a? 

Fahy Margaret B hkpr res 77 Fiske av 

Fahy Ruth sten res 77 Fiske av 

Fahy see Fay 

Faielo John (Adeline) buckle mkr h 539 South 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Pair James C rem to Maiden 

Fairbanks Charlottte H opr res 11 Orange 

Fairbanks Gertrude A Mrs mlnry 365 (193) Moody 

h at Cochituate 
Fairbanks Gertrude M opr W W & C Co r 11 Orange 
Fairbanks Helen M wid George h 30 McKenn 
Fairbanks James € letter carrier res 30 McKenn 
Fairbanks Lloyd J opr h 11 Orange 
Fairchild Wm S gen mgr Waverley cor Hollace h at 

Falconer Lucy dietitian M S F M res do 
Fales Arthur S (Gladys D) vulcanizing 7 Elm h 552 

Fales Evelyn P wid Nelson S res 172 Adams 
Fales Fred L (Hattie) photo 611a Main h do 
Falk Gertrude I res Harold S Falk's Weston 
Falk Harold S agt B & M h end Weston Stony Brook 

Falk John A opr W W & C Co h end Weston 
Falle Alexander opr W W & C Co res at Montreal 
Fallon Bridget opr res 146 Willow 
Fallon Daniel J pntr res 146 Willow 
Fallon Delia emp W W & C Co res 41 Williams 
Fallon John rem to Newton 
Fallon John J lab res 396 River 
Fallon Kate spinner h 396 River 
Fallon Margaret J Mrs mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 50 

Fallon Mary died June 11 1923 
Fallon Michael H iron wkr res 146 Willow 
Fallon Nellie E died Oct 4 1922 
Fallon Thomas H (Catherine A) eng h 15 Charles 
Fallon Thomas H feeder h 56 Pine 
Fallon Wm J (Margaret J) janitor Odd Fellows Hall 

h 50 Fiske 
Falzone Alphonso (Josephine) shoe rpr h 122 Chest- 
Falzone Carlo (Josephine) lab h 69 Oak 
Falzone Joseph lab res 69 Oak 
Falzone Joseph rem to Chicago 111 
Falzone Raymondo (Mary) opr h 177 Newton 
Falzone Rosario (Catherine) lab h 37 Oak 
Falzone Sarah F wid Enrico res 122 Chestnut 
Famalarie Joseph (Mary) lab h 15 Benefit 
Famalarie Thomas rem to Brighton 
Faranda Salvatore (Francis) opr h 11 Williams 
Farley Frederick W (Mary W) opr W W & C Co h 

74 Brown 
Farley Wm F (Helen J) civ eng h 326 Lexington 
Farmer Fanny Mrs h 75 Adams 
Farmer Madeline F opr res 339 Bacon 
Farmer Mary T wid Wm T res 339 Bacon 
FARMER'S INC E J Martin Pres Mrs Sarah J 
Birkmaier Treas Adeline J Felton Corp Clerk Con- 
fectioners and Caterers 235 (101) Moody Tel 
Waltham 1755 See Confectioners and Caterers Dept 
Farnatta Angelo (Annunziata) rem to Quincy 
Farnatta Salvatore (Madeline) lab h 13% Liverpool 

Farnese S agt 214 (88) Moody h at Newtonville 
Farnsworth Clarence G (Susie M) asst mgr h 17 

Farnsworth Elizabeth C student res 11 Fuller 
Farnsworth George (Leila H) elk 39 (9) Moody h 
22 Appleton 

Farnsworth Joseph W jewel setter W W & C Co res 

11 Fuller 
Farnsworth Sadie E wid Milton L h 11 Fuller 
Farnsworth Shirley C opr W W & C Co h 17 Central 

Farnsworth Winthrop H (Phoebe A) farmer Trapelo 

rd nr Forest h do 
Farnum Caroline wid Wm G h 791 (395) Moody 
Farnum David W opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Farnum Gertrude M tchr foreign classes pub schs res 

43 Howard 
Farnum Herbert G asst treas D & F Mfg Co res 43 

Farnum Olive M wid David W h 110 High 
Farr Thomas A (Cora) nurse h 80 Myrtle 
Farrar Agnes tchr M S F M res do 
Farrar Andrew S (Evelyn E) opr W W & C Co h 187 

Farrar Fannie H opr W W & C Co res 187 Ash 
Farrar Frank F (Mabel L) fit agt h 10 Laurel av 
Farrar Louise G elk res 187 Ash 
Farrell Annie M janitress WW&CCohl5 Whit- 
Farrell Bernard (Anna) agt 11 Moody res W Newton 
Farrell Catherine M Mrs elk 417 (221) Moody h 33 

Farrell Elizabeth opr res 132 South 
Farrell H Madeline bkpr res 23 Gilbert 
Farrell James E opr res 266 River 
Farrell James H fore res 16 Oak 
Farrell John F (Norah) carp W W & C Co h Trapelo 

Farrell John H lab res 16 Oak 
Farrell Mary C opr res 266 River 
Farrell Michael J (Catherine M) sht mtl wkr rear 55 

Rumford av h 33 Calvary 
Farrell Patrick J (Mary A) foundrymn h 266 River 
Farrell Thomas L (Anna) foundrymn h 12 Foundry av 
Farrenkopf Joseph C opr W W & C Co h 32 Adams 
Farrihgton Thomas B (Mary) mason h 15 Plympton 
Farwell Everett L (Winifred D) treas 118 Calvary h 

436 Waverley Oaks rd 
Farwell Wm B (Marion B) elk 23 Moody h 143 Cres- 
Faulkner Alonzo (Emma) carp h 11 Barnes 
Faulkner A Clayton (Ethel) fore res 11 Barnes 
Faulkner Ernest (Clara B) finisher W W & C Co h 

96 Summit 
Faulkner James (Jennie) watchmkr h 100 Summit 
Fawson Charles J (Georgia) opr W W & C Co h 46 

Fawson Cynthia M elk W W & C Co h 86 Alder 
Fawson Emma S elk W W & C Co res 86 Alder 
Fawson George C (Bertha) opr W W & C Co h 198 

Fawson Samuel (Elizabeth A) rem to Winthrop 
Fay Annie seam res 24 High 

Fay Doris Katheryn opr W W & C Co res 97 Adams 
Fay Edward F (Angela M) elect h 23 Winthrop 
Fay John J (Elizabeth F) opr h 228 River 
Fay Katherine C drsmkr 730 (368) Moody h do 
Fay Louise tchr 327 Lexington h 63 Greenwood la 
Fay Mabel L opr WHS res 166 Ash 
Fay Marion A opr W W & C Co r 730 (368) Moody 
Fay Mary wid Lawrence res 228 River 
Fay Thomas res 82 Chestnut 
Fay see Fahey 

Fearon Harry H opr res 74 Bacon 
Feeley Lydia M maid res 73 Robbins 
Feeley Margaret E wid Michael res 73 Robbins 
Feeley Raymond J chauf res 73 Robbins 
Feener Bernard R (Mary) opr W W & C Co h 66 

Feener Mary Mrs opr W W & C Co res 66 Robbins 
Feeney Anna E elk res 20 Stearns 




685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Feeney Catherine E wid Patrick h 20 Steams 
Feeney Catherine T wid Patrick J h 245 Calvary 
Feeney Edward F (Mary) agt h 119 Hammond 
Feeney Gertrude L opr res 245 Calvary 
Feeney Helen elk 256 Charles res 88 Guinan 
Feeney John J (Sarah C) h 70 Massasoit 
Feeney Margaret J sten res 119 Hammond 
Feeney Peter P (Margaret F) cond h 204 Charles 
Feeney Thomas (Margaret) opr h 24 Calvary 
Feeney Wm F cranemn res 245 Calvary 
Feldman Philip (Sarah) (Enterprise Dry Goods Store) 

402 (212) Moody h at Everett 
Fellows Arthur P (Annie E) milk 66 Fiske av h do 
Fellows Charles R dairy wkr res 66 Fiske av 
Felt Albert A (Emma C) mach W W & C Co h 11 

Chester av 
Felt Florence A opr W W & C Co res 11 Chester av 
Felt John P (Ada M) watchmkr WW&CCohll59 

Felt Murray C elk res 1159 Main 
Felt Parker W (Ruth E) appr h 81 High 
FELTON ADELINE J Corp Clerk Farmer's Inc 235 

(101) Moody h 139 Adams 
Felynn Mary E J Mrs gro 3 Pond res do 
Fenderson Blanche M opr W W & C Co res 56 Ash 
Fenderson Margaret R opr W W & C Co res 56 Ash 
Fennell Edward F (Helen G) cond h 917 Main 
Fenton Mary E cashr res Randalls Trapelo rd 
Ferando Salvatore (Francesca) tmstr h 11 Williams 
Ferguson Dorothy sten B res 117 Robbins 
Ferguson Florence J nurse M S F M res do 
Ferguson Robert trainmn h College Farm rd 
Fernald Alvin E (Fernald Bros) h 49 Wadsworth av 
Fernald Bessie M res 49 Wadsworth av 
Fernald Bros (Charles L and Alvin E) gros 807 (403) 

Fernald Charles L (Fernald Bros) h 49 Wadsworth av 
Fernald Everett W (Elizabeth) fore W G W Co h 50 

Elson rd 
Fernald George H mach W W & C Co r 81 Wash av 
Fernald George W mach W W & Co h 81 Wash av 
Fernald Guy L (Veleda M) opr W W & C Co h 91 

Fernald John M elect res 81 Wash av 
Fernald Josephine H res 81 Wash av 
Fernald Josephine M Mrs died May 4 1922 
Fernald Laura A sten res 50 Elson rd 
Fernald Marion E died Sept 17 1923 
Fernald Maynard T (Fernald & Crabtree) res 49 

Wadsworth av 
Fernald Rebecca S wid Alvin B res 49 Wadsworth av 
Fernald Walter E M D (Kate) supt M S F M h do 
Fernald & Crabtree (Maynard T Fernald E Paul Crab- 
tree) gros 620 (314a) Moody 
Ferrara Carmela wid Salvatore h 56 Cushing 
Ferrara Raymond opr res 56 Cushing 
Ferrara Salvatore lab W W & C Co h 195% Newton 
Ferrelli Berardino (Annie) elk h 88 Charles 
Ferrick Anna E drsmkr 314 (154) Moody rm 2 h at 

Ferrick Mary E wid Henry drsmkr 314 (154) Moody 

rm 2 h 539 South 
Ferrick Michael (Ellen) lab h 169 School 
Feme John T tallymn 217 Lexington h at Jamaica 

Ferris Albert (Marion) fore h 24 Cherry 
Ferris Hazel T bkpr h 24 Cherry 
Ferris Marion opr W W & C Co res 24 Cherry 
Ferro Antonio (Maria) lab h 191 Newton 
Ferro Carmello polisher res S Mechanic 

Ferro Giuseppe (Angelina) lab h 8 Mechanic 

Ferro Grazziano (Mary) lab W W & C Co h 151 

Ferro Salvatore (Camilla B) lab h 101 Felton 
Ferro Signorino (Rosa) lab h 12 Sun 
Ferro Vincenzo tailor 122 Fulton h do 

Grease Gasoline and Fuel Oil 15 Grant h do 
FERSON E E SON CO (Everington E and Ralph E 
Ferson) Fuel Oil Gasoline Kerosene and Grease 15 
Grant Tel Waltham 0940 See left top lines 
Ferson BTorence E bkpr h 17 Grant 
Ferson Ralph E (Daisy E) (E E Ferson Son Co) 15 

Grant h 69 Fairmont av 
Fett Susan wid Wm rem to Newton 
Fett Theodore G sales 53 Brown res 77 do 
Feury Wm J (Ella) motormn h 8 Harvard 
Fewer Frances opr W W & C Co res 93 Charles 
Fevvry Joseph L (Mary M) steamftr h 898 Main 
Fiberbone Company Inc Fred Vorenberg pres-treas 
Carl Jacobs v-pres-sec insulating fibre 55 Rumford 
Field George A (Annie L) sec h 53 High 
Field Asa L (Lucy E) opr W W & C Co h 29 Dart- 
Fietto John (Adelina) lab h 539 South 
Fifield Jessie nurse M S F M res do 
Fifield Mary E wid Albert opr res 590 Main suite 5 
Filosa Filippo (Maria) bookbndr h 6 Middle st pi 
Filosa Giovanni (Antonetta) lab h 32 Middle 
Filosi Giuseppe (Victoria) porter 617 Main h 1 

Mack's ct 
Filson Alma B Mrs watchmkr WW&CCoh39 

Filson Edna B sten res 39 Howard 
Filson Elliott S sales res 39 Howard 
Filson Harriet N Mrs res 3 Rumford av 
Filson Lucy B wid Wm R h 29 Barton 
Filson Norman W radio opr res 29 Barton 
Filter Frank R (Mayme A) supt h 9 Shirley rd 
Finan Ernest T rem to Brighton 
Finan Margaret B nurse res 96 Orange 
Finan Roderick J (Edith H) opr W W & C Co h 45 

Parmenter rd 
Finer David tailor 720 (362) Moody h at B 
Finlay Fred S sales 598 (308) Moody res 38 Wads- 
worth av 
Finiay Wm (Catherine) rem to Webster 
Finlay Wm A opr W W & C Co res 43 Wadsworth av 
Finn James F (Mary A) firemn h rear 158 Willow 
Finnegan Catherine E maid 21 Newton res do 
Finnegan Charles H opr res 17 Fountain 
Finnegan Edward J lab res 17 Fountain 
Finnegan George F res 17 Fountain 
Finnegan John (Elizabeth) cond B & M h 65 Cush- 
Finnegan John jr lab res 65 Cushing 
Finnegan John M shipper res 17 Fountain 
Finnegan Joseph P (Mary A) barber h 17 Fountain 
Finnegan Lilla stitcher res 92 Maple 
Finnegan Margaret M opr W W & C Co res 17 Foun- 
Finnegan Richard mach opr res 65 Cushing 
Finnegan Thomas J (Agnes T) elk P Wellesley 

Hills h 37 Common 
Finnegan Wm S lab res 17 Fountain 
Finnerty Bridget wid Michael h 33 Charles 
Finnerty Catherine V bkpr 613 Main res 89 School 
Finnerty Frank M opr res 33 Charles 
Finnerty Georgia A waitress res 33 Charles 


Real Estate, Investment and Loans 

375 (201) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 0110 WALTHAM 



Pinnerty John T (Margaret J) floor layer h 89 School 

Finnerty Margaret elk 299 (145) Moody res 89 Pond 

Finnerty Michael F opr res 33 Charles 

Finnerty Patrick A opr W W & C Co res 35 Willow 

Finnerty Thomas G hostler res 33 Charles 

Finnerty Wm Francis floor layer res 89 School 

Finney Albert (Nellie) barber h 16 Oak 

Finney Albert elk 4 Oak res 16 do 

Finney see Phinney 

Fiorelli Alfonzo (Elvira) lab h 263 Calvary 

Fiorelli Anacleto died April 6 1922 

Fiorelli E mach 416 (218) Moody h 20 Taylor 

Fiorita Ralph (Annie) chauf h Spencer cor Main 

First Baptist Church A A Rideout pastor 81 (19) 

Moody cor Charles 
First Congregational Church Frederick H Page pastor 

732 Main 
First Meth Epis Church Orville C Poland pastor 686 

Main cor Moody 
First Parish Unitarian Church Adolph Rossbach pas- 
tor 97 Church 
First Presbyterian Church Edward E Weaver pastor 

34 Alder cor Beech 
First Universalis Church (Church of Our Savior) 

Hervey H Hoyt pastor 671 Main 
Fish Charles E (Annie S) fore h 38 Chester av 
Fisher Albert W (Elizabeth A) (N Y Bottling Works) 

60 Woerd av h 144 Weston 
Fisher Alice G Mrs h 34 Upton rd 

Principal Waltham School 661 Main 
Fisher Earl L bkpr 60 Woerd av res 19 Francis 
Fisher Edward F (Hannah J) hosemn Eng 2 h 22 

Fisher Edward I died April 5 1923 
Fisher Ernest C (Estella) sales h 206 Hammond 
Fisher Evelyn S mlnr 443 (233) Moody res 88 Lin- 
Fisher Frank B (A Josephine) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 214 Robbins 
Fisher Frank P pntr h 38 Wash av 
Fisher Irving opr W W & C Co res 221 Adams 
Fisher Isabelle elk W W & C Co res 207 Hammond 
Fisher James H died Sept 25 1921 
Fisher Joanna E wid Henry N h 598 Main suite 2 
Fisher Laura M tchr res 88 Lincoln 
Fisher Louis (Isabel) com trav h 207 Hammond 
Fisher Mary A wid James H died Feb 2 1922 
Fisher Mary E h 244 School 
Fisher Mildred A sec res 34 Upton rd 
Fisher Robert sales res 88 Lincoln 
Fisher Sophie Mrs res 373 Newton 
Fisher Wm J (Sarah) h 88 Lincoln 
Fisher Wm S auto mech 580 Main res 88 Lincoln 
Fisher & Vinal Jewel Co (Herbert C Vinal) jewel 

mfrs 15 Crescent 
Fiske Albert P (Bessie F) mach h 133 Robbins 
Fiske Alfred W (Mary) asst supt W W & C Co h 

194 Main 
Fiske C Dexter opr W W & C Co res 194 Main 
Fiske Eunice A wid Horatio died Mar 22 1923 
Fiske Horatio F druggist h 258 Bacon 
Fiske Lois E opr W W & C Co res Conant rd Ken- 
dall Green 
Fiske Morton C (Esther) ldrmn Ladder 1 h 35 High 
Fiske M Etta h 10 Lexington ter 
FITCH EZRA C Vice-Pres Waltham Watch & Clock 

Co h at Newton 
Fitch Gordon B (Louisa M) elk res 21 Floyd 
Fitch Park 224 Crescent bet Ash and Brown 

Fitts Elizabeth J sten res 45 Derby 

Fittz Frank H (Nettie M) mach W W & C Co h 45 

Fitzgerald Annie E h 714 (358) Moody 
Fitzgerald Catherine wid Joseph C res 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald Catherine V tel opr res 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald Edward lab res 76 Francis 
Fitzgerald Edward (Estella) molder h 132 Charles 
Fitzgerald Esther M elk 138 River res at Waltham 
Fitzgerald Frances opr res 117 Chestnut 
Fitzgerald James opr res 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald James P (Mary A) carp h 17 Centre 
Fitzgerald John M lab h 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald Joseph L U S N res 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald Katherine V opr res 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald Margaret M res 31 Calvary 
Fitzgerald Mary A opr W W & C Co res 117 Chest- 
Fitzgerald Robert M (Irene E) lab h 23 Fern 
Fitzgerald Wm H janitor 21 Crescent h at Silver Hill 
Fitzmaurice John F (Margaret M) fore h 124 School 
Fitzpatrick Catherine M elk 265 (117) Moody res 25 

Fitzpatrick Clarence J teller 23 Moody res 291 Main 
Fitzpatrick Edward (Mary J) shoe rpr 12 Elm h 82 

Fitzpatrick Edward F (Mary A) metal buffer h 55 

Fitzpatrick Edward F opr W W & C Co res 55 Dexter 
Fitzpatrick Francis J opr res 286 River 
Fitzpatrick James (Catherine T) fore 22 Felton h 

286 River 
Fitzpatrick James J shoemkr res 82 Central 
Fitzpatrick Julia J died July 28 1922 
Fitzpatrick Mary opr res 122 School 
Fitzpatrick Mary wid Stephen h 398 River 
Fitzpatrick Mary A opr W W & C Co res 55 Dexter 
Fitzpatrick Mary L Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 25 

Fitzpatrick Richard J (Ellen A) gard h 291 Main 
Fitzpatrick Robert F (Annie M) ins h 240 Dale 
Fitzpatrick Teresa A asst res 25 Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Wm L cond res 25 Lowell 
Fitzpatrick Winifred F res 25 Lowell 
Fitzsimmons Elizabeth K Mrs opr 21 Crescent h 81 

Fitzsimmons John (Elizabeth K) washer 33 Crescent 

h 81 Pine 
Fitzsimmons Joseph (Elizabeth) elect h 64 Cutter 
Fitzsimmons Michael (Kate) tmstr h 139 Charles 
Flagg Anna M wid George A res 210 Ash 
Flagg Annie R wid Mario A h 20 Floyd 
Flagg Frederick P chemist W W & C Co r 20 Floyd 
Flagg George A sales res 20 Floyd 
Flagg George W died Sept 4 1923 
Flagg Harriet I sec res 184 Main 
Flagg Heleanor E died Dec 7 1922 
Flagg James H (Margie I) E H Wks h 184 Main 
Flagg Mario A died March 23 1923 
Flagg Mary wid George W h 16 Harvard 
Flagg Rubert opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Flaherty Catherine opr h 488 Main 
Flaherty Charles A (Isabelle) pres h 315 Bacon 
Flaherty Charles E shipper res 315 Bacon 
Flaherty Elisbeth S wid Charles W died Sept 16 

Flaherty Helen E dietitian res 315 Bacon 
Flaherty Jennie A hkpr n 29 School 
Flaherty Pamelia F Mrs h 95 Francis 
Flaherty Patrick F (Mary F) lab h 30 School av 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



Flaherty Robert T student res 315 Bacon 

Flaherty Thomas J (Mary L) sales res 120 Brown 

Flaherty Thomas M lab res 120 Willow 

Flaherty Wm F at W B & D Wks res 120 Willow 

Flanagan Dennis (Yvonne) mgr res 17 Cushing 

Flanagan Elizabeth A tel opr res 164 River 

Flanagan Ellen nurse 156 Ash 

Flanagan Eulalia nurse res 19 Daniels pi 

Flanagan John (Lucy) forester res 880 (440) Moody 

Flanagan Lucy A M opr W W & C Co res 880 (440) 

Flanagan Nellie nurse h 156 Ash 
Flanagan Nora sten res 19 Daniels pi 
Flanagan Patrick (Catherine) carp h 164 River 
Flanigan James F opr W W & C Co res 52 Taylor 
FLANNERY BROS (Thomas J and Edward F Flan- 

nery) Tobacconists and News Dealers 266 (120) 

Moody cor Pine Tel Conn 
Flannery Edward F (Anna M) (Flannery Bros) h 40 

Flannery Edward F cigars 897 Main h at Newton 
Flannery Sabina wid Edward h 16 Boynton 
Flannery Thomas opr W W & C Co h 41 Williams 
Flannery Thomas J (Mary A) (Flannery Bros) h 16 

Fleming Charles D (Annie J) opr W W & C Co h 266 

Fleming Francis P acct res 3 Massasoit ct 
Fleming Frank H hosemn Eng 1 res 533 (275) Moody 
Fleming Harold J acct res 65 Plympton 
Fleming Julia wid Peter J h 65 Plympton 
Fleming Lena G bkpr res 3 Massasoit ct 
Fleming Lillian M opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Fleming Maria wid Wesley res 633 (321) Moody 
Fleming Mary A opr W W & C Co res 3 Massasoit ct 
Fleming Paul E elk W W & C Co res 18 Ash 
Fleming Ruby E sten res 266 Brown 
Fleming Timothy (Mary A) driver h 3 Massasoit ct 
Fletcher Alice A Mrs elk B h 97 Maple 
Fletcher Alice H h 97 Maple 
Fletcher Cora E wid Wm H h 22 Park 
Fletcher Daniel V (Edith) auto rpr h 20 Park 
Fletcher F Homer (Marion F) acct h 97 Maple 
Fletcher James H steward 101 School h do 
Fletcher Nettie Mrs died June 8 1921 
Fletcher Nina G Mrs died Nov 28 1921 
Flett Thomas tinsmith 366 (186) Moody h Prospect 
Flint Albert S (Sarah L) sales W W & C Co h 15 

Ellison pk 
Flint Lydie C opr W W & C Co res 122 Lowell 
Flint Stella A elk 45 Moody rm 3 res 67 Winthrop 
Flitcroft G Walter (Margaret M) cabt mkr h 145 Ash 
Flodin Einar E G opr W W & C Co h 5 Bobbins pi 
Flood Annie J wid John B h S0V 2 School av 
Flood Francis J (Ethel B) W W & C Co h 213 River 
Flood George H (Jennie) mach h 28% Gardner 
Flood G Ernest asst eng res S0V 2 School av 
Flood James W died June 23 1923 
Flood Joseph F police res 82 Gardner 
Flood Mary M Mrs died Apr 13 1922 
Flood Wm F (Katherine E) opr h 7 Centre 
Flook Virginia Mrs died July 6 1923 
Florence Charles W (Alta M) carp h 33 Dexter 
Florida Biagio (Conttina) shoe rpr 732 (370) Moody 

h 245 Newton 
Florida Sebastina (Natalina) shoe rpr 372 (192) 

Moody h 18 McKenn 
Flower Pearl J sten b 217 Ash 
Floyd Anna B wid Henry C drsmkr res 15 Alder 
Floyd Anna R wid Albert h 40 Lyman 

Floyd Charles E opr W W & C Co res 192 Adams 

Floyd Edith F sten res 251 Dale 

Floyd Elsie D nurse res 251 Dale 

Floyd Fannie P res 40 Lyman 

Floyd Helen A res 40 Lyman 

Floyd Hiram C died Oct 15 1923 

Floyd Lillian G wid Hiram C h 251 Dale 

Floyd Mabel L Mrs opr W W & C Co res 73 Orange 

Floyd Marshall S (Agnes M) pres 118 Calvary b 27a 

Floyd Stanley H auto rpr res 251 Dale 
Flynn Agnes L Mrs opr W W & C Co res 98 Charles 
Flynn Alice A bkpr res 20 Moore 
Flynn Arthur J appr res 151 Grove 
Flynn Charles S (Marguerite A) elk h 14 Friend 
Flynn Cornelius J ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at Ar- 
Flynn James F (Mary) baker 695 Main h 4 Common 
Flynn John opr res 9 Pine 

Flynn John F (Lillian F) mgr 20 Felton h 57 Lyman 
Flynn John G (Mary E J) carp h 3 Pond 
Flynn John J (Elizabeth M) lab h 151 Grore 
Flynn John J (Margaret) forester h 50 Pond 
Flynn John J nurse M S F M res do 
Flynn John J jr (Mary J) lawyer and city solicitor 

614 Main rm 16 h 48 Bacon 
Flynn John P shipper Elm cor Benefit h 12 Gardner 
Flynn Joseph J appr res 151 Grove 
Flynn Louise elk 243 Moody res 64 Cherry 
Flynn Madeline maid res 750 Lexington 
Flynn Mary R elk Moody res 12 Gardner 
Flynn Paul L lawyer 661 Main rm 3 res 50 Pond 
Flynn Robert J mach opr res 64 Cherry 
Flynn Ruth bkpr 868 Main res 3 Pond 
Flynn Stephen L (Helen M) plmbr h 83 Calvary 
Flynn Thomas F (Etta B) rubberwkr h 20 Moore 
Fogg Anna W wid Charles J h 94 Summer 
Fogg Charles J died Jan 11 1922 
Fogg Ernest T (Marion B) com trav h 21 Dexter 
Fogg Katherine G h 84 Summer 
Fogg Patrick (Bridget) Indrymn h 70 Charles 
Fogler Mary L manicuring 598 Main res do 
Fogliani Albert (Theresa) cement wkr h 33 Mt. Pleas- 
Fogliani Antonio (Rose) toolmkr h 575 Main 
Fogliani Letteria drsmkr res 575 Main 
Foisy Horace A (Mary J) watchmkr 282 (128) Moody 

rm 10 h 24 Chestnut 
Foley Alice Mary sten W W & C Co res 272 School 
Foley Alice opr res 272 School 
Foley Anthony M opr W W & C Co res at S Acton 
Foley Arthur W (Mabel M) bldr r Lincoln bey Winter 
Foley David A (Lillian E) h Grove rd off Trapelo rd 
Foley Joseph E chauf res Lincoln bey Winter 
Foley James A chauf 60 Woerd av h at Newton 
Foley James W (Delia) hostler h Lincoln bey Winter 
Foley John S guard res D A Foley Grove rd 
Foley Mary J tailoress h 23 Russell 
Foley Patrick A master mech W B & D Wks h at 

Foley Thomas J (Lucy J) photo h 94 Cushing 
Foley Wm E (Loretta) auto rpr h 159 EdgehiH rd 
Folsom Eugene L (Mira C) supt W S Co h 101 Wash 

Fong Louie K rem to B 

Fontana Riccardo (Antonette) market gard h Winter 
Fotte Frank opr res 53 Robbins 
Fotte Wm Ralph (Imelda) mach h rear 717 Main 
Fopiano Marco (Maria) fruit h 1 Emery 
Fopiano Mary opr res 17 McKenn 



123 High Street, 




Forbes Doris typist W W & C Co res 15 Mt Pleasant 

Forbes Marian asst 47 Moody res at Framingham 

Forbush L Mabel prin F C Lowell sch h 31a Spruce 

Forbush Rose wid res 31a Spruce 

Forbush see Furbush 

Forcier Edna mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 13 Mechanic 

Forcier George (Anna) chauf 366 (186) Moody h 19 


Co !nc) 5S4 (298) Moody Tel Waltham 2615 See 

right top lines 
Ford Bernard F crane opr res 69 River 
Ford Edward F mach res 77 Willow 
Ford John F (Nora M) molder D & F Mfg Co h 69 

Ford John J (Mary M) molder h 24 Orchard av 
Ford Julia M died Nov 22 1921 
Ford Maria wid John W h 77 Willow 
Ford Mary A hkpr res 96 Francis 
Ford Mary C elk 351 (181) Moody res 77 Willow 
Ford Matilda E tchr Chelsea res 77 Willow 
Ford Thomas H (Corinthian Bowling Alleys) 5 Gordon 

res 161 Ash 
Ford Thomas P (Eleanor C) podiatrist h 35a Common 
Ford Thomas T opr W W & C Co h at Newton 
Ford Wallis B (Helen L) acct h 63 Wash av 
Forgett Henry L (Gertrude F) acct res 293 Newton 
Forman Dorothy sten res 28 Adams 
Forman Joseph (Jennie) tailor 370 (190) Moody h 

28 Adams 
Formi Antonio (Marie) h 29 Spring 
Forsberg Ernest A G opr W W & C Co res 42 Curtis 
Forsher James asst fore 144 Moody h 50 Exchange 
Forssen J Ragnar (Ellen M) baker h 33 Clinton 
Forster Alphonsus F sten res 28 Hastings av 
Forster John G (Margaret) carp and bldr 28 Hastings 

av h do 
Forster John G jr carp res 28 Hastings av 
Forster Leo T S (Mary M) carp res 28 Hastings av 
Forster Lucy M acct res 28 Hastings av 
Forster Mildred E elk res 28 Hastings av 
Forster Vera M sten res 28 Hastings av 
Forsyth Wm J (Mary E) opr B Mfg Co h 3 Bellevue 

Forsythe Bryan opr res 44 Exchange 
Forte Allesandro (Antonia) lab h 45 Spring 
Fortier Evelyn Mrs died June 26 1921 
Fortin Joseph lab res 44 Exchange 
Fortune Thomas res 94 Adams 
Fortye Jerry opr W W & C Co res 27 Felton 
Fosberg Ernest A (Annie) W W & C Co h 42 Curtis 
Fosdick Charles A (Lena T) molder h 2 Robbins pi 
Foss Bernard W (Mildred L) opr W W & C Co h 96 

Wash av 
Fostello Gladys opr W W & C Co res 342 Crescent 
Foster Bryant C drftsmn res 132 Russell 
Foster Charles A (Cora E) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

132 Russell 
Foster Dan B (Johanna M) mach W W & C Co h 43 

Foster Doris A opr W W & C Co res 66 Brown 
FOSTER EDWARD MORSE (Lona A) Photographer 

221 (93) Moody rm 2 h 242 Ash See Photog- 
raphers Dept 
Foster Elliot C elk W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Foster Eva A wid Albert C h 66 Brown 
Foster Frank T W W & C Co res 150 Crescent 
Foster Frederick A gro res 87 Brown 
Foster George A (Mary E) W W & C Co h 43a Rich 
Foster Helen A W W & C Co res 293 School 

Foster Hiram W res 61 Crescent 
Foster Howard F eng M S F M res do 
Foster Irving L opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Foster Ivyane B Mrs h 4 Adams 
Foster John J iron wkr res 447 Waverley Oaks rd 
Foster Leonard (Florence) opr h 65 Pine 
Foster Louis V (Harrieta) designing eng h 43 Leonard 
Foster Nellie M wid Wm P h 26 Harvard 
Foster Percy G opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
FOSTER STUDIO (Edward Morse Foster) Photo- 
graphers 221 (93) Moody rm 2 See Photographers 
Foster Wm J (Mary) h 447 Waverley Oaks rd 
Fourcy Louise F wid Henry elk 698 Main res 107 

Fournier Ada F opr W W & C Co res 382 Main 
Foumier Alexander opr W W & C Co res 28 Cushing 
Fournier David (Adele) barn man 384 Main h 382 do 
Fournier Eva E Mrs opr res 81b Alder 
Fowle Frederick H opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Fowler Elizabeth tchr N J H S h at Roslindale 
Fox Charles E (Ella) cashr h 74 Fiske 
Fox Charlotte A opr W W & C Co res 118 Central 
Fox David (Frances) carp h 14 Hammer 
Fox Elizabeth nurse res 118 Central 
Fox Elizabeth N opr W W & C Co res 35 Orange 
FOX FURNITURE CO Furniture Carpets Bedding 292 
Centre Newton Cor 341-347 Watertown Newton Tels 
Newton North 2730-1926-R-1926-W See Furni- 
ture Dept 
Fox John J res 118 Central 
Fox Nora wid James J h 118 Central 
Fox Mary J opr W W & C Co res 118 Central 
Fox Moses supt 515 South h at Maiden 
Fox Tina restr at W Newton res 83 Cherry 
Fox Wm J opr res 118 Central 
Fraim Irving W (Leola B) phys and surg 826 Main 

h do 
Fraim John W (Louise K) WW&CCoh4 High- 
land av 
Fraleigh George H opr 100 Beaver res at Camb 
Franchina Paul (Joyce & Franchina) real est res 282 

(128) Moody rm 4 
Franchine Vincent (Concetta) tailor h 264 Newton 
Francis Helen L elk 289 (137) Moody res 180 Brown 
Frank Myshrall rubberwkr res 141 Charles 
Frankina Joseph (Josephine) rem to Los Angeles Calif 
Frankina Paul ins agt 135 Moody res 91 High 
Franklin Lunch (Frederick C Brugel) 627 Main 
Franks Henry C (Blanche D) mgr h 20 Lafayette 
Franson Ernest G (Alice D) auto mkr h 50 Lowell 
Frary Ernest B (Margaret M) molder h 141 Calvary 
Fraser Alice nurse M S F M res do 
Fraser Annie J wid Wm W h 169 Adams 
Fraser Barbara nurse M S F M res do 
Fraser Elizabeth Mrs h 25 Francis 
Fraser Florence opr W W & C Co res 25 Brown 
Fraser Florence Mrs assembler 24 Pine h 25 Brown 
Fraser Jane A Mrs h 17 Russell 
Fraser John prntr res 25 Francis 
Fraser Mai ion G sten res 169 Adams 
Fraser Philip died Mar 29 1922 
Fraser Robert B opr W W & C Co res 169 Adams 
Fraser Wallace E (Florence) carp h 25 Brown 
Fraser Wm C (Carrie A) pntr h 43 Sterling 
Fratipietro Edward (Elizabeth) pntr h 7 Lawton pi 
Frawley Bessie J nurse W W & C Co r 157 Crescent 
Frawley Peter K eng res 20 High 
Frazer Clarence opr W W & C Co res 8 Prospect 
Frazier Ernest C (Nellie) E H W WkB h 28 Francis 



318 ( 158) MOODY ST. Tek. Walthuo 0155-W. Res. 0077 

: : 

rihi :" 

:: 5 




i :~ 


-_ ~: rz : ~l 




7 : rr 

:..-: " 

: r 

(nrlf i CCibSI 


: : 

ft vfaK t «rf f iCOt 

" j - Li" r - -- -- 

I fac ft CM k 

M 4 O 

▼ V ft C 

: _:- 

ft ] 

^ c 
- 7 

W* «rWWft C 

: I-.' 

I : 

1 : 


1 I ■ 

_- — .: - 



- c : : : r :-_ 
hr WW ft C Cbfe 

ft F~*ici 

n t :'- - 


z --: - 

U «r W W c 

- : :: 

v Nfc wet 

-v • ■ • 

- - " : - - 




Aim ******** * 

-. ' 

- ~ 

J *v 


ndi W W k € G* xm 

€**cW M *€€* vx 132.1* 

• «■ ■ 

*: *. 




* in 

i a 

- vr: - 

: -r : >.-_ 

£ : a i 

<B .31 * 

Ii7I » H 

i a 


i MB 

:: s 

I H 

klia *mi 

• --- -. :- 

: m i 

.t -.- t - c I :-■ 

■MS I« 

- ■ ■ ". 

S IflH* rnmdL fffifl 

3fcs aae ll?I«i 

I 7 

irf I4(Ci 

? : 

: : : 

: : : 

jo : : 

- -.-- : '. •■■ 

1 » *I Sqk ■ 

- . ' ' 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Gamage Sarah E wid Edward D hkpr 780 Lexington 

Gameau Loretta B opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 

Gammon Wm H (Lucy E) police h 19 Chester av 

Gandolfo Emanuel (Rosanna) h 30 Sun 

Gange Agnes hkpr 64 Bacon 

Gangi Luigi (Crocifirsa) lab h 6 Calvary 

Gannon George W mach W W & C Co res 42 Cedar 

Gannon John A (Charlotte A) auto trimmer h 15 

Gannon Louis N B (Catherine) car clnr 1040 Main h 

152 School 
Gannon Mary wid Patrick h 42 Cedar 
Garaway Anna B elk res 23 Willow 
Garaway Grace A sten W B & D Wks res 23 Willow 
Garaway Helen L sten res 23 Willow 
Garaway Margaret B res 23 Willow 
Garaway Wm J (Ellen C) h 23 Willow 
Garner Catherine M opr W W & C Co res at Waverley 
Gaiber Rhoda H opr W W & C Co res at Waverley 
Gaiber Vera P W W & C Co res 278 Crescent 
Garbiais George chef res 562 Main 
Gard Annie M W W & C Co res 278 Crescent 
Gardiner Marion S opr W W & C Co res at Atlantic 
Gardner Augustus G (Margaret J) bricklayer h 99 

Gardner Dorothy I W W & C Co r 870 (434) Moody 
Gardner Edson W fore B & M h 27 Pine 
Gardner Edward F mach res 7 Centre 
, Gardner Frances A W W & C Co r 870 (434) Moody 
Gardner Fred (Alice M) elect h 71 Ash 
Gardner Henry M (Susan) mech Myrtle cor Lowell h 

311 (153) Moody 
Gardner Jeremiah M (Pauline E) summer res Hardy's 

Pond rd 
Gardner Joel F (Jessie A) mason h 135 Grove 
Gardner John A (Emma E) h 4 Adams 
Gardner John J (Mary G) carrier 290 (134) Moody 

h 28 Faneuil rd 
Gardner John W (May E) sales h 18 Brookfield rd 
Gardner Lillian E W W & C Co res 870 (434) Moody 
Gardner Michael P mach h 7 Centre 
Gardner Russell K mgr 390 (208) Moody h at Fram- 

Gardner Stanton C driver res 79 Fiske 
Garfield Alfred H (Lena) h 49 Dexter 
Garfield Beatrice elk 283 (133) Moody res 9 Russell 
Garfield Etta G Mrs h 210 Dale 
Garfield Frank I (Maud M) civ eng h 9 Russell 
Garfield Irving A acct B res 9 Russell 
Garfield S F opr W W & C Co res at Sudbury 
Garfield Viola M elk W W & C Co res 9 Russell 
Garland Ethel M tchr S Grammar sch h 33 Floyd 
Garland Lora P nurse M S F M res do 
Garner Walter knitter res 168 Lexington 
Garrigan Celia M insp res 23 Vernon 
Garrigan John R (Maude B) carp h 43c Rich 
Garrigan Martin J shipper res 23 Vernon 
Garrigan Mathias F (Norah) carp h 23 Vernon 
Garrigan Raymond elk res 23 Vernon 
Garrigan Wm F (Mary E) meat ctr h 1137 Main 
Canity Ellen M sten W W & C Co res 2 Bemis av 
Garrity Mary J bkpr res 2 Bemis av 
Garrity Thomas (Julia A) driver W Coal Co h 2 

Bemis av 
Garvey Arthur R dentist 314 (154) Moody r 228 Ash 
Garvey Building The 314 (154) Moody 
Garvey John J elect res 461 Main 
Garvey Martin J dentist 400 (210%) Moody res 228 

Garvey Michael J (Catherine H) h 228 Ash 

Garvey Winifred F bkpr res 461 Main 

Gaskill Guilford (Joanna) pntr h 14 Wilton 

Gass Stanley W (Gertrude) opr W W & C Co h 265 

Gately Arthur N student res 42 School 
Gately Charles G student res 9 Floyd 
Gately Francis P (Roberta 0) real est res 362 Lex- 
Gately Kate F Mrs h 9 Floyd 
Gately Katherine E student res 42 School 
Gately Mary E sten res 9 Floyd 
Gately Mary J tchr res 42 School 
Gately Matthew E (Gately's Market) h 42 School 
Gately Wm J elk 689 Main res 42 School 
Gately's Market (Matthew E Gately) prov 689 Main 
Gates Christopher E (Bessie J) elect h 42 Derby 
Gates Henry carp res 240 Crescent 
Gates John E (Lillian) carp W W & C Co h at W 

Gates Nellie M opr W H S res 36 Wash av 
Gaudet Camille J (Mary J) chauf h 150 Prospect 
Gaudet Dennis W (Victiore) Indry wkr h 54 Francis 
Gaudet Frank M carp res 89 Central 
Gaudet J D Romeo opr W W & C Co res 145 Charles 
Gaudet Marcel M (Sarah) carp h 19 Brown's av 
Gaudet Mary A opr W W & C Co res 145 Charles 
Gaudet Ovide F (Lena D) tin smith h 89 Central 
Gaudet Paul F (Mary 0) mach W W & C Co h 79 

Gaudet Paul M (Malvina) carp h Princeton av 
Gaudet Philias D (Eva) carp h 145 Charles 
Gaudet Romeo watchmkr res 145 Charles 
Gaudet Sophie M opr W W & C Co res 145 Charles 
Gaudet Sylvian G opr W W & C Co res 145 Charles 
Gaudet Thomas A (Josephine) carp h 142 Bacon 
Gaudette Arthur J driver h 1 Noonan 
Gaudette Domitille M wid Docite h 1 Noonan 
Gaudette James D mach h 1 Noonan 
Gaudette Leazine carp res 81a Alder 
Gaudette Timothy F (Elizabeth M) opr W W & C Co 

h 37 Dartmouth 
Gaudit Maynard opr res South nr B & M 
Gaudit Theresa M res South nr B & M 
Gaudreau Louis N (Irene) h 1 Main 
Gaul Leora Mae elk res 41 Rich 
Gaul Mary E Mrs h 41 Rich 
Gaul Wm T sales res 41 Rich 
Gault Stella wid Wm h 41 Rich 
Gauthier Clara A fore 21 Crescent r 730 (368) Moody 
Gauthier Christina res 730 (368) Moody 
Gauthier Francis C (Mary J) (Beaver Brook Knitting 

Co) 400 Newton h 848 Main 
Gauthier Helene T opr W W & C Co res 730 (368) 

Gauthier Joseph supt of rprs 1040 Main h 730 

(368) Moody 
Gauthier Joseph jr (Cecelia) elk 1040 Main h 236 

Gauthier Philip F (Cora) opr h 3 Jackson pi 
Gauthier Raoul A (Romanie M) winder 1040 Main h 

190 Charles 
Gauvin Jude (Evangeline) carp h 13% Taylor 
Gavin Elizabeth G opr W W & C Co res 27 Barton 
Gavin Francis A elk 219 (91) Moody res 12 Harvard 
Gavin Joseph stmftr res 78 Adams 
Gavin Margaret E opr W W & C Co res 27 Barton 
Gavin Thomas F (Annie E) insp h 12 Harvard 
Gavin Walter J tchr res 12 Harvard 
Gavolio Block 403-411 (213-215) Moody 
Gavolio Frank res 411 (215) Moody 

48 JOHN 




Tel. Conn. 



Gavolio Fruit. Co (Joseph and John N Gavolio) 411 

(215) Moody 
Gavolio John N (Gavolio Fruit Co) 411 (215) Moody 

h rear do 
Gavolio Joseph (Frances) (Gavolio Fruit Co) 411 

(215) Moody h rear do 
Gavolio Rose M mlnr res 411 (215) Moody 
Gay Alexander M (Ella M) mach h 23 Townsend 
Gay Dorothy J res 20 Wash av 
Gay Ella M Mrs drsmkr 23 Townsend h do 
Gay E Ruth res 23 Townsend 
Gay Leon F (Winnona M) W W & C Co h 22a Wash 

Gay Mildred opr W W & C Co res 30 Chester av 
Gay Wm F (Maud) carp 20 Wash av h do 
Gazziano Charles hlpr res 119 Pine 
Gazziano Filippo died May 12 1923 
Gazziano Giovanni (Felippa) h 119 Pine 
Gazziano John chauf res 119 Pine 
Gearon Edward elk 509 (261) Moody r 791 (395) do 
Gearon Peter E phatm res 791 (395) Moody 
Geary Cora E opr W W & C Co res 56 Orange 
Geary George (Cora E) carp h 56 Orange 
Geary Morris J elk 405 (213) Moody h 699 (347) 

Gebow Edith A Mrs res ■ 32 Wash av 
Gee Sing lndry 5 Lexington 

Geiling Fred A (Isabel) tinsmith S Co h 70 Hall 
Geisler Gustave (Sophie) auto rpr h 29 Wadsworth av 
Geller Louis elk 361 (189) Moody h at Maiden 
Gentes Arthur opr res 73 Adams 
Gentes Samuel (Exilia) lab h 73 Adams 
Gentilo Pasquale (Maria) opr h 20 Water 
Geoff erion Ada wid Ulderic A h 9 Pond st ct 
Geoffrion Agnes I elk 10 Noonan res 11 do 
Geoffrion Albert mgr res 15 Howard 
Geoffrion Elizabeth A weaver res 11 Noonan 
Geoffrion Emilie M tchr res 15 Howard 
Geoffrion Felex J carp h 11 Noonan 
Geoffrion Louis J contr 15 Howard h do 
Geoffrion Marceline P res 15 Howard 
Geoffrion Napoleon E (Virginia J) carp h 173 Felton 
Geoffrion Placide J (Lucy M) carp h 47 Colburn 
Geoffrion Theophilus A student res 11 Noonan 
Geoffrion Theophilus J (Agnes) opr h 11 Noonan 
Geoffrion Ulderic A died Jan 9 1923 
Geoffrion Virginia opr W W & C Co res 173 Felton 
George Harold elk res 12 Spruce 
George see Girard 
Germain Bartholemew mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at 

Newton Highlands 
Germain William dentist 279 (131%) Moody h at 

Gero Philip finisher 15 Elm h at Newton 
Gerritson Edward W (Elizabeth) opr W W & C Co h 

53 Cherry 
Gerritson Elizabeth opr W W & C Co res 53 Cherry 
Gerritson Ethel E sten res 179 Ash 
Gerritson Fred (Eliza J) opr W W & C Co h 22 

Gerritson Kenneth W opr W W & C Co res 53 Cherry 
Gerritson Maude B instr res 22 Orange 
Gerritson Walter (Hettie M) opr W W & C Co h 179 

Getchell Bertha M sten 349 (179) Moody res 29 

Getchell Charles C (Fannie H) fa 29 Palmer 
Getchell Harry M (Susan M) carrier 290 (134) Moo- 
dy h 21 Elson rd 
Getchell Mary E Mrs died June 21 1921 

Getchell Robert E dentist 282 (128) Moody rm 5 res 

29 Palmer 
Getchell Sherman W W & C Co h 94 Adams rm 66 
Getchell Sumner died Oct 19 1922 
Getchell Susan M W W & C Co res 21 Elson rd 
Giaimo Dominick (Grace M) opr h 157 Edgehill rd 
Giampietro Luigi (Irena) lab h Sibley rd 
Giampietro Nicola (Cesira) farmhand h 39 Spring 
Giardano Santo (Ida) rubberwkr h 315 Warren 
Giardina Bros (John and Felix) fruit 607 Main 
Giardina Felix (Fortunata) (Giardina Bros) fa 1 

Giardina Giuseppe (Grace) opr h 144 School 
Giardina John (Giardina Bros) h 117 Summer 
Giasson Ambrose (Cordelia M) carp h 392 Newton 
Giasson Arthur J (Hilda F) mach h 21 Barton 
Giasson Eva R elk W W & C Co res 392 Newton 
Giasson George (Waltham Flint Co) 1013 Main res 

392 Newton 
Giasson Viola R elk res 392 Newton 
Gibbons Anna D res 6 Harvard pi 
Gibbons Bridget hkpr 217 Calvary 
Gibbons Catherine G opr W W & C Co r 6 Harvard pi 
Gibbons Elizabeth A wid Edward F res 6 Harvard pi 
Gibbons Ethel elk 243 Moody h at W Newton 
Gibbons Helen laundress res 217 Calvary 
Gibbons Helena J opr W W & C Co res 6 Harvard pi 
Gibbons John J plmbr res 6 Harvard pi 
Gibbons Joseph L boilermkr res 217 Calvary 
Gibbons Mary A opr W W & C Co res 6 Harvard pi 
Gibbons Thomas F lab res 217 Calvary 
Gibbons Wm J h 217 Calvary 
Gibbs Anna M wid Frank F h 910 Main 
Gibbs Daniel W (Nancy C) archt h 17 Lord 
Gibbs Express Co Jasper H Yetten pres-treas LeBaron 

R Yetten sec 216 Newton 
Gibbs Ida L wid John M h 24 Harris 
Gibbs John M (Louise B ) lawyer B h 22 Lyman 
Gibbs Joseph W sales h 51 Harris 
Gibbs Lucy Mrs h 22 Summer 
Gibbs Richard M (Mary J) h 898 Main 
Gibbs Wm F (Jennie M) pres B h 962 Main 
Gibson A J & Son (Roland A Gibson J J DeLorey) 

gros 880 Main 
Gibson Charles T mgr 398 (210) Moody res 407 

(213a) do 
Gibson John F dept supt Waltham Hospital 1 Hope av 

h do 
Gibson John R (Sarah C)EHWCohl07 Chestnut 
Gibson John R (Annie) opr W S Co h at Waverley 
Gibson Raymond J elk 354 (178) Moody res 107 

Gibson Roland A (Carrie L) (A J Gibson & Son) h 

28 Irving 
Gibson Vivian F mach res 107 Chestnut 
Giddings Charles J (Barbara A) chauf Eng 2 h 35 

Giddings Frederick C (Maria E) milk h 119 Russell 
Giddings Marion E elk res 119 Russell 
Gidley Samuel H (Rose L) window trimmer 243 

Moody b 97 Alder 
Gifford Elizabeth Mrs h 389 Crescent 
Gifford E Earle (Nathalie) h 389 Crescent 
Gifford Minnie A elk W W & C Co res 389 Crescent 
Gilbert Ada A died April 20 1922 
Gilbert Edward F (Anna J) lab b 111 Harvard 
Gilbert Elizabeth V opr W W & C Co r at S Lincoln 
Gilbert Eugene F W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 20 
Gilbert Frederick R (Luella M) bkpr h 402 Main 
Gilbert George J opr W W & C Co res 98 Chestnut 





Tel. Waltham 0940 



Gilbert John R (Georgia L) dentist 681 Main rm 1 

h 346 Bacon 
Gilbert Marcus H engr W W & C Co h at Weston 
Gilbert Misses The res 94 Adams 
Gilbert Wesley R (Olive E) student res 402 Main 
Gilchirst Fred A res 3 Chesterbrook rd 
Gildersleeve Oscar H (Myrtle J) carp h 51 Ash 
Gile Jason C (Eva) stockmn W W & C Co h 122 

Gile Marion L opr W W & C Co res 122 Adams 
Giles Clifford G opr W W & C Co res 22 Pearl 
Giles John W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 33 
Giles Nellie R wid Elmer E res 132 Dale 
Gilfillan Lillian R asst Public Library r at W Newton 
Gilfix Helen S opr W W & C Co res at Newton 
Gilfix Leah sten 100 Beaver res at Newton 
Gilhooly Annie wid John res 81 Lexington 
Gilhooly Mary J opr res 81 Lexington 
Gill Adeline B res 138 Ellison pk 
Gill Annie T opr W W & C Co res 350 Newton 
Gill Emma P elk 18 Pine res 43 Clinton 
Gill Emmett R (Annie) mach h 350 Newton 
Gill Henry G rem to Allston 
Gill James A (Mary E) asst treas h 40 Grant pi 
Gill Herbert student res 122 Adams 
Gill Josephine died Dec 22 1923 
Gill Mary nurse res 43 Clinton 
Gill Michael J (Mary A) lab h 237 River 
.Gill Peter B (Mary B) monuments 15 Clinton h 43 do 
Gill Rachael res 128 Ellison pk 
Gill Robert E opr h 350 Newton 
Gill Thomas F W G W Co h 75 Taylor 
Gill Thornton M (Mildred D) autos h 11 Banks 
GUI Wm T (Anna M) autos h 128 Ellison pk 
Gill Winifred opr res 75 Taylor 
Gilen Frank H (Lillian) driver h 12 Gordon 
Gillespie Dorothy nurse M S F M res do 
Gilligan Catherine V opr W W & C Co res 234 River 
Gilligan Joseph E opr h 21 Vernon 
Gilligan Mary V opr W W & C Co res 21 Vernon 
Gilligan Thomas h 234 River 
Gilligan Thomas J (Margaret T) eng h 21 Vernon 
Gillis Angus lab h Lincoln bey Winter 
Gillis Archie res 74 Adams 
Gillis Daniel (Mary) lab h 28 Fern 
Gillis Irene opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Gillis John J elk res 42 Oak 
Gillis Roland M (Margaret) auto rpr h 203 Grove 
Gillis Wm student res Lincoln bey Winter 
Gillispie Alice E elk res 19 Plympton 
Gillispie James C (Ellen) contr 19 Plympton h do 
Gillispie Mary G sten res 19 Plympton 
Gillman Louis ins agt res 94 Adams 
Gilmore Elizabeth M wid Henry res 25 living 
Gilmore Harry E (Mary) opr W W & C Co h 25 Irving 
Gilmore Harry S (Agnes T) mach h 39 Turner 
Gilotta Frank (Mildred) W W & C Co h 5 Brown 
Gilson Alice C elk 416a (218a) Moody res 7 Sharon 
Gilson Eugene J died Nov 7 1922 
Gilson E Owen died Nov 7 1922 
Gilson Frank (Rose) opr h 47 Parmenter rd 
Gilson Helen J opr res 7 Sharon 
Gilson John J mach res 7 Sharon 
Gilson John J collr res 77 Russell 
Gilson Mary Lb 7 Sharon 
Gilson Park H news corres res 61 Alder 
Gilson Peter E (Mary E) adv solicitor Globe B h 935 

Gilson Rose C opr W W & C Co res 47 Parmenter rd 
Gim Lee Indry 254 (114) Moody h do 

Giminarda Angelina opr W W & C Co res 24 Exchange 
Giminarda Louis (Josephine) mach 48 Woerd av h 61 

Giminarda Vincenzo (Vincenza) lab h 24 Exchange 
Gindrat Daniel A (Caroline R) finisher h 58 Cherry 
Gindrat Louis R (Louisa K B) rem to Brookline 
Ginsburg Abraham (Anna) opr W W & C Co h 3 

Gister Co The gros 725 (260) Moody (For complete 

list see Bus Dir) 
Giordano Santo (Caetana) rubberwkr h 315 Warren 
Girolami Angelo (Rosa) lab h 982 Main 
Girvan Minnie wid Alexander h 794 Main 
Given Annie T opr W W & C Co res 100 Pine 
Gladine Gustav A (Betty) mach h 8 Viles ct 
Glancy Robert E (Anna B) h 74 Riverview av 
Glancy Warren E chemist res 74 Rivervew av 
Glasgow Thomas J (Carrie L) supt 296 Newton h 

155 Ash 
Glazier Walter E storekeeper h 27 Howard 
Gleason Anna h 13 Cedar 
Gleason Dennis F W B & D Wks res 92 Calvary 
Gleason Hannah E wid Edward W died Nov 29 1922 
Gleason Johannah A res 92 Calvary 
Gleason John T W B & D Wks h 92 Calvary 
Gleason John T opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Gleason Patrick S (Anna M) druggists 112 Pine h 

110 Cushing 
Gleason Warren J elk res 139 Felton 
Gledhill Alfred (Minnie S) sales Elm cor Benefit h 

91 Myrtle 
Gledhill Louise G opr W W & C Co res 16 Winthrop 
Glent Belva elk 243 Moody h 11 Maple ter 
Glidden Clarence W (Iva L) cond h 279 (13iy 2 ) 

Glidden Daisy Mrs opr W W & C Co res 43 Pine 
Glidden George B (May H) fore E H W Wks h 78 

Glidden George H fore res 78 Taylor 
Glidden Irene Mrs died Oct 8 1922 
Glidden Lewis S (Hattie) promoter h 38 Brookfield rd 
Glidden Vernon chauf res 78 Taylor 
Glines Charles H (Mary) carp h 202 Dale 
Glines John E driver res 202 Dale 
Glode Alfred G (Bertha A) prod mgr 66 Woerd av h 

20y 2 Rumford av 
Glover Hattye Jackson Mrs mlnr 406 (216) Moody h 

407 (213a) do 
Glover Isaac S (Hattye M J) elk 243 Moody h 407 

(213a) do 
Glueck Edward W (Alice R) lndry h 2 Gill rd 
Glyde Frederick opr W W & C Co h 56 Wellington 
Glynn Agnes elk 283 (133) Moody res 118 Pond 
Glynn Anna F res 21 Dartmouth 
Glynn Delia F h 540 South 
Glynn Dennis (Catherine) mason h 119 Pond 
GLYNN FRANK E (Helena W) Manager W A Webster 

Co Watertown h 8 Common 
Glynn John h 39 Dartmouth 
Glynn John F elk res 73 Guinan 
Glynn John N elk res 45 Moore 
Glynn Margaret A cook res 933 Main 
Glynn Margaret J opr res 540 South 
Glynn Martin F (Mary) lab h 96 Hammond 
Glynn Mary opr W W & C Co res 91 Chestnut 
Glynn Mary wid John h 52 Alder 
Glynn Mary Mrs died Feb 12 1922 
Glynn Mary A opr res 540 South 
Glynn Mary A sten res 89 Dartmouth 
Glynn Mary A opr W W & C Co res 23 Cushing 



584 (298) Moody St tel. 

MI V 1M A* ' 




Waltham, Mass. 



Glynn Mary C bkpr 219 (91) Moody res 119 Pond 

Glynn Mary E vvid Michael h 21 Fiske 

Glynn Michael (Margaret) yardmn W W & C Co h 88 

Glynn Patrick driver 149 Elm res 92 Bacon 
Glynn Peter driver h 45 Moore 
Glynn Thomas lab res 45 Moore 
Glynn Thomas E (Catherine) fore B Mfg Co h 57 Pine 
Glynn Thomas E hlpr h 21 Dartmouth 
Glynn Thomas J chauf res 73 Guinan 
Gobe Lindsey H driver 500 Lexington h 35 Palmer 
Godber Catherine Mrs h 251 Charles 
Godber Frank J (Martha) elk h 6 Winthrop 
Godber Lizzie V dial mkr W W & C Co r 251 Charles 
Godber Mather A opr W W & C Co res 6 Winthrop 
Goddard George E (Rosa) W W & C Co res 290 Dale 
Goddard Mark A (Ivory) opr W W & C Co h 13% 

Godey George VV died Mar 4 1923 
Godfrey Thomas L (Lillian C) W W & C Co h 18 

Godfrey Vernon D (Ann H) opr Edison Co res 19 

Godkins Georgianna nurse res 12 Spruce 
Goff Fannie stitcher 307 (151) Moody r at W Newton 
Goff Wm G (Ella) ins agt 11 Moody res at Maynard 
Gogan Francis elk 763 (379) Moody res 180 Robbins 
Goggin Helen Mrs res 8 Adams 
Gogucn Alberta opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Goguen Dora M piano tchr res 180 Robbins 
Goguen Elise opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Goguen Henri A (Merilda M) carp h 116 Charles 
Goguen J Arthur (Jeanne) auto rpr h 56 Pond 
Goguen I Frederick (Euphemie E) mach 19 Lane h 

rear 253 Charles 
Goguen Lena opt W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Goguen Maxime (Dina) mach 19 Lane h 178 Robbins 
Goguen Maxime pntr res 66 Prospect 
Goguen Minnie res 94 Adams 
Goguen Oliver A (Lelia X) pntr 104 Charles h do 
Goguen Richard J A mach 19 Lane h 178 Robbins 
Goguen Telesphore (Emma) carp h 66 Prospect 
Goldberg Aaron lab res 149 Adams 
Goldberg Anna opr W W & C Co res 149 Adams 
Goldberg Elizabeth opr res 149 Adams 
Goldberg Louis (Jennie C) (VValtham Wall Paper and 

Paint Co) 591 Main h 556 do 
Goldberg Martin (Greenwood Creamery) 761 (377a) 

Moody h at Rox 
Goldberg May B opr res 149 Adams 
Goldberg Sarah Mrs res 556 Main 
Golden Hazel Mrs elk 1 Spruce res 30 High 
Golden John J acct 100 Felton res 53 Bedford 
Golden J Leo mach res 328 Newton 
Golden Kathleen T tel opr res 328 Newton 
Golden Patrick J (Bridget M) mason h 328 Newton 
Goldman Morris (Rebecca) tailor 3 Lexington h 6 

Golway Wm C (Dora V) mach h 11 Bedford 
Gondolfo Giuseppe (Mary) lab h 44 Oak 
Gonyeo Victoria wid Alfred res 77 Brown 
Goodale Maude H opr W W & C Co res 703 (349) 

Goodale Maude H wid Berton jewel setter W W & C 

Co h 703 (349) Moody 
Goode Dermott J (Catherine F) mach h 82 Guinan 
Goode George S (Lillian A) opr W W & C Co h 102 

Gooddl Don H (Hazel M) (Goodell Motor Co) 100 

Maple h South nr Oldham td 

Goodell Dorothy E tchr res 438 Main 

GOODELL MOTOR CO (Don H Goodell) Gardner 

Automobiles and Used Cars 100 Maple cor Moody 
Goodell Roland E (Alice B) lawyer 438 Main h do 
Gooding Fred M (Marjorle H) h 65 Worcester la 
Goodnow Frank E opr W W & C Co res 364 Crescent 
Goodnow Hannah F wid Aram M died Sept 17 1923 
Go<,cfnov. Sarah J wid Fred W (Wm Goodnow & Son) 

h 21 Cabot 
Goodnow Wm & Son (Mrs Sarah J) furn 708 Main 
Goodrich A Guy (Alice G) driver 390 Main h 15 

Goodrich Charles W (Esther Y) tchr W H S h 33 

Goodrich Ella F Mis opr W W & C Co r 149 E Ash 
Goodrich John chauf res 43 Pine 
Goodrich Kichard E mach res 149 Ah 
(JoodTich Wm E opr W W & C Co h 149 Ash 
Goodsell Matilda A wid Albert M h 19 Derby 
Goodspeed L Percy elk res 28 Prospect 
Goodwin Annette W W & C Co res 196 Ash 
Goodwin Bertha B Mrs nurse res 165 Ash 
Goodwin Edward J (Ruth A) driver h 12 Woerd av 
Goodwin M Annette elk W W & C Co res 196 A.sh 
Goodv in Ruth C v. id Daniels opr W W & C Co res 

28 Orange 
Goodwin Wm lab res 248 Main 
Goodwin Wm A (Ethel M) (C M Williams & Co) h 

5 Orange 
Gooley Theresa A nurse M S F M res do 
Goos August (Mary) opt h 422 River 
Goianson Gotthard (Ida) coremkr h 73 Rich 
Gordon Agnes G matron M S F M res do 
Gordon Bessie matron M S F M res do 
Gordon Charles S driver res 206 Ash 
Gordon Dennis F (Annie J) pntr h rear 53 Calvary 
Gordon Edith M nurse res 19 Daniels pi 
Gordon Elizabeth A Mrs rem to Watertown 
Gordon Eva M W W & C Co res 196 Ash 
Gordon Forrest L (Mary CJ W W & C Co h 76 

Gordon Frank (Ella E) tailor 212 (86) Moody h 12 

Faneuil rd 
Gordon Frank W driver res 206 Ash 
Gordon George K acct res 206 A*h 
Gordon Harry W (Mary L> W W & C Co h 61 Rob- 
Gordan Isaac mgr 19 Elm h at Brighton 
Gordon Katheiine T hkpr h 189 River 
Gordon Leamon (Florence W) W W & C Co h 59 

Gordon Lillian M rem to Watertown 
Gordon Marguerite E rem to Watertown 
Gordon Merton L (Hazel P) sales h 36 Francis 
Gordon Milton H (Pauline) (Waltham Public Market) 

413 (217) Moody h 61 Wellington 
Gordon Murdock (Lillian) care taker res 49 Adams 
Gordon Sarah J wid Charles B h 206 Ash 
Gordon Susanne L tchr R E Robbins sch res 27 Rieh 
Gordon Thomas W lab res 189 River 
Gordon Walter B sales res 206 Ash 
Gordon Wm J rem to Watertown 
Gordy Catherine T wid George W h 33 McKenn 
Gordy George W died March 4 1923 
Gordy Lillian M opr W W & C Co res 33 McKenn 
Gorgoni Gaetano (Ella F) lab h Grove rd 
Gorham Anna opr W W & C Co res at Waverley 
Gorman Alice E sten res 148 Adams 
Gorman Alice M sten res 16 Cutter 
Gorman Annie F drsmkr res 84 Cedar 





Gorman Edward G mach res 10 Harding av 

Gorman Elizabeth A h 84 Cedar 

Gorman Elizabeth M insp res 134 Summer 

Gorman Francis E (Mary A) hlpr h 16 Cutter 

Gorman James died April 26 1923 

Gorman John res 161 School 

Gorman John J mach h rear 55 Rumford av 

Gorman John M (Elizabeth J) flremn B & M h 10 

Harding av 
Gorman Margaret J hkpr 161 School 
Gorman Mary h lear 310 River 
Gorman Patrick vvatchmn 55 Rumford av r 31 Cherry 
Gormley Prank J insp res 251 Calvary 
Gormley George H (Bertha A) folder h 19 Farwell 
Gormley Kate died July 20 1922 
Gormley Mary G opr res 251 Calvary 
Gormley Patrick M (Margaret F) folder h 251 Calvary 
Gorziano Salvatore (Madeline) lab h rear 717 Main 
Goss Francis M (Clara E M) mach W W & C Co h 

329 Newton 
Goss Lucius A farmhand res Cedar Hill Farm Beaver 
Gosselin Peter (Marion) lab h 138 Newton 
Gough Charles opr W W & C Co res 138 Crescent 
Gough H Willard (Octavia C) pntr h 16 Orange 
Gough John opr W W & C Co res 138 Crescent 
Goulakos Paul (Paulina) lab h 29 Spring 
Gould Anna B wid Edwin F hkpr 58 Adams res do 
Gould Annie M Mrs hkpr 193 Weston 
Gould Elsie opr W W & C Co res 70 Central 
-Gould George E (Alice) stock mgr N E T & T Co res 

791 (395) Moody 
Gould James J carrier 290 (134) Moody h 8 Adams 
Gould Louis (Bessie) (Waltham Furniture Exchange) 

h 35 Gordon 
Gould Mary F bkpr W W & C Co res 77 Crescent 
Gould M Catherine opr W W & C Co res 70 Central 
Gould Nettie opr W W & C Co res 309 Newton 
Gould Thomas (Anna) rubber ctr h 13 Elson 
Gould see Doirin 

Goulding Anna opr W W & C Co res 86 Brown 
Goulding Annie M h 174 Adams 
Goulding Margaret M tchr res 174 Adams 
Goulding Ralph John mach opr W W & C Co res 174 

Goulding Robert lab res 55 Walnut 
Goulding Thomas lather res 24 Calvary 
Goulding Wm J U S N res 174 Adams 
Goulston Edward S sec 157 High h at B 
Gove George N (Sophie F) dairymn h 45 Sterling rd 
Gove Henry M died Jan 13 1922 
Gove Lindsey H milk 536 Lexington res 35 Palmer 
Gove Sophie F Mrs opr h 45 Sterling rd 
Gowen Berton W (Gladys L) elk h 21 Dexter 
Grabouski Peter opr res 3 River av 
Graceffa Carmela Mrs h 149 Felton 
Graceffa Frank lab h 214 Newton 
GracerTa James (Josephine) lab h 17 Muldoon ct 
Graceffa Joseph opr res 37 Lynch's la 
Graceffa Peter (Rose) porter 265 (117) Moody h 37 

Lynch's la 
Graceffa Raymond (Frances) opr h 12 Calvary 
Graceffa Vincent J (Catherine) mach 48 Woerd av res 

12 Calvary 
Graceffa Vincenzo (Maria) opr h 18 Clinton 
Graham David (Ada W) driver h 17 Elm 
Graham Elvira B waitress res Milner nr Lake 
Graham Henry B (Mary F) mach h 319 Grove 
Graham Ira G (Elora B) carp h Milner nr Lake 
Graham Jessie A sten 1 Spruce res 30 High 
Graham Mae B wid Malcolm ldgh 151 Brown 

Graham Margaret opr W W & C Co res 88 Maple 
Graham Milford P (Marion G) fore 144 Moody h 32 

Graham Peter (Kate) supt B Mfg Co h 102 Weston 
Graham Wallace opr W W & C Co res 88 Maple 
Graham Wm A (Marion A) bkpr h 30 Fuller 
Graham Wm Lloyd (Abbie M) (Newton Auto Body 

Co) h 157 Lowell 
Grand Army Hall 103 (27) Moody 
Graney Catherine E elk 283 (135) Moody r 21 Fiske 
Graney Patrick B police h 21 Fiske 
Granger John watchmkr res 8 Taylor 
Granger Robert W (Helen) rstr h 8 Taylor 
Grant Alfred W (Eva T) clock mkr W W & C Co h 

38 Wash av 
Giant C Dwinal (Mary E) cabt mkr res 189 Brown 
G;ant Elizabeth J wid George E hkpr 12 Wadsworth 

av res do 
Grant Eva M opr W W & C Co res 45 Brown 
Grant George E died June 13 1922 
Grant Gordon B (Eva M) pipe ftr h 45 Brown 
Grant Granville R h 73 Cherry 
Grant Harry B (Bessie) opr h 106 Cushing 
Grant Isabel nurse M S F M res do 
Grant Lydia A wid Hanford h 38 Wash av 
Grant Walter B (Lulu M) opr W W & C Co h 81 

Grant Winifred opr res 106 Cushing 
Grassia Fay opr W W & C Co res 91 Cherry 
Grassia Frank S (Fay W) mach h 91 Cherry 
Graverson Alice opr W W & C Co res 55 Howard 
Graverson Anne C drsmkr res 57 Howard 
Graverson Graves (Alice) opr res 55 Howard 
Graverson Hans N (Anna M) gard h 57 Howard 
Graverson Katrina M tchr N J H S res 57 Howard 
Graverson Maurice H (Marion J) elk h 58 Howard 
Graverson Peter N ins res 57 Howard 
Graves Alice nurse M S F M res do 
Graves Arthur L jewel mkr 15 Crescent res 23 Under- 
wood pk 
Graves Douglas N (E W & D N Graves) 637 Main 

and (J W Buckley Co) 35 Moody h at Winchester 
Graves E W & D N (Ernest W and Douglas N) genl 

agts 637 Main 
Graves Edward K died Sept 21 1923 
Graves Edward W (Alice) janitor h 1316 Main 
Graves Elizabeth E h 16 Chamberlain ter 
Graves Emma A (Mitchell & Graves) 681 Main rm 9 

res do 
Graves Ernest W (E W & D N Graves) 637 Main and 

(J W Buckley Co) 35 Moody h at Arlington 
Graves Franklin L h 28 Beech 
Graves Frederick C asst treas W W & C Co h at W 

Graves Frederick W W W & C Co h 179 Adams 
Graves Jennie G Mrs W W & C Co res 49 Brown 
Graves Jesse F bkpr res 49 Brown 
Graves Jesse P (Elizabeth G) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 223 Brown 
Graves Lessie M Mrs died Dec 29 1921 
Graves Majorie C elk 389 (207) Moody r 223 Brown 
Graves Maude Mrs W W & C Co res 75 Adams 
Graves Nellie P W W & C Co res 35 Maple 
Graves Robert C (Kathleen) towermn B & M h 23 

Gray Andrew W (Dorothy I) contr 22 Derby h do 
Gray Arthur L (Gertrude) eng h 91 Pine 
Gray Arabella G wid Alfred P h 16 Hawthorn 
Gray A Albert (Mabel) shademn 15 Elm h 14 Lunda 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Gray Clarence H (Harriet B) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 30 Wads worth av 
Gray Ethel M opr W W & C Co res 172 Adams 
Gray E E Co gro 284 (130) Moody (for complete list 

see Bus Dir) 
Gray Frank lab h 28 Yetten ter 
Gray Frederick VV opr W W & C Co h 179 Adams 
Gray Freelan W (Gertrude E) fore 18 Pine h at W 

Gray Harry C plmbr res 152 School 
Gray Harry M (Minnie J) brakemn B & M h 7 Banks 
Gray Herbert T carp res 22 Derby 
Gray Mary res 242 Brown 
Gray Melvin (Elizabeth) carp h 11 Gardner 
Gray Sarah J Mrs died Dec 7 1921 
Gray Wm I (Mary T) mach h 169 Summer 
Graybourne The 82 Chestnut 

Grayson Ernest (Eva D) W W & C Co h 68 Cherry 
Grayson Mary E wid George res 60 Orange 
Greany Walter A (Ada 0) jewel mkr W W & C Co 

h 22 Highland 
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The 938 Main (for 

complete list see Bus Dir) 
Greeley Dorothy M sten res rear 189 School 
Greeley Edward S died Mar 15 1923 
Greeley Edward T pntr res rear 189 School 
Greeley Elizabeth E W W & C Co res 2 Stratton ter 
Greeley James student res 29 Gorham 
Greeley John J timekpr 92 Felton h 476 Main 
Greeley Katherine" G hkpr 476 Main 
Greeley Loretta A opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Greeley Marion L opr res 100 High 
Greeley Mary T wid Edward S h rear 189 School 
Greeley Michael (Emma) hostler city stables h 40 

Greeley Michael F (Anna) pntr h 100 High 
Greeley Nellie L tchr res 476 Main 
Greeley Patrick (Delia) lab h 29 Gorham 
Greeley Wm A (Elizabeth A) lather h 545 Main 
Green Alice M Mrs elk W W & C Co res 35 High 
Green Charles F rem to Som 
Green Chester A (Mabel G) asst cashr 637 Main h 

12 Highland av 
Green Ethel M elk W W & C Co res 154 Ash 
Green Frances P sec 11 (3) Moody res 16 Auburn 
Green Patrick A (Lettie J) prntr B h 52 Rumford av 
Green River Malt Co (Henry Bloom) beverage supplies 

252 (112) Moody 
Green Susie E Mrs died Sept 16 1922 
Green Wm L (Nellie M) opr W W & C Co h 49 

Parmenter rd 
Green's Five Cents to One Dollar Store var 308-310 

Greenberg Isaac (Martha) var 308 (148) Moody h 10 

Wash av 
Greenblatt Arey (Sarah) fruit h 75 Harvard 
Greenblatt Benjamin R driver 500 Lexington res 75 

Greenblatt Manual res 75 Harvard 
Greenblatt May paper bags res 75 Harvard 
Greene Alice res 72 Hall 

Greene Alice G opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Greene Alice H res 73 Crescent 
Greene Benjamin (Sarah) tlr 9 Crescent h 88 Charies 
Greene Elbert L paymaster and purch agt B Mfg Co 

h 73 Crescent 
Greene Esther E tel opr res 38 Francis 
Greene Frances wid Clifton P dentist's asst res 16 


Greene Harry M (Christine J) trav auditor B & M h 

64 Lawrence 
Greene James F (Mary E) tmstr h 38 Francis 
Greene Lillian artist h 72 Hall 
Greene Lois F h 72 Hall 

Greene Mary A cashr 243 (107) Moody r 37 Gorham 
Greene Phebe E wid Leonard res 73 Crescent 
Greene Selinda H res 72 Hall 
Greene S Eloise res 72 Hall 
Greene Wm B h 37 Gorham 
Greenlaw Etta E opr res 103 Adams 
Greenlaw Nina M W W & C Co res 103 Adams 
Greenleaf George A (Eva L) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 3 Dexter av 
Greenleaf Irene V mus tchr res 13 Prospect st av 
Greenleaf L Herbert (Emma E) sales 234 (100) 

Moody h 13 Prospect st av 
GREENOUGH W A CO Will Frank Davis President 
Directory Service Specialists Publishers Waltham 
Directory 603 Mass av Boston Tel Back Bay 10706 
See advt 
Greenway Alice insp W W & C Co r 13 Wadsworth av 
Greenway Edward M (Ellen M) jewelmkr h 15 Colum- 
bus av 
Greenway George G watchmkr E H W Wks res 13 

Wadsworth av 
Greenway Mildred J W W & C Co res 2 Winthrop 
Greenway Stella L W W & C Co res 102 High 
Greenway Thomas (Mary J) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

13 Wadsworth av 
Greenway Thomas W (Mildred J) jewel mkr h 2 Win- 
Greenwood Charles driver 20 Felton res 47 River 
Greenwood Creamery (Martin Goldberg Harold Oren- 

berg) 761 (377a) Moody 
Greenwood Edward J (Sarah E) weaver h 407 River 
Greenwood Herbert J (Ruth W) builder h Ivaloo 
Greenwood James E weaver res 407 River 
Greenwood James H (Eleanor) h 30 High 
Greenwood Joseph (Jane) rem to Lawrence 
Greenwood Wm mach 48 Woerd av res 14 Taylor 
Greenwood Wm H (Esther) elect W W & C Co h 79 

Greer Edith I elk res 195 Ash 
Greer Wm (Ruth) chauf h 6 Summit 
Gregory Alfred (Eliza J) chauf h 103 Bacon 
Greig Arthur W (Mae E) sales h 141 Ash 
Grenier Alphonsine Mary W W & C Co res 11 Me- 
Grenier Cyril A shipper Elm cor Benefit res 73 Gard- 
Grenier Zepherin (Delphine) mason h 410 River 
Gricus Daniel P W B & D Wks res 159 Newton 
Gricus Leon J (Annie V) h 159 Newton 
Grierson John R opr W W & C Co res 45 Brown 
Grierson Kenneth B (Grace E) papermkr 760 South h 

15 Bedford 
Grierson Wm N (Edith F) mach h 45 Brown 
Griff Samuel L (Ethel) furn 240 (104) Moody h 

916a Main 
Griffin Alice N tchr J H S res 105 Pine 
Griffin Catherine wid Daniel died Jan 18 1923 
Griffin Charles rubber ctr res 68 Charles 
Griffin Christina M sten res 55 Highland 
Griffin Earle F (Velma R) elect h 232 Charles 
Griffin Edward rubber ctr h 68 Charles 
Griffin Eliott S (E. Irene) watchmkr W W & C Co 51 

Chester av 
Griffin George S opr res 55 Highland 





Griffin Henry P (Catherine M) elk 413 (217) Moody 

h 48 Hall 
Griffin James J res 68 Charles 

Griffin John C gate tndr Bacon st crossg h 47 Francis 
Griffin Joseph J forester res 55 Highland 
Griffin Margaret E W W & C Co res 47 Francis 
Griffin Mary A died May 24 1923 
Griffin Mary B hkpr 47 Francis 
Griffin Mary F sten res 55 Highland 
Griffin Mary I wid Patrick h 55 Highland 
Griffin Mary L wid Noble C res 349 Newton 
Griffin Michael J elk 350 Moody res 85 Crescent 
Griffin Patrick rubberwkr res 68 Charles 
Griffin Patrick J died Nov 10 1921 
Griffin Thomas (Helen) foundrymn h 183 Grove 
Griffin Thomas watchmkr res 88 Brown 
Griffin Wm E clockmkr W W & C Co res 68 Charles 
Griffin Wm F (Agnes J) fore 71 Felton h 10 Hammer 
Griffin Wm F (Margaret L) watchmkr W W ft C Co 

h 105 Pine 
Griffiths Elsie W W & C Co res 13 Bobbins 
Griggs Anna F wid Thomas market gard h Winter cor 

Griggs Annabel M res Winter cor Locust 
Griggs Clifford S r Thomas Griggs' Winter cor Locust 
Griggs Ella M Mrs h 8 Pratt av 
Griggs Fred D (Gladys M) iem to Springfield 
Griggs Thomas died June 19 1921 
Griggs Thomas I res Thomas Griggs Winter eoi Locust 
Grimes James F opr res 100 Willow 
Grimes Peter C (Mary E) carp h 100 Willow 
Grindle Euth tchr S Grammar sch res 28 Taylor 
Grindrod Bobert (Mary) farmhd r Locust cor Wyman 
Grinnell Daniel H died April 12 1923 
Grinnell Ellen F wid Daniel H h 78 High 
Grinnell Ernest E jewel mkr W W & C Co res 16 

Grinnell Eugene S (Eliza) fore B Mfg Co h 16 Apple- 
Grinnell Lucy N elk res 78 High 
Grinnell Stewart F (Maud T) W W & C Co h 471 

Grip Ernest J teller 304 (146) Moody res at Newton 
Griswald Ernest (Agnes) acct h 15 Irving 
Griswold George S prov 139 Moody res 145 do 
Groff A M Mrs stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 19 

Groff Edward L (Annie M) pntr 92 Brown h do 
Grogan Bernard rem to Watertown 
Grogan Catherine I opr res 37 School 
Grogan Michael J (Mary A) caretaker h 37 School 
Groom Gertrude E dept mgr O'H W D Co res 175 

Groom Margaret C sten res 175 Felton 
Groom Margaret E wid John F h 175 Felton 
Groom Nathaniel F (Delia A) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 112% Prospect 
Grove Hill Cemetery 225 Grove and 260 Main 
Grover Harriet J. wid Edward E died May 5 1923 
Grover Oscar E mach res 83 Hammond 
Groves Frank J W W & C Co res 129 Bobbins 
Grabaugh Otis barber 399 (211) Moody h 15 Spruce 
Gueli Giacamo (Antonia) opr h 8 Calvary 
Guerrero Gaetano (Francesca) confr 6 Prospect h 157 

Guertin Louis (Alice) elk h 85 Fiske 
Gugarty Helen res 114 Felton 
Gugarty Helen E W W & C Co res 23 Williams 
Gugarty John J died Nov 9 1921 
Gugarty Joseph A W W & C Co res 23 Williams 

Gugarty Thomas F (Mary A) opr h 23 Williams 

Gugarty Wm res 23 Williams 

Gugarty Wm lab h 114 Felton 

Gugger Edward (Anita) drftsmn 48 Woerd av h 23 

Guild Emily treas M S F M res do 
Guilford Fred H W W & C Co h 45 Bich 
Guinan Edward F civ eng h 70 Church 
Guinan Florence A sten res 70 Church 
Guinan Josie E h 14 Bich 

Guinan Katherine L elk 243 (109) Moody h 14 Bich 
Guinan Madeline M sten res 70 Church 
Guinan Mary V drsmkr h 14 Bich 
Guinan M Louise res 70 Church 
Guinan Wm A sales h 29 Lyman 
Guiney Charles H (Florence L) chauf h 8 Stearns 
Guiney Daniel A fore J L T Mfg Co h 17 Linden 
Guiney Gertrude W W & C Co res 155 Alder 
Guiney John (Ellen) lab h 155 Alder 
Gulick Willard B (Alida C) archt h end Worcester 

Gulliver Flora A Mrs died July 3 1923 
Gullotti Bosario (Carmela) gro 123 Charles h 127 do 
Gullotti Sebastiano (Josephina) gro 51 Charles h do 
Gunning Marion V W W & C Co r 870 (434) Moody 
Guseppe Andolfo (Graziana) lab h 21 McBrides ct 
Gustafson Alfred E U S N res 25 Cross 
Gustafson Annie maid res 25 Cross 
Gustafson Berthardell stitcher res 211 Hammond 
Gustafson Clara wid John h 77 Fiske 
Gustafson Clarence E (Annie C) farmer h 25 Cross 
Gustafson Frederick mach res 25 Cross 
Gustafson Frederick (Helga) mach h 26 Sparkill 
Gustafson Gustaf M (Augusta M) pntr h 27 Prospect 

st av 
Gustafson Gustave pntr res 25 Cross 
Gustafson Harry A (May J) mach h 21 Elm 
Gustafson John B janitor Plympton sch res 77 Fiske 
Gustafson John B res 23 Cross 
Gustafson Oscar mach 106 Alder h at Watertown 
Gustafson Wm I (Maria) mach h 23 Highland 
Gustano Antonia wid Giuseppe res 163 School 
Gustano Maria wid Antonio h 163 School 
Gustat Louis (Mary A) sales h 792 Main 
Guthrie Belle E Mrs res 337 Crescent 
GUTHRIE ROGER J (Isabell M V) (Waltham Lum- 
ber Co) 217 Lexington h Chester Brook rd 
Gutterson Chester G (Laura A) watchmkr E H W Co 

h 57 Villa 
Gutterson Harriet E wid Henry A res 86 Vernon 
Gutterson Norman B tester h 86 Vernon 
Guy Thomas (Annie) lab h 6 Oak 
Guzzi Domenico (Victoria) rubberwkr h 63 Oak 
Guzzie Mary C W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Haag John F (Nina E) auto rpr h 11 Cushing 
Haberlin Anna E wid James died Aug 20 1922 
Hachez Alfred F (Alvina) carp h 91 Cushing 
Hackett Wm J bowling 683 (341b) Moody h at 

Hadley Cleon F (Eleanor M) W W & C Co h 407 

(213a) Moody 
Hadley Eleanor Maud opr W W & C Co res 407 

(213a) Moody 
Hadjinlian Nazli wid Sarkis res 41 Melendy av 
Hadley Rodney (Eva) watchmkr h 65 Lawrence 
Hagan Catherine F died Jan 24 1923 
Hagan Mary E drsmkr 37 Central h do 
Hagarty Edward J clockmkr res 27 Gilbert 
Hagarty James A (Annie M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 225 Charles 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Hagarty see Haggerty and Hagerty 
Hager Arthur H supt 87 Rumford av res 205 Brown 
Hager Charles L (Lillian) W W & C Co h 191 Lowell 
Hager George L (I Phyllis) sales h 23 Wadsworth av 
Hager Herbert I (Adelaide H) asst fore W W & C Co 

h 205 Brown 
Hager Louis P (Edith F) office B h 289 Main 
Hager Marion E opr W W & C Co res 240 Crescent 
Hager Virginia I student res 23 Wadsworth av 
Hagerty Daniel F (Catherine A) sales res 80 Church 
Haggarty Annie E res 373 Newton 
Haggarty Frederick M (Clara M) sealer of weights 

and measures 17 Lexington h 186 Robbins 
Haggarty Martha J nurse h 373 Newton 
Haggarty see Hagarty 

Haggerty Daniel (Helen C) firemn h 9 Music Hall av 
Haggerty Daniel H mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 9 

Music Hall av 
Hagie Delia hairdresser res 20 Barnes 
Hagopian Verjin res 53 Walnut 
Hague Alfred opr W W & C Co res 100 Orange 
Hague Alfred E (Gertrude M) elect W W & C Co 

h 102 Alder 
Hague Emma M wid Harvey res 11 Orange 
Hague Fiances wid Harry W h 8 Prentice 
Hague Harry W died April 24 1922 
Hague Joseph (Annie) weaver h 109 River 
Hague Maud L elk res 102 Alder 
Haines Anna G tchr M S F M res do 
Haines Robert W (Edna M) eng h 12 Van Vechten 
Haines Wm M (Annie L) archt 32 Riverview av h do 
Halchick Peter res 94 Adams 
Haldy Henri L (Marie E) supt 416 (218) Moody h 

35 Derby 
Haldy Henry F student res 35 Derby 
Haldy Jeannette I sten 416 (218) Moody res 35 

Haldy Juliette H res 35 Derby 
Haldy Rose Maria elk res 35 Derby 
Hale Edmund A (Elizabeth T) job master W W & 

C Co h 54 Rich 
Hales Alfred W W & C Co h 40 Washburn 
Haley Frank (Mary E) motormn h 25 Russell 
Haley Jennie W W & C Co res 79 Brown 
Haley Roscoe E (Etta) carp h 13 Harvard 
Halgren Adolph W (Edith F) eng W W & C Co h 15 

Columbus av 
Hall Annie tchr res 49 Brown 
Hall Annie L wid Edwin J h 49 Brown 
Hall Bertha R Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 12 High- 
Hall Building 265-273 (117-125) Moody 
Hall Charles F L (Mary A) opr h 148a School 
Hall Effle A elk W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 45 
Hall Emma W Mrs elk res 69 High 
Hall F Josephine tchr W H S h 50 Chester Brook rd 
Hall Hannah wid Fred speeder tndr h 98 Charles 
Hall Harriet V wid Benjamin F h 50 Chester Brook rd 
HALL HARRY L Antique Furniture 265 Main Nashua 

N H See Advt 
HALL HENRY C STORE Henry A Turner Prop Drug- 
gists 265 (117) Moody Tel Waltham 0103 
Hall Herbert (Jane) carp h rear 253 Charles 
Hall Ida Estelle lawyer h 50 Chester Brook rd 
Hall Mabel A W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Hall Margaret J Mrs res 436 Waverley Oaks rd 
Hall Margaret M opr 21 Crescent res 8 Colby av 
Hall Mary wid Frank corsetiere h 44 Hall 
Hall Mary A wid Henry C h 107 Crescent 
Hall Mary D wid John sec res 17 Charles st av 

Hall Maud L Mrs nurse M S F M res do 

Hall Monica L tchr res 49 Brown 

Hall Norman W student res 202 Brown 

Hall Thomas L (Winifred) mason h 157 Summer 

Hall Thomas L jr student res 157 Summer 

Hall Wm A (Grace II) acct h 202 Brown 

Halle ran Annie res 1 Russell 

Halleran Esther J mgr res 900 (450) Moody 

Halleran Lawrence A (Rose A) yard master B & II 

h 900 (450) Moody 
Halleran Thomas L (Winifred) mason h 157 Summer 
Halleran Thomas L jr student res 157 Summer 
Halleran see Holloran 

Hallett Mary E wid Oliver H h 171 Chestnut 
Hallinan John J chauf 22 Felton h 96 Hammond 
Hallinan Leo F hlpr 96 Hammond 
Hallinan Richard W hlpr 22 Felton res 96 Hammond 
HALLMARK STORE THE (Robert B Johnson) 

Jewelers 663 Main 
Hally John J (Dorothy B) chauf res 38 Russell 
Ilalpin Ambrose (Margaret) mach h 77 Pine 
Halpin Leo J chauf res 77 Pine 
Halsted Charles (Margaret) mgr 145 Bacon h 13 

Ham Melvin J (Josephine A) opr h 15 Heard 
Ham Melvin J jr blksmith 215 Lexington res 15 Heard 
Ham Philip W (Isabelle) W W & C Co h 143 Ash 
Ham Thomas F crossing tndr res 143 Ash 
Bamberger Henrie R W W & C Co h 145 Adams 
Hamel Alma C wid Arthur L W W & C Co r 57 Tay- 
Hamel Arthur L died Jan 29 1923 
Hamel Eva Y mlnr res 85 Central 
Hamol Philip J (Albertine M) tmstr h 180 School 
Hamell Belle B nurse res 21 Adams 
Hamill G Willard (Delia M) watchmkr h 133 Ash 
Hamilton Anna M sales 337 Moody res at Newton 
Hamilton Carroll W (Justine D) elect gds 466 (246) 

Moody h Trapelo rd 
Hamilton Charles G (Blanche F) mach h 152 Ash 
Hamilton Clara A W W & C Co res 57 Riverview av 
Hamilton Clarence E W W & Co h 24 High 
Hamilton Clifford E (Elizabeth W) watchmkr res 69 

Hamilton Deborah wid James F h 57 Riverview av 
Hamilton Edward (Christina R) cond h 157 Marl- 
borough rd 
Hamilton Ernest C motormn res 152 Ash 
Hamilton Frank W (Edith) W W & C Co h 18 Ches- 
ter av 
Hamilton Fred W exp 13 Maple ter h do 
Hamilton Grace opr 21 Crescent res at Winchester 
Hamilton Jessie A chiropodist res 55 Chestnut 
Hamilton Malcom A baker 675 (337b) Moody h W 

Hamilton Maud M W W & Co res 57 Riverview 
Hamilton Susie Z died Sept 18 1921 
Hamlet George F (Flora E) farmer h Trapelo rd nr 

Hamlin Charles E (Susan F) sales h 49 Fiske av 
Hamlin Delia res 41 Chester av 
Hamlin Emile H wid Edward L h 590 Main suite 5 
Hamlin Martha E W W & C Co res 30 Robbins 
Hamlin Wm E (Edith) phys U S A h 114 Church 
Hammar Amanda Mrs h 100 dishing 
Hammar Annie E opr W W & C Co res 100 Cushing 
Hammar Bert res 100 Cushing 
Hammar Foulke U S N res 100 Cushing 
Hammond Charles S (Etta L) watchmkr W W & C Co 
h 14 Crafts 


Telephone Waltham 0803-W 





Hammond Clifton U S M C res 2 Norumbega ter 
Hammond Delia N wid James N died July 26 1923 
Hammond James C (Zella) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

2 Norumbega ter 
Hammond James H (Mabel R) delivery supt 21 Cres- 
cent h 79 Russell 
Hammond J Clifford tailor res 79 Russell 
Hammond Lyle T (Martha M) ingr h 65 Grove 
Hammond Wendell student res 2 Norumbega ter 
Hammond Zella W W & C Co res 2 Norumbega ter 
Hampe Rudolph B snagger C P Brass Foundry res at 

Hampson John opr W W & C Co res 1316 Main 
Hampton Clyde auto finisher res 407 (213a) Moody 
Hampton Dorothy M opr W W & C Co res 79 Fiske 
Hampton Gertrude Mrs h 79 Fiske 
Hampton Gertrude H elk res 79 Fiske 
Hampton John mach 157 High res 1316 Main 
Hampton J Edward (Vivian I) (Bank Sq Lunch) 975 

Main h 151 Adams 
Hampton Malcom W baker res 79 Fiske 
Hampton Mary E wid Fred J h 407 (213a) Moody 
Hampton Matilda elk res 79 Fiske 
Hampton Stephen P rubber wkr res 16 Gorham 
Hampton Theresa died May 23 1922 
Hampton Wade mach 87 Rumford av res 407 (213a) 

Hampton Wm J arsenal res 16 Gorham 
Hanagan John R student res 19 Parmenter rd 
Hanagan Philip D (Mary C) barber 709 (353) 

Moody h 19 Parmenter rd 
Hanbury Robert F acct 87 Rumford av h at Hingham 
Hancock Charles A elk 314 (154) Moody rm 3 h at 

W Newton. 
Hancock John Mutual Life Ins Co Joseph F Rogers 

supt 11 (3) Moody 
Hand Alice special attendant M S F M res do 
Hand John lab res 165 Newton 
Hand Thomas J driver res 64 Cutter 
Handrahan Albert A (Mabel C) finisher W W & C Co 

h 139 Robbins 
Handrahan Daniel J elk P res 94 Ash 
Handrahan Francis J reporter 278 (126) Moody res 

139 Adams 
Handrahan Maria wid Patrick h 139 Robbins 
Handrahan Raymond A (Elsa) W W & C Co h 72 

Handy Joseph H rem to Watertown 
Handy Walter E (Marion A) chauf h 83 Hall 
Handyside Mary J wid Nicol C h 30 Yetten ter 
Handyside Raymond T opr res 30 Yetten ter 
Hanley Hannah E wid Martin J h 11 Common 
Hanley James (Hannah A) driver h 23 Francis 
Hanley Julia wid Michael died Aug 24 1922 
Hanley Maria hkpr 57 Grant 
Hanley Peter J died Nov 24 1921 
Hanlon Catherine nurse res 33 Spruce 
Hanlon Mary H wid Darmy h 33 Spruce 
Hanna Edward S opr W W & C Co r 18 Underwood pk 
Hanna Guy N eng res 18 Underwood pk 
Hanna Helen D opr W W & C Co res at Concord 
Hanna Hiram A (Lillian) jobmaster W W & C Co 

h 18 Underwood pk 
Hanna Julius A opr W W & C Co res 860 Main 
Hanna Wm W (Mary A) elk 234 (100) Moody h 20 

Hanney John loomfixer res 77 Pine 
Hannify Catherine G sten res 46 Fiske 
Hannify Ellen wid James h 219 School 
Hannify Francis L elk res 46 Fiske 

Hannify James L (Catherine C) plmbr h 46 Fiske 

Hannigan Frances W nurse 34 School 

Hannon Joseph C asso justice 2d District Court of 

Eastern Middlesex 25 Lexington h at Weston 
Hansberry Cecilia H elk res 56 South 
Hansberry Clarence J elk 219 (91) Moody res 56 
Hansberry Frederick J elk res 56 South 
Hansberry John J (Mary) fore h 56 South 
Hansberry Timothy J (Margaret T) mach h 24 Hardy 
Hanscom Louis A (Bessie A) real est h 20 Townsend 
Hanselpacker Clara nurse res 76% Robbins 
Hanselpacker Emma B W W & C Co r 76% Robbins 
Hanselpacker George Y (Margaret F) chauf 124 

Bright h 189 Brown 
Hanselpacker Rebecca E wid LeBaron h 76% Robbins 
Hansen Arthur A (Nellie) sales h 26 Boynton 
Hansen Carl J mach W W & C Co h at Waverley 
Hansen Clifford student res 70 Bedford 
Hansen Edwin B res 70 Bedford 
Hansen Harry M carp res 70 Bedford 
Hansen Harry M elk h 70 Bedford 
Hansen Mae E opr res 70 Bedford 
Hansen Martha Mrs h 70 Bedford 
Hansen Martha wid Carl h 70 Bedford 
Hansen Theodore P watchmkr res 70 Bedford 
Hansen Walter jewelmkr 21 Lane res 263 School 
Hanson Bessie J wid Frederick W W & C Co res 42 

Hanson Clifford C student res 20 Auburn 
Hanson Delbert M died Aug 28 1923 
Hanson Emma C Mrs gro 147 Adams h 2% Bellevue 

Hanson Frederick W opr W W & C Co res 29 Adams 
Hanson Helen Mrs elk W W & C Co res 97 Crescent 
Hanson Herbert F (Annie M) pntr h 42 Cushing 
Hanson Herbert F (Harriet) interior decorator res 98 

Hanson Louise M W W & C Co res 364 (184) Moody 
Hanson Mary wid Joseph E res 188 Chestnut 
Hanson Matilda Mrs h 20 Auburn 
Hanson Olivia wid Delbert M h 98 Orange 
Hanson Olivia H W W & C Co res 98 Orange 
Hanson Nelson P (Emma C) mgr 147 Adams h 2% 

Bellevue av 
Hanson Victor N (Rosa A) tinsmith h 27% Derby 
Hanson Walter (Mary) carp h 263 School 
Hanson Wm (Sophia) sales h 29 Adams 
Hanson Wm C h 42 Cushing 
Hanson see Hansen 

Hapenney Frederick C chauf res 225 Grove 
Hapenney James H cafeteria res 225 Grove 
Hapenney James J (Elizabeth A) tollmkr h 225 Grove 
Hapenny Margaret wid died April 30 1922 
Hapeny Albert G (Emma M) diemkr W S Co h 55 

Hapgood Wesley G (Flora E) fore h 54 Wadsworth av 
Harakakiou John (Mary) opr h 6 Lawton pi 
Harakakos Nicholas gro 24 Charles res 6 Lawton pi 
Hardcastle James died Oct 4 1922 
Hardigan Wm J (Nellie T) police h 88 Alder 
Hardiman Catherine G Mrs W W & C Co h 355 

(185) Moody 
Hardiman John (Margaret) hlpr W W & C Co h 17 

Hardiman John J mach W W & C Co res 12 Cutter 
Hardiman John M driver 1295 Main res 17 Weston 
Hardiman J Francis gard res 9 Massasoit ct 
Hardiman Margaret opr h 12 Cutter 
Hardiman Mary T opr res 9 Massasoit ct 
Hardiman Michael (Mary A) gard h 9 Massasoit ct 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Hardiraan Michael F plmbr res 12 Cutter 

Hardiman Theresa wid Win h 6 Elm ct 

Hardiraan Thomas P chauf res 17 Weston 

Hardiman Walter M opr res 8 Massasoit ct 

Hardiraan Wm J mach res 9 Massasoit av 

Hardiman see Hardyman 

Harding Albert E (Marion R) mach h 214 Brown 

Harding Annie E wid Clarence res 137 Russell 

Harding Charles pntr res Plant rd 

Harding Charles A elect eng res 85a Robbins 

Harding Charles I mach res 214 Brown 

Harding Elizabeth A W W & C Co res 74 Cherry 

Harding George M elk 243 Moody h at Watertown 

Harding Helen J opr W W & C Co res 67 Chestnut 

Harding Madeline R opr W W & C Co res 164 Pearl 

Harding Marion P opr W W & C Co res 14 Brown 

Harding Myrtle P wid Irving B res 85a Robbins 

Harding Nelson J (Jeanette T) mach h 7 Wellington 

Harding Solomon carp city stables h 85a Robbins 

Hardy Alberta student res 131 High 

Hardy Celina F wid Arthur C died Jan 19 1923 

Hardy Charles F A (Cordelia E) mgr 427 (227) 

Moody h 131 High 
Hardy Cyrus W (Ada G) farmer h 829 Lexington 
Hardy Edna M bkpr res 36 Banks 
Hardy Georgia res 21 Newton 
Hardy Henry F (Annie) farmer h 857 Lexington 
Hardy Isaac W farmer h 829 Lexington 
Hardy Julia C wid Alvin D died Mar 9 1923 
Hardy Lewis S (Sarah B) milk 587 Lexington h do 
Hardy Louis B died Nov 20 1921 
Hardy Martha E res 829 Lexington 
Hardy Nelson C driver res 587 Lexington 
Hardy Sadie E wid Sherbourn E nurse res 242 Ash 
Hardy Susan F wid Lewis B h 36 Banks 
Hardy Viola W W & C Co res 25 Gordon 
Hardyman Michael C h 70 Alder 
Hardyman Michael M (Mary I) chauf Ladder 2 h 69 

Hardyman see Hardiman 
Hare Florence E (Smart Style Shop) 5 (1) Moody h 

97 Maple 
Hare Richard J (Rhoda T) dentist 54 Grant h do 
Hargedon Alice Louise opr 21 Crescent r at W Newton 
Hargraves James opr res Montclair av 
Hargraves Mary E janitress W W & C Co res 163 

Haik Jacob (Hark & Charney) prov 235 Newton h at 

Hark & Charney (Jacob Hark and Louis Charney) prov 

235 Newton 
Harkins Catherine W W & C Co res 56 Smith 
Harkins Catherine opr W W & C Co res 117 Robbins 
Harkins Mary G res 43 Vernon 
Hailow Frank H (Agnes E) mech h 381 Main 
Harmon Frederick G sales res 23 Marlborough rd 
Harmon Gardner C (Alice M) woodwkr h 23 Marl- 
borough rd 
Harnish George T h 8 Cornwallis pi 
Harold Anna L tel opr 16 Spring res 43 South 
Harold James J (Catherine L) real est h 160 Newton 
Harold Johanna Mrs h 43 South 
Harold Norah D opr res 43 South 
Haron Clyde Irving (Nina B) sales h 31 Villa 
Haron Clyde Lymvood h 31 Villa 
Haron Fiank H (Winifred) watchrakr W W & C Co h 

47 Columbus av 
Haron Fred L W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Harper Earl E (Clara L) rem to Auburndale 
Harper Wm (Alice M) lab h 10 Sun 

Harper Wm A (Annie) W W & C Co h 84 Ash 
Harper Wm I) (Minnie R) consultg eng h 8 Elson rd 
Harrell Frank (Heda G) rim to Newton 
Harrigan Annie L wid Edward W W & C Co h 120 

Ilarriman Marcia W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Harring Johanna E wid Frederick W G H res 215 

Ha;rington Blanche E elk 243 Moody res 145 Ash 
Harrington Block 376-390 (194-208) Moody 
Harrington Charle* E (Minnie) treas 767 Main h 

313 School 
Harrington Charles E M (Leita) mgr h 31 Lord 
Harrington Clifford F (Lelia F) asst city eng 618 

Main rm 3 h 146 Lexington 
Harrington Edward E signs 6 Crescent h do 
Harrington George A (Margaret A) pntr h 15 Gordon 
Harrington George L W W & C Co h at Newton 
Harrington Harriet R tchr h 3 Russell 
Harrington James F (Alice L) prov 48 Charles h 46 

Harrington John J (Ida L) auditor h 15 Wellington 
Harrington John W mach h 47 Rich 
Harrington Marie M bkpr res 313 School 
Harrington Martha E opr res 313 School 
Harrington Mary E Mrs elk res 145 Ash 
Harrington Thomas F elk Ry M S h 27 Russell 
Harrington Wm A (Violet G M) mach W W & C Co 

h 338 Newton 
Harrington Winthrop W phys res 27 Russell 
Harris Alfred B (Marion A) rem to Newton 
Harris Bernard elk h 78 Cushing 
Harris Bertha V W W & C Co res 78 Cushing 
Harris Frank E E H W Wks res 89 Orange 
Harris George B (Mary A) elk 290 (134) Moody h 

87 Hall 
Harris Guy E (Issabel) chauf h 16 Plympton 
Ha:ris Helen M W W & C Co res 40 Bacon 
Harris Ida A wid John h 21 Cherry 
Harris John E elk res 78 Cushing 
Harris John P (Celia J) shoe rpr 195 School h 61 

Harris Mabel P tchr res 71 Morton 
Harris Marguerite L tchr (Cambridge) res 78 Cushing 
Harris Mary G W W & C Co res 78 Cushing 
Harris Maud H wid Charles opr h 71 Morton 
Harris Ray L eng W W & C Co h 150 Crescent 
Harris Sarah C res 78 Cushing 
Harris Verna B W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 37 
Harrison Abraham H (Tena) sales 313 (155) Moody 

h 118 Hammond 
Harrison Elizabeth R wid Martin died June 5 1921 
Harrison Robert J (Helen M) fore h Hardy's Pond rd 
Harrocks Emma tchr Old High sch h at Concord 
HARRY THE TAILOR (Harry Kereakidis) Ladies' and 

Gentlemen's Tailor 45 Pine Tel Connection See 

Tailoring Dept 
Harry's Sample Shoe Parlor (Harry N and Abr-am 

Levison) 270 (122) Moody 
Hart Abigail II bkpr res 106 Harvard 
Hart Bartholomew J elk 139 Moody res 106 Harvard 
Hart Daniel (Abigail) baker h 106 Harvard 
Hart Frank A (Mary G) mach h 80 Fiske ay- 
Hart Irving W (Margaiet) mach W W & C Co h 30 

Hart James A (Anna E) cable mkr res 66 Bedford 
Hart James J (Nora A) lab h 10 Evergreen way- 
Hart John P W W & C Co res 106 Harvard 
Hart LeRoy opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Hart Mary J W W & C Co res 106 Harvard 




685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Hart Oscar (Martha E) gardener h 207 Adams 
Hart Raymond J elk res 106 Harvard 
Hart Robert J W W $ C Co h at W Newton 
Hart Sabina E vvid Thomas h 12 Winthrop 
Hart Thomas B (Catherine B) frgt elk h 27 McKenn 
Hart Urania B tchr W H S h at Auburndale 
Hart Wardwell C mach W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Hartford Chester L (Rebecca A) mach h 218 Brown 
Hartford John L (Frances M) cond h 1131 Main 
Hartigan Elizabeth wid Michael h 154 Bright 
Hartigan Elizabeth A and Nellie G res 154 Bright 
Hartigan Michael J police res 154 Bright 
Hartigan Wm F (Frances M) insp h 148 Bright 
Hartlen Ellis opr W W & C Co res 180 Brown 
HARTLEY-BISHOP CO Harry B Hartley Pres-Treas 
James E Hartley Manager Maxwell and Chalmers 
Sales Agents Auto Supplies and Accessories Miller 
Tires and Yale Storage Batteries 220-222 (92) 
Moody Tels Waltham 2425-2426 See left top lines 
Hartley Emily U wid John C jr h 5 Derby 
HARTLEY HARRY B Pres-Treas Hartley- Bishop Co 

220-222 (92) Moody h at Newton Centre 
HARTLEY JAMES E (Mildred) Mgr Hartley-Bishop 

Co 220-222 (92) Moody h 19 Auburn 
Hartley John C (Mary H) balance mkr W W & C Co 

h 19 Auburn 
Hartley John C jr died Oct 21 1923 
Hartley Samuel (Sophia) asst supt 11 (3) Moody 

rm 24 h 44 Elson rd 
Hartman Henry F G mining eng res 59 Lexington 
Hartman Lillian L bkpr res 59 Lexington 
Hartman Wm N G (Alice A) mason h 59 Lexington 
Hartman Wm T P driver 500 Lexington res 59 do 
Hartnett Leo A (Mary L) eng h 35 Rich 
Hartley Edward C USA res Marlborough rd 
Hartley Wm (Elizabeth G) cond h Marlborough rd 
Hartvvell Alfred B (Blanche) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 23 Linden 
Hartwell Guy R (Ida F) (Hartwell Mach Co) h 16 

Hartwell Hiram B (Carol T) drftsmn h 9 Townsend 
Hartvvell Machine Co (Guy R Hartwell) plmbrs' sup- 
plies 19 Lane 
Hartwell Mary A h 147 Summer 
Harvey Alfred eng M S F M res do 
Harvey Alonzo S (Grace) driver S Co h 158 Chest- 
Harvey Amanda J wid Calvin res 10 Martyn 
Harvey A Alexander elect eng res 158 Chestnut 
Harvey Daniel Mrs res 94 Adams 
Harvey Daniel J (Mary J) filler h 41 Hammond 
Harvey Edward C (K Evelyn) (Taveridge Garage) 305 

Weston h 10 Martyn 
Harvey Frank A fore h 23 Heard 
Harvey Frank A jr mach res 23 Heard 
Harvey Frieda elk W W & C Co res 80 Brown 
Harvey Gerald R (Violet M) fore h 26 Leonard 
Harvey Gladys H elk 1 Spruce res 158 Chestnut 
Harvey' Harold A auto rpr 305 Weston res 10 Martyn 
Harvey Howard G (Irene M) jewel super W W & C Co 

h 291 Cescent 
Harvey Ida A elk res 67 Crescent 
Harvey John L (Fanny C) lawyer 11 (3) Moody rm 

3 h 96 Greenwood la 
Harvey Lillian S elk res 158 Chestnut 
Harvey Madeline E artist res 158 Chestnut 
Harvey Mildred W dentist's asst res 3 Cornwallis pi 
Harvey Nellie B W W & C Co res 244 Crescent 
Harvey Roy C (Mary A) res Wra H Harvey Lincoln 
Harvey Wm H reporter Boston Globe h 145 Bacon 

Harvey Wm M farmhand res Wm H Harvey Lincoln 
Harwood Annie wid Richard P opr h 93 South 
Harwood Bernice J elk res 93 South 
Harwood John (Isabel) asst fore W W & C Co h 4 

Chester av 
Harwood Margaret W wid John res 212 Adams 
Harwood Richard designer res 93 South 
Hasey Ward B (Alice T) sum res Hiawatha av at 

Hardy's pond 
Haskins Delphine I tchr res 17 Endicott 
Haskins Edgar F (Mary M) W W & C Co h 17 Endi- 
Hassan Charles M (Mabelle C) W W & C Co h 

Hardy's Pond rd 
Hassan Mary H wid James res Hardy's Pond rd 
Hassett John J (Mary) lab h rear 298 River 
Hastey Harriet L opr W W & C Co res 664 (336) 

Hastey Harriet Lavinia opr W W & C Co res 117 

Hastings Alice W acct res 355 Waverley Oaks rd 
Hastings Bertrand W (Anna P) pressmn h 355 Waver- 
ley Oaks rd 
Hastings Catherine L elk res 355 Waverley Oaks rd 
Hastings Ellen res 84 Summer 
Hastings Herbert C elk res 4 Russell 
Hastings Herbert H (Georgie E) elect h 248 Brown 
Hastings Luella A tchr N P Banks sch res at Weston 
Hastings Margaret bkpr res 355 Waverley Oaks rd 
Hastings Robert L mach res 27 Palmer 
Hatch Delia T Mrs mlnr 337 (171) Moody res 84 

Hatch Elizabeth A wid Charles W h 802 Main 
Hatch Grace L W W & C Co res 7 Walnut 
Hatch Herbert L died July 2 1921 
Hatch Hovvaid S (Mary G) civ eng h 132 Dale 
Hatch Jason C (Grace) chauf h 7 Walnut 
Hatch Joseph B (Delia T) letter carrier B h 84 Ly- 
Hatfuld Annie M W W & C Co res 6 Norumbega ter 
Hatfield Greta M opr W W & C Co res 57 Orange 
Hatfield Irene M W W & C Co res 52 Orange 
Hatfield Mildred A wid Wm H h 52 Orange 
Hatfield Mildred R sten 614 Main rm 1 res 52 Orange 
Hatfield Myrtle M sten res 61% Maple 
Hatfield Ralph A firemn res 52 Orange 
Hatfield Walter E brakemn res 52 Orange 
Hathaway Benjamin F (Lillie T) pntr h Rosemont av 
Hathaway C F & Sons props Hathaway's Bakery Elm 

cor Benefit 
Hathaway's Bakery C F Hathaway & Sons props Elm 

cor Benefit 
Hathorne Charles H (Esther) shtmtlwkr h 26 Leonard 
Hatten Amy M bkpr 399 (211) Moody r 151 Crescent 
Hatten Nellie L Mrs h 151 Crescent 
Haven Catherine wid Lewis E h 149 Ash 
Haven Frank H (Sarah) W W & C Co h 97 Maple 
Haven Leslie E rem to Hempsted L I 
Haven Sarah W W & C Co res 16 Maple 
Havener Fred N (Edna) fore city stables h 19 Whit- 
ford ter 
Havens Blanche L pianist res 151 Weston 
Havens Francis P (Ina B) mach W W & C Co h 151 

Haverty Helena L sten res 17 Fiske 
Haverty Joseph B rem to Newton 
Haverty Patrick J (Margaret) lab h 17 Fiske 
Havey Annie L nurse res 14 John 
Havey Bernard F (Catherine E) W W & C Co h 16 



375 (201) MOODY ST. 


Tel. Waltham 0110 





Havey Bernard lab res 14 John 

Havey Catherine T check teller res 14 John 

Havey Florence M Mrs elk 23 Moody res 59 South 

Havey George E pres rear 582 Main h at Needham 

Havey Irene A sten 24 Pine res 16 Dartmouth 

Havey James E (Etta B) mgr 869 Main h 23 Lowell 

Havey John J A police res 14 John 

Havey Mary I bkpr B Mfg Co res 40 Clinton 

HAVEY MICHAEL J Marble Granite and Monument 

Dealer 48 John h 40 Clinton Tel Waltham 1873-M 

See right top lines 
Havey Nellie E Mrs hkpr h 34 Cushing 
Havey Sarah Mrs died June 26 1921 
Havey Sarah J res 40 Clinton 
Havey Thomas E died Sept 24 1922 
Havey Thomas E jr U S N res 40 Clinton 
Havey Thomas P (Catherine T) WW&CCohl4 

Havey Thomas P jr res 14 John 
Havey Waldo P elk W W & C Co res 16 Dartmouth 
Havey Wm H (Inez L) dentist 221 (93) Moody rm 

4 h 20 Dexter 
Hawes Carrie A wid Anson h 19 College Farm rd 
Hawkes Anna M opr W W & C Co res 33 Brown 
Hawkesworth Winifred seam M S F M res do 
Hawley Francis B (Alice It) lawyer 6 Beacon B h 

18 Banks 
Hawley Lovina W wid Dexter H h 235 Ash 
Hawley Phiip R (Hazel) elk h 14 Prentice 
Hawley W Winthrop (Vera V) W W & C Co res 235 

Hayden Annie laundress M S F M res do 
Hayden Charles J (Elsie) mach W W & C Co h 4 

Cornwallis pi 
Hayden Fred S driver 390 Main res 355 (185) Moody 
Hayden John A (Mary A) driver h 355 (185) Moody 
Haydiin Margaret M sten res 355 (185) Moody 
Hayden Melville W (Olive E) W W & C Co h 86 Ash 
Hayden Olive E opr W W & C Co res 86 Ash 
Hayden Wm F mach res 355 (185) Moody 
Haye Lola L tchr F C Lowell sch res 395 Lexington 
Hayes Annie opr res 124 Pine 
Hayes Annie opr res 12 Lowell 
Hayes Archibald J res 16 Park pi 
Hayes Bridget wid Daniel dom h 28 Taylor 
Hayes Delia F opr res 124 Pine 
Hayes D S Mrs stitcher 307 (151) Moody 
Hayes Ellen A wid Wm h 410 Lexington 
Hayes Emily L jewel mkr W W & C Co r 16 Park pi 
Hayes Emily W opr W W & C Co res 32 High 
Hayes Emma Mrs opr W W & C Co res 32 High 
Hayes Frederick K (Zillah) mach h 9 Tolman 
Hayes Frederick W elk res 9 Tolman 
Hayes Hannah C W W & C Co res at Concord 
Hayes Harry B (Esther G) mach h 24 Lexington ter 
Hayes Helen A sten res 24 Lexington ter 
Hayes Henry J (Kate M) mach B E R R h 78 Central 
Hayes Ina wid Frank W W & C Co res 97 Crescent 
Hayes John F opr res 78 Central 
Hayes Joseph F mach res 16 Park pi 
Hayes Malcolm P h 8 Church 
Hayes Margaret h 2 Castle 
Hayes Ma*garet A res 16 Park pi 
Hayes Mary A wid Thomas J res 61 Lexington 
Hayes Mary M bkpr 169 Elm res at Concord Junct 
Hayes Philip (Adelaide) opr h 38 Curtis 
Hayes Rufus I firemn Elm cor Benefit res 116 Taylor 
Hayes Stephen H (Elizabeth A) cond B & M h 51 


Hayes Thomas J (Mary E) motor cycle rpr h 24 

Lexington ter 
Hayes Wm A (Emma) stmftr h 16 Grant pi 
Hayes Wm C ins h 16 Park pi 
Hayes Wm F mach res 24 Lexington ter 
Hayes see Hays 
Hayman Frederick A (Gladys) night wire chief N E 

T & T Co B h 349 Waverley Oaks rd 
Haynes Alice L W W & C Co res at Wayland 
Haynes Arthur E mgr 284 (130) Moody h at Newton 
Haynes Ernest opr W W & C Co res 89 Orange 
Haynes Jesse P (Lena A) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

80 Wash av 
Haynes Lillian res 26 Faneuil rd 
Haynes M Francis (Mary I) W W & C Co h 211b 

Haynes Russell A (Edith M) rem to Calif 
Haynes see Haines 

Hays Elizabeth S Mrs elk h 59 Ash 
Hays Florence S W W & C Co res 59 Ash 
Hays Josiah S (Alice G) contr 22 Grant pi h do 
Hays Viola E hkpr 59 Ash 
Hays see Hayes 

Hayward Charles A (Eva A) mach h 14 Underwood pk 
Hayward Charles H opr res 418 (220) Moody 
Hayward Harriet B Mrs hairdrsr h 418 (220) Moody 
Hayward Helen K manicurist res 40 Prospect 
Hayward Hubert rem to Auburndale 
Hayward Hubert W (Louise G) rem to Auburndale 
Hayward Lucius P (Harriet B) fore h 418 (220) 

Hayward Mary E wid Charles F h 40 Prospect 
Hayward Walter L sales res 40 Prospect 
Healey Agnes Mrs dom h 475 (249) Moody 
Healey Anna M opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Healey Anna M sten res 26 Liberty 
Healey Catherine E tel opr res 26 Liberty 
Healey Catherine F h 488 Main 
Healey Elizabeth R W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Healey Francis A student res 26 Liberty 
Healey Frank C lab res 92 Cedar 
Healey Frank G (Mary F) opr E H W h 48 Myrtle 
Healey George F (Eva) rem to Camb 
Healey Grace G elk res 117 High 
Healey Hazel K sten res 26 Cabot 
Healey James J (Helen) lab 149 Elm h 109 Pond 
Healey John J opr res 109 Pond 
Healey John J bkpr res 26 Liberty 
Healey Lucy H wid John h 117 High 
Healey Margaret B res 177 Chestnut 
Healey Marguerite E bkpr E H W Wks res 26 Liberty 
Healey Moigan T (Margaret F) gard W W & C Co ii 

92 Cedar 
Healey Nora E elk res 26 Liberty 
Healey Patrick J (Annie) lab h 79 Oak 
Healey Patrick J (Anna M) yardmn 129 Moody h 26 

Healey Sabina E opr res 92 Cedar 
Healey Thomas H elect res 26 Liberty 
Healey Wm A lab res 26 Liberty 
Healey Wm E died Oct 24 1922 
Healey Wm F (Elizabeth S) watchmkr h 26 Cabot 
Healey Wm F jr elk 219 (91) Moody res 26 Cabot 
Healey Wm H opr W W & C Co res 8 Dartmouth 
Healey Winifred L bkpr res 26 Liberty 
Healey see Haley and Healy 
Healion John J (Josephine R) packer h 83 Alder 
Healy Daniel A (Pauline N) sales h 74 Morton 
Healy Wm H (Mary) opr h 8 Dartmouth 
Healy see Healey and Haley 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



Heaman Wm A (Helene It) mgr Waltham Country 

Club Main cor Gore h do 
Heard Mary A drsmkr 3 Cential h do 
Heasley Catherine F tes 46 Cedar 
Heasley John W carp h 46 Cedar 
Heasley Mary A les 46 Cedar 
Heaslip Waiter J driver 390 Main res 203 Grove 
Heath George B (Winnifred C) job master W W & C 

Co h 375 Main 
Heath Hubert A W W & C Co h at Allston 
Heath & Co (John P and Mrs Katherine Kett) dry 

gds 393 "(209) Moody 
Heathcote Henry (Laura M) uphol h 7 Gibbs ct 
Heathcote Jennie Mrs W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Hcbb Genevieve Ms died May 16 1923 
Hebden Lavinia Mrs opr W W & C Co res 44 Curtis 
Hebden Tom (Eunice) fore and tieas Christ ch h 5 

Chester av 
Hebden Wm J (Lavinia) opr W W & C Co h 44 Curtis 
Hebert Napoleon D opr res 93 Alder 
Hebert Nellie opr W W & C Co res 61 Maple 
Hebert see Herbert 
Hedberg Rudolph W (Adelia C) auto mech h College 

Farm id 
Hedlund Fritz (Thekla) W W & C Co h 194 Robbins 
Hedlund Fritz E (Wanda 0) sales h 261 Ash 
Heeley Frederick J (Annie M) wvr h 10 Lawton pi 
Heffernan Anna M res 48 Parmenter id 
Heffernan Catherine G hkpr 74 South 
Heffernan Ellen A wid James F h 99 Francis 
Heffernan George L lab h 48 Parmenter id 
HefTernan Gertrude M opr res 99 Francis 
Heffernan James H elk 354 (178) Moody r 99 Francis 
Hefler Evelyn opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Hefler Ithoda opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Hegewald Bertha D bkpr 49 River res 91 Willow 
Hegewald Julius died Sept 7 1922 
Hegewald Matilda wid Julius h 91 Willow 
Heiberg Charles baker M S F M.res do 
Heigham Elizabeth tchr mus h 11 Moody suite 44 
Heinlein Emily cashr res 17 Leonard 
Heiniein Joseph F (Bessie E) (Heinlein & Arnold) 

765 Main h 17 Leonard 
Heinlein & Arnold (Joseph F Heinlein and Wra H 

Arnold) prov 765 Main 
Heinstrom Annie E W W & C Co res 13 Bellevue 
Heinstrom Arthur E (Lillian I) auto rpr 428 Main 

h do 
Heinstrom Augusta C wid Adolph res 428 Main 
Heinstrom Carl G (Annie E) mach h 13 Bellevue 
Heinstrom Doris A student res 13 Bellevue 
Helgesen Helga elk Elastoid Fibre Co end Exchange res 

at West Newton 
Helgesen Olof J W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Helgesen Rudolph L (Judith C) cabt mkr h 29 Tomlin 
Helgesen Thorleif (Waltham Radio Co) res 802 Main 
Helm Frederick lab res 57 Walnut 
Helm Frederick G (Riverside Forge) blksmith rear 

219 (rear 91) Moody res 41 Spruce 
Helm John R (Ebon) cigar mkr h 50 Humboldt 
Helm Mary F Mrs died Mar 22 1922 
Helms Mildred I matron M S F M res do 
Hemenway Charles T watchmkr h Weston nr Sibley rd 
Heraenway Frank S (May J) elect h 637 (323) 

Hemenway Lettie C h 48 Adams 
Hemenway May J Mrs hairdrsr 637 (323) Moody h do 
Hemeon Clayton I (Maude) carp h 54 Riveniew a? 
Hemeon Edwin W (Mary R) W W & C Co h 121 

Woerd av 

Hemeon Harold S (Muriel) W W & C Co h 125 

Woerd av 
Hemeon Mary E opr W W & C Co res 121 Woerd av 
Hemler George (D Gertrude M) h 101 High 
Helms Mildred I matron M S F M res do 
Henderson George W mach h 81 Fiske 
Henderson Hannah wid James h 15 Liverpool la 
Henderson John E (Freda M) carp h 2 Chestnut pk 
Hendry Elizabeth agt 47 Moody h at Roslindale 
Henesy Mary G bkpr 366 (186) Moody res 112 

Henley Celia Mrs elk 417 (221) Moody h rear 421 

(tear 223) do 
Henley Merrill J (Ida J) carp h 63 South 
Hennelly Annie E wid Patrick h 70 School 
Hennelly Catherine G mus tchr 16 Wellington res do 
Hennelly Celia res 16 Liverpool la 
Hennelly Charles M pharmacist res 70 School 
Hennelly Ellen E Mrs h 34 Spruce 
Hennelly John (Annie E) carp h 16 Wellington 
Hennelly Loretta E asst sec 103 (27) Moody res 16 

Hennelly Marie A bkpr res 70 School 
Hennelly Mary J opr res 16 Liverpool la 
Hennelly Michael J (Celia J) job master W S Co h 

76 Chestnut 
Hennelly Michael J (53 Spruce) died Oct 8 1922 
Hennelly Nora wid Patrick h 16 Liverpool la 
Hennelly Timothy A molder res 15 Chester av 
Hennelly Walter L W W & C Co res 34 Spruce 
Hennessey Charles E bkpr res 36 Morton 
Hennessey John (Margaret) lab 129 Moody h 148 

Hennessey John jr lab res 148 School 
Hennessey Joseph (Rose) mach h 35 Taylor 
Hennessey Michael J (Mary) plmbr 588 Main h 64 

Hennessey Thomas F chauf res 148 School 
Hennessey T Irene sten res 35 Taylor 
Hennessy Helen opr res 355 (185) Moody 
Hennessy Helen T W W & C Co res 97 South 
Hennessy Mary opr res 97 South 
Hennessy Mary A opr res 1 Munroe av 
Henrikson Eva M opr W W & C Co res 87 Brown 
Henry Abbie A wid Martin L died July 28 1923 
Henry Emelde res 14 Sharon 
Henry Ethel H Mrs hkpr res 930 Main 
Henry George (Emma) fore 1040 Main h 14 Sharon 
Henry Howard W elk res 165 Ash 
Henry Irene elk res 14 Sharon 
Henry Isa E wid Wm C h 165 Ash 
Henry Laura A nurse res 17 Endicott 
Henry Mabel E elk res 14 Sharon 
Henry Maude E wid Wm cook h 30 Gordon 
Henry Patrick J carp res 33 Taylor 
Henry Robert (Teresa M) W W & C Co h 19 Endicott 
Henry Sarah R elk res 14 Sharon 
Henry Thomas W (Marguerite) police h 43 Walnut 
Henson Archibald P died July 26 1922 
Henson Blanche H res 77 Robbins 
Hentzi Auguste C (Grace E) (Hentzi & Ratzburg) 

tool mfrs 13 Gifford av h 56 Fuller 
Hentzi Auguste L died April 25 1923 
Hentzi Bertha L W W & C Co res 59 Brown 
Hentzi Edward L sales res 59 Brown 
Hentzi Fanny wid Auguste L h 59 Brown 
Hentzi & Ratzburg (Auguste Hentzi Victor P Ratz- 
burg) tool mfrs 13 Gifford av 
Herbert Adeline wid Daniel h 170 Felton 
Herbert Alcide opr res 3 Gorham 




123 High Street, 




Herbert Almanda M elk 455 (237) Moody res 170 

Herbert A Edmund (Margaret L) dial mkr h 73% 

Herbert Andrew E opr W W & C Co res 73% Russell 
Herbert Carl G (Helen C) elk h 73 Brown 
Herbert Emma A W W & C Co res 167 Newton 
Herbert Frederick (Odille) pntr h 167 Newton 
Herbert Helen C opr W W & C Co res 73 Brown 
Herbert Lord supt 100 Beaver h at B 
Herbert Ruth E sten res 73% Russell 
Herbert Yvonne opr res 1 Chestnut pk 
Herbert see Hebert 

Herchenroder Adolph R (Marie E) h 5 Dexter av 
Herlihy Dennis (Mary) foundrymn h 177 Willow 
Herlihy Michael mldr C P Brass Foundiy h at Camb 
Hernandez Clement (Pearl) prntr B h 82 Chestnut 
Herr Madalene L opr VV W & C Co res 21 Robbins 
Herrick Clara B opr W W & C Co r 662 (334) Moody 
HeiTon Thomas (Mary E) pntr h 98 Charles 
Hersey Annie M elk 243 Moody res 69 Lowell 
Hersey Charles W cutter res 221 Brown 
Hersey George W (Annie I) photo 25 Summit h do 
Hersey John (Gertrude E) blksmith h 129 Lafayette 
Hersey Wilmer R (Margaret W) chief eng W B & D 

Wks h 7 Chestnut 
Heish Benjamin treas 307 (151) Moody h 92 Charles 
Hershoff Samuel W (Dora) watchmkr h 89 Myrtle 
Hervey Rhea W W W & C Co res 122 Lowell 
Hession Agnes J asst and res 80 Lawrence 
Hession Alice M valuator res 80 Lawrence 
Hession Florence L elk res 80 Lawrence 
Hession Helen M bkpr 56 Felton res 10 Greenwood la 
Hession James J (Nora) wheelwright h 2 Waverley 
Hession John (Ellen M) opr h 10 Greenwood la 
Hession Joseph F elk res 2 Waverley 
Hession J Vincent rem to Greenfield 
Hession Margaret elk res 10 Greenwood la 
Hession Marie J sec res 80 Lawrence 
Hession Mary wid Michael res 9 Wall 
Hession Michael (Bridget) fore h 80 Lawrence 
Hession Michael J (Margaret I) opr h 337 Grov« 
Heuter Peter M mach W W & C Co h 69 Rich 
Hewes Nathaniel D (Carrie H) W W & C Co h 31 

He\\vs see Hughes 

Hewctt Elizabeth E candy mkr res 89 Cherry 
Hewett Robert student res 89 Cherry 
Hewett Wm A (Amanda) carp h 89 Cherry 
Heyworth George B (Isabella) pntr h 12 Orange 
Hibberd George R (Delia M) W W & C Co h 31 

Hibberd Margaret tchr res 31 Beech 
Hibernian Building 710 Main 
Hickey John died Aug 18 1921 
Hickey Katheryn sten res 66 Cedar 
Hickey Kieran (Isabel) pntr h 15 Castle 
Hickey Stella M W W & C Co res 12 Pratt av 
Hicklin Edith E W W & C Co res 16 Olcott 
Hicks A Edmund (Frieda) opr W W & C Co h 109 

Hicks Cyrus W W W & C Co h 22 Ash 
Hicks Emma C W W & C Co res 214 Adams 
Hicks Fernando W (Daisy E) asst fore W W & C Co 

h 22 Ash 
Hicks Frederick D janitor Bemis sch res 22 High 
Hicks George T (Winifred M) motormn h 102 Howard 
Hicks Grace E nurse res 22 Ash 
Hicks Mary opr W W & C Co res at B 
Hicks Thomas (Emma C) mach h 214 Adams 

Hicks Winifred M W W & C Co res 102 Howard 
Hidden George mach W W & C Co res 51 Chestnut 
Higby G Elmer jeweler res 30 Dexter 
Higginbotham M Louise probation officer (E Camb) 

res 802 Main 
Iliggins Alexander S (Margaret A) carp h 17 Wilton 
Higgins Annie wid John h 163 School 
Higgins Block 211-221 (85-93) Moody 
Higgins Catherine rubberwkr res 163 School 
Higgins Daniel J h 9 Centre 
Higgins Evelyn A elk res 22 Wash av 
Higgins Francis H (Anna R) bkpr h 15 Lord 
Higgins Frederick J student res 62 Church 
Higgins George P (Julia) mach W W & C Co 574 

Iliggins Harry J (Julia) fore h 223 Dale 
Higgins Herbert C bkpr h 68 Hollace 
Higgins Leo fore 390 Main res 110 School 
Higgins Margaret h 12 Fiske 

Higgins Margaret E wid Charles A died April 13 1923 
Higgins Mary wid Michael h 46 Francis 
Higgins Mary L watchmkr W W & C Co res 46 

Higgins Melvin J wiremn res 17 Wilton 
Higgins Melvin S sales res 68 Hollace 
Higgins M Agnes wid Michael h rear 26 Lexington 
Higgins Raymond A (Dorothy) collr 500 Lexington h 

361 Bacon 
Higgins Sadie J elk E H W Wks res 46 Francis 
Higgins Thomas R W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Higgins Wm A (Elizabeth) sales h 60 Marlborough rd 
High School Willis L Eaton master 49 School opp 

Hight Grace M bkpr res 18 Pleasant 
Hilderbrand Mary Mrs elk 402 (212) Moody h 183 

Hildreth Bessie J rem to B 

Hildreth Edward W opr W W & C Co res at Auburn- 
Hildreth J Victor (Jennie W) shipfitr h 30 Prentice 
Hill Albeit C (Mary C) stock elk W W & C Co h at 

Kendall Green Weston 
Hill Anna P wid Wm h 12 Lexington ter 
Hill Anna P wid Wm T res 5 Central 
Hill Charlotte tchr M S F M res do 
Hill Cyril S signal mn res 26 Morton 
Hill C Candace W W & C Co h 23 Adams 
Hill Derward W supt of cemeteries h 218 South 
Hill Dorotha S res 225 Weston 
Hill Edgar H (Mary A) lab h 108 Prospect 
Hill Elizabeth J W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Hill Eunice C wid Lorenzo T died May 20 1921 
Hill F Vivian sten res 34 Banks 
Hill Frederick fore 256 Charles h at Weston 
Hill George R (Edith M) elk W W & C Co h 66 

Hill George S engr W W & C Co res 4 Walnut 
Hill George W (Margaret B) cond h 26 Morton 
Hill Gladys C res 26 Morton 
Hill Harold B (Anna M) motormn h Seminole av 

nr Lake 
Hill Harold W (Elizabeth) firemn h 196 Ash 
Hill Harriet micawkr 66 Woerd av res 59 Alder 
Hill Harry opr W W & C Co res 4 Walnut 
Hill Henry (Saiah E) spinner b 4 Walnut 
Hill James A asst sec 637 Main h 756 South 
Hill Jennie T W W & C Co res at Newton Upper Falls 
Hill Joseph F (Elizabeth C) h 14 Cedar 
Hill Julia W Mrs died Oct 22 1922 
Hill Leonard F (Natalie M) elk res 21 Leonard 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 



Hill Leonard P elk res 218 South 

Hill Margaret C wid Fred H h 143 Calvary 

Hill Marion I typist res 756 South 

Hill Maud M res 108 Prospect 

Hill Patrick F cook res 8 Colby av 

Hill Philip C (Ellen) journalist h 34 Banks 

Hill Prescott S (Pauline K) supt h Gore nr Main 

Hill Richard M (Gudrun B) elk h 213 Ash 

Hill Thomas School Carrie M Leonard prin 492 Main 

cor Heard 
Hill Waldo C W W & C Co h at Silver Hill Weston 
Hill Walter fore res 143 Calvary 
Hill Walter J (Florence G) elk 326 (164) Moody h 

36 Harvard 
Hill Walter W bkpr 217 Lexington h 143 Calvary 
Hill Wilford A (Annie B) inwntor h 225 Weston 
Hill Wm E (Mary A) chauf Eng 1 h 196 Ash 
Hill Wm H (Almeda G) W W & C Co h 410 Lexing- 
Hill Wm J (Ellen M) supt 760 South h 756 do 
Hill Wm R (Gratia G) mgr 6 Elm h 47 Howard 
Hillcrest Convalescent Home 81 Lincoln 
Hills Beit E (Julia M) W W & C Co h 254 Ash 
Hills Herbert A (Minnie I) jewel mkr 21 Lane h 151 

Hills Mary J wid Eugene res 51 Robbins 
Hills Melvina lino opr 18 Pine res 51 Robbins 
Hilo Simon (Annie) opr h 419 River 
Hilton Albert J (Emily H) sales h 86 Gardner 
Hilton Carroll W (Eva) W W & C Co h 289 Crescent 
Hilton Emily H opr W W & C Co res 86 Gardner 
Hilton Rosa M W W & C Co res 126 Brown , 
Hilton Tina B opr res 151 Crescent 
Hilts J Edward (Sarah E) opr h 68 Robbins 
Him.od Norman lino cpr 278 (126) Moody res 97 

Hinchey Annie L Mrs tchr N J H S h 10 Pond 
Hinchey Arthur L elk res 10 Pond 
Hinchey Dorothy sten res 10 Pond 
Hinchey Francis (Marion) ins agt 11 Moody h 10 

Hinchey Leo J (Margaret) elk rm 2 City Hall h 81 

Hinchey Margaret M student res 17 Pine 
Hinchey Marie L tchr Bright sch res 10 Pond 
Hinchey Richard (Winifred G) phys 17 Pine h do 
Hinchey Richard H (Gertrude L) rem to Quincy 
Hinchey Francis K elk 665 Main res 10 Pond 
Hinckley Bessie G W W & C Co res 11 (3) Moody 
Hinckley Gardner B (Weston's Food Shop) 895 Main 

h at Arlington 
Hinckley Hattie R tchr res 61 South 
Hinckley W S (Susan E) woodwkr h 61 South 
Hinds Elizabeth B W W & C Co res 5 Orange 
Hindenlang Ernest G trustee 716 Lexington h at Ja- 
maica Plain 
Hindenlang Herman trustee 716 Lexington h at Waban 
Hines Anna T W W & C Co res 41 Alder 
Hines Edward W W ft C Co res 41 Alder 
Hines Elizabeth opr res 195 Ash 
Hines Ellen J nurse res 43 Cedar 
Hines Francis R (Jearmette M) Iwyr h 53 Ellison pk 
HINES GEORGE A (Margaret) Local Manager M L 

Howard Piano Co 515 (265) Moody h 39 Hall 
Hines Gertrude T bkpr res 155 Newton 
Hines Hugh died Nov 18 1922 
Hines Jane wid Patrick died Oct 27 1921 
Hines John W B & D Wks res 41 Alder 
Hines John F chauf res 47 Lyman 
Hines John H (Mary J) roofer h 98 Cedar 

Hines John J jeweler B res 61 Grant 

Hines Joseph E (Margaret I) firemn h 8 Exchange ct 

Hines Margaret L W W & C Co res 285 River 

Hines Marion E tchr res 155 Newton 

Hines Martin J (Georgia A )asst supt P 290 (134) 

Moody h at Newton 
Hines Mary gro 114 Central h do 
Hines Mary J watchmkr h 43 Cedar 
Hines Michael (Sarah T) jeweler h 155 Newton 
Hines Michael (Mary) yardmn W W & C Co h rear 

18 Common 
Hines Michael J died Jan 17 1923 
Hines see Hynes 
Ilinman Fred W (Geneva E) mach W W & C Co b 

91 Robbins 
Hinman Geneva E elk 283 (135) Moody r 91 Robbins 
Hinman Helen M sec res 91 Robbins 
Hinman Howard A (Margaret S) sales mgr h 137 

Hitchcock Cora L wid Frank L h 10 Auburn ter 
Hitchcock Edna E bkpr W S Co res 21 Banks 
Hitchcock Frank L opr res 10 Auburn ter 
Hitchcoc< Fred H (Evelyn K) h 162 Russell 
Hitchcock G Wesley chauf res 10 Auburn ter 
Hitchcock Henry K wool res 10 Auburn ter 
Hitchcock Wm A (Edna D) wool buyer h 21 Banks 
Hoagland Victor (Annie) auto rpr h 6 Pratt av 
Hoagland see Hogland 

Hoar Carolyn E tchr Robbins sch h at W Newton 
Hoar George W (Dorothy) pies 55 Rumford av h 80 

Wash av 
Hoar G W Co George W Hoar pros James E Cussen 

treas John J Donovan sec elect light fixture mfrs 55 

Rumford av 
Hoarde Patrick J (Elizabeth C) sales h 4 Winthrop 
Hoare Elizabeth nurse M S F M res do 
Hoban Patrick J (Bridget E) box mkr h 33 Gorham 
Hobart Edward A (Catherine Z) mach h 265 Ash 
Hobbs Edward S jr (Laura A) dentist 681 Main rm 

6 h at S Lincoln 
Hodgdon Annie E h 23 Myrtle 
Hodgdon Raymond (Alice) elect h 62 Rich 
Hodge Alfred T tchr WHS res 134 Ash 
Hodge Alice M tchr res 134 Ash 
Hodge Grace E res 12 Daniels pi 
Hodge Martha A wid Albert G died June 7 1923 
Hodge Mary G wid Rev Elias h 134 Ash 
Hodge Ralph E sales res 12 Daniels rd 
Hodge Stephen D (Elizabeth) mason 12 Daniels pi 

h do 
Hodge Stephen D jr (Mary A) com trav h 3 Stratton 

Hodges E Forrest (Viola A) mach res 84 Wash av 
Hodges George W (Florida F) fore W W & C Co h 

84 Wash av 
Hodges Wm L jr (May B) chief adj h 738 Beaver 
Hodgkins Albert G opr W W & C Co h 81 Robbins 
Hodgkins Ambrose M (May E) W W & C Co h 86 

Hodgkins Arthur W fore W W & C Co h 4 Chester av 
Hodgkins Edwin F (Alice) pntr h 452 (236V 2 ) Moody 
Hodgkins Estelle M W W & C Co res 4 Adams 
Hodgkins Eugene J (Stella E) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 4 Adams 
Hodgkins F Ruth sten res 147 Russell 
HODGKINS HARRY P (Beaver Brook Grain Co) 

Massasoit cor Main Tel Waltham 0055 h at New- 

ton Highlands 
Hodgkins Leonard A (Florence E) motormn h 147 




Moody at Chestnut Streets 



Hodgkins Lillian A elk res 147 Russell 

Hodgkins Lionel R (Carrie C) (Hodgkins & Co) h 42 

Hodgkins Mary A Mrs died Aug 5 1923 
Hodgkins Mary E wid George D h 46 Adams 
Hodgkins May E opr W W & C Co res 86 Robbins 
Hodgkins Merle Y elk res 42 Wellington 
Hodgkins Reta L elk 21 Crescent res 147 Russell 
Hodgkins Ruth sten 1 Spruce res 147 Russell 
Hodgkins Sarah P W W & C Co res 4 Chester av 
Hodgkins & Co (Lionel R) gros 135 Prospect 
Hodgman Harriet M res 3 Central 
Hodgson George S (Ruth L) carp h 21 Turner 
Hodsdon Emily A wid Albert died Jan 7 1923 
Hoelscher Eva opr W W & C Co res 189 Lowell 
Hoelscher Herman E (Eva S) adv mgr 18 Pine h 189 

Hoelscher Herman R died Nov 27 1921 
Hoffman Bertha P Mrs manicuring 107 (27) Moody 

rm 5 h do 
Hoffman Bessie wid Walter opr h 46 Spring 
Hoffman Carolyn S tchr WHS res 8 Chamberlain ter 
Hoffman Daniel H (May) supt 11 Gifford av h 89 

Hoffman F V watch mkr res 138 Crescent 
Hoffman Fannie student res 26 Robbins 
Hoffman George W bill poster res 46 Spring 
Hoffman Jacob H gard res 26 Robbins 
Hoffman John L fore res 26 Robbins 
Hoffman Shirley E res 26 Robbins 
Hoffman Simon (Mary) junk h 26 Robbins 
Hoffman Sina elk W W & C Co res 26 Robbins 
Hoffses Albert B W W & C Co res 662 (334) Moody 
Hoffses Albert E fore res 119 Brown 
Hoffses Elvin J res 195 Ash 

Hoffses Robt H (Grace L) driver Ladder 2 h 195 Ash 
Hogan Catherine T died Oct 12 1922 
Hogan Elizabeth opr W W & C Co res 33 Newton 
Hogan Harry N elk B res 374 Waverley Oaks rd 
Hogan John J ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at Milton 
Hogan John W mach W W & C Co res 19 Palmer 
Hogan Katherine wid James died Mar 18 1922 
Hogan Thomas E (Ada) sales h 374 Waverley Oaks rd 
Hoglund Gustave A (Augusta L) woodwkr h 260 New- 
Hoglund see Hoagland 

Hohmann Louis C V mach h 151a Crescent 
Hohmann Mary A opr res 151a Crescent 
Holbrook Arthur L (Nellie A) insp of wires 17 Lex- 
ington h 66 School 
Holbrook Bradbury (Norena) phys 802 Main h do 
Holbrook Helen res 34 Fuller 
Holbrook James A (May E) woodwkr h 67 Wash av 
Holbrook Jennie R res 66 School 
Holbrook Lee W (Kathleen) lumbermn res 65 Russell 
Holbrook Martha A wid Sherburne A h 732 Lexington 
Holcomb Lyle R (Ethel A) elk h 11 Brookfield rd 
Holden Allen K (Frances S) sales Elm cor Benefit h 

14 Harris 
Holden Edith L elk res 4 Maple ter 
Holden Flora Mrs elk 243 Moody h 67 Crescent 
Holden Jennie tchr M S F M res do 
Holden Orloff W pntr res 67 Crescent 
Holden Tina H W W & C Co res 89 Brown 
Holder Veasey D (Mabelle) barber b 13 Hartwell 
Holicker Abraham (Ida) junk h 15 Rich 
Holl Emma A Mrs h 8 Prospect 
Holland Alice M W W & C Co res 21 Adams 
Holland Anna M bkpr res 1145 Main 
Holland Charles W drftsmn res 26 Grant pi 

Holland Eleanor M elk 138 River res 4 Auburn ter 

Holland Filing (Andrea) mach h 23 Walnut 

Holland Grace wid Martin h 4 Auburn ter 

Holland Grace C typist W W & C Co r 4 Auburn ter 

Holland James E patternmkr res 26 Grant pi 

Holland John P (Louise) W B & D Wks h 205 River 

Holland John S pntr 6 Crescent res 94 Adams rm 16 

Holland Joseph I elk res 4 Auburn ter 

Holland Leif (Klaia) mach W W & C Co h 23 Walnut 

Holland Mary J bkpr res 1295 Main 

Holland Mary L typist res 4 Auburn ter 

Holland Patrick J (Annie M) motormn h 1145 Main 

Holland Sabina F sten res 1145 Main 

Holland Thomas (Lena) mach h 125 Chestnut 

Holland Thomas P elk 95 Moody res 1145 Main 

Holland Vincent L appr res 125 Chestnut 

Holland Win (Susie) prov 887 Main h 26 Grant pi 

Holland Wm F (Maude M) fore h 321 Warren 

Holland Wm H (Mary A) mach 48 Woerd av h 56 

Hollering Frank died Sept 29 1921 
Hollering Mary A wid Frank h 64 Walnut 
Hollering Roland V janitor res 64 Walnut 
Holloran John F elk res 33 Exchange 
Holloran Martin J elk res 33 Exchange 
Holloran Michael J (Margaret M) mason h 33 Ex- 
Holm Axel B (Ida M) watchmkr E H W Wks h 169 

Holm Ernest S auto rpr res 32 Tomlin 
Holm Thure S (Helga) acct h 32 Tomlin 
Holman Leslie A mach res 188 Ash 
Holman Olaf G (Thora) W W & C Co h 92 Robbins 
Holmberg Arthur H treas 868 Main h at Newtonville 
Holmberg Martin E (Canie) watchmkr h 73 Russell 
Holmes Andrew lab h 125 Pine 
HOLMES AUGUSTUS L (Holmes Luce & Co) 274 

(124) Moody h at Melrose 
Holmes Charles W (Lettie E) pntr h 117 South 
Holmes Edward W (Mary E) chauf 243 (107) Moody 

h 49 Crescent 
Holmes Ellen L hkpr res 125 Pine 
Holmes Emma wid Daniel h 74 School 
Holmes George uphol res 206 Adams 
Holmes Georgiana S office mgr h 74 School 
Holmes Grace E tchr N J H S res 49 Crescent 
Holmes Harold elk 353 (183) Moody res 355 (185) 

Holmes Lida K bakery 705 (349%) Moody h 703 

(349) do 
HOLMES LUCE & CO (Augustus L Holmes and 

Francis P Luce) Daniel J Sullivan Manager House 

Furnishings 274 (124) Moody See Furniture Dept 
Holmes Marguerite M tchr res 49 Crescent 
Holmes Mary M Mrs h 86 Exchange 
Holmes Ozro H janitor 355 (185) Moody h do 
Holmes Susan wid Alexander died Nov 22 1921 
Holmes Wallace uphol res 206 Adams 
Holmes Walter C buckle wkr res 125 Pine 
Holoway Mabel T drsmkr res 729 (365) Moody 
Holoway Mary A wid Samuel E h 729 (365) Moody 
Holoway Maud finisher 307 (151) Moody res 139 

Holoway Maud M drsmkr res 729 (365) Moody 
Holpin Susan elk 100 Beaver res at Newton 
Holroyd George (Lily B) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

391 Crescent 
Holt Albert J (Florence I) hrnsmkr h 4 Chestnut pk 
Holt Louis R res 4 Chestnut pk 
Holt Roy A died Nov 18 1922 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Holton Cheney J (Cora) mgr 13 (4) Moody h 227 

Horaan Benjamin L (Elizabeth M) rstr 571 Main h 4 

Homberger Richard W W & C Co res 72 Brown 
Homer Harold L (Lillian B) wool h 47 Rich 
Homer John H mason res 211 Brown 
Homer Lillian B Mrs tchr vocal music 47 Rich h do 
Homer Loring L credit mn B res 27 South 
Homer Lottie L wid Guy H h 27 South 
Hood Alexander W W & C Co res 23 Maple 
Hood George H (Waltham Lunch Co) 319 (161) 

Moody h at B 
Hood H P & Sons creamery 357 (187) Moody 
Hood Kathryn wid Alexander J bkpr 390 Main h 145 

Ward av 
Hood Richard S (Bertha B) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 40 Banks 
Hood see Houde 

Hooper Anna C Mrs h 171 South 
Hooper Clyde L W W & C Co res 171 South 
Hooper Paul C buckle mkr res 171 South 
Hooper Robert L F (Amelia G) sales h 80 Brown 
Hooper Wm J (Annie W) carp h 155 Adams 
Hooper Wm (Lillian G) carp 153 Adams h do 
Hooten Nettie E opr W W & C Co res 40 High 
Hooten Reginald A (Jeanne tte) opr W W & C Co res 

40 High 
Hope Amos J (Annie C) mach h 154 Ash 
Hope Anna V rem to N Y City 
Hope George (Mary A) overseer h 3 Chester av 
Hopkins Alura A wid George F res 138 Myrtle 
Hopkins George (Mabel C) supt W W & C Co h 210 

Hopkins George W (Clara A) mach W W & C Co h 

89 Robbins 
Hopkins Hattie E wid Louis res 109 Russell 
Hopkins Louis A (Floience M) mach h 217 Dale 
Hopkins Olive sec res 210 Ash 
Hopkins Wm opr E H W Co res 223 Brown 
Hopkirk Jessie F lino opr 278 (126) Moody h at B 
Hopwood Wm R (Floience B) sales h 191 Robbins 
Horan James baker (Main nr Hammond) res 80 Brown 
Horan James lab Waltham Hospital res do 
Horan Margaret Mrs waitress h 11 Moody suite 36 
Hornbeck Linn E (Carrie A) optometrist 30 Ash h do 
Home Archibald bkpr res 349 do 
Home Charlotte P W W & C Co r 703 (349) Moody 
Home Emma L wid Sidney E res 8 Fuller 
Home Joseph (Annie M) carp res 3 Russell 
Home Marion sten E H W Wks res 349 Moody 
Home Wm F (Catherine A) linemn 17 Lexington h 

703 (349) Moody 
Horner Arthur M student res 22 Irving 
Horner Charles D (Grace) fore E H W Wks h 22 

Horrocks Emma tchr Old High sch h at Concord 
Horton Carl B (Edna K) mgr h 84 Ellison pk 
Horton Edna K Mrs mlnr 423 (225) Moody h 84 

Ellison pk 
Horton George B (Abbie A) h 400 Crescent 
Horton Sybil elk 243 Moody h at W Newton 
Hose 1 24 School av 
Hose 3 533 (275) Moody nr Maple 
Hose 4 22 Prospect cor Russell 
Hoskins George H (Grace M) driver 500 Lexington h 

589 do 
Hosmer Clarence A (Grace J) mach W W & C Co h 

170 Lowell 
Hosmer Elizabeth S wid Edward b 44 Curve ] 

Hosmer Merton A chemist res 170 Lowell 

Hosty Bndget opr res 58 Charles 

Hosty Clara wid Thomas J opr h 39 Alder 

Hosty Josephine M wid John E~ mlnr h 135 Brown 

Hosty Julia E res 58 Charles 

Hosty Michael J (Jennie M) fgt hndlr B & M Elm 

h 45 Prospect 
Hosty Michael J h 85 Russell 
Hosty Thomas J died Dec 25 1922 
Hosty Walter lab res 58 Charles 
Hotchkiss Elmira L W W & C Co res 111 Adams 
Hotel Crescent (C Harvey Ames) 25 Crescent 
Hotel Middlesex (Voymas & Peters) 147 Moody 
Houde Eugene L (Rose A) carp h 25 Cushing 
Houde Rose A Mrs mlnr 337 (171) Moody h 25 

Houde Wilfred J (Marie) mach h rear 717 Main 
Houde Wm A mach res rear 717 Main 
Houde see Hood 

Houghton Emma Mrs hkpr 5 Robbins pi res do 
Houghton Mary D wid Frank res 938 Main 
Houle Julia opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Housing Co Albert F Bemis pres Robert Bowser treas 

Henry R Bridgham corp elk bldrs finish 34 Waverley 
Houston Richard M (Elizabeth) carp h Montclair av 
Hoverter Lilla S wid W W & C Co res 369 Bacon 
Hovey George G (Blanch- E) mach h 852 Main 
Hovey Hall 103 Moody 
Hovey Harold D mach res 852 Main 
Hovey H Adelaide wid Hamblin L h 542 Main 
Hovey Viola F opr res 852 Main 
Howard Annetta F W W & C Co res 182 Robbins 
Howard Arthur E carp h 75 Lake 
Howard Charles A res 15 Orange 
Howard Clayton E tchr res 32 Wadsworth av 
Howard E Watch Works E I Locke mgr watch mfrs 

256 Charles 
Howard Frank L opr E E I Co res 47 Auburn 
Howard Gerald F shipper res 31 Lawrence 
Howard Horace W (Margaret S) eng h 15 Orange 
Howard Isabel tchr M S F M res do 
Howard Jane hkpr 50 Taylor 
Howard Marion B W W & C Co res 15 Orange 
HOWARD MENZO L President M L Howard Piano Co 

515 (265) Moody h 78 Clement av W Roxbury 

George A Hines Local Manager Pianos and Phono- 
graphs Radio Sets 515 (265) Moody Tel Waltham 

0803-W See left top lines 
Howard Tupper J (Margaret E) opr h 32 Wadsworth 

Howarth John elect W W & C Co res 103 Crescent 
Howatson Elva M elk W W & C Co res 240 Brown 
Howe Anna M res 232 River 
Howe Bevan student res 93 Vernon 
Howe Christie R wid Fred R h 93 Vernon 
Howe C Wesley (Ellie L) h 16 Gilbert 
Howe Ellie L tchr res 16 Gilbert 
Howe Ernest F mach res 728 South 
Howe Ethel L see 661 Main h at Watertown 
Howe Eva L tel opr res 232 River 
Howe Everett res 77 Crescent 
Howe Fred R died June 9 1922 
Howe George E (Helen M) buyer h 9 Willow 
Howe George F (Margaret J) firemn Pumping Station 

No 2 720 South h 728 do 
Howe George M (Helen G) die mkr h 237 Ash 
Howe Herbert A (Annie A) mach W W & C Co b 

181 % Robbins 
Howe Leo E (Mary C) pntr b 19 Mt Pleasant 



48 JOHN— and— 40 CLINTON— STS.,— WALTHAM,- 

Tel. Conn. 




Howe Louise M tchr res 16 Gilbert 

Howe Mary E died Oct 12 1921 

Howe Mary J opr res 232 River 

Howe Mary L wid John res 38 School 

Howe Myrtle A W W & C Co res 370 Crescent 

Howe Patrick J W B & D Wks h 232 River 

Howe Sarah M wid Henry W h 72 Prospect 

Howe Thomas J stmftr res j 232 River 

Howe Wilfred L dialmkr res 93 Vernon 

Howe Wm C carp h 18 Maple 

Howell Berenice F sec res 140 Beaver 

Howell Charles J chauf 60 Woerd av res 15 Riverview 

Howell Charles M button mfr Willow cor River h at 

Howell George M chauf 60 Woerd av res 15 Riverview 

Howell James A (Susie R) dairymn h 140 Beaver 
Howell Wm A fore res 15 Riverview av 
Howell Wm H (Cicely A) taxi service 15 Riverview 

av h do 
Howes Alvin G (Bertha A) elk H R Co h 249 School 
Howes Elsie G tchr 661 Main res 27 Howard 
Howes Horace W (Estelle M) (Howes & Starr) 1025 

Main h 114 Harvard 
Howes Clarence G pres-treas 376 Moody h at Newton 
Howes C G Co Clarence G Howes pres-treas cleansers 

376 Moody 
Howes Joseph A (Florence E) opr Atlas Chemical 

Co h 218 Calvary 
Howes Luella H Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h at Wa- 

Howes Wm F mgr 735 (367) Moody h at Som 
Howes & Starr (Horace W Howes Herbert W Starr) 

autos 600 Main and auto rprs 1025 do 
Howitson Alva opr W W & C Co res 129 Brown 
Howland Daniel (Arabella T) opr W W & C Co h 

35 Ash 
Howland Irving B (Marjorie) W W & C Co h 355 

(185) Moody 
Howland Myra B mica wkr res 51 Robbins 
Howley Catherine T opr res 237 Grove 
Howley James J (Bridget A) hlpr h 237 Grove 
Howley John P mach res 237 Grove 
Howley Joseph A appr res 237 Grove 
Howley Leonard F opr res 237 Grove 
Howley Mary J waitress res 237 Grove 
Howley Sarah A opr W W & C Co res 237 Grove 
Howson Harold C W W & C Co res 51 Dexter 
Howson Harold D (Gertrude M) mach W W & C Co 

h 51 Dexter 
Hoxie James B (Edith) eng h 149 Bright 
Hoyt Frances sten res Forest Grove 
Hoyt Hervey H (Minnie R) pastor First Univ ch h 9 

Hoyt Irene F tchr Thomas Hill school res 241 Lowell 
Hoyt Josephine M wid George L h 241 Lowell 
Hoyt Lowell D (Katharine A) elk h Forest Grove 
Hoyt Walter S (Josephine V) phys 104 Crescent h do 
Hubbard Charles U (Josephine E) h 95 Stow 
Hubbard Newell L wid Thomas rem to Brookline 
Hubbard Sophie V W W & C Co res 86 Maple 
Hudson John R (Helen) druggist h 802 Main 
Hudson Mary A wid John res 802 Main 
Hudson Robert L (Louise) acct b Lakeview ter nr Lake 
Hughes Arthur J (Ethel M) pntr h 67 Wash av 
Hughes Bridget res 5 Chamberlain ter 
Hughes Christy J auto rpr res 52 Taylor 
Hughes Daniel L (Ellen T) brakemn h 29 Warren 
Hughes Douglas K opr W W & C Co res 145 Crescent 

Hughes Edward (Jessie) h 261 Dale 

Hughes Elizabeth M Mrs res 32 Cherry 

Hughes Estelle L wid George WW&CCoh27 

Hughes Frank (Margaret W) lab h 158 Willow 
HUGHES GEORGE (Annie) Painter and Paperhanger 

79 Brown h do See Painters & Decorators Dept 
Hughes George Franklin (Marion B) mgr res 15 Crafts 
Hughes Harold K (Alice P) civ eng h 15 Shirley rd 
Hughes Henry W mach A res 29 Warren av 
Hughes Hugh (Elizabeth A) pntr h 85 Cherry 
Hughes James J (Eleanor) firemn h 52 Taylor 
Hughes Jessie M Mrs school board h 32 Cherry 
Hughes John F (Anna J) stage prop man h 15 Gordon 
Hughes John T (Elizabeth A) snagger C P Brass Fdry 

h 9 Whitcomb 
Hughes Joseph J jr (Evelyn) tallymn res 192 Charles 
Hughes Mary A hkpr 75 Chestnut 
Hughes Mary C wid Joseph h 192 Charles 
Hughes Mary H W W & C Co res at Newton 
Hughes M Harry (Amanda) archt h 4 Chester av 
Hughes Thomas H (Matilda V) h 94 Brown 
Hughes Wm baker res 9 Whitcomb 
Hughes Wm B (Jessie M) (Waltham Dial Gage Co) 

h 32 Cherry 
Hughes see Hewes 
Hughins Gordon R drftsmn D & F Mfg Co Foundry ar 

h at Som 
Huguenin Arthur (Bertha A) mach 416 (218) Moody 

h 1345 Main 
Huguenin Violet A sten res 1345 Main 
Hulbert Alden farm hand res Cedar hill farm Beaver 
Hull Albert D (Inez F) gro 1 Calvary h do 
Hull Amy S opr W W & C Co res 1 Calvary 
Hull Annie G nurse res 10 Francis 
Hull Edgar L (Adah G) asst supt dial A dept W W 

& C Co h 694 Riverview av 
Hull Irving T (Ruth N) (Norcross & Hull) h 17 Lin- 
Hull Joseph (Nellie S) produce 860 Main h do 
Hull Moses A (Mirinda) gro 8 Francis h 10 do 
Humphrey Albert G sales 220 (92) Moody res 76 

Humphrey Albert H died Aug 12 1923 
Humphrey Gladys C elk 129 Moody res 76 Lowell 
Humphrey Gordon C (Agnes) chauf 283 (135) Moo- 
dy h 76 Lowell 
Humphrey Ida M student res Lincoln nr lake 
Humphrey James (Malvina) rubberwkr res 49 Robbins 
Humphrey James W (Ida M) soda water mfr h Lin- 
coln nr lake 
Humphrey Lilla M wid Frederick W hkpr 21 Craft res 

Humphrey Stanley A rem to Newburyport 
Humphrey Wm (Annie S) meat ctr 234 (100) Moody 

h 144 Alder 
Humphries Ruth E phys 681 Main rm 4 res 51 Chas- 
ter av 
Hunger Curt (Catherine) pntr h 14 Maple ter 
Hunger Mary L wid Frank L nurse res 211 Hammond 
Hunt Alice elk 243 Moody res 93 Crescent 
Hunt Blanche A W W & C Co res 88 Riverview a» 
Hunt Cecelia wid Henry E res 590 Main 
Hunt Charles M auto rpr res 195 Sycamore 
Hunt Chester L (Alice E) mach h 18 Orange 
Hunt Christine D wid Clinton D W W & C Co res 84 

HUNT C F CO (Horace E Waliis) Crockery Glassware 
and Kitchen Furnishings 6S5 Main See left top lines 
Hunt Franklin L prof res 19 Howard 





Tel. Waltham 0940 



Hunt George E (Lillian R) buckle wkr h 154 Adams 
Hunt Gertrude J W W & C Co res 88 Riverview av 
Hunt Glennie A Mrs h 88 Riverview av 
Hunt Helen L elk 283 (133) Moody r 88 Riverview av 
Hunt Howard E (Eleanor B) W W & C Co h 251 

Hunt J Gertrude nurse res 12 Linden ter 
Hunt Lowell H W W ft C Co res 88 Riverview av 
Hunt Mary W h 195 Sycamore 
Hunt M Alice elk res 93 Crescent 
Hunt Wm H (Amelia G) rubber stamps B h 93 Cres- 
Hunter Augustus C (Fannie D) lab h 54 Walnut 
HUNTER CHARLES W Vice Pres Davis & Farmim 
Mfg Co Foundry av Bleachery Station h at Bkline 
Hunter Clarence R hipr res 54 Walnut 
Hunter Estella Mrs h Lnnda cor Prospect Hill rd 
Hunter George E mach r Lunda cor Prospect Hill av 
Hunter Milton J mach res Lunda cor Prospect Hill av 
Hunter Susan B tchr W H S h at W Newton 
Hunter Wentworth W mach rear 85 Hall r 54 Walnut 
Huntington Charles W (Emma E) v-pres Waltham 

Social Service League h 306 Lexington 
Huntley David H died Oct 23 1923 
Huntley Forrest C (Edith S) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 7 Mt Pleasant 
Huntley Hattie J W W & C Co res 163% Adams 
Hurd Arthur F (Annie) masseuse 110 Woerd av h d.-, 
Hurd J Allan (Dorothea A) elk B h 14 Harvard 
Hurlburt Ida K wid Wm died Oct 5 1921 
Hurlbut E Eliot (Jennie B) sales h 67 Brown 
Hurley Agnes. M opr W W & C Co res 171 Summer 
Hurley Catherine E W W & C Co res 183 Newton 
Hurley Catherine E opr W W & C Co res 171 Summer 
Hurley Dennis firemn M S F M res do 
Hurley Dennis T chanf res 75 Harvard 
Hurley Dorothy E W W & C Co res 97 Adams 
Hurley Edward M carp 54 Central h do 
Hurley Elizabeth J asst treas 400 Newton res 54 

Hurley Gertrude J sten res 54 Central 
Hurley James F (Margaret) carrier P 290 (134) 

Moody h 183 Newton 
Hurley Jeremiah J (Rose A) molder h 99 Albemarle 

Hurley Jeremiah J (Rosa M) pntr h 85 Taylor 
Hurley John J died Jan 8 1923 
Hurley John M fore 390 Main h at Allston 
Hurley Joseph T chef res 54 Central 
Hurley Margaret wid Charles A W W & C Co h 97 

Hurley Margaret A opr res 97 Adams 
Hurley Margaret L elk E H W Wks res 54 Central 
Hurley Mary A elk h 54 Central 
Hurley Michael (Mary) hlpr h 45 Charles 
Hurley Michael driver res 75 Harvard . 
Hurley Peter E chauf W W & C Co res 54 Central 
Hurley Rose wid James h 183 Newton 
Hurley Sarah B nurse res 183 Newton 
Hurley Wm D appr res 85 Taylor 
Hurwitz Solomon (Waltham Furn Exchange) 15 Cres- 
cent h at Dor 
Hussey John H (Mary J) stone mason b 28 Clinton 
Hussey Martin died Nov 3 1922 
Hussey Nora wid Martin h 250 Newton 
Husted Glen W (Marion G) auto rpr h 307 Crescent 
Husted Lawrence A auto rpr res 307 Crescent 
Hutchings Fiske B (Emma G) shoe rpr 54 Spruce h 

rear 626 (318) Moody 
Hutchins J Roy W W & C Co b 153 Brown 

Hulcbins Merton P (Florence B) capt h 7 Randal] 

Hutchinson Peter A (Sarah T) lab h Spencer nr Main 

Hutmacher Raymond A res 33 Chester av 

Huynder Bros (James and Marshall) confr 141 Moody 

Huynder James (Huynder Bros) res 21 Pine 

Huynder Marshall (Huynder Bros) res 21 Pine 

Hyde Mary A elk City Hall rm 11 h 24 Bacon 

Hyde Maxwell T W W & C Co res 35 High 

Hyde Russell T (Julia L) artist 159 Summer h do 

Hyde Wm E (Nettie E) (Watts & Hyde) 722 (362a) 

Moody opr W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Hyland Cecil Y (Delia M) steel constr h 191 Robbins 
Hynes Ann laundry wkr res 15 Spring 
Hynes Bernard P lab res 308 River 
Hynes Bertha M Mrs opr h 8 Lawton pi 
Hynes John J (Mary A) mgr 18 Felton h 39 Ham- 
Hynes Mary J opr W W & C Co res 43 Cedar 
Hynes Michael (Catherine) W B & D Wks h 308 

Hynes Michael J elk res 308 River 
Hynes Patrick F bleacher res 15 Spring 
Hynes Patrick J (Margaret A) buckle mkr h 15 

Hynes Thomas R opt W B & D Wks res 308 River 
Hynes see Hines 

Iaculli Tommasina wid Orazio died Jan 29 1923 
Iannetti Sabatino (Maria) lab h 132 Calvary 
Iannuzzo Rosario (Concetta) opr h 34 Calvary 
[by Wm N (Johanna) sign pntr 6 Crescent res 94 

Adams rm 47 
Illingsworth Elbridge M janitor h 375 (201) Moody 
Imbordino Vincenzo (Carmella) shoe rpr 454 (234b) 

Moody h 25 Clinton 
Immanuel Meth Epis Church Frank G Potter pastor 

545 (285) Moody cor Cherry 
Tnferra Stephania wid John res 18 Foundry av 
Ingber Isadore (Rose) elk h 118 Hammond 
Ingham Jennie H W W & C Co res 43 Fiske 
Ingham Jessie T sten res 43 Fiske 
Ingham Margaret M wid Hiram h 43 Fiske 
Ingham Meta A sten res 43 Fiske 
Innes John C buyer 135 Moody and sign painter 206 

Robbins res do 
Lines Maud S sten W W & C Co res 206 Robbins 
Innes Wm H h 206 Robbins 
Iodiee Dominick (Annie) farmer h 265 Warren 
lodice Michael farmhand res 265 Warren 
Iodiee Salvatore (Myra) tailor 8 Lexington h 108 

Irene The apts 109 Myrtle 
Irish Ernest C (Belle S) rem to Watertown 
Irish Frederick G watchmkr W W & C Co res 20 

Rumford av 
Irish Herbert W rem to Watertown 
Irish Nellie J Mrs died May 25 1922 
Irving John J (Gloria) W W & C Co h Hatdys Pond 

Irwin Catherine Mrs h 132 Summer 
Irwin Hazel A tchr W II S h 18 Pleasant 
Irwin James steamftr res 132 Summer 
Irwin James H elect MS F M res do 
Irwin Mary T elk res 132 Summer 
Isaacson Arthur E (Mary) fore 1295 Main res 852 do 
Isaacson Arthur (Elizabeth E) mach h 130 South 
Isaacson Carl (Nina) elk res 8 Prospect 
Isaacson Charles res 82 Cushing 
Isaacson Claus A (Amanda J) mach h 1138 Main 
Isaacson Edward R tinsmith res 1138 Main 
Isaacson Emil bucklemkr res 1138 Main 

584 (298) Moody St. 



2615 WaItham,Mass. 


Wilt VMM Aft < 



Isaacson Ernest W (Lena B) driver W C Co h 30 

Isaacson Esther A wid Algot h 814 Main 
Isaacson George F student h 103 Alder 
Isaacson Godfried (Louise) lab h 82 dishing 
Isaacson Martin G (Sophia J) elk 243 (109) Moody 

h 103 Alder 
Isaacson Nina B opr W W & C Co res 8 Prospect 
Isaacson Oscar A (Eva E) elk 243 (109) Moody h 

92 High 
Isaacson Butii S W W & C Co res 1138 Main 
Isaacson Walter T student res 1138 Main 
Isaacson Wm A (Alice) W W & C Co h 84 Gushing 
Isackson Carl H (Nina) opr res 822 Main 
Isackson Charles R (Ingebor F) mach h 62 Myrtle 
Isner Elizabeth A wid Thomas II died Aug 6 1923 
Ivanhoff John (Mary) opr h 39b Calvary 
Ivy May T W W & C Co res 115 Bobbins 
.lackman Samuel J W W & C Co h 23 Brown 
Jackson Abbie S wid Alfonso M died May 17 1921 
Jackson Albertus M died Mar 30 1923 
Jackson Atwood J (Ineza) mach W W & C Co h 51 

Jackson Caroline A wid Edward L h 47 Wadsworth av 
Jackson Dorothy L elk res 11 Fiske 
Jackson Elizabeth A wid Albertus M h 215 Brown 
Jackson Elizabeth A kindergartner res George H Wil- 
son's Trapelo rd 
Jackson Elizabeth A H R h Wilson id 
Jackson Elsie G elk res 11 Fiske 
Jackson Elsie 11 student res 159 Brown 
Jackson Ernest R (Minnie) sales h 255 Lowell 
Jackson Ethel M W W & C Co 
Jackson George A (Mary E) sales eng h 159 Brown 
Jackson George H died Dec 5 1921 
Jackson Helen L wid Walter D h 26 Hammond 
Jackson Henry T fore O'H W D Co res 26 Hammond 
Jackson Herbert L (Emma A) optician 1339 Main h 

Jackson Joseph A (Laura W) band mgr W W & C Co 

Rand Moody h 223 Ash 
Jackson Lillian J elk 209 (83) Moody res 215 Brown 
Jackson Lucy S wid George H res Wilson rd 
Jackson Mary G wid Earle dental bygienist res 97 

Jackson Nellie R sten res 11 Fiske 
Jackson ferey E (May B) W W & C Co h 138 Myrtle 
Jackson Raymond A com trav res 215 Brown 
Jackson Richard A metal v. kr rear 55 Rumford av res 

at Som 
Jackson Robert (Sarah E) mach W W & C Co h 11 

Jackson Roy (Ida B) mgr h 47a Rich 
Jackson Walter R (Alberta 1') opr h 9 Auburn ter 
Jackson Wm F (Annie L) opr h 392 River 
Jackson W Hastings drftsmn h 26 Hammond 
Jacobs Be'.tha M W W & C Co res 41 Tine 
Jacobs Carl vice-pres and see 55 Rumford av h at 

N Y City 
ibs Cail W elk res 41 Pine 
Jacobs Charles F (Fiances F) steamftr h 35 School 
Jacobs Charles. F jr stfflftr res 35 School 
Jacobs Ethel F opr W W & C Co res 41 Pine 
Jacobs Frederick M (Susie M) lab 500 Lexington h 

41 Pine 
Jacobs Mary E Mrs h rear 174 Newton 
Jacobs Oils rem to B 
Jacobs Sr!;!>'n A carp h 248 Main 
Jacobson Hilma S W W & C Co res 188 Adams 
Jacobson John A (Mary K) h 188 Adams 

Jacobson John E (Ida E) watchmkr h 5 Viles ct 
Jacobson Julius M (Pauline E) mach h 30 Sparkill 
Jacques Beatrice E elk 219 (91) Moody r 24 Gordon 
Jacques Beatrice R elk res 24 Gordon 
Jacques E'enore A tel opr res 24 Gordon 
Jacques Frank L opr res 24 Gordon 
Jacques Ota M Mrs W W & C Co h 24 Gordon 
Jakeman Samuel J (Jessie) W W & C Co h 23 

Jakeman Stephen M W W & C Co res 23 Brown 
Jamar Joseph F (Marceline M) opr h 11 Central 
James Annie M wid Edmund died March 19 192Z 
James Peter (Helen) sboemkr h 90 School 
James Walter H (Ida R) professor h 158 Dale 
Jameson Ait bur L (Alma L) driver h 1241 Main 
Jamieson Julia wid .Matthew res 171 Robbing 
Janbazian Avedis K dial mkr h 53 Walnut 
Janbazian Elizabeth Mrs died Feb 19 1922 
Janbazian Leon rubberwkr res 53 Walnut 
Janes Bros (Charles W) provs 234 (100) Moody 
Janes Charles \V (Helen E) (Janes Bros) h at Way- 
Janes Harold B (Helen R) piov 525 (271) Moody b 

Janes John E (Ella C) rem to Florida 
Jardine Penelope died May 4 1923 
Jardine Wm M sales 50 Felton h at Lincoln 
Jardino Antonio (Josephine) lab h 52 Calvary 
Jarry Antoinette hairdrsr res 190 Ash 
Jarry Eva rem to N Y City 
Jarry John (Georgianna) carp h 190 Ash 
Jarvis Anna h 87 Adams 
Jarvis Charles A (Nellie R) pressman h 29 Albemarle 

Jarvis Florence E res 2!» Albemaile av 
Jarvis Wm F (Maria D) ins h 326 Lexington 
Jasset Walter S mach W W & C Co h at Newton 
Jay Elizabeth Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 15 Bolton 
Jay Harry W (Elizabeth E) eng 55 Rumford av h 15 

Jayp.es James (Deborah M) elk h 14 Barnes 
Jaynes J Willis elk res 14 Raines 
Jellisou Coia M Mrs opr W W & C Co res 169 Chest- 
Jenkins Arthur W (Aleda K) mgr 691 Main h 85 

Jenkins Elizabeth Foster Mrs chiropodist and hairdrsr 
289 (137V 2 ) Moody rm 2 h 40 Elson rd (Prospect 
Jenkins John J H elk res 14 Woerd av 
Jenkins Wm M mgr 417 (221) Moody and 895 Main 

h at Winthrop 
Jenks Ethel M bkpr 55 (15) Moody res 35 Fiske 
Jenks Frederic A (Ada A) ins h 47 Fiske av 
Jenks Henry A (Anna L) bkpr h 61 Lowell 
Jenks Willard I (Iva M) bkpr B h 62 Howard 
Jennings Catherine G res 180 School 
Jennings Frank J U S N carp rem to Som 
Jennings James B (Bridget) lab h 180 School 
Jennings John F lab res 180 School 
Jennings John G (Doris) phys 837 Main h do 
Jennings Margaret V opr res 180 School 
Jennings Mary A rubberwkr res 180 School 
Jennings Michael E (Ellen F) rem to Som 
Jennings Nora E opr res 180 School 
Jennison Anna A wid Arthur h 123 Russell 
Jennison A Leroy prntr W W & C Co res 83 Russell 
JENNISON ELMER E (Annie T) Sec-Treas Waltham 
Auto Exchange Inc cor Myrtle and Lowell h 140 





Jennison John M (Addie) patrolmn E E I Co Cooper 

h 28 Hall 
Jennison M Etta res 18 Chester av 
Jensen Conrad T (Frances G) jewelry mfr 26 Bedford 

h 5 Columbus av 
Jensen G Alexander (Elsie) elk h 786 (396) Moody 
Jensen Ida C wid Thomas h 46 Bedford 
Jensen John mach res 41 Winthrop 
Jensen John E pressfdr 26 Bedford res 74 Orange 
Jensen Olin A (Agnes E) mach h 147 High 
Jensen Richard M W W & C Co h Keach 
Jenson Grove r (Elsie) ins agt 11 Moody h at W Acton 
Jepson Annie opr W W & C Co res 4 Chestnut st av 
Jepson Elmer H (Annie) opr res 4 Chestnut st av 
Jerrold Ruth elk res 564 Main 
Jess Ira opr res 24 Lexington 

Jessup George W (Harriet M) (Waltham Auto Elec- 
tric Co) h 41 Beaver 
Jewell Hiram (Martha A) h 164 Chestnut 
Jewell Theodore E (Ray R) pres Waltham Bag and 

Paper Co h at Newton 
Jewett Alice A wid Luther F res 170 Lowell 
Jewett Arthur C (Nellie M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 176 Robbins 
Jewett Edward T (Mary E) mach W W & C Co h 3 

Jewett Ray H W W & C Co res 67 Derby 
Jewett Sarah H wid Luther K h Lunda 
Jewett S Elizabeth tchr res Lunda 
'Jewett Vivian C tchr res 176 Robbins 
Jobes Edna K (Mrs E K Horton) mlnr 423 (225) 

Moody h .84 Ellison pk 
Jobin Mary wid Alphonse h 10 Taylor 
Jodrey Freda M elk W W & C Co res 133 Brown 
Johanson Alexandria res 196 Ash 
Johanson Helen opr W W & C Co res 154 Adams 
Johnson Adolph opr h 14 Fern 
Johnson Adolph (Anna S) prod 68 Russell h 108 do 
Johnson Albert D (Fern A) rprmn 16 Spring h 134 

Johnson Albeit (Georgianna) auto rpr 1037 Main 

h 445 Waverley Oaks rd 
Johnson Alice T sten res 62 Bedford 
Johnson Alice V asst Public Library res 93 Chestnut 
Johnson Amanda W W & C Co res 42 Adams 
Johnson Andrew (Lotta) lab h 29 Gordon 
Johnson Andrew L (Mary) bucklemkr h 14 Fern 
Johnson Anna B Mrs h 51 Alder 
Johnson Anna S Mrs h 5 Highland 
Johnson Annie Mrs opr W W & C Co res 65 Smith 
Johnson Annie M Mrs died Aug 11 1922 
Johnson Arthur (Mary) blksmith 213 Lexington h 22 

Johnson August (Marie C) watchmn W W & C Co h 

31 Orange 
Johnson August B janitor h 33 Myrtle 
Johnson Carl (Hilda) toolmkr h 9 Charles st av 
Johnson Carl J opr W W & C Co res 9 Charles st av 
Johnson Carl W auto rpr res 62 Bedford 
Johnson Carlton H (Ardeth C) leather r 33 Boynton 
Johnson Caroline h 38 Derby 
Johnson Charles A (Minnie F) W W & C Co h 93 

Johnson Charles T (Alice) auto rpr 65 Russell h 23 

Johnson Charles W died Mar 19 1922 
Johnson Chester J opr W W & C Co res 62 Bedford 
Johnson Christina wid Wm h 13 Pine 
Johnson Clara V res 31 Orange 
Johnson Clare R student res 93 Chestnut 

Johnson Clarence H (Ella) watchmkr h 60 Dorchester 
Johnson Clarence J (Marie S) bkpr h 109 Alder 
Johnson David A (Bertha H) mach h 152 Trapelo rd 
Johnson Edith E opr W W & C Co res 22 Winthrop 
Johnson Edith M opr W W & C Co res 62 Bedford 
Johnson Edward W W & C Co h 26 Adams 
Johnson Einer L (Oiga K) mach W W & C Co h 31 

Johnson Elinor L wid Richard M h 23 Maple 
Johnson Elizabeth Mrs res Arthur L Lavally Woburn 
Johnson Elizabeth F wid Byron B h 45 Pond 
Johnson Ellen C nurse res 31 Orange 
Johnson Elmer instr 62 Adams res 21 Pine 
Johnson Elmer M (Elizabeth) elk W W & C Co h 22 

Johnson Elsi<: E L elk W W & C Co res 23 Walnut 
Johnson Erie W mach h 89 Fiske 
Johnson Eric W mach res 180 Robbins 
Johnson Ernest J (Selma, M) mason 16 Barnes 
Johnson Ernest S (Emma A) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 43 Curtis 
Johnson Esther A M reporter res 12 Cabot 
Johnson Ethel E tchr M S F M res do 
Johnson E Gertrude res 23 Maple 
Johnson E Viola elk W W & C Co res 38 Derby 
Johnson Fannie M Mrs res 408 Crescent 
Johnson Fannie M wid Newell D h 428 Lexington 
Johnson Fern A W W & C Co res 113 Myrtle 
Johnson Frank roofer res 184 Hammond 
Johnson Frank L (Hattie) W W & C Co h 154 Ash 
JOHNSON FRANS (Waltham Roofing Co) 62 and 

184 Hammcnd res 184 do 
Johnson Frederick A (Maude E) rem to Weston 
Johnson Frederick P (Florence) sales r 371 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
Johnson Frederick W (Francesca F) h 371 Waverley 

Oaks rd 
Johnson Freolief dairymn res Cedar Hill Farm Beaver 
Johnson Fritz D (Hannah M) W W & C Co h 10 

Pratt av 
Johnson George L (Lillian G) chief Waltham Fire 

Dept 533 (275) Moody h 63 Chestnut 
Johnson George M herdsmn M S F M res do 
Johnson Gertrude L h 278 Crescent 
Johnson Gustave H (Magnhild) sht mtl wkr h 15 y 2 

Johnson G Frank (Marion R) buyer h 50 Pleasant 
Johnson Gustaf E janitor res 25 Maple 
Johnson Harold B (Bernice) field dir Red Cross h 24 

Johnson Harry A (Hilda) carp h 118 Brown 
Johnson Harry T student res 64 Cherry 
Johnson Helen sten res 12 Cabot 
Johnson Helmer (Edna L) pntr res 23 South 
Johnson Henry E (Margaret S) elect 83 Ash h do 
Johnson Henry L mach W W & C Co h at Waverley 
Johnson Hilda W W W & C Co res 13 Pine 
Johnson Hilmer chauf res 13 Pine 
Johnson Hilmer opr res 43 Curtis 
Johnson Hjalmar (Teresia) mach h 677 (rear 339) 

Johnson Hjalmar pntr res 98 Fiske 

Pres Pauline P Schwartz Treas 617 Main Tel Wal- 
tham 0118 
Johnson Hulda wid John L h 38 Stearns 
Johnson James T (Frances A) res 94 Adams 
Johnson Jennie wid Edward bkpr 1 Spruce res 131 

Johnson John A mach res 118 Brown 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Johnson John A (Esther A) mach h 28 Turner 
Johnson John A (Hulda M) opr h 11 Bellevue 
Johnson John B (Jennie E) mach 48 Woerd av h 

1400 Main 
Johnson John C opr W W & C Co res 62 Bedford 
Johnson John E (Rose) chauf h Forest nr Trapelo rd 
Johnson John E (Anna) leather gds mfr 26 Bedford 

h 12 Cabot 
Johnson John E (Selma E) gro 58 Hammond h 62 do 
Johnson John L died May 13 1923 
Johnson John (Augusta C) watchmkr h 24 Sharon 
Johnson John W W W & C Co h 24 Lawrence 
Johnson John W (Alice) linemn h 107 Pine 
Johnson Joseph gardener res 31 Orange 
Johnson Josiah B (Helen T) W W & C Co h 64 Cherry 
Johnson Leslie D auto rpr res 31 Orange 
Johnson L Gertrude h 278 Crescent 
Johnson Luella opr W W & C Co res at Waverley 
Johnson Mabel W W & C Co h 108 Russell 
Johnson Marie L wid Wm P h 23 Walnut 
Johnson Marion W W & C Co res 154 Ash 
Johnson Nellie opr W W & C Co res 184 Brown 
Johnson Newell D died June 17 1922 
Johnson Oscar A (Gertrude) pntr 98 Fiske h do 
Johnson Oscar E (Emily T) buckle wkr h 84 y 2 Myrtle 
Johnson Oscar L (Hulda F) mach W W & C Co h 62 

Johnson Oscar (Jessie B) auto rpr h 18 Fuller 
Johnson Patrick (Winifred) opr h 14 Cedar 
Johnson Paul (Georgia K) elk Ry M S h 9 Lord 
Johnson Pearl E wid Nathan H W W & C Co h 18 

Johnson Philip chauf 235 (101) Moody res 17 Pine 
Johnson Richard C (Elsie C) roofer h 157 Edgehill rd 
Johnson Richard S carp res 168 Hammond 
JOHNSON ROBERT B (The Hallmark Store) Jewelers 

663 Main h 362 Lexington 
Johnson Robert F M (Ellen) lunch 54 Rumford av 

h do 
Johnson Robert M (Sarah L) chauf h 12 Spruce 
Johnson Robert M jr elk res 12 Spruce 
Johnson Ruth E student res 11 Bellevue 
Johnson Sherman H (Josephine) mach h 17 Elm suite 

Johnson Svan M (Ellen V) tinsmith h 237 Robbins 
Johnson Swante (Elna N) pntr h 11 Walnut 
Johnson Wallace L (Edith M) mach h 153 Robbins 
Johnson Walter C mach res 1400 Main 
Johnson Walter P chauf res 13 Pine 
Johnson Wilbur T opr res 12 Spruce 
Johnson Winnifred M opr W W & C Co r 22 Winthrop 
Johnson Tillie elk res 13 Pine 
Johnson Viola bkpr res 38 Derby 
•iohnston Leonard C tchr continuation sell h 54 Dale 
Johnston Wm F rubberwkr res 64 Lowell 
Johnstone Agnes W W W & C Co res 80 Myrtle 
Johnstone Esther L W W & C Co res at Newtonville 
Johnstone Harold II appliance man 209 (83) Moody 

res 1 Chestnut st av 
Johnstone James (Etna) elk W W & C Co h 80 Myrtle 
Johnstone Jeanie II Mrs died Jan 27 1922 
Johnstone Quintin (Margaret) bkr h 1 Chestnut st av 
Johnstone Ralph A (Lillian) acct W W & C Co h 123 

Johnstone Robert M opr res 1 Chestnut st av 
Johnstone Wm W W W & C Co h 123 Brown 
Johonnot Ira E sales h 64 Bedford 
Jolln Augtistin (Mary) polisher h 25 Charles 
John Augustin jr (Edna A) polisher h 52 Francis 
Jolin Beatrice bkpr res 99 South 

Jolin Elzear polisher res 53 Ash 

Jolin Evelyn L dial pntr O'H W D Co res 99 South 

Jolin Nazaire (Louise M) metal polisher h 99 South 

Jolin Rosalie E mlnr 25 Charles res do 

Jollota David J (Dora M) hardener W W & C Co h 

167 Adams 
Jollota Frank B (Mildred M) cook 240 Crescent h do 
Jollota Mildred M opr W W & C Co res 252 Crescent 
Jolly Alfred E (Blanche R) confr 455 (237) Moody 

h 445 (233a) do 
Jones Alfred A (Annie M) dry gds 210 (84) Moody 

h 252 Ash 
Jones Alfred G farmer res 1380 Main 
Jones Anna M wid Henry S h 40 Harris 
Jones Arthur died April 3 1923 
Jones Arthur G (Edith F) watchmkr W W ft C Co h 

16 Pearl 
Jones Arthur R (Lillian M) welder h 249 Waverley 

Oaks id 
Jones Arthur W farmer h 2fil Weston 
Jones Beatrice N wid Wm bkpr res 11 Orange 
Jones Benjamin F (Minnie A) watchmkr VV W & C Co 

h 29 Church 
Jones Carolyn W W & C Co res 295 Crescent 
Jones Carrie E wid Richaid A h 47 Banks 
Jones Catherine wid Wm h 18 Moore 
Jones David C sales 830 Main res 27 Alder 
Jones Delia W sales res 76 Wash av 
Jones Dexter F (Elizabeth P) farmer h 1380 Main 
Jones Doris R opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Jones D Edward prntr h 67 Lowell 
Jones D Manley (Mina L) h 118 Robbins 
Jones D Warner (Ethel) mgr 870 Main h 880y 2 do 
Jones Elizabeth opr 87 Rumford av res at Auburndale 
Jones Elizabeth F Mrs died Feb 25 1922 
Jones Ellen M pi in Pond End sch h at Weston 
J ones Emma A bkpr res 18 Moore 
Jones Emma C res 261 Weston 
Jones E Louise sec res 40 Harris 
Jones Francis P elk 87 Rumford av h at Auburndale 
Jones Frank H (Eunice K) carpet clnr h 23 Myrtle 
Jonus Frank P carp res 18 Moore 
Jones Frederick H (Can ie) carp res Harry F Jones 

College Farm id 
Jones Freida E opr r Harry F Jones College Farm rd 
Jones Geoigo C (Elizabeth) opr W W & C Co h 81 

Jones George I) eoiid res 118 Robbins 
Jones Geraldine S visitor B res 40 Harris 
Jones Guy F chief testmn 16 Spring h 16 Dwight 
Jones Harry F (Ellen A) gro Lake nr Indian rd h do 
Jones Hattie opr W W & C Co res 25 Maple 
Jones Hazel P sten B res 117 Robbins 
Jones Helen P tchr T R Plympton sch res 43a Howard 
Jones Ida S Mrs W W & C Co h 60 Alder 
Jones Iva R Mrs sales 377 (203) Moody r 123 Adams 
Jones James Z patternmkr 123 Moody h at Roxbury 
Jones Jennie Mrs h 62 Ash 
Jones John H (Jennie E) prntr W W ft C Co h 16 

Jones John J (Elizabeth C) elk 30 Cedar h 89 Oak 
Jones Joseph E (Ada F) watchmkr W W ft C Co b 

10 Floyd 
Jones Katherine D tchr Thomas Hill sch res 40 Harris 
Jones Leon W sales res 118 Robbins 
Jones Leslie R (Elizabeth) tchr W H S h 9 Elson rd 
Jones Louis F (Freda) dentist 832 Main rm 6 h do 
Jones Louise elk res 40 Harris 
Jones Lucy E Mrs died Oct 6 1922 
Jones Marion B opr W W ft C Co res at Quincy 





Jones Michael T W G W Co h 19 Castle 

Jones Mildred E bkpr res 118 Bobbins 

Jones Mildred I opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 

Jones Mina wid C Frank h 27 Alder 

Jones Moses (Hattie) carp h West nr Winter 

Jones Moses jr carp res West nr Winter 

Jones Norman bkpr res 60 Alder 

Jones Paris N (Waltham Flint Co) 1013 Main h 151 

Jones Paul (Annie) drftsmn h 282 River 
Jones Richard (Anastasia) toolmkr res 78 Robbins 
Jones Richard A died March 21 1922 
Jones Richard G (Bridget J) opr h 39 Exchange 
Jones Rosalie H res 67 Lowell 

Jones Susan F wid Roy D W W & C Co r 27 Leonard 
Jones S Orville (May E) milk h 1365 Main 
Jones Thomas P (Marion) sales h 261 Charles 
Jones Wilfred B (Frances S) jewelmkr 21 Lane h 60 

Jones Willard F (Catherine L) pntr h 73 Bacon 
Jones Wm hlpr 416 (218) Moody h at W Newton 
Jones Wm brass wkr res 140 School 
Jones Wm H (Clara A) h 578 Lexington 
Jones Wm J jewel mkr res 13% Taylor 
Jones W Clifton res 67 Lowell 
Jordan Amelia M wid Wendell S h 184 Hammond 
Jordan Francis A student res 60 Fiske 
Jordan Francis P (Norah) prof h 60 Fiske 
Jordan Leonard A student res 60 Fiske 
jQrdan Levina E Mrs res 20 Wash av 
Jordan Mary G bkpr Elm cor Benefit res 60 Fiske 
Jordan Myrtle L mus res 184 Hammond 
Jordan Neta M nurse M S F M res do 
Jordan Stella M sec res 184 Hammond 
Jorgenson Edwin chauf 542 Main res do 
Jose Emma B Mrs opr res 35 Maple 
Jose Jennie Mrs h 204 Prospect 
Josephson Annie L elk 243 Moody res 103 High 
Josephson Charles (Bessie) W W & C Co res 103 

Josephson Gustaf G chauf S Co res 103 High 
Josephson John L (Mary W) firemn h 103 High 
Josephson Lena wid Clans res 103 High 
Josselyn Howard B furn B h 738 Beaver 
Joubert Agnes elk 271 (123) Moody res 72 Pine 
Joubert George W (Julia) pedler h 72 Pine 
Journay Fitz R (Margaret S )carp h 14 Spruce 
Joyal Aide V (Vizina M) W W & C Co h 48 Harvard 
Joyal Edmund J W W & C Co h 297 Crescent 
Joyal Rose D opr W W & C Co res 297 Crescent 
Joyce Frank J (Anna E) undtkr 554 Main h do 
Joyce Helen L elk W W & C Co h 57 Adams 
Joyce Joseph F carp res 547 Main 
Joyce Lawrence J carp W W & C Co res 547 Main 
Joyce Margaret bucklemkr res 59 South 
Joyce M Adelaide hkpr 57 Adams 
Joyce Patrick F carp res 547 Main 
Joyce Thomas A real est 135 (37) Moody h at New- 

Joyce Wm H (Winnifred M) fore h 217 Robbins 
Jozelskis Joseph (Lucy) opr h 24 Lawton pi 
Judd Dorothy R opr W W & C Co res 71 Robbins 
Judd Thomas A (Mattie L) shipper h 71 Robbins 
Judd Vivian W W & C Co res 71 Robbins 
Judge Archibald C (Emily) ldgh 15 Cushing h do 
Judge George L mgr 715 (357a) Moody res 59 Cedar 
Judge Grace E student res 59 Cedar 
Judge John J (Mila R) eng h 59 Cedar 
Judge Thomas H barber 4 Pine res 418 (220) Moody 
Julian Ernest C rem to Woonsocket R I 

Julian Louis D (Mary M) mach h 72 Central 

Juliano Angelo (Mary) opr h 19 Middle 

Juliano Carmelo (Antonia) lab h 15 Oak 

Juliano John (Rosaria) opr h 22 Middle 

June Giuseppe (Fillipa) W B & D Wks h 19 School 

Junkins Morris S (Bessie) confr 381 (205) Moody h 

386 (204) do 
Justason Edwin C (Alma) hostler h 233 Bacon 
Justason Evelyn rem to Canada 
Justason George E gro h 200 Lexington 
Justason Wilfred elk res 200 Lexington 
Justin Beni (Sophie) opr h 2 Lawton pi 
K of C Blk 719-723 Main 
Kahan Emanuel (Mary) tailor h 151 South 
Kain Andrew C (Rose A) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

197 Charles 
Kain Margaret M opr res 117 Hammond 
Kain Richard J cafetertia W W & C Co res 117 Ham- 
Kaitz Benjamin (Advance Hat Shop) mlnr 204 (78) 

Moody h at Brookhne 
Kalamatianaken Alecon B wvr res 100 Pine 
Kaler Harold A linemn Edison Light Co res 227 Ash 
Kallos Wm (Porta) elk h 9 Music Hall av 
Kallow Joseph (Ragnhild) icemn 200 Prospect h 19 

Kalistenius Emmy W W & C Co res 217 Ash 
Kampe Jennie E bkpr 588 Main res 350 Newton 
Kampe John E mfr watchmkrs' lathes and tools 157- 

165 High h 350 Newton 
Kane Annie D elk res 80 Francis 
Kane Bridget wid John h 164 Willow 
Kane Edith M opr res 80 Francis 
Kane Georg3 A (Catherine M) meat ctr h 66 Exchange 
Kane Gertrude res 80 Francis 
Kane Joseph W chauf res 15 Lowell 
Kane Mary E opr res 164 Willow 
Kane Mary M wid Michael h 176 Newton 
Kane Michael died Aug 10 1923 
Kane Olive elk 243 Moody res 58 Fiske 
Kane Patrick J (Annie T) mason h 80 Francis 
Kane Robert F mgr 699 Main res 164 Willow 
Kane Thomas (Margaret) molder h 62 Lowell 
Kangas Alice elk res 355 (185) Moody 
Kangas Etna E cashr res 355 (185) Moody 
Kann David (Wilhelmina) W W & C Co h 10 Woerd 

Kanopoli Lefto tailor h 579 Main 
Kaplan Annie E bkpr 157 High res 35 Gordon 
Kaplan Walter (Mary) shoe rpr 8 Crescent h 35 

Kappler Francis J mach W W & C Co h 26 Maple 
Kappler Joseph L die mkr W W & C Co h at W New- 
Kappler Mary E W W & C Co res 26 Maple 
Karas James (Stamata) chef h 159 Crescent 
Karkas Angel film opr 408 (216a) Moody 
Karlberg A Laurie opr W W & C Co res 169 Adams 
Karlberg John J (Laurie) U S M M h 169 Adams 
Karold Michael lab res 25 Adams 
Kataja George mach h 25 Lowell 
Kate Ida M Mrs drsmkr res 590 Main 
Katsogianis George (Georgia) hat clnr 682 Main h 

15 Pond 
Katsos Arthur J (Julia) (Katsos Bros) h 27 Mt 

Katsos Bros (Arthur J George J and Louis Katsos) 

confrs 687 Main 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Katsos George J (Agnes) (Katsos Bros) h 170 Lex- 
Katsos Louis (Mary) (Katsos Bros) h 170 Lexington 
Katsos Vasiliki Mrs died Nov 17 1921 
Katwick Edward F died Feb 12 1923 
Katwiek Frank died Feb 12 1923 
Katwick Louise N W W & C Co res 94 Taylor 
Katwick Ryner C (Bridget) janitor h 94 Taylor 
Katwick Walter M photo res 94 Taylor 
Katz Benjamin H (Eva) junk h 34 Russell 
Katz Morris (Sadie) junk h 91 Felton 
Katz Samuel junk res 91 Felton 
Kaufman Nathan (Elsie) h 180 Brown 
Kavanagh Alton C res 58 Central 
Kavanagh Blanche E elk res 33 Francis 
Kavanagh Felix (Sarah A) pntr h 58 Central 
Kavanagh John E (M Louise) mach h 33 Francis 
Kavanagh L Jeannie elk res 33 Francis 
Kavanagh Mary A Mrs nurse res 64 Cherry 
Kavanagh M Edna elk res 33 Francis 
Kavanagh see Cavanaugh 

Kavaney Martin J (Josephine C) molder r 122 School 
Kay Emily R Mrs drsmkr 145 Crescent h do 
Kay Hanford J (Winnifred A) watch adjtr h 52 Rich 
Kay Herbert C (Eva J) fore h 153 Brown 
Keach Albert J mach res 51 Lunda 
Kean Lawrence E (Annie A) W W & C Co h at 

Keane Annie J sten res 11 Common 
Keane Bridget hkpr 39 Leonard 
Keane Delia Mrs dom h 45 Hall 
Keane Elizabeth librarian 832 Main h do 
Keane Katherine F res 15 Pond st ct 
Keane Leo E (M Keane & Son) 30 Elm h 39 Leonard 
Keane Louise C sten res 39 Leonard 
Keane Margaret E Mrs died Nov 30 1922 
Keane Martin J (Mary) motormn h 49 Pond 
Keane Mary F sten res 39 Leonard 
Keane Michael (Mary V) (M Keane & Son) 30 Elm 

h 39 Leonard 
Keane Michael J (Keane & Carton) 27 Common h 15 

Pond st ct 
Keane M & Son (Michael and Leo E) marble wks 30 

Keane Patrick lab h 11 Common 
Keane Patrick J (Delia M) fore 115 Bacon h 13 

Pond st ct 
Keane Rose M sten res 39 Leonard 
Keane & Carton (Michael J Keane Thomas Carton) 

blksmiths 27 Common 
Keane see Kane and Cain 

Kearns Katherine V elk W W & C Co res 86 Gardner 
Kearns Maria opr res 355 (185) Moody 
Kearns Michael (Marie A) mach h 81 Oak 
Kearns Michael res 78 Grant 
Kearns Patrick F died March 6 1923 
Kearns Wm J (Mary) plmbr h 86 Gardner 
Kearsley Jeremiah J (Elizabeth) fore 138 River h 187 

Kearsley Wm T (Grace) sales W W & C Co h 170 

Keating Anna C W W & C Co res 60 Fiske 
Keating Harold H opr W W & C Co res 251 Robbins 
Keating James E motormn res 83 Alder 
Keating James W (Annie J) W W & C Co h 285 

Keating Julia A W W & C Co res 60 Fiske 
Keating Kathleen E opr W W & C Co r at W Newton 
Keating Margaret A Mrs died April 2 1923 
Keating Margaret J res 15 Charles 

Keating Mary res 15 Charles 

Keating Mary F sten W B & D Wks res 28") River 

Keating Michael lab res 75 Oak 

Keating Morris G (Helen E) mgr h 244 Weston 

Keating Wm F bkpr res 285 Uiver 

Keefe Arthur H lab res 543 Main 

Keefe Dennis B died Dec 16 1022 

Kcefe Ellard B shipper res 28 Warren av 

Keefe Helen M student res 28 Warren av 

Keefe H Lester opr W W & C Co res 70 Chestnut 

Keefe John (Bridget F) expnss (Watertown) h 187 

Keefe John P (Elizabeth) elk 600 Main h 119 Taylo> 
Keefe Joseph P (Agnes M) plmbr res 37 Hammond 
Keefe Mary sten O'H W D Co res 9 Grant pi 
Keefe Mary A wid Dennis B h 28 Wan en av 
Keefe Mary L wid Frank M bkpi O'H W D Co h 9 

Grant pi 
KEEFE PATRICK J (Mary F) Roofing Contractor 
State Gravel and Asphalt Shingles 11 Spring h do 
Tel Waltham 0226-W See left top lines 
Kcefer Alexander S (Esther H) auto mgr B h 10 

Wash av 
Keegan Andrew J (Alice M) toolmkr h 9 Brown 
Keegan Archibald F died Jan 24 1923 
Keegan Michael J (Mary) opr W W & C Co h 12 

Chester av 
Keegan Thomas (Margaret T) motormn h 109 Pros- 
pect hill rd 
Keelty John (Catherine) opr h 100 School 
Keeman Frank A shipper W W & C Co res 61 River- 
vis w av 
Keeman Harold C (Susanna) supt W W & C Co h 225 

Keenan Clara opr res 38 Common 
Keenan Edward H lab res 78 Exchange 
Keenan Elizabeth W W & C Co res 237 School 
Keenan Elizabeth wid James died Jan 6 1923 
Keenan Florence S Mrs died Sept 7 1923 
Keenan John J (Ellen) shipper h 22 Orchard av 
Keenan Joseph J rem to Newton 
Ketne Anna wid Henry h 22 Brown's av 
Keene Elmer E (Blanche E) elk h 19 Murray 
Keene John J opr res 22 Borwn's av 
Kehoe Eva B W W & C Co h 870 (434) Moody 
Kihoe Francis F (Mabel) W W & C Co h 870 (434) 

Kehoe Grace V W W & C Co res 870 (434) Moody 
Keily Katherine A W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 27 
Keirstead Charles W (Rose) mach W W & C Co h 

185 Ash 
Keirstead Dorothy opr W W & C Co res 141 Brown 
Keirstead E Louise W W &.C Co res 141 Brown 
Keirstead Ida M W W & C Co 12 Bedford 
Keirstead see Kierstead and Kirstead 
Keith Alice C res rear 700 Main 
Keith Annie May res rear 700 Main 
Keith Arthur C mgr res 119 Adams 
Keith Chester E auto rpr res 119 Adams 
Keith Edna L rem to Newtonville 
Keith George R hlpr res 119 Adams 
KEITH G LAFAYETTE (Susan C) Carpenter and 

Builder 119 Adams h do Tel Waltham 0296-J 
Keith Maria M wid Edward M died Mar 22 1922 
Keith Mary A elk res 143 Crescent 
Keith Merle V (Flora H) farmer h Forest cor Trapelo 

Keith Rebecca G wid Jeremiah B res Hardy's Pond rd 
Keith Richard P (Annie M) elk h Marivista av 
Keith Velma F elk rem to Newtonville 


Dort, Stephens and Cadillac Cars 

E. E. JENNISON, Sec. and Treas. 



Keith V Paul (Hazel A) acct h 41 Cherry 

Keith Webster D (Emma D) h 81 Orange 

Kell Louise opr W W & C Co res 42 Fuller 

Kell Wm (Louisa G) W W & C Co res 42 Puller 

Kelleher Josephine F res 2 Appleton 

Keller Michael opr res 74 Bacon 

Kelley Agnes B sewer res 147 Bright 

Kelley Alice G bkpr W W & C Co res 44 Howard 

Kelley Anita M sten res 59 Bussell 

Kelley Annie maid res 33 Curve 

Kelley Bernice E opr W W & C Co res at Otter Biver 

Kelley Catherine I mender res 147 Bright 

Kelley Cecelia A opr res 144 High 

Kelley Charles E student res 44 Howard 

Kelley Chester E (Maud) trainmn h 197 Charles 

Kelley Daniel E overseer B Mfg Co h 418 (220) 

Kelley Eileen P polisher res 144 High 
Kelley Elizabeth G opr W W & C Co 
Kelley Florence G elk 299 (145) Moody res 89 

Kelley Frank (Catherine) hlpr h 22 Sun 
Kelley Frank jr opr O'H W D Co res 22 Sun 
Kelley George A student res 44 Howard 
Kelley George H died Feb 14 1922 
Kelley Gertrude M seam res 89 Charles 
Kelley James V yardmn W Coal Co h 28 Moore 
Kelley James V jr rem to Newton 
Kelley Jennie wid Frank J h 144 High 
Kelley John (Margaret) janitor h 19 Middle 
Kelley John jr mach res 19 Middle 
Kelley John A (Helen S) chauf res 17 Vernon 
Kelley John B (Ellen E) stable 30 Elm h 59 Bussell 
Kelley John B bkpr res 59 Bussell 
Kelley John J (Margaret T) boiler insp h 53 Ham- 
Kelley Joseph (Helen T) plmbr h 178 Willow 
Kelley Joseph J sten res 37 Francis 
Kelley Joseph T rem to Jersey City N J 
Kelley Kathryn drsmkr res 39 Prospect st av 
Kelley Mary Mrs died Aug 3 1922 
Kelley Mary A Mrs died Nov 24 1922 
Kelley Mary B opr W W & C Co res 19 Middle 
Kelley Mary E opr W W & C Co res at Concord 
Kelley Mary E Mrs (2 Massasoit) died Aug 3 1922 
Kelley Mary E wid Thomas E h 44 Howard 
Kelley Mary J Mrs opr res 37 School 
Kelley Mary B opr res 144 High 
Kelley Michael res 2 Massasoit ct 
Kelley Michael E mach res 2 Massasoit ct 
Kelley Michael E opr res 89 Charles 
Kelley Michael J lab res 16 Mechanic 
Kelley Patrick (Annie M) mach h 73 Guinan 
Kelley Patrick opr W W & C Co h 54 Charles 
Kelley Patrick ironwkr res 73 Guinan 
Kelley Patrick (Margaret A) watchmn h 37 Francis 
Kelley Patrick J (Sarah) opr h 2 Massasoit ct 
Kelley Peter E (Hanora B) h 147 Bobbins 
Kelley Sarah M W W & C Co res 54 Charles 
Kelley Thomas fore B Mfg Co h 89 Charles 
Kelley Thomas flremn Elm cor Benefit h 147 Bright 
Kelley Thomas mgr 409 (215) Moody res at Camb 
Kelley Thomas F tallymn res 53 Hammond 
Kelley Thomas F (Sarah E) asst fore 144 Moody fa 

89 Charles 
Kelley Thomas J radio opr res 20 Winthrop 
Kelley Thomas J (Mary B) chauf 149 Elm h 6 Castle 
Kelley Wm H knitter res 22 Sun 
Kelliher Mary nurse M S F M res do 
Kellogg AUyn W (Edith B) rem to Phila Pa 

Kelly Agnes F hkpr h 72 South 

Kelly Ann T buyer res 144 Summer 

Kelly Arthur J sales mgr res 461 Main 

Kelly Bessie opr W W & C Co res 28 Moore 

Kelly Catherine opr h 144 School 

Kelly Cornelius (Mary A) auto rpr h 92 Oak 

Kelly Ellen res 235 School 

Kelly Frank J treas res 461 Main 

Kelly Frank M (Mary J) chauf h 92 Oak 

KELLY GEORGE I (Gertrude S) Treas (Geo I Kelly 

Inc) 305 (149) Moody and 684 Main h 150 

Weston Tel 0613-W 
KELLY GEO I INC Clothiers Hatters and Furnishers 

305 (149) Moody Tel 1884 and 684 Main Ramon 

S Kelly Manager Tel 2566 See Clothiers Dept 
Kelly George P (Martha) mach W W & C Co h 65 

Kelly Henry J (Mary F) molder h rear 112 Bacon 
Kelly Herbert H (Josephine F) fore h 30 Castle 
Kelly Herbert L (Grace) sales h 38 Lawrence 
Kelly James mgr St Elizabeth's Hospital Farm Trap- 

elo rd res do 
Kelly James D (Catherine A) sales B h 461 Main 
Kelly James E elk res 75 Bacon 
Kelly James J fit hndlr B & M h 235 School 
Kelly John (32 Middle) died Mar 19 1922 
K.lly John H (Mary) brakemn B & M h 39 Exchange 
Kelly John J supt 217 Lexington res 10 Faneuil rd 
Kdly John J opr W W & C Co res 10 Faneuil rd 
Kelly John J (Susan A) timer W W & C Co h 1 

Kelly John T (Sabina M) crossing tndr Beaver Brook 

h 57 Crescent 
Kelly John W (Mary E) fore h 17 Elm 
Kelly Julia E Mrs died Dec 11 1921 
Kelly Margaret F student res 10 Faneuil rd 
Ktlly Mai ion E bkpr res 461 Main 
Kelly Martin S timber insp res 72 South 
Kelly Martin K died June 22 1922 
Kelly Mary opr W W & C Co res 19 Middle 
Kelly Mary Mrs checker h 135 Ash 
Kelly Mary A sten res 75 Bacon 
Kelly Mary E hkpr 75 Bacon 
Kelly Mary G buyer res 144 Summer 
Kelly Mary L student res 10 Faneuil rd 
Kelly Mary M sten 11 (3) Moody h at Watertown 
Kelly Mary V opr W W & C Co res 19 Middle 
Kelly May E Mrs bkpr 400 Newton res 17 Elm 
KELLY MICHAEL J (Margaret A) (Waltham Lumber 

Co) 217 Lexington h 10 Faneuil rd 
Kelly Michael J (Minnie C) checker B & M h 128 

Kelly Nora wid John h 235 School 
Kelly Nora A h 144 Summer 

Kelly Patrick H (Clara D) fin sec K of C h 24 Fiske 
Kelly Patrick H (Belmont Bowling Palace) 649 Main 

res 144 Summer 
Kelly Patrick J lab res 12 Winthrop 
KELLY RAMON S (Alice G) Manager Geo. I Kelly 

Inc 684 Main h 150 Weston 
Kelly Thomas mgr 409 (215) Moody h at Camb 
Kelly Thomas F (Mary E) sales h 40 Common 
Kelly Walter P boilermkr res 75 Bacon 
Kelly Wm L gate tndr Main and Stow res 72 South 
Kelly see Kelley 

Kelsey Edith B tchr h 222 Lowell 
Kelty Bridget wid Michael h 17 Charles 
Kelty John (Catherine) loomfixer h 100 School 
Kelty Bose T elk res 17 Charles 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Kempton Herbert L (Muriel E) toolmkr W W & C Co 

h 122 Adams 
Kempton James L (Sarah) assembler h 239 Grove 
Kempton James L jr rem to San Francisco Calif 
Kempton John (Catherine M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 179 Bobbins 
Kempton Robert D welder res 239 Grove 
Kempton Robert H (Alice J) sec h 91 Summer 
Kendall Charles E (Frances A) gen jobbing h 7 Har- 
Kendall Crescent St Garage The Frank A Gallagher 

mgr 33-37 Crescent 
Kendall Judith S wid Amory H h 14 Lexington ter 
Kendall Stella M Mrs sales res 38 Wash av 
Kendall Wm A (Alice M) cashr B & M frt house h 

9 Barton 
Kendregan Thomas E (Margaret J) driver VV Coal Co 

h 12 Bich 
Kendrick Alice wid John h 63 Ash 
Kendrick C Elroy opr W W & C Co res 67 Crescent 
Keniry Edmund F elk res 37 Charles 
Keniiy Mary E elk Navy Yard res 37 Charles 
Keniry Bichard elk 219 (91) Moody res 37 Charles 
Keniry Thomas F (Mary E) elk h 37 Charles 
Kennan Joseph (Fannie) pntr 591 Main h 130 Charles 
Kenneally Elizabeth wid James h 114 Charles 
Kennedy Agnes M W W & C Co res 140 Myrtle 
Kennedy Alberta res 94 Adams 
Kennedy Bridget wid Thomas res 182 Willow 
Kennedy Campbell elk res 40 Harris 
Kennedy Donald elk res 40 Harm 
Kennedy Elizabeth A sten res 56 Hammond 
Kennedy Everett (Marie L) fore Myrtle cor Lowell h 

212 Brown 
Kennedy E Baymond mgr res 212 Brown 
Kennedy Frances res 94 Adams 
Kennedy Fred J (Nellie F) tel rpr 16 Spring h 23 

Kennedy James H sales Elm cor Benefit h 54 Dale 
Kennedy Jennie W W & C Co res 253 Bobbins 
Kennedy John A (Mary S) traffic mgr res 40 Harris 
Kennedy John L W W & C Co res 45 Chestnut 
Kennedy John T (Margaret A) rem to B 
Kennedy Katherine E res 53 Cedar 
Kennedy Martin (Mary) fore h 56 Hammond 
Kennedy Michael mach W W & C Co res 33 Spruce 
Kennedy Thomas fore 157 High h 53 Cedar 
Kennedy Wm B (Bosalie) opr res 47 Chestnut 
Kennedy Wm T lab res 140 Myrtle 
Kennedy & Co Inc butter 239 (105) Moody 
Kermeson Harry molder res 68 Chestnut 
Kenney Bernard (Mary) mach h 106a Taylor 
Kenney Caroline E wid Thomas res 58 Tomlin 
Kenney Catherine wid James h 292 River 
Kenney Ellen L wid Michael h 9 Noonan 
Kenney Ethel W tchr Banks sch h 29 Floyd 
Kenney Francis opr res 292 Biver 
Kenney Frank P (Mary A) comp h 76 Lawrence 
Kenney John J plmbr res 292 River 
Kenney Lawrence M mach W W & C Co h 14 Cross 
Kenney Mary E hkpr 14 Cross 
Kenney Mary J opr W W & C Co res 106a Taylor 
Kenney Mary J wid Thomas ldgh 206 Adams 
Kenney Mary V opr res 206 Adams 
Kenney Ralph opr res 292 River 
Kenney Thomas watchmn W Coal Co res 40 Alder 
Kenney Thomas (7 Crescent) died Dec 18 1922 
Kenney Willis D pres 709 Main res 61 Howard 
Kenny Jennie F wid Peter F h 26 Bolton 
Kenny John B rem to Wakefield 

Kenny Veronica M nurse h 26 Bolton 

Kent Ernest E (Anna) truckmn h 31 Elm av 

Kent Fred P (Lilla F) (Kent Oakland Co) h 75 Ash 

Kent Howard W (Marion E) sales h 26 Orcha:d av 

Kent Mary E elk res 148 Ash 

Kent Oakland Co (Fred P Kent) autos 458 (288) 

Kent Preston L (Mary C) sales h 148 Ash 
Kent Sarah J wid Joshua res 148 Ash 
Kent S Albertine Mrs died Nov 1 1921 
Kenworthy Charles A sales 592 Main res 46 Exchange 
Kenyon George P (Mae) druggist Lake h 723 do 
Keohane Catherine F sten r 99 Bacon 
Keohane Ella T W W & C Co res 99 Bacon 
Keohane Jeremiah (Mary) tmstr h 99 Bacon 
Keough Anna E sten B res 1 Stratton ter 
Keough Bernard P (Hattie) rem to B 
Keough Florence G res 46 Howard 
Keough Francis A fore res 46 Howard 
Keough George property mn 19 Elm h 98 Cedar 
Keough Gertrude F bkpr res 1 Stratton ter 
Keough Harold F bkpr res 1 Stratton ter 
Keough Helen B W W & C Co res 1 Stratton ter 
Keough Isabelle launderer M S F M res do 
Keough James P (Agnes M) eng h 174 Newton 
Keough John (Mary) h 19 Union 
Keough John J (Katherine T) overseer 144 Moody h 

46 Howard 
Keough John J (Bridget A) pntr h 1 Stratton ter 
Keough John J jr loom fixer res 46 Howard 
Keough Joseph F (Margaret C) boilermkr h 19 Union 
Keough Ruth M sten res 1 Stratton ter 
Keplinger Eleanora wid David B res 89 Orange 
KEREAKIDIS HARRY (Harry The Tailor) 45 Pine 

Resides 105 Orange Tel Connection See Tailoring 

Kerns Anna D sten res 23 Lyman ter 
Kerns Margaret J opr h 23 Lyman ter 
Kerns Mary E opr res 23 Lyman ter 
Kerns Robert C (Bernice M) pntr h 11 Weston 
Kerr Sadie opr res 152 Brown 
Kerrigan Michael watchmn res 124 Bacon 
Kerrigan Patrick driver 129 Moody h 12 Brown's av 
Kershaw John (Alice J) fore h 55 South 
Kersting Alice nurse res 28 Wellington 
Kett Katherine H Mrs (Heath & Co) 393 (209) 

Moody h 218 Adams 
Kett John P (Katherine H) (Heath & Co) 393 

(209) Moody h 218 Adams 
Keyes George J L (Lettie F) elk P 290 (134) 

Moody h 72 Ash 
Keyes Irving K died Nov 15 1921 
Keystone Watch Case Co The (E Howard Watch 

Works) 256 Charles 
Kezar Arthur F opr res 240 Biver 
Kezar Frank H (Alda B) fore h 240 Biver 
Kezar Margaret G opr W W & C Co res 240 Biver 
Kidder Frank waiter res 20 High 
Kidder Lorenzo J sales W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Kidder May G Mrs rem to Watertown 
Kierstead Alice E wid Sanford h 974 Main 
Kierstead Amanda E Mrs ldgh 148 Adams h do 
Kierstead A Mildred tchr Seth Bemis sch res 974 

Kierstead Bertha M W W & C Co res 974 Main 
Kierstead Charles H (Elva H) treas J F & F I Robin- 
son Inc h 25 Linden 
Kierstead Claia A sten B res 974 Main 
Kierstead Cornelia B sec res 974 Main 



685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Kierstead Donald E (Olive R) candy mkr 381 (205) 

Moody h 93 Maple 
Kierstead Ella B elk 878 Main res 974 do 
Kierstead Ernest W res 86 Brown 
Kierstead Frederick E (Edith M) sales 234 (100) 

Moody h 8d Brown 
Kierstead George A (Amanda E) carp h 148 Adams 
Kierstead Ida M opr W W & C Co res 12 Bedford 
Kierstead Roxie opr W W & C Co res 148 Adams 
Kierstead Sanford died Feb 16 1923 
Kierstead see Keirstead and Kirsiead 
Kilburn George W (Adeline) pntr h 9 Barton 
Kilburn Irene M student res 9 Barton 
Kilburn May A W W & C Co res 92 High 
Kilburn Theresa M res 9 Barton 
Kilcup Clifford W (Jane E) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 215 Ash 
Kiley Maurice J driller 87 Rumford av h at W Newton 
Kilfoy Frank T fore res 3 Lexington 
Kilfoy Kate wid Patrick opr W W & C Co res Lincoln 

bey Winter 
Kilfoy Marie A sten res 3 Lexington 
Kilgore George L (Gladys B) acct h 53 Ellison pk 
Kilgore J Milton (Nellie If) h 57 Wadsworth av 
Kilgore Milton J (Mary J) jewelmkr W W & C Co h 

Chester Brook rd cor Stanley rd 
Killaru Wm J (Marian K) sales 234 (100) Moody h 

26 Dexter 
Killeen Annie Mrs confr Lake nr Lincoln h do 
Killeen Martin T mech dentist res Lake nr Lincoln 
Killeen Owen H firemn M S F M res do 
Killian John elk 399 (211) Moody res 94 Chestnut 
Killius Augustus (Margaret H) watchmkr h 197 Adams 
Killius Margaret H opr W W & C Co res 197 Adams 
Kilraan Agnes A W W & C Co res 29 Rich 
Kilman Axel (Anna) lab h 29 Rich 
Kilman Ernest E appr res 29 Rich 
Kilman Oscar W mach 48 Woerd av res 29 Rich 
Kilton Wm F elk 234 (100) Moody res 94 Howard 
Kimball Addie M wid J Fred B died Jan 12 1922 
Kimball Charles L (Grace) carp 25 Taylor h do 
Kimball Clara W W & C Co h Princeton av nr Lake 
Kimball Eben J died June 19 1922 
Kimball Eva M h 4 Adams 
Kimball Francis R died Jan 5 1922 
Kimball George H W W & C Co h 74 Plympton 
Kimball George W (Fiances H) pub acct res 55 Fair- 
mont av 
Kimball LaForest F died March 25 1922 
Kimball Sarah A wid Eben I h 11 (3) Moody suites 

Kimball Sarah S wid Woodbury S res 55 Fairmont av 
Kimball Wm M (Alice N) sta agt h Weston nr Weston 

Kindregan Michael J (Catherine M) bldr h 59 Lyman 
King Abigal S opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
King Alfred H (Elizabeth M) opr h 50 Wadsworth av 
King Alice V opr W W & C Co res off Lunda 
King Anthony (Mary) h Hardy's Pond rd 
King Arthur N (Laura T) drftsmn W M Wks h 12 

King Charles A (Julia M) motormn h 18 Grant pi 
King Charles J mach res off. Lunda 
King Delia A wid Michael died Aug 18 1921 
King Edward (Ililma R) mach W W & C Co res 22 

King Elizabeth G opr W W & C Co res 39 Vernon 
King Evangeline opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
King Frederick E (Esther J) mgr Waltham Coal Co 

149 Elm h off Lunda nr Railroad 

King James (King Co) 821 Main res 5 Charles st av 

King James F W W & C Co res 82 Chestnut 

King James L spinner res 8 Colby av 

King Jessie B wid Charles P h 81b Alder 

King John B (Eda) mach res 91 Chestnut 

King John J (Mary J) W W & C Co h 81 Bacon 

King Lillian W W & C Co res 5 Charles st av 

King Malcolm C (Elna) student h 355 (185) Moody 

King Mary wid Patrick h 8 Colby av 

King Mary J wid Stephen res 76 Gardner 

King Michael J (Gladys) asst eng 144 Moody h 109 

King Robert W mach res 50 Wadsworth av 
Ring Rose M nurse res 50 Wadsworth av 
King Thomas J dentist 279 (13iy 2 ) Moody h at 

King Thomas Y carp h 12 Dorchester 
King & Co (James King) carriage mfrs 821 Main 
Kingsbury Block 316-320 (156-162) Moody 
Kingsbury Dorothy E opr res 202 Chestnut 
Kingsbury Frederick A died Oct 27 1923 
Kingsbuiy Hall 316 (156) Moody 
Kingsbury Helen tel opr res 120 Myrtle 
Kingsbury Jennie nurse res 59 High 
Kingsbury Minnie D wid Fredeiick A drsmkr 26 Dex- 
ter h do 
Kingsbury Mo wry S h 29 Appleton 
Kingsbury Richard M com'l illustrator res 29 Apple- 
Kingsbury Velma J tel opr res 120 Myrtle 
Kingsbury Walter C auto washer res 97 Central 
Kirgsley Catherine E res 53 Hammond 
Kingsley Frank A died Dec 27 1922 
Kingsley Mary A wid Patrick gro 137 Felton h 139 

Kinnear Carle W watch mkr res 9 Palmer 
Kinnear Edward E (Eliza M) molder h 9 Palmer 
Kinnear George S actor res 9 Palmer 
Kinnear see Connair 
Kinsley Albert C died July 4 1922 
Kinsley Joanna died May 21 1921 
Kinslow Henry chauf h 1241 Main 
Kinsman Anna M res 489 Main 
Kinsman Ollie bkpr 307 (151) Moody res at Natick 
Kinsman Royden C (Louise G) rem to Medford 
Kinsman S Thomas (Ida H) rem to Medford 
Kirby Richard bkpr 20 Felton h at Newton 
Kirk Lawrence N (Nellie L) barber 1 Prospect h 82 

Kirkley Frank L (Bessie) brass wkr h 35 Palmer 
Kirkpatrick Jessie T elk W W & C Co res 94 Adams 

rm 46 
Kirstead see Keirstead and Kierstead 
Kirwin Fred-rick H (Adeline L) plmbr 588 Main h 32 

Kirwin Grafton E (Catherine M) untrkr 649 Main h 

8 Common 
Kirwin Helen A tchr res 32 Lyman 
Kirwin James A (Mary J) opr W W & C Co h 444 

(234%) Moody 
Kirwin Wm J opr W W & C Co res 444 (234%) 

Kite Beatrice M elk res 59 Columbus av 
Kite Wilson J (Nettie G) fore E H W Wks h 59 

Columbus av 
Kite see Kyte 

Kittredge Elizabeth L v id George res 240 Linden 
Kittredge George E (Alma M) chemist h 240 Linden 
Kittredge Ray G (Kittie F) optometrist 234 Charles 

h do 


Real Estate, Investment and Loans 

375 (201) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 0110 WALTHAM 



Kil hedge Raymond ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at New- 

Kivell Michael A lab res 87 Pond 
Kivell Thomas V (May A) traekmaster B E R Co h 

307 School 
Kjoss Adolph K (Agnes M) raach W W & C Co h 

320 Crescent 
Klash Theodore B opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 
K!ee John G (Alice M) artist h 202 Charles 
Kkinberg Karl (Julia E) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

18 Hammer 
Kleinlein Walter J (Louise M) fore E H W Wks h 51 

Fiske av 
Klinge Sophia W W & C Co res at Allston 
Klocker Irene F sten res 9 Barton 
Klocker Wm F (Jane M) meat ctr 361 (189) Moody 

h 9 Barton 
King Edmund J (Mildred) asst window dresser 283 

(133) Moody h 86 % Myrtle 
Knap ton Ellen W W & C Co res 5 Chester av 
Kneebone James H (Florence M) W W & C Co h 791 

(395) Moody 
Knight Ann L sten B res 12 Lexington ter 
Knight Chester T (Bertha M) opr h 59 Myrtle 
Knight Edward (Marion) engr h 562 Main 
Knight Etta S res 131 High 
Knight Eva P elk 2 Moody res 562 Main 
Knight Frank A opr W W & C Go res 346 Newton 
Knight Florence M W W & C Co res 562 Main 
Knight Frank A (Ida E) opr W W & C Co h 346 

Knight Horace A treas Stone & Knight Co 694 Main 

h 12 Lexington ter 
Knight Maude elk W W & C Co res 250 Brown 
Knight R Alden (Maud) W W ft C Co h 250 Brown 
Knights of Columbus Hall 721 Main 
Kniznik Harry ins agt 11 Moody res 613 (311) do 
Kniznik Louis (Esther) h 613 (311) Moody 
Kniznik Morris ins agt res 613 (311) Moody 
Kniznik Simon (Gussie) sales h 69 Orange 
Knock Asaph nurse M S F M res do 
Knopp Clara A W W & C Co res 25 Hamornnd 
Knopp Henry (Karen) W W ft C Co h 25 Hammond 
Knopp Henry jr watchmkr and rpr 25 Hammond r do 
Knowles Nettie M Mrs died March 8 1923 
Knowles Thomas Harrison Inc Thomas H Knowles pres 

Wm J Riley treas prntis 673 Main 
Knowles Thomas H pres 673 Main res 69 Giant 
Knowlton Sarah E wid George res 33 Robbins 
Knox Josephine H h 60 Alder 
Knox Wm M watchmkr W W & C Co res 41 Walnut 
Kocidko Vassily (Julia) opr h 374 River 
Kohl Aaron (Ellen) carp h 29 Taylor 
Kohl John W (Mary J) carrier P 290 (134) 

Moody h 142 Myrtle 
Kokidko Fred (Margaret) lab h 7 Benefit 
Konis James h 159 Crescent 
Konnerney Elizabeth I elk res 2 Guinan 
Konnerney Theresa I tel super res 2 Guinan 
Konnerney Thomas lab h 2 Guinan 
Korodziejski Stephen (Tessie) lab h 221 Grove 
Korolczuk Walerian baker h V% Calvary 
Koioneski John (Anna) baker ti 1% Calvary 
Koroneski Joseph (Mary) opr h 43 Calvary 
DSkie Henry (Sophia) lab r 227 Grove 
Kostantakis Kostas opr res 89 Fiske 
Kostis Peter lunch 7 Pine res 5 Lawton pi 
Kotsifas Nicholas (Margaret) gro 13 Felton h 14 

Koulopoulos John M (Georgia) bootblack h 81 Lex- 
Kowuleski Michael (Sophia) opr h 376 River 
Kowaleski Wm (Ida) opr h 382 River 
Kozwalski Anthony (Victoria) lab h 24 Goihara 
Kramer I cutter 307 (151) Moody h at Natick 
Krasnigor Bessie opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Kresge S S & Co Eber D Lambie mgr variety 271- 

273 (123-125) Moody 
Krinopol John (Angeline) opr h 49 Pine 
Krinopol John opr 87 Rumfoid av h 69 Charles 
Krinopoulos Eleftherios G (Helen) tailor 2 Pine h 

579 Main 
Krinsky Max (Sadie) pntr 591 Main h 145 South 
Kristensen Oscar B (Clara) W W & C Co h 9 Dart- 
Kristianson Anna wid Christian opr h 118 Charles 
Krongard Harry (Minnie) tailor 78 lAdams h 88 

Kruse Knut (Anna) mach h 108a Taylor 
Kudis Tarodus (Mary) opr h 432 River 
Kuenzel Emily B confr 285 Crescent res do 
Kuenzel John P (Emma) W W & C Co h 285 Cres- 
Kuhn Amelia S wid Frederick res 25 Central 
Kuhn Amy E Mrs h 23 Spruce 
Kuhn Carl R (Ruth L H) prntr h 25 Central 
Kuhn Fred died Oct 14 1921 
Kuhn Frederick X (Emma) eng h 66 Shirley rd 
Kuhn Marion K mgr savings dept Waltham Natl Bank 

res 23 Spruce 
Kybert Arthur prntr 18 Pine h at Newton 
Kyle James carp res 46 Chester av 
Kyte Ambrose J (Mary J) h 268 Newton 
Kyte Catherine T seam h 272 Newton 
Kyte Julia M seam h 272 Newton 
Kyte Thomas H (Annie L) elk h 108 Myrtle 
Li Blare Henry T tinsmith res 14 Sharon 
Labonte Alga Mrs res 35 High 
Labonte Frances Mrs h 4 Elm ct 
Labou Charles H plmbr res 74 Rich 
Labou Clara M W W & C Co res 74 Rich 
Labou Florence A sten res 74 Rich 
Labou Wm I (Louise A) carp h 74 Rich 
LaBranche Joseph W asst mgr 299 (145) Moody res 

26 Adams 
Lacasse Adele A Mrs opr W W & C Co res 194 

Riverview av 
Lacasse Charles R (Adele A) opr W W & C Co h 

194 Riverview av 
Lacava Michael A (Mary) bleacher h 241 Newton 
Lacava Thomas M (Mary) shoemkr 231 Newton h 139 

Lachapelle Uldege E (Julia) weaver h 564 Main 
Lacob Simon dry gds 693 Main res 562 do 
LaCouture Leander F mach 48 Woehr av res 7 Cush- 

La Coy Arthur N E Tel wkr res 5 Hope av 
LaCoy Joseph (Cora) eng h 5 Hope av 
LaCoy Viola opr res 5 Hope av 
LaCioix Hormidas (Rose E) meat ctr h 163 Brown 
LaCroix Rose E bkpr 45 Moody res 163 Brown 
Ladd Arthur E (Mary L) W W & C Co res 24 Bolton 
Ladder 1 27 Lexington 
Ladder 2 533 (275) Moody 
Lade Lillette tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Lafayette Hall 11 Noonan 
LaFleur James L rem to Bom 
LaFoice Edward M sale,; les 96 Central 
LaForce Rosario H (Imelda) watchmkr b 86 Central 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



LaForest Andrew A opr W W & C Co res 23 Robbins 
LaForest Henry G P (Laura M) auto rpr h 20 Woerd 

Laforet Louis P (Theresa) W W & C Co h 62 Francis 
Laforme Irene E elk res 54y 2 Cheiry 
LaForte Lubin i (Zabina) barber h 165 Adams 
LaFrance Joseph meat ctr 234 (100) Moody res 16 

LaFreniere Catherine Mrs elk B Mfg Co h 94 Adams 

rm 4 
LaFreniere Morris opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 

rm 4 
LaFreniere Peter (Catherine) carp h 21 Sun 
Lagsr Ernest (Karin) W W & C Co res 47 Adams 
Lageiblad Eric (Anna) opr W W & C Co h 53 Well- 
Lagerblade Carl B elk 5 Highland res 1 Bellevue av 
Lagerblade Carl C (Ida A) organ mkr h 1 Bellevue av 
Lagerblade Esther A sten res 1 Bellevue av 
LaGouff Isabelle Mrs h 217 Felton 
LaGouff Margaret E gro 132 Prospect res 217 Felton 
Lahm Elizabeth B W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Lahm Louis (Elizabeth B) rem to W Newton 
Laighton Marjorie res 291 Bacon 
Laighton Wm B jr student res 291 Bacon 
Lake Bernice D nurse M S F M res do 
Lalime Andrew E (Anna N) mach W W & C Co h 21 

Laline Sarah wid Edward H res 123 Chestnut 
Lally Agnes L sten res 23 Barton 
Lally Agnes V bkpr 285 (135) Moody res 145 Myrtle 
Lally Annie F wid Michael janitress W W & C Co res 

2 Viles ct 
Lally Catherine A Mrs died Mar 26 1922 
Lally Celia attendant res 74 School 
Lally Elizpbeth F sten 11 (3) Moody rm 4 res 70 

Lally Etheldreda R bkpr res 145 Myrtle 
Lally Henry F mech dentist res' 145 Myrtle 
Lally Ilda sten res 41 Francis 
Lally Irene C student res 23 Barton 
Lally James hlpr Spray Eng Co res at Bemis 
Lally James (Delia) mason 70 Cedar h do 
Lally James jr mason res 70 Cedar 
Lally John F mason res 70 Cedar 
Lally John H (Winifred G) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 41 Francis 
Lally Josephine A sten res 41 Francis 
Lally J Aloysius (Ruth) sales res 145 Myrtle 
Lally J Frank (Martha R) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 80 Robbins 
Lally Loretta F chiropodist 511 (263) Moody res 48 

Lally Lucille F sten res 41 Francis 
Lally Margaret G sten res 23 Barton 
Lally Marguerita L nurse res 145 Myrtle 
Lally Marion C res 70 Cedar 
Lally Martin J (Margaret M) mason h 141 Alder 
Lally Mary F sten res 23 Barton 
Lally Mary V wid Michael J h 145 Myrtle 
Lally Patrick J fore B & M h 23 Barton 
Lally Raymond (Margaret M) bricklayer h 148 School 
Lally Thomas J opr h 2 Viles ct 
Lally Wm H elk res 23 Barton 
Lally Winifred E bkpr res 70 Cedar 
Lamb Charles F died June 1 1922 
Lamb Richard opr h 73 Bacon 
Lamb Wm H (Mary) opr h 102 Bacon 
Lambert Elizabeth wid George died Oct 21 1921 
Lambert Hannah wid Charles A h 83 Cusbing 

Lambert Lulu M insp W W & C Co res 83 dishing 
Lambert Robert G (Susan F) rubberwkr h rear 341 

Lamberts Parker L carp res 96 Robbins 
Lambie Eber D (Jean) mgr 271 (123) Moody h 10 

Maple ter 
Lambros James (Carmela) fruit h 17 Water 
Lamburn Annie, M W W & C Co res 255 Charles 
Lamburn Henry G (Elizabeth) mason h 255 Charles 
Lamburn Mary E elk W W & C Co res 255 Charles 
Lamond Annie L opr W W & C Co res 54 Myrtle 
Lamond Margaret opr W W & C Co res 54 Myrtle 
Lamont Doris R W W & C Co res at S Lincoln 
Lampher Carroll P pastor. Church of the Nazarene 316 

(156) Moody 
Lamport Elizabeth wid George res 97 Brown 
Lamport Ernest C (Ida M) mach res 97 Brown 
Lamport Gladys res 97 Brown 
Lamson Levi J (Lina A) h 79 High 
Lanagan Arthur G dentist 681 Main rm 10b h 131 

Lanagan Elizabeth I sten 224 Newton res 131 Wes- 
Lanagan Patrick J (Mary L) clothing 669 Main h 

131 Weston 
Lanagan Walter J student res 131 Weston 
Lanagan Wm J elk 669 Main res 131 Weston 
Lancaster James J (Mabel I) master mech h 19 

Lancy Louis J watchmkr W W & C Co h 37 Farns- 

Land Fred (Florence) pntr 10 Prospect h do 
Lander Ella M hkpr 68 Adams 
Landerholra Beta opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Landers Alice I wid Herbert nurse h 20 Ruraford av 
Landers Clyde L W W & C Co h 31 Fuller 
Landers Eleanor F sten res 205 Lowell 
Landers Florence H wid Charles F tchr elocution h 

205 Lowell 
Landers Henry W janitor 735 Main h 7 Comwallis pi 
Lando Antonio barber 705 Main res 17 Felton 
Lando Salvatore (Emma) gro 17 Felton h do 
Landon Eugene P (Jocie E) N E agt Pere Marquette 

R R h 15y 2 Lyman 
Landon Forrest G elk S res 15^ Lyman 
London Fred E (Rose E) agt B & M (Fitchburg Div) 

office freight house h 15 Lyman 
Landry Alexander sales 20 Felton 
Landry Alfred J watchmkr res 3 Noonan 
Landry Clarence F elect res 3 Noonan 
Landry Edgar A watchmkr res 3 Noonan 
Landry Elizabeth elk 271 (123) Moody res 3 Noonan 
Landry Emery J (Melissa F) carp h 27 Cross 
Landry Irene H opr W W & C Co res 81 Ash 
Landry Leo P supt res 3 Noonan 
Landry Lillian B wid Emil opr res 15 Noonan 
Landry Melise opr W W & C Co res 222 River 
Landry Ovide restr 204 Prospect h do 
Landry Philip L (Delphine) ins broker h 3 Noonan 
Landry Rose A opr res 3 Noonan 
Landstrom Hannah E nurse res 6 Woodlawn av 
Landstrom Victor (Josephine M) farmer h 6 Wood- 
lawn av 
Lane Alice B res 55 Weston 
Lane Cassie A waitress 1 Hope av res do 
Lane Ellen wid Jeremiah b 124 Ash 
Lane Emory W (Victoria M) h 4.7 Weston 
Lane Hazel res 94 Adams 
Lane Helen F W W & C Co res 124 Ash 
Lane James G (Elsie) pntr h 22 Sharon 
Lane John H elk res 21 Plympton 




123 High Street, 




Lane John J (Jemima) driver h 21 Plympton 
Lane Lillian W W & C Co res at Newtonville 
Lane Lucy M wid Leonard C h 66 High 
Lane Lydia A wid Frank W res 549 Main 
Lane Lydia K wid George res 84 Ellison pk 
Lane Martin F (Catherine A) lab h 71 Exchange 
Lane Mary E wid Frank E res 13 Liberty 
Lane Michael C meat ctr res 124 Ash 
Lane Philip rubberwkr res 47 Weston 
Lane Thomas (Elizabeth A) W W & C Co h 112 Har- 
Lane Thomas E lab res 124 Ash 
Lane Wm R leather wkr res 21 Plympton 
Lang Charles F W W & C Co res 97 Cashing 
Lang George E fore h 97 dishing 
Lang Oswald T W W & C Co h 25 Rich 
Lang Victor T plmbr res 87 Wash av 
Lang Walter F (Florence E) stockmn h 174 Brown 
Langan Daniel mason h 21 Castle 
Langan James A (Mary) cashr 385 Main h 21 Castle 
Langan Mary M hkpr 148 Ash res do 
Langan Mary W W & C Co res 21 Castle 
Langan Wm F roofer res 21 Castle 
Langan see Lanagan and Lanigan 
Lange Gertrude H opr W W & C Co res 127 Brown 
Langer Randolph baker res 57 Walnut 
Langill Adam A (Jane) watchmn W W & C Co h 18 

Wadsworth av 
Langill Azur (Elizabeth A) express 704 Main h do 
Langill Gordon E mach W W & C Co r 41 Dartmouth 
Langill Grace B buckle mkr res 59 South 
Langill Henry A (Maude A) W W & C Co res 18 

Wadsworth av 
Langill Mabel filer W W & C Co res 41 Dartmouth 
Langill Maude opr W W & C Co r 18 Wadsworth av 
Langille Aubrey S rem to Newton 
Langille Clair M (Ethel J) carp h 63 Lyman 
Langille Ida M opr W W & C Co res 56 Spruce 
Langille Joshua C (Laura M) chauf h 25 Rumford av 
Langille Percy (Grace) carp res 217 Lowell 
Langis Ernest W W & C Co res 94 Adams mi 38 
Langley James W (Rebecca M) ldgh h 403 River 
LANGTRY ALBERT P Publisher Waltham Evening 

News IS Pine h at B 
Lanigan Evelyn M elk res 12 Navien's ct 
Lanigan John (Elizabeth) wheel mkr h 57 Highland 
Lanigan Lillian A bkpr res 12 Navien's ct 
Lanigan Mary J wid James h 12 Navien's ct 
Lanigan Norah T bkpr res 62 Church 
Lanigan Sarah E hkpr 62 Church 
LaPalme Alma mus res 34 Chester av 
LaPalme Beatrice E mus tchr res 693 (345) Moody 
LaPalme Henry P (Ernestine) W W & C Co h 34 

Chester av 
LaPalme Octave M (Minna F) h 693 (345) Moody 
Lipierre Alderic B (Angeline) loomfixer and ldgh 5G6 

LaPlant Fiorina opr W W & C Co res 138 Brown 
LaPlante Francis R (Mary M) elk 735 (367) Moody 

h 47 Wadsworth av 
Lapbmte G'E res 94 Adams 
LaPointe Lillian J W W & C Co res 278 Crescent 
Laporte Alfred J hlpr 870 Main res 310 River 
Laporte Bernadett L res 29 Walnut 
Laporte John B (Catharine) elk h 29 Walnut 
Laporte Joseph A marh W W & C Co res 29 Walnut 
Laporte Maiie opr W W & C Co res 29 Walnut 
Laporte M Alice W W & C Co res 29 Walnut 
Lappin Esther L H W Co res 38 Prospect st av 

Lappin Frank J (Mary) plater W W & C Co h 38 

Prospect st av 
Lappin James F polisher res 38 Prospect st av 
LaPresta Angelo (Antonia) wvr h 16% Brown'.; av 
Larade Anna L opr W W & C Co res 55 Walnut 
La i com Ada L Mrs died June 4 1922 
Larcom Fred A died March 22 1923 
Larcom Roy polisher 75 Rumford av res at Wateitown 
Larcom Ruth tchr violin 147 Weston res do 
Lareome Robert E (Sadie E) rem to Andover 
Lardner John F (Mary) mach h 18 Hall 
Larin Arthur T (Sarah A) loomfixer h 8 Jackson pi 
Larkin Alice M sten res 31 Common 
Larkin Allen J hlpr 27 Common res 31 do 
Larkin Delia M opr W W & C Co h 127 Hammond 
Larkin Edward F student res 31 Common 
Larkin Ellen G res 127 Hammond 
Larkin Helen L res 31 Common 
Larkin James B blksmith h 59 Bacon 
Larkin John J dentist 681 Main rm 14 r 31 Common 
Larkin Mary D sec res 31 Common 
Larkin Mary E opr res 59 Bacon 
Larkin Mary J wid John J h 31 Common 
Larner Agnes B W W & C Co res 165y 2 Chestnut 
Larner Annie T gro 64 Cutter res 62a do 
Lamer Catherine wid Martin h 165% Chestnut 
Larner Catherine B elk res 62a Cutter 
Larner Catherine L sten res 165% Chestnut 
Lamer James J elk E E I Co Cooper res 165% Chest- 
Larner John (Ellen) shipper h 149 High 
Larner Margaret A Mrs W W & C Co h 62a Cutter 
Lamer Martin motormn res 149 High 
Larner Martin L mach res 165% Chestnut 
Lamer Mary N bkpr res 165% Chestnut 
Larner Richard shipper res 149 High 
Lamer Wm W B & D Wks res 165 % Chestnut 
LaRosa Gaetano (Maria) mach h 10 Foundry av 
LaRosre Albert E (H LaRosee & Sons Plating Co) res 

162 Charles 
LaRosee Arthur J (Laura D) chauf h 53 Highland 
LaRosee Edward J lab res 92 Central 
LaRosee Frederick (Annie A) polisher W W & C Co 

h 92 Central 
LaRosee George E (H LaRosee & Sons Plating Co) res 

162 Charles 
LaRosee Hosanna (Martha) (H LaRosee & Sons Plat- 
ing Co) 57 Harvard h 162 Charles 
LaRosee H & Sons Plating Co (Albert E George E 

and Hosanna Lar.osee) 57 Harvard 
LaRosee James R (Eva M) mach h 82 Grant 
LaRosee Laura D Mrs rubberwkr h 53 Highland 
LaRosee Lucille opr W W & C Co res 92 Central 
LaRosee Waldm W (Lena M) chauf h at Watertown 
LaRoude Anna L opr W W & C Co res 55 Walnut 
Larry Delia M opr W W & C Co res 86 Brown 
Larry Evelyn F Mrs opr W W & C Co res 86 Brown 
Larsen Anshelm (Thelka A) W W & C Co h 1195 

Larsen Sidney elk res 407 (213a) Moody 
Larson Axel F (Hannah L) baker h 1 Cokei 
Larson A C cook M S F M res do 
Larson Carl (Annie T) organ bid; h 40 Summit 
Larson "Carl Elmer W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Larson Colby E (Lillian S) mach r 25 Prospect st av 
Larson Edwin H opr W W & C Co res 14 Hammer 
La'son Ethel R tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Larson Eric G W W & C Co res 25 LoweU 
Larson George V (Emma) car insp h 244 Dale 
Larson Gustav M (Lillian) tinsmith h 50 Myrtle 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 01S5-W, Res. 0077 




Lai son Judith E bkpr W VV & C Co res 244 Dale 
Larson J Alexander (Bertha) much VV W & C Co h 25 

Larson Oscar farm hand res Cedar Hill Faim Beaver 
Larson Tevdor pntr res 16 Cashing 
Lason Uino V genl mgr 219 (91) Moody r 244 Dale 
Larson Wilbur R auto ;pr res 244 Dale 
Larson see Lawson 

Larsson Gustaf M tinsmith h 50 Myrtle 
LaSalle High School Christian Brothers tchrs 14 Pond 
Latham Dorothy tchr res 41 Banks 
Latham Lfslie J drftsmn res 41 Banks 
Latham Walter E (Cora B) master mech E II W Wks 

h 41 Banks 
Lathrop Angie S wid Andrew J h 141 Plympton 
Lathrop Floy sten res 141 Plympton 
Latimer Lloyd C transitmn 614 Main rm 3 h at Som 
Latimer Samuel H (Hose) cond h 111 Russell 
Laubner Arthur B rem to Belmont 
Lauericelle Salvatore (Francesca) lab h 4 Calvary 
Laughlin John J (Mary A) lab h 12 Exchange st ct 
Laughlin Joseph A elk res 12 Exchange st ct 
Laughlin Mary A elk W W & C Co r 12 Exchange ct 
Laughlin Mary J v. id Edward res 29 Winthrop 
Laughlin Mary J Mrs tchr piano 21 Fiske res do 
Laughlin Wm H elk res 12 Exchange st ct 
Laughlin Wm J (Mary J) W W & C Co h 21 Fiske 
Laughlin see Loughlin and O'Laughlin 
Laura Emma assembler 24 Pine res 18 Fern 
Laura Santo (Annie A) barber h 18 Fern 
LaValley John J (Laura A) mach h 177 Grove 
Lavally Arthur L (Lillian) fore h Wobutn nr Trapelo 

Lavash Ernest P (Carrie J) stmftr h 83 Oak 
Lavash Joseph J prntr 18 Pine res 83 Oak 
Lavash Wm E chauf res 83 Oak 
LaVerdiere Emiie J (Alberta M) mgr 226 (96) Moody 

h 97 Maple 
Laveis Harriet matron M S F M res do 
Lavers Harry I (Florence W) mach W W & C Co h 

22 Bobbins 
Laveis Harry R student res 22 Robbins 
Lavers Saiah matron M S F M res do 
Lavoie Marie C elk W W & C Co res 82 Brown 
Lavoie Max pntr res 369 (197) Moody 
Law Arthur (Charlotte) opr h 389 River 
Law Charles F (Lucy A) h 50 Chester av 
Law Dora M Mrs elk 609 Main res 5 Cormvallis pi 
Law Frank (Dora M) jobmaster W W & C Co h 5 

Com wall is pi 
Law Geoigia F wid Wm F res 284 Bacon 
Law Harry R (Florence R) (Law & Nutting) organ 

bldrs h 284 Bacon 
Law Mary P drsmkr res 72 Taylor 
Law & Nutting (Harry R Law Walter G Nutting) hdw 

707 Main 
Lawler Alice Mrs opr 87 Rumford av r 16 Wellington 
Lawler Augustus pitmn 1040 Main h 366 Crescent 
Lawler Bella M W W & C Co res 366 Crescent 
Lawler Charles F mach W W & C Co h 47 Columbus 

Lawler James F (Priscilla) mach h Montclair av 
Lawler James F pipe ftr W W & C Co res 130 South 
La-ler Maiy A sten res 2 Flood 
Lawler see Lawlor 

Lawless Alice B tel opr res 40 Crescent 
Lawless Anna E h 117 Taylor 
Lawless Catherine L W W & C Co res 117 Taylor 
Lawless Catherine E bkpr res 12 Appleton 
Lawless Catherine M opr res 16 Cross 

Lawless Eleanor M wid John h 134 Summer 
Lawless Evelyn G sten res 40 Crescent 
Lawless James A mach W W & C Co h 16 Cross 
Lawless John J (Marcella L) eng E H W Wks h 12 

Lawless John J jr (Marie W) sales h 2 Lyman 
Lawless Joseph T died Feb 18 1923 
Lawless Kathleen G tel opr res 12 Newton 
Lawless Lawrence E undtkr 40 Crescent h do 
Lawless Lawrence M (Catherine E) undtkr 7 Lexing- 
ton h 40 Crescent 
Lawless Leo L bkpr res 12 Appleton 
Lav less Loretle U acct W W & C Co res 40 Crescent 
Lawless Marcella L sten 11 (3) Moody r 12 Appleton 
Lawless Marjoiie R student res 40 Crescent 
Lawless Mary A elk 637 Main res 2 Flood 
Lawless Mary E elk res 12 Appleton 
Lawless Mary E elk res 134 Summer 
Lawless Nellie A res 16 Cross 
Lawless Nellie L opr W W & C Co res 117 Taylor 
Lawiess Patrick died April 24 1922 
lawless Raymond A sten 83 Moody res 40 Crescent 
Lawless Thomas F (Annie T) fore h 2 Flood 
Lawless Thomas J fore res 134 Summer 
Lawless Vincent elk res 40 Crescent 
Lawless Wm A (Mary A W) elk P 290 (134) 

Moody h 63 Fiske 
Lawlor Catherine E Mrs h 56 Francis 
Lawlor Louise M sten res 56 Francis 
lawlor see Lawler 

Lawrence Allie L sales W W & C Co h 21 Crafts 
Lawrence Arthur B (Lulu S) mach h 45 Wash av 
Lawrence Bertha S opr res 45 Wash av 
Lawrence Building Wilbur E Carter agt 677-685 Main 
Lawrence Caroline Mrs died June 7 1921 
Lawrence Elijah B died May 11 1922 
Lawrence Ella J h 21 Alder 
Lawrence Florence A wid Elijah B h 53 Derby 
Lawrence Gladys B student res 31 Fiske av 
Lawrence Harold R elk res 45 Wash av 
Lawrence Joanna T wid George T res 21 Crafts 
Lawrence Lucia M Mrs died May 8 1923 
Lawrence Percy N (Jennie E) mgr 22 Felton h 31 

Fiske av 
Lawrence Phineas farmer h 257 Trapelo rd 
Lawrence S Winifred elk W W & C Co res 53 Derby 
Lawrence Walter A (Dorothy D) dentist 590 (300a) 

Moody h 1 Myrtle 
Lawrence Wm H mgr 57 Harvard res 8 Common 
Lawshay George J (Mary E) tmstr 42 Turner h do 
Lawson Alonzo A mach res 642 (326) Moody 
Lawson Anna E W W & C Co res 19 Ash 
Lawson Bennett (Grace) rem to Wollaston 
Lawson Carl (Miriam H) sales h 19 College Farm rd 
Lawson Carl H (Lillian L) supt h 107 Sixth 
Lawson George F (Carrie F) eng B & M h 25 Morton 
Lawson James E (Jennie) opr W W & C Co h 89 

Lawson Ole (Cornelia) coachmn h "Angleside" off 

Lawson Robert W (Anna E) chauf h 21 Ash 
Lawson see Larsen and Larson 
Layes Laura B W W & C Co res 62 Alder 
Lazzaro Giuseppe (Mary) laundrymn 21 Crescent b 

45 Spring 
Lazzaro Giuseppe (Josephine) truckmn 836 Main h do 
Lazzaro Joseph (Mary) h 82 Hammond 
Leach Bertha L dept mgr W W & C Co res 35 

Chester av 
Leach Frank W jr (Mary G) mach h 60 Oak 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 



Leach Hattie M wid Frank h 35 Chester av 
Leach Lillian M wid Charles res 5 Ornwallis pi 
Leach Louise G W W ft C Co res 73 Ch 
Leach Norman M (Annie D) W W £ C Co h 16 

Maple ter 
Leach Raymond C (Florence E^ opr W W & C Co 

res 92i- Myrtle 
Leaf Theodore E (Olga A) bricklayer h 147 Alder 
Leahan Bros (James J and Patrick R) gros 195 

Leahan James J (Leahan Bros) h 195 Charles 
Leahan Mary E elk 195 Charles h do 
Leahan Patrick R (Leahan Bros) h 195 Charles 
Leahy Johanna T h 157 Newton 
Leamy Anra M W W i- C Co res SI Taylor 
Leamy No rah I bkpr res 141 Calvary 
Leamy Teresa B W W I C Go res 81 Taylor 
Leamy Thomas (Margaret II) lab h 141 Calvary 
Leamy Thomas J (Bridget) cbauf .2 Felton h SI 

Leary Alice L elk rm 3 City Hall res 163 Summer 
Leary Bertha Mrs nurse M S F M res do 
Leary Elizabeth L h 11 Fem 
Leary George E nurse M S F M res do 

T John J carrier 290 (134) Moody h at Marlboro 
Leary John L (Dorothy M) athletic instr W H S h 

35 Common 
Leary Liiy E Mrs h 11 Fern 
Leary Margaret A wid Frank D h 110 School 
Leary Mary I h 163 Summer 
Leary Paul A elk res 110 School 
Leatherwood Ethel M dry gds 695 (345) Moody h at 

Leatherwood Harry M W W & C Co h at Auburndale 
Leaver Henry (Rose) opr h 404 River 
Leavey Jennie G opr W W & C C: :es 193 Chestnut 
Leavey Thomas C (Jennie) mach h 193 Chestnut - 
Learitt Abraham L (Anna) shoe dlr B h 207 Brown 
Learitt Curtis student res 27 Alder 
Learitt Leon F drftsmn res 39 Hammond 
Learitt Mahlon W W & C Co res 32 Floyd 
Learitt P L erg res 103 Crescent 
Learitt Ralph E watchmkr W W & C Co res 49 Defter 

153 Pearl Newton See Rocfers Dept 
Lebans Lirinia A W W & C Co res 115 Robbins 
LeBarron Alexander rem 94 Adams 
LeBlanc Adelia E opr W W | C Co res 1SS School 
LeB!anc Adeila G opr W W 1 C Co res 12 Gorman 

L?Blanc Adolph (Eva B) mach h 63 Dale 
LeBlanc Adrienne opr W W i- C Co res S?2 Main 
LeBlanc Alderic T opr res 9 Elm 
LeBlanc Alfred D (Margaret J) fore J L T Mfg Co 

h 52 Bedford 
LeBlanc Alice opr W W & q (Jo rea 94 Central 
LeBlanc Alice P opr W W ft C Co res 279 (131%) 

LeBlanc Alma opr W W & C Co res 35 Dartmouth 
LeBlanc Alma M opr W W i: C Co res S4 Harvard 
LeBlanc Arthur L W W &- C Co h 4S Harvard 
LeBlanc Aserlie cook 21 Newton res do 
LeBlanc Azime F watchmkr W W & C Co h 87 Cen- 
LeBlanc Calixte (Alice) lather h 94 Central 
LeBlanc Cecile opr 21 Crescent res 15 Gordon 
LeBlanc Chester mgr res 54 Pine 
LeBlanc Corinne M opr W W i C Co res ?; Central 
LeBlanc Dominick (Alice) opr W W 4 C Co h 51 


LeBlanc Donat (Ida) carp h 104 Central 
LeBlanc Edgar I mach W W Jk C Co res 194 Chestnut 
LeBlanc Edna mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 222 River 
LeBlanc Edna F opr W W & C Co res 27 Cross 
LeBlanc Elizabeth M pubic health nurse rm 8 City 

Hall res Bel Russell 
LeBlanc Elmire II opr W W & C Co res 194 Adams 
LeBlanc Eloie (Celina) carp h 194 Adams 
LeBlanc Emery carp res 104 Harvard 
LeBlanc Emma opr res 9 Elm 
LeBlanc Ernest carp h 161 Ash 
LeBlanc Ernest J (Alice M) mach res 52 Fiske 
LeBlanc Evelyn A laund res 27 C 
LeBlanc Francois L lather res 1SS School 
LeBlanc George F (Leonie) carp h 9 Elm 
LeBlanc Gregoire J (Rose M) lab h 1SS School 
LeBlanc Hector mach cpr W W & c Co res 23 Cross 
LeBlanc Henry F (Marie E) br.ss wkr h 53 Alder 
LeBlanc Henry J opr W W ft C Co res 87 Central 
LeBlanc Hermance II res 81 Central 
LeBlanc Hubert lather res 84 Bacon 
LeBlanc Isaie (Elrina) carp h 194 Chestnut 
LeBlanc James D (Marion) carp h 16 Charles st a? 
LeBlanc Joseph (Lucy) lab res 31 Charles 
LeBlanc Joseph carp res 93 Cherry 
LeBlanc Joseph chauf res 194 Chestnut 
LeBlanc Joseph pntr res 68 Pine 
LeBlanc Josephine opr res 517 Main 
LeBlanc Laurie M opr res 9 Elm 
LeBlanc Leo pntr res S52 Main 
LeBlanc Louis E (Jessie M) W \Y i C Co h 139 

LeBlanc Lucy J W W K Co res 81 Alder 
LeBlanc L Helene sten re? 23 C 
LeBlanc Margaret W W & C Co res 3S Cummings 
LeBlanc Mary draper 307 (151) Moody res 16 

Charles st av 
LeBlanc Mary waitress res 613 (311) Moody 
LeBlanc Mary W W & C Co res 80 Charles 
LeBlanc Mary R W W & C Co res 564 Main 
UsBlanc Moise res 31 Charles 
LeBlanc M Elizabeth public welfare nurse 614 Main 

rm S res 10S Russell 
LeBlanc Patrick opr res Sic Alder 
LeBlanc Patrick opr W W ft C Co res at Newton 

LeBlanc Patrick R opr W W & C Co res 240 Cres- 
LeBlanc [Mattie] gardener h SI Alder 

LeBlanc Pierre (Mary) lab res 94 Charles 
LeBlanc Rose A wid Clarence drsmkr h 23 C: 
LeBlanc Rudolph J (Pauline) watchmkr W W & C Co 
LeBlanc Samuel (Dophine C) pntr h 852 Main 

..i.nc Saul W W ft C Co res at Boi 
LeBlanc Simon h 25 Lowell 
LeBlanc Sophie opr res 31 Charles 
LeBlanc Thomas (Rose) W W & C Co res SI Alder 
LeBlanc Wm (Zebine) h 39 Charles 
LeBlanc Zoel R (Emma) W W ft G Co h 48 Har- 
LeBlanc see White 

LeBnin August G (Agnes) pntr h 173 Felton 
LeBrun Louis mach opr W S Co res 173 Felton 
LeBrun Norman G died April 16 1923 
LeClair Frederick (Delia) mach h 158 Bright 
LeClair Leon R acct W W £- C Co res 30 Fiske ar 
LeClair Mary F sten res 15S Bright 
LeClair Wm J (Catherine A) watchmn W W k C Co 

h 30 Fiske ar 
LeCourse C Milton asst mgr 143 Crescent 
Lee Arthur N pattemmkr 123 Moody h at Lexington 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Lee Everett G (Louise M) mail msngr 290 (134) 

Moody h 567 (291) do 
Lee George H laundry 871 Main h do 
Lee H Alfred W W & C Co h 82 Chestnut 
Lee Lydia C dietitian res 70 Gardner 
Lee Marion E opr W W & C Co res 82 Chestnut 
Lee Roger W teleg 688 Main h 20 Woerd av 
Lee Thomas (Alice N) opr D & F Co h 40 Oak 
Lee Wing laundry 129 Prospect h do 
Lee Yee laundry 715 Main h at B 
Lefevre Jude (Nellie F) jeweler h 55 Ellison id 
Lefler Ida M W W & C Co r 129 Brown 
LeFort Fred (Julia L) mica wkr res 26 Wash av 
LeFort Julie L Mrs opr W W & C Co res 25 W Wash 

LeFort Luby (Zabina) barber h 165 Adams 
LeFort Peter (Annie) sales 884 Main h 26 Wash av 
Leger Albert X mach res 39 Floyd 
Leger Alice opr W W & C Co res 21 Ash 
Leger Amedee opr W W & C Co res 89 Central 
Leger Caselina M bkpr res 39 Floyd 
Leger Celina opr res 18 Liberty 
Leger Cyril J (Mary A) pitmn h 5 Noonan 
Leger Delvina M opr W W & C Co res 18 Liberty 
Leger Edward W sten res 39 Floyd 
Leger Elizabeth L opr res 18 Liberty 
Leger Felix (Ora) lab h 18 Liberty 
Leger Georgina opr W W & C Co res 145 Adams 
Leger Marie hkpr 43 Central 
Leger Napoleon opr W W & C Co res 38 Wash av 
Leger Paul opr W W & C Co res 81 Central 
Leger Philias (Leona) millwright h 81 Charles 
Leger Placid J carp res 39 Floyd 
Leger Zoel F (Elizabeth M) carp h 39 Floyd 
Leger see Light 

Legere Abel J (Grace E) mach W W & Co h 15 Pal- 
Lege re Charles L (Lydia M) mach h 83 Ash 
Legere Fredinand (Alice) blksmth h 21 Ash 
Legere Georgina M opr W W & C Co res 679 (341) 

Leighton Charles H died Oct 18 1922 
Leighton Franklin H opr W W & C Co opr h 43 

Leighton Hannah P wid Charles J res 28 Gilbert 
Leighton Herbert (Nellie M) watchmn h 109 Myrtle 
Leighton Herndon W tchr res 19 Taylor 
Leighton Karl M W W & C Co res 33 Dexter 
Leighton Mary T Mrs h 19 Taylor 
Leighton Penrose wid Charles J res 28 Gilbert 
Leighton Sadee Mrs res 26 High 
Leighton Sadie S Mrs res 26 High 
Leighton Wm B (Flo re re B) gen mgr h 291 Bacon 
Leinoch Wm opr res 23 Russell 
Leishman Charles A (Sarah) elk h 2 Guinan 
Leitch Wm T elk P h 11 Randall 
Leland Edward W W & C Co h 45 Chestnut 
Leland Helen M tchr T R Plympton sch res 27 How- 
Leland Home for Aged Women Mary A Pendlebury 

matron 21 Newton 
Lelieve Joseph carp res 93 Cherry 
Lelievre Mary opr W W & C Co res 68 Hall 
LeMay Arthur (Virginia) opr h 345 River 
Lembo Gracia wid Rosario h 12 Kingsley's ct 
Lembo Philip barber 242 (104%) Moody res 147 

Lembo Philip ice cream wkr 235 (101) Moody res 17 

Lembo Salvatore (Annie) lab h 18 Brown's av 
Lembo Sebastiano (Zeta) lab b 105 Central 

Lemieux Delima Mrs h 106 Charles 

Lemieux Theodore opr W W & C Co res 106 Chulcs 

Lemmer Alvin (Hannah) opr h 96 Taylor 

Lemmer Clarence A shipper res 96 Taylor 

Lemmer Warren R res 96 Taylor 

Lemont Frank P (Clara E) photo 3 Moody rm 42 res 
29 Newton 

Lenaerts Helen wid Henry restr 681 (341a) Moody h 
101 Brown 

Lenaerts Helen E sten res 101 Brown 

Lenaerts Roland sales res 101 Brown 

Lentini Frank G (Vena) agt 11 Moody h 195% New- 

Lenza Salvador (Elizabeth) mason h 43 Lexington 

Leonard Addie M hkpr res 18 Lexington ter 

Leonard Annie M piano tchr res 461 Main 

Leonard Carl K (Susan F) fore J L T Mfg Co h 18 
Lexington ter 

Leonard Carrie M prin Thomas Hill sch res 18 Lex- 
ington ter 

Leonard Charles D elk Ry M S res 862 Main 

Leonard Charles H (Delia A) trainmn B & A h 14 

Leonard Emily M Mrs florist 862 Main h do 

Leonard George F (Emma B) watchmkr W W & C Co 
res 862 Main 

Leonard George W (Margaret J) fore h 145 Alder 

Leonard Helen J opr res 145 Alder 

Leonard Jessie S wid Harry H L h rear 191 School 

Leonard John J (Johanna L) mach h 173 Willow 

Leonard John J mach res 126 Pond 

Leonard Joseph L res 18 Lexington ter 

Leonard Martin J (Catherine) mach W W & C Co h 
59 Highland 

Leonard Mary wid Michael J h 117 Pond 

Leonard Mary F tchr Chauncey Newhall sch h 461 

Leonard Myrtie A tchr R E Robbins sch res 18 Lex- 
ington ter 

Leonard Patrick J (Catherine) watchmn h 126 Pond 

Leonard Wm F mach res 126 Pond 

Leonard Wm L (Marie) sht mtl wkr h 52 Pine 

Leonard Winnie AWW&CCohll(3) Moody 
suite 54 

L'Eplattenier Jules (Sarah) opr O'H W D Co h 23 

Lerner Frances J bkpr res 22 Brookfield rd 

Lerner Thora wid John h 22 Brookfield rd 

Lescaibeault Joseph died Feb 8 1922 

Leslie Blanche M W W & C Co res 77 Brown 

Leslie George F deputy sheriff 429 (229) Moody res 
110 High 

Leusher Herbert L (Thelma M) chauf 87 Rum ford av 
h 121 Ash 

Leusher Wm B (Emily L) chauf h 275 Crescent 

Levasseur Albert elk res 397 River 

Levasseur Joseph A (Georgiana) taper h 397 River 

Levesseur Leon weaver res 397 River 

Levasseur Rena opr res 397 River 

Lever Dennis (Effie) h 22 Lexington 

Lever Hormidas (Sophie) lab h 85 Felton 

Lever Severin (Sophie) carp h 85 Felton 

Lever Sophie opr W W & C Co res 22 Lexington 

Lever Theodore opr res 5 Fountain 

Leverson Ralph P student res 20 Rich 

LeVert Mary opr W W & C Co res at Auburndale 

LeVert Mose died April 11 1923 

Levey Elinor wid Wm P h 163 Willow 

Levey Francois J fore W B & D Wks res 163 Willow 

Levey Harold res 163 Willow 




Tel. Conn. 



Levey John W mach res 163 Willow 

Levine Albert (Ethel) shoes 313 (155) Moody h 55 

Levine David lab res 22 Fountain 
Levine Louis tailor 212 (86) Moody h at B 
Levine Martha sten res 201 Felton 
Levine Philip (Esther) tailor h 22 Fountain 
Levine Samuel (Annie) produce h 201 Felton 
Levison Abram (Bertha R) (Harry's Sample Shoe 

Parlor) 270 (122) Moody res at Camb 
Levison Bernard L student res 20 Rich 
Levison David (Rose E) real estate h 20 Rich 
Levison Harry N (Gertrude) (Harry's Sample Shoe 

Parlor) 270 (122) Moody h 12 Beech 
Levison Manuel mgr 270 (122) Moody h at B 
Levoy Herbert E (Ethel R) pastor Beth Eden Bapt ch 

h 146 Robbins 
LEWANDOS Dyers Cleansers and Launderers 365 
(193) Moody Tel 1519 and 19 Galen Watertown 
Tel Newton North 0300 1274 Mass av Camb Tel 
Univ 0945 Boston Shops 284 Boylston 17 Temple 
pi 248 Huntington av 29 State 79 Summer Execu- 
tive Office 286 Boylston Boston Tel Back Bay 3900 
See back cover 
Lewis Arthur R (Edith B) mgr h 693 (345) Moody 
Lewis Chester C jewel mkr 15 Crescent r 71 Crestnut 
Lewis Clara A wid Edward L h 71 Chestnut 
Lewis Edward F (Allura) rubberwkr h 72 Brown 
Lewis Erdine S W W & C Co res 94 Ash 
Lewis Erving E stockmn D & F Mfg Co Foundry av h 

at Som 
Lewis Helen h 549 Main 
Lewis Henry H (Martha A) mach W W & C Co h 29 

Lewis James P (Maiie E) phys 681 Main rm 8 h at 

Lewis Laura wid John H h 61 Adams 
Lewis Laura M wid Joseph nurse res 41 Wash av 
LEWIS LESLIE H (Hazel F) (Lewis & Warren) Heat- 
ing 689 (343b) Moody h 86 Robbins 
Lewis Ruth F W W & C Co res 87 Brown 
Lewis Susan Mrs drsmkr 6 Liberty h do 
Lewis S Alger M (Myrtle D) elk h 249 Bacon 
Lewis Walter T (Grace I) carp h 10 Exchange st ct 
Lewis Wm I (Elsie G) lndrymn h 49 Adams 
LEWIS & WARREN (Leslie H Lewis and Fred S 
Warren) Heating Plumbing Steam and Gas Fitting 
689 (343b) Moody Tel Waltham 2699 See Plumb- 
ing Dept 
Leydon Sarah B W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 57 
L'Hullier Corinne E opr W W & C Co res 64 Baker 
Libby Ansel P (Minnie) W W & C Co h 182 Ash 
LIBBY BROS (Daniel R and Clifton L Libby) General 
Machine Work 158 Lexington See Die & Model 
Making Dept 
LIBBY CLIFTON L (Edith A) (Libby Bros) 158 

Lexington h do 
LIBBY DANIEL R (Bertha) (Libby Bros) 158 Lex- 
ington h do 
Libby Edith A Mrs W W & C Co res 158 Lexington 
Libby Frederick A (Margaret) driver h 98 Chestnut 
Libby Harry E opr E H W Wks res 65 Cherry 
Libby Herman G (Adeline G) asst fore W W & C Co 

h 103 V 3 Adams 
Liberty Block 555-561 Adams 
Lidstone Pearl A opr W W & C Co res 84 Robbins 
Lievre Alexander opr res 14 Gonnans ct 
Lievre John (Florence) opr h 14 Gormans ct 
Light John F (Jessie W) dentist 314 (154) Moody 
rm 5 h 41 Wash av 

Lightbourn Eugene S (Elizabeth R) mach h 27 Myrtle 
Lightbourne Amanda Mrs janitress h 216 Newton 
Lightbourne Ethel M bkpr 393 (209) Moody res 216 

Lilius Elizabeth opr W W & C Co res 370 Crescent 
Lilleback Anna L sten res 15 Wash av 
Lilleback Betty G W W & C Co res 15 Wash av 
Lilleback Edward N sales mgr res 15 Wash av 
Lilleback Emma wid John P h 15 Wash av 
Lillls Arthur J (Maiy J) sales h 14 Willow 
Lilius Elizabeth opr res 370 Crescent 
Lilly Grace M opr W W & C Co res 72 Pine 
Limb Maurice (Lama) pntr h 186 Lexington 
Lincoln Bertha W W & C Co res 149 Adams 
Lincoln Charles H (Cora M) feature writer h 27 

Lincoln Charles H (Grace B) ins agt B h 378 New- 
Lincoln Edward E (Mary J) rem to Belmont 
Lincoln Edward L rem to Belmont 
Lincoln Edward R (Ethel A) sales h 27 Leonard 
Lincoln Gerald E (Agnes E) toolmkr h 56 Spruce 
Lincoln Hall 289 (137y 2 ) Moody 
Lincoln Hope L student res 378 Newton 
Lincoln Ida opr W W & C Co res 149 Adams 
Lincoln John (Ida) produce h 149 Adams 
Lincoln John A died April 7 1922 
Lind Elna I opr W W & C Co res 418 (220) Moody 
Lindah Mangny P (Betty) extracts ti 28 Turner 
Lindahl Oscar opr W W & C Co res at Waveiiey 
Lindberg Axel F (Augusta S) chauf W W & C Co h 

14 Charles st av 
Lindberg Eric A elk W W & C Co res 14 Charles st 

Linder Carl (Augusta) caretaker h 154 Plympton 
Linder Robert E (Hilda) W W & C Co h 152 Plymp- 
Lindgren Daniel A (Amanda J) wtchmkr h 70 Co- 
lumbus av 
Lindgren Lillian F J opr res 70 Columbus av 
Lindgren Morris mach res 11 Bellevue 
Lindhe Ida S W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Lindholra Carl E (Gertrude) mill wright h 5 Highland 
Lindholm Constance elk 243 Moody res 82 Cushing 
Lindholm Helene S wid Lambert T W W & C Co res 

82 Cushing 
Lindner Annie opr res 394 River 
Lindner Catherine wid Paul h 394 River 
Lindsay Robert B died Nov 5 1921 
Lindsfrom Alice H W W & C Co res 36 Hammond 
Lindstrom Carl A (Emma G) opr h 36 Hammond 
Lindstrom Carl A E (Ida L) mach h 3 Grant pi 
Linehan Elsie opr 21 Crescent res 2 Castle 
Linehan Elsie wid Wm lndry wkr h'2 Castle 
Linehan Simon (Catherine) prov 181 School h 12 

Lingg Henry L (Phebe) sales h 214 Bacon 
Lingley Catherine opr 307 (151) Moody res 205 

Lingley Clarence A (Catherine A) chauf 149 Elm h 

2 Smith ct 
Lingley Vernon (Bertha M) farmer h 8 Colby av 
Linnehan Elsie dom h 2 Castle 
Linnehan Martin lab res 16 Grant pi 
Linnehan Mary A W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 35 
Linnekin Guy S (Katherine A) W W & C Co h 17 

Chester av 
Linnekin Katherine opr W W & C Co res 17 Chester 





Tel. Waltham 0940 



Linnekin Luella B wid Charles C h 17 Chester av 
Linnell Alvin M (Genevieve) train mn h Indian rd off 

Linnell Mary V wid John A h 145 Dale 
Linskey Michael J (Mary B) yardmn h 331 Grove 
Linskey Mortimer W (Mary T) W B & D Wks h 138 

Linskey see Lynskey 
Linstrora Jacob gardener res 556 Main 
Lint George pntr res 21 Adams 
Linthwaite Annie wid George B res 12 Gotham 
Linthwaite Frederick J (Anna May) W W & C Co h 

166 Ash 
Linthwaite George appliance man 209 (83) Moody h 

at Newton 
Linthwaite Matthew G (Mary L) W W & C Co h 102 

Lira Mildred opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Liscarbeaiilt Mary wid Joseph res 236 River 
Liscombe Charles T S (Hope L) auto trimmer h 102 

Liston John (Clara A) h 73 Harvard 
Litchfield Elliot K (Olga) elk W W & C Co h 35 

Litchfield Gertrude E res 63 Crescent 
Litchfield Gustavus E (Fannie H) auctioneer h 63 

Litchfield Olga opr W W & C Co res 35 Maple 
Little Annie L mus res 77 Crescent 
Little Charles H (Mary E) carp W W & C Co h 346 

Little John ft (Jane) mach h 162 Chestnut 
Little Leslie T (Florence C) librarian Waltham Public 

Library 735 Main h at B 
Little Nellie opr W W & C Co res at Waverley 
Little Wm mach res 17 Elm 

Little Wm E treas 390 (208) Moody h at Framing- 
Littlefield Annie M wid Harry h Lincoln nr Lincoln 

Littlefield Benjamin F prntr 278 (126) Moody h at 

W Newton 
Littlefield Doris M elk W W & C Co res 98 High 
Littlefield Edgar A driver res 192 V 2 Adams 
Littlefield Ella E wid Charles E h 192 % Adams 
Littlefield Ethel M opr 87 Rumford av res 98 Alder 
Littlefield Fiank G died Sept 10 1923 
Littlefield Henry A (Ella) plmbr 366 (186) Moody 

h 5614 Orange 
Littlefield Mabel E opr 87 Rumford av h 98 Alder 
Littlefield Nancy E W W & C Co res 192 % Adams 
Littlefield Sylvia W W & C Co res 89 Cherry 
Lituri Caloggio (Lilly) lab h 244 Newton 
LITURI CHARLES (Anna) Heating Engineer 11 Cres- 
cent Tel 2395- R h 244 Newton Tel 2228- M See 

Heating Dept 
Lituri Frank C (Rosalia) locksmith 11 Crescent h 

244 Newton 
Lituri Lilly Mrs stitcher 307 (151) Moody h 244 

Livermore Ellen C wid Charles H died May 22 1921 
Livermore George M student res 47 Bacon 
Livermore Walter A (Florence E) insp h 895a Main 
Livemocne Edward driver res 195 Riverview av 
Livernoche Elizabeth insp res 195 Riverview av 
Livemocne Eva opr W W & C Co res 28 Robbins 
Livernoche Joseph (Eva) pntr h 28 Robbins 
Livernoche Joseph A (Addie) (J Livernoche & Son) 

b 195 Riverview av 

Livernoche J & Son (Joseph A Livernoche) screen mfrs 

195 Riverview av 
Livernoche Laura B W W & C Co r 195 Riverview av 
Livernoche Wm F opr res 65 Russell 
Livingston Gordon opr W W & C Co res 13 Rutland 
Livingston Wm harness mkr 697 Main res 24 Vz Bacon 
Lizzotte Eva M laundress res 120 Pine 
Lloyd Frank (Grace E) roofer h 192y 2 Adams 
Lloyd Jeremiah benchhand W S Co res 78 Adams 
Lobdell Margaret E wid Wm C h 27 Hammond 
Lobdell Wm C died May 25 1923 
Loberg Hilma C wid Savarin h rear 141 South 
Locher Fred mach res 477 Main 
Lochray Daniel (Margaret) mach h 104 Bacon 
Lochray James D cashr res 104 Bacon 
Lochray Josephine elk res 104 Bacon 
Lock Elsie R res 51 Myrtle 
Lock Wm T (Emma Ward) bkpr 200 Prospect h 51 

Locke Bertha L W W & C Co res 59 High 
Locke Block 389-399 (207-211) Moody 
Locke Charles H watchmkr W W & C Co h 171 Chest- 
Locke Clayton G (Mildred F) paymaster h 9 Newton 
Locke Emily G wid Wm P h 34 Walnut 
Locke Ernest L (L Jennie) insp h 52 Tolman 
Locke E Irving mgr E Howard Watch Wks h at Water- 
Locke Frank (Ella) W W & C Co h 23 Lord 
Locke Fred A (Jessie) driver h 73 Gardner 
Locke George A (Marietta G) h 14 High 
Locke George S molder res 9 Pine 
Locke Hall 399 (211) Moody 
Locke Henrietta M died April 28 1923 
Locke Ida J wid Albert S h 59 High 
Locke Mae E res 34 Walnut 
Locke Willard P W W & C Co res 80 Adams 
Locke Wm E (Minnie) cashr h 23 Lord 
Pres Henry S Bothfeld Vice-Pres Theodore R Lock- 
wood Treas-Sec Importers Olive Oil and Castile Soap 
Beaver near Clematis Brook Station Tel 2700 
Lockwood Clara Mrs res 4 Norumbega ter 
Lockwood Henry N jr pres 100 Beaver h at Waban 
Lockwood Theodore R treas 100 Beaver h at Newton 
Lodzitz Samuel tailor 448 (236) Moody h at B 
Loftus Bernard J auto supplies res 16 Lynchs la 
Loftus Bridget wid h 18 Parkers la 
Loftus Bryan (Catherine G) lab h 122 Willow 
Loftus Catherine Mrs var 122 Willow h do 
Loftus Catherine opr res 18 Parkers la 
Loftus Helen laundress res 16 Lynchs la 
Loftus Michael (Mary) lab h 16 Lynchs la 
Loftus Winifred res 16 Lynchs la 
Logan Alice G opr W W & C Co res 706 (356) Moo- 
Logan Frank W (Mary G) cond h 114 Taylor 
Logan Frederick J auto instructor 60 Adams res 114 

Logan Matthew (Elizabeth M) driver h 173 Willow 
Logan Maude L laundry matron M S F M res do 
Logan Robert H (Ruth H) artist h 28 Vernon 
Lohnes Hartley S leather mfr h 34 Upton rd 
Lohnes Nellie F Mrs died Feb 7 1923 ' 
Lombard Lawrence (Hazel) mgr 691 Main h 132 

Lombardi Gennaro (Roberta) lab h 17 Yetten ter 
Lombardi John died May 1 1923 
Lombardi Joseph Mrs opr h 22 Oak 
Lombardi Michele (Carmina) lab h 20 Williams 

courtesy ROBBINS & MOULTON CO. mms 


584 (298) Moody St. tel. 

fM S«l«tMU 


2615 Waltham,Mass. 



Lombardi Eaffaele (Francesca) lah h 105 Harvard 

Lonergan John F shipper res 99 Taylor 

Lonergan Lawrence (Mary) elk 4 Oak h 99 Taylor 

Lonergan Mary A elk 307 (151) Moody res 99 Taylor 

Long Eslie A (Mary A) carp 51 Alder h do 

Long James A (Bertha C) carp h 53 Myrtle 

Longo Josephine Mrs opr h 197 School 

Loomis Charles A (Eva J) nickel polisher h 91 Ash 

Loomis Charles H res 91 Ash 

Loomis Chailes H (Emily) elect h 12 Highland 

Looney James J mgr 71 Felton h at Belmont 

Looskin Mary E L Mrs buckle mkr res 107 Harvard 

Lopez Antonio (Josephine) express 692 (350) Moody 

b do 
Lopez Steve rem to B 

Lopresti Arthur (Caroline) lab h 844 Main 
Lopresti Frank N (Tina) stitcher h 266 Crescent 
Lopresti John (Constance) mica wkr h 719 (361) 

Lopresti Mary mica wkr res 266 Crescent 
Lopresti Salvatore (Josephine) mica wkr h 844 Main 
Lord Bertha W W & C Co res 94 Brown 
Lord Charles H W W & C Co h at Auburndale 
Lord C M res 94 Adams 
Lord Ethel M sten res 44 Howard 
Lord Flora D Mrs seam h 44 Howard 
Lord Frank R (Lillian M) mgr h 12 Harding av 
Lord John W died Mar 11 1922 
Lord Margaret wid John N h 33 Beech 
Lord Marguerite mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 356 Moo- 
Lord Mary opr W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Lord Mary L wid Benjamin F h 33 Howard 
Lord Rufus E (Emily C) carp 211 Hammond h do 
Lorenzo Anthony (Croci) lab h 3 Day 
Loring Alfred R sales 274 (124) Moody h Ash 
Loud Charles musician 19 Elm 
Loud Dorothy C elk W W & C Co res 12 Woerd av 
Loud Eugenie C elk W W & C Co res 12 Woerd av 
Loud S A Mrs h 786 (396) Moody 
Loughlin Francis C chauf res 100 Cedar 
Loughlin John J (Mary J) caretaker W W & C Co h 

17 Summer av 

Loughlin John J jr bricklayer res 17 Summer av 
Loughlin Leo J res 100 Cedar 
Loughlin Mary opr h 135 Felton 
Loughlin Mary T seam res 24 Hardy 
Loughlin Peter (Helen) driller h 80 Exchange 
Loughlin Thomas W (Delia M) bucklemkr h 100 

Loughlin T Wm (Celia) cond res 73 Adams 
Loughlin Wm J (Sarah J) WW&CCohl09 Myrtle 
Loughlin see Locklin and O'Laughlin 
Loughrey see Lochray 

Lourey Lawrence T student res 169 Willow 
Loux Harry J mach res 88 Hammond 
Loux Sophie wid Joseph h 88 Hammond 
Loux Theresa F opr res 88 Hammond 
Lovejoy Earl T (Amy L) heating contr 40 Spruce b 

18 Maple 

Lovejoy Hattie Mrs died Oct 21 1921 

Lovequist Edwin H (Gertrude E M) police h 16 Gor- 

mans ct 
Lovering Nellie R h 4 Norumbega ter 
Lovette Wm R (Etta E) W W & C Co h 24 Orange 
Loving George W (Alice H) sales h 206 Robbins 
Lowd Charles B (Isabelle M) W W & C Co h 141 

Lowe Adelbert N mgr h 166 Adams 
Lowe Anna M W W & C Co res at Auburndale 

Lowe Clara K elk W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Lowe Edwin A (Emily B) managing editor 18 Pine h 

611a Main 
Lowe Ellen M wid Nelson h 166 Adams 
Lowe Emily B Mrs mayor's sec 614 Main rm 13 h 

611a Main 
Lowe Ernest R reporter 18 Pine h 590 Main 
Lowe Fred C elk W W & C Co res 590 Main 
Lowe Jennie M opr W W & C Co r 583 (299) Moody 
Lowe Jennie W W & C Co res 49 Cherry 
Lowe Julius P (Ida B) contr h 117 South 
Lowe Michael J (Elizabeth M) druggist h 62 Lyman 
Lowe Wilbur farmer M S F M res do 
Lowell Chailes A (Mary A) (Lowell & Millen) b 92 

Lowell Francis C School L Mabel Forbush prin 282 

Lowell Percival (Grace M) mach h 24 Prospect Hill 

Lowell Playground 20 Hastings and 127 Willow 
Lowell Warren pntr res 39 Hammond 
Lowell Wm F res 92 Alder 
Lowell & Millen (Charles A Lowell James Millen) 

carps 92 Alder 
Lowrey John A (Anna T) rubberwkr h 169% Willow 
Lowrey Julia wid Michael laundress h 32 Massasoit 
Lowrey Lawrence F h 169 Willow 
Loynd Catherine T wid John W h 324 Moody 
Loynd Fiances opr W W & C Co res 12 Robbins 
Loynd Francis S (Mary) W W & C Co h 96 Orange 
Loynd Herbert P (Mildred M) watchmkr W W k C 

Co h 23 Fuller 
Loynd Joseph B (Josephine B) job master h 61 Pros- 
Loynd Nellie Mrs jewel setter 11 Gifford av h at Wa- 

Loynd Thomas B (Alice) baker 853 Main res 65 Ash 
Loynd Wm L (Frances A) nickel plater h 12 Robbins 
Lucas Charles H (Lucinda E) h 108 Alder 
Lucas Hazel opr res 40 Chestnut 
Lucas Nina Mrs W W & C Co h 40 Chestnut 
Lucas Wm H (Eva J) E H W Wks h 31 Lawrence 
Lucchese Antonio (Nelle) weaver h 45 Calvary 
Lucchese Carraelo wvr res 30 Oak 
Lucchese Giuseppe (Marghretta) lab h 30 Oak 
Lucchese Michael lab res 30 Oak 
Lucchese Vincenzo res 30 Oak 
Luce Alice D Mrs W W & C Co res 12 Alder 
Luce Edith A tchr John Roberts sen res 274 School 
LUCE FRANCIS P (Holmes Luce & Co) 274 (124) 

Moody h at Marthas Vineyard 
Luce Frank I (Alice R) optician res 82% Robbins 
LUCE ROBERT (Mabelle F) Congressman 13th Dist 
Mass Washington D C and lawyer and pres 8 Bos* 
worth B h 91 Summer 
Luce Russell B (Ethel L) bkpr h 82% Robbins 
Lucey Katherine J W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Lucian Stephen fore res 426 Moody 
Luciano Giuseppe died Sept 2 1921 
Ludden Charles M (Kathleen H) lawyer B h 20 Lex- 
ington ter 
Ludden Hobart H student res 20 Lexington ter 
Ludden Martha R tchr res 20 Lexington ter 
Ludessi Wm curate Sacred Heart R C ch h 369 River 
Ludlam Charles (Helen) bird dealer B h 15 Barton 
Ludwig Frank J pres Beaver Brook Grain Co Massa- 
soit cor Main b at Brookline 
Ludwig Irving F elk Beaver Brook Grain Co Massasoit 

cor Main h at Jamaica Plain 
Luginbuhl Walter opr W W & C Co res 96 Robbing 





Lukraha Stanley (Viola) opr h 21 Calvary 

Lund Clifton B (Singnhild M) wtchmkr b 75 Irving 

Lundberg Anna H sten res 35 Fiske 

Lundberg Carl J elk B res 35 Fiske 

Lundberg Gustave (Marion L) gard W W & C Co h 

35 Fiske 
Lundberg Gyda E bkpr res 35 Fiske 
Lundberg Marie tchr res 35 Fiske 
Lundell Elsa seam res 27 Rich 
Lundell Hans (Matilda) tailor h 27 Rich 
Lundell Inga seam res 27 Rich 
Lundgren Emil (Anna) W W & C Co h 117 Robbins 
Lundgren John A (Hilda) sawyer h 17 Y 2 Plympton 
Lundgren Paul H student res 117 Robbins 
Lundquist August T died Aug 16 1921 
Lundquist Carl H (Emma S) pntr h 46 Myrtle 
Lundquist Gustave H (Bertha) pntr h 46 Myrtle 
Lundstrom Harold L W (Edith) fore 48 Woerd av h 

16 Faneuil rd 
Lundstrom M A nurse res 20 Auburn 
Lunny Joseph F mach res 61 Newton 
Lunny Thomas P pntr res 61 Newton 
Lunny Wm J (Rose L) mach h 268 Brown 
Lupo Anthony lab res 60 Cedar 
Lupo Domonic (Jennie) opr h 11 Oak 
Lupo Frank (Annie) lab h 60 Cedar 
Lupo Nicola (Concetta) lab h 162 Felton 
Lush Arthur J (Alice J) mgr h 58 Upton rd 
Lyden Frank E (Marion) auto rpr h 19 Central av 
Lyman Arthur (Susan C) pres 74 Rumford av W B 

& D Wks lawyer h Lyman cor Beaver 
Lyman Harriet S Mrs tchr Bright sch r at Watertown 
Lyman Mabel sum. res Forest cor Beaver 
Lyman Ronald T (Elizabeth) treas W B & D Wks h 

Beaver nr Forest 
Lyman Susan sum res Lyman cor Beaver 
Lyman Susan C Miss treas Waltham Social Service 

League h Lyman cor Beaver 
Lyman Thomas F W W & C Co h 80 Robbins 
Lymer John E (Mary) watchmkr W W & C Co h 11 

Lynch Charles H (Zilda) wvr h 147 Crescent 
Lynch David J market gard Forest cor Trapelo rd h do 
Lynch Frank market gard h Forest cor Trapelo rd 
Lynch George (Eva B) mach h Lakeview ter nr Lake 
Lynch Grace P tchr S J H S res 344 School 
Lynch Henry mach res 136 Brown 
Lynch James J (Margaret A) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 2 Tolman 
Lynch John F (Mary F) steamftr h 457 Main 
Lynch John F sales res 21 Dexter 
Lynch John W shipper 56 Felton h at Dedham 
Lynch Mary wid Michael h 136 Brown 
Lynch Mary E res Forest cor Trapelo rd 
Lynch Thomas (Mary) rubberwkr h 152 Willow 
Lynskey Annie E H W Co res 150 Crescent 
Lynskey Catherine wid Thomas h 77 Russell 
Lynskey Thomas F (Alice F) restr 879 Main and 455 

South h 77 Russell 
Lynskey Thomas F (Bridget) lab h 58 Walnut 
Lynsky Michael J (Mary) fore 129 Moody h 33 Grove 
Lyon Edward W W W & C Co h 4 Adams 
Lyon Nan M Mrs died Jan 30 1922 
Lyon Walter M (Hazel A) tchr h 138 Riverview av 
Lyons Edward (Mary) car rpr h 87 Harvard 
Lyons Elizabeth opr W W & C Co res 162 Newton 
Lyonss Evelyn G W W & C Co res 162 Newton 
Lyons Joseph (Gertrude) elk h 39 Taylor 
Lyons Mary J wid Wm h 105 Plympton 
Lyons Michael gatemn h 162 Newton 

Lyons M Helena tchr 661 Main res at Newton 
Lyons Robert L (Elizabeth) treas 100 Felton h 790 

Lyons Sarah E hkpr 162 Newton 
Lyons Wm H (Helena F) police h 209 Ash 
Lyttle John R (Jennie A) auto rpr h 162 Chestnut 
Mabie Clarence A (Lillian M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 9 Highland av 
Mabie Guy hlpr res 9 Highland av 
Mabie Robert G sales 60 Adams res 9 Highland av 
MacAuley Margaret drsmkr res 69 Lowell 
MacArthur George D (Annie) carp h 190y 2 Adams 
MacArthur Gordon G (Helen J) carp h 168 Adams 
MacArthur H Stanley (Louise A) watchmkr W W & 

C Co h 104 Alder 
MacArthur John S mgr 769 Main h 49 Harvard 
MacArthur Marion F elk W W & C Co res 102 Alder 
MacArthur Neil W (Bessie) steamftr h 49 Harvard 
MacArthur Verna M bkpr 129 Moody res 102 Alder 
MacArthur Wm J (Florence) iron wkr h 102 Alder 
Macauley Margaret M W W & C Co res 355 (185) 

McAuley Mary h 69 Lowell 

MacBain Victor R (Marie L) mgr B h 58 Bearer 
MacBride Asa A (Ella M) woodmolder h 85 Howard 
MacBride Charles E W W & C Co res 92 Crescent 
MacCann Ethel M W W & C Co res 87 Brown 
MacCarthy Charles H (Victoria) W W & C Co h 43 

MacCaull Besse W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 58 
MacCleave Charles A (Gertrude E) mach W S Co h 

15 Hartwell 
MacCleave Earl driver res 91 South 
MacCleave Edith M polisher res 91 South 
MacCleave Forest M student res 91 South 
MacCleave Roscce M pntr res 91 South 
MacCleave Susan E wid Edward h 91 South 
MacClellan John A (Caroline B) sales 62 Adams h 

211 Brown 
MacClellan Margaret A linotype opr 18 Pine res 379 

Macdonald Herbert C elk res 109 Stow 
Macdonald James L (Mabel C) mgr h 109 Stow 
Macdonald Mary wid John G res 74 Maple 
MacDonald Angus J (Mary E) cond h 26 Cross 
MacDonald Annie I W W & C Co res at Quincy 
MacDonald Catherine Mrs h 82 Chestnut 
MacDonald Duncan (Esther A) shoe rpr 282 (128) 

Moody rm 1 and Gifford av h 4 Common suite 2 
MacDonald Edward mica wkr 66 Woerd av h 76 Chest- 
MacDonald Eunice W W ft C Co res at B 
MacDonald Florence W W & C Co res 124 Adams 
MacDonald Frank jeweler h 204 Moody 
MacDonald Frederick L (Lucy G) phys 10 Spruce h do 
MacDonald George tel installer res 66 Francis 
MacDonald Grace L opr res 2 Woodlawn av 
MacDonald Herbert W W & C Co res 109 Stow 
MacDonald Isabel P W W & C Co res 386 (204) 

MacDonald James E tel installer res 66 Francis 
MacDonald Jessie nurse M S F M res do 
MacDonald J Clifford carp res 198 Robbins 
MacDonald John (Emma K) plasterer h 50 Spring 
MacDonald John sales res 82 Chestnut 
MacDonald Mabel opr W W & C Co res 153 Brown 
MacDonald Margaret nurse M S F M res do 
MacDonald Mary wid Kenneth h 76 Chestnut 
MacDonald Mary E Mrs h 66 Francis 
MacDonald Merle S (Josephine M) elk res 4 Common 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



MacDonald Nellie nurse M S F M res do 
MacDonald Nettie W W & C Co res 120 High 
MacDonald Pearl opr W VV & C Co res 204 Moody 
MacDonald Ronald J (Jennie A) driver 74 Bacon h do 
MacDonald Rupert G (Alice) ree elk 1040 Main h 2 

Woodlawn av 
MacDonald Thomas W W & C Co res 66 Francis 
MacDonald Warren B (Althea G) carp h 4 Chester av 
MacDonald see Macdonald and McDonald 
MacDougall Allister F managing director 47 Moody h 

at Lexington 
MacDougall Anna L W W & C Co h 730 (368) Moo- 
MacDougall Daniel (Susie A) rem to Braintree 
MacDougall Ella M W W & C Co r 730 (368) Moody 
MacDougall George F (Ella M) watchmkr h 17 Hart- 
MacDougall Ida B W W & C Co r 730 (368) Moody 
MacDougall Lillian M W W & C Co res 730 (368) 

MacDougall Margaret A opr W W & C Co res 730 

(368) Moody 
MacDougall Mary attendant M S F M res do 
MacDougall Wm E (Annie M) chiropractor 681 Main 

rm 10a h at B 
MacDougall Wm H meatctr M S F M res do 
Mace Charles J jr (Mabel L) mach B & A h 16 High 
Mace Mabel L Mrs elk 393 (209) Moody h 16 High 
Mace Oliver E (Stella) mgr h 36 Wellington av 
MacFarlane Charles B (Carrie) supt h 39 Pleasant 
MacFarlane Edward B student res 39 Pleasant 
MacFarlane Evelyn F student res 39 Pleasant 
MacFayden Peter (Gertrude) ins agt h 870 (434) 

MacGiilivary Katherine L opr W W & C Co res 635 

MacGiilivary Margaret Mrs h 635 South 
MacGiilivary Margaret E res 635 South 
MacGiilivary Mary J nurse res 635 South 
MacGiilivary Vincent J acct res 94 Adams 
MacGiilivary see McGillivary McGillivray and McGil- 

MacGreal John R mgr 611 Main res 17 Elm 
MacGregor Garage Inc The W R Meikle pres-treas 

580 Main 
MacGregor The 802 Main 
Maclnnis Annie nurse M S F M res do 
Maclntire Howard bkpr res 34 Walnut 
Maclvor Murdock chauf res 4 Cornwallis pi 
Mackay James W W W & C Co res 16 Bedford 
MacKay Bella mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 759 (rear 

377) Moody 
MacKay Delena mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 759 (rear 

377) Moody 
MacKay Katherine checker res 759 (rear 377) Moody 
MacKelvey Adam W W & C Co res 34 Howard 
MacKelvey Wm (Fostina) autos 175 High h 56 Ash 
Mackenzie Alexander C (Martha A) h 65 Robbins 
Mackenzie Carl C (Maigaret C) tool mkr h 127 Woerd 

Mackenzie Madella res 65 Robbins 
Mackenzie Wm H (Ella C) rubberwkr h 140 Weston 
MacKenzie Colin D (Mary E) fore h 89 Myrtle 
MacKenzie George C (Evelina H) W W & C Co h 72 

MacKenzie Georgie K nurse M S F M res do 
MacKenzie Mary E W W & C Co res 61 Guinan 
MacKenzie Ronald C (Elizabeth G) phys 511 (154) 

Moody h 210 Main 
MacKenzie Vinal K W W & C Co res at Quincy 

MacKenzie see Mackenzie and McKenzie 

Mackey Arthur A (Jeanette M) hlpr 40 Spruce h 87 

Mackey Mary A drsmkr h 11 Taylor 
Mackey Sarah F wid John drsmkr res 52 Chester av 
Mackinley Bertha nurse M S F M res do 
MacKinnon David M (Catherine) opr h 81c Alder 
MacKinnon Mary W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
MacKinnon Mary E W W & C Co res 89 Brown 
MacKinnon Thomas (Maude A) hostler 30 Elm h 20 

Mackintosh Euphemia died Dec 8 1921 
Mackintosh Mary S wid Thomas died Sept 30 1922 
Mackintosh Rachael A nurse public schs res 183 Ash 
MacLean Mary C W W & C Co res 49 Cherry 
MacLean Phemia A W W & C Co res 303 Crescent 
MacLean Roy elect 588 Main h at Lexington 
MacLellan Bessie underwear wkr res 97 Maple 
MacLennan Catherine opr W W & C Co res 583 (299) 

MacLennan Katherine B nurse M S F M res do 
Maclennon Hazel W W & C Co res at E Woburn 
MacLeod Annie W W & C Co res 8 Orange 
MacLeod Annie W elk W W & C Co res 888 Main 
MacLeod Basil elk 314 (154) Moody rm 3 res at 

MacLeod lsabelle W W & C Co res at Quincy 
MacLeod Jeannette W W & C Co res 35 High 
MacLeod Jessie tchr M S F M res do 
MacLeod John A (Mary) W W & C Co h 83a Maple 
MacLeod Josephine M W W & C Co res 345 Moody 
MacLeod Katherine W W & C Co res 150 Brown 
MacLeod Mary opr res 220V2 Brown 
MacLeod Tena nurse M S F M res do 
MacManus Ethel elk res 88 Brown 
MacManus Jennie M sten W W & C Co res 88 Brown 
MacManus Mary J wid Gerald h 88 Brown 
MacMiHan Adam J (Ida C) finisher h 44 Bedford 
MacMillan Elspeth h 44 Bedford 
MacMillan Fannie W W & C Co res at Silver Hill 
MacNabb Mabel J W W & C Co res 154 Ash 
MacNally Raymond W W & C Co res 10 Stearns 
MacNaughton Rachael W W & C Co res at Concord 
MacNeil Laura H opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
MacNeil Sarah J wid Daniel died May 25 1921 
MacNeill Catherine hkpr 172 Adams 
MacNeill Charles A (Florence) W W & C Co h 634 

(322) Moody 
MacNeill Evelyn E elk Waltham Savings Bank res 928 

(464) Moody 
MacNeill Florence E matron M S F M res do 
MacNeill Harris L (Phoebe W) opr W W & C Co h 

928 (464) Moody 
MacNeill John R ins agt res 172 Adams 
MacNeill Ronald J mach W W & C Co h 260 Cres- 
Macomber Edward F (Mary G) carp h 17 Boynton 
Macomber Walter M architect res 17 Boynton 
MacPherson Jennie nurse M S F M res do 
MacPherson John M mgr 725 (361a) Moody h at 

MacRae Doris E sten res 133 Robbins 
MacRae Eva M supervisor Waltham Hospital res 160 

MacRae Isaac (Anna) tmstr h 309 Newton 
MacRae Margaret E tel opr res 309 Newton 
MacQueen Jean opr 60 Woerd av res at Auburndale 
MacSheffery Margaret M tel opr 16 Spring res 10 

Macurda Wm E rem to Lexington 





Madden Alphonsus L (Corinne V) com trav h 16 Ex- 
Madden Beatrice P rem to Watertown 
Madden Bridget wid Thomas h 17 Flood 
Madden Edward driver S Co res 276 River 
Madden Elizabeth L fore res 3 Pond 
Madden Emma W opr W W & C Co res 11 School 
Madden Helen J student res 49 Howard 
Madden John H opr W W & C Co res 35 Beech 
Madden John J opr W W & C Co res 11 School 
Madden Joseph M (Marguerite) trainmn B & M h 

916b Main 
Madden Joseph T (Catherine J) W W & C Co h 154 

Madden Josephine W W & C Co res 11 School 
Madden Julia GWW&CColl School 
Madden Laura hkpr 11 School 
Madden Luke lab res 15 Lowell 
Madden Mary F jewelsetter W W & C Co res 11 

Madden Mathew dye wks res 916b Main 
Madden Matthew J died Nov 1 1921 
Madden Michael died Nov 1921 
Madden Wm F (Jennie M) elk 671 Main h 49 How- 
Madden Wm J (Myrtle G) auto trimming 11 Myrtle 

h 35 Beech 
Mader Cora F wid Wm sten h 45 Derby 
Mader Russell C student M I T res 45 Derby 
Madill George T garage 1013 Main r 4 Woodlawn av 
Maenche Albert T (Matilda) sales h 19 Banks 
Maenche Hilda G Mrs tchr Old High sch h 51 Howard 
Maenche Theodore Z mach B P P Co h 51 Howard 
Magee Annie opr res 51 Charles 
Magee Eliza A h 24 Bacon 
Magee Sarah h 51 Charles 
Magee Susie nurse res 51 Charles 
Magennis John lab res 77 Pine 
Maginnis Helen A bkpr res 44 Upton rd 
Maginnis Wm G elk res 44 Upton rd 
Maginnis Wm J (Alice D) mgr h 44 Upton rd 
MAGNUSON ANTON (Hilda) Contractor Painting and 
Decorating 123 High Tel Waitham 0473-W h do 
See right top lines 
Magnuson Matilda wid August died Jan 6 1922 
Magoley Margaret F tchr N J H S h 8 Eldredge 
Magoon Ralph M (Ethel B) fore W W & C Co h 

22% Rumford av 
Magregor The apt house 802 Main 
Mague Emily E tchr S Grammar sch r at Auburndale 
Maguire Alice M tel opr res 27 Exchange 
Maguire Dora res 180 Brown 
Maguire Edward M shipper h 13 Dartmouth 
Maguire Esther opr res 76 Exchange - 
Maguire Esther C drsmkr 13 Dartmouth res do 
Maguire Frances D sec 243 Moody res 13 Dartmouth 
Maguire Frank driver res 207 Newton 
Maguire Frank (Margaret C) plmbr h 27 Exchange 
Maguire George J (Margaret C) opr h 347 River 
Maguire Gertrude F W W & C Co res 13 Dartmouth 
Maguire Jennie Mrs janitress W W & C Co h 189 

Maguire John (110 Taylor) died July 31 1921 
Maguire John J city lab res 27 Exchange 
Maguire John J lab res 23 Fern 
Maguire Joseph J (Mary) elk h 110 Taylor 
Maguire Julia C Mrs died April 4 1923 
Maguire Katie nurse M S F M res do 
Maguire Michael (Mary) opr W G W Co h 28 Castle 
Maguire Michael J (Catherine) plmbr h 171 South 

Maguire Mildred opr res 76 Exchange 
Maguire Peter bleacher res 27 Exchange 
Maguire Wm (Margaret) opr W G W Co h 76 Ex- 
Maguire Wm P USA res 76 Exchange 
Maguire see McGuire 
Malum Edward S (Hattie M) W W & C Co h 104 

Mahan James (Abbie) mach h 137 Charles 
Mahaney John W W W & C Co res 29 Crescent 
Mahar Anna J elk h 145 Bacon 
Mahar Inez H W W & C Co res 121 Brown 
Mahar Patrick city lab h 152 Willow 
Maher Bridget M wid Peter F h 33 Newton 
Maher Francis A cutter res 61 Taylor 
Maher Fred C hlpr res 61 Taylor 
Maher Harold B labeller 60 Woerd av res 61 Taylor 
Maher Irene opr W W & C Co res 121 Brown 
Maher John J (Margaret) mach h 61 Taylor 
Maher John T (Edith M) opr W W & C Co h 806% 

Maher Joseph M (Mary E) chauf h 9 Castle 
Maher Joseph M opr res 33 Newton 
Maher Peter F died June 22 1923 
Maher Raymond P chauf res 33 Newton 
Maher Thomas restr mgr res 85 Brown 
Maher Wm P elk res 61 Taylor 
Maheux Leo W W & C Co res 23 Cushing 
Mahon Catherine opr 87 Rumford av res at W Newton 
Mahoney Abbie M wid Cornelius res 439 Lexington 
Mahoney Cornelius (Ada N) cigarmkr h 28 Plyrapton 
Mahoney Daniel (Margaret) driver 224 Newton h 228 

Mahoney Dennis opr B & M res 125 Charles 
Mahoney Ellen Mrss elk 206 (80) Moody h 15 Gordon 
Mahoney George chauf res 125 Charles 
Mahoney James C polisher res 38 Wellington 
Mahoney John J (Mary) lab h 10 Highland 
Mahoney John J (Winifred I) opr E H W Wks h 84 

Mahoney Katherine A Mrs died June 15 1923 
Mahoney Katherine F W W & C Co res 118 Russell 
Mahoney Mary C Mrs died Oct 20 1922 
Mahoney Mary J res 125 Charles 
Mahoney Mary J wid Dennis h 125 Charles 
Mahoney Michael J (Margaret) h 86 Oak 
Mahoney Neil (Ada) cigars h 28 Plympton 
Mahoney Patrick mason h 112 Newton 
Mahoney Wm J (Emma P) cigar mfr 667 Main h 439 

Mahoney Wm J lab h 1 Munroe av 
Main Albert died Nov 4 1922 

Main Auto Radiator Works (Wm Sherman) 581 Main 
Main Charles E elk res 83 Hammond 
Main Frank (Lottie M) lather h 79 Hammond 
Main Mildred A sten res 83 Hammond 
Main Willard J (Evelyn M) elk res 77 Pine 
Main Wm J (Delia A) carrier P 290 (134) Moody 

h 83 Hammond 
Maines Ernest L (Florence) mach W W & C Co h 40 

Maines Herbert L asst supt 416 (218) Moody 
Mains Nellie Mrs drsmkr res 108 Russell 
Mairs D Kelso student res 187 Hammond 
Mairs J Kelso (Grace A) ins h 187 Hammond 
Mairs R Hobart gen wkr res 187 Hammond 
Majulin Joseph F (Anna) sht mtl wkr h 17 Noonan 
Majulin Olga V opr W W & C Co res 94 Chestnut 
Majulin Sophie opr res 94 Chestnut 
Makin Elizabeth bkpr res 57% Walnut 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Malaguti Charles D pres 37 River h at W Rox 
Malaguti Fred D fore 37 River h at Orient Heights 
Malaguti Lionel supt 37 River res at W Rox 
Malcolm Anna W W & C Co res 64 Maple 
Malino Giuseppe lab res 564 Main 
Mallard Marietta J wid George H died July 4 1923 
Mallett Grace I hkpr res 255 South 
Mallett Minnie E finisher W W & C Co res 255 South 
Mallette Herbert A W W & C Co h at Silver Hill 
Malley Emma G wid Edward G hkpr 17 McKenn 
Mallin John J (Kathleen B) h 26V 2 School av 
Malloy Anna M W W & C Co res 52 Harvard 
Malloy Catherine V opr W W & C Co res 118 Russell 
Malloy Charles B (Rose V) driver h 171 School 
Malloy Charles L (Evelyn M) elk res 209 Linden 
Malloy Edward F (Mary A) W W & C Co h 118 

Malloy Edward F jr (Catherine T) ins agt 11 (3) 

Moody h 55 Rich 
Malloy Eleanor wid Charles h 14 Wellington 
Malloy Emiline A W W & C Co res 895b Main 
Malloy Frances A opr res 28 Gordon 
Malloy James T watchmkr W W & C Co r 78 Russell 
Malloy John J (Mary M) tmstr h 83 Bacon 
Malloy John J city driver h 52 Harvard 
Malloy John T (Mary T) pntr h 28 Gordon 
Malloy Joseph A W W & C Co h 895 Main 
Malloy J Everett (Catherine) WW&CCoh78 

Malloy Mary nurse res 52 Harvard 
Malloy Mary opr 21 Crescent res 64 Cherry 
Malloy Mary W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Malloy Mary A student res 87 Bacon 
Malloy Mary W wid John T h 147 Lexington 
Malloy May E ldgh 147 Lexington 
Malloy Patrick F (Mary A) stablemn h 87 Bacon 
Malloy Paul S city lab res 118 (78) Russell 
Malloy Thomas F (Catherine) h 19 Clinton 
Malloy Thomas J driver res 52 Harvard 
Malloy Thomas J polisher res 28 Gordon 
Malloy Walter J bkpr res 87 Bacon 
Malloy Wm A (Gertrude E) elect res 28 Gordon 
Malloy Wm F loom wvr res 87 Bacon 
Malmgren Carl T H W W & C Co res 96 Myrtle 
Malmgren Gustave buckle mkr res 20 Auburn 
Malmgren Henry (Rose) opr W W & C Co h 96 Myrtle 
Malmgren Sigfred II (Susie) W W & C Co h 11 Elson 

Malo Louis N (Laura) molder h 95 Central 
Malone Catherine wid John h 22 McKenn 
Malone Francis J rem to Camb 
Malone Frederick A (Mary) sales h 25 Benefit 
Malone Josephine bucklemkr res 22 McKenn 
Malone Martin F plmbr res 22 McKenn 
Malone Mary wid Patrick died April 6 1923 
Malone Mary J tel opr res 23 Winthrop 
Malone Patrick (7 Oak) died March 27 1923 
Malone Edward cashr 11 (3) Moody h at Fitchburg 
MALONEY FRANK A (Mary E) Druggist 830 Main 

Tel Waltham 2S01 h 54 Lincoln Needham 
Maloney Fred J W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Maloney Ilekn V nurse res 73 Lexington 
Maloney Irene W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Maloney James mach res 73 Lexington 
Maloney James E (Nellie C) sales h 35 Lyman 
Maloney James I elk 830 Main h at Newton 
Maloney John F hostler res rear 29 Spruce 
Maloney Joseph opr res 73 Lexington 
Maloney Joseph mach rear 55 Rumford av h at Newton 
Maloney Martha B sten res 73 Lexington 

Maloney Mary wid Matthew h 73 Lexington 
Maloney Michael jan 87 Rumford av h at W Newton 
Maloney M Raymond W W & C Co res 73 Lexington 
Maloney Thomas A (Catherine) biakemn B & M h rear 

152 School 
Malor Bertha Mrs wvr res 23 Pine 
Mancuso Josephine stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 50 

Mandell May nurse M S F M res do 
Mandile Frank (Anna) wvr h 34 Cross 
Mandile John gro 196 Willow h 196 River 
Manette Fiederick P (Dora L) assembler h 23 Brown 
Manette Mary L Mrs died Feb 2 1922 
Manette Stanley hlpr 267 Crescent res do 
Maney David D (Eva E) watchmkr h 598 Lexington 
Mangini Gaetano (Julia) lab h 13 Mj Taylor 
Mangini Michael died May 24 1923 
Mangone Dominick G (Teresa L) barber h 20 Ham- 
Mangone Mary A wid Grancinto died Oct 4 1923 
Maniago Doraenico (Ida) opr h 73 Harvard 
Manion Anna M elk res 40 Pond 
Manion Ellen F wid Patrick J h 40 Pond 
Manion George lab res 15 Whitcomb 
Manion John F mach res 40 Pond 
Manion Joseph E sales res 40 Pond 
Manion Lizzie Mrs opr h 15 Whitcomb 
Manion Wm E motormn res 40 Pond 
Mankowitch Jacob (Betty) tailor 8G5 Main h 21 Win- 
Manley Gilbert elk 354 (178) Moody res 14 Clinton 
Manley J S cutter 307 (151) Moody h at Quincy 
Manley Jennie M wid Ira J ldgh 415 South 
Manley John T (Mary A) W W & C Co h 14 Clinton 
Manley John T jr (Dorothy K) hlpr h 112 Crescent 
Manley Margaret J wid Gilbert J W W & C Co h 266 

Manley Ruth V W W & C Co res 14 Clinton 
Mann Arthur W W W & C Co res 37 Lyman 
Mann Arthur W W W & C Co res 24 Elson rd 
Mann Charles A (Mary E) plmbr h 28 y 2 School av 
Mann Elizabeth res 32 Pleasant 
Mann Francis C (Florence R) mgr W B & D Wks h 

32 Pleasant 
Mannerino Joseph (Anna) rem to Lincoln 
Manning Alice E comptometrist res 227 Grove 
Manning Allen W W & C Co res 52 Russell 
Manning Arthur F student res 52 Russell 
Manning Bessie T W W & C Co res 177 Summer 
Manning Bridget wid Patrick gro 179 School h 228 do 
Manning Catherine E W W & C Co res 38 Floyd 
Manning Catherine J res 25 Fiske 
Manning Edward F W W & C Co r 8 Common suite 6 
Manning Edward H (Amanda M) shipper W W & C 

Co h 96 Alder 
Manning Elizabeth Mrs W W & C Co r 15 Whitcomb 
Manning Elizabeth A nurse h 25 Fiske 
Manning Elizabeth E wid Edward L 64 Orange 
Manning Emma I wid Henry h 72 Summit 
Manning Ernest R (May B) sales h 12 Wellington av 
Manning Francis P opr res 250 Calvary 
Manning Freda W sten res 52 Russell 
Manning George E (Mary E) mach h 5S Russell 
Manning Hannah E nurse h 25 Fiske 
Manning Henry A died Dec 27 1922 
Manning Henry P (Julia A) driver h 52 Russell 
Manning Henry V (Lillian I) W W & C Co h 244 

Manning James A opr W W & C Co res 12 Russell 
Manning James B molder h 38 Floyd 


Telephone Waltham 0803-W 





Manning John (Catherine) lather h 181 Newton 
Manning John C (Alice) dntst 598 Main h 19 Apple- 
Manning John J (Katharine) sta agt Clematis Brook 

h 227 Grove 
Manning J Allan opr res 52 Russell 
Manning Lillian A manicurist res 52 Russell 
Manning Linscott student res 19 Appleton 
Manning Margaiet J laundress 21 Crescent r 38 Floyd 
Manning Maria G res 54 Myrtle 
Manning Marion E bkpr res 227 Grove 
Manning Mary opr h 15 Whitcomb 
Manning Mary wid Michael h 77 Bacon 
Manning Mary wid Michael h 177 Summer 
Manning Mary J elk 751 Main h 25 Fiske 
Manning Mary V res 38 Floyd 
Manning Michael G (Annie) lab h 250 Calvary 
Manning Minnie B bkpr res 72 Summit 
Manning M Ruth sec res 12 Russell 
Manning Patrick (Beatrice) opr W W & C Co h 13 

Manning Peter F driver res 38 Floyd 
Manning Ralph sales Elm cor Benefit h 12 Harvard 
Manning Rose elk 283 (133) Moody res at W Newton 
Manning Ruth sten res 13 Ripley 
Manning Vina J waitress res 54 Myrtle 
Manning Walter F watchmkr res 64 Orange 
Manning Wm (Alice L) leather wkr h 29 Winthrop 
Manning Wm opr res 77 Bacon 
Manning Wm F (Nellie L) cond h 87 Pond 
Manning Wm F (Nellie) wheel mkr h 97 Taylor 
Manning Winifred M opr 21 Crescent res 38 Floyd 
Mannion Bridget wid Patrick gro 179 School h 228 do 
Mannion John (Catherine) lather h 181 Newton 
Mannion M Ruth bkpr res 13 Ripley 
Mannion Patrick B (Beatrice M) W W & C Co h 13 

Manos Peter (Demetra) pntr h 9 Music Hall av 
Mansel Cornelius died Dec 15 1921 
Mansfield Annie T Mrs manicuring and shampooing 

291 Crescent h do 
Mansfield Elizabeth wid George A h 42 Lawrence 
Mansfield George A (Gertrude) real est dept 55 (15) 

Moody h 46 Lawrence 
Mansfield Harold B (Caroline M) asst cashr Waltham 

Nat Bank h 24 Wellington 
Mansfield Helen M W W & C Co res at Concord 
Mansfield Henry A (Emma S) spinner h 101 Francis 
Mansfield John F lab res 204 Charles 
Mansfield Lemuel T (Harriet M) carp h 66 Orange 
Mansfield Lizzie C wid George A died April 16 1923 
Mansfield Pearl M sten res 291 Crescent 
Mansfield Ruth school sec res 46 Lawrence 
Mansfield Samuel F W W & C Co h at Waverley 
Mansfield Wm A (Millie) car clnr h Wellington grove 
Mansfield Wm D (Annie T) watchmn W S Co h 291 

Mansur Agnes A Mrs hkpr h 100 Pine 
Mansur Emma F wid Hiram W nurse res 151a Cres- 
Mansur Eugene stmftr res 151a Crescent 
Mansur Fred N rem to Wakefield 
Manuel Cornelius W (Margaret B) acct h 512 Main 
Maplebeck Fred J motormn res 46 South 
Mara Frank comp 278 (126) Moody h rear 189 

Mara Mary A W W & C Co res rear 191 School 
Mara Mary C res rear 191 School 
Mara Mary J elk 283 (133) Moody res 148 School 
Mara Thomas janitor h rear 189 School 

Mara Thomas jr U S N res rear 189 School 
Mara Wm J (Anna) driver h rear 191 School 
Maragos George gro 75% Charles res 66 do 
Marble Ve;a C Mrs W W & C Co res 151 Crescent 
Marcantoni Domenico (Vincenza) lab h 126 Charles 
Marcell Helen M W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Marcell John Alfred W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Marcell John A (Hazel E) student h 28 Robbins 
March Mary Mrs W W & C Co h 76 Chestnut 
Marchand Peter (Catherine) loom fxr h 4 Lawton pi 
Marchant Joseph Ralph rem to Newton 
Maichant Mary E rem to Newton 
Marchetti Antonio B (Lena) mach 416 (218) Moo- 
dy h 12 Hall 
Marchetti Frank rem to Reading 
Marcketti Frank W W & C Co h 14 Spruce 
Marcopolis James (Julia) spinner h 408 River 
Marcopolis Peter (Eva) spinner res 408 River 
Marcou Leopold (Fannie) shoe rpr 165 Prospect h 3 

Marcoux Emelia H W W & C Co res 81 Central 
Marcoux Joseph H (Emelia E) (Waltham Index Card 

Co) 81 Central h do 
Marcusbus James (Jula) opr h 408 River 
MARCY COAL CO Richard Marcy Treas Coal Wood 
and Building Material 129 (33) Moody Tel Wal- 
tham 0008 See Coal Department 
MARCY RICHARD (Florence E) Treas Marcy Coal Co 

129 (33) Moody h at Lincoln 
Marcy Sarah M B wid Charles H opr 66 Woerd av h 

139 Robbins 
Marcy Stella I waitress res 139 Robbins 
Maiden Bertha H wid John W h 15 Lafayette 
Marden Edith supt Waltham Hospittal res do 
Marden Ethel M W W & C Co res Wellington grove 
Maiden Ernest W opr res Wellington grove 
Marden Frank P (Mary) lab h Wellington grove 
Marden Katie F wid Walter died Feb 14 1922 
Maiden John W died May 27 1922 
Marden Royal M (Mary E) mach W W & C Co h 344 

Maiden Walter P piano wkr res Wellington grove 
Rugs and Carpets 1626 Beacon Brookline Tel Brook- 
line 6205 See back cover 
Ma rean Parker E (Clara S) rem to Camb 
Marella Louise W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Marella Susie W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Margolis Samuel (Anna) pntr h 44 Harvard 
Marinelli Antonio truckmn 12 William h do 
Markos Christos (Loretta) wvr h 100 Pine 
Marks Elizabeth Mrs opr res 108 Charles 
Markwell Florence elk res 35 High 
Markwell Lillian mlnr res 69 Alder 
Markvvett Louis pies 307 (151) Moody h at Rox 
Marley Paul H elk 647 Main res 8 Adams 
Marlinski Helena opr res 32 Yetten ter 
Marlinski Vincent (Pelagija) opr h 32 Yetten ter 
Marn Yee J mgr 334-336 (168-170) Moody h do 
Maroney Edward G (Margaret) auto rpr h 120 Lowell 
Maroney Frank elk B res 120 Myrtle 
Maroney James H (Irene) W W & C Co r 74 Myrtle 
Maroney Jane G bkpr 289 (137) Moody r 120 Myrtle 
Maroney John F stmftr 588 Main res 120 Myrtle 
Maroney Patrick F (Rose) Indrymn h 120 Myrtle 
Marotta Charles barber res 21 Whitney 
Marple Hattie E M nurse res 65 Lawrence 
Marr Anna J opr res 145 Bacon 
Marr Cornelius h 8 Grant 
Marr Cornelius H watchmkr res 27 Howard 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Marr John A (Margaret P) driver h 206 Charles 

Marr Lotta Mrs sec res 27 Howard 

Marr Wra J (Nora M) floor layer h 145 Bacon 

Marra Mary J W W & C Co res 148 School 

Marron Henry lab res 68 Exchange 

Marron John fore freight house h 68 Exchange 

Marron Walter L (Rose) chauf h 68 Exchange 

Marsh Edward A cons supt W W & C Co h at W 

Marsh Henry (Cora) fore h 37 Robbins 
Marsh Henry R (L Bertha) agt h 239 Ash 
Marsh Kathryn P wid Elmer D sec res 190 Ash 
Marsh Robert P (Annie J) W W & C Co h 29 South 
Marshall Albert S (Lucy E) sales 234 (100) Moody 

h 115 Robbins 
Marshall Anastasia E (Marshall's Bakery) 188 School 

res 150 Hammond 
Marshall Annie Mrs cook M S P M res do 
Marshall Blanche L wid Tinman G W W & C Co h 53 

Marshall Carl elk res 159 Brown 
Marshall Edward L (Isabella) W W & C Co h 64 

Marshall Ella Mrs opr 21 Crescent h 8 Castle 
Marshall E Frances elk W W & C Co res 53 Exchange 
Marshall Florence tchr pub schs res at Newtonville 
Marshall Frederick N (Annie A) mach h Montclair av 

nr College Farm rd 
Marshall Herbert H elect 466 (246) Moody h at 

Marshall Isabel stitcher 307 (151) Moody r 64 Lowell 
Marshall James C (Eldora P) rem to Rox 
Marshall Louis N (Minnie L) watchmkr 117 Alder h 

Marshall Margaret A wid John h 150 Hammond 
Marshall Mary J (Marshall's Bakery) 188 School res 

150 Hammond 
Marshall Norman pres-treas Elastoid Fibre Co Pond 

end Exchange h at Lexington 
Marshall Ruth M sten res 8 Castle 
Marshall Sarah B Mrs nurse 54 Chester av res do 
Marshall Wm J (Bella) N E sales mgr W W & C Co 

h 242 Brown 
Marshall's Bakery (Anastasia E and Mary J Marshall) 

188 School 
Marson Charles (Sarah A) clock mkr W W & C Co h 

164 Ash 
Marson John W (Alice) asst supt W W & C Co h 104 

Marston Ellen L wid Harmer res 5 Wellington av 
Marston Fred G (Hannah) opr W W & C Co h 152 

Marston Mary wid Abram res 243 Ash 
Martell Elizabeth cshr res 94 Charles 
Martenson Carl (Caroline) fore h 65 South 
Martin Albert J opr res 14 Fuller 
Martin Anna F W W & C Co res 79 Cherry 
Martin Annie A res 57 Crescent 
Martin Bridget Mrs opr h 46 Spring 
Martin Catherine wid John h 17 Winthrop 
Martin Catherine A sten res 288 River 
Martin Dominick died Apr 3 1923 
MARTIN EDMUND J (Josephine C) Pres Farmer's 

Inc 235 (101) Moody h 14 Fuller 
Martin Frank F (Mary A) insecticide mfr h 198 

Martin Harry W (Hilma J) rem to Watertown 
Martin Isabella wid John died March 27 1923 
Martin James nurse M S P M res do 
Martin James J mach res 288 River 
Martin James J (Bridget) jan 721 Main h 1 Smith ct 

Martin James J jr mgr res 1 Smith ct 

Martin James M lab res 17 Winthrop 

Martin Jennie E wid Lorenzo W h 152 Chestnut 

Martin John mach res 86 Oaks 

Martin John F lab res 17 Winthrop 

Martin John J tel installer res 1 Smith ct 

Martin John W (Annie II ) mgr 416 (218) Moody h 

96 Chestnut 
Martin Joseph lab res 86 Oak 
Martin Joseph H (milia) Waltham Index Card Co h 

81 Central 
Martin Joseph P (Albina) elk P 290 (134) Moody 

h 185 Hammond 
Martin Lillian res 198 Adams 

Martin Lucian J watchmkr W W & C Co res 14 Fuller 
Martin Maggie wid Domonick h 288 River 
Martin Margaret P sten res 288 River- 
Martin Marion E W W & C Co res 79 Cherry 
Martin Michael yardmn 224 Newton h 86 Oak 
Martin Nellie F sten h 288 River 
Martin Orlando L (Lucy A) eng h 4 Adams 
Martin Stanley (Shirley) mach h 303 Crescent 
Martin Thomas J (Bridget) chauf city stables h 85 

Martin Wm W W & C Co res 121 Brown 
Martin Wm F molder res 17 Winthrop 
Martineau Alfred mach h 42 Spruce 
Martineau Elizabeth L cashr res 96 Ash 
Martineau Eugene E (Prances M) barber 45 Spruce h 

14 Gordon 
Martineau Louis J bucklemkr res 291 Crescent 
Maitini Joseph (Camilla) lab h 39a Calvary 
Martinson Axel (Agnes) gro 33 Myrtle h do 
Martinson Carl W W & C Co res 65 South 
Martorelli Antonio lab res 101 Central 
Martowski Jacob (Mary) tool mkr h 110 Calvary 
Maitowski Thomas (Rose) firemn h 191% Newton 
Martyn Evelyn Mrs nurse M S F M res do 
Martyn Francis C nurse M S F M res do 
Marx Louise M supt's sec M S F M res do 
Mase Michael (Tena) opr h 8 McBrides ct 
Mason Alfred (Edith) mach h Montclair av 
Mason Amos II sales res 111 Woerd av 
Mason Harvey (Rose) opr B & M h 333 (169) 

Mason James H mach res Alfred Mason Montclair av 
Mason John F (Elsie S) cabt mkr h 40 Elson rd 
Mason Joseph B (Sarah) junk r 221 (rear 93) Moody 

h at Dor 
Mason Lena mica wkr 66 Woerd av res at W Newton 
Mason Martha prin Waltham School for Girls h do 
Mason Percy M (Anna) W W & C Co h 18 Hall 
Mason R Oscar (Delia) chauf 149 Elm h 154 Charles 
Masonic Bldg 690-700 Main 
Masonic Temple 700 Main 
Massachusetts School for the Feeble Minded Walter E 

Fernald M D supt 196 Trapelo rd 
Massasoit Knitting Co George E Havey pres Thomas E 

Batey sec-treas rear 582 Main 
Massi Donalda W W & C Co res at Newton 
Massie George E W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Massie John C (Mabel A) plmbr 11 Crescent res 23 

Masson George F rem to Watertown 
Masson Jiane L rem to Watertown 
Massullao Domenico (Maria C) section hand B & M 

h 30 Williams 
Mastandonia Frank lab res 52 Exchange 
Mastantuono Maria G wid Francesco C res rear 30 

Mastantuono Tomaso died Feb 14 1922 


685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Masters Charles A died Dec 27 1921 

Masterson Ellen welfare mgr 144 Moody r 2 Jackson pi 

Masterson John res 176 Newton 

Mastrantuono Archangelo (Mary A) lab h 187 School 

Mastrantuono Gaetano L chauf res 187 School 

Matarazzo Thomas (Lena) fruit 246 (108) Moody 

Matheisen Peter opr res 23 Pine 

Mathews Fannie W W & C Co res at Quincy 

Mathey Edward A (Matilda) sales h 199 Sycamore 

Mathey Edward A jr (Lena L) mgr h 199 Sycamore 

Matson John A (Annie) lab h 58 Myrtle 

Matteson Charles G (Carrie E) mach h 262 Crescent 

Matthew Mabel A social wkr M S F M res do 

Matthews Annie P Mrs res 150 Weston 

Matthews Clinton P (Bernice C) mach h 43 Hammond 

Matthews Ellen wid Wm h 20 Orchard av 

Matthews G Elena tchr piano 28 Banks h do 

Matthews Lyman H (Elizabeth) lumber h 28 Banks 

Matthews Mary E W W & C Co res 20 Orchard av 

Matthews Ross buckle mkr res 12 Highland 

Matthews Wm J (Winifred) refiner res 20 Orchard av 

Matthews Winifred A W W & C Co res 20 Orchard av 

Mattson Carl E (Anna M) auto rpr h 51 Chester av 

Mattson David auto mech res 33 Dexter 

Mattson Erie W auto mech res 51 Chester av 

Mattson Greta bkpr res 51 Chester av 

Mattson Gustav E student res 51 Chester av 

Mattson Hilda L W W & C Co res at Gardner 

Mattson John R (Hilda M) mach h 36 Dexter 

Mattson Olaf (Amanda) opr 87 Rumford av h 104 

Maurer Frank (Catherine M) W W & C Co h 184 

Maurer George J sales res 11 Hartwell 
Maurer Grace F W W & C Co res 55 Robbins 
Maurer Helena L wid Joseph F h 11 Hartwell 
Maurer Henry rem to Som 
Maurer Wm A (Mary C) mgr h 131 Plympton 
Mauzy Gladys C Mrs opr W W & C Co res James R 

McKeen Amherst av nr Lake 
Maw George chauf res 125 Lowell 
Maxwell David gard res 81b Alder 
MAXWELL EARL (Jeannette) Chevrolet Sales and 

Service 62 Adams Tel Waltham 2400 h 58 Adams 

See right top lines 
May Adelia C wid Charles P h 81 Exchange 
May Charles F (Ellen V) yard cond B & M h 14 

May Charles F jr W W & C Co res 14 Church 
May John A (Cecilia) plmbr h 27 Gorham 
May John H (Margaret G) brakemn h 72 Fiske 
May Mary E sten res 14 Church 
May Wm F (Mollie) elk h 50 Leonard 
Mayall Marion L h 38 Sterling rd 
Mayall Robert E (Grace F) artist h 40 Sterling rd 
Mayburry Loring P W W & C Co h at Waverley 
Mayer Leon H rem to Newton 
Mayer Leslie J hlpr res rea* 160 Newton 
Mayer Mary E wid Wm H h rear 160 Newton 
Mayer M Edna died Jan 24 1922 
Mayer Olive A elk res rear 160 Newton 
Mayer Richard cotton waste B h West nr Winter 
Mayflower The 139 Adams 
Mayhew Howard N (Anna M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 55 Derby 
Maynard Alice C h rear 700 Main 
Maynard Emily F wid Fred W h 23 Fiske 
Maynard George H broker B res 24 Harris 
Maynard Grace I sten res 23 Fiske 
Maynard Harriet N h 599 (305) Moody 

Maynard Henry S (Susan) h 1 Webster 

Maynard Joseph A pres B B Co Plympton st exten h 

at Boston 
Maynard Mary h rear 700 Main 
Maynard Mary J res 139 Robbins 
Maynard Mary L wid Frank W died Oct 19 1921 
Mayo Angelo (Frances) shoe rpr h 14a Fern 
Mayo Frank h 16 Fern 

Mayo Ralph M (Lottie L) W W & C Co h 139 Adams 
Mayo Sheldon S (Carolyn) tchr manuel training sch 

schs res 233 Brown 
Mayo Stella W prin Chauncey Newhall sch res 58 

Mayo Tyler B (Grace C) eng h 59 Willow 
Mazzarini Antonio (Pauline) sales h 25 Middle 
Mazzoli John (Mary) opr h 236 Calvary 
Mazzone E mach 416 (218) Moody h 151 South 
McAdoo Harold A (Emma B) driver res Robert J Mc- 

Adoo Trapclo rd 
McAdoo Robert J (Mary A) milk Trapelo rd h do 
McAdoo Thomas driver r Robert J McAdoo Trapelo 

McAleer Christopher (Annie) opr h 41 Cedar 
McAleer Mary E opr res 41 Cedar 
McAlister Alexander F (Sarah A) mach h 140 School 
McAlister Mary F wid Alexander F h 148 School 
McAllister Blanche M insp res 20 Park 
McAllister Edward D (Carrie) opr W W & C Co res 

104 Adams 
McAllister Francis A (Gertrude) res 20 Park 
McAllister Henry (Dorris) sales res 104 Adams 
McAloon Andiew (Delia) ins h 51 Guinan 
McAloon Catherine tel opr res 51 Guinan 
McAlpine Cora wid John h 25 Calvary 
McAlpine Robert H (Lena F) chauf 200 Prospect h 

3 Harvard pi 
McAnn Ada T wid Charles W opr h 118 Weston 
McAnn Edna M student res 118 Weston 
McAnna George E cond res 402 River 
McAnna Margaret wvr h 402 River 
McAntcliff Mary M wid John T died Dec 23 1921 
McArdle James I (Annie H) molder h 38 Cedar 
McArt George R U S N res 146 Bright 
McArt Henry (Alice) eng h 146 Bright 
McArt Mary E bkpr res 146 Bright 
McAskill Wm H (Abbie L) WW&CCo h 327 School 
McAuliffe Edward A (Laura) fish h 6 John 
McAuliffe Joseph marine eng res 6 John 
McAuliffe Laura Mrs mlnr 337 (171) Moody h 6 John 
McAuliffe Mary E drsmkr res 110 School 
McAuliffe Non-Siphoning Trap Co Plympton nr Bacon 
McAvoy Frank E (Catherine) chauf h 71 Pine 
McAvoy Frank J (Mary) watchmkr W W & C Co h 19 

McBain Jennie res 94 Adams 

McBride Charles E (Catherine E) opr h 92 Crescent 
McBride Edward J cigars 623 Main res 26 Common 
McBride Evelyn E sec Elastoid Fibre Co end Exchange 

res at Watertown 
McBride Henry P mach res 19 Sharon 
McBride James J (Margaret M) driver h 216 South 
McBride Katherine C wid Henry res 92 Crescent 
McBride Matthew A mach h 19 Sharon 
McBride Stanley W stage hd res 87y 2 Harvard 
McBride Wm F (Sarah J) mach h 87y 2 Harvard 
McCabe Alice wid Patrick h 67 Taylor 
McCabe Alice F bkpr res 67 Taylor 
McCabe Catherine sten res 67 Taylor 
McCabe Charles (Marie) elk res 67 Taylor 
McCabe Edith L W W & C Co res 94 Adams rm 68 



375 (201) MOODY ST. 


Tel. Waltham 0110 





MeCabe Frank J (Edna) elk W W & C Co h 99 

MeCabe Helen opr 87 Rumford av res 141 Alder 
MeCabe Henry (Helen M) mech 14 Pine h 141 Alder 
MeCabe Iona G Mrs elk 237 Moody h 54 Orange 
MeCabe John M died Aug 16 1922 
MeCabe Joseph M (Iona G) mach W W & C Co b 54 

MeCabe Joseph M (Catharine) toolmkr h 65 Taylor 
MeCabe Mary P wid Michael P h 39 Hammond 
McCaffrey P Augustus (Marion E) chauf 22 Felton h 

220 y 2 Brown 
MeCann Ada wid Charles elk h 118 Weston 
McCann Arthur J opr W W & C Co h 37 Taylor 
MeCann Earle res 4 Adams 

McCann Frank G (Ethel M) shirt ctr res 87 Brown 
McCann Frank J mach res 6 Elm ct 
McCann Inzie M Mrs W W & C Co res 55 Crescent 
McCann Sadie opr res 6 Elm ct 
McCann Wm T W W & C Co res 55 Crescent 
McCarthy Arthur T W W & C Co res 144 Brown 
McCarthy Barbara B wid Thomas h end Massasoit 
McCarthy Barbara M W W & C Co res end Massasoit 
McCarthy Daniel J (Rose) asst supt 11 (3) Moody 

h 54 Fiske 
McCarthy Dorothy R sten res 26 Floyd 
McCarthy Edward J (Musette) W W & C Co h 46 

Chester av 
McCarthy Ethel Mrs res 297 Crescent 
McCarthy Francis X eorp elk 105 River h at Som 
McCarthy Gladys M W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
McCarthy Helen E rem to Sanford Me 
MCCARTHY JOHN A Treas Waltham Publishing Co 

27S (126) Moody h 71 Tolman 
McCarthy John E rem to Buffalo N Y 
McCarthy John J cigar mfr 329 (167) Moody h 109 

McCarthy John J treas Standard Charcoal Co 105 

River h at Som 
McCarthy Joseph M (Alice E) firemn 24 Pine h 90 

McCarthy Katheiine wid John died May 18 1921 
McCarthy Kathryn stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 26 

MCCARTHY LYDIA R Pres Waltham Publishing Co 

278 (126) Moody h 71 Tolman 
McCarthy Margaret E elk res 26 Floyd 
McCarthy Mary E wid Thomas F h 26 Floyd 
McCarthy M Louise L bkpr 517 (267) Moody res 144 

M-Carthy Patrick J (Agnes E) hostler h 3 Duddy av 
McCarthy Raymond VV pntr res 144 Brown 
McCarthy Thomas (Massasoit) died Sept 15 1923 
McCarthy Thomas F lieut USA res 26 Floyd 
MrCarthy Thomas H (Mary E) h 144 Brown 
McCarthy Thomas H (Viola C)mgr 283 (133) Moody 

h 2^8 Hammond 
McCarthy Walter H baggage master B & A res 144 

McCarthy Wm F (Catherine) h 77 Willow 
McCarthy Wm R ^Catherine I) autos h 26 Floyd 
McCarty Charles chauf res 249 Newton 
McCarty Dank! F opr res 249 Newton 
McCarty Dorothy A sten res 89 Grant 
MeCarty, Felix P opr res 249 Newton 
McCarty Helen A education director res 89 Grant 
McCAPTY JOHN A Lawyer 11 (3) Moody rm 12 Tel 

0480 res 89 Grant 
McCarty John F lab res 249 Newton 

McCarty Lawrence J (Ellen T) police insp 25 Lexing- 
ton h 89 Grant 
McCarty Loretta J sten res 89 Grant 
McCarty Mary wid Felix h 249 Newton 
McCarty Peter J died Nov 13 1922 
McCarty Raymond A student res 89 Grant 
McCarty Wm F (Catherine M) rem to Rox 
McCarty see McCarthy 
McCaul George brakemn res 17 Bacon 
McCaul Margaret wid Robert h 17 Bacon 
McCaul Robert L (Margaret J) (McCaul & Mitchell) 

h 15 Summer av 
McCaul & Mitchell (Robert L McCaul Joseph P Mit- 
chell) plmbis 200 (76) and 330 (166) Moody 
McCauley Francis A (Norine M) garage rear 564 

Main h 145 High 
McClain Charles R W W & C Co res 145 Crescent 
McClain Mildred J student res 34 Robbins 
McClary Luella W W & C Co res 7 Exchange pi 
McClary Maria wid Wm A res 12 Exchange st ct 
McClary Wm A died Feb 9 1922 
McCleary Myra Mrs h 7 Exchange pi 
McCleave Charles A W W & C Co res 15 Hartwell 
McClcave Forrest M opr W W & C Co h 91 South 
McClellan Frank P (Margaret) eng h 116 Taylor 
McClellan see MacClellan and McLellan 
McCluskey Daniel J (Sarah A) plmbr h 243 School 
McCluskey Helen T elk res 243 School 
McCluskey John J (Margaret E) barber 643 Main h 

26 Common 
McCluskey Kathleen C sec res 26 Common 
McCluskey Margaret wid Daniel res 26 Common 
McCollester John F (Emma L) opr W W & C Co h 

103 Myrtle 
McCollum Stillman A (Clara L) acct h 407 (213a) 

McCoomb Floyd chauf M S F M res do 
McCoombs Wm F W W & C Co h at So Bend Ind 
McCoimack Annie A W W & C Co res 124 Pine 
McCormack Glen P asst mgr res 218 Hammond 
McCormick Clare T wid Cornelius J h 825 Main 
McCormick Cornelius J died Dec 4 1923 
McCormick James H ins agt 11 Moody res 5 Cushing 
McCormick Mary A polisher W W & C Co res 703 

(349) Moody 
McCort Robert (Mary) prntr res 150 Crescent 
McCourt Francis J (Katheiine L) auto pntr h 166 

McCieel John mgr res 17 Elm 
McCue Catherine E res 175 Newton 
McCue Elizabeth opr res 81 Rich 
McCue James F (Margaret) lab h 81 Rich 
McCue John F opr res 175 Newton 
McCue Joseph chauf res 175 Newton 
McCue Margaret G W W & C Co res 175 Newton 
McCue Mary F opr res 81 Rich 
McCue Patrick died July 3 1923 
McCue Thomas F (Elizabeth F) student h 421 River 
McCullah Mary E W W & C Co res 56 V 2 Orange 
McCulley George E sales res 50 Chester av 
McCullough Alexander (Martha E) h 50 River 
MeCulIough Edward F milk res 13 Waverley 
McCullough Jessie M bkpr res 1 Wilbur 
MeCulIough John W B & D Wks res 50 River 
Mv'Cullcugh John F W W & C Co res 153 River 
McCullough John H (Mary) bleacher h 153 River 
McCullough Lincoln A lab res 50 River 
McCullough Lucy Mrs h 91 Chestnut 
McCullough Maude A elk res 50 River 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 




MeCullough Sara E supt Dale Eest Hospital h 90 Dale 
MeCullough Thomas E W W & C Co res 165 River 
McCullougfi Thomas J (Catherine) W B & D Wks h 

165 River 
MeCullough Wm mill opr res 61 Adams 
MeCullough Wm I h 13 Waverley 
MeCullough Wm I jr (Margaret A) milk 1 Wilbur h 

McCullum Rose elevator opr res 20 Barnes 
McCully George E sales 21 Crescent res 50 Chester av 
McCurdy Ohristaphor (Wilhelmina) tire mkr h Mari- 

vista av 
McCurley Ruth F sten 58 Ad;;ms h at Watertown 
McCusker Bernard G fore res 62 Chinch 
McCusker Edward B (Anna R) student h 112 School 
McCusker Elizabeth P sten res 115 Taylor 
McCusker Francis sten res 115 Taylor 
McCusker James F carrier P 290 (134) Moody h 

45 Friend 
McCusker John H (M Louise) h 9 Orchard av 
McCusker John II jr (Catherine F) h 62 Church 
McCusker John P (Catherine E) broker h 35 Willow 
McCusker Margaret M student res 62 Church 
McCusker Margery F wid Edward B h 115 Taylor 
McCusker Mary A res 62 Church 
McCusker Mary G tchr res 115 Taylor 
McCuspic Norman nurse M S F M res do 
McCusty John died July 30 1921 
McDermott Andrew ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at Water- 
McDermott Catherine sten res 130 Ash 
McDermott Frank S prov 875 Main h 7 Banks 
McDermott Henry lab res 369 (197) Moody 
McDermott Henry F ca>p res 369 (197) Moody 
McDermott Joseph P sales res 26 Orchard av 
McDermott Margaret tel opr res 28 Orchard av 
McDermott Rachel M W W 4 C Co h 60 Bedford 
McDevitt Anna K sten res 25 Plympton 
McDevitt James (Mary A) carp h 25 Plympton 
McDevitt John J carp res 25 Plympton 
McDonald Alexander J (Mary H) cond h 153 Plymp- 
McDonald Bernard (Ethel V) chauf h 16 Francis 
McDonald Charles (Mary) pntr h 11 Gordon 
McDonald Edward cafeteria h 68 Francis 
McDonald Edward (Josephine) shipper res 12 Wall 
McDonald Edward mason res 103 Cushing 
McDonald Elizabeth h 12 Pratt av 
McDonald Evelyn E res 74 Bacon 
McDonald Florence opr W W & C Co res 124 Adams 
McDonald Frank (Edith) pimbr h 60 Marlborough rd 
McDonald George M lab res 66 Francis 
McDonald Henry R (Helen J) hosemn ng 2 h 70 

McDonald Hugh (Bessie) opr h 10 Pond st ct 
McDonald John A mason res 103 Cushing 
McDonald John A (Elizabeth A) plmbr h 23 Whitney 

McDonald John J (Annie R) linemn h 10 Charles 
McDonald John J jr elk 350 Moody res 10 Charles 
McDonald Joseph carp res 637 (323) Moody 
McDonald Julia Mrs died Feb 12 1922 
McDonald Katherine h 82 Chestnut 
McDonald Katherine Newton st died Dec 23 1921 
McDonald Letitia h 15 Lowell 
McDonald Mabel W W & C Co res 51 Robbing 
McDonald Margaret L sten res 71 Rich 
McDonald Mary sten res 23 Whitney av 
McDonald Mary A wid Hugh h 71 Rich 

McDonald Mary E wid James h 66 Francis 
McDonald Merrill (Josephine) shoemkr res 82 Chest- 
McDonald Michael lab h 12 Wall 
McDonald Michael jr lab res 12 Wall 
McDonald Nettie W W & C Co res 120 High 
McDonald Norman J lumber wkr res 23 Whitney 
McDonald Ronald J (Jennie) driver 74 Bacon h do 
McDonald Sadie C Mrs bkpr h 938 Main 
McDonald Sarah H hkpr 34 Lawrence 
McDonald Selma Mrs cook M S F M res do 
McDonald Thomas (Mary E) mason h 103 Cushing 
McDonald Thomas E (Ella) driver h 68 Francis 
McDonald Thomas F (Mary J) shipper Elm cor Bene- 
fit h 2 Wellington av 
McDonald T Carey carp res 71 Rich 
McDonald Wilhelmina clo caretaker M S F M res do 
McDonald Wm tchr M S F M res do 
McDonald Wm A (Annie E) coremkr h 151 Bright 
McDonald Wm J F (Jennie C) opr res 149 Adams 
McDonald Winifred E h 33 Vernon 
McDonald see Macdonald and MacDorald 
McDonough Agnes E tel opr res 62b Cutter 
McDonough Helen E W W & C Co res 11 Highland 
McDonough Jocelyn attendant M S F M res do 
McDonough John F (Elizabeth) lab h 2 Mack's et 
McDonough Lillian J bkpr res 11 Highland 
McDonough Margaret wid Thomas h 127 Pine 
McDonough Mary opr res 127 Pine 
McDonough Mary E wid James h 11 Highland 
McDonough Patrick J opr res 127 Pine 
McDonough Patrick J pntr res 56 South 
McDonough Philip (Delia) mason h 62b Cutter 
McDonough Stephen J lab res 127 Pine 
McDonough Thomas F mason res 62b Cutter 
McDonough Wm prntr res 56 South 
McDougall George F (Ella M) watchmkr h 17 Hart- 
McDougall Harry bkpr res 43 Lowell 
McEachern Mary C nurse M S F M res do 
McEleney Janet nurse M S F M res do 
McElman Lillian E res 41 Chester av 
McElman Robert (Sarah) blksmith h 41 Chester av 
McElroy Alphonsus A (Cecelia) sten h 123 Chestnut 
McElroy Bernard gate tndr Moody res 21 School 
McElroy Cecelia A W W & C Co res 123 Chestnut 
McEnaney Charles S (Elizabeth) steel hardening h 

140 Myrtle 
McEvoy Arthur B (Nellie) mgr res 7 Banks 
McEvoy Mary J h 32 South 
McEwan Hattie L wid Alonzo W W & C Co res 84 

McFaden Raymond J (Julia I) mach W W & C Co h 

59 Farwell 
McFarland Charles W (Florida M) mach h 4 Warren 

McFaul Daniel J W W & C Co res 174 Adams 
McFayden Alexander (Ada M) frt hndlr h 725 (361) 

McFayden Anna M opr res 725 (361) Moody 
McFayden Elizabeth E died June 8 1921 
McFayden Gertrude opr 307 (151) Moody res 122 

McFayden Peter (Gertrude) ins agt 11 (3) Moody h 

734 Moody 
McFayden Robert A mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 725 

(361) Moody 
McGafflgan Anna J elk res 196 Newton 
McGafflgan Mary F opr res 196 Newton 
McGafflgan Nancy wid Barney h 196 Newton 




123 High Street, 




McGaffigan Patrick J mason 196 Newton res do 
McGahan John H (Louise M) dentist 11 (3) Moody 

rm 1 h 826 Main 
McGahan Ursula P asst cashr B & M frgt Elm res 

564 Main 
McGann Benjamin opr res 44 Exchange 
McGann Catherine J wid Joseph J h 11 Cross 
McGann Eva E opr W W & C Co res 40 Chestnut 
McGann Francis A carp res 11 Cross 
McGann Helen M sten 14 Pine res 16 Church 
McGann John J lab res 110 Newton 
McGann John M auto rpr res 11 Cross 
McGann Joseph W (Eva) auto rpr h 40 Chestnut 
McGann Martin P (Mary) lab h 19 Gotham 
McGann Mary A opr O'H W D Co res 11 Cross 
McGann Michael F (Nora A) lab h 110 Newton 
McGann M Gertrude res 16 Church 
McGann Peter F (Margaret K) fore O'H W D Co h 

16 Church 
McGann Walter C auto rpr res 11 Cross 
McGarvie John W (Lida S) herdsmn h 140 Beaver 
McGee James T (Adelaide) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

43 Winthrop 
McGennis Florence M dry goods 878 Main h 880 do 
McGill Prince M (Blanche R) W W & C Co h 15 

McGillivary Angus hlpr res 23 Pine 
McGillivary Daniel shipper res 68 Cedar 
McGillivary Earle elk res 14 Francis 
McGillivary Eula W W & C Co res 149 River view av 
McGillivary Florence wid Dougal h 68 Cedar 
McGillivary Francis A bkpr res 68 Cedar 
McGillivary James hlpr res 23 Pine 
McGillivary see MacGillivary 
McGillivray Hugh (Mary A) carrier P 290 (134) 

Moody h 14 Francis 
McGillivray Walter L sub elk P 290 (134) Moody 

res 197 Charles 
McGilvary John J (Helen) student h 107 Adams 
McGlinohey Alice E bkpr res 10 Park pi 
McGlinchey Alice H hkpr 10 Park pi 
McGlinchey Frank T (Mary T) veterinarian 211 Lex- 
ington h do 
McGlinchey James A treas 56 Felton and 509 (261) 

Moody h 10 Park pi 
McGlinchey Joseph A student res 10 Park pi 
McGlinchey Mary J sten res 10 Park pi 
McGoldrick Andrew M rem to Watertown 
McGoldrick Clara C rem to Watertown 
McG«Mrick James H rem to Watertown 
McGoldrick Lettie A rem to Watertown 
McGonigle Fred driver 105 River res at Watertown 
McOonigie Patrick S (Catherine E) lab h 386 River 
McGovern Annie hkpr 9 John 
McGovern Charles lab h 9 John 
McGovern James (Lillian) lab h 28 Parkers la 
McGovern Terrence opr res 9 John 
McGovern Thomas gatemn Lyman st crossing 
McGowan Edward F W W & C Co h 59 Charles 
McGowan Francis J student res 703 (349) Moody 
McGowan Francis L (Mary K) meat ctr 15 Lexing- 
ton res Plympton av 
McGowan George E (Julia M) hlpr h 581 V 2 Main 
McGowan John F (Julia) opr h 106 Calvary 

owan John F opr res 59 Charles 
McGowan Lillian W W & C Co res 60 Prospect 
McGowan Mary A vid Michael F h 130 Willow 
McGowan Mary C bkpr 200 (76) Moody r 59 Charles 
McGowan Michael F died July 28 1923 
McGowan Wm F lawyer res 130 Willow 

McGrath Catherine L elk 299 (145) Moody res 43 

McGrath Edward C (Grace I) sales 18 Felton h 83 

McGrath Gertrude M sten W W & C Co r 121 Chest- 
McGrath John driver res 43 Lexington 
McGrath John A (Catheiine J) lab h 272 River 
McGrath John J sales res 43 Lexington 
McGrath John P W W & C Co h 94 Adams 
McGrath Lawrence L (Catherine) elk h 119 Chestnut 
McGrath Lucy E sten res 121 Chestnut 
McGrath Margaret A W W & C Co res 12 Underwood 

McGrath Marion L W W & C Co res 43 Lexington 
McGrath Mary A maid Waltham Hospital res 15 Hart- 
McGrath Mary E Mrs res 65 Worcester la 
McGrath Patrick F (Jane) mach h 121 Chestnut 
McGrath Patrick T (Julia) cond h 12 Winthrop 
McGrath Ralph M elk res 121 Chestnut 
McGreal John R mgr 611 Main res 17 Elm 
McGreevey John F (Helen R) factory rep h 48 Trap- 

elo rd 
McGuigan Herbert (Ruby) driver h 103 Pine 
McGuinn Mary E died Mar 26 1922 
McGuinness Ellen A died Sept 24 1923 
McGuinness Frank J sales res 112 Russell 
McGuinness Stephen (Kate) opr W B & D Wks h 178 

McGuinness Thomas F bkpr res 112 Russell 
McGuinness Thomas J (Catherine) starter 1040 Main 

h 112 Russell 
McGuinness see Magennis 

McGuire Alice elk 283 (133) Moody res 27 Exchange 
McGuire Florence G elk 299 (145) Moody res 27 Ex- 
McGuire Francis J (Helen M) police h 88 Guinan 
McGuire James L (Mary) opr h 30 Hall 
McGuire John E driver S Co res 30 Hall 
McGuire John J (Mary) driver h rear 111 River 
McGuirk Thomas opr res 398 River 
McGurl Miles (Abbie B) opr W G W Co h 7 Exchange 

McGurl Patrick opr W G W Co res 52 Newton 
McGinn Elizabeth wid Ernest h 7 Chester av 
Mclnnis Dolly nurse M S F M res do 
Mclnnis Edward (Mary B) elect h 36 Hollace 
Mclnnis Thomas L (Mary) carriage pntr h 15 Gorham 
Mclntire Margaret M W W & C Co res 22 Derby 
Mcintosh Arthur H (Laura N) driver h 39 Appleton 
Mcintosh Margaret A supervisor M S F M res do 
Mclntyre Benjamin E caip res 230 Lowell 
Mclntyre Frank F sales h 28 Gilbert 
Mclntyre Inglison R (Alice M) millwright 48 Woerd 

av h 17 Bobbins 
Mclntyre James S caip res 56 Spruce 
Mclntyre Walter (Eliza) fore h 22 Newton 
Mclsaac May nurse M S F M res do 
Mclver James T (Mary) (Yetten & Mclver) rear 539 

Main h 74 Pine 
Mclvor Donald R (Elizabeth M) linemn h 144 Willow 
McKay James W (Mary) W W & C Co h 60 Bedford 
Mr-Keen Charles B radio opr res James R McKeen's 

Amherst av nr Lake 
McKeen E Cline sales WW&CCohlO Rich 
McK»=pn James R (Annie M) caip h Amherst av nr 

McKegney James J died April 11 1922 
McKelvey Adam J W W & C Co res 34 Howard 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 

■nwins ' .fntra gm uu um m wai 



McKenna Asa E (May) police res 60 Hammond 

McKenna Catherine M W W & C Co res 7 Chamber- 
lain ter 

McKenna Charles A mach res 7 Chamberlain ter 

McKenna Charles J timekpr res 54 Bedford 

McKenna Charles J (Claire I) testmn 16 Spring h 28 

McKenna Edward L (Irene A) tel installer h 56 Hall 

McKenna Eugene F mach res 54 Bedford 

McKenna Eva Louise W W & C Co res 30 McKenn 

McKenna Felix C pntr 28 McKenn h do 

McKenna George A student res 27 Gilbert 

McKenna George E (Mary L) jeweler h 27 Gilbert 

McKenna Gertrude M elk res 64 Church 

McKenna Gyles J pntr res 28 McKenn 

McKenna James H chief of police and deputy sheriff 
police sta 25 Lexington h 64 Church 

McKenna James H jr (Grace N) asst supt city stables 
h 12 Willow 

McKenna John J W W & C Co res 54 Bedford 

McKenna Mary hkpr 7 Chamberlain ter 

McKenna Matthew died Oct 2 1923 

McKenna Matthew jr opr O'H W D Co res 7 Chamber- 
lain ter 

McKenna M Marcella hkpr 64 Church 

McKenna Ruth C typist W W & C Co res 27 Gilbert 

McKenna Sarah F bkpr 633 Main res 64 Church 

McKenna Stephen (Annie) gate tndr Elm h 54 Bed- 

, ford 

McKenna Wm P (Sarah E) W W & C Co h 916 
(458) Moody 

McKenney Charles E (Ethel B) pntr W W & C Co 
h 40 Myrtle 

McKenney "Ethel B tchr S Grammar sch h 214 Adams 

McKenzie Annie C tel opr h 95 Grant 

McKenzie Archibald chauf h 61 Guinan 

McKenzie Charles T elk res 95 Grant 

McKenzie Daniel J (Catherine) plmbr 588 Main h 18 
Hastings av 

McKenzie Eva A elk res 95 Grant 

McKenzie Florence nurse M S F M res do 

McKenzie John J (Delia) mach W W & C Co h 9 Oak 

McKenzie Joseph A shpr 283 (133) Moody res 9 Oak 

McKenzie Mary E elk 283 (133) Moody res 9 Oak 

McKenzie Peter molder res 15 Lowell 

McKenzie sec Mackenzie and MacKenzie 

McKeown James F tmstr res 76 Guinan 

McKeown John J sten res 76 Guinan 

McKeown Mary wid Thomas F h 76 Guinan 

McKeown Thomas F (Mary) driver h 22 Cutter 

McKernan Hugh J elk res 56 Bacon 

McKernan James (Catherine J) jan 764 Main h 56 

McKernan James cond res Hiawatha av 

McKernan Loretta M elk res 56 Bacon 

McKernan Margaret M elk res 56 Bacon 

McKernan Mary M r s h Hiawatha av 

McKernell Jennie W hkpr 1 Bobbins pi res do 

McKillop Andrew J (Mary B) shipper h 162 Bacon 

McKillop Anna J Stankard wid James mlnr 93 Moody 
rm 3 h 54 Lyman 

McKillop John W driver res 164 Bacon 

McKillop Mary E hkpr 164 Bacon 

McKinnon Ernest A insp B res 122 Willow 

McKinnon John shipper res 122 Willow 

McKinnon Katharine A wid Robert h rear 122 Willow 

McKinnon Robert died Dec 13 1921 

McKoan Edward C (Elizabeth A) mgr 299 (145) 
Moody h 44 Vernon 

McLane Ernest A (Olive E) firemn b 68% Hollace 

McLane James (Dorothy) driver h Cedar Hill Farm 

McLaskey Miles E (Clara M) sales h 29 Brookfield rd 
McLauchlin Ira driver Cedar Hill Farm Beaver nr 

Linden res do 
McLaughlin Daniel (Alfreda) W W & C Co h 79 Alder 
McLaughlin Delia Mrs opr h 106 Taylor 
McLaughlin Ernest C (Jennie) mach h 23 Ash 
McLaughlin Francis E W W & C Co res 192 Adams 
McLaughlin Harry S (Frances E) W W & C Co h 192 

McLaughlin John F carp res 122 Calvary 
McLaughlin John J (150 Crescent) died Dec 7 1921 
McLaughlin Michael F (Mary J) lab h 23 Gilbert 
McLaughMn Michael F (Alice M) rem to B 
McLaughlin Patrick J (Catherine E) pntr 11 Benefit 

h do 
McLaughlin Thomas F (Anna M) meat ctr 20 Felton 

h 41 Cutter 
McLaughlin Vernon F (May E) lab h 122 Calvary 
McLea James B (Mary) iron wkr h 3 Webster 
McLean Daniel (Cora J) driver h 38 Spring 
McLean Heath supt 49 River h at Allston 
McLean John (Daisy) dentist h 388 (206) Moody 
McLellan see McClellan 

McLennan Daisy W W & C Co res 103% Adams 
McLcod Anna opr res 8 Orange 
McLeod Annie W opr res 888 Main 
McLeod Cyrus M blksmith M S F M res do 
McLeod Etta E W W & C Co res 315 Newton 
McLeod Hanson (Lena) mach h 1 Whitney av 
McLeod Harold A (Catherine S) mach 870 Main h 36 

McLeod John A opr h 83a Maple 
McLeod John W (Edna M) elk 619 Main h 94 Francis 
McLeod Winifred wid Neil h 888 Main 
McLeod see MacLeod 

McLoon Wm G (Annie M) supt h 56 Wash av 
McLoud Wm driver res 39 Pine 
McMahone Mary Mrs janitress W W & C Co res at 

McManama Alfred J dentist 211 (85) Moody rm 1 

res 162 Summer 
McManama Alice C sec res 162 Summer 
McManama Frances M sec B res 162 Summer 
McManama John W (Mary A) road master B & M h 

162 Summer 
McManama J Carroll (Elizabeth G) phys 15 Church 

h do 
McManama Maude E tchr res 162 Summer 
McManus Catherine hkpr res 206 Calvary 
McManus Elizabeth wid John h 40 Williams 
McManus John mgr res 206 Calvary 
McManus Joseph mgr res 206 Calvary 
McManus Mary mgr res 206 Calvary 
McManus Michael lab h 206 Calvary 
McManus Patrick lab res 206 Calvary 
McManus Patrick J (Alma 0) mach 1040 Main h 35 

McManus Wm (Nellie F) chauf h 26% Cross 
McManus see MacManus 
McMillan Douglas G sales res 8 Lexington ter 
McMillan Duncan (Louise) chauf h 54 Myrtle 
McMillan Gene opr res 37 Brown 
McMillan Gideon K (Annie G) watchmkr 637 Main 

rm 12 h 8 Lexington ter 
McMonigle Ben lab res 5 Foundry av 
McMullen Catherine res 160 Chestnut 
McMullen Jane wid John h 160 Chestnut 
McMullen Joseph carp res 160 Chestnut 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 




McMullen Katherine L opr res 235 River 
McMullen Margaret T opr res 235 River 
McMullen Regina W W & C Co res 37 Brown 
McMullen Wm A bricklayer res 160 Chestnut 
McMullen Wm J (Margaret) mach h 235 River 
McMullin Mary L bkpr r Cedar Crest Farm Trapelo rd 
McNabb Mary A wid John W W & C Co h 8 Grant 
McNabb Nora E opr W W & C Co res 32 Middle 
McNabb Nora E wid Charles bkpr 32 Middle 
McNally Anna C Mrs opr W W & C Co r 10 Stearns 
McNally Catherine wid Edward J elk res 150 Alder 
McNally Charles T (Bertha H) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h at Kendal Green 
McNally John C (Anna C) rem to Som 
McNally John J (Anna C) prov h 145 Dale 
McNally Margaret B W W & C Co res 10 Stearns 
McNally Mary F W W & C Co res 10 Stearns 
McNally Raymond V mach res 10 Stearns 
McNally Sarah wid Michael h 145 Dale 
McNamara Alice B artist res 43 Francis 
McNamara Anna R bkpr 23 (6) Moody res 16 Lex- 
McNamara Daniel J (Mary L) molder h 61 Calvary 
McNamara Dorothy C artist res 43 Francis 
McNamara John projectionist res 61 Calvary 
McNamara John J (Bertha) matcher W W & C Co h 

43 Francis 
McNamara John J plmbr res 93 Grant 
McNamara Michael F (Anna B) ragr 107 (29) Moody 

h 69 Grant 
McNamara Theresa wid Timothy W h 93 Grant 
McNamara Thomas H frgt checker Waltham North Sta 

res 93 Grant 
McNamara Thomas J teller Waltham Sav Bank res 3 

Columbus av 
McNamee John F (Theresa A) watchmn Elm cor Bene- 
fit h 59 Calvary 
McNaney Philip J (Katherine E) janitor h 19 Friend 
McNear Emma wid Charles H res 47 Greenwood la 
McNeil Edward A (Mary G) linemn h 129 Felton 
McNeil Edward D (Elizabeth) opr h 145 Bacon 
McNeil Evelyn A opr res 129 Felton 
McNeil Frances waitress res 20 High 
McNeil Hazel F Mrs res 10 Floyd 
McNeil James elk 399 (211) Moody res 5 Cushing 
McNeil Joseph nurse M S F M res do 
McNeil Wm A (Nora A) hockmkr h 475 South 
McNeill Wm C (Beatrice) W W & C Co h 58 Orange 
McNulty John J (Annie E) firemn h 182 River 
McPherson Archibald J (Mary) linemn 16 Spring h 

204 Charles 
McPherson Bertha WW & C Co res 366 Crescent 
McPherson Clarence USA res 5 Duddy av 
McPherson Clarence A USA res 5 Duddy av 
McPherson Charles A (Norah E) mach h 5 Duddy av 
McPherson Donald A (Agnes) tel installer 16 Spring 

h 71 Grant 
McPherson Dora W W & C Co res 80 Brown 
McPherson Dougald (Jane) linemn h 49 Wellington 
McPherson Irene S bkpr res 49 Wellington 
McPherson Jeannett elk 219 (91) Moody res 49 Well- 
McPherson John J tel wkr res 49 Wellington 
McPHERSON LEVI E (Nettie L) Automobile Supplies 
Banks Sq Filling Station 955 Main Tel Waltham 
0320 h 5 Banks Tel Waltham 1536-M See Auto- 
mobile Dept 
McPherson Robert opr W W & C Co h 97 Maple 
McQuesten Nettie M tchr N P Banks sen res 110 Lex- 

McQuiggan Frank A (Delia J) core mkr h 75 Massa- 

McQuiggan Gertrude A elk E H W Co r 75 Massasoit 
McQuiggan Mary J elk W W & C Co res 75 Massasoit 
McQuillan Grover C (Laura R) laddermn Ladder 1 h 

85b Maple 
McQuiston Arthur G student res 70 River 
McQuiston Catherine M dom res 70 River 
McQuiston James (Catherine) overseer 144 Moody h 

at W Newton 
McQuiston James W (Louise M) fore W B & D Wks 

h 215 River 
McQuiston John J (Louise E) fore W B & D Wks h 

70 River 
McQuiston Louise G bkpr res 70 River 
McQuiston Raymond C rem to W Newton 
McRae Anna W W & C Co res 17 Highland 
McRae Joseph KWW&CCohl7 Derby 
McShane Hugh lab C P Brass Foundry res 84 Cherry 
McShane Joseph opr h 84 Cherry 
McShane Theresa Mrs h 84 Cherry 
McSorley James T chauf res 6 Wellington av 
McSwain Robert C W W & C Co h at Watertown 
McVey Mary E wid Peter hkpr 48 Spring 
Meacham Allen B (Heloise) auto pntr h 122 Lowell 
Meacham J Arthur student res 122 Lowell 
Meade Alice M tel opr res 24 Winthrop 
Meade Arthur R sten res 24 Winthrop 
Meade George L shipper res 24 Winthrop 
Meade Mary wid John W h 24 Winthrop 
Meade Norbert F gard res 24 Winthrop 
Meade Theresa F wid James E h 40 Crescent 
Meade Wm J drftsmn res 24 Winthrop 
Meader Snow (Carrie B) optometrist 4 Fiske av h do 
Meadows Boydes W W & C Co h 477 Main 
Meadows Hugh (Ellen) W W & C Co h 477 Main 
Meadows Robert (Lena) chauf h 477 Main 
Meagher Cornelius H W W & C Co h 27 Howard 
Meagher Ellen elk res 29 Taylor 
Meagher James F lawyer B res 29 Taylor 
Meagher Joseph L sales res 29 Taylor 
Meaney Edward F student res 42 Francis 
Meaney John B (Hannah) plmbr 366 (186) Moody 

res 51 Taylor 
Meaney Lillian M elk 265 (117) Moody res 51 Taylor 
Meaney Martin F (Margaret E) sales h 42 Francis 
Mears Alice J wid John h 87 High 
Mears George (Ellen F) h 23 Wadsworth av 
Mears Wm H (Mildred) metal wkr h 2 Maple ter 
Mecomcy Alice hkpr M S F M res do 
Medina John jr (Evelyn A) ins h 42 Waverley Oaks rd 
Meehan Delia rem to Providence R I 
Meehan Margaret matron M S F M res do 
Meehan Mary M attendant M S F M res do 
Meeks Sara nurse M S F M res do 
Meeson Frederick B (Margaret) mach h 64 Exchange 
Mega Samuel W W & C Co b 17 Sun 
Megeney Beatrice nurse M S F M res do 
Megginson Margaret J W W & C Co res 157 Crescent 
Megginson Mary elk E H W Wks res 157 Crescent 
Meblum Caspar supt 55 Rumford av h 4 Gale 
Mehring Harry W (Mary G) real est h 26 Crafts 
Meikle Wm R (Bertha J) pres The MacGregor Garage 

Inc 580 Main h 31 Howard 
Meisner Calvin L (Evelyn F) stmftr h 18 McKenn 
Melanson Abel (Mary L) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

15 Liberty 
Melanson Alfred (Virginia M) carp h 39 Highland 
Melanson Amos carp res 39 Pine 
Melanson Annie mica wkr 66 Woerd av r 89 Harrard 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Melanson Beatrice L elk W W & C Co res 15 Liberty 

Melanson Benjamin pntr res 32 Curtis 

Melanson Charles G (Mary B) carp h 194 Charles 

Melanson Charles L (Eva) chauf h 84 Alder 

Melanson Domonic lab res 9 Elm 

Melanson Dora opr W W & C Co res 72 Cedar 

Melanson Edward opr W W & C Co h 70 Chestnut 

Melanson Edward D (Melendy) carp h 10 Green 

Melanson Edward E jr. (Leah) carp res 10 Green 

Melanson Edward J auto rpr res 39 Highland 

Melanson Ella M elk res 15 Liberty 

Melanson Eudore L carp res 10 Green 

Melanson Evangeline L elk W W & C Co r 15 Liberty 

Melanson Prank opr W W & C Co r 898 (450) Moody 

Melanson Frank H waiter res 194 Charles 

Melanson Genevieve A res 15 Liberty 

Melanson George W W & C Co res 31 Fountain 

Melanson George F U S N res 194 Charles 

Melanson Henry J student res 85 Calvary 

Melanson Herbert J elect res 39 Highland 

Melanson John C (Rosalie) watchmkr W W & C Co 

res 194 Charles 
Melanson Joseph C (Minnie M) carp h 38 Gordon 
Melanson Lena opr W W & C Co res 182 Ash 
Melanson Leonard J mach res 39 Highland 
Melanson Louis J (Sylvia M) rem to Lincoln 
Melanson Marion G Mrs opr res 59 Alder 
Melanson Mary opr 21 Crescent res 31 Fountain 
Melanson Mary J opr res 194 Charles 
.Melanson Mary L res 85 Calvary 
Melanson Melina W W & C Co res 561 Main 
Melanson Minnie opr W W & C Co res 613 (311) 

Melanson Napoleon J hostler S Co h 85 Calvary 
Melanson Orrin J (Annie R) W W & C Co h 195 

Melanson Pauline H elk res 15 Liberty 
Melanson Pearl mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 17 Wads- 
worth av 
Melanson Phil (Emerise) millwright h 79 1 / £ Charles 
Melanson Thomas J (Ann A) paperhngr h 12 Under- 
wood pk 
Melanson Virginia Mrs h 32 Curtis 
Melanson Wm J opr W W & C Co h 31 Fountain 
Mele Giovanni (Alexandria) lab h Sibley rd nr Weston 
Mele Pasquale (Nancy) lab h 30 Middle 
Melia Joseph (Nellie) lab h 250 Newton 
Mellor Thomas A (Lillian A) damaskeener W W & C 

Co h 34 Crafts 
Mellor Wm H (Lillian R) rem to Saxonville 
Melo Carmelo (Rose) lab h 195% Newton 
Melody Arthur (Lillian) sales B h 91 Taylor 
Melody Lewis W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Melvin Frank city lab res 9 Pine 
Melvin George H (Ruth H) carp h Princeton av nr 

Melvin Harriet G h 37 Leonard 
Menarche Joseph (Theresa) lab h 10 Mechanic 
Mendelsohn Aaron (Mendelsohns) res 185 Brown 
Mendelsohn Charles M (Sarah) (Mendelsohns) hdw 

405 (213) Moody h 185 Brown 
Mendelsohn Ida E bkpr 405 (213) Moody res 185 

Mendelsohn Manuel A sales res 185 Brown 
Mendelsohn Rose L W W & C Co res 185 Brown 
Mendelsohn's (Aaron and Charles M Mendelsohn) hdw 

405 (213) Moody 
Mercantile Building 5-15 (1-5) Moody 
Merklee Charles (Sadie) pressran h 87 High \ 

Merklee George A (Ruby S) appr b 24 Gardner 

Merowitz Philip (Lena) tailor h 57 Rich 

Merrick Nella var 466 (246) Moody res 25 Taylor 

Memfield Arthur (Lena) elk res 14 Crescent 

Merrill Arthur fore 30 Elm res do 

Merrill Carrie L wid Walter- res 781 (385) Moody 

Merrill Cora A wid Preston I drsmkr h 37 Fairmont 

Merrill Delmont N supt res 12 Lowell pi 
Merrill Dorothy lunch 865a Main 
Merrill Edward W (Emily M) rem to Winthrop 
Merrill Fannie B wid Ernest opr h 59 Myrtle 
Merrill Frank wvr h 50 Oak 
Merrill Harry (Eva S) cond h 45 Rich 
Merrill Hollis C (Harriet D) sales h 5 Walnut 
Merrill Joseph B (Catherine) bkpr B h 97 Crescent 
Merrill Lester H (Carrie L) sales h 781 (385) Moody 
Menill Marcia opr W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Merrill Seymour R elk res 37 Fairmont av 
Merriman Willis C (Adelaide) mgr h 74 Dale 
Merlin John (Anna) sales mgr 767 Main h 906 do 
Merrin Martha wid John res 313 School 
Menin Raymond 1 (Marion) h 33 y 2 Russell 
Meserve Bertram G (Annie M) sales 234 (100) Moo- 
dy h 139 Lowell 
Meserve Ruth C elk res 139 Lowell 
Meservey Laura E W W & C Co res 27 Alder 
Metcalf Ethel J Mrs W W & C Co res 145 Brown 
Metcalf George E (Ellen E) insp h 36 Wadsworth av 
Metcalf Mildred R sten res 36 Wadsworth av 
Metcalf Mira E prin R E Robbins sch h at W Newton 
METROPOLITAN COAL CO Main Office 20 Exchange 

pi Boston Tel Congress 4600 See left top lines in 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co Thomas F Neelon mgr 

11 (3) Moody 
Metz Charles H (Elizabeth) h 5 Lawnsdale av 
Metz Charles W (Mildred) rem to Syracuse N Y 
Metz Edwin H (Marjorie) h 79 Grove 
Meuse Joseph W W & C Co h 74 Adams 
Meuse Joseph M (Annie) W W & C Co h 132 Charles 
Meuse Mary W W & C Co res 57 Taylor 
Meyer Harold E (Ethel C) sales h Greenwood la 
Mezzone Emilio (Mary) mach h 151 Felton 
Miami Biagio lab h 21 Spring 
Miani Frank (Annie) boxmkr h 157 School 
Michael lone G bkpr W W & C Co res 89 Ash 
Michael Irene Mrs nurse res 28 Robbins 
Miche Alfred (Rose) E H W Wks h 10 Sterling rd 
Miche Gustav E H W Wks h 10 Sterling rd 
Michelson Edith B W W & C Co res 44 Harvard 
Michelson Louis junk dlr h 44 Harvard 
Michelson Sylvia W W & C Co res 44 Harvard 
Mickalsen Otto A (Edwarda) mech h Arcadia av 
Middlesex County Bureau of Agriculture and Home 

Economics Allister F MacDougall managing dir 47 

(7) Moody 

" County Seat (Cambridge) 

" District Attorney Arthur K Reading (Carnb) 

"' Probation Officer M Louise Higginbotham 802 

" Second District Court Samuel P Abbott justice 
25 Lexington 
Middlesex & Boston Street Ry Co Samuel E Walker 

supt car barn and rpr shop 1040 Main 
Midgley Vernon (Beatrice M) (Waltham Garage Co) 

870 Main h 12 Boynton 
Miele Andreo (Paolina) real est 21 Russell h do 
Miele Domenico (Josefina) rem to Camb 
Miele Erasmo (Victoria) fruit h 169 Felton 

48 JOHN- 



and— 40 CLINTON— STS.,— WALTHAM,. 

Tel. Conn. 




Miele Giovanni (Elizabetta) gardener h Sibley rd nr 

Miele Salvatore (Giuseppina) sausagemkr h 156 School 
Mikkola Tyyne W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Mikulskis Peter (Helen M) carp and baker h 62 Ash 
Mikulsky Wm (Demelda) baker Elm cor Benefit h 154 

Milberry Clare A (Ina B) mach h 148 High 
Milbury C A Mrs res 94 Adams 
Milbury Misses The res 94 Adams 
Miles Arline W W & C Co res 25 Adams 
Miles Eileen opr W W & C Co res 90 Ash 
Miles George S elect W W & C Co res 169 Chestnut 
Miles Isabelle B wid George res 169 Chestnut 
Miles Laura M Mrs h 90 Ash 
Milesky Frank (Deborak) shoe rpr 7 Lexington h 1 

Milesky Henry (Sarah H) h 92 Charles 
Milesky Maurice (Florence) pntr h 7 Fountain 
Milesky Minnie S knitter res 92 Charles 
Milesky Morris (Florence) pntr h 7 Fountain 
Milioto John (Mary G) opr h 147 Felton 
Milking Ada J wid Alonzo L h 18 Highland av 
Millar Charlotte opr W W & C Co res 18 Winthrop 
Millard Raymond E jewel wkr 11 Gifford av h at 

Millbury Breton W nurse M S F M res do 
Millen Elizabeth Mrs died Sept 3 1922 
Millen Howard C opr W W & C Co h at Quincy 
Millen James (Lowell & Millen) h 153 Ash 
Millen Ralph rem to Newtonville 
Miller Aaron (Susan V) supt h 97 Maple 
Miller Albert F mach res 18 Winthrop 
Miller Alfred fore D & F Mfg Co Foundry av h at 

Jamaica Plain 
Miller Alfred H (Nan) fish 3 Prospect h 47a Rich 
Miller Arthur B (Esther E) rem to Hingham 
Miller Bertha H tchr res 21 Cherry 
Miller Blake S tchr M S F M res do 
Miller Carl P (Elsa) elect res 45 Fairmount av 
Miller Charlotte L W W & C Co res 18 Winthrop 
Miller Edward B (Sadie M) carp h 33 Brookfield rd 
Miller Elizabeth J nurse M S F M res do 
Miller Esther E rem to Hingham 
Miller Harold opr W W & C Co h at Concord 
Miller Hazel nurse M S F M res do 
Miller John S mgr 515 South h at Watertown 
Miller Joseph H (Julia Y) ticket seller h 15 Chestnut 
Miller Laura A sten res 15 Chestnut 
Miller Lester A (Blanche E H W Co h 224 Dale 
Miller Lewis G (Catherine H) mach h 18 Winthrop 
Miller Lewis fl (Ethel) elk h 15 Chestnut 
Miller Lyman (Bernice 0) mgr 357 (187) Moody 

h 128 Adams 
Miller L Gilmore res 15 Chestnut 
Miller Mandana L wid Leonard res 366 Crescent 
Miller Mattie res 94 Adams 
Miller Maude L elk W W & C Co res 22 Wash av 
Miller Merton chemical eng res 3 Columbus av 
Miller Nan F Mrs elk 243 (107) Moody r 47a Rich 
Miller Nellie M sten res 15 Chestnut 
Miller Popcorn Co (Samuel Miller Andrew J H Bick- 

ford) mfg confrs 206 (80) Moody 
Miller Ralph A 2d hd furn 46 Spruce h 61 Ash 
Miller Samuel (Minnie L) (Miller Popcorn Co) h 3 

Columbus av 
Miller Waldo S student res 15 Chestnut 
Miller Walter L (Carrie B) fore B H W Wks h 22 


MILLER WILLIAM R (Bertha H) Undertaker Funeral 

Home 21 Cherry Tel Waltham 2500 h do 
Millett Henry L (Laura A) fore h 75 Arcadia av 
Milligan James A auto accessories 432 (228) Moody 

h at W Newton 
Milligan Leila elk 299 (145) Moody res 168 Adams 
Milligan Wm N (Velma S) jeweler (Brookline) h 114 

Millinazo Gaetano barber 127 Charles res do 
Millmore James F (Mary) lab h 146 Willow 
Millmore Katherine A insp res 146 Willow 
Mills Arthur E (Laura M) auto pntr h 162 Main 
Mills Blanche H sten res 21 Church 
Mills Charles F (Nellie) sales h 20 Rumford av 
Mills Doris L elk res 145 Ash 
Mills Edward P (Edith E) W W & C Co h 145 Ash 
Mills Elizabeth F died April 28 1923 
Mills Raymond F (Blanche M) elk h 82 Lowell 
Mills Roscoe H paperhanger res 64 Lowell 
Mills Willis C (Edith F) W W & C Co h 83 Cherry 
Milner Annie wid Frederick h 64 Ash 
Milner Everett A (Lucy E) sales h 51 Lunda 
Milner Everett A jr sales res 51 Lunda 
Milner Forest G (Teresa G) fore h 636 (324) Moody 
Milner Frederick S died Mar 27 1922 , 

Milner Harriet A opr W W & C Co res 370 Crescent 
Milner Mary Mrs dry gds 881 Main h 27 Francis 
Milner Maude res 64 Ash 
Milner Thomas (Mary) mus h 27 Francis 
Milton George A (Sumner) real est 4 Columbus av h 

Mimeau Angie L W W & C Co res 679 (341) Moody 
Mimnaugh James H lab res 27 School av 
Mimnaugh Sadie W W & C Co res 27 School av 
Mimnaugh Viola opr res 27 School av 
Minacia Charles (Nicolina) opr h 159 School 
Minahan Daniel (Catherine) motormn h 83 Pond 
Minahan James J (Eliza E) firemn h 61 Foundry av 
Miner Walter L (Caroline E) rem to Som 
Minihan Jeremiah J (Catherine H) chauf h rear 122 

Minnaugh Helen res 94 Adams 
Minnaugh Winnie A elk 381 (205) Moody res 94 

Minnock Bridget wid Michael h 107 Pine 
Minnock Nellie L opr res 107 Pine 
Minton Anna L mgr 204 (78) Moody res 67 Crescent 
Mirabito Joseph (Katie) mill opr h 111 Felton 
Mirasola Catherine wid res 7 Oak 
Mirasola Salvatore (Concetta) mach planer hand 416 

(218) Moody h 7 Oak 
Misrell John (Pauline) opr h 3 Gibbs ct 
Mitchell Annie waitress res 110 Russell 
Mitchell Carl F (Robena) shipper h 75 Gardner 
Mitchell Charles D (Margaret M) fore res 174 Adams 
Mitchell Clara M (Mitchell & Graves) 681 Main r do 
Mitchell Clarence T (Eula B) auto rpr h 11 Laurel av 
Mitchell Edward A (Ella B) rigger h 995 Main 
Mitchell Elizabeth dom 46 Chestnut 
Mitchell Eric C rem to E B 
Mitchell George H (Delia M) hlpr h 120 Willow 
Mitchell Goldie Mrs elk 5 (1) Moody h at Newton- 
Mitchell Jay E died Nov 15 1923 
Mitchell John J (Mary E) mach h 100 Bacon 
Mitchell John RWW& CCoh83 Chestnut 
Mitehell Joseph P (Ethel) (McCaul & Mitchell) 200 

(76) and 332 (166a) Moody h 44 Gordon 
Mitehell Joseph R (Georgia L) insp W H S h 159 






Tel. Waltham 0940 



Mitchell Katherine opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 

Mitchell Lillian A died Sept 21 1921 

Mitchell Mary wid John died Dec 23 1921 

Mitchell Mary C wid Jay E h 43 Pine 

Mitchell Myra A sec 11 (3) Moody h at Hingham 

Mitchell Thomas J (Annie) coremkr h 100 Bacon 

Mitchell Thomas J (Sarah J) foundrymn h 187 Brown 

Mitchell Walter F jewel mkr 15 Crescent r 4 Colby av 

Mitchell Walter S E mach res 203 Ash 

Mitchell Wm H (Nellie) watch rpr 110 Alder h do 

Mitchell & Graves (Clara M Mitchell Emma A Graves) 

hairdressers 681 Main rm 9 
Miuse Joseph (Amy M) elect h 70 Francis 
Mobilia Angelo lab res 11 Union 
Mobilia Antonio (Josephine) wvr h 11 Union 
Mobilia Catherine wid Joseph h 65 Charles 
Mobilia Pasquale (Rose) opr B Mfg Co h 23 Gordon 
Modine Selim G (Beda W) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

1187 Main 
Moffett Roy W W W & C Co res 27 Brown 
Mogan Charles F (Genevieve A) carrier P 290 

(134) Moody h 30 Orchard av 
Mogan Edward S mgr res 562 Main 
Mogan John B (Gertrude L) hosemn Hose 1 h 11 

Massasoit ct 
Mogan Mary elk res 31 School 
Mogan Paul elk res 31 School 
Mogan Walter J (Agatha) police h 28% High 
Mogan Wm H (Matilda) police h 31 School 
Mogan Wm H jr (Agnes B) (Watch City Dyers & 

Cleansers) h 18 Harvard av 
Mohican Co prov 399 (211) Moody 
Moineau Alberic I (Ruth F) chauf h 15 Cushing 
Mollenhauer Herman E mach h 6 Cushing 
Mollica Angelina wid Giovanni h 197 School 
Mollica Angelo sales 347 Moody res 197 School 
MOLLICA BARTHOLOMEW (Ethel M) Mollica Motor 

Sales 14 Pine h 20 Auburn 
Mollica Bartholomeo elk 234 (100) Moody res 565 

(289) do 
Mollica Francesco (Anna) lab h 29 Charles 
Mollica Josephina res 29 Charles 
Mollica Maria res 29 Charles 
MOLLICA MOTOR SALES (Bartholomew Mollica) 

Overland and Willys Knight Automobiles 14 Pine 

See Automobile Dept 
Mollica Nancy embdr res 565 (289) Moody 
Mollica Onofrio (Catarina) fruit h 565 (289) Moody 
Mollica Onofrio jr W W & C Co r 565 (289) Moody 
Mollica Susie stitcher 307 (151) Moody r 565 (289) 

Monaco Camillo (Eda) gro 193 School h 17 do 
Monaco Domenico (Mary) baker h 185 School 
Monaghan Elizabeth Mrs h 98 Cushing 
Monaghan James F (Mary 0) archt 230 Newton h 44 

Monaghan Jean opr W W & C Co h at Quincy 
Monahan Amy K student res 254 South 
Monahan Bessie J Mrs h 254 South 
Monahan Harriet E W W & C Co res 61 Green 
Monahan James H (Elizabeth) opr h 98 Cushing 
Monahan John mach res 1 Stratton ter 
Monahan John F (Maude E) opr h 19 Ash 
Monahan Margaret elk 271 (123) Moody r at Welles- 
ley Hills 
Monahan Maud E Mrs W W & C Co res 19 Ash 
Monahan Patrick J lab res 78 Grant 
Monahan Paul R cond res 78 Grant 
Monahan Susan opr res 168 River ' : i 

Monahan Thomas F sales 1 Main res 168 River 

Monahan Thomas J (Catherine) h 168 River 
Monahon Grace M lancing tchr 35 South res do 
Monahon Mary I elk res 35 South 
Monahon Thomas J (Ella M) real est 661 Main rm 7 

h 35 South 
Monahon see Moynihan 
Mongeon Antonio (Emeline R) opr h 9 Cross 
Monk Rodney E farmer M S F M res do 
Monkeley Horace opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Monkeley Lena opr W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Monkley E Horace mech 62 Adams res 29 Cherry 
Monroe Gladys A opr W W & C Co res 33 Pine 
Moody Alfred L (Clara R) (Moody & Regan) prntrs 

h 27 School 
Moody A Lincoln (Ida May) insp of plmbg office rm 6 

City Hall h 163 Plympton 
Moody Bruce hlpr res 140 Beaver 
Moody Charles C B aud W W & C Co res 8 Common 
Moody Christmas M sten res 163 Plympton 
Moody Clarence res 27 School 

Moody Eleanor A physical training tchr r 163 Plymp- 
Moody Harriet res 27 School 
Moody Ida E Mrs h 8 Common 
Moody Ira A sales res 8 Common 
Moody Roy S bkpr 100 Beaver h 14 Harris 
Moody Sadie F W W & C Co res 79 Cherry 
Moody & Regan (Alfred L Moody George E Regan) 

prntrs 621 Main 
Mooney Alice A W W & C Co res 27 Liberty 
Mooney Amelia res 81 Dale 
Mooney Charles J (Bertha M) asst exp mgr Carters 

Ink Co h 153 Myrtle 
Mooney Frank J (Grace M) mgr 11 (3) Moody rm 

8 h 81 Dale 
Mooney James J (Bridget) lab h 27 Liberty 
Mooney James J jr chauf res 27 Liberty 
Mooney John J opr res 140 School 
Mooney John J (Lillie E) undtkr 749 Main h do 
Mooney Maria A Mrs drsmkr 42 Adams h do 
Mooney Martin J gatemn Bacon res 28 Lexington ter 
Mooney Mary A wid Frank A h 28 Lexington ter 
Mooney Mary C tchr res 749 Main 
Mooney Michael F carp res 27 Liberty 
Mooney Richard F (Maria A) garage 42 Charles h 42 

Mooney Robert mach W W & C Co res 27 Liberty 
Mooney Thomas (Mary) lab h 80 Oak 
Moor Charles E (Cora M) W W & C Co h 693 (345) 

Moor Cora M Mrs elk res 693 (345) Moody 
Moor Dana C opr W W & C Co h 245 Lowell 
Moor Ethel K wid George C h 249 Lowell 
Moor John res 15 Alder 
Moor May J tchr F C Lowell sch h 15 Alder 
Moor Stanley T (Dana C) bkpr h 245 Lowell 
Moore Almeda G wid Orlow V h 203 Ash 
Moore Annie E elk res 83 Hall 
Moore A Doris student res 68 Grant 
Moore Caroline A died Oct 8 1922 
Moore Charles G chemist res 68 Grant 
Moore Doris I sten res 203 Ash 
Moore Edee wid Wilson J h 55 Crescent 
Moore Edward P died Aug 15 1922 
Moore Eleanor C elk res 83 Hall 
Moore Eleanor L student res 470 Main 
Moore Elizabeth opr res 90 Cherry 
Moore Ella D h 41 Howard 
Moore Ella E wid John F h 22 Lyman 
Moore Ellen F wid Josiah B h 470 Main 

courtesy ROBBINS & MOULTON CO. parts 


584(298) Moody St. tel 

gmVKtAI ' 


2615 Waltham,Mass. 



Moore Ernest E (Alice C) furn mvr 68 Grant h do 

Moore Elta H Mrs priv sec 224 Calvary h at B 

Moore Etta M wid Charles res 132 Crescent 

Moore Flora wid Frederick H res 133 Brown 

Moore Francis J (Jane A) janitor h 83 Hall 

Moore Frederick H died Dec 24 1922 

Moore Helen opr res 75 Oak 

Moore Horatio res 22 Lyman 

Moore Ida A h 41 Howard 

Moore Jeanette D wid John h 132 Crescent 

Moore John E (Elizabeth C) die mkr W W & C Co 

h 22 Auburn 
Moore John H (Margaret) elk B & M h 98 Charles 
Moore Lizzie B W W ft C Do res 90 Cherry 
Moore Mabel G W W ft C Co res 153 Adams 
Moore Mabel G Mrs W W & C Co h 153 Adams 
Moore Margaret Mrs W W ft C Co res 98 Charles 
Moore Marion L sten res 203 Ash 
Moore Martha N h 153 Adams 
Moore Mary A h 100 Myrtle 
Moore Mildred F mgr 21 Crescent res 83 Hall 
Moore Minnie E res 43 Brown 
Moore Orlow V died Feb 21 1922 
Moore Raymond A elk res 98 Charles 
Moore Robert T civ eng res 83 Hall 
Moore Walter G (Beatrice H) watchmkr E H W Wks 

h 47 Columbus av 
Moore Wilson J died Nov 26 1922 
Moorehouse Clarence opr W W & C Co res 252 Brown 
Moorehouse Joseph (Emma) opr W W & C Co h 62 

Moorehouse Joseph R (Annie) student h 62 Hall 
Moorehouse Muriel elk 283 (133) Moody res 109 

Moorhouse Elizabeth wid Josiah h 80 Crescent 
Morabito Michael (Frances) watchmn h 56 Charles 
Moran Bertha F W W & C Co res 46 Pond 
Moran Charles E opr res 18 Cedar 
Moran John E (Mary E) chairman board of assessors 

12 City Hall and bldg contr 12 Hammond h do 
Moran John E gro B h Lincoln byd Lake 
Moran John F (Margaret J) chauf h 17 Gorham av 
Moran Lucy E W W & C Co res 127 Brown 
Moran Martin (Catherine) lab h 46 Pond 
Moran Mary opr res 14 Cedar 
Moran Mary wid James h 14 Hammond 
Moran Mary G elk res 18 Cedar 
Moran Minnie M res 14 Hammond 
Moran Robert S meat h 18 Cedar 
Moran Stephen A elk res 14 Hammond 
Moran Thomas W (Bertha F) driver h 46 Pond 
Moran see Morin 

Morash Bessie E Mrs died Nov 12 1921 
Morasa Charles E (Emma A) (Charles E Morash ft 

Son) h 536 Waverley Oaks rd 
Morash C Ross (Cressa E) (Charles E Morash & Son) 

h 544 Waverley Oaks rd 
Morash Charles E & Son (Charles E and C Ross) 

carps 536-544 Waverley Oaks rd 
Morash Grover R E rem to B 
Morehouse Byron E (Edna I) gatemn h 25 Barnes 
Morehouse Clarence G W W ft C Co h 198 Bobbins 
Morehouse Rubb W W ft C Co res 187 Adams 
Moray J Frances nurse h 54 Grant 
Morgan Anson W cashr 94 Adams res do rm 12 
Morgan A Leslie supt res 109 Taylor 
Morgan Charles T (Helen C) sales h 35 Worcester 
Morgan Edith R Mrs mgr 94 Adams h at B 
Morgan Frances M Mrs W W & C Co res at Newton 
Morgan George N (Grace B) asst fore h 755 South 

Morgan James J lab res 169 School 

Morgan John lab res 169 School 

Morgan John W (Margaret) bkpr 354 (178) Moody 

h 210 Chestnut 
Morgan John Wm W W ft C Co h 210 Chestnut 
Morgan Josephine E wid Silas P died Aug 16 1922 
Morgan Katherine wid Francis J h 109 Taylor 
Morgan Maria E (Morgan's Art Store) res 109 Taylor 
Morgan Wm H elk 107 (29) Moody res 109 Taylor 
Morgan's Art Store (Marie E Morgan) picture frames 

107 (29) Moody 
Moriano Giovanni (Constant!:!) farmer h 131 Pine 
Moriarty Frederick metal wkr res 1077 Main 
Moriarty Jennie A Mrs elk 210 (84) Moody h at 

W Newton 
Moriarty Mary mica wkr 66 Woerd av r at W Newton 
Moriarty Sarah R Mrs h 1077 Main 
Morin George A (Margaret E) lawyer B h 12 Gilbert 
Morley Clarence G prntr res 285 Newton 
Morley Florence A opr W W & C Co res 46 Pond 
Morley Herbert H (Catherine) janitor W M Wks h 

285 Newton 
Morley Johanna Mrs died June 22 1922 
Morley John M (Eva M) mach h 67 Winthrop 
Morley Laura M sten B res 22 Wash av 
Morley Louis (Eleanor) drftsmn res 56 dishing 
Morley Wm h 22 Wash av 
Morreali Alphonse (Maria) lab h 23 y 2 Clinton 
Morreali Carmelo (Ciuseppina) opr h 12 Clinton 
Morreali Carmelo (Josephine) wvr h 14 McKenn 
Morreali Frank (Mary) harber h 267 Calvary 
Morreali James res 23 y 2 Clinton 
Morrell Amy Mrs died Feb 20 1922 
Morrell Cora D tchr Seth Bemis sch res 14 Laurel av 
Morrell Edward H fish 167 Prospect h 110y 2 do 
Morrell Ella C W W & C Co res 110y 2 Prospect 
Morrell Elvira F died Mar 12 1922 
Morrell Henry M (Louise B) carp h 158 Lowell 
Morrell Ida S elk res 110 y 2 Prospect 
Morrell Othman B (Dora E) carp h 117 South 
Monella Giuseppe (Josephine) gard h 56 Oak 
Morrill Callista G wid Samuel H died Dec 6 1922 
Morrill Charles (Olive R) treas C Morrill Co 619 

Main h at Weston 
Morrill C Co R Morrill pres Charles Morrill 

treas gros 619 Main 
Morrill Emma F h 93 % Central 
Morrill Olive R Mrs pres 619 Main h at Weston 
Morris Albert (Maud G) W W ft C Co h 27 Myrtle 
Morris Alice M W W & C Co res 72 Bedford 
Morris Anna C opr W W ft C Co res 184 Chestnut 
Morris Clarence H (Pearl L) W W ft C Co res 252 

Morris Earl G (Mildred) mach h 135 Brown 
Morris Ethel E Mrs died Mar 19 1922 
Morris E Marjorie sec res 156 Ash 
Morris George H student res 13 Leonard 
Morris Harold W (Celia) asst mgr h 13 Leonard 
Morris James (Sarah J) hlpr W M Wks h 25 Myrtle 
Morris Jean M elk res 156 Ash 
Morris Jerome P opr W W ft C Co h 184 Chestnut 
Morris John R (Joan C) mach h 156 Ash 
Morris Joseph P opr h 70 Chestnut 
Morris Lena E opr W W ft C Co res 39 Lexington 
Morris Margaret wid Elijah A h 8 Gibbs ct 
Morris Milledge E welder res 39 Lexington 
Morris Pearl L opr W W ft C Co res 252 Crescent 
Morris Teresa L bkpr res 8 Gibbs ct 
Morris Thomas (Amanda) janitor 19 Elm h 39 






Morris Wilbur (Ida M) elk 433 (231) Moody h at 

Newton Lower Palls 
Morris Wm P (Florence) chauf W W & C Co h 25 

Morris Wm H (Sadie) screw mkr W W & C Co h 

135 Brown 
Morrisette Wm H (Jennie M) motormn h 137 Russell 
Morrisey Annie J W W & C Co res 117 Prospect 
Morrisey Arthur E opr W W & C Co res 125 Prospect 
Morrisey Bridget wid Jeremiah h 125 Prospect 
Morrisey Bridget wid Michael h 193 Grove 
Morrisey Edward A pntr res 117 Prospect 
Morrisey John W gard h 117 Prospect 
Morrisey Margaret W W & C Co res 117 Prospect 
Morrisey Martin H metal wkr res 193 Grove 
Morrisey Mary L piano tchr res 193 Grove 
Morrisey Merle F opr W W & C Co res 125 Prospect 
Morrisey Minnie hkpr 117 Prospect 
Morrisey Thomas P agt res 179 Grove 
Morrison Basil G opr res 134 Brown 
Morrison Burton W (Emma E) drftsmn h 24 Farns- 

worth av 
Morrison Clara H rem to W Newton 
Morrison Elizabeth wid George E nurse h 134 Brown 
Morrison Frank asst fore 144 Moody h at Newton 

Morrison Harold firemn res 240 Crescent 
Morrison Harold ins agt 11 (3) Moody h at Camb 
Morrison Helen R bkpr res 19 Murray 
Morrison Herbert R (Clora H) W W & C Co h at W 

Morrison James (Mary E) ins agt 11 (3) Moody h 

898 (450) Moody 
Morrison Jean W Mrs died Mar 6 1923 
Morrison Leo wvr res 23 Pine 
Morrison Louis M elk W W & C Co res 57 Willow 
Morrison Mary C nurse M S F M res do 
Morrison Robert B (Catherine M) chauf 118 Bacon h 

9 Murray 
Morrisseau Wilbur (Nellie) W W & C Co h 679 

(341) Moody 
Morrissey Annie M nurse M S F M res do 
Morrissey Arthur E W W & C Co h 125 Prospect 
Morrissey Ethel J student res 5 Chamberlain ter 
Morrissey John J (Mary A) W W & C Co res 55 

Morrissey Joseph P (Nellie C) metals Massasoit nr 

Main h 5 Chamberlain ter 
Morrissey Merle F W W & C Co h 125 Prospect 
Morrissey Wm J (B Frances) elk 707 Main h at 

Morrow Hugh opr res 31 Crafts 
Morrow Hugh J (Elizabeth G) overseer W B & D 

Wks h 31 Crafts 
Morrow Wm A (Effie M) carp h 9 Exchange pi 
Morrow Wm J (Elizabeth I) asst overseer h 109 

Morse Abijah A died Oct 9 1923 
Morse Agnes C W W & C Co res at Way land 
Morse Alma E sec res 34 Cabot 
Morse Annie Mrs died May 5 1923 
Morse Churchill P (Mary E) fore h 15 Dexter 
Morse Cyrus A (Georgianna A) asst fore W W & C Co 

h 51 Prospect 
Morse Frank W (Georgia F) W W & C Co h 205 

Morse George H watchmn W W & C Co h 10 Harvard 
Morse Harold W chauf res 49 Rich 
Morse Ira H shoes 351 (181) Moody h at Lowell 
Morse Irving chauf res 10 Harvard 

Morse Mildied A sten H U res 794 (400) Moody 
Morse Raymond A (Katie F) W F D h 142 Dale 
Morse Stephen H (Mary) woodwkr h 794 (400) Moody 
Morse Vivian M sten res 10 Harvard 
Morseman Frank (Esther) firemn W S Co h at Water- 
Mort Wm driver 1295 Main h 12 Wellington av 
Morton Alice M drsmkr res 459 (239) Moody 
Morton Arthur W (Flora) elect plater h 876% Main 
Morton Charles H (Agnes L) elect plater h. 60 Co- 
lumbus av 
Morton Charles H jr student res 60 Columbus av 
Morton George (Emma I) h 120 Myrtle 
Morton George E rem to Chelsea 
Morton Grace M W W & C Co res 60 Columbus av 
Morton Harold L elect plater res 60 Columbus av 
Morton Jane L wid George res Nov 12 1921 
Morton Mary E wid Wilfred I sales res rear 759 (rear 

377) Moody 
Morton Ruby A sec W S Co res 60 Columbus av 
Morton Wilfred J elk res rear 759 (rear 377) Moody 
Morton Winifred A tchr N P Banks sch res 74 School 
Mosca Angelo spinner h 14 Williams 
Mosca Joseph (Maria) lab h 14 Williams 
Mosca Marco (Asunta) barber and poolroom 11 Fel- 

ton h 9 do 
Moscato Francisco (Francesca) lab h 126 Willow 
Moschard Henri (Martha S) mach W M Wks h 95 

Mosher Alice W W & C Co res 12 Wash av 
Mosher Allan V (Bertha H) elk Ry M S h 188 Ash 
Mosher Annie S Mrs h 75 Prospect 
Mosher Archibald blksmith W C Co 149 Elm res 12 

Mosher Beatrice sec res 199 Brown 
Mosher Dorothy W W & C Co res 166 Chestnut 
Mosher Harold A (Hildur I) fore h 470 Rich 
Mosher Hazel A W W & C Co res 75 Prospect 
Mosher Helen U elk W W & C Co h 14 Wellington 
Mosher Herbert A (Mary A) real est 28 Derby h do 
Mosher James W W & C Co h 166 Chestnut 
Mosher James W (Dorothy) opr W W & C Co h 166 

Mosher Loring A (Vera V) carp h Pine Hill Circle 
Mosher Marshall J (Elizabeth) phys 930 Main h do 
Mosher M Lionel student res 930 Main 
Mosher Reginald S (Olive G) chauf h 259 Charles 
Mosher Thomas H W W & C Co res 69 Lowell 
Mosman Edwin J (Georgianna M) acct h 143 Russell 
Moss John H (Edith H) baker h 86 % Lowell 
Mossburg Oscar (Elizabeth) mach h 5 Sterling rd 
Motor Service Shop (Orville J Mott) 748 Main 
Mott Albert A (Hattie D) train dir h 145 Robbins 
Mott Elizabeth M wid James M rem to Lowell 
Mott James M died April 3 1921 
Mott Orville J (Motor Service Shop) 748 Main h at 

Mott Ruth E sec res 145 Robbins 
Moulton Alfred K watchmkr res 33 Floyd 
Moulton Henry M (Sadie L) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 21 Chester av 
Moulton Jennie E wid James A died Jan 1 1923 
Moulton Lee L W W & C Co h 87 Tolman 
MOULTON MARSHALL L Vice-Pres Robbins & Moul- 
ton Co Inc 584 (298) Moody h 22 Whitlowe rd 
West Newton Tel Newton W 0936- M 
Mt Peake Cemetery off Prospect at Riverview sta 
Moynihan Alice A opr res 223 Grove 
Moynihan Alice E sten 56 Pelton h at Maynard 
Moynihan Cornelius J (Eileen B) supt b 37a Common 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Moynihan Dennis E (Delia L) lab h 107 Beacon 
Moynihan John J sales res 45 Francis 
Moynihan John J (Catherine J) h 223 Grove 
Moynihan Katherine A W W & C Co res 45 Francis 
Moynihan Margaret E wid Patrick h 45 Francis 
Moynihan Mary C elk res 203 Grove 
Moynihan see Monahan 
Moyse George E (Ruth A) elk h 89 Vernon 
Moyse George G (Lena H) h 52 Chester av 
Moyse Helen H student res 52 Chester av 
Mudgett Alberta L W W & C Co res 35 Russell 
Mudgett Cecil F (Mildred N) diemkr res 90 Robbins 
Mudgett Henry L (Alberta L) watchmkr h 75 Russell 
Mudgett Herbert R (Mildred M) drftsmn h 23 Pros- 
Mudgett Mary L tchr W H S res 31 Floyd 
Mudgett Melena M W W & C Co res 23 Prospect 
Mudgett Mildred G Mrs W W & C Co res 90 Robbins 
Mudgett Oscar W W & C Co res 79 Brown 
Muir Camelia E drsmkr 116 Chestnut res do 
Muir John H h 116 Chestnut 
Muir Yvonne E chief elk 23 (6) Moody res 116 

Muir Wilfred S res 116 Chestnut 
Muise Harry (Annie) lab h 96 Charles 
Muise Joseph M (Amy M) carp h 669 (335) Moody 
Muise Mary I opr W W & C Co res 669 (335) Moo- 
Muise Peter (Anna B) fireman h 311 (153) Moody 
Muise Theodore (Sophia) opr h 20 School 
Mula Frederico (Angelina) lab h 116 Felton 
Mula Joseph (Rose) lab h 14 Day 
Mula Louis (Jennie) elk h 27 Calvary 
Mula Luigi (Frances) lab h 215 Newton 
Mula Vincenzo (Rose) opr h liy 2 Liverpool la 
Mulcahy George D sub carrier P 290 (134) Moo- 
dy h at Concord 
Mulcahy Joseph T bkpr res 36 Gordon 
Mulcahy Paul A (Helen M) elk 647 Main h 58 Pond 
Mulcahy Thomas M (Margaret) plmbr h 36 Gordon 
Mulcahy Wm B (Sarah) (Central Sq Market) 647 

Main h 8 Adams 
Mulder Delia wid Henry janitress W W & C Co h 

25 Adams 
Muldoon Elizabeth G seam res 207 Chestnut 
Muldoon James C (Josephine M) elect h 37 Cutter 
Muldoon John P overseer h 207 Chestnut 
Muldoon Mary J Mrs died June 7 1923 
Muldoon Mary T phys M S F M res do 
Muldoon Nellie L asst buyer B res 207 Chestnut 
Mulhern Catherine L res 209 Ash 
Mulhern John F carrier P 290 (134) Moody h at 

Mulhern Mary E res 209 Ash 

Mullaney John J (Irene M) city lab h 39 Lynchs la 
Mullaney Mary A Mrs died April 15 1922 
Mullaney Peter city lab h 82 Exchange 
Mullaney Thomas city lab res 39 Lynch la 
Mullen Agnes opr res 55 Robbins 
Mullen Alice M wid John VV W & C Co res rear 92 

Mullen Anna E res 51 Farwell 
Mullen Arthur F res 51 Farwell 
Mullen Catherine res 59 Charles 
Mullen Catherine hkpr h rear 14 Crescent 
Mullen Catherine wid Michael h 5 Calvary 
Mullen Catherine E W W & C Co h 54 Myrtle 
Mullen Catherine F nurse res 7 Mnnroe av 
Mullen C Perry (Agnes) W W & C Co h 53 Robbins 
Mullen Douglas carp res 81a Alder 

Mullen Elsie L stitcher res 70 Robbins 

Mullin Emma elk res 25 Bacon 

Mullen Evelyn elk res 25 Bacon 

Mullen Francis J mach res 7 Munroe av 

Mullen Francis L U S C G res 98 Central 

Mullen Frank A (Mary) wvr h 70 Robbins 

Mullen Gladys D opr W W & C Co res 120 Lowell 

Mullen Harold E chauf 727 (363) Moody res 70 

Mullen Howard A (Elsie M) jewel mkr W W & C Co 

h 175 Brown 
Mullen James J (Mary) ins h 11 Middle 
Mullen John H lab h 51 Farwell 
Mullen John L (Nora A) plmbr h 98 Central 
Mullen John T elk res 5 Calvary 
Mullen Joseph J mach res 51 Farwell 
Mullen J H Mrs res 40 Grant pi 
Mullen Lena M stitcher res 70 Robbins 
Mullen Margaret elk 219 (91) Moody res at Newton- 

Mullen Mary A elk res 98 Central 
Mullen Mary C bkpr res 51 Farwell 
Mullen Mary E wid James h 25 Bacon 
Mullen Mary J h 9 Pine 
Mullen Nellie drsmkr res 25 Bacon 
Mullen Sarah E tchr Thomas Hill sch res 5 Calvary 
Mullen Thomas F (T F Mullen & Co) h 11 Middle 
Mullen T F & Co (Thomas F Mullen) prod 9 Middle 
Mullen Wm A bkpr h 51 Farwell 
Mullen Winifred V drsmkr 54 Myrtle res do 
Mullins John F wvr res 164 Adams 
Mullins Thomas P (Margaret) ticket agt h 164 Adams 
Muloni Rosario (Rosalie) lab h 14 Calvary 
Mulrean Thomas F (Margaret) mach h Van Vechten 
Mulvey James W bagage res Bowdoin av 
Mulvihill Agnes K res 39 John 
Mulvihill Anna wid Martin h 39 John 
Mulvihill James A (Alice) police h 123 Prospect 
Mulvihill Mary A sten res 18 Townsend 
Mulvihill "Wm J (Anastasia) supt Calvary Cemetery h 

18 Townsend 
Mumford Charles N carp h Amherst av 
Mumford Ethel W W W & C Co res 51 Taylor 
Mumford Mabel B cashr 243 (107) Moody res 51 

Mundie Margarette W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Mundter Fred A (Harriet) opr W W & C Co h 57 

Munn Genevieve W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Munro Charles G W W & C Co h 22 Pearl 
Munro James baker h 74 Alder 
Munro Jessie I hkpr 74 Alder 
Munro John sales res 74 Alder 
Munroe Albert (Ruby) mach B & M res 153 Brown 
Munroe Bertha C sten res 86 Russell 
Munroe Charles W res 616 (314) Moody 
Munroe Fred W (Bertha) stmftr 40 Spruce h 5 Alder 
Munroe Frederick J (Irene W) mach res 616 (314) 

Munroe George (Gladys) res 57 Crescent 
Munroe Hugh R W W & C Co h 616 (314) Moody 
Munroe H Ada W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Munroe Irene W Mrs W W & C Co res 616 (314) 

Munroe Irving F (Annie E) real est h 20 Dwight nr 

Watertown line 
Munroe John W (Margaret R) shoe rpr 718 (360a) 

Moody h 616 (314) do 
Munroe Mary G res 616 (314) Moody 





Munroe Slade H (Marguerite B) roofer 86 Russell h 

Munroe Wei (Agnes P) treadmkr 81 Rumford av b 

Wamsutta av 
Munster Albert E (Elsa W) insp W S Co r 76 Ham- 
Munster Bertha F tchr h 25 Grant 
Munster Carrie A res 25 Grant 
Munster Charlotte C sten res 25 Grant 
Munster Fred W (Eleanor I) (Banks Sq Lunch) h 

1199 Main 
Munster Frederick A (Harriet M) W W & C Co h 2 

Munster ter 
Munster Harriet M Mrs drsmkr 2 Munster ter res do 
Munster J Henry gard res 25 Grant 
Munster J Wm (Louise) h 1 Munster ter 
Munster Susan M mus tchr 272 School h do 
Munster Wm elk 243 Moody res 61 % Grant 
Munster Wm W (Jessie) asst mgr 19 Elm h 1 Mun- 
ster ter 
Munt Charles (Mary) mach h 642 (326) Moody 
Murabito Joseph (Annie) barber 872 Main h 11 Co- 
lumbus av 
Muratto Catherine opr res 33 Calvary 
Murcott Thomas (Sarah A) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 19 Highland 
Murdock Christene nurse M S F M res do 
Murdock Mary nurse M S F M res do 
. Murphy Agnes sten res 27 Moore 
Murphy Agnes waitress 7 dishing res 8 Taylor 
Murphy Agnes S elk W W & C Co res 178 Charles 
Murphy Alfred J office mgr res 178 Charles 
Murphy Alice A Mrs elk 243 (109) Moody res 144 

Murphy Alice G opr res 27 Yetten ter 
Murphy Angela elk 283 (133) Moody res 66 Church 
Murphy Anna E opr res 27 Yetten ter 
Murphy Anna L opr h 27 Moore 
Murphy Annie wid Daniel matron Waltham railroad 

sta h 9 Central 
Murphy Annie E elk 95 (25) Moody res 94 Bacon 
Murphy Annie E wid Robert res rear 571 Main 
Murphy Arthur J (Mary B) cable splicer h 75a Tay- 
Murphy Bernard A W W & C Co res 9 Central 
Murphy Bernard F (Mary T) lawyer 11 (3) Moody 

rm 26 h at Watertown 
Murphy Charles F (Lillian) shipper h 98 Cushing 
Murphy Charles M (Mary A) W W & C Co h 36 

Murphy Christina C res rear 571 Main 
Murphy Clarence G wid Jeremiah h 94 Bacon 
Murphy Connell A bkpr res 178 Charles 
Murphy Daniel (140 High) died June 17 1923 
Murphy Daniel storemn W W & C Co h 13 Heard 
Murphy Daniel B (Marie) rem to Watertown 
Murphy Daniel E student res 13 Heard 
Murphy Dennis opr 1040 Main res 150 High 
Murphy Edward J pntr res rear 571 Main 
Murphy Elizabeth fore h 153 Alder 
Murphy Ellen wid Patrick res 22 Gorham 
Murphy Esther elk 283 (133) Moody res at Newton 
Murphy Esther C typist res 178 Charles 
Murphy Evelyn tel opr res Hillcrest nr Lincoln 
Murphy Evelyn A W W & C Co res 27 Yetten ter 
Murphy Florence E sten 349 (179) Moody res 315 

Murphy Francis S (Emma E H) chauf h 173 Newton 
Murphy Frank J (Mary A) cigars and tobacco 35 
(18) Moody h 22 Linden ter 

Murphy Frederick F opr res 61 Lyman 

Murphy George R lab res 131 Charles 

Murphy George W elk B & M res 61 Lyman 

Murphy Gertrude sten res 47 Fiske 

Murphy Gertrude A elk res 153 Alder 

Murphy Gertrude M opr W W & C Co res at Gardner 

Murphy Grace E tchr res 13 Heard 

Murphy Helena E sten res 61 Lyman 

Murphy Humphrey D (Mary) prov 271 School h 47 

Murphy Irene M priv sec 115 Bacon res 110 Crescent 
Murphy James (Amy) carp h 786 (396) Moody 
Murphy James A (Mary E) chauf 216 Newton h 27 

Yetten ter 
Murphy James F (Mary E) W W & C Co h 120 

Murphy James J (Minnie E) pntr h 46 Exchange 
Murphy James P (Mary B) rem to Som 
Murphy James R asst picture opr res 27 Yetten ter 
Murphy John J elk 219 (91) Moody res 61 Lyman 
Murphy John J (Mary T) fore h 19 Wellington 
Murphy John J (Mary) gatetndr Moody h 55 Williams 
Murphy John J (Mary A) lino 278 (126) Moody h 

46 Lyman 
Murphy John J (Sarah) h 178 Charles 
Murphy John R (Annie B) cattle 67 Fiske av h do 
Murphy John R (Mary) pntr h rear 571 Main 
Murphy John S (Margaret D) cabtwkr h 315 Newton 
Murphy John W (J M Murphy & Co) 95 Moody res 

94 Bacon 
Murphy John W guard res Hillcrest nr Lincoln 
Murphy Joseph J elk 271 School res 47 Fiske 
Murphy J W & Co (John W Murphy) clothing 95 

(25) Moody 
Murphy Katherine L W W & C Co res 84 Alder 
Murphy Lillian sec res 46 Exchange 
Murphy Madolyn E rem to Los Angeles Cal 
Murphy Margaret bkpr B Mfg Co res 12 Spruce 
Murphy Margaret M W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Murphy Marguerite L tchr res 67 Fiske av 
Murphy Mary E teleg B res 69 Cherry 
Murphy Mary G bkpr M S F M res do 
Murphy Mary L timer W W & C Co res 284 Bacon 
Murphy Maxine Mrs nurse M S F M res do 
Murphy Michael (Margaret) sta eng h Hillcrest nr 

Murphy Michael lab res 131 Charles 
Murphy Nelson L student res 315 Newton 
Murphy Patrick T (Catherine A) dial mkr h 110 

Murphy Robert E died March 30 1923 
Murphy Rosanna asst buyer res 178 Charles 
Murphy Theresa I elk W W & C Co res 13 Heard 
Murphy Thomas J (Delia) opr h 12 Harvard pi 
Murphy Timothy F (Johanna) section fore B & M h 

61 Lyman 
Murphy Wm A (Murphy Bros) res rear 571 Main 
Murphy Wm C rem to Camb 
Murphy W B sales W W & C Co h 4 Adams 
Murray Arthur W opr res 23 Dartmouth 
Murray Cora H res 142 Crescent 
Murray Delia L wid John died April 28 1923 
Murray Frank B (Eva L) mach h 215 Lowell 
Murray George A (Gladys I) rem to Som 
Murray Harriet S wid Wm h 142 Crescent 
Murray Hazel nurse M S F M res do 
Murray John (Emily) sales h 34 Cushing 
MURRAY JOSEPH J (Bertha M) Optometrist and 

Optician 11 (3) Moody rms 6 and 7 Tel 1128- M h 

507 Main Tel 1572-M See Optometrists Dept 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Murray Nora E wid Henry h 23 Dartmouth 

Murray Patrick E (Margaret A) cond h Arcadia av 

Murray Robert H h 23 Dartmouth 

Murray Theresa A sten res 59 Fiske 

Murray Vance L lab res 2 Chestnut pk 

Murren Francis B acct res 45 Lyman 

Murren James A opr 17 Elm res 45 Lyman 

Murren John confr res 45 Lyman 

Murren John h 45 Lyman 

Murren John F driver res 34 Cedar 

Murren Margaret A Mrs died Oct 14 1922 

Murren Mary C wid Wm h 34 Cedar 

Murren Wm J (Margaret) driver 600 Main h 64 

Murren Winifred C designer res 45 Lyman 
Murrey Florence W W & C Co res 53 Cushing 
Musgrave Thomas H res Indian rd off Lake 
Muther Lorenzo F treas 515 South h at Newton 
Muzzey Dorothy E tchr res 87 Maple 
Muzzey Jesse C eng h 904 Main 
Myers Beulah C W W & C Co res 154 Brown 
Myers Margaret H opr W W & C Co res 154 Brown 
Myles Eileen M opr W W & C Co res 88 Ash 
Myles Laura M wid Wm H h 88 Ash 
Myshrall Arthur A (Hazel M) cable splicer h 3 

Chestnut pk 
Myshrall Charlotte res 141 Charles 
Myshrall Ernest J (Gladys J) pntr h 44 Hammond 
Myshrall Fannie opr res 141 Charles 
Myshrall James E chauf res 296 River 
Myshrall John W (Edna M) driver 600 Main res 30 

Yetten ter 
Myshrall Margaret res 141 Charles 
Myshrall Mary A wid Peter F h 296 River 
Myshrall Ruth wid Wm K h 141 Charles 
Myshrall Wm J (Norah E) pntr h 32 Castle 
Nadeau Alexander (Fern E) chauf h Indian rd cor 

College farm rd 
Nagle Frances attendant M S F M res do 
Nagle Matilda matron M S F M res do 
Nally Agnes C res 509 Main 
Nally Blanche W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Nally John h 509 Main 
Nally John J (Theresa) brakemn h 509 Main 
Nally Mary W W W & C Co res 509 Main 
Nanos Andrew T (Theodora) mach h 5 Lawton pi 
Napoli Raphael (Rose) farmer h 344 Warren 
Narmkiewicus John (Lievanora) opr h 60 Calvary 
Nash Don R chiropractor res 8 Common 
Nason Clara P Mrs W W & C Co res 36 Cherry 
Nason Ernest (Mary J) grinder h 24 Brown's av 
Nason Frances J wid Louis res 73 Brown 
Nason Frank W (Bertha E) farmer h Lincoln nr Lake 
National Bank Bldg 637 Main 
National Yards Goods Store (Harry Nicholas) dry 

gds 377 (203) Moody 
Natoli Bartolo confr 625 Main res 92 Francis 
Naughton Ellen F opr res 42 Lexington 
Naughton Mary A sten res 42 Lexington 
Naughton Thomas (Mary) iron wkr h 42 Lexington 
Nauss Mary J wid Calvin res 117 Chestnut 
Navien Thomas A (Alice F) mgr h 180 Main 
Nay Do ils M tchr M S F M res do 
Neal Bertram A (Sophie L) deputy chief W F D 27 

Lexington h 24a Myrtle 
Neal Ernest L (Mary J) driver Ladder 1 h 67 Lexing- 
Neal Frederick S (Alma) cabinet mkr h 15 Pine 
Neal Herbert E (Hattie M) mach W W & C Co h 

205 Ash 
Neal Margaretta B bkpr 427 (227) Moody r 205 Ash 
Neal Mildred G W W & C Co res 31 Robbins 

Neal Robert E lineman N E T & T Co res 15 Pine 

Neal Sophia L W W & C Co res 24 Myrtle 

Nearhos George P (Lena) (Waltham Spa) Moody cor 

Main h 130 Summer 
Nearhos Nicholas (Frances) h 130 Summer 
Nedza Albert (Mary) opr h 39 Calvary 
Nedza Martin opr res 21 Calvary 
Nee Katherine W W & C Co res at Newtonville 
Nee Philip (Delia) bucklemkr h 72 Exchange 
Needham Peicy E (Bertha E) chauf S C Co h 624 

(316) Moody 
Neelon Thomas F mgr 11 (3) Moody h 11 Milton 
Negus Ella R matron M S F M res do 
Neibeig Louis elk 629 Main res at Watertown 
Neiberg Myer mgr 873 Main res at Watertown 
Neil James (Jennie M) optometrist 389 (207) Moo- 
dy at W Newton 
Neil John S (Caroline) opr h 99 Adams 
Neill Fanny bkpr res 101 Chestnut 
Neill Martha M W W & C Co res 101 Chestnut 
Neill Mildred E sten W S Co res 870 (434) Moody 
Neill Sophia C W W & C Co h 101 Chestnut 
Neilon Margaret L sten res 184a Willow 
Neilon Wm H (Catherine) molder h 184 Willow 
Neilon see Neylon and Nilen 

Nekroshewitz Michael gro 189 Newton h 191^ do 
Nellson Helen F wid Louis T h 11 Chamberlain ter 
Nelson Alice A nurse res 41 Curtis 
Nelson Berndt (Linnea M) watchmkr F H W Wks h 

104 Vernon 
Nekon Butella Mrs h 29 Guinan 
Nelson Carl sec res T Nelson Winter 
Nelson Carl E chauf res 169 Newton 
Nelson Carl died Sept 5 1923 
Nelson Constance J sec res 41 Curtis 
Nelson Daisy E bkpr res 182 Robbins 
Nelson Edith E W W & C Co res 169 Newton 
Nebon Elizabeth M res T Nelson Winter 
Nelson Fiitchdof gard res T Nelson Winter 
Nelson George C (Agnes) mach W W & C Co h 169 

Nelson Gunnar E W W & C Co res 13 Walnut 
Nelson Gustave fore 71 Felton h at Som 
Nelson Harry L (Annie) carp h 78 Stow 
Nelson Isabella sten res 41 Curtis 
Nelson John E (Lillie D) pastor First Swedish Luth- 
eran ch h 797 Main 
Nelson John I (Hilda) (Waltham Sheet Metal Works) 

h 168 Prospect 
Nelson John L (Helma 0) fore h 41 Curtis 
Nelson Josephine sten res T Nelson Winter 
Nelson Lena W W & C Co res 18 Maple 
Nelson Lois H W W & C Co res 9 Sharon av 
Nelson Louise Mrs nurse M S F M res do 
Nelson Marie wid Engwald hkpr 4 Gale 
Nelson Mildred A hairdrsr res 120 Crescent 
Nelson Myra J Mrs baker 100 Chestnut h do 
Nelson Nils (Anna) mach h 17 Bellevue 
Nelson Olaf (Harriet) blksmith h 15 Pine 
Nelson Robert witchmn res 21 Hammond 
Nelson Samuel M (Ethel J) mach h 20 Caughey 
Nelson Thomas (Ingrid M) h Winter 
Nelson Victor E (lima 0) cabt mkr h 25 Tavern rd 
Nelson Victor L W W & C Co res 13 Derby 
Nelson Victor W (Ida C) mach h 167 Charles 
Nelson Villgodt M res 167 Charles 
Nelson Waldemar C lab res 167 Charles 
Nelson Walter mach opr 55 Rumford av 
Nelson Willis J (Susan J) collr h 47 Bacon 
Nephin Margaret maid res Lyman Farm Beaver 
Nerhos George E (Lena) confr b 130 Summer 


Dort, Stephens and Cadillac Cars 

E. E. JENNISON, Sec. and Treas. 



NERSESIAN SIMEON G (Julia S) Prop Two Brothers 
Tailors 661 Main rms 8-9 h at Lexington 

Nesbit Irene opr res 49 Bobbins 
Nesbit Mattie opr res 49 Robbins 
Nesbitt ^Gertrude opr res 78 Cherry 
Nethercote Michael H (Margaret A) fore h 14 Ander- 
son ter 
Nethercote Wm P (Mary G) raaeh W W & C Co h 

134 Myrtle 
Neufel Frank (Josephine) lab h 23 Middle 
Neufel Phillip (Grace) insp h 21 Middle 
Neville John C (Eunice L) jan 16 Spring h 16 Bacon 
NEW ENGLAND COAL CO Coal Wood Hay and Grain 

Office and Yard 224 Newton Uptown Officers 6SSa 

Main and 349 (179) Moody See Coal Dept 
New England Mica Co Theodore B Plimpton pies 

Charles G Plimpton treas Edward Cooper supt-sec 

66 Woerd av 
New England Mutual Life Ins Co of Boston Frank J 

Mooney district mgr 11 (3) Moody rm 3 
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co plant dept 

314 (154) Moody rm 3 16 Spring stock rm 7 

New Jerusalem Church Waltham Society of Wm F 

Wunsch pastor 351 Lexington 

& Son) Ginger Ale 56 Woerd av 
Newbrook Herbert (Jessie P) delicatessen 767 Main 

h at Auburndale 
Newcomb Avis W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Newcomb Pauline F bkpr res 49 Clematis av 
Newcomb Russell N (May A) sales h 49 Clematis av' 
Newcombe John F (Mildred R) sales h 23 Shirley rd 
Newell Brett H (Mary) lab h 72 Guinan 
Newell Ellen wid Ambrose res 59 Robbins 
Newell Fred J knitter res 17 Castle 
Newell Guy E (Edith) carp h 36 Turner 
Newell Harry W (Clara E) carp h 36 Prospect st av 
Newell Irving H (Nancy) watchmkr B h 29 Russell 
Newell John L lab res 45 Vernon 
Newell Mary M opr res 17 Castle 
Newell Patrick (Margaret) yardmn W C Co h 17 

Newell Samuel M lab res 72 Guinan 
Newell Thomas A (Hilda) mach 296 Newton r 389 do 
Newhall Chauncey School Stella W Mayo prin 220 

Charles cor Prospect 
Newis Elizabeth G hkpr res 17 Crescent 
Newis John J (Margaret) (Pilgrim Rug Co) h 58 

Newland Chailes H (Helen E) jewel mkr 15 Crescent 

h 23 Ash 
Newland Charles M (Vivian G) jewel mkr h 68 Adams 
Newland Isabel C opr W W & C Co res 7 Brown 
Newland Maragret F wid Wm h 7 Brown 
Newland Vivian J Mrs W W & C Co res 786 (396) 

Newland Wm J chauf res 7 Brown 
Newman Earle T appr res 5 Foundry av 
Newman Ernest G (Eva F) elk W W & C Co h 77% 

Newman James W res 180 Lexington 
Newman Lucy A Mrs h 5 Foundry av 
Newman Raleigh mach res 5 Foundry av 
Newton Dorothy tchr N J H S h 19 Daniels pi 
Newton Esther E W W & C Co res 14 Brook av 
Newton Frederick W finisher W W & C Co h 14 Brook 

Newton Gertrude F elk res 14 Brook av 
Newton Hazel H social service wkr res 51 Pine 

Newton Herbert J (Julia E) designer h 51 Pine 
Newton Joseph F (Louise) sales h 19 Robbins 
Newton Lacy A (Edith M) mach W M Wks res 391 

Newton Porter L (Elizabeth M) milk h Ridgevvood ter 
Newton St Station B & M 15 Gorham nr Newton 
Newton Thomas F (Bridget F) plmbr h 14 Brooks iv 
Newton Wet Wash Laundry Co (M M Enos) 60 Woerd 

Ncylon Bridget wid Michael res 82 Lowell 
Neylon see Neilon and Nilen 
Nichol Agnes Mrs opr W W & C Co h 355 (185) 

Nichol Irene tel opr res 185 Moody 
Nicholas Harry (National Yard Goods Store) 377 

(203) Moody h at Dor 
Nichols Albert H (Anna M) mach h 75 Maple 
Nichols Anna M Mrs opr h Green 
Nichols Chailes E (Lossie C) janitor N J H S h 75 

Nichols Charles W pntr res 75 Maple 
Nichols Emma wid Henry C h 380 Lexington 
Nichols Frank W milkmn res 380 Lexington 
Nichols Horace C (Horace C Nichols Co) Lane nr 

Main h at Brookline 
Nichols Horace C Co (Horace C Nichols) plmbrs sup- 
plies Lane nr Main 
Nichols Horace (Elizabeth C) mach W W & C Co 

h 880 (440) Moody 
Nichols James B (Maud M) mach 81 Rumford av h 

14 Norumbega ter 
Nichols Louis D (Stella A) buffer h 41 Winthrop 
Nichols Lulu B W W & C Co res 68 Cushing 
Nichols Mary opr W W & C Co res 403 Crescent 
Nichols Mary L wid Charles E died Jan 14 1923 
Nichols Stanley L (Mary) W W & C Co h 403 Cres- 
Nichols Violet opr res 12 Elm ct 
Nichols Wm H (Louise B) machy mfrs 48 Woerd av 

h 44 do 
Nichols W Hart student res 44 Woerd av 
Nicholson Ellenor C W W & C Co res 54 Myrtle 
Nicholson Margaret A wid Alexander h 54 Myrtle 
Nickerson Alfred H carp B & M h 42 Newton 
Nickerson Frances A wid Wm h 171 South 
Nickerson F E Mrs res 80 Brown 
Nickerson Goldie M nurse M S F M res do 
Nickerson Horace E (Delia E) insp h 49 Robbins 
Nickerson Nellie A Mrs died July 1 1923 
Nickerson Orville C (Myrtle L) W W & C Co h 55 

Nickerson Wm F chauf res 41 Fiske 
Nicol Nannie W W & C Co res 355 (185) Moody 
Nicosia Frank (Frances) lab h 15 Oak 
Nicosia Rose mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 15 Oak 
Nielsen Ernest A W W & C Co h at Waverley 
Nielsen Wm C (Helen) sales h 913 Main 
Nies Frederick (Geneva M) sales h 310 Crescent 
Nilen Mary L res 23 Bedford 
Niles Charlotte elk 891 Main res 41 Hammond 
Niles James F (Mary S) opr h 41 Hammond 
Niles Martha wid Stephen h 62 Bedford 
Niles Martha Mrs res 94 Adams 
Nims Frederick A (May) cond h Seminole av nr Lake 
Nims Helen M asst Public Library res 83 Lexington 
Nims Mary T wid Edward A h 3 Moody rm 46 
Niose Antonio (Jennie) opr h 41 Charles 
Nisbet Gertie M W W & C Co res 78 Cherry 
Nisbet Irene L W W & C Co res 49 Robbins 
Nix Chailes W (Enna) chauf h 195 Adams 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Nix Earl S (Pauline) opr h 199 Charles 

Nix Emerson W W W & C Co res 143 Adams 

Nix Emma W W & C Co res 31 Adams 

Nix Fred P mach opr res 96 Robbins 

Nix Wm E (Mildred) driver h 143 Adams 

NOBILE FREDERICK G PROF (Sofia) Conservatory 

of Music Harmony Theory and Vocal 333 (169) 

Moody Rooms 4 and 5 Tel Waltham 0959 Resides 

127 Chestnut See Music Dept 
Nocera John (C Anista) mgr 17% Lexington h 61 

Nocera Joseph (Novelty Bottling Co) 17% Lexington 

res 61 Exchange 
Nodza Albert (Mary) lab h 39 Calvary 
Noel Elzear J (Anna M) molder h 59 Water 
Noiles Beatrice nurse M S F M res do 
Noke Charles E auto rpr 45 Rumford av res off Lake 
Noke Wm G auto rpr 45 Rumford av h off Lake 
Nolan Blanche M sten 135 Moody res 39 Bolton 
Nolan David J (Florence) barber 199 Newton h 17 

Hall pi 
Nolan Elizabeth res 9 Plympton 
Nolan Ernest J (Bertha E) chauf h 43 Exchange 
Nolan Fred (Margaret) plmbr h 75 Alder 
Nolan Harold J student res 18 Church 
Nolan James A (Mary T) lab h 9 Plympton 
Nolan John (Harriet J) beverages 6 Church h 18 do 
Nolan Katherine J W W & C Co res 9 Plympton 
Nolan Margaret M Mrs died Aug 20 1922 
Nolan Martin J (Mary A) junk 39 Bolton h do 
Nolan Martin J jr hlpr res 39 Bolton 
Nolan Mary E sten res 18 Church 
Nolan Michael emery wheel mkr h 128 Bacon 
Nolan Michael P bucklemkr h 23 Bedford 
Nolan Thomas opr h 17 Heard 
Nolan Wm F W W & C Co res 9 Plympton 
Noon Annie M wid John W W & C Co res 52 Bedford 
Noonan Edward P spec del msngr res 12 Fern 
Noonan James F (Ethel M) prntr B h 6 Robbins pi 
Noonan Mary res 473 (247) Moody 
Noonan Patrick E carrier P 290 (134) Moody h 

12 Fern 
Noonan Patrick F died Mar 4 1922 
Noonan Raymond A bkpr res 50 Rich 
Noonan Thomas J opr res 12 Fern 
Noonan see Nunan 

Noone Patrick J (Delia A) chauf h 16 Cedar 
Norcross Chester G (Lillian) (Norcross & Lyons) h 

at W Newton 
Norcross Wm J mgr 289 (137) Moody h at Bkline 
Norcross & Lyons (Chester G Norcross Wm H Lyons) 

Beaver Brook Garage 39 Felton 
Nordbeck Rose H W W & C Co res 275 Crescent 
Nordenberg Elsie E W W & C Co res 5 Viles ct 
Nordenberg Gtistav A died May 20 1923 
Nordyke Floyde D (Evelyn M) W W & C Co h 48 % 

Norrby Charles E (Hannah) mach h Lakeview ter nr 

Norris Aaron A (Nina) dairymn 500 Lexington h at 

Norris Alex opr res 22 Calvary 
Norrish Jethro (Bessie) watchmn h 54 Elm 
Norrish Mabel elk res 54 Elm 
North American Civic League for Immigrants (Ital- 

iani) 282 (128) Moody rm 7 
North Junior High School Harold B Arey prin 115 
School cor Lexington 

Northey Bruce C (Clara B) fore ALU Mfg Co h 

291 Lake 
Northup Elizabeth C editor 77 Crescent res do 
Northup Ella M Mrs W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Northup Marietta wid Wm A h 77 Crescent 
Norton Anna C res 50 Cutter 
Norton Benjamin F pntr h 247 Charles 
Noiton Carlos W pntr res 247 Charles 
Norton Catherine A W W & C Co res 247 Charles 
Norton Charles H elk 329 (167) Moody res 103 Pine 
Norton Charles W (Louise C) photo h 249 Charles 
Noiton Clyde R (Jensine) paperhngr h 13 Sharon 
Noiton Francis L opr res 20 Church 
Norton John J (Lavinia M) mason h 198 Hi^h 
Norton John S driver res 49 Moore 
Norton Louise C opr W W & C Co res 249 Charles 
Norton Margaret C died Dec 6 1921 
Norton Mary wid Michael lab h 49 Moore 
Norton Mary J Mrs died Aug 4 1922 
Norton Michael city lab h 48 Spring 
Norton Patrick I (Mary) plmbr h 20 Church 
Noiton Patrick J opr res 50 Cutter 
Noiton Pauline wid George rem to Weston 
Norton Thomas (Grace) mach opr W S Co h W New- 
Noiton Thomas reason 50 Cutter h do 
Norton Thomas jr mason res 50 Cutter 
Norton Thomas F J gatemn Newton st crossing h 103 

Norton Thomas H farm res Driscolls Lincoln 
Norton Wm A died Dec 19 1922 
Noiton Wm F jr driver res 48 Spring 
Norton Wm J plmbr res 20 Church 
Norval Catherine res 53 Bedford 
Notre Dame Training School Sisters of Notre Dame 

tchrs 52 Newton 
Nottebaert Levien W W & C Co h at Lexington 
Nottenburg Jacob H tchr W H S h at B 
Nourse Wm B (Bessie M) rem to W Newton 
Novelty Bottling Co (Joseph Nocera) soda water mfrs 

17% Lexington 
Novitas Sales Co Emile Reizenstein pres-treas Edward 

S Goulston sec novelties 157 High 
Nowell Christine F Mrs died July 7 1921 
Nowell Olive E nurse M S F M res do 
Noyes Junie G res 502 Main 
Noyes Waldo (Evelyn G) lawyer h 55 Weston 
Nugent Alice T tel opr 16 Spring res 10 Hammer 
Nugent Clara F elk W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Nugent Edward H (Mary) fore h 58 Gushing 
Nugunt Joseph L opr res 169 Charles 
Nugent Margaret E wid Patrick h 169 Charles 
Nugent Martin A (Carrie W) stationery 49 Moody h 

33 Harris 
Nugent Mary D elk res 169 Charles 
Nugent Sarah E sten res 169 Charles 
Nujaita Luici (Angeline) h 35 Newburgh 
Nunan Ernest H (Gertrude S) timekpr h 18 Park 
Nunan Lloyd N carp res 18 Park 
Nussinow Samuel A (Rose) junk h 162 Prospect 
Nute Ethel M cataloguer Public Library res at Som 
Nutile Peter (Mary) mach res 129 Felton 
Nutter Kathleen P bkpr 373 (199) Moody res 53 

Chester av 
Nutter Minnie L Mrs res 233 Bacon 
Nutter Tobias A elk 525 (271) Moody res 81b Alder 
Nutting Charles F carp 47 Derby res do 


685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



Nutting Charles P (Lillian A) (Nutting Pillman 

Amusement Co) h 371 Crescent 
Nutting Everett W mach W W & C Co r 49 Crescent. 
Nutting Fred W (Elsie G) W W & C Co h 1 Dexter 

Nutting Harry F (Edith M) W W & C Co h 47 Derby 
Nutting Pillman Amusement Co (Charles P Nutting) 

boats to let Prospect st Bridge north side 
Nutting Robert F (Ellen II ) asst treas h 87 Plympton 
Nutting Walter G (Edith M) (Law & Nutting) 707 

Main h 700 Lexington 
Nye May wid res 2 Chestnut st av 
Nyman Ernest H (Esther) mach h 95 Calvary 
Nyman Karl W (Elsie H) toolmkr 87 Kumford av h 

39 Cedar 
Nystrom Louis opr 87 Rumford av h 305 Crescent 
Nystrom Merton C (Greta M) mach h Lakeview ter 

nr Lake 
Oakes Edwin E mach h 55 Myrtle 
Oakes John F gro 298 Crescent h do 
Oakes Milton K (Gertrude M) sales 298 Crescent h do 
Ober Clyde LWW&CCoh21 Taylor 
Ober Crawford W W & C Co h 81 Taylor 
Ober Helen tchr WHS res 39 Fairmont av 
O'Brien Alexander J sales res 57 Pine 
O'Brien Alice M jewel mkr W W & C Co res 5 Win- 

O'Brien Angela R Mrs res 56 Fiske 
O'Brien Annie J wid John died Nov 28 1921 
0>'Brien Catherine wid John dom h 54 Calvery 
O'Brien Catherine E opr res 248 Main 
O'Brien Catherine M res 206 Newton 
O'Brien Charles J (A Catherine) tmstr 56 Felton h 

17 Highland 
O'Brien Charles M (Frances V) (O'Brien & Bellinger) 

florist 376 (194) Moody h 46 Hall 
O'Brien Daniel J (Alice) ironwkr h rear 12 Crescent 
O'Brien Daniel W (M Elizabeth) asst dir B h 14 

O'Brien Dennis (Delia) tmstr h 49 Guinan 
O'Brien Dennis J (Cora B G) cond h 35 Francis 
O'Brien Elkn Mrs h 4 Floyd 
O'Brien Ellie M res 290 River 
O'Brien Ernest J W W & C Co res 17 Highland 
O'Brien Estelle J elk res 17 Highland 
O'Brien Frances Mrs waitress 481 (251) Moody res 

46 Hall 
O'Brien Frank (Agnes) lab h 36 Spring 
O'Brien Gertrude A bkpr res 5 Winthrop 
O'Brien Helen elk 243 (107) Moody res 57 Pine 
O'Brien James (Joanna) gro 30 Cedar h 206 Newton 
O'Brien James jr lab res 290 River 
O'Brien James F tchr res 258 Brown 
O'Brien James H mach W W & C Co h 258 Brown 
O'Brien Johanna J Mrs h 83 Alder 
O'Brien John (Angela R) h 56 Fiske 
O'Brien John (Mary) city emp h 32 Harvard 
O'Brien John F res 290 River 
O'Brien John F mach W W & C Co res 248 Main 
O'Brien John J carp res 32 Harvard 
O'Brien John J died Feb 15 1922 
O'Brien John P farmer res Robert J McAdoo's Trap- 

elo rd 
O'Brien Joseph F carp res 32 Harvard 
O'Brien Katherine C sten res 17 Highland 
O'Brien Katherine E W W & C Co res 248 Main 
O'Brien Lillian E res 32 Harvard 
O'Brien Magaret wid Michael h 248 Main 
O'Brien Margaret wid Patrick h rear 227 Grove 
O'Brien Margaret T W W & C Co res 32 Harvard 

O'Brien Margaret V rem to Rox 

O'Brien Marion E elk res 54 Calvary 

O'Brien Mary opr W W & C Co res 81 Francis 

O'Brien Mary A tel opr res 13 Pine 

O'Brien Mary J res 248 Main 

O'Brien Mary J wid Michael h 5 Winthrop 

O'Brien Michael J (Sarah) lab h 20 Yetten ter 

O'Brien M Elizabeth Mrs elk 215 (89) Moody h 14 

O'Brien Nathaniel P mason res 20 Crescent 
O'Brien Nellie elk 243 Moody res 57 Pine 
O'Brien Patrick A died Aug 6 1923 
O'Brien Patrick E (Elizabeth) barber h 57 Pine 
O'Brien Richard P foundrymn res 290 River 
O'Brien Thomas (Elizabeth C) molder res 154 Calvary 
O'Brien Thomas F elk 719 Main res 57 Pine 
O'Brien Thomas J (Cecelia A) city lab h 36 Bacon 
O'Brien Wm auto rpr res 16 Cushing 
O'Brien Wm (Mary) driver h 81 Francis 
O'Brien & Bellinger (Charles M O'Brien Archibald 

Bellinger) florists 376 (194) Moody 
O'Callaghan John foremn 157 High h at W Newton 
O'Callahan Bridget wid Cornelius h 107 Harvard 
O'Clair Wilfred L (Adelina) ins agt h 469 Main 
O'Connell Annie L bkpr B res 346 School 
O'Connell Catherine A librarian B res 346 School 
O'Connell Daniel D (Ethel M) motormn h 48 Francis 
O'Connell Edward T flremn res 60 Cushing 
O'Connell Gertrude V opr res 60 Cushing 
O'Connell Helen elk W W & C Co res at W Newton 
O'Connell Jennie M nurse res 346 School 
O'Connell Joseph P (Gertrude) elk h 129 Hammond 
O'Connell Josephine W W & C Co res 27 Heard 
O'Connell Katherine F wid Timothy h 91 Howard 
O'Connell Loretta F opr res 60 Cushing 
O'Connell Margaret wid Edward h 60 Cushing 
O'Connell Margaret wid Thomas res 141 Calvary 
O'Connell Mary wid John h 346 School 
O'Connell Mary J nurse res 346 School 
O'Connell Mary V sec res 60 Cushing 
O'Connell M Joseph (Mary J) carp res 786 (396) 

O'Connell Patrick (Josephine) lab h 27 Heard 
O'Connell Patrick mason res 129 Hammond 
O'Connell Wm T asst agt Waltham Highlands res 91 

O'Connor James H (Ella) monotype opr h 62 Albe- 
marle av 
O'Connor John J died June 24 1921 
O'Connor John T rem to Roslindale 
O'Connor Lillian elk 359 (187y 2 ) Moody r at Camb 
O'Connor Mary W W & C Co res at Concord 
O'Connor Michael (Mary) h 291 River 
O'Connor Michael H supt h 10 Francis 
O'Connor Patrick J (Mary) finisher h 934 Main 
O'Connor Thomas F sten res 291 River 
O'Connor Thomas P sten res 934 Main 
O'Day Anna elk res 129 Pond 
O'Day Francis H acct res 129 Pond 
O'Day James B sales 13 (4) Moody res 129 Pond 
O'Day Margaret E sten res 129 Pond 
O'Day Marguerite sten res 70 Francis 
O'Day Martin (Delia A) mason h 70 Francis 
O'Day Mary M sten res 70 Francis 
O'Day Peter (Delia) mason h 129 Pond 
Odd Fellows Hall 40 (10) Moody 
Oddo Jennie Mrs h 52 Cushing 
O'Dea Anne E bkpr 21 Lane res 129 Pond 
O'Dea Jchn J (Delia) opr h 25 Exchange 
Odette John (Josephine) lab h 108 Felton 
O'Donnell Block 373-381 (199-205) Moody 


Real Estate, Investment and Loans 

375 (201) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 0110 WALTHAM 



O'Donnell Bldg 375 (201) Moody 

O'OONNELL CHARLES J Real Estate and Insurance 

375 (201) Moody rm 2 h 29 Alder See right top 

O'DONNELL CHARLES J CO (Charles J O'Donnell) 

Jewelers' Supplies 375 (201) Moody rm 3 Tel Wal- 
tham 0110 Res Tel Waltham 1734 
O'Donnell Daniel H (Mary E) blksmith h 11 Chester 

O'Donnell Dennis mach opr W S Co h at Auburndale 
O'Donnell Edward (Ethel) lab h 13 Summit 
O'Donnell Ethel B Mrs elk W W & C Co r 13 Summit 
O'Donnel Frank opr res 114 Central 
O'Donnell Helen M res 29 Alder 
O'Donnell Mary E rem to Auburndale 
O'Donnell Wm J W W & C Co h at Auburndale 
Ogdcn Minnie E Mrs seam res 27 Ash 
Ogden Percy L W W & C Co res 27 Ash 
O'Grady James J rem to Brookline 
O'Grady Margaret W W & C Co res at Concord junct 
O'Halloran Christy hlpr res 55 Rumford av 
O'Halloian Patrick (Catherine) lab h 30 Pern 
O'Halloran P Francis lab res 30 Fern 
O'Handley Margaret nurse M S F M res do 
Ohanian Martin dial mkr O'H W D Co res 53 Walnut 
O'Hara Dwight phys 751 Main res 46 Greenwood la 
O'Hara Eliot supt O'H W D Co res 46 Greenwood la 
O'Hara Ezra Fitch elk res 46 Greenwood la 
O'Hara Henry P opr W B & D Wks res 280 River 
O'Hara Mayfred L wid Danel h 42 Greenwood la 
O'Hara Skidmore supt res 46 Greenwood la 
O'Hara Theresa elk 417 (221) Moody res 280 River 
O'Hara Thomas (Nora M) flremn h 280 River 
O'Hara Thomas jr (Jennie) driver h 282 River 
O'Hara Walter G auto rpr 580 Main res 280 River 
O'Hara Waltham Dial Co Inc Arthur Lyman pres Chas 

F Stone treas dial mfrs 74 Rumford av 
O'Hare Agnes H tel opr 16 Spring res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Charles A rubberwkr res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Edward J jewel mkr 11 Gifford av h at W 

O'Hare Elizabeth A wid Peter h 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Evelyn elk 283 (133) Moody res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Florence M elk 21 Crescent res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Francis P watchmkr res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare John E jewel mkr res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Joseph H mach res 28 Palmer 
O'Hare Mary wvr res 122 School 
O'Hern Joseph h 130 Prospect 
O'Hern Joseph jr res 130 Prospect 
Ohlson Hjalmar A W W & C Co h at Littleton 
Ohlson Olof gen supt W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Ohnemus Addie opr 21 Crescent res 110 Bacon 
Ohnemus Alice A elk 62 Bacon res rear 110 do 
Ohnemus Augustus elk res 64 Caughey 
Ohnemus Charles A (Eva J) fore h 569 Lexington 
Ohnemus Clifford A (Victoria) elk h 569 Lexington 
Ohnemus Edward A (Mary) checker 118 Bacon h rear 

110 do 
Ohnemus Elizabeth R rem to Brookline 
Ohmmus Frederick J (Amelia) milkmn h 64 Caughey 
Ohnemus John J lab res 64 Caughey 
Ohnemus Richard checker 118 Bacon res 110 do 
Otr.iemus Russell A rem to Brookline 
Ohnemus Walter E (Nellie) fore h 72 Lakeview av 
Ohnemus Wm E J (Grace M) rem to Brookline 
Old High School 73 School cor Lexington 
Oldfield Elizabeth W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Oliver Alice B bkpr W W & C Co res 142 Lowell 
Oliver Bernard E W W & C Co res 71 Orange 

Oliver Berthel M W W & C Co res 94 Adams 

Oliver Earl L opr W W & C Co h 142 Ash 

Oliver Edna B elk B res 71 Orange 

Oliver Eiland L opr W W & C Co res 142 Ash 

Oliver Jane M wid Elbridge res 50 Fiskc 

Oliver Julia M wid Cyrus L h 71 Orange 

Oliver Lizzie M res 108 Russell 

Oliver Salvatore shoe rpr 15 Felton res 56 Charles 

Olivo Domenico (Margaret) gro 47 Spring h 5 Macks 

Olivo Vincenzo (Rose M) chauf h 82 Exchange 
Olmstead Douglas W (Sadie) opr W W & C Co h 289 

Olmstead Emma M W W & C Co res 621 Main 
Olmstead Marcus B opr W W & C Co h 289 Crescent 
Olmstead Sadie Mrs W W & C Co res 289 Crescent 
Olney Albert H (Ella) elk B h 172 Weston 
Olney Charles E rem to Asram India 
Olney Charles J (Minerva R) purch agt W W & C Co 

h 394 Crescent 
Olney Minerva E res 394 Crescent 
O'Loughlin Gerry chauf 149 Elm res 100 Cedar 
Olsan Hjalmar (Esther) buckle mkr h 5 Munroe av 
Olsen Carl H pntr 416 (218) Moody h 25y 2 Derby 
Olsen Henry A mach res 25 y 2 Derby 
Olsen Hilda N landscape gard res 212 Bacon 
Olsen Linniea H W photo prntr res 24 Sterling rd 
Olson Agnes tchr piano 9 Tomlin res do 
Olson Agnes W W W & C Co res 57 Lawrence 
Olson Albert L (Marie) mach h 4 Comwallis pi 
Olson Alfred (Maria) bucklemkr h 57 Lawrence 
Olson Anders G (Anne E) mach 416 (218) Moody h 

Trapelo rd 
Olson Andrew (Hulda) organ bldr h 24 Sterling rd 
Olson Anna T bkpr res 41 Spruce 
Olson Axel F (Fredericka) mach h 22 Rumford av 
Olson Bertha stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 2I8V2 

Olson Clarence W organ bldr h 24 Sterling rd 
Olson C Wm (Edith) tool mkr h 43 Wellington 
Olson Edith F sten res Anders G Olson's Trapelo rd 
Olson Eila M W W & C Co res 41 Spruce 
Olson Ernest A (Jemima H) bucklemkr h 167 South 
Olson Esther W W & C Co res 5 Munroe av 
Olson Eugene D auto rpr res 57 Lawrence 
Olson Florence I sten res 41 Spruce 
Olson George E (Cora) elk 219 (91) Moody h 24 

Faneuil rd 
Olson Gertrude C hdrsr 314 (154) Moody rm 6 res 

22 Faneuil rd 
Olson Helen E watchmkr res Anders G Olson's Trap- 
elo rd 
Olson Helen E W W & C Co res 10 Underwood pk 
Olson Hilbert A (Hazel V) organ mkr h 11 Orange 
Olson Hjalmar (Esther) rem to Brighton 
Olson Ingrid wvr res 22 Faneuil id 
Olson Ivan opr res 57 Lawrence 
Olson John (Caroline) organ bldr h 9 Tomlin 
Olson John R (Marie) H W Co h 15 Bellevue 
Olson Joseph M (Anna M) mach W W & C Co h 22 

Oson Lars (Mary) carp h 41 Spruce 
Olson Marie A opr W W & C Co res 15 Belhvue 
Olson Matilda G wid Alfred h 22 Faneuil rd 
Olson Reinhold (Hannah 0) auto rpr h 93 Calvary* 
Olson Sven (Hilma) pntr h 25 Maple 
Olson Theodore A W W & C Co rc-s 22 Faneuil rd 
01,-son Freda W W & C Co res 57 Lawrence 
O'Loughlin Catherine wid Thomas h 7 Cedar 
O'Malley Joseph (Esther A) driver b 82 Massasoit 



11 SPRING ST. Tel. Waltham 0226-W 



O'Malley Peter J (Agnes B) mason h 72 Massasoit 
O'Malley Thomas F (Mildred E) ins h 30 Cabot 
Oman Frederick G (Olive E) mach h 5 Alder 
O'Mara Annie wid Daniel h 176 Chestnut 
O'Ma-a Daniel E (Alice G) mgr 442 (234) Moody h 

234 Chestnut 
O'Mara John J mgr 876 Main h 176 Chestnut 
O'Mara Nora W W & C Co res 176 Chestnut 
O'Meara Ermst moulder 24 Pine h 90 Massasoit 
O'Meara Geo (Gertrude) auto rpr h Wellington grove 
O'Neil Agnes C elk 11 (3) Moody h 31 Dartmouth 
O'Neil Andrew A (Mary) demonstrator h 14 Winthrop 
O'Neil Ar^a A Mrs (16 Curtis) died Oct 25 1923 
O'Neil Arthur J (Ellen) pntr h 174 School 
O'Neil Bennett R optician res 196 Brown 
O'Neil Bernard J pntr h 53 Ash 
O'Neil Catherine wid James res 26 Hall 
O'Neil Catherine E res 46 Spring 
O'Neil Charles H plmbr h 16 Curtis 
O'Neil Esther M opr E H W Co res 10H Myrtle 
O'Neil Eugenia M elk 283 (135) Moody r 196 Brown 
O'Neil Henry farm hand res Cedar Hill Farm Beaver 
O'Neil Henry J died Dec 11 1922 
O'Neil James bleacher res 174 School 
O'Neil James E (Annie) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

14 Curtis 
O'Neil John J (Catherine F) mach h 488 Main 
O'Neil John B (Hannah G) sales 95 (25) Moody h 

196 Brown 
O'Neil John F optician res 196 Brown 
O'Neil John F (Mary L) plmbr h 109 Myrtle 
O'Neil John V jewel mkr 21 Lane res 14 Curtis 
O'Neil Joseph lab res 16 Park pi 
O'Neil Joseph E chauf h 196 Brown 
O'Neil Joseph F p'.mbr res 109 Myrtle 
O'Neil Joseph H (Emily) optician and optometrist 

681 Main rms 18-19 h 10 Fiske 
O'Neil Mary E hkpr 137 Charles 
O'Neil Michael gard res Lyman Farm Beaver 
O'Neil Michael (137 Charles) died Oct 4 1922 
O'Neil Michael H (Teresa V) police h 83 Gardner 
O'Neil M Alice bkpr 66 Woerd av res 196 Brown 
O'Neil M Eugenia sales res 196 Brown 
O'Neil Nicholas T (Mary H) firemn h 17 Heard 
O'Neil Paul A mach res 196 Brown 
O'Neil Wm A plmbr res 109 Myrtle 
O'Neil Wm J (Margaret M) rem to Som 
O'Neill Anthony H molder res 72 Cushing 
O'Neill Arthur died Jan 7 1923 
O'Neill Bernard. J (Alice) h 83 Ash 
O'Neill James H W W & C Co h 92 Maple 
O'Neill John L lino opr res 72 Cushing 
O'Neill Thomas F (Eva) mach h 330 Newton 
O'Neill Thomas P (Ethel J) foundrymn h 72 Cushing 
O'Quinn Charles elk 399 (211) Moody r 94 Chestnut 
O'Quinn Effie Mrs opr W W & C Co h 94 Chestnut 
O'Quinn Joseph elk res 94 Chestnut 
O'Quinn Monica E W W & C Co res 64 Cherry 
Orchard Frank J (Annie E) police h 28 Cushing 
Orchard Wm fore rear 55 Rumford av res at B 
Ordway Frances H wid Witt C h 295 Newton 
Orenberg Harold (Greenwood Creamery) 761 (377a) 

Moody h at Dor 
Orifice Sebastiano lab h 30 Sun 
Orleans Robert R W W & C Co h 53 Palfrey 
Ormes Wm R (Harriet) rem to Brookline 
Ormond Aloysius J asst mgr res 40 Fairmont av 
Ormond F-ed V (Annie G) opr h 387 River 
Ormond Fred V jr elk 667 Main res 387 River 
Ormond Mary A res 476 Main 

Ormond Ruth B sten res 40 Fairmont av 

Ormond Thomas H (Mary R) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 40 Fairmont av 
Ormsby Richard opr W W & C Co h at Medford 
Ormsby Wm F opr W W & C Co h at Medford 
Orne Charles B W W & C Co h 24 Ciishing 
Orne Charlotte L W W & C Co res 73 Brown 
Orne Isabella h 73 Brown 
Orne Ruby V Mrs died Dec 26 1922 
Orner Ethel bkpr cashr 311 (126) Moody r 30 Rum- 

foid av 
Orner Oscar W (Mary L) W W & C Co h 30 Rum- 
ford av 
O'Rourke John J W B & D Wks res 43 Stearns 
O'Rourke Joseph A auto rpr res 43 Stearns 
O'Rourke Owen F (Elizabeth B) mach h 43 Stearns 
Orpin Rebecca A wid Edward G h 79 Exchange 
Orpin Thomas appr res 79 Exchange 
Orr Annie opr res 56 Prospect 
Orr Annie M sten res 25 Sterling rd 
Orr E Gladys sten res 25 Sterling rd 
Orr Florence A M W W & C Co res 87 Adams 
Orr Jane I res 25 Sterling rd 
Orr John R (Mary E) carp h 25 Sterling rd 
Orr Wm (Anna) rubberwkr res 49 Robbins 
Orton Louise J Mrs nurse res 18 Palmer 
Osborn Clara A elk res 156 Brown 
Osborn Delia M res 59 Orange 
Osborn Everett D (Bertha M) W W & C Co h 156 

Osborn Gerald H (Alda B) carp h 59 Orange 
Osborn Harold I elect res 59 Orange 
Osborn Herbert E (Rebecca) carp 59 Orange h do 
Osborn Herbert W undtkr 9 Lexington h 590 Main 
Osborne Charles W W & C Co h 36 Cherry 
Osborne C Augusta nurse res 89 Brown 
Osborne Katherine nurse M S F M res do 
Osborne Margaret J chiropodist 289 (137%) Moody 

res 89 Brown 
Osborne Mildred W W & C Co res at Concord junct 
Osgood Richard h 189 River 
O'Shea Thomas mgr 233 Newton h 120 Myrtle 
Osterberg Bernard A (Emily J) farm hd h 1271 Main 
Osterman George E (Mollie E) tool mkr h Wellington 

Ostrand Helge E (Walburg S) watchmkr h 3 Grant pi 
Ostrand Wm John (Elsa A) opr h 86 Fiske 
Otis Alvah E insp 87 Rumford av h 54 Fuller 
Otis James T farmer h 116 Russell 
Otis Marie A Mrs died July 9 1923 
Otis Nelson L (Etta M) chauf h 25 Barnes 
Otis Oline S W W & C Co res 116 Russell 
'Toole Annie W W & C Co res 21 Centre 
O'Toole Celia J rubberwkr res 21 Center 
O'Toole Charles F (Catherine M) molder h 143 Bright 
O'Toole Helen G rubberwkr res 21 Center 
O'Toole John J (Mathilda) tinsmith 588 Main h 86 

O'Toole Patrick B produce and fruit 719 Main h 33 

O'Toole Patrick F (Margaret F) lab h 21 Centre 
O'Toole P Wm lab res 21 Centre 
O'Toole Thomas A P elk res 21 Centre 
Otterson Ida rem to Concord 
Ottley Arthur B mach res 60 Massasoit 
Ottley Margaret J sten res 60 Massasoit 
Ottley Raymond G lab res 60 Massasoit 
Ottley Thomas (Grace) W W & C Co h 60 Massasoit 
Ouelette Fred N (Emma) elect h 6 Browns av 
Ouillette Eli opr res 457 Main 



123 High Street, 




Ouimet Louis J (Maryann M) trimmer h 20 Woerd av 
Outhouse Dutcher W (Mary J) farmer h rear 254 

Oviatt Isabella Phi Russell 
Owen Carleton W h 26 Cushing 
Owen Charles A (Ella M) acct h 58 Rich 
Owen Frederick S mach 48 Woerd av h 43 Hall 
Owens Alice J elk 289 (137) Moody res 12 Under- 
wood pk 
Owens Eugene L (Alice J) leather sorter res 12 Un- 
derwood pk 
Owens Eugene T (Josephine) tailor h 33 Orange 
Owens George E (Katherine E) head linemn h 15 

Chester av 
Owens James lab res 188 Willow 
Owens John (Martha) plater 87 Rumford av h 3 

Bemis av 
Owens John D (Martha) polisher h 15 Liverpool la 
Owens Margaret G bkpr res 42 Spring 
Owens Maria F opr 16 Spring res 42 do 
Owens Martin J (Margaret E) driver 129 Moody h 42 

Oxton Alfred J (Alice E) janitor N P Banks sch h 6 

Pabone Salvatore (Angelina) lab h 43 Spring 
Packard Alton B (Ella) sales Main nr Beaver Brook 

st a h 123 Adams 
Packard Ella M W W & C Co res 13 Prospect 
Packard Ernest E mgr 765 (379a) Moody res 301 

Packard Nettie S opr W W & C Co res 223 Ash 
Packard S Nevada res 171 Chestnut 
Packard Waldo F (Beatrice) rec elk W W & C Co res 

21 Francis 
Padelford Abbie S res 156 Brown 
Padelford James F (Florence E) (Alcoin Padelford 

Mach Co) 29 Yetten ter h 141 Brown 
Page Anna wid Thomas h 109 Pine 
Page Frederick H (Grace W) pastor Cong ch h 25 

Greenwood la 
Page George B (Mary O'N) pntr h 36 River 
Page Gladys I tchr res 319 Newton 
Page Harriet Mrs res 21 Newton 
Page Henry N (Jennie M) sales h 319 Newton 
Page Martha A h 52 Wellington 
Page Mary A W W & C Co res 36 River 
Page Ralph E nurse M S F M res do 
Page Robert (Susan E) molder h 85 Rich 
Page Stanley J electroplater W W & C Co res 219 

Page Walter S (Sadie) W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Pagels Gustave G mgr 11 (3) Moody h at Lexington 
Pagliazzo Rosario (Josephine) gro 120 Felton h do 
Paige Charles W died Oct 12 1923 
Paige James F fore D & F Mfg Co h 40 Gordon 
Paige John M (Bessie B) nursery mn h 263 Charles 
Paige Rachel wid Charles W h 28 Orchard av 
Paine Marguerite D opr 87 Rumford av r 147 Brown 
Paine Oscar h 125 Hammond 

Paine Peter J (Marguerite D) plmbr 728 (366) Moo- 
dy h 147 Brown 
Paine Robert T (Elizabeth MacN) lawyer B h 571 

Paine see Payne 

Paladino Anthony (Angelina) chauf h 70 Oak 
Paladino Frank (Mary R) shoemkr 599% Main h 571 

Paladino Salvatore lab res 70 Oak 
Palamountain Gladys H tchr N J H S res at B 
Palardy Arthur W W & C Co h at Watertown 

Palardy Theodore W W & C Co h at Watertown 

Palechio Edith tchr res 706 (360) Moody 

Palechio Hattie Mrs h 706 (356) Moody 

Palembo Dominic (Alvina) lab h 115 Felton 

Palmer Elizabeth wid Joseph h 35 Alder 

Palmer Ella L W W & C Co res 268 Crescent 

Palmer Ernest P (Elsie J) cabtmkr h 85 Robbins 

Palmer Frank brickleyer res 74 Pine 

Palmer Harold F (Nora) shipper h 66 Cedar 

Palmer Harriet E wid Sanford died April 10 1922 

Palmer J Louise nurse res 35 Alder 

Palmer Lottie M waitress res 35 Alder 

Palmer Nellie opr res 268 Crescent 

Palmer Reuben T lab 118 Bacon res 35 Alder 

Palmer Robert J opr res 35 Alder 

Palmer Susie M elk W W & C Co res 42 Alder 

Palsen Paul I (Annie V) mach res Bake estate South 

Palumbo Domenico (Albina) lab h 18 Water 

Palumbo Nicholas (Filomina) baker Elm cor Benefit 

h 8 Day 
Palumbo Pasquale (Mary) lab h 63 Oak 
Panda Nicola (Eva 1 opr h 33 Heard 
Pantenelli Luigi (Einesta) lab h 254 Calvary 
Pantenelli Rose stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 254 

Panzarro Giuseppe (Angelina) lab h 28 Oak 
Panzarro Philip hlpr rear 55 Rumford av res 28 Oak 
Paolino Joseph (Josephine) lab h 8 Williams 
Papa Angelina wid Antonio h 8 Middle st pi 
Papa Mickel pedler h 10 Middle st pi 
Papazian Hatchik (Elaine) photo 449 (233b) Moody 

h 444 (234 y 2 ) do 
Papia Vincenzo (Vincenza) lab h 10 Liverpool la 
Pappas John wvr res 1 River av 
Pappas Mary M Mrs ldgh rear 759 (rear 377) Moody 

h do 
Pappas Peter (Waltham Spa) res 34 Moody cor Main 
Paquin Alfred W W & C Co res 94 Brown 
Para-Flux Rubber Co Gustave G Pagels mgr 11 (3) 

Parello Angelo (rarello Bros) res 159 Chestnut 
Parello Bros (Angelo and Rosario) 320 (162) Moody 
Parello George barber res 159 Chestnut 
Parello Joseph died March 23 1922 
Parello Michelina wid Joseph opr h 200 Chestnut 
Parello Rosario (Rose) (Parello Bros) h 18 Oak 
Paret Sarah J Mrs W W & C Co res 30 Chester av 
Park Nancy J wid Wm H res 63 Prospect 
Parke Everett B asst 47 Moody h at Burlington 
Parke Snow Bldg 283-291 (133-139) Moody 
PARKE SNOW INC Parke Snow Pres Charles A 
Whipple Vice-Pres and Gcnl-Mgr Thomas H Mc- 
Carthy Manager Department Store 2S3-291 (133- 
139) Moody 
Parke Snow Realty Tiust 289 (137) Moody 
Parker Abbie S wid Wm res 115 Myrtle 
Parker Alfred C (Eva G) firemn h 284 Warrea 
Parker Alfred C (Sarah) restr 54% Elm h 252 River 
Parker Anna L hkpr 122 Brown res do 
Parker Carrie M elk res 79 Cherry 
Parker Clarence D (Georgia A) meat ctr 234 (100) 

Moody h 40 High 
Parker Edgar M (Jessie E) sales h 36 Howaid 
Parker Edna F tchr res 185 Adam? 
Parker George W (Sylvia L) h 185 Adams 
Parker Isana Z wid George h 71 Morton 
Parker Lilla elk 696 Main res 28 Prospect 
Parker Ma: ion tchr res 186 Alder 
Parker Maude L died May 27 1921 
Parker Melvir. (Mary) watchmkr B h 19 Irving 



318 (158) MOODY ST. Tels. Waltham 0155-W, Res. 0077 



Parker Nettle II wid Owen W W ft C Co h 136 Alder 

Parker Rebecca M Mrs res end Dale 

Parker Walter H rem to Brighton 

Parker Wm S (Edna I) rprmn h 115 Myrtle 

Parker Willis F (Clara E) mach W W ft C Co h 42 

Parkinson Daniel pntr S Co res Lake cor Lake View 

Parkinson Walter (Mary J) pntr S Co h Lake cor 

Lake View av 
Parkinson Wm H (Charlotte C) milk dlr h 158 Winter 
Parbnan Lydia A wid Thomas died April 20 1923 

- Arthur H engmn En? 2 b 11 Moody suite 46 
Parks Carrie M wid Charles B h 110 Chestnut 
Parks Marshall died Aug 27 1922 
Parks Russell H (Dorothy M) sales h 100 Myrtle 
Parks Thomas G (Emily I) bookbndr h 48 Albemarle 

Parks Wm H (Barbara M) mach h 138 Ellison pk 
Parlin Nettie P elk W W & C Co res 35 High 
Pannenter Frank W (Ada) janitor 109 Moody h 68 


mentei I W Block 95 (29) Moody 
Pannenter Leslie watchmkr E H W Co r 876 V 2 Main 
Parmentcr Nellie M sten res 70 Adams 
Pannenter Pamona bkpr M S F M res do 
Parrella Annella (Mary) lab h 50 Oak 
■ph (Mary) opr h 70 Oak 
ill?. Ro^ario (Rosina) barber h 18 Oak 
ParretCa John (E-nestina) opr h 13 Bolton 
ParrineUi Annie stitcher 307 (151) Moody res at 

Parrisi Domcnico (Assunta) opr h 14 MeKenn 
Parry Albert E (Charlotte E) carp h 12 Walnut 
Parry Charlotte E ldgh 101-103 Crescent and 23-25 

Adams h 12 Walnut 
Parry E:hel Mrs W W & C Co res 25 Derby 
Parry Hilda M opr W W & C Co res 25 Derby 
Parsons Elvira A wid John W res 101 Alder 
Parsons Ernest D (Sally J) lumber h 1 Cutler ct 
Parsons George A vatchmkr W W & C Co h 20 Fern 
Parsons George C (Genevieve M) gard h 20 Fem 
Parsons Howard C W W & C Co res 20 Fern 
Pa; sons Irabel L res 20 Fern 
Parsons Jennie R wid Isaac H rem to Bangor Me 
Parsons Leah opr res 72 Pine 
Parsons Samuel J res 15 Riverview av 
Parscns Sarah M Mrs h 72 Prentice 
Pr.isens Wm student res 27 Alder 
Particelli Americo A mach res 32 Bolton 
PartieeHi Bruno chauf res 32 Bolton 
rarticelli John (Amelia) h 32 Bolton 
Pa:-ticeili Louis A (Rose M) mach 296 Newton h 260 

Partridge Fied M (Helen E) rem to B 
Partridge Harold T (Adelaide) opr W W & C Co h 15 

Partridge Louise M wid Edward N h 364 Crescent 
Pa:tridge Mildred M children's librarian Public Lib- 
rary res 16 Bacon 
Partridge Ralph G W W & C Co res 364 Crescent 
Partridge Cdolphe E W W & C Co h 61 Lawrence 
Pasho Minnie G opr res 333 (169) Moody 
Pasho Theresa C mlnr 443 (233) Moody res 333 

(169) do 
Passerdla Joseph (Mary) lab h 6 Muldcon ct 
Patch Ida M res 502 Main 
Patch Samuel h 502 Main 

Patenaude Joseph opr W W ft C Co h 20 School 
Patnaude Antonia opr res 80 Taylor 

Patnaude Celia opr res 80 Taylor 
Pat&aade Edward died June 1 1922 
Patnaude Evangeliste (Cecile) opr h 80 Taylor 
Patnaude Joseph D mach res SO Taylor 
Paton Annie J nurse res 127 Brown 
Paton Arthur H (Evelyn E) mach h 127 Brown 
Paton Florence M nurse res 127 Brown 
Paton Mary S died Feb 26 1922 
Patrenos George (Mary) shoe rpr h 59 Walnut 
Patrick Annie I st;n res 19 Columbus av 
Patrick Dexter B (Agnes W) fore h 180 Hammond 
Patrick Florence M W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Patrick Grace F rem to Watertown 
Patrick Hannah wid Harry J iera to Watertown 
Patrick Janit elk 659 Main res 19 Columbus av 
Fatrick Katherine E stationer 659 Main h 19 Co- 
lumbus av 
Patrick Marguerite E sten res 19 Columbus av 
Patrick Maria Mrs h 19 Columbus av 
Patrick Muriel G bkpr res 180 Hammond 
Patrick Walter B rem to Watertown 
Patrinos George (Thomas) (Waltham Shoe Repairing 

Co) h 59 Walnut 
Patriquin John R (Florence G) gro 77 Prospect h 27 

Patriquin Oli'.er lem to Weston 
Patriquin Truman R (Annie L) chauf h 5 Gibbs ct 
Patten Alice W elk W W ft C Co res 161 Ash 
Patten Emma I wid Benjamin F died April 16 1923 
Patten John mach res 161 Ash 
Patten Roland W (Annie L) jobmaster W W & C Co 

h 48 Wads worth av 
Pattersall Ross H (Inez E) paymaster (Hood Rubber 

Co Watertown) h 729 South 
Patterson Darwin D (Rena A) rem to Camb 
Patterson Edna opr W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Patterson Fred G (Ella F) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 45 Winthrop 
Patterson George A (Elizabeth) chauf h Stanley rd 
Patterson Guy R jobmaster W W & C Co h 25 Cush- 

ing av 
Patterson Mary Mrs h 27 Robbins 
Patterson Ralph G (Loretta) sales h 12 Park 
Patterson Robert G (Lauretta E) sales 844 Moody h 

12 Park- 
Patterson Robert J (Helen M) lab h 5 Foundry av 
Patterson Sarah wid Elbridge res 45 Winthrop 
Patterson Walter A (Martha V) elect eng h 27 Lord 
Patti Antonio cabtmkr 15 Elm res I6Y2 Chestnut 
Patti John jr (Agnes) cabtmkr 15 Elm h 16% Chest- 
Patton John W W W & C Co h 161 Ash 
Paul Arthur H (Marion J) agt Waltham Bleachery & 

Dye Works h 59 Lincoln 
Paul Clarence A (Louise G) auto ins h 45 Upton rd 
Paul Elliott C student res 134 Alder 
Paul Ethel M tchr Seth Bemis sch h at Wayland 
Paul Fred H (Margaret J) watchmkr h 134 Alder 
Paul Fred H jr rem to W Newton 
Paul Margaret H Mrs bkpr 37 River h at Watertown 
Paul Olive J opr res 29 Pine 
?2ul Peter (Jennie) mach h 29 Pine 
Paul Ruth J priv sec res 134 Alder 
Paul Ruth J tchr res 29 Pine 
Paul Sadie Mrs h 27 School av 
Paulin A J res 94 Adams 

Paulin Edward J baker 489 (253) Moody r 94 Adams 
Paulin Eva W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Paun Carrie L wid David S h 61 Adams 
Pavone Salvatore lab h 43 Spring 



Moody at Chestnut Streets 




Payne Catherine J economic investigator res 24 Cutter 

Payne Ellen L drsmkr res 24 Cutter 

Payne George W (Katie I) elect h 13 Walnut 

Payne Katie I Mrs elk 489 (253) Moody r 13 Walnut 

Payne Margaret J hkpr 24 Cutter 

Payne Oscar S (Maude B) sta agt B & M R R h 125 

Payne Peter h 24 Cutter 
Payne see Paine 

Payson Arthur C (Carrie M) uphol 36 Spruce h do 
Payson Lulu E tchr N J H S res 29 Floyd 
Payson Wm G (Carrie F) uphol 36 Spruce h 137 

Pazzano Charles M (Alice E) chauf h 157 Winter 
Pazzano Frederick gard res 61 Winter 
Pazzano Pasquale (Concetta) farmer h 61 Winter 
Pazzano Richard hlpr rear 55 Rumford av r 61 Winter 
Peabody Alice S res 31 Pond 
Peabody Edward T h 31 Pond 
Peabody S Caroline tchr N P Banks sch h 110 Lex- 
Peach Ernest E (Lillian M) lab h 56 Spruce 
Peach Iva M elk 283 (133) Moody res 12 Walnut 
Pearce Frederick A auto accessories 583 Main h do 
Pearce Malcolm S shademn 15 Elm res 14 Lunda 
Pearce see Peirce and Pierce 
Pearson Charles opr 100 Beaver h at Camb 
Pearson Margaret W W & C Co res 13 Bellevue av 
Pease Alice M res 5 Central 
Peck Mary A h 159 Summer 
Peck Salome wid Elias h 32 Riverview av 
Pecker Arthur E pres-treas 703 Main h 55 Allison pk 
Peirce Abbie S wid Charles A res 78 Lyman 
Peirce Allan W (Lillian) chauf h 331 Waverley Oaks 

Peirce Bros (E Allan and Herbert W) florists 405 

Waverley Oaks id 
Peirce Elisha N 2d student res 436 Waverley Oaks rd 
Peirce E Allan (Margaret W) (Peirce Bros) h 400 

Waverley Oaks rd 
Peirce Herbert W (Violet A) (Peirce Bros) h 436 

Waverley Oaks rd 
Peirce J Phillips student res 400 Waverley Oaks rd 
Peirce Miriam E tchr res 400 Waverley Oaks rd 
Peirce see Pearce and Pierce 
Peletier Alfred city lab res 337 River 
Peletier George opr res 337 River 
Peletier Jules opr res 337 River 
Peletier Sophronia wid Narcisse h 337 River 
Pelkey Charles (Nellie brakemn h 84 Robbins 
Pelkey Genevieve elk W W & C Co res 84 Robbins 
Pelkey George M chauf 200 Prospect res 70 Chestnut 
Pelkey Guy W (Bessie) watchmkr W W & C Co h 99 

Pelkey Helen G elk res 84 Robbins 
Pellerin Charles opr res 372 River 
Pellerin Dennis J treadmkr 81 Rumford av res 16 

Gorman ct 
Pellerin Ferdinand h 372 River 
Pelletier Auguste P (Gertrude C) supt h 76 Cedar 
Pender Nicholas (Eva M) opr h 33 Heard 
Pendergast Elizabeth C Mrs bkpr 115 Bacon res at 

Pendergast John J (Mary E) carp h 112 Bacon 
Pendergast Joseph F (Catherine E) paper ctr h 53 

Pendexter George opr W W & C Co h 34 Lawrence 
Pendlebury Mary A matron 21 Newton h do 
Penkethman Cecilia wid Edward stitcher 307 (151) 

Moody res 56 Russell 

Penkethman Edward (Kathleen) elect h 56 Russell 

Penn George W (Zella) res 41 Summit 

Pennell Charles W res 83 Cherry 

Pennell Clara E W W & C Co res 94 Adams 

Pennell Edwina L opr res 94 Adams 

Pennell Emma stitcher 307 (151) Moody r 64 Cherry 

Pennell Etta opr 307 (151) Moody res 64 Cherry 

Pennell Eugene F (Laura J) jobmaster W W & C Co 

h 25 Chester av 
Pennell Jennie F tchr res 10 Lexington ter 
Pennell Laura W W & C Co res 25 Chester av 
Pennell Marion N h 24 High 
Penney James P (Sadie P) woodwkr h 185 School 
Penston Gustave (Helen) tinsmith h 65 Calvary 
Peoples Agnes M tchr public schs res 238 Bacon 
Pepper George E (Veronica G) production mgr 55 

Rumford av h 31 Clinton 
Perchard Mary died Aug 3 1923 
Percival Annie F h 26 Harvard 
Percival Minnie S nurse h 110 High 
Percy John W (Gertrude G) eng h 7 Winthrop 
Pereira Lawrence (Flora) opr h 105 South 
Perham Bertha W W & C Co res at Newton 
Peridier Alcide A (Helen A) h 112 Lowell 
Peridier Emile A W W & C Co h 22 Fuller 
Peridier Raoul A (Mabel E) W W & C Co h 114 

Perilino Santo (Rose) lab h 19 Spring 
Perine Mark K (Sarah) h 107 Alder 
Perine Sarah A opr W W & C Co res 107 Alder 
Perkins Albertina S Mrs nurse res 26 High 
Perkins Alice I elk W W & C Co res 468 Main 
Perkins Charles M (Ruby R) chauf h 154 Brown 
Perkins Charles N (Lida E) supt of schs office High 

sch h 14 Townsend 
Perkins Clarence M (Esther) rem to Concord 
PERKINS DENNIS E (Maria L) Real Estate and 
Insurance Justice of the Peace and Notary Public 
419 (221a) Moody Tel 0386 h 116 Waltham 
West Newton Tel W Newton 0873- M See Insur- 
ance Department 
Perkins Frederick W (Beulah J) elect contr 52 Derby 

h do 
Perkins Herbert A tehr res 14 Townsend 
Perkins Jennie S wid Oliver died Mar 13 1923 
Perkins Margaret E tchr res 14 Townsend 
Perkins Mary E wid Joseph F h 468 Main 
Perkins Mary L wid Wm A h 220 Lowell 
Perkins Ruth C res 14 Townsend 
Perkins Sarah C tchr Old High sch res 52 Derby 
Perkins Sarah S wid Frederick S h 52 Derby 
Perkins Theodore mach res 220 Lowell 
Perkins Thomas shipper Elm cor Benefit h 47 Moore 
Perkins Thomas J elk 39 (9) Moody h at Watertown 
Perkins Thomas J (Nellie C) elk h 28 Clinton 
Perna Bernardo shoe rpr 87 Main h 873 do 
Perna Giuseppe (Rachel) barber h 873 Main 
Perrin Elva E W W & C Co res 244 Crescent 
Perrott Samuel L (Exilda) ldgh and restr 5-7 dish- 
ing h 23 do 
Perry Adeline E opr W W & C Co res 38 Hammond 
Perry Alice A W W & C Co res 3 Munroe 
Perry Anthony (Rose) carp h 132 Calvary 
Perry Chauncey R (Helen T) civ eng h end Worcester 

Perry Chauncey V student res 73 Worcester la 
Perry Edward N opr 21 Crescent b at Winchester 
Perry Emilien (Eva) landscape gardner h 83 Cushing 
Perry Emily tchr M S F M res do 
Perry Esther E elk W W & C Co res 3 Monroe a? 



220-222 (92) MOODY STREET. Tel. Waltham 2425 



Perry Eva J opt W W & C Co res 3 Monroe av 
Perry Florence A bkpr res 38 Hammond 
Perry Francis G (Emma T) watchmkr h 31 Francis 
Perry Fred C (Lillian L) boat bldr h 21 Dexter 
Perry George (Mary A) carp h 66 Walnut 
Perry Harriet L rem to Watertown 
Perry Helen T elk res 3 Monroe av 
Perry John F (Eliza F) carp h 38 Hammond 
Perry John T (Gertrude) student 73 Worcester la 
Perry Josephine M elk 312 (152) Moody res 66 Wal- 
Perry Luke carp res 15 Gordon 
Perry Margaret student res 73 Worcester la 
Perry Marguerite A elk res 3 Monroe av 
Perry Marion C opr W W & C Co res 3 Monroe a? 
Perry Peter A (Margaret) harness mkr 713 Main h 3 

Monroe av 
Perry Randolph rem to Needham 
Perry Sarah F wid George E res 37 Weston 
Perry Susan R wid Andrew J h 40 Alder 
Perry Theodore res 66 Walnut 
Perry Walter A (Mabel P) acct B h 37 Weston 
Perry Walter J (Nora) W W & C Co h 117 Ham- 
Perry Wm (Rosanna) bucklemkr h 33 Rich 
Perry Wm P clock insp res 590 Main 
Perry see Poirier 

Person Gustav (Hilda) mach h 5 Monroe av 
Pervere Edward (Mildred) mach h 81 Ash 
Pervere Mildred opr W W & C Co res 81 Ash 
<Peters Annie wid Frank res 11 Gordon 
Peters Catherine wid George A res 20 Adams 
Peters 1 Elizabeth C res 178 Linden 
Peters Gertrude A cord opr res 82 Chestnut 
Peters Rose J W W & C Co res 103 Crescent 
Peters Sotor (Voyraas & Peters) res 147 (49) Moody 
Peters Wm E (lima) W W & C Co h 94 Chestnut 
Petersen Peter C (Mary C) ins agt h 1129 Main 
Peterson Ada B W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Peterson Anetta W W & C Co res 49 Prospect 
Peterson Anna C W W & C Co res 21 Robbins 
Peterson Anna K wid Per J died Oct 1 1923 
Peterson Arvid B mach res 95 Calvary 
Peterson August (Sophia) flremn 256 Charles h 19 

Peterson August A (Olga C) fere E H W Wks h 224 

Peterson Carl A (Hazel M) diemkr E H W Wks h 46 

Peterson Carl G (Elizabeth) opr h 10 Browns -av 
Peterson Charles A pntr h 15 Winthrop 
Peterson Charles E treas-mgr 105 River h at Som 
Peterson Edward mach 106 Alder h at Watertown 
Peterson Elizabeth elk res 49 Prospect 
Peterson Ellen res 89 Ash 

Peterson Frederick W (Mary A) carp h 180 Lexington 
Peterson George W (Alice T) W W & C Co res 18 

Peterson Gertrude book wkr res 18 Lawrence 
Peterson Gustaf A (Bertha J) fore h 39 Linden 
Peterson Gustave E carp res 2 Bellevue 
Peterson Halvar A student res 39 Linden 
Peterson Henry A (Lillian E) fore W S Co h 71 

Peterson Howard chauf res 19 Bellevue 
PETERSON HOWARD B (Florence B) (Peterson & 
Son) Supt Waltham Ice Co 200 Prospect h 4? 
Ellison pk 
Peterson Ivar (Ruth M ) chauf res 72 High 

PETERSON JACOB J S (Ida B) (Waltham Ice Co) 
and (Waverley Ice Co) 200 Prospect nr Riverview 
Station h 33 Prospect 
Peterson John H W W & C Co h at Natick 
Peterson John W (Nancy) fore h 147b Crescent 
Peterson Martin leather wkr .res 540 South 
Peterson Maud h 89 Ash 
Peterson Oscar F (Signe) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

32 Lawrence 
Peterson Oscar R (Anna C) toolmkr W W & C Co h 

18 Lawrence 
Peterson Robert auto rpr res 18 Lawrence 
Peterson Ruth C res 15 Winthrop 
Peterson Samuel J watchmkr W W & C Co res 15 

Peterson Wm E (Minnie B) vet surg 16 Lyman h do 
PETERSON & SON (Jacob J S and Howard B Peter- 
son) (Waltham Ice Co) 200 Prospect nr Riverview 
Station Tel Waltham 0114 See Ice Dept 
Petipas Ethel C tchr Pond End sch res 16 Bacon 
Petipas Wilfred E mach res 16 Bacon 
Petre Baden W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Petre George W W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Petre Mabel D W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Petre Thomas w (Pauline W) W W & C Co h 3 

Cornwallis pi 
Petrie John W (Marion) gard h 85 Alder 
Petrillo Paul W W & C Co h at Newtonville 
Petros Basil (Waltham Lunch Co) 319 (161) Moody 

h at Camb 
Pettengell Florence M W W & C Co res 87 Brown 
Pettigrew Myrtle nurse M S F M res do 
Pettinier Velma V student res 40 Fuller 
Pettinier Wm V (Mae R) watchmkr W W & C Co h 

40 Fuller 
Petzold Frederick (Greta) lab h 17 Union 
Peugh J Winfleld (Alice C) asst mgr h 933 Main 
Pezzella Angelina M opr h 29 Francis 
Phelan Edward S W W & C Co res 102 Orange 
Phelan John (Katherine) h 102 Orange 
Phelan Margaret wid Fenton J h 895b Main 
Phelan Mary opr O'H W D Co res 102 Orange 
Phelan Mary A wid Arthur h 44 High 
Phelps Agnes wid Henry A h 120 High 
Phelps Emma E h 32 Spruce 
Phelps Flora L wid Augustus died July 15 1923 
Phelps Henry A died Aug 20 1922 
Phelps Walter H (Mary P) driver h 69 Lexington 
Philbrick Elise tchr M S F M res do 
Philedian Hall 40 (10) Moody 
Phillips Henry A (Frances G) 179 Main h 10 Union 
Phillips John S (Katherine E) book dlr h 42 Shirley 

Phillips Louis A (Lucretia J) supervisor pub records h 

68 Lyman 
Phillips Louis A (Mary E) tally mn h 50 Exchange 
Phillips Russell I (Pheobe) mtrmn h 846 Main 
Phinney Evelyn opr B res 37 Chester av 
Phinney Mary N wid Walter res 37 Chester av 
Phinney Wilma A hkpr 180 Hammond 
Phippard Kathleen stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 

917 Main 
Phipps Luther W whol prod 405 Main h do 
Piacentino Gennaro (Anna) lab h 22 Spring 
Picarello Joseph (Assunta) lab h 25 Ash 
Pickard Maude E Mrs opr W W & C Co res 381 Moo- 
Pickels Robert V (Alberta C) rubberwkr h 64 Bobbins 
Pickering Charlotte A bkpr res 44 Turner 
Pickering Fred nurse M S F M res do 



48 JOHN— and— 40 CLINTON— STS.,— WALTH AM,— MASS. 

Tel. Conn. 



Pickering Hall 686 Main 

Pickering John W (Evelyn B) druggist h 93 Vernon 

PICKERING WILLIAM P Manager New England Coal 

Co 224 Newton h at Salem 
Pickett George A elk res 39 Rich 
Pickett Jennie L res 39 Rich 

Pickett M Catherine Mrs W W & C Co h 100 Orange 
Pickett Nelson rem to Wyoming 
Pickles Alfred A rubberwkr res 64 Robbins 
Picoriella Joseph (Josephine) lab h 25 Ash 
Pieno Angelo (Mary) opr h 71 Charles 
Pieno see Paino 

Pierce Abbie S wid Charles A res 78 Lyman 
Pierce Alice G rubberwkr h 25 Myrtle 
Pierce Carl chauf 60 Woerd av h at Newton 
Pierce Charles W (Lena C) h 78 Lyman 
Pierce Ellen S Mrs lino opr 18 Pine h 221 Robbins 
Pierce Frank B (Emma M) cabinet mkr h 48 Wash av 
Pierce Herbert J (Artie 0) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 24 Morton 
Pierce Laura B hairdresser 598 Main res 79 Cherry 
Pierce Lois wid Frank E res 265 Robbins 
Pierce Myles lab res 291 School 
Pierce Walter A (Vivian V) elect B h 48 Wash av 
Pierce Walter H (Nellie) mgr h 750 Lexington 
Pierce Warren A (Ella S) lino h 221 Robbins 
Pierce Wm A jr (Mabel) rem to Natick 
Pierce see Pearce and Peirce 

Florists 47 Worcester Lane Tel 1484 See Florists 

Piety Corner Club Gertrude N Sandison see 388 Bacon 
Pike Frank M (Mary) W W & C Co h 41 Walnut 
Pike Hattie A tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Pike Mary A Mrs opr W W & C Co res 41 Walnut 
Pilgrim Rug Co (John J Newis George Vaccarello) 

mfrs 45 Rum ford av 
Piloni Rocco (Mary) lab h 22 John 
Pine George H lab h 46 Alder 
Pineau Edna M W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Pineau Irene W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Pineo Evelyn E res 107 Main 
Pineo Harry H (Margaret E) farmer h 107 Main 
Pineo Samuel (Josephine) shoe rpr 194 Willow h 

196 % do 
Pinkham Charles S (Georgia) fore J L T Mfg Co h 

62 Alder 
Pinkham S Elizabeth h 34 School 
Pinkham Wardsworth H (Gertrude) mach h 19 Shirley 

Pintabona Carmelo (Ermina) lab h rear 44 Calvary 
Pinzone John lab h 194% Willow 
Piper Charles S rem to Waquoit 
Piper George H res 187 Brown 

Piper George L (Maude I) W W & C Co h 150 Cres- 
Piper Lucy wid Richard S b 58 Robbins 
Piper Maude I W W & C Co res 150 Crescent 
Piper Richard F mach h 58 Robbins 
Pitcher Albert L (Marion) stocks h 47 Greenwood la 
Pitcher Mollie L student res 47 Greenwood la 
Pitfield Emlen jr hlpr 48 Woerd av res at Wayland 
Pitt Thomas S (Eva W) phys b 63 Ellison pk 
Pitt Wm H (Nellie F) mach h 100 Pine 
Plachesterno Augustino (Vincenza) lab h 57 Oak 
Plandonis Joseph opr res 63 Calvary 
Plandonis Michael (Julia) loomflxer h 195% Newton 
Piatt Helen usher M S F M res do 
Platts Bernice C bkpr res 221 Charles 
Platts Henry E (Clara) h 221 Charles 

Plimpton Charles G treas and genl mgr 66 Woerd av 

res at Brookline 
Plimpton Theodore B pres 66 Woerd av res at Bkline 
Pliskin David I sales res 80 Prospect 
Pliskin L Belkin tailor res 80 Prospect 
Pliskin Solomon (Betsey) tlr 143 Prospect h 80 do 
Plouffe Antoinette opr res 14 Park 
Plouffe Ora opr W B Co res 14 Park 
Plouffe Victor J (Eliza) carp h 14 Park 
Plumb Jennie M elk res 52 Wellington 
Plumer Ralph M (Lydia M) auto mech 19 Heard b 

49 Rich 
Plummer Helen C tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Plympton Thomas R School Helen P Jones prin 22 

Plympton see Plimpton 

Pobliska Lawrence (Jennie) foundrymn h 47a Calvary 
Pogin Frank (Celia) lab h 108 Harvard 
Pohlman Herman A (Gertrude) tchr h 222 Lowell 
Poirier Albenie mach res 1 Chestnut pk 
Poirier Dominique W W & C Co res 21 Central 
Poirier Eva M W W & C Co res 83 Cushing 
Poirier George J (Albina) mach W W & C Co h 168 

Poirier Jude T (Mary L) h 21 Central 
Poirier Lucy opr h 84 Bacon 
Poirier Mose (Helen) carp h 721 (359 V 2 ) Moody 
Poirier see Perry 

Poland Clarabel W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Poland Orville C (Helen S) pastor First Meth Epis 

ch h 3 Moody rm 53 
Polechio Raymond W (Helen) mach h 36 Harvard 
Polen Samuel (Sarah) prov 428 (226a) Moody h at 

Polens Bldg 426-428 (226-226a) Moody 
Polk Grace student res 88 Maple 
Polk Grace Mrs elk 243 Moody h 88 Maple 
Polk Jesse G J (Grace) W W & C Co h 88 Maple 
Polland Phslps E (Margaret E) job master W W & C 

Co h 1 Wellington grove 
Polland Ruth E (Spring & Polland) res Phelps E 

Polland's Wellington grove 
Pollard Elizabeth F cpr h 151 Willow 
Pollard Lizzie opr W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Polley Esther nurse M S F M res do 
Polley Henry A (Mary E) jeweler B h 37 Banks 
Polley Lucy C tchr T R Plympton sch h 21 Under- 
wood pk 
Pollock Harry B (Edith E) asst deliv supt 21 Cres- 
cent h 71 Brown 
Polombo Nicola (Philomena) lab h 10 Day 
Pomodoro Salvy photo 237 (103) Moody h at B 
Pond Agnes I W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Pond End School Ellen M Jones prin Winter west of 

Pond George H (Ella F) W W & C Co h 94 Adams 
Pontz Frank J (Alma E) fore E H W Wks h 54 

Poole Frederick (Ruth E) bkpr h 87 Rich 
Poole Helen D wid Charles A h 136 Summer 
Pooler Floyd H uphol 55 Rumford av res 47 Myrtle 
Pooler Forest T uphol 55 Rumford av res 47 Myrtle 
Pooler Gertrude E opr res 47 Myrtle 
Pooler Stephen H (Ora G) boxmkr 55 Rumford av h 

47 Myrtle 
Pope Catharine Mrs dom h 17 Exchange pi 
Pope D Arthur (Annie) sales b 222 Dale 
Pope Grace S psychologist M S F M res do 
Pope Helen L bkpr res 17 Exchange pi 
Pope Helen P Mrs res 21 Newton 






Tel. Waltham 0940 



Pope Philip M (Shirley L) h 213 Linden 
Popp Frank (Emma L) W W & C Co h 86 Maple 
Poppia Vincenzo (Ratina) lab h 34 Clinton 
Porretta Domenico (Maria) gro 168 Prospect h do 
Porretta Ernestina stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 13 

Porretta John (Ernestina) hlpr 416 (218) Moody h 

13 Bolton 
Porrie Martin (Victoria) lab h rear 227 Grove 
Porter Asa h 12 Charles st av 
Porter Bertell E (Catherine) asst jan High sch h 11 

Porter Carrie G hrdrsr res 85a Robbins 
Porter Charles T (Barbara W) phys 751 Main h 51 

Sanders la 
Porter Dorothy R res 10 Boynton 
PORTER EARL R (Grace L) Contractor Carpenter 

and Builder 10 Boylston Tel Waltham 2278-M 

h do See Contractors Dept 
Porter Elizabeth aid Elkanah res 11 Gardner 
Porter Emily W wid Isaac H died July 16 1922 
Porter Eva G elk res 12 Charles st av 
Porter Frances G W W & C Co res 145 South 
Porter Kenneth M elk res 11 Cushing 
Porter Lawrence L (Stella) mach h 145 South 
Porter Lorenzo F (Laura) h 55 South 
Porter Maude Mrs var 81 Prospect h 12 Charles st av 
Porter Ruth C W W & C Co res 83 Cherry 
Porter Shirley (Dorothy F) res 914 (456) Moody 
Porter Victor H W W & C Co h at Newton Lower 
• Falls 

Portmore Lenna M nurse M S F M res do 
Posner Harry (Annie) tailor h 209 Brown 
Post Edwin D (Margaret) W W & C Co h 17 Ham- 
Post Eugene M died June 28 1922 
Post Florence L W W & C Co res 24 Sharon 
POST OFFICE Martin T Connelly supt 290 (134) 

POST OFFICE Sta 199 Lee L Buckley elk in charge 

691 (345) Moody 
Pothier Charles A (Emma M) watchmkr W W & C Co 

h 6 Norumbcga ter 
Potter Audrey A student res 32 Hammond 
Potter Charles W pies 515 South h 945 Main 
Potter Clyde C (Altha B) fore 87 Rumford av h 32 

Potter E Clifford pres-treas Stark Tool Co 416 (218) 

Moody h at Newton Centre 
Potter Frank G (Hannah M) pastor Immanuel Meth 

Epis church h 125 Ash 
Potter Frank M (Edith A) bicycles h 373 Crescent 
Potter Fred elk res 18 Palmer 
Potter Gervase C elk res 36 Hammond 
Potter John pr.tr res 13 Gordon 
Potter Josephine tchr cooking pub schs res at Concord 
Potter Keith E (Helen T) millwright h 5 Brown 
Potter Lois I nurse res 146 Lexington 
Potter Press The Charles W Potter pies Lorenzo F 

Muther treas Francis Dakin sec prntrs 515 South 
Potter Ralph R opr W W & C Co h 32 Hammond 
Potter Raynor R watchmkr res 32 Hammond 
Potter Sarah F wid James res 945 Main 
Pitter Vivian V tchr res 32 Hammond 
Potter Wilfred D (Florence F) elect h 154 Robbins 
Potter Win W W ft C Co h 145 South 
Pottize Wm (Grace) opr h 20 Lawton pi 
Pottle Annie C prin Bright sch res 31 Floyd 
Pottle Seth L (Emma) millwright h 20 Lexington 
Pousland Frank W (Ella M) teleg h 74 Orange 

Pousland Marion W res 74 Orange 

Pousland Marjorie D res 74 Orange 

Poutas Alphonse J (Bridget A) granite wks 31 Castle 

h 74 Hammond 
Poutas Alphonse J jr (Mary G) stone ctr 31 Castle 

h 45 Warren av 
Poutas Edmund J res 67 Lawrence 
Poutas Edward J (Mary E) mach h 67 Lawrence 
Poutas John J student res 76 Lawrence 
Poutas Julia J elk res 74 Hammond 
Poutas Marie sten J L T Mfg Co res 67 Lawrence 
Powden Charles G (Margaret) W W & C Co h 86 

Powden Hazel nurse res 23 Lawrence 
Powden Russell S W W & C Co h 23 Lawrence 
Powden Wm W (Jean G) W W & C Co h 23 Lawrence 
Powell George died Feb 27 1922 
Powell Patrick landscape gard res 104 Calvary 
Power Wm J jr (Clare) civ eng h 39 Francis 
Powers Bertrand J (Marion F) watchmkr W W & C 

Co h 11 Underwood pk 
Powers Catherine J sten res 44 Spring 
Powers Catherine R W W & C Co res 268 Brown 
Powers Christine P bkpr W W & C Co h 41 Sharon 
Powers Daniel E (Margaret T) fore sewer dept h 41 

Powers Edward (Margaret) mtrmn h 45 Albemarle av 
Powers Evelyn E W W & C Co res at W Newton 
Powers George (Adeline) jewel mkr 21 Lane res 56 

Powers George J lab res 44 Spring 
Powers George S (Florence L) pntr h 17 Massasoit ct 
Powers Ida H res 165 Chestnut 
Powers James J appr res 44 Spring 
Powers James J (Hulda M) mach h 165 Chestnut 
Poweis John E figt hndlr res 44 Spring 
Powers John E opr B Mfg Co h 110a Taylor 
Powers John J carpet layer 15 Elm h at Watertown 
Powers John J (Elizabeth) h 26 Hammer 
Powers John W (Margaret G) h 44 Spring 
Powers Julia M Mrs died July 4 1921 
Poweis Lavater W (Emma G) real est 63 Orange h do 
Powers Loretta C tel opr 16 Spring res 41 Sharon 
Poweis Luther A boat bldr h 17 Fern 
Powers Luther A jr elk 75 Rumford av res 17 Fern 
Poweis Marion F W W & C Co res 11 Underwood pk 
Powers Mary A res 110a Taylor 
Powers Mary C W W & C Co res at Concord 
Powers Mary R W W & C Co res 268 Brown 
Powers Minot L (Esther J) farmer h Woburn nr Trap- 

elo rd 
Poweis Nellie V W W & C Co res 268 Brown 
Powers Patrick J (Lucy) line rprmn 16 Spring h 26 

Poweis Richard W res 2 Stratton ter 
Powers Rose wid Thomas hkpr 74 Robbins 
Powers Sadie Mrs opr W W & C Co h 56 Spruce 
Powers Stanley E (Grace) mgr 897 Main res 910 

Powers Wm F opr W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Pownall Hattie A tchr of piano 117 Chestnut res do 
Poivnall Lawrence H student res 117 Chestnut 
Pownall Minnie E wid John T h 117 Chestnut 
Pratt Alice A h 732 Lexington 
Pratt Annie Mrs hkpr girls scout house Beavar 
Pratt Austin J (Mary A) blksmith h 74 Adams 
Pratt Chester B W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Pratt Chestina M W W & C Co res 24 High 
Pratt Clarence G (Marie) W W & C Co res 70 Gardner 
Pratt Edith A b 732 Lexington 



584(298) Moody St. tel 








Piatt Edward A teaming res 74 Adams 

Pratt Edward J (Margaret) express 10 Caughey h do 

Pratt Edwin B (Abby M) sales h 24 Greenwood la 

Pratt Fred P (Mary) res 74 Adams 

Pratt Frederick lab res 10 Caughey 

Pratt Frederick H (Margery) rem to Dedham 

Pratt George eng res 45 Chestnut 

Pratt Georgianna sten res 10 Caughey 

Pratt Harriet C wid Frederick res 160 Brown 

Piatt Harriet M bkpr Maple tter res 70 Gardner 

Pratt Harry opr res 10 Caughey 

Pratt Henrietta A tchr W H S h 34 School 

Pratt Ida wid G Herbert rem to Medford 

Pratt Joanna M wid Clarence S h 70 Gardner 

Pratt Mary C bkpr W W & C Co res 10 Caughey 

Pratt Saiah J opr res 30 Chester av 

Pratt Wm A res 399 Newton 

Pratt Wm F (Mary A) blksmith res 74 Adams 

Pratt Wm J elk res 10 Caughey 

Pray Fred S (Ida S) ptrn mkr 123 Moody h 6 Myrtle 

Preble J Jarvis (Edwina H) rem to Newton Centre 

Prescott Arlene M Mrs W W & C Co h 29 Bobbins 

Prescott Charles fore Plympton st exten h at Waverley 

Prescott Earlan C (Arlene M) watchrakr W W & C Co 

h 29 Robbins 
Prescott Edwin II (Ella M) autos 6 Colby av h 215 

Prescott Wm H S (Sarah I) opr h 5 Fuller 
President Bowling Alleys 63 Walnut 
Preston George I (Ethel L) bkpr h 27 Dexter 
Preston Hattie A wid Charles elk W N h 29 Dexter 
Price Edith E elk 875 Main res 5 Derby 
Price Ernest florist res 59 Lexington 
Price Loftus E (Mary E) h 5 Derby 
Price Wm H bkpr 688 Main res 18 Howard 
Pride Fiances A wid Allen h 216 Lowell 
Pride Wm C elect h 216 Lowell 
Prjdham Wilhelmina M wid Arthur nurse res 205 Ash 
Priest Anna tchr N J H S res 58 Prospect 
Priest Herman E (Anna) h 58 Prospect 
Priest Susan G W W & C Co res 13 Robbins 
Priest's Building 651-657 Main 
Prime Charles W carp h 63 Taylor 
Prime Edra waitress res 63 Taylor 
Prime Effie S W W & C Co res 53 Robbins 
Frime Elsie D opr res 63 Taylor 
Prime Harold P (Davidson & Prime) h 63 Taylor 
Prime Howard chauf res 63 Taylor 
Prime Mildred F W W & C Co res 63 Taylor 
Prince Agnes Mrs elk 283 (133) Moody h 6 Cusbing 
Prince Sarah J wid Henry F res 22 Appleton 
Prinnier Elizabeth A Mrs opr res 100 Pine 
Prinnier Henry (Elizabeth) pntr h 100 Pine 
Prior Rose opr res 3 Daniels pi 
Pritchard Herbert A (Marguerite M) ins h 154 Charles 
Pritcliard James lab res 36 (197) Moody 
Probert Mary M Mrs died March 30 1923 
Probert Norman B niach h 11 Maple ter 
Proctor Alfred W (Maud) elk h 11% Charles st av 
Proctor Maude W W & C Co res liy 2 Charles st av 
Profeta Alphonse (Jennie) opr h 100 Central 
Proftta Carlo (Rose) opr h 12 y 2 McKenn 
Profita Clotilda wid Frank h 215 Newton 
Proflta Edith I opr res 229 Newton 
Profita Frank (Rosina) tailor h 229 Newton 
Profita Frank died Aug 15 1923 
Profita Rose opr res 229 Newton 
Prospect Block 705-709 M?in 
Prospect Hill Park north of Prospect Hill id and west 

of Dale 

Prue Elizabeth wid John res 8 Rich 

Prue George H (Alice B) mach h 8 Rich 

Prue John S mach res 8 Rich 

Psalters Fred mgr B res 80 Brown 

Pucci Pasquale (Bella) lab h 9 Mechanic 

Puglisi Grace wvr res 562 (288) Moody 

Puglisi Sebastian (Philomena) opr h 7 Alder 

Puglisi Vincenzo (Carmela) fruit 9 Alder h 562 

(288) Moody 
Pugsley Eliza C wid John res 324 Newton 
Pugsley Roland L (Alice M) W W & C Co h 324 

Puma Ignazio (Frances) var 86 Charles h 88 do 
Punzo Antonio G (Mary) tailor h 132 Vernon 
Punzo Terena (Adele G) tailor h 132 Vernon 
Pupura Rena W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Pupura Rose E W W & C Co res at Quincy 
Puramen Fanny E W W & C Co res 223 Ash 
Purcell Catherine elk 283 (133) Moody r at W New- 
Purcell Edward J undtkr h 43 South 
Purcell Katherine G wid Richard died Feb 5 1923 
Purcell Wm E (Gertrude P) mach h 60 Hall 
Purdon Andrew (Margaret) opr h 10 Stearns 
Purdy Elizabeth B opr W W & C Co r at Newtonville 
Purdy George S (Elizabeth) sales res 137 Crescent 
Purdy Lester (Minnie) pntr h 121 Ash 
Purdy Minnie E opr W W & C Co res 121 Ash 
Purdy Wm C (Jeannette) carp 66 Riverview av h do 
PUREOXIA COMPANY THE Ginger Ale and Flavored 

Beverages 110 Norway Boston 
Punington Emma L Mrs res 24 Lafayette 
Purves Grace E sten res 83 Lexington 
Purves Norman R (Jennie L) sta agt Waltham north 

141 Lexington h 83' do 
Putnam Bernice F asst Public Library res 31 Flyod 
Putnam Collins T (Estella R) sales h 14 Wadsworth 

Putnam Edith W K sec h 977 Main 
Putnam Mary E wid Charles W res 33 Linden 
Putnam Wm K died May 13 1923 
Putney George II (Elizabeth) W W & C Co and piano 

tuner 180 Ash h do 
Pyle Harold L (Laura M) photo 68 Calvary h do 
Pyne Herbert A adv agt 31 Moody h at Auburndale 
Pyne Mary E W W & C Co res at Auburndale 
Pyne Stella M W W & C Co res 166 Ash 
Quadara Mary opr res 15 Benefit 
Quagliozzi Giuseppe opr 21 Cescent res 43 Spring 
Quagliozzi Marie wid Giuseppe h 43 Spring 
Quarters Annie Mrs res 475 (249) Moody 
Qualters Ida M B Mrs W W & C Co r 313b Crescent 
Qualters John J (Helen A) mach W W & C Co h 27 

Qualters Julia A W W & C Co res 77 Russell 
Qualters Lillian G opr res 319 Grove 
Qualters Thomas (Ellen E) mach h 319 Grove 
Qualters Thomas S police h 199 Robbins 
Qualters T Leo (Ida M) fore h 313 Crescent 
Queen Elizabeth W W & C Co res 991 Main 
Queen Robert C elk res 991 Main 
Queen Wm J (Nellie M) car rpr h 991 Main 
Quigg Catherine K Mrs h 84 Fiske 
Quigg Charles L (Catherine R) sales 305 (149) Moo- 
dy h 82 Fiske 
Quigley Delia W W & C Co res 88 Myrtle 
Quigley Delia wid Edmond L h 88 Myrtle 
Quigley Gertrude H W W & C Co res 88 Myrtle 
Quigley John (Lila E) factory police W W & C Co 
fa 261 Crescent 





Quigley Leona B opr W W & C Co res 88 Myrtle 
Quimby Frank H (Phoebe) druggist 136 Prospect h 

46 do 
Quinlan Kathleen M Mrs res 266 Crescent 
Quinlan Wm restr 641 Main res 101 School 
Quinlan Wm J cigar mkr 329 (167) Moody h at 

Quinlisk Michael (Margaret) h 87 Pine 
Quinlisk Mollie W W & C Co res at Gardner 
Quinn Anna M opr res 110 Bright 
Quinn Annie h 108% Prospect 
Quinn Annie opr res 94 Chestnut 
Quinn Catherine F bkpr 226 (96) Moody res 110 

Quinn Don C (Bosalea I) watch rpr h 156 Lowell 
Quinn Effle wid John W W & C Co h 94 Chestnut 
Quinn Elizabeth A bkpr res 17 Exchange ct 
Quinn Francis A chauf res 88 Massasoit 
Quinn Francis J opr res 71 Exchange 
Quinn Frank opr 87 Bumford av h 121 Ash 
Quinn Frank E (Sadie A) mach h 150 Prospect 
Quinn Frank F shipper res 110 Bright 
Quinn John (Mary) driver 129 Moody h 17 Spring 
Quinn John jr driver 129 Moody res 17 Spring 
Quinn John J (Mary E) driver 384 Main h 110 Bright 
Quinn John J (Mary E) hostler Elm cor Benefit h 14 

Quinn John J (Elizabeth A) elk 283 (135) Moody h 

28 Bich 
'Quinn John J sales res 110 Bright 
Quinn Joseph A (Mary A) chief elk h 50 Pond 
Quinn Joseph M gro 354 (178) Moody h 812 (406) 

Quinn Luke F (Mary E) gard P Lawrence Trapelo rd 

h do 
Quinn Margaret wid Patrick h 18 Gorham 
Quinn Margaret M elk res 88 Massasoit 
Quinn Mary opr 21 Crescent res 17 Spring 
Quinn Mary Holland Mrs rem to New York City 
Quinn Mary J presser res 110 Bright 
Quinn Mary L h 295 Crescent 
Quinn Michael h 74 South 

Quinn Patrick (Mary J) hostler 149 Elm h 88 Massa- 
Quinn Patrick J (Margaret) mtrmn h 50 Francis 
Quinn Paul J opr res 257 Trapelo rd 
Quinn Sarah C elk res 295 Crescent 
Quinn Timothy h 148 School 
Quinn Warren J (Lucille B) plmbr res 73 Adams 
Quinn Wm (Mary A) lab h 17 Exchange ct 
Quinn Wm F collr 226 (96) Moody res 110 Bright 
Quinzi Eafaele jan 416 (218) Moody h 11% Calvary 
Quirk Anna L res 188 Lowell 
Quirk Edward S res 62 Calvary 
Quirk Francis T carrier P 58 res 188 Lowell 
Quirk Gertrude M bkpr 118 Calvary res 62 do 
Quirk James (Ellen) gatemn bleachery sta h 188 

Quirk James jr elk res 188 Lowell 
Quirk James A fore res 62 Calvary 
Quirk James F (Ellen K) gate tndr h 188 Lowell 
Quirk James J elk res 188 Lowell 
Quirk John T (Nora) gatemn Cedar st crossing h 64 

Quirk Kathryn E sten res 188 Lowell 
Quirk Lawrence lab res 564 Main 
Quirk Lawrence V (Jennie F) h 93 Howard 
Quirk Mary E elk res 188 Lowell 
Quirk Patrick gro 4 Oak h 157 Newton 
Quirk Patrick F (Bridget M) gro 62 Calvary h do 

Babone Flora M W W & C Co res 23 Chester av 

Babone Gladys res 23 Chester av 

Babone Leonard H (Flora M) W W & C Co h 23 

Chester av 
Eackliffe Harry B died April 23 1922 
Eadcliffe Nellie G elk W W & C Co res 14% Bacon 
Radcliffe Reuben opr res 18 Hastings av 
Raftery Martin J (Delia) opr h 17 Gorham 
Raftery Michael J (Mary J) lab h 9 Lowell 
Raftery Nellie wid Thomas h 86 Exchange 
Rafuse Geneva M elk W W & C Co res 89 Cherry 
Ragusa Peter lab h Sibley rd nr Weston 
Raines Albert W (Edith M) prov 763 (379) Moody 

h 15 Underwood pk 
Raistrick Anna asst fore B Mfg Co res 163 Chestnut 
Raistrick George (Edith) mach res 138 Crescent 
Raistrick John B (Bose) sales 21 Crescent h 62 

Raistrick John (Alice) mach h 163 Chestnut 
Hamburg Otto opr res 358 Moody 
Rams-dell Raymond V sales 21 Crescent h at Arlington 
Ramsell Estelle A res 21 Newton 
Ramsey Sallie I res 54 Chester av 
Ramsland Sigvall W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Ranap Rudolph (Elvina) carp h 55 Pond 
Rand Adelyn M Mrs died Sept 11 1923 
Rand Albert H W W & C Co h 174 Hammond 
Rand Carrie B Mrs nurse M S F M res do 
Rand Clarence P (Gertrude M) mgr h 81 Harvard 
Rand Daniel H res 174 Hammond 
Rand Edith H tchr W H S res 274 School 
Rand Eleanor S wid George H h 76 Wash av 
Rand E Ashley (Waltham School of Music) 397 

(211) Moody h 56 Maple 
Rand George F (Elvira) elk 763 (379) Moody h 163 

Rand John F driver h 77 River 
Rand J Martin (Lizzie) (Rand & Dicks) h 56 Maple 
Rand Marguerite W W & C Co res 140 Robbins 
Rand Nellie M res 542 Lexington 
Rand Rachel M Mrs died Oct 1 1922 
Rand & Dicks (J Martin and Joseph Dicks) contrs 

143 Riverview av 
Randall Edward G (Annie R) molder h Princeton av 

nr Lake 
Randall Frank E (Mary S) (Waltham Dial Gage Co) 

and (Waltham Micrometer Dial Gage Co) h 248 

Randall Henry C (Flora B) supt h 73 Fiske 
Randall James F (Mabel) letter carrier h Trapelo rd 
Randle Charles J (Emma J) jewel mkr 11 Gifford av 

h 131 Crescent 
Randle Clarence H student res 131 Crescent 
Randle Edwin (Catherine) W W & C Co h 210 Adams 
Randies Joseph died June 19 1921 
Randies Walter E (Evelyn) W W & C Co r 85 Cherry 
Rando Angelo died Jan 29 1922 
Rando Anthony (Mary) opr h 13 Muldoon ct 
Rando Antonio opr res 52 Calvary 
Rando Catrina mica wkr 66 Woerd av res 8 Forest 
Rando Felix (Josephine) opr h 10 Hall 
Rando Giuseppo (Mary) h 45 Charles 
Rando James (Angelina) elk 607 Main h 1 Church 
Rando John (Lucy) opr h 106 Central 
Rando Philip (Catherine) farmer h College Farm rd 

nr Indian rd 
Rando Stephen farmer h 8 Forest 
Rando Susie opr res 10 Hall 
Randolph Albert H (Annie) genl mgr h Lake 
Rankin Albert (Sarah) W W & C Co h 18 Chestnut 


62 ADAMS ST., Cor. CHESTNUT ST. Tel. Conn 



Rankin Charles J (Marion P) driver res 200 Prospect 
Rankin Dorothy M tchr res 18 Chestnut 
Rankus Vorcheck (Nellie) carp h 102 Calvary 
Rantuccio John (Angela) niach opr 55 Rumford av h 

at S Boston 
Rardin Albeit K (Anna E) shipper res 20 Calvary 
Rasmusson Carl A mgr res 21 Sharon 
Rasmusson Freda W W & C Co res 24 Francis 
Rasmusson Frieda N wid Robert A res 24 Francis 
Rasmusson Gustav F (Ellen H) opr h 21 Sharon 
Rasmusson Mabel E opr res 21 Sharon 
Rasmusson Robert A died Sept 15 1921 
Ratto Minnie E bkpr 105 River res 2 Gibbs ct 
Ratto Rose wid George h 2 Gibbs ct 
Ratzburg Victor P mgr Waltham Forge and (Hentzi & 

Ratzburg) 13 Gifford av h at W Newton 
Ravesi Frank (Josephine) fruit 809-811 (407) Moody 

h 436 (232) do 
Ravesi John (Mary) mason h 13 Mt Pleasant 
Ravreby Edward M cigars 322 (162y 2 ) Moody h at B 
Rawley George B (Gladys L) much W W & C Co h 26 

Rawley Gladys L Mrs W W & C Co h 26 Cherry 
Rawson Agyra Mrs (Rawson Moulding Co) 24 Pine h 

at Camb 
Rawson Moulding Co The (Mrs Agyra Rawson) mfrs 

radio supplies 24-26 Pine 
Ray Ernest W tchr M S F M res do 
Ray Sarah F elk W W & C Co res 78 Cherry 
Ray Shirley elk 219 (91) Moody res 49 Wellington 
Ray Win W W & C Co h 50 Walnut 
Raylman Edward S (Rebecca M) mach h 18 Colburn 
Raymond Bessie B W W & C Co res 187 Adams 
Raymond Charles M sales res 190 Trapelo rd 
Raymond C Stanley (Mabel C) phys MSFMhl90 

Trapelo rd 
Raymond Kenneth C student res 230 Adams 
Raymond Victor D (Bessie) driver h 187 Adams 
Raymond Wm A (Ruby A) elk Ry M S h 230 Adams 
Rayner Gladys M elk Supt of Schools office res 147 

Riverview av 
Rayner Hanson W W & C Co h at Watertovvn 
Rayner Judith L wid Nathan died March 23 1923 
Rayner Lavina C sten res 147 Riverview av 
Rayner Walter (Margaret) W W & C Co h 147 River- 
view av 
Raynor Francis (Evelyn R) dairymn 500 Lexington res 

61 Brown 
Razo Salvatore (Jennie) barber 148 Prospect h 146 

Rea Antonio (Bolongastina) lab h 47 Oak 
Read Cornelius (Daisy M) mach h 5 Mt Pleasant 
Read Ellen H wid George h 148 Alder 
Read Frank (Catherine) elk res 96 Lexington 
Read Henry (Elizabeth) W W & C Co h 58 Lakeview 

Read Mabel L C S practitioner 148 Alder res do 
Read Otis W W & C Co h 15 Gordon 
Read Ralph F mach res 5 Mt Pleasant 
Read Robert H (Isabella G) W W & C Co h 81 Par- 

menter rd 
Read Ruby res 15 Gordon 
Read Walter A (Eleanor F) mach h Pine Hill cir nr 

Read Wm (Mary G) mach h 52 Pond 
Read see Reed and Reid 
READE CHARLES L (Lucy C) Undertaker Insurance 

Agent and Real Estate 22 Common h 19 Fiske See 

left top lines 

Reade Francis L (Catherine L) bkpr Waltham Nat Bk 

h 96 Lexington 
Ready Annie wid Patrick h 137 Charles 
Ready Thomas F died Mar 10 1923 
Ready Wm J opr res rear 37 Charles 
Real Estate Sales Co (E Arcese) 279 (13iy 2 ) Moody 
Reardon Daniel J lino opr 18 Pine h 82 Chestnut 
Reardon John A (Alnora) opr W W & C Co h 773 

(381) Moody 
Reai don Michael C res 773 (381) Moody 
Reardon Raymond P (Alice H) dentist 289 (137V 2 ) 

Moody rm 1 h 20 Fuller 
Reccord Charles (Alice B) h 2 Russell 
Reck Frederick J (Emma F) fore 18 Pine h 589 Lex- 
Reck Myrtle F student res 591 Lexington 
Recka Anthony W (Elizabeth) milk 254 Linden h do 
Recka Wm driver res 254 Linden 
Rector Frederick J (Saiah J) carp h 138 Brown 
Rector Walter B (Mary J) auditor res 138 Brown 
Red Cross Pharmacy (Theodore Dangelmayer jr) 735 

(367) Moody 
Redden Herbert W (Mildred T) fore h 37 Boynton 
Redden Mildred T Mrs office mgr 47 (7) Moody h 37 

Redfern Joseph F (Cora E) mgr 517 (267) Moody b 

Lincoln nr Lake 
Redmond Anna tchr S Grammar sch res at Rox 
Redmond Sarah A W W & C Co res 72 Brown 
Redy Annie M Mrs died Jan 13 1922 
Reed Cora D tel opr res 802 Main 
Reed Edna student res 344 School 
REED ELLSWORTH B (Effie M) Druggist 665 Main 

Tel Waltham 0700 h S Lexington ter 
Reed Ena M wid Joshua A res 256 Ash 
Reed Evelyn stitcher 307 (151) Moody res 852 Main 
Reed Fiank H W W & C Co h at Watertown 
Reed Frank W (Ellen C) farmer h Trapelo rd nr Lex- 
Reed Frank W jr farmer p Frank W Reed's Trapelo rd 
Reed Fred W (Georgie E) firemn W W & C Co h 344 

Reed George B died June 16 1923 
Reed Henry L (Margaret D) elk h 37 Lyman 
Reed Howard L mgr 351 (181) Moody r 150 Crescent 
Reed James B student res 50 Worcester la 
Reed John S (Jessie E) asst treas h 50 Worcester la 
Reed Joseph A carp res Frank W Reed's Trapelo rd 
Reed Mabel W W & C Co res 86 Maple 
Reed Nomas J (Velma J) mach designer h 142 High 
Reed Robert G (Sarah M) eng N E Tel & Tel Co h 

15 Marianne rd 
Reed see Read Reade and Reid 
Rees Alfred W W W & C Co h at Newton 
Regan Catherine A W W & C Co res 57 Bedford 
Regan Catherine R opr res 62 Turner 
Regan Charles S (Mary D) elect eng h 20 Cabot 
Regan George E (Moody & Regan) 621 Main res 20 

Regan John T mach res 57 Bedford 
Regan Lillian M wid Thomas F h 55 Bedford 
Regan Margaret M res 31 Gorham 
Regan Mary elk res 62 Turner 
Regan Mary wid Michael res 225 Charles 
Regan Mary E wid Isaac h 57 Bedford 
Regan Michael (Margaret) managing editor 278 (126) 

Moody h at Melrose 
Regan Olive E W W & C Co res 62 Turner 
Regan Patrick (Margaret) hlpr W C Co h 31 Gortwm 





Regan Thmoas (Julia) crossing tndr B & M h 62 

Regan Thomas B presser 307 (151) Moody res 31 

Regan Thomas F died Oct 31 1922 
Regan Wm L (Annie V) mach W W & C Co h 59 

Regennas Mabel B elk res 80 Robbins 
Regennas Wm D (Jennie) W W & C Co h 80 Robbins 
Rehill Frances J (Selina) lab h 160 Bacon 
Rehill Robert J (Rose) wool grader h 164 Bacon 
Rehill Robert J jr gatemn res 164 Bacon 
Rehnberg Harry S W W & C Co res 4 Walnut 
Rehnberg P Walter mach 81 Rumford av h 26 Farns- 

worth av 
Rehnberg Sophia W wid Godfrey res 26 Farnsworth av 
Reid Agnes A res 279 Crescent 
Reid Asnath N W W & C Co h 47 Columbus av 
Reid Clarence C (Asenath) watehmkr W W & C Co 

h 47 Columbus av 
Reid Euphemia A W W & C Co res 279 Crescent 
Reid Henry C (Lillian E) chauf h 155 River 
Reid Isaac P W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Reid John A W W & C Co res 279 Crescent 
Reid Rachael wid Isaac died Jan 28 1922 
Reid see Read Reade and Reed 
Reidy John C nurse M S F M res do 
Reilly Edward B mach 87 Rumford av h at W Newton 
Reilly Harold L (Margaret M) mach W W & C Co h 

,9 Brook av 
Reilly Richard H res 257 Robbins 
Reilly Wm (Catherine A) carp h 11 Brook av 
Reily Loretta pharm M S F M res do 
Rein Alfred A lino opr 278 (126) Moody res 258 

Rein Anna bkpr res 44 Wash av 
Rein Emily wid John G h 44 Wash av 
Reinhalter Joseph F (Mary E) forester h 16 Lexington 
Reinhardt Homer W (Lillian V) drftsmn h 189 Rob- 
Reitchel Arthur mach opr res 34 Oak 
Reitchel Edward (Helen) W W & C Co h 15 Edson rd 
Reitchel Max (Annie F) molder h 34 Oak 
Reizenstein Emile pres-treas Novitas Sales Co 157 

High h at B 
Remick Rachel H W W & C Co res 85 Hall 
Remmel J Frederick (Laura W) supt h 235 Weston 
Remond Louis H (Lena) mach 416 (218) Moody h 

108 Chestnut 
Rennie Alfred A lab res Clark nr River 
Rennie Simon J (Winnifred) carp h Clark nr River 
Rennie Theresa P tel opr res Clark nr River 
Rennie Walter J lab res Clark nr River 
Rennie Winnifred F sten res Clark nr River 
Renton John (Eleanor C) asst fore 144 Moody h 409 

Rex Theatre David Brand mgr 282 (128) Moody 
Reynolds Albert B rem to Sherborn 
Reynolds Blanche A tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Reynolds Edward M W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Reynolds Elsie W W & C Co res at Watertown 
Reynolds George H (Mabel M) pntr h la Browns av 
Reynolds Grace A instr 764 Main res do 
Reynolds Herbert H (Martha M) prntr W W & C Co 

h 37 South ft 

Reynolds Louis C (Harriet R) chauf h 44 Newton 
Reynolds Louis J (Clara) mgr Western Union Teleg 
Co h at Lexington 

Reynolds Mary A W W & C Co res 94 Adams 
Reynolds Maud L dom 41 Chester res do 
Reynolds Mildred elk 219 (91) Moody r 165 Chestnut 
Reynolds Raymond A W W & C Co h 67 Maple 
Reynolds Raymond P (Celia A) W W & C Co h 27 

Reynolds Sadie opr W W & C Co res 43 Cherry 
Reynolds Stanley A W W & C Co res 27 Derby 
Reynolds Wallace N opr res 15 Dexter 
Reynolds Walter K (Mary C) tiremkr h 24a Myrtle 
Rhane Lydia A wid Thomas died April 27 1923 
Rheaume Joseph asst fore 144 Moody h at Newton 
Rheaume Lavinna died Jan 2 1923 
Rheaume Leo wvr res 112 Central 
Rheaume Lucian J (Mary M) opr h 23 Central 
Rheaume Vital (Louise) lab h 112 Central 
Rhodenizer see Rodenhizer 
Rhodes Agnes K tchr h 20 Faneuil rd 
Rhodes Austin D (Eleanor) sales h 169 Hammond 
Rhodes Helen P tchr res 20 Faneuil rd 
Rhodes James F (Katherine E) police h 501 Main 
Rhodes James F jr elk res 501 Main 
Rhodes Jennie wid Richard res 82 Lowell 
Rhodes John J elk res 20 Faneuil rd 
Rhodes Katherine I bkpr res 501 Main 
Rhodes Leslie W driver res 501 Main 
Rhodes Mary E tchr res 20 Faneuil rd 
Rhodes Thomas B (Catherine F) eng M S F M res do 
Ricard Adam taxi h 30 Gordon 
Ricard Archie opr res 30 Gordon 
Ricard Eva opr h 4 Jackson pi 
Rice Alice res 55 Robbins 
Rice Alice W W & C Co res 46 Alder 
Rice Charles E roofer res 26 Williams 
Rice Elizabeth wid Charles H h 26 Williams 
Rice Emma J wid Fred H died Oct 30 1922 
Rice Esther J Mrs res 21 Newton 
Rice Frank W (Ruth G) chauf res 27 Williams 
Rice George A (Catherine E) watchmn W W & C Co 

h 19 Centre 
Rice George W (141 South) died April 16 1923 
Rice Harriet K W W & C Co res 9 Dartmouth 
Rice James hlpr 500 Lexington res 23% Common 
Rice James R sales res 17 Irving 
Rice John F opr O'H W D Co res 23% Common 
Rice Joseph H died May 14 1923 
Rice Margaret A wid Francis J h 23% Common 
Rice Sarah J wid Calvin h 193 Hammond 
Rice Willard H (Ellen M) toolmkr W W & C Co h 

88 Crescent 
Rice Willard K (Rozena) elk h 17 Irving 
Rich Arthur W chair mkr res 19 Hartwell 
Rich Celia E Mrs rem to Boston 
Rich Lizzie I wid Wm H died Jan 4 1922 
Rich Wm B rem to Boston 
Richard Ida M tchr res 81 Maple 
Richard J Oscar (Aurelie M) rivetwkr h 9 Exchange 

Richard Rosario rector St Joseph's R C ch h 43 

Richard Sara wid L Wm W W & C Co h 81 Maple 
Richard Wallace WW&CCoh81 Maple 
Richard Wm J (Mary) lab h rear 26 Lexington 
Richardi Sebastian (Rosie) lab h 31 Guinan 
Richards Anna E W W & C Co res 83a Maple 
Richards Bert B (Alice L) (City Brass Foundry) 4 

Felton h 47 Chester Brook rd 
Richards Carl A meter tester res 61 Wellington 



470 (252) MOODY ST. Tel. Waltham 1646. Waltham, Mass. 
Service Station, 204-208 Lexington St. Tel. Waltham 1898 



Richards Charles A (Eunice B) organ bldr h 61 Well- 
Richards Dayton W (Ruth A) sales 580 Main h 23a 

Richards George S (Elizabeth M) organ-pipe mkr h 

23 Taylor 
Richards G Ernest (Alice L) pntr r 47 Chester Brrook 

Richards Harold buckle wkr res 240 Crescent 
Richards Joseph G (Isabelle) pntr h 26a Cushing 
Richards Mabel E sten res 14 Dexter 
Richards Sophia E wid Charles E h 14 Dexter 
Richards Thomas auto rprmn 73-77 Ash res at W 

Richardson Albert E W W & C Co res 781 (385) 

Richardson Albert W chauf h 141 Grove 
Richardson Alice M res 90 Cherry 
Richardson Charles H (Viola F) opr W W & C Co h 

41 Lyman 
Richardson Earle P elect res 36 Fairmont av 
Richardson Edward A (Edna A) unit wire chief 314 

(154) Moody rm 3 
Richardson Edward C (Sarah J) income tax auditor h 

84 Lunda 
Richardson Emily res 41 Chester av 
Richardson Ethel M W W & C Co res 18 Chester av 
Richardson Eva M res 141 Grove 
Richardson Florence W W & C Co res 29 Adams 
RICHARDSON FRANK W (Alice B) Hardware Paints 

Oils &c 698 Main Tel Waltham 0421 h 21 Lincoln 

See Hardware Dept 
Richardson Frederick S (Jane) butler George H Doty 

h Forest nr Trapelo rd 
Richardson Gertrude G sten res 90 Cherry 
Richardson Harold B (Inez M) watchmkr W W & C 

Co res 31 Prospect st av 
Richardson Helen M died Feb 11 1923 
Richardson Henry gro res 802 Main 
Richardson Jennie A Mrs nurse 15 Townsend h do 
Richardson J Davis mach W W & C Co h at S Acton 
Richardson Lester milk res 141 Grove 
Richardson Lewis OWW&CCohatW Newton 
Richardson Lincoln (Bertha) opr O'H W D Co h 160 

Richardson Lois res 15 Townsend 
Richardson Marjory tchr N J H S h at Auburn dale 
Richardson Martha wid Wm A died Dec 13 1921 
Richardson Mary A wid Hiram D died June 30 1922 
Richardson Ralph L (Edith E) fore h 278 Crescent 
Richardson Ruth M Mrs elk 55 Moody h at Kendal 

Richardson T Henry (Jennie A) sec 709 Main h 802 

Richardson Walter I (Ethel M) mach h 18 Chester av 
Richardson Walter W (Thelma L) res 141 Grove 
Richardson Warren (Esther) mach h 6 Orange 
Ricker Alice nurse h 25 Fiske 
Ricker Charles P (Claribel F) asst fore W W & C Co 

h 220 Ash 
Ricker Francis H (Dorothy M) sec-treas h 3 Wood- 
lawn av 
Ricker Francis H jr auto rpr res 3 Woodlawn av 
Ricker Gladys S designer res 220 Ash 
Ricker Louis (Jennie) lab h 32 Heard 
Ridente Salvatore (Maria) lab h 12 McKenn 
Rideout Amos A (Maud V) pastor First Bapt ch h 

14 Howard 
Rideout Wm W died Sept 2 1921 
Rider Mary W W & C Co res at Concord 

Ridestrom Josephine res 190 Robbins 

Ridgewell Nellie wid Allen h 181 Newton 

Ridstrom Edith H bkpr res 4 Dartmouth 

Ridstrom Signe M sten res 4 Dartmouth 

Ridstrom Sophie M Mrs h 4 Dartmouth 

Riegel Harry W (Esther M) opr W W & C Co h 99 

Riemann Susannah B res 98 Vernon 
Bier George F W W & C Co res 139 Russell 
Rietchel Edward R elk W W & C Co h at W Newton 
Rigby Alice N tchr WHS res 585 (299) Moody 
Riggoli Salvatore (Josephine) lab h 11 Mt Pleasant 
Riggs Henry L (Lydia) W W & C Co h 84 Howard 
Riggs Lena B elk W W & C Co res 84 Howard 
Rigoli Rosario (Mary) lab h 24 Spring 
Riley Annie L elk res 3 Bellevue av 
Riley Catherine C opr 21 Crescent res 59 Guinan 
Riley Charles F (Nellie V) sales 277 (131) Moody 

h 15 Pearl 
Riley Charles R sales res 20 Curtis 
Riley Clara A Mrs drsmkr res 132 Russell 
Riley Daniel H carp res 96 Newton 
Riley Ellen F opr 16 Spring res 59 Guinan 
Riley Evelyn M doffer res 79 Charles 
Riley Fannie L tchr 327 Lexington res do 
Riley Frances res 35 Newton 
Riley Francis J mach W W & C Co res 20 Curtis 
Riley Frank chauf 234 (100) Moody- 
Riley Frank B (Mary G) brick layer h 18 Pearl 
Riley Frederick (Sarah) carp h 79 Charles 
Riley Gertrude W W & C Co res 154 Adams 
Riley Helen nurse M S F M res do 
Riley Helen F Mrs h rear 14 Crescent 
Riley Hubert T (Celia) chauf h Trapelo rd 
Riley James (Blanche F) mach h 20 Chestnut 
Riley James T died Nov 23 1923 
Riley John F S gard res 26 Flood 
Riley Lilla E wid Frank E res 22 Wash av 
Riley Margaret E opr 21 Crescent res 59 Guinan 
Riley Martin lab res 59 Lexington 
Riley Mary wid Wm h 35 Newton 
Riley Mary A student res 847 Main 
Riley Mary M elk 243 Moody res 46 Cedar 
Riley Michael J lab res 59 Guinan 
Riley Patrick (Margaret) gard h 59 Guinan 
Riley Patrick J chauf res 59 Guinan 
Riley Paul B bkpr res 96 Newton 
Riley Paul G elk 11 (3) Moody h at W Newton 
Riley Rose Mrs h 96 Newton 
Riley Thomas J (S Agatha) men's furngs 277 (131) 

Moody h 857 Main 
Riley Thomas J jr student res 857 Main 
Riley Wallace (Alice M) driver 500 Lexington h 129 

Riley Wm J treas 673 Main h at Lexington 
Riley Wm M carp res 96 Newton 
Riley see O'Reilly 
Rimmele Bertrand h 5 Rumford av 
Rimmele Clarabel A Mrs died May 31 1923 
Rimmele Otto B (Ida M) cond h 5 Rumford av 
Rines James (Jeanette M) chauf 500 Lexington h 172 

Ring Charles W died July 2 1922 
Ring Charles W jr auto rpr res 13 Wellington 
Ring Edward mach res 6 Gibbs ct 
Ring Frank A (Rachel E) laddermn Ladder 1 h 13 

Ring Milliage opr h Trapelo rd 
Ripley Benjamin L (Merlissa) mach W W & C Co b 

208 Charles 


Telephone Waltham 0803-W 





Ripley John A (Mary G) W W & C Co h 26 High 

Ripley Marion L elk res 208 Charles 

Rippin Ernest J (Louise) jeweler h 18 Auburn 

Rishe Janie E Mrs W W ft C Co h 33 Orange 

Rishe Oscar F (Janie E) balance truer W W ft C Co 

h 33 Orange 
Risicato Frank barber 887 Main h 124 Charles 
Risicato Jennie Mrs died June 9 1921 
Ristuccia John (Josephine) elk 731 (365a) Moody 

h 434 (230) do 
Ristuccia Joseph (Mary) fruit 436 (232) Moody h do 
Ristuccia Lawrence (Angelina) fruit 731 (365a) Moo- 
dy h 436 (232) do 
Ristuccia Lawrence (Josephine) fruit 347 Moody h 

706 (356) do 
Ritcey Ernest C (Florence M) fish 416 (234a) Moo- 
dy h 37 Chester av 
Ritchie Beatrice nurse M S F M res do 
Ritchie Margaret L W W ft C Co r at Norfolk Downs 
Ritchie Robert M (E Agnes) sales h 109 Plympton 
Ritchie Theresa W W ft C Co res 18 Myrtle 
Rivers Guy express res 844 Main 
Rivers Ralph D (Olive M) drugs 907 Main h 141 

' South 
Riverside Club Raymond I Bradley pres-mgr Mrs Isa- 
bel W Carr vice-pres George S Hill sec James E 
Brackett treas 321 Crescent 
Riverview Station B & M off Prospect nr Curtis 
Rivesi Frank (Josephine) fruit res 436 (232) Moody 
Rix Lee Arthur (Angie L) dist supt h 222 Brown 
Rizzio Joseph (Grazia) lab h 182 Charles 
Rizzo Charles - (Jennie) lab h 43a Calvary 
Rizzo Frank (Concetta) opr h 11 Bolton 
Rizzo Gerlando (Assunta) opr h 17 Oak 
Rizzo Joseph wvr res 33 Winthrop 
Rizzio Luigi (Josephine) shoe rpr 203 Newton h 31 

Rizzo Philip lab res 33 Mt Pleasant 
Rizzo Pietro (Rose) student h 199 Newton 
Rizzo Salvatore (Catherina) opr h 26 Middle 
Rizzo Salvatore (Jennie) barber 146 Prospect h do 
Roach Annie res 20 Foundry av 
Roach Anthony lab h 20 Foundry av 
Roach Arsene (Margaret) wvr h 423 River 
Roach Ashley E (Florence G) contr 403 Crescent h do 
Roach Catherine opr W W ft C Co res 62a Cutter 
Roach Catherine A mender res 145 Bright 
Roach Charles F mach res 145 Bright 
Roach Daniel J molder h 145 Bright 
Roach Elizabeth hkpr 145 Bright 
Roach Emmett R auto rpr res 13 Russell 
Roach George W mach res 145 Bright 
Roach Gerald F gard res 19 Friend 
Roach James T eng res 13 Russell 
Roach John J (Bina L) mach h 50 Rich 
Roach Julia lndry h 12 Fiske 
Roach Margaret wid Patrick died Jan 20 1923 
Roach Minnie rem to Newton 
Roach Moise carp res 165 Adams 
Roach Nicholas J mach opr W S Co res 13 Russell 
Roach Thomas sales 234 (100) Moody r 13 Russell 
Roach Thomas P (Annie) fore h 13 Russell 
Roark H Alton (Blanche W) phys 787 Main h do 
Robb Wm H (Evelyn) cond res 136 Trapelo rd 
Robbins Albert F (Minnie) watch tool mfr 211 (85) 

Moody h 4 Walnut 
Robbins Chester C (Helene C) h 9 Pratt av 
Robbins Clifford W (Gertrude E) tool mkr h 35 Par- 

menter rd 
Robbins Fannie wid Philip elk 243 Moody res 691 do 

Robbins Harry W (Ina M) pressmn h 156 Adams 
ROBBINS JOHN C (Auzella M) President Robbins & 
Moulton Co Inc 5S4 (29S) Moody h 39 Derby Tel 
Waltham 00S4 
Robbins Lillian G dom res 156 Adams 
Robbins Park 162 Crescent cor Maple 
Robbins Royal E School Mira E Metcalf prin 56 

Robbins Wm J chauf res 156 Adams 
Marshall L Moulton Vice-Pres Charles H Wolf Treas 
Authorized Ford and Lincoln Dealers 584 (298) 
Moody Tel Waltham 2615 See right top lines 
Roberge Emma wid Albert h 85 Central 
Roberge Florence elk 455 (237) Moody res 85 Central 
Robertie Paul P watchmkr h 28 Prospect 
Roberts Albert E (Lulu G) prod mgr h 5 Grant pi 
Roberts Charles W shoes h 130 Myrtle 
Roberts Douglas J (Helen M) barber 6 Crescent h 

184 Charles 
Roberts Dudley lawyer h 590 Main 
Roberts Elizabeth J sten M S F M res do 
Roberts Jennie M W W & C Co res 121 Brown 
Roberts John School Edith A Luce prin 24 Sunnyside 

av cor Morton 
Roberts Lee L (Anna) W W & C Co h 130 Myrtle 
Roberts Minnie E Mrs W W & C Co res 263 Ash 
Roberts Station B & M 455 South cor Turner 
Roberts Wm H (Lillian M) cond B ft M h 126 Sum- 
Roberts Wm M (Minnie E) W W ft C Co h 263 Ash 
Roberts W May Mrs res 15 Lafayette 
Robertshaw Herbert elk res 10 Russell 
Robertson Alice G wid J Quincy h 14 Laurel av 
Robertson Daniel L (Mabel R) starter 1040 Main h 

16 Sharon 
Robertson Dorothy W W & C Co res 52 Adams 
Robertson Frances G elk res 52 Adams 
Robertson George W W & C Co res 52 Adams 
Robertson George A (Annie L) elk 290 (134) Moody 

h 52 Adams 
Robertson Helen J M W W & C Co res 52 Adams 
Robertson John E opr W W & C Co res 14 Harris 
Robertson Margaret H Mrs W W & C Co r 52 Adams 
Robertson Mary E tel opr res 95 Myrtle 
Robertson Nora wid John H opr W W ft C Co h 67 

Robichaud August (Josephine) hlpr res 33 Rich 
Robichaud Edward surveyor res 9 Newton 
Robichaud Elizabeth B Mrs h 3 Noonan 
Robichaud Fred J (Gertrude E) forester h 44 Pros- 
Robichaud James W W & C Co h 53 Chestnut 
Robichaud John (Rose) lab h 1 Macks ct 
Robichaud John J (Rose E) lab h 9 John 
Robichaud Joseph F T W W ft C .Co h 15 Robbins 
Robichaud Joseph N died Feb 25 1923 
Robichaud Lewis L hlpr res 9 Newton 
Robichaud Margaret V wid Joseph N h 14 Harvard pi 
Robichaud Marie J sten res 9 Newton 
Robichaud Mastai L (Elizabeth A) carp h 9 Newton 
Robichaud Peter J (Lucy) mach h 17 Browns av 
Robie Flora E wid Walter E h 26 Spruce 
Robinshaw J Benjamin (Annie L) mach h 6% Massa- 

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Robinshaw Louise M W W & C Co res 880% Main 
Robinshaw Peter L carp h 880% Main 
Robinson Caroline F wid Robert res 40 Fuller 
Robinson Charles A (Esther B) watchmkr W W ft C 
Co h 88 Wash av 

75 Miles from Boston on the Route to the White Mountains. 



Located on State Street in the heart of the City. 


Was settled in 1623 by David Thompson, a Scotchman, at Odiorne's Point, at the 
entrance of the Piscataqua River. The city is now located three miles from the sea on 
the southwest bank of the river. It was the capital of the province of New Hampshire 
prior to the Revolution. From the early days of its history, Portsmouth has been a ship- 
building town. 

The whole region is a noted ocean summer resort, with the Rockingham Hotel located 
in the heart of Portsmouth over 5,000 touring automobiles pass through Portsmouth daily in 
the summer time, en route either to Maine resorts and the White Mountains, or returning. 
The Shore Boulevard is one of the two roads leading from Portsmouth toward the south. 
A steamer sails from Portsmouth daily, in the summer, to the Isles of Shoals, seven miles 
at sea. They are widely krown through the writings of Celia Thaxter, who lived on one 
of them and were visited by Captain John Smith in 1614. Conventions are held on the 
Islands in July and August. The daily candle-light service is noted. 

Portsmouth is widely known for its flne examples of Colonial architecture, and 
particularly its doorways and carved woodwork. It probably has more interesting Colonial 
doorways than any other city or town in New England. 

The leading industry is the Navy Yard, which is more than one hundred years old. It 
is reached by a government ferry from the foot of State Street, or by crossing the bridge 
to Kittery Point. At the Navy Yard are to be seen the building in which the Peace Tre^tv 
between Japan and Russia was signed in 1905, the Commandant's residence in which Admiral 
Farragut died, and the Atlantic coast Naval Prison. The spot on the floor of the Supply 
Building, where the Portsmouth Treaty was signed, is marked by brass clasped hands and 
brass disks set in the floor. Among the ships stationed, refitted or built here were the 

"Constitution," the "Kearsarge," and Admiral Farragut's flagship, the "Franklin." Lieu- 
tenant A. "W. Greeley and his five fellow survivors of his ill-fated Arctic expedition 
recuperated here. Admiral Cervera and 700 Spanish sailors were kept here following the 
battle of Santiago in the Spanish-American war, in which they were captured. It is now 
the Atlantic submarine construction and repair base of the Navy. It is noted for producing 
submarines at a lower cost, in quicker time and with better workmanship than any other 
yard, public or private, in the country, the shipbuilding traditions of the region contributing 
to its efficiency. Fishing is an industry. 

A new two-million dollar bridge spans the Piscataqua River to Kittery Point, Maine, in 
memory of American soldiers and sailors, at the expense of the Federal government, the 
states of New Hampshire and Maine and the city of Portsmouth. Owing to the fact that 
the average depth of the water is from 40 to 60 feet, Portsmouth Harbor is the deepest on 
the Atlantic coast. The sinking of the bridge piers was an unusually difficult engineering 
feat and involved the use of caissons at a depth of 80 to 90 feet under the surface 
of the water. This bridge now provides a new route into Maine. 

At New Castle. New Hampshire, is Fort William and Mary, now Fort Constitution, 
built about 1630. On the night of December 14, 1774, this fort was attacked by a party 
of patriots and fifteen barrels of gunpowder seized. It was afterwards used at Bunker Hill. 

Points of Interest 


Former site of State House, town pump, and whipping post. Scene on November 1, 
1765, of mock funeral procession protesting Stamp Act of George III. Here the Declaration 
of Independence was read July 18, 1776. On June 26, 1788, State House was illuminated in 
honor of adoption of Federal Constitution by New Hampshire, the ninth state. This action 
completed the number necessary for its adoption by the country. October 30, 1789, President 
"Washington addressed a great throng from the balcony of the State House. The State 
House was removed in 1836. 


Market Sq. Erected in 1803 as an insurance building. Purchased in 1817 by a group 
of gentlemen who had formed an association to promote a public library. Building contains 
interesting portraits, models of numerous ships built at Portsmouth, and a library of more 
than 20,000 volumes, original manuscripts and other Portsmouthiana. 


Market Square. December 16, 1773, in earlier building was held the Portsmouth Tea 
Party in protest against tea tax. President Washington attended service here, occupying 
the pew of General William Whipple. Among other pew holders in the old church were 
Gov. John Langdon, first president of the United States Senate, and Daniel Webster. 


Daniel and Chapel Streets. Erection begun in 1718, and finished in 1723. Noted 
example of early Georgian architecture in America. When built was one of the most costly 
houses in this region, being constructed of brick brought from Ho'land, with walls 18 inches 
thick. The lightning rod was erected by Benjamin Franklin. Fine bull's eye glass in the 
door and cupola. House contains many articles of early furniture and interesting frescoes 
of unknown origin. 


Chapel St. In 1732 Queen's Chapel was erected on Strawberry Bank. Named in honor 
of Queen Caroline, who presented chapel with a service of plate stamped with the Royal 
Arms. Present building erected in 1807-1808. Contains interesting memorials and one of 
the four American copies of the "Vinegar Bible." Bell brought by Sir William Pepperell 
in 1745 as part of plunder from Louisburg. Recast by Paul Revere in 1806. In the church 
is "an ungodly chest of whistles," an organ presented to the parishioners by the Brattle 
Street Church in Boston, which the pious people of that congregation refused to accept. 
Pew occupied by Daniel Webster is marked. President Washington and his secretary, 
Tobias Lear, occupied the Governor's pew. 


Court St. Known to readers of the "Story of a Bad Boy" as the Nutter House. Boy- 
hood home of Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Furnished in minutest detail as described in the 
"Story of a Bad Boy." In the garden are the flowers mentioned in Aldrich's poems. In 
a fire-proof building in the rear are preserved many autographed books and pictures and 
numerous manuscripts given to and written by Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 


Cou^t and Atkinson Sts. Built in 1770, "for the accommodation of genteel travelers." 
Originally called "Farl of HaHfax." Meeting place of Portsmouth Torys and officers of the 
Crown. Sons of Liberty, 1777, threatened the proprietor and the name was replaced with 

"William Pitt." Among famous visitors were President Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, 
when French fleet visited Portsmouth harbor in 1782, John Hancock, Elbridge Gerry, General 
Knox. Louis Philippe and his two brothers. 


Pleasant and Court Sts. Built in 1784, by Gov. John Langdon, delegate to Continental 
Congress, commander of a body of cadets at Burgoyne's surrender, financial backer of 
the New Hampshire forces that stayed the British at Bennington, President of the United 
States Senate at its first session, administering to Washington and Adams their oath of 
office as President and Vice-President. President Washington, Louis Philippe, later King 
of France, his brothers, President Munroe, and President Taft were entertained in this 
house. It was reproduced as the New Hampshire Building at the Jamestown Exposition. 


Mechanic and Gardner Sts. Erected in 1760, by Madam Mark Hunking Wentworth for 
her son Thomas. Noted for its fine doorway and interesting interior wood carvings. It 
is owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Has a most interesting fireplace in the 
kitchen equipped with automatic device for roasting meats. Magnificent linden tree more 
than 200 years old stands beside the house. 


Hunking St., near Marcy St. Birthplace of Tobias Lear, in 1760. Following graduation 
from Harvard College in 1783 and upon recommendation of General Lincoln of Boston, he 
became private secretary to General Washington and the tutor of his two adopted children. 
Continued as Washington's secretary until the latter's death, living with him at Mt. Vernon. 
Communicated to President Adams and through him to Congress the information of Washing- 
ton's death. House visited by President Washington, November 3, 1789. 


Manning St. Erected by Samuel Wentworth probably before 1670. Birthplace of his 
son John Wentworth, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province. House noteworthy for heavy 
frame construction with girders centering about the chimney, ten by thirteen feet in size. 
In the wainscoting - are pine hoards thirty-eight inches in width. 


A Famous hotel, standing on the site of former home of Hon. Woodbury Langdon, elder 
brother of Gov. John Langdon. Original house burned, 1781 rebuilt in 1785. In 1830 it 
became a public house known as the Rockingham. The Colonial dining room with its fine 
wood carving, which formed a part of the Langdon mansion, escaped destruction in 1884 
when fire damaged the major part of the building. The room is still preserved as part 
of the Hotel, and is of interest because of its woodwork. A cordial invitation is extended 
by the management to the traveling public to visit this room. 


Middle and State Sts. Cambrel-roofed. Erected in 1732, by Captain Purcell, well-known 
merchant, whose widow, after his death, maintained it as a boarding-house in 1779, and 
entertained Captain John Paul Jones during his stay in Portsmouth while awaiting con- 
struction of the "Ranger" at Badger's Island. 


Named from the fact that here was located a hay market with scales in 1755. September 
12, 1765, the effigies of George Meserve, stamp agent, Lord Bute, head of the British 
Ministry, and the devil. who was believed to be the instigator of the tax act were hung 
here throughout the day, carried through the town in the evening and burned. The Pierce 
Mansion has noteworthy furniture. 


Foot of Langdon St. Birthplace of Benjamin P. Shillaber, where lived his aunt, model 
of his "Mrs. Partington." 


Vaughan St. Erected in 1760. Prior to 1800 home of James Sheafe, U. S. Senator. From 
1800 to 1808 the home of Jeremiah Mason, eminent lawyer and rival of Daniel Webster. 
Daniel Webster brought his bride, Grace Fletcher, to this house. Steps formerly those 
used before the old State House in the period, 1758-1834. House on High Street occupied 
by Webster, 1813-1817. 


Northwest St. Erected in 1664 by Robert Jackson. Oldest house now standing within 
the limits of Portsmouth. 


Market St. Home of Society of the Colonial Dames of New Hampshire. Built in 1763, 
by Captain John Moffat, Commander of one of King's ships carrying masts from Kittery 
Point to England. It became the home of General William Whipple, a son-in-law, who 
was elected a member of the Continental Congress in 1775, and was a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence. It came into possession of Alexander Ladd and his wife, 
whose descendants transferred possession to the Society of Colonial Dames. Building was 
the first square three-story house in New Hampshire and is of unusual architectural interest. 
Hall is a reproduction of a hall in house of Captain Moffat's father in England. Some of 
the wood carvings were done by Grinling Gibbons, celebrated English architect. Whole 
house is furnished as the home of a well-to-do family of the eighteenth century. In the 
rear is a most delightful old garden with arbors, walks, old-time flowers, terraces and 
lawns, carefully maintained. 


Badger's Island. Tablet marks spot where John Paul Jones' sloop of war slid into 
the sea on March 10, 1777. It is close to the landing place of the Kittery ferry. 


Congress and Middle Sts. Opposite Public Library. Built in 1750. Later home of Dr. 
Ammi R. Cutter. Occupied by Colonel Storer, Commander of the first division of the New 
Hampshire Artillery in 1814 and after he became a member of Congress. He entertained 
here President James Munroe, Brigadier General James Miller, hero of Lundy's Lane, 
Commodore Bainbridge, and Major General Dearborn. 


Vaughan St. and Raitt's Court. Houses on either side of Raitt's Court corner were 
formerly joined and known as Assembly House. Erected in 1750. Used until division in 
1834 for assemblies, musical festivals, and theatrical entertainments. Hall which was the 
scene on November 3, 1789, of a ball in honor of President Washington, occupied the second 
floor, extending the whole length of the building. President Washington, who also attended 
a banquet in this building, wrote in his diary that the Assembly Hall was "one of the 
best I have seen anywhere in the United States." 


Mechanic St. Set apart as a cemetery March 2, 1672. Here are buried Lieut. -Governor 
Vaughan and Tobias Lear, secretary to President Washington, for 16 years. 


Woodbury Ave. Between Boyd Road and Cottage St. Built in 1809, by Captain Samuel 
Hand, who after a banquet given in the house to celebrate its completion, hung himself 
in an upper room. House was purchased by Hon. Levi Woodbury when he came to 
Portsmouth in 1819. He was Governor of New Hampshire 1823, United States Senator 1825; 
Secretary of Navy, under President Jackson, Secretary of Treasury, and in 1841 began a 
ten-year term as justice of the United States Supreme Court. He expected to be chosen 
for Democratic Presidential nomination when he died in 1851. Gov. Franklin Pierce took 
his place. 


Pleasant and Edwards Sts. Erected 1789. Preserved in every detail as it stood a 
century ago. Rooms of adequate proportion. House filled with splendid types of furnish- 
ings of other days, including Chippendale furniture and Flemish cut glass. 


End of Little Harbor Road. Not shown on map. Built by Gov. Benning Wentworth, 
1750. House made famous by Longfellow in whose poem, "Lady Wentworth," the Governor's 
marriage to his housemaid, Martha Hilton, 1759, is preserved for all time. Contains forty- 
five rooms. Famous Council Chamber is preserved in original state. 

ST. JOHN'S LODGE, NO. 1, A. F. & A. M. 

Oldest Masonic Lodge in America holding continuous stated communications. Instituted 
June 24, 1736 


Is noted for several old houses, the remains of Fort McClary, an early block house, and 
the home of Sir William Pepperell. 

No better place in New England than old Portsmouth to summer in. Write for hotel 


Waltham Branch 

quality Launderers and Cleansers service 

Phone Connection Connecting all departments 



Robinson Frederic I (J F. & F I Robinson) h 132 

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Robinson Helen E wid Fred res 132 Russell 
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Robinson J F & F I Inc Frederick I Robinson pres 

Charles H Kierstead treas ins 55 Moody 
Robinson Lizzie M died March 13 1922 
Robinson Lucy M Mrs died Dec 12 1921 
Robinson Mary B tchr Old High sch res 83 Lexington 
Robinson Robert R died May 27 1922 
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C. F. HU 



685 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 



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